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Early Learning Centre (ELC)

Fostering a sense of wellbeing in a young child requires the development of trust, both in the relationships between teachers and children and in the creation of an environment which meets the needs of the child.

We believe that every child should be respected as a unique individual with diverse interests and abilities. In order for children to flourish, they need to be happy, safe and stimulated.

The staff at the ELC make sure that the environment is positive and nurturing. They understand and value diversity and provide help and resources where they are needed. Communication with parents is critical and we attempt to be open and informative on any issues which may arise.

The Centre also introduces children to a wide variety of positive experiences so they are able to constantly discover and learn new things. Children have access to the outdoors with equipment and an abundance of creative and interactive activities for them to enjoy. Safety is taken very seriously at the Centre and children are supervised at all times. Behaviour is also managed in a positive, consistent way.