The 'George Vincent' French Language Competition

Neve Brissenden, Maddie Grist, Viv Wang, Matilda Saddington, Sophie Elder-Harris and Rebecca Gates

Neve Brissenden, Maddie Grist, Viv Wang, Matilda Saddington, Sophie Elder-Harris and Rebecca Gates

By Gaëlle Pajot, French Teacher

In Term 3, six students in Year 11 took part in the French competition ?George Vincent?, run by the Alliance Française.

The competition consisted of two rounds of testing. In the first round, all six students competed in the reading and listening comprehension questions and wrote a short essay. Three students ? Sophie Elder-Harris, Viv Wang and Neve Brissenden ? were selected to continue through to the second round, the oral part. They each had an individual interview with a French examiner from the Alliance Française.

Congratulations to Neve Brissenden for placing first in the independent category and to Viv Wang for placing first in the Neve Brissenden and Viv Wangintermediate category (pictured right).

Below are some comments from all participants.

Maddie Grist (11MLS) ? French Captain
The French competition was a good experience for all of us. Although I did not get through to the next round, I find that any opportunity to improve and practise my French skills really helps me to engage more with the language. I really enjoyed participating in the competition. The test was challenging but it was good to push myself into a new way of thinking about the language, other than what we are taught in class.

Rebecca Gates (11JPE)
The George Vincent French competition was a really good way to challenge and broaden my French language skills. I would highly recommend the competition to any students studying French.

Matilda Saddington (11KGG)
The competition was an excellent learning opportunity which enabled us to experience the French language at a much higher level. It's a wonderful opportunity which all future French students should take if they are given the chance.

Sophie Elder-Harris (11SMO)
The tests, especially the listening test, were quite challenging but I was fortunate enough to make it through to the second round which included a speaking test. This was very different from the oral tasks we have done so far at school and comprised three parts. It was a real test of my ability to think on my feet. In addition, it tested my ability to apply my language skills in order to engage in a conversation and I was not allowed to use any English words at all. This was a very rewarding experience and I would recommend this to other French students.

Neve Brissenden (11RGW)
The competition was incredibly interesting and instructive and enabled me to better my language skills ? particularly in the oral conversational component. I would suggest all future French students take part in this competition to improve their language skills and engage with other French-speaking students.

Viv Wang (11KGG)
The competition was really interesting to participate in because it provided a means by which I could compare myself to the standards of the community and not just the class. Making it through to the oral examination was nerve-wracking but absolutely exhilarating. I was asked a series of questions and for one, I was allocated ten minutes to prepare. The examination is quite personal. I sat on the other side of a table to the examiner, less than a metre apart. Luckily, the lady was very nice and thankfully she understood my nervous rambling.

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