Cornerstone Donors

Cornerstone Donor glass tiles


The Radford College Development Foundation supports many educational journeys.

It's why our Cornerstone Donors gave generously - because Radford gave someone they know an opportunity.

These donors are recognised by the installation of glass tiles etched with their names (pictured above) at the entrance to the Morison Centre.

Donations like these have already funded a scholarship for a senior student who would not otherwise be able to attend Radford. Another six-year scholarship, funded by the Boorer Foundation, is providing a similar opportunity to a student attending Year 7 in 2020.

Our Foundation is still relatively young but the generosity of our community is timeless.


Cornerstone Donors

Ms Lynne Alexander
Arrow Projects
Mrs Jenny, Miss Nicole and Mr Michael Bell
Boorer Family
Dr Jane Carver
Mr Matthew Connors and Ms Kate Driver
Dr Susan Hall Conrad
Mrs Donna Driver
Hayden Fitzgerald and Nicholas Fitzgerald
Gibbons Family
Mr Dennis Godfrey and Mrs Fiona Godfrey
Gorrell Family
Ioannou Family
Dr Adrian Johnson and Mrs Leanne Johnson
Mr Andrew Jones and Ms Julia Vinckx
Mr Scott Kristiansen and Dr Sarah Walker
Mr Malcolm Lamb AM
Mr Jim Lilley and Mrs Jane Lilley
Dr Caroline Luke-Evered
The Kenyon Foundation
Martin Family
Mrs Elizabeth Mackinnon
Mrs Maggie McKenna and Mr Neil McKenna

Mendl Family
Ian, Jenny, Sarah, Steph and Kate Morison
Muirhead Family
Ms Maria Nasca
Mr Ben Parsons
Dr Rhian Parker and Professor Stephen Parker
Garry, Lee and Shae Pluis
Mrs Helen Quiggin and Mr Peter Quiggin PSM
Radford College Parents and Friends Association
Mr Garry Richards
Ristic Family
Mrs Belinda Robinson
Mr Lee Scott and Mrs Samantha Scott
Mrs Natalie Skinner and Mr Ray Skinner
Mr Paul Smith and Mrs Claire Smith
Snare Family
Stewart Architecture
Mr Nathan Toscan and Mrs Sara Toscan
Tamhane Family
Thirkell / Myer Family
M & J Walker
Mr Richard Wardman
Young Family

Cornerstone Donors: in their words...

Donna DriverDonna Driver

What is your connection to Radford?

The Radford Foundation stone was unveiled 35 years ago, I, being witness to that historic event. At that time our daughter was attending Canberra Boys' Grammar pre-school. We were asked by Jock Mackinnon to contribute to a new Anglican school being established in the Belconnen area. At that stage the school was not even named. We contributed to that initial fund and continued to follow the progress and development of the school with great interest.

Our daughter Sara attended Radford in years 11 and 12. She had the most supportive and positive years at the school. To this day she holds Radford dear to her heart with peers from that cohort still some of her closest friends.

Radford allowed Sara to step forward with academic excellence and self-belief, having experienced a supportive culture, with strong community values and justice.

Two of my grandsons now attend Radford with their brother to follow in the coming year.

What does Radford mean to you?

Radford, to me is the very essence of what education is all about.

I consider Radford to be a very innovative and inclusive co-educational school.

Throughout the years I have observed how the students have a strong supportive culture.

Having had three children and three grand-children and coming from an educational background myself, Radford is a school that has stood out from the rest. I can see the benefits and qualities that advances every student to achieve their individual goals.

Radford has mastered the art of teaching. They have educators that empower students to learn. They put the "reins" in the hands of the student, taking each individual on a learning journey, making sure they reflect on that journey and understand what they have learnt and why they are doing it. The teachers do more than teach, as can be seen with just one of many examples, of both the Head of School, Junior and Senior putting themselves out there with the annual Read-a-Thon. The broader community observes and admires this.

Radford is a school that really champions a brighter future for the individual and everyone. That in turn can only benefit the whole of society.

The Radford Foundation is a relatively new initiative. Why did you decide to donate so early?

From the very beginning I saw potential in this school. Having been involved with different private schools throughout my life I have seen the beneficial outcomes of school foundations. I have chosen to contribute to these foundations.

My old school, SCEGGS has benefited through philanthropic past students with donations and bequests large and small, now into millions of dollars. A walk through the school takes one's breath away to see how these donations have placed SCEGGS into the cutting edge of educational excellence. Whole buildings for a particular purpose have been built by the generosity of these people which in turn supports all areas of learning from sports and well-being to innovation and technologies.

What is your hope for the future of Radford?

I see an extraordinary bright future.

I see Radford continuing to develop. In a way I see Radford as part of everyone's future.

This school is already on the path of producing students with incredible skill sets which are contributing to advancing various fields that in turn contribute to society as a whole.

With the emergence of new technology and innovation I hope that Radford continues this path, staying ahead of the curve, with its teaching excellence, skills development and encouragement of innovation that produces students that can contribute to the future of Australia, pushing boundaries that are possible now, and into the future, seen at this moment in time, to be impossible.

I believe that this can be further achieved by supporting the Foundation. To this end, this is my sincere reason for investing in the Radford Foundation.

"Be not afraid of growing slowly, but be afraid only of standing still" (Chinese Proverb)

Richard KenyonRichard Kenyon

What is your connection with Radford?

Our three children, Bethany (2012), Lindsay (2014) and Alice (2016), attended the school between 2006 and 2016.

What does Radford mean to you?

Radford is a great school that provides an inspiring environment for its students to learn and grow.

The Radford Foundation is a relatively new initiative. Why did you decide to donate early?

The establishment of the Radford Foundation coincided with my family’s decision to create a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF). As part of our philanthropic activities, we like to support local organisations with which we have a personal connection.

What is your hope for the future of Radford?

To continue its work as a good independent school with strong values and an inspiring physical environment that creates a sense of purpose, curiosity and opportunity.

Marcus GrahamMarcus Graham

What is your connection with Radford?

I am a collegian (Class of 1992) and parent of two girls currently in the Junior School.
I was also at the foundation ceremony in 1983 as an 8-year-old!
I am director of Stewart Architecture who have prepared the 2017 Radford Master Plan and have designed the new buildings being constructed around the campus.

What does Radford mean to you?

Radford is a wonderful community of passionate people - a diverse group of educators, students and their families. The campus is a beautiful setting - a series of buildings and spaces bounded by Canberra's bushland. Radford's culture extends far beyond year 12 exemplified by the strong network of Collegians who remain friends for life.

The Radford Foundation is a relatively new initiative. Why did you decide to donate early?

At 35 years Radford is a relatively young school but already with an enviable reputation. Older schools have a history of benefaction which assists development of both education and campus. We are pleased to support the Radford Foundation primarily to promote ongoing development of the campus to provide the best and most innovative learning environments.

What is your hope for the future of Radford?

That the campus can continually develop to provide the best learning environments for the students, whilst maintaining the strong community feel that has always existed as the school population has grown.

Malcolm Lamb AMMalcolm Lamb

What is your connection with Radford?

I am a member of the Board and its Executive as well as being chair of the Education and Wellbeing Committee. This is my seventh year on the Board.

What does Radford mean to you?

It is a place that offers academic excellence according to the varying levels of student ability while encouraging students to try all sorts of experiences through the co-curricular programme and so to grow into an interesting young adult committed to do good in the wider world. I think the College genuinely subscribes to this and with enthusiasm.

The Radford Foundation is a relatively new initiative. Why did you decide to donate early?

As a member of the Board which set up the Foundation you have to "put your money where your mouth" is, as it were. It is an obligation but a good one as already, we have our first student beneficiary.

What is your hope for the future of Radford?

To continue to uphold its values in a world which is rapidly changing and where, in some circles, such values are not fashionable.