RAS Charity Fundraiser

Jesse Wright busking and the guitars donated to Moree East school through his generosity

Jesse Wright busking and the guitars donated to Moree East school through his generosity

By Chaplain Fr Richard Browning


This week marks the final week of the annual RAS Charity Fundraiser.

It is an opportunity for students and families to talk about what it means to stand in solidarity with some key partner organisations, that make a difference in the lives of others. Many are in Canberra and some are overseas.

In offering their time during the year to assist with many of these organisations’ programs, our service learning students get to see this work and the results of our contributions first-hand. For example, over 130 Year 11 students will put on a fabulous L’Arche disco this Saturday. This event is for adults with intellectual disabilities and is one of the highlights of the year for them. 

Other students find their own way to give. 

Jesse Wright spent many weekends busking. He has raised over $440 for the RAS Charity Fundraiser. His money has already been spent on guitars for students in Moree East Primary school. His words are quite remarkable. On Foundation Day, he concluded by singing and drawing 1900 others to sing and clap along. This is the voice of Jesse, Year 9:


I am…

I am Jesse

I am present in the way that I am not just here, I. Am. Present.


I am a big brother. I am a bigger brother. I am the biggest brother

(I have 3 younger brothers)!

I am good at making sandwiches because being a big brother means a lot of sandwiches!


I am relaxed when I am lying down and looking up at empty white and blue canvases.


I am grateful that I have friends that are like my family and my family that is my family

I am sad that there are some people that don’t


I am provided for. I have a stable life and everything I need is within arm’s reach.


I am supported, in a world where some people can’t do what they love because they were born into a family that couldn't or wouldn’t support their dreams.


I am a person who was sung to sleep every night, and listened to guitars being strummed at the dining table. A bed to sleep in with a song. A table to sit at with a tune and a meal. In contrast to those who are not afforded the simple essentials of food and shelter.


I am happy that I have a father that has taught me how to do the thing that I love most, and


I am glad that I can use this to help those who don’t have the privileges I have

I am trying to make a difference, even if it’s not a big one, so I can make the world better, even if it’s only a little better.


I am nervous and scared, yet value this opportunity to share with you today.


All we ask is that during this last week of the RAS Charity Fundraiser, students and families take the time to reflect as Jesse has.


If you are able to donate, please do so online or bring cash on Friday for the final celebration.

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