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Secondary School

Radford College aims for all students to feel safe, supported, valued, engaged and connected. Students feel a sense of belonging to a significant school commmunity. Students are expected to treat each other with respect and behaviour is managed in a positive way. To make sure that all students receive the care and attention they need, there is a great emphasis on proactive and reactive pastoral care. Every contact is considered to be a pastoral care contact.

Tutor Groups

During Secondary School at Radford, tutor groups are an essential part of pastoral care. Students are placed within a tutor group of approximately 22-25 students which meets on a daily basis. Each tutor is a mentor, leader and counsellor, responsible for the general care of students in their group.

The tutor oversees each student’s academic progress, social adjustment, attendance and communicates with parents.
Each Head of Year manages the collective welfare of a year group of students and moves with the students throughout their journey at the college.


School Counsellors are available to provide psychological support to students if necessary. Our counsellors are qualified psychologists who have a special interest in young people and their issues. Students seeing a School Counsellor can expect a confidential service. A qualified social worker and two chaplains are also part of the pastoral care resources.