Parent Paperwork has relaunched as EdSmart

Parent Paperwork is changing to EdSmart

Parent Paperwork is changing to EdSmart

The College’s use of Parent Paperwork enables parents to provide electronic permission for their children to attend excursions. We thank you for your support in ensuring a smooth transition to this efficient system of paperless permissions.

Parent Paperwork has changed name and branding to EdSmart. The excursion tile on ROL reflects this change of name.  EdSnart

Please note:

  • The experience of using the electronic permissions system will remain the same, however, forms will now carry the EdSmart logo.  
  • Email notifications will be sent 'From EdSmart'.
  • Passwords and logins will remain the same.
  • Web traffic will be redirected to
  • To ensure that you receive up-to-date email notifications of excursions, please confirm that Parent Paperwork / EdSmart notifications are not automatically archived in your email ‘junk’ or ‘clutter’ folders. 


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