Snowsports Report, 12 Sept 2018

Snowsports Australian Interschools Championships wsa held at Perisher, NSW

Snowsports Australian Interschools Championships wsa held at Perisher, NSW

 By Jonathan Mandl, Technical Director of Snowsports 

With a record 14 teams and 27 athletes competing in ski and snowboard events over five days of competition at Perisher, Radford students achieved the College’s highest ever final result in the national co-ed school standings with a ranking of 5th from a field of 24.

Not since 2013 when Radford College was ranked the 6th best performing Co-ed school in Australia has the team’s total combined results over many events across the mountain been so strong as to distinguish the team among the best of QLD, Vic, NSW, ACT and SA schools at the highest competitive level.

As expected, in all events and all age divisions, the standard of athletic performance, skill and speed was extremely high. Our parents, volunteering as course officials and spectating at events agreed it was inspirational to witness the talent on display. Weather at 2000m above sea level can be variable with some days bringing rain, sleet and low cloud reducing visibility to near zero, however the sun and blue sky did make regular appearances to lift everyone’s spirits.

Snowsports Captains Sarah Brake and Liam McIntyre led their teams in great spirit and sportsmanship, marking their final appearances in action for Radford College after many years of participation in the Snowsports Program, and representation at interschool competition from their youngest school years. We thank Sarah and Liam wholeheartedly, and look forward to seeing them in future years on the mountain, enjoying snowsports in their adult lives.

Challenging conditions on the slopes

Team highlights of the championship included:

4th – Division 2 Girls SnowboardX team: Maggie Potter and Emma Brennan

5th – Division 1 Girls GS team: Rosie Joshua, Lara Franks, Sarah Brake and Mia Rajak

8th – Division 2 Girls Snowboard GS team: Maggie Potter and Emma Brennan

9th – Division 1 Boys Moguls team: Oscar Gordon and Liam McIntyre

10th – Division 3 Boys GS team: Jake Smith, Tom Ewer, Lachlan Herring and Finlay Barlow

10th – Division 3 Boys SnowboardX team: Ritchie Johns and Robbie Potter

11th – Division 2 Boys GS team: Andrew Kerr, Jackson Hippit, Ethan Kruger and Orlando Jeffery

11th – Division 4 Girls SkierX team: Amber Smith and Audrey Potter

12th Division 2 Boys SkierX team: Andrew Kerr, Jackson Hippit and Orlando Jeffery

12th Division 3 Boys SkierX team: Jake Smith, Tom Ewer and Mitchell Riepon

12th – Division 1 Boys SkierX team: Oscar Gordon and Liam McIntyre


Exceptional individual highlights included:

Andrew Kerr – 13th in both Div 2 SkierX and GS
Amber Smith 15th in Div 4 SkierX
Rosie Joshua 16th in Div 1 GS
Maggie Potter, 19th in Div 2 SnowboardX.

Congratulations to our youngest competitors, Amber Smith, Audrey Potter and Darcy Barlow, who showed tremendous speed and skill in their events, indicating the bright future of the team in years to come.

Thank you to all our super-supportive families who brought their athletes to compete, and those who made the events possible by volunteering as course officials – we couldn’t have done it all without you!

The team would especially like to thank the outstanding support from Mrs Stocks, as Snowsports Coordinator, and Mr Larkham, as Head of Sport, throughout a stellar season on snow in 2018.

Jonathan Mandl
Radford Snowsports


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