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 Radford Institute presents inspiring speakers to the Canberra community. By sharing knowledge and ideas, the Institute aims to provide educators, parents and students with opportunities to be better. Stimulating discussion and constructive debate are the Institute's hallmarks and everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

 Radford Institute runs seminars on subjects such as:

* important educational issues
* what constitutes good teaching
* what is good classroom practice
* what good educational leadership looks like.

Radford has relationships with many educational, government and non-government organisations. The Institute has been established to act as a think tank, research institute and a centre for professional development and we aim to have a genuine influence in the way education is developing, Australia-wide.

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Past Radford Institute seminars:

29 May 2019 - Is politics a vocation? Educating for public life by Professor Tom Frame, inaugural Director of the UNSW Canberra Public Leadership Research Group.

27 March 2019 - Having The Alcohol & Parties Discussion With Your Child by Paul Dillon, Founder and Director of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA).

8 November 2018 - The Importance of Mental Health First Aid for Young People: an evening for teachers and parents by teacher and psychologist Tim Dansie.

8 August 2018 Education: Our Powerful Weapon to Change the World by Rev Tim Costello AO.

21 March 2018 -  The Workforce of Tomorrow Demands a New Mindset by Jan Owen, AM. CEO of Foundation for Young Australians.

14 June 2017 - It's time we talked by Maree Crabbe, coordinator of the community education project "Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality".

26 October 2016 - Screenagers, a film about the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimise

harmful effects and find balance.

23 May 2016 - Inclusion Inspires Innovation by Greg Alchin, a trainer and consultant in special education and technology with a particular interest in universally accessible web development.

28 October 2015 - Learn How to Quiet Your Mind, presented by Matthew Johnstone, Creative Director of the Black Dog Institute, public speaker, author and illustrator of eight books on mental health and wellbeing.

26 August 2015 - Space research: vital for Australia's economic, social and strategic wellbeing by Professor Russell Boyce, Chair for Space Engineering, UNSW Canberra, BSc(Hons), PhD, GradCert Uni Learning & Teaching

13 May 2015 - Using Philosophy in the Curriculum: A Community of Inquiry Approach by Michael Walsh, Teacher at Radford College, BEd, MA (Hist), MA (Phil), DipT, CertMICS(Perf) 

2 September 2014 - Chasing Stimulus 24/7: Does your child need a lifestyle adjustment for improved mental health? Presenter: Gayelene Clews, BA, MSc, DipAppPsych, Psychologist and Senior Counsellor at Radford College 

25 March 2014 -  Why MOOCS? (Massive Open Online Courses) Why ANU decided to sign up with edX, and the benefits for education as a whole. Presenter: Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington BEd (Hons), DPhil, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), ANU 

12 November 2013 - Why too many Australian students struggle with reading and what we should do about it: insights from the latest in research on reading acquisition and dyslexia. Presenter: Dr Bartek Rajkowski, BAppSc (SpPath), PhD, Director of Adelaide Speech Pathology Services 

29 August 2013 - Mathematics in Primary Schools - a view of USA, Japan and Singapore 
Presenter: Bruce Ferrington, Churchill Fellow, Radford Junior School Teacher 

16 May 2013 - ThinkUKnow Cyber Safety and Security Program
Presenter: Think U Know http://www.thinkuknow.org.au/site/ 

18 March 2013 - People, Practice, Performance - Improving a high-performing education system.
Presenter: Diane Joseph Director-General, Education and Training, ACT Government 

24 October 2012 - Illiteracy in the Lucky Country: how social disadvantage is related to poor reading ability. Presenter: Jennifer Buckingham, Research Fellow at The Centre for Independent Studies 

21 August 2012 - Technology, our kids and cybersafety: how have we gone so far?
Presenter: Mr Alastair MacGibbon - Director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra, CEO of the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (Aust) Ltd. 

16 May 2012 - The Economics and Politics of Teacher Merit Pay
Presenter: Dr Andrew Leigh - Federal Member for Fraser  

21 March 2012 - Leadership that works. Presenter: Paul Porteous - Executive Director of the Centre for Social Leadership and Visiting Faculty at Harvard Kennedy School 

15 November 2011 - The Sexualisation of Girls in Pop Culture - and what we can do about it. Presenter: Melinda Tankard Reist - writer, speaker, advocate 

8 September 2011 - The Young Person of the Future. Presenter: Thérèse Rein - Managing Director of Ingeus 

24 May 2011 - Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs. Presenter: Paul Dillon - Drug and Alcohol Research Training Australia 

9 March 2011 - Teacher Quality: What do the community and the profession expect? Presenter: Professor Denis Goodrum, Interim Chairman of the new ACT Teacher Quality Institute. 

20 October 2010 - The Future of ACT School Education. Presenter: Dr Jim Watterston, Chief Executive, ACT Department of Education & Training 

18 August 2010 - Indigenous Education in Australia - a way forward. Presenter: Phillip Heath, Principal of Radford College