Virtual Reality - transforming language study

The Library becomes a magic portal through Virtual Reality

The Library becomes a magic portal through Virtual Reality

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages and Tracy Kelly, Teacher Librarian 

In the Library - or Japan, or France?Predictions are that by 2020 Virtual Reality (VR) will start to become mainstream in the classroom.  More and more major players in Education and STEM are creating a range of immersive experiences to facilitate this. At Radford, we have been taking students on virtual reality incursions since 2017.  We began by standing on the edge of an erupting volcano with Geography; touring the Great Wall of China for Ancient History; and visiting the International Space Station with senior Law students. Virtual field trips have become one of the most popular applications of VR technology for learning. 

Visiting a country in virtual reality allows students the opportunity to absorb the society and culture, immersing the students in a real-world setting. Our French students have recently been to Paris, and Japanese students watched a festival unfold all around them in their usually scheduled class time. Students have thoroughly enjoyed their cultural immersive experience with their language class. 

Our thanks to the helpful library staff, especially Ms Kelly, and Ms Richards (French Teacher) for leading this initiative.

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