University of Canberra research trial

University of Canberra research project on positive body image

University of Canberra research project on positive body image

In the week starting 5 March, a small cross-section of Radford Secondary School students will be invited to participate in an interview study on positive body image. The study forms part of a research project led by Anna Brichacek, a PhD candidate at the University of Canberra. The research is ethics approved and all interviews will be non-identifiable. Students who volunteer to participate will be asked to attend an individual interview to talk about helpful ways that young people manage body image concerns and reflect on their understanding of positive coping. The findings will be informative for programs designed to increase positive body image and promote resilience in young people. Students who volunteer will bring an information / parent permission form home next week. We encourage discussion with parents and caregivers. All participating students will receive a HOYTS movie voucher as a thank you for their time.

This week's Bulletin also contains SchoolTV's latest episode containing helpful advice on healthy diet and nutrition (and the relationship to academic performance).

On matters of technology use for children, adolescents and parents, psychologist Karen Young (Hey Sigmund) reports on recent research indicating that, when it comes to social media and technology, children want the same things from parents that parents want from them: 'The Technology/Social Media Rules Kids and Teens Wish Their Parents Would Follow’.

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