Performing Arts

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Radford College offers a diverse range of activities that encompass the areas of drama, dance and oratory. These activities encourage students to develop their performance and presentation skills and use them to enhance their studies.

These activities are an essential part of a student's education and help them develop 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical and creative thinking. Students are able to see the results of their endeavours through an emphasis on the development of skills and learn from these experiences in and out of the classroom.

Radford has an extensive and varied drama, dance and oratory program. It offers students a broad choice of activities that connect the curriculum and co-curricular to enhance their education opportunities.

Curriculum drama

Students have the chance to study drama as a curriculum subject, first as part of the core curriculum in Years 7 and 8 and then as an elective for Years 9 to 12. Classroom drama focuses on developing the understanding of performance through the study of historical and modern styles of performance. Students develop their own performance and present them to live audiences, creating truly authentic assessment tasks.

Co-curricular drama

Radford has a variety of opportunities for performers, such as the musical and the Junior School, Years 7 to 10 and Senior Drama productions. The wide variety of productions allows students of all abilities and styles a chance to develop skills and perform for the community. These productions also provide students interested in technical theatre the chance to develop their skills as part of the production process.

Radford productions are unique in the way students provide the majority of technical support and are also able to be assessed on a tertiary level on their achievement.

Co-curricular dance

The College has a custom-fitted dance studio for the Radford Dance Academy, which offers dance from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 in weekly dance lessons in styles such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. Students are able to start at any age and develop the skills to perform.

Radford is a proud member of AUSDance and performs annually in the Dance Festival at Canberra Theatre. There are three groups provided: Years 7 and 8, Years 9 and 10 and a Senior Dance group. As part of the drama, dance and oratory philosophy, each of these groups is choreographed by students to make these activities truly student-driven and display the skill and standard possible from our community.

Co-curricular oratory

Radford offers students a varied oratory program which includes legal oratory, debating and public speaking. Oratory is an excellent way for students to develop their presentation and social skills, as well as the ability to construct an argument. These activities allow students to develop their individual skills as well as learning to participate with others as a team working towards a common goal.

Drama, dance and oratory are deeply woven into the fabric of the curriculum and co-curricular at Radford. The skills these activities develop cross all areas of the school and are lifelong abilities we wish our students to gain.

To demonstrate how embedded these activities are, Radford has developed a performing arts competition – RadPAC – that celebrates the various abilities of our students and gives them a venue to show what they are capable of achieving together as part of the House Cup competition.