Many families have similar questions regarding Radford College waiting lists and enrolment.

Q1: How do I go about "enrolling" my child at Radford College?

A: All children need to be registered on the Radford College waiting list, in order to be considered for a place at the College in the future. 

To place a child's name on the waiting list, please download the online registration form from the Registration page of the Radford College website. Once this is completed, you can either submit it online, or print, complete, scan and email it to the Registrar, with your choice of payment option. A letter of confirmation and receipt for your records will be sent to you in due course.

Please note that registration on the waiting list is not a guarantee of enrolment in the future.

Q2: What is the cost to register a child on a Radford College waiting list?

A: The current charge is $200 per child. Please see the registration form for payment options. This is a one-off payment, which covers administrative costs and information provision while your child's name is on the waiting list.

Q3: Do I get my money back if my child does not gain a place, or does the $200 go towards my fees when my child starts at Radford?

A: The $200 registration fee is non-refundable and is not a deposit. It is not part of the enrolment fee or subsequent fees charged at the College.

Q4: Are there any other charges?

A: No further monies are requested until a place at the College is formally offered. Please see the Fees page of the Radford College website for current fees and charges at Radford College.

Q5: Can I place my unborn child on a list?

A: A child must be born, as his/her name and actual date of birth is needed in order to be registered on the waiting list.

Q6: Does Radford College offer scholarships to students?

A: The Radford Foundation is delighted to announce that applications for its inaugural student scholarship are now open.

The first two-year scholarship will be offered to one new student commencing Year 11 in 2019.

The Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this two-page application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by 4 pm on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

    1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
    2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
    3. Passport-sized photo.
Short-listed applicants will then be required to complete a financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2019 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2018.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 6200.

Q7: How many waiting lists can I place each child on?

A: A child can only be on one waiting list at a time at Radford College. If unsuccessful in gaining a place at the requested year level, the child's name will roll across to each successive year waitlist, maintaining the original date of registration, until an offer is made and accepted or the child's schooling is completed.

For example, if a child's name is placed on the Year 3 2018 waiting list, and the College is unable to make an offer for that year level, the child's name will automatically roll up at the beginning of each year, firstly to the Year 4 2019 waiting list, then to the Year 5 2020 waiting list, then to the Year 6 2021 waiting list, and so on.

Children retain their original date of registration and are ranked by this as their name rolls up - they do not go to the bottom of the list each year.

Families are recommended to place their children's names on the earliest waiting list year level they would be interested in an offer from the College.

Q8: Do I need to do anything else once my child is registered on the waiting list, such as phone the school from time to time?

A: It is most important to keep contact details up to date and we require changes to be made in writing. An email to the Registrar is sufficient. A confirmation email for your records will be sent once the requested changes have been made.

If you wish to change the preferred entry point for your child, please email or call the Registrar to facilitate this.

Otherwise you do not need to contact the school. The Registrar will contact you if and when a place becomes available.

Q9: Does the school take students into every year level?

A: The current intake years at Radford College are Pre-Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 7 and Year 11. These are the year levels where the number of classes at the school are increased. 

Enrolment numbers for 2020 are: Pre-Kindergarten: 88 places; Year 3: 30 new places; Year 7: 100 new places; and Year 11: 30 new places. A gender balance is maintained in all year levels.

Pre-Kindergarten is the preschool year and is based on full time attendance (9am to 3pm) five days per week. Children need to have turned 4 years old before April 30 in order to be eligible for Pre-Kindergarten in that year.

In all other year levels we take in students only if a vacancy arises as a result of a student departing from the College.

Q10: What happens if I am made an offer and I don't want the place at that time but want a place in the future?

A: Families have the opportunity to decline two formal offers of places from Radford College and still retain their child's original date of registration. The child's name returns to the waiting list with their original date of registration. If a third formal offer is declined then the child's name goes back on the waiting list at the date of the third formal offer.

Please note that should you choose to decline an offer, we cannot guarantee a place at another entry point.

Q11: Who gets priority on the waiting list?

A: At the top of each year's waiting list, there are children with priority status. The College considers all registrations for enrolment subject to the following priorities:

  • First preference is given to children of staff
  • Second preference is given to students connected with the College through the attendance of siblings
  • Third preference is given to students connected with the College because a parent attended Radford College as a student, and is a member of the Radford Collegians Association
  • Fourth preference is given to children of full-time Anglican clergy.

Children will then be ranked on the waiting list based on the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration, by gender, after priority students. Separate lists are maintained for girls and boys.

Details of the priority policies can be provided by the Registrar. 

Q12: My nephew/niece attends Radford College, does this give my children priority on the waiting list?

A: No. Priority is only given to siblings, not cousins. Details of the priority policy for siblings can be found on the Radford College website on the Admissions Policy page.

Q13: If I am a former student will my child definitely be offered a place?

A: Parents who have attended Radford College as students, and are members of the Radford Collegians' Association since 1 January of the year of offer, will receive some priority for their children ahead of those registered who have no prior connection to the College. However, we can never guarantee a place for any child at Radford College.

Details of the priority policy for Collegians can be found on the Radford College website on the Admissions Policy page.

Please contact the Collegians Association Liaison Officer collegians@radford.act.edu.au for details of membership, or head to the Collegians own dedicated website.

Q14: I am a former staff member of the College - does this give my children priority on the waiting list?

A: No. Priority is only given to children of current, permanent staff members at Radford College.

Q15: If I register my child early, am I guaranteed a place for my child?

A:  We can never guarantee a place at Radford College for a child not yet enrolled.

Q16: Can I still register even if I am new to Canberra or didn't register when my child was very young?

A: The option to register a child on any of Radford's waiting lists is entirely up to each family. We do not close waiting lists.

At intake points, the enrolment process begins up to two years prior to attendance. How far down the waiting list we go depends on the interest of the families on the waiting list at that time. This can be hard to predict: many families may register their children when very young, and by the time the enrolment process starts, several years may have gone by. Families' lives can change in that time, and they may no longer be interested in a place at Radford for their children (for example, they have moved out of Canberra). Until the enrolment process starts two years ahead, it is not possible to predict how far down the lists we go when offering places.

Q17: When is the best time to place my child on a waiting list?

A: The earlier in the child's life they are registered on the waiting list, the earlier their registration date will be. Children will be ranked on the waiting list based on the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration, by gender.

Q18: Can I have a look at the school before I register?

A: Tours of the College are held throughout the year. Please keep an eye on the College Tours page for tour dates and instructions on how to book for a tour.

Q19: When will I know if I have a place for my child?

A: The enrolment process for intake points starts up to two years before the preferred entry year. Information sessions are held, then places are offered, followed by interviews with Heads of School. The process continues as families accept and decline places.

Places are offered first to children with priority status, then to children based on the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration, by gender, maintaining a balance of male and female students in each year group. 

No notification will be sent indicating that a student on a particular waiting list has not been offered a place.

Q20: My child is currently in Year 4, and I am keen to know whether she will offered a place at Radford College in Year 7, so that we can plan ahead. Can you tell me now if she will be offered a place in Year 7?

A:  Offers for places in Year 7 are made when students are in Year 5. Until then, waiting lists are not finalised for Year 7. It is not possible to indicate whether or not we will be able to offer a place to your child in Year 7 until two calendar years ahead.

Q21: Why can't I be told what number on the list my child is?

A: The waiting lists for Radford College are not static: they change regularly as children are moved from one list to another, priority students join lists, and children's names roll up into the next year level. At all times children are ranked on the interval (number of days) between date of birth and date of registration. 

For example, a girl (let's call her Anna) may be fourth on the Year 2 2015 waiting list, ranked by her date of registration. During the year another girl, Bella, who was ranked further down the list, gains sibling priority as her older brother joins the school - so Bella moves up ahead of Anna, moving Anna to fifth place. Then, at the end of the year, all the girls on the Year 2 2015 list "roll up" to the Year 3 2016 waiting list. There are already girls on the Year 3 2016 waiting list (who weren't interested in an earlier place at the school). All the girls from the Year 2 2015 list and the Year 3 2016 list are re-ranked based on their registration interval period. It turns out that there are ten girls who have earlier registration dates than Anna, so they are ranked ahead of her. So on the Year 3 2016 waiting list, Anna is now 15th on the list.

This is an example, but it shows that if Anna's parents had been told that she was fourth on the waiting list in 2015, and then she moved to 15th position in 2016, the original advice would have been misleading. Therefore we do not give out waiting list ranking numbers.

Q22: I've been offered a place for Pre Kindergarten next year, but prefer a Year 3 entry: can I accept this offer now for Year 3 instead?

Offers to Radford College are for a specific year level and calendar year. They are not transferable to a different year level or calendar year.

Q23: I've been made an offer for my daughter in Year 3 next year, but would really like my son to start in Year 5 next year: can I accept this offer for my son instead?

A: Offers to Radford College are for a specific child. They are not transferable to a different child.

Q24: I have twins: will they be able to come to the school together?

A: If the College is able to offer a place to one twin, the other twin automatically receives an offer for the same year level/calendar year.

Q25: Does Radford College accept full fee paying students from overseas?

A: No, Radford College does not have the necessary registration to be able to accept full fee paying international/ overseas students. Students need to have Australian citizenship or a permanent residency visa before they can enrol at Radford College.