Radford Rowing 21st Celebrations

On Saturday 25 October Radford Rowing celebrated its 21stAndrew Wrigly, Radford's first MIC for rowing and Nancy Ayres, First conxswain for Radford Rowing Anniversary. The evening was fantastic with over 100 guests both past and present in attendance. It was great to hear some words from our very first Director of Rowing, Andrew Wrigley, who started the Rowing program at Radford back in 1993. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect night.

Also in attendance were Nancy Ayres who was Radford's first coxswain for Rowing, Andrea Parsons who is the President of Friends of Radford Rowing (FORR) and staff member Philip Winkworth, Director of Rowing.

A big thank you to the subcommittee and FORR committee members who put in an enormous amount of time in organising the event, with special thanks going to Andrea Parsons and Lheana Gavagna.

Please visit Rowings 21st Anniversary Facebook page for more photos of the evening.

Author: Bernie Leger
Sports Deparment

Friends of Radford Rowing (FORR) celebrate rowings 21st anniversary

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