Retreat prepares students for senior study

The Year 11 Retreat built cohesion and rapport

The Year 11 Retreat built cohesion and rapport

By Head of Year 11 Nicholas Moss

On 15 and 16 February, the Year 11 students and pastoral team undertook a retreat to the Greenhills Centre, located on the Murrumbidgee River.  The event was highly successful and provided a unique opportunity for the students to build cohesion and rapport, both as a year group and in their tutor groups, and prepare themselves for the Senior School.Thumbs up after milk crate challenge

During the retreat, each tutor group completed a number of team-building activities (including Crate Climbing, Clash of Clans, High Ropes and a water sports activity), undertook a group affirmation session and were invited to contribute to a Year 11 student charter.  Additionally, the students heard from Principal Fiona Godfrey, undertook a service, leadership and spirituality workshop and chapel service run by Richard Browning, George Huitker and Dylan Mordike, and completed a time management and study skills workshop, delivered by Elevate Education.

I would like to thank the Year 11 pastoral tutors for their support and care of the students during the retreat.  Their willingness to lead their tutor groups through a variety of activities and prioritise getting to know their tutees was impressive.  I would also like to thank Richard, George and Dylan for delivering a powerful and challenging session and service, and acknowledge the words of encouragement from Fiona.  Finally, Claire Melloy and Phil O’Regan’s willingness to visit the students while on the retreat was greatly appreciated.

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