Y6 PYP Exhibition - 17 September 2014

There is something quite extraordinary about having your mind opened by a group of eleven and twelve year old children. For those of you who were able to attend our Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition held during Term 3, I trust you will appreciate the genuine pride and admiration that we have in our students and teachers of Year 6.

The culmination of the term-long investigation of a globally significant issue was, put simply, overwhelming. Watching our young boys and girls share their knowledge and understandings of an issue that has obvious significance to them was a moment worth cherishing. Their enthusiasm, ownership and drive for me, was remarkable, and illustrated exactly what I love about the framework of the PYP. That is providing children with opportunities to think, wonder and act upon ideas; through considering the past, present and future, through drawing on expert views from our local and global communities and through having the freedom to present their understandings creatively.

From the magical chorus of voices, instruments and movement that opened the Exhibition, to the stirring artistic, technological, mathematical, linguistic and dramatic displays; the student voice was strong. Their willingness to educate and transform human thoughts and behaviours, in an effort to make a better world and a better future for themselves and others, was inspirational.

In Week 9 of Term 3, I wrote an article about education being viewed as a way to prepare children for ?real life.? After attending the Year 6 Exhibition I am convinced that the education that our Junior School children enjoy at Radford is not to prepare them for life, but to actually live life. I give thanks to our eager and knowledgeable students for teaching us ways to think globally yet act locally about issues that exist within our world today. I encourage them all to continue taking action and to sustain their sense of agency in their chosen areas of study. This is the part of Exhibition that can truly make a difference.

Author: Belinda Reitstatter
PYP Co-ordinator PK-6, Junior School

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