Success at Belconnen Zone Athletics

A sunny day at AIS with plenty to cheer about!

A sunny day at AIS with plenty to cheer about!

By Andrew Sullivan, Team Manager

The Radford team finished first overall in the combined boys and girls tally, in the School points competition at the Belconnen Zone Meet. The girls won outright, and the boys achieved an extremely close second. Excellent effort from everyone! 

Radford students arrived at the AIS track with an inner calm, that reflected a positive attitude and confidence.  I was confident that the Radford team would make a difference to the inter-school points table and be rewarded with personal bests. 

A determined effort in the 800 metres by our endurance athletes had our spectators cheering. The excitement was building, with a sunny day warming up those fast-twitch muscles for action. 

The Radford competitors and supporters enjoyed setting themselves up in the stand, near the finish line. This year it was Radford’s turn to be at the top end of the stadium. 

Competitors who participated in the Zone meeting:
Xavier Adams, Will Alexander, Arora Anya, George Barrie, Jacob Bott, Jeffrey Bush, Oscar Bush, Ayva Chaloner, Thomas Charlton, Luca Ambrosio, Vinny Do, Roman Domazet, Alexander Fillingham, Gianna Ghirodello, Chelsea Hately, Jacinta Henderson, Otis Hibbard, Carys Hodgkinson, Christopher Kent, Madeleine Klegeris, Matisse Lardner, Madison Lenson, Lachlan Lloyd, Ramon Luo, Oliver Luppi, Katherine Maundrell, Samuel McKean, Brock Miller, Josh Miller, Islay Murphy, Eliza Muscat, Jessi Palframan, Lussia Parker, Nathan Price, Poppy Smith, Amber Smith Gibson, Max Smith-Saarinen, Lara Southwell, Matilda Sullings, Sun Kobe, Amelia Sutherland, Health Sutherland, James Todd, Owen Toyne, Cleo Tsiros, Emily Watson, Madeline Wheeldon, Joe Whithear. 

Ribbon winners were:
Amelia Sutherland – 3rd in 11 years girls long jump
Jessi Palframan – 3rd in 11 years shot put
Poppy Smith – 3rd in 9 years 100 metres
Matisse Lardner – 3rd in 12 years long jump
Xavier Adams – 2nd in 10 years 100 metres
Oliver Luppi – 2nd in 11 years 100 and 200 metres and long jump 
Isla Murphy – 2nd in 8 years 100 metres
Owen Toyne – 2nd in 11 years long jump
Chelsea Hately – 1st 10 years long jump 1st.
Isla Murphy – 70m 8 years 1st.
Matilda Sullings – 12 years Discus 1st.
Health Sutherland – 13 years 800m 1st.
Owen Toyne – 11 years 800m 1st.


Qualifiers for the ACT final:

Xavier Adams – 10 years 100m
Oscar Bush – 10 years shot put
Chelsea Hately – 10 years long jump
Matisse Lardner – 12 years long jump
Lachlan Lloyd – 11 years discus
Oliver Luppi – 11 years long jump, 100m, 200m
Isla Murphy – 8 years 70 and 100 metres 
Jessi Palframan – 11 years shot put
Poppy Smith – 9 years 100 metres
Lara Southwell – 9 years 70 metres
Matilda Sullings – 12 years discus and shot put
Amelia Sutherland – 11 years long jump
Owen Toyne – 11 years long jump and 800 metres
Cleo Tsiros – 11 years shot put
Emily Watson – 800 metres

Congratulation to the students selected to compete at the ACT finals. I wish you every success at the meeting. Work hard for those Personal Bests!!

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