Radford girls represent ACT in Paul Kelly Cup

The Radford Junior School girls team were thrilled to play in the Paul Kelly Cup on the SCG

The Radford Junior School girls team were thrilled to play in the Paul Kelly Cup on the SCG

By Lily Chapman

A couple of months ago, a group of Radford girls won the AFL James Hird Cup, so we were invited to the Paul Kelly Cup in Sydney.

On Monday August 14, we left school at 5am and Mr O’Brien drove us on the Radford bus to Sydney. We stopped at McDonalds, and I don’t think any of us have ever been to McDonalds without anyone telling us what we can, and can’t have because we went crazy! Hash browns, ice coffees, thick shakes, and if you think that is too much for the morning then you don’t want to know what we had on the way back.

Once we finished we were on the bus again, heading towards the SCG. We were allowed to play music and talk a bit more, but once the music was turned off, the trip became more of a karaoke session than an AFL trip. I still can’t get "Let it Go" out of my head.

When we arrived at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) we walked up into some very old bleachers and sat down to watch a few of the other teams, before we played at 10 o'clock. I don’t know about the other girls, but I was freaking out for two reasons. Firstly, my Mum forgot to buy me a mouth guard. I like my teeth and I didn’t want them to get knocked out, but thankfully they didn’t.  Secondly, those teams looked like they had been playing AFL for a long, long time. They were amazing. For a group of basketball players, netballers, soccer players, rugby players, dancers and futsul players, we made a pretty good team. However, we weren't as good as we were in Canberra because we didn’t win a game, but that didn’t matter to us because we had so much fun.

Unfortunately, Sasha fractured her foot before the day but still came for moral support. And Sasha, that was some amazing cheerleading! The whole time we had a hard time wiping the smile off our faces. Overall, we came sixth out of eight teams, and we were pretty happy with that. 

On the way back, we stopped at Macca's again and like I said, it was pretty chaotic. After Macca's we found some glitter, and now I feel so sorry for the person who had to clean that bus. I think it was Mr O’Brien! Our team got a new name too - "The Glitter Players". 

We got home at about 6:00 pm and we were exhausted, and very happy with ourselves. Overall it was a pretty amazing day. And it would not have been possible if we didn’t have Mr O'Brien and Mrs Quade. Thank you so much Mr O and Mrs Quade for being amazing coaches and giving us a spectacular time. I hope one day we can do something like this again.

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