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This year Radford had five teams entered in the Murray debating competition run by the ACT Debating Union for students in Y9-10. After eight gruelling rounds, plus a catch-up round and an elimination final, we were left with four teams in the finals. We lost two in the octofinals and another in the quarterfinals, leaving one team to represent us at the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was held at the ANU on Saturday 15 November and with our Radford 3 team all fresh back from Y9 Camp, it was a big ask to get their heads straight into argumentative mode. They performed very well on a very tough topic regarding intervention in the Crimean crisis. They constructed some very successful arguments around escalating the situation and the need to use our resources in other areas but unfortunately went down to a very slick Canberra Girls Grammar team on the night.

All of our debaters (and their parents) deserve congratulations, especially those who received awards for their speaking skills from the ACT Debating Union. With over 140 speakers in the competition, the following students did extraordinarily well:

  • Vivien Nguyen ? 10th place
  • Varun Chaganti ? 6th place
  • Sanna Wei ? 2nd place

Importantly, Vivien Wang has also been accepted into the ACT team to represent us at the National championships.

Well done to everyone involved.

The Murray teams were:

Radford 1

Radford 2

Radford 3

Amy Ruan (10SH)

Jennifer Kerr (9VKG)

Varun Chaganti (9SLD)

Sanna Wei (10VDA)

Rebecca Gates (9JPe)

Emily Genn (9VKG)

Angela Liao (10KJH)

Heather Nugent (10SH)

Vivien Wang (9AJR)

Madison Daley (10ASt)

Vivien Nguyen (10VKG)

Krishna Vikneson (9JWi)

Kathleen Tong (10HJU)

Samhita Gutta (10ACu)

Radford 4

Radford 5

Brooke Hatton (10VDA)

Alexander Nimmo (9JWi)

Rena Li (10RGW)

Neve Brissenden (9CW)

Julia Cooper (10MLS)

Charlotte Ward (9VDA)

Samantha Howitt (10KJH)

Sairashmi Tipirneni (9RGW)

Hannah Janssens (10AJR)

Contact: Kerrie Lee Guest
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