UN recognises student vision

Vincent Guo (Y10), winner UN Youth ACT Voice Competition

Vincent Guo (Y10), winner UN Youth ACT Voice Competition

In late 2017, Vince Guo (Y10) competed against students from throughout the ACT in the UN Youth ACT Voice Competition. Vince's eloquence impressed the judges such that he won the competition and will head to the Nationals in Brisbane later this year.

In his speech, Vince proposed practical and ethical ways of addressing the problem of making medicine accessible in the Third World. With passion and conviction, he called for the international community to act on its responsibility to ensure that equitable global access to medical necessities.

This unique public speaking competition calls on students to think critically about current social, political and economic issues, and propose answers to the most pressing concerns of the 21st century. In their presentations, participants also answered questions from an experienced and enthusiastic panel of judges.

Read Vince's prize-winning speech here.

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