Enrolment process

Enrolment process for intake years

The enrolment process for intake years begins two calendar years ahead and the relative position of a child on the waiting list is not established until this time. For this reason, the College is only able to comment generally on a student's place on the waiting list. (Please see Frequently Asked Questions for an explanation on why it is not possible to be told what "number" your child is on the list.)

The enrolment process commences with a Confirmation of Interest survey to registered families via email (please ensure your email contacts remain current). Enrolment process information is sent with this survey. Formal offers commence after this process is finalised. 

If an offer is forthcoming, parents are asked to sign enrolment forms and pay a non-refundable enrolment fee of $2000. Upon acceptance of an offer and payment of the enrolment fee students and parents will attend a compulsory interview with College staff. The enrolment process continues throughout the year/s until all available places have been confirmed.

If an offer is not forthcoming, then your child's name will roll up in the database to successive years, retaining and being ranked by the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration. A student's name will not be removed from the waiting list unless the College is notified in writing.

Notifications will not be sent indicating that a student has not been successful in gaining a place.

Enrolment process for non-intake years 
Places in Kindergarten, Years 1-2, Years 4-6, Years 8-10 and Year 12 are only available should a student withdraw from the College. When a vacancy arises through a student leaving the College, the child at the top of the relevant waiting list will be offered the place. Replacement offers are made when required, at any time of the year, depending on when a vacancy occurs.