The Big Heart Project at Radford

5c pieces put to a very good cause

5c pieces put to a very good cause

By Kaitlin Barsby & Ellie Maglasis, Year 6 Radford Tribal Council students  

‘Such a small coin, that can make a big difference.’ Sterling Notley

The Radford Tribal Council (RTC) and Round Square participated in The Big Heart Project for Connie Johnson. This involved collecting as many 5c pieces, or as Connie called them, 'pesky 5c pieces', that we could get our hands on. After about a week it came time to put together the Radford Junior School Heart. Watch the time lapse video. It was amazing to see how many coins the Junior School had collected in the end. Overall the 5c pieces weighed 126.6 kilograms and came to the total of $2,456.65.

On Wednesday 10 May the RTC represented Radford at The Big Heart Project for Connie. When we arrived, we were astonished at how many coins had been laid in the heart. This made Radford's heart look small.

Lugging around heavy bags of 5c coins was definitely tiring, but it was worth it. I was very proud of myself and Radford when I saw just how many 5c coins we'd gathered. It was very touching and I definitely do not regret going there. Angelina Fei

Throwing the tiny 5c coins into the massive heart, it seemed like such a small amount of money but, for us, it could do such big things that can help stop cancer.

Thank you to Tracey Markovic for coming up with the idea and supporting us to participate in The Big Heart Project at Radford.

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