Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 1 – 5 February 2020

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal, 5 Feb 2020

5 February 2020

Air quality guidelines and plan, start of school year, holiday happenings, strategic planning process and campus speed limits

*Please also read the article about the College's response to Canberra's air quality.*

Start of a New School Year 

A very warm welcome to the start of the 2020 academic year to all members of the Radford community, especially those families who are new to the College. I hope all Radford families had some opportunity to relax and unwind, despite the challenging summer we have endured, and that all students are ready for the challenges of a new school year. We also hope that the orientation programs, the Parent/Teacher sessions and the upcoming Parent/Tutor interviews, prove to be useful in answering questions, alleviating concerns and lessening the nerves. 

Across the school, we had 290 students who had their first full day at Radford yesterday, and we hope that the settling-in process has begun successfully. We also hope every new child’s association with Radford College is long and fruitful. 

As well as being the first full day for all students, yesterday was also the official induction for our 2020 College Prefects. In a service which saw the Prefects collectively pledging to support the ethos of Radford College, lead through service and work, and participate fully in the life of the College, each of them then had their portfolios announced and their Prefect badges presented. The four Captains and Vice Captains (Gus Murray, Olivia Lloyd, Michael Troy and Grace Kuchlmayr) then made a similar pledge and were presented with their badges. They then together addressed the student body, outlining their hopes for the year and their aspirations for the College over the course of 2020.

College Captains and Vice-Captains with Fiona Godfrey and Dr Adrian Johnson

L to R: Fiona Godfrey, Michael Troy (VC), Olivia Lloyd (C), Gus Murray (C), Grace Kuchlmayr (VC), Dr Adrian Johnson

In addition to the Prefect induction, yesterday’s Secondary School Service also included the awarding of the JA Mackinnon Dux prize for 2019. As previously detailed, this prize was won by Zachary Gan, who achieved the highest ATAR of his cohort last year, with an ATAR of 99.8. In awarding the prize, it was highlighted that Zac’s success over his 14 years at Radford was not just limited to academic attainment; he was heavily involved in both the College’s co-curricular music and the Service-Learning Program. Zac was a member of the Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra, the Precision Percussion Ensemble, contributed to the Combined Schools Music Festivals and an array of other music recitals, and had ongoing involvement in a range of service learning activities.

Holiday Happenings
Whilst the majority of students were free of Radford activities over the holidays, we did have a small number of students involved in two very different tours. The first group, comprised of Secondary School students, Collegians, parents and staff, travelled to Europe to explore ancient historical attractions and sites in Turkey, Greece and Italy. Despite being subjected to some fairly cold climatic conditions, the group had a fantastic time consolidating their growing interest and knowledge of ancient history. More information about the tour will appear in a future Bulletin article.

Ancient history tour 2020 Pieta

The second group of students travelled into country NSW to compete in the Orange U13 cricket carnival, supported by Darryle Macdonald (coach) and Greg Boorer (manager), and ably assisted by other Radford parents. The Orange Cricket Carnival consists of representative teams from all over NSW, representing the various cricket districts of NSW, both metro and country areas. It has been running every January for the last 25 years.

Normally Cricket ACT sends a representative team to this carnival, but when it was learned that they weren’t sending a team this year, Greg and Darryle jumped at the opportunity to enter a Radford team. The Radford team consisted of U11, U12 and U13 players and it was the only school team and the only non-representative team in the U13 carnival. The team won 2 of the 4 games they played, with narrow losses in the other 2 games. During the carnival, three Radford players were selected to play in a T20 City vs Country game under lights, in front of a huge crowd. For this game, it was great to see ‘Radford College’ on the team list that was distributed to the crowd and published in the local newspaper, and it was noted that Radford had more representatives than any other team or region at the carnival, which is very pleasing indeed!

Team Photo at Molong Ground City v Country - three Radford players


Campus maintenance and improvements
As is routinely the case, a great deal of work happened on the campus over the holiday period.  Some of this will be clearly obvious to parents when next on campus, whilst other work is less noticeable, but just as important.

In the Junior School, the following work has been completed:

  • Junior School artificial grass below the Ridge Building
  • New shade in the Gold quadrangle, the Kindergarten quadrangle, and the side of the Specialist Centre
  • New furniture into 5/6 classrooms, and furniture and air conditioning in the 5/6 Staffroom
  • Specialist Centre Art room upgrade to make it dedicated art space. 

In the Secondary School, the following work has been completed:

  • Expansion and upgrade of Leyshon Lecture Theatre
  • New furniture in a variety of Secondary School classroom and staff rooms
  • New air conditioners in a large number of staff rooms and classrooms
  • Additional lockers and locker areas across the campus. 

And across the whole of the campus, the following upgrades have been made:

  • Change of many lights to LED type, under ACTEWAGL Big Business Light Switch program
  • Painting various areas across the entire campus
  • Upgrade of three main College maps
  • IT cabling upgrade
  • Addition of COMM boxes to various rooms.

Strategic Planning
The College is constantly reflecting on, and planning for, our future.  Every five years, we formalise that process through the development of a new strategic plan. Given that the College’s current Strategic Plan: A Vision for the Future is to the end of this year, we will be spending most of the first half of 2020 collecting information, developing scenarios, listening to all sections of our community and then synthesising a new plan, which will be our blueprint for the next five years.

Over the holiday period, members of the Senior Executive group met with our recently appointed Strategic Plan Facilitator, Mr Andrew Simon from Yellow Edge, to start work on this process. Over the course of our day-long meeting, we decided on the process for collecting information and listening to people’s thoughts and ideas. In my view, this is one of the most critical elements of good strategic planning.

The other important factor is to get participants to work through the process in very strategic or high-level manner which does not get bogged down in the detail. In order to help those people wanting to be involved in the process, the Strategic Planning Steering Group (Senior Executive team plus a number of other key staff) developed some scenarios during our meeting, which will now be used by Andrew Simon at the focus groups, to keep the discussion and ideas at a very strategic level.

Focus groups meetings will take place with staff, students and parents as well as the College Board. Whilst the timing of those meetings is yet to be determined, I would encourage all parents to give some consideration in being involved in this process. Everyone’s thoughts and ideas about the future direction of the College would be greatly valued and strongly encouraged.

Dates and times for the meetings will be released soon. At this stage it is envisaged that we will have one parent focus group meeting in the morning, soon after drop-off time, and one later in the day to accommodate working parents.

Please keep an eye out for Strategic Plan updates in future Bulletins.

Speed limit inside the campus
A reminder that the speed limit when driving inside the campus is 10 kph at all times, not just during school hours. We have had reports of several incidents where our staff have asked drivers to slow down and the driver has responded in a rude and aggressive manner. This is not acceptable, especially when our staff are acting in the best interests of everyone using the campus. Please observe the speed limit, and all other road rules inside the campus, at all times, and if you are asked to slow down, please respect this request and the person making it. 

Reverend Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Living and learning in liminal spaces

5 February 2020

Rev. Katherine reflects on the challenges of the new year

From: Rev. Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

My first teaching job was at Gordon Primary School in south Canberra, or north Cooma as we used to say. I lived in Watson at the time. For my colleagues, my daily commute along the Majura Parkway from one end of Canberra to the other was unthinkable! Both my home and my work are now northside, however, my fondness for the Lanyon Valley, and my friends who live in that part of Canberra, remains. 

This sense of connection has made the pictures of the ACT burning particularly poignant. It is intense, it is scary, and it is heart-breaking. I am thankful for all who are fighting the fires and offering practical support in really hard conditions. I am praying for them, and for us all, in this time of destruction, grief and uncertainty. 

The Jewish and Christian scriptures contain testimony from people over the centuries who have cried out to God in the midst of trauma. The book of Joel records these words: 

“To you, O LORD, I cry. For fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness, and flames have burned all the trees of the field. Even the wild animals cry to you because the watercourses are dried up, and fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness.” Joel 1:19-20

In this passage, both the prophet and the wild animals are given voice and agency. Both trust that in the midst of their suffering God will hear them, even as their circumstances remain difficult. Prayers of lament name what is wrong and protest that all is not ok. From this place of bearing witness, creative and determined action that seeks to change the situation can be born. 

As a school community, at the cusp of a new school year, we stand in a liminal place. Many exciting possibilities lie before us individually and collectively.  At the same time, we remain deeply aware of the unjust and tragic aspects of life. May the Spirit of God empower us to continue to act for the common good with the gifts that have been given to us. May our school community be a place where all can grow in friendship, wisdom, faith, hope and love as we live and learn together. 

For those who are new to Radford this year, I would like to extend a special welcome. I look forward to getting to know you and hope that you enjoy being a part of this community as much as I have. 

With school starting again, Morning Prayer will also recommence in the Radford Chapel from 8:05am – 8:20am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All are welcome.

Rev. Katherine Rainger



Radford College Crest

Air quality guidelines and plan

5 February 2020

See website home page daily update, available 8.30 am and 3.30 pm each weekday

The College has implemented an approach to deal with issues relating to air quality, as guided by the ACT Education Directorate. This approach will be based on the ACT Health air quality index. There will be four categories of air quality impact as follows:

Latest air quality update on website






The website home page will be updated by 8.30 am and again by 3.30 pm each weekday. The latest air quality impact will be displayed in the light grey information box on the right-hand side of the page (see image above).

On days when the air quality is moderate or high, the College will minimise prolonged outdoor exposure for the academic day and co-curricular program.

When the air quality reaches moderate, all coaches will be informed and they may modify training to reduce exertion and outdoor exposure. A common-sense approach will be taken. If parents are uncomfortable with their child/ren participating in some form of modified training, they should contact their child/ren's coach directly.

Should the air quality index reach "high," training will be indoor team discussion and tactics revision only.

In the event that training is cancelled at late notice, Junior School students will be supervised at an indoor location until the regular pick-up time and this will be communicated to parents. Secondary School Students will be dismissed and if parents are unable to collect them straight away, the library is open until 5 pm.

Due to the variability of air quality index readings throughout Canberra, the College has ordered its own air quality monitor. While we wait for this to be delivered, we will continue to rely on the ACT Health air quality index.

For more detail on the College's action plan for each of the air quality index categories, please refer to this guide. Please take the time to read this document and discuss the contents with your children.

Monitoring will continue throughout the school day and the mitigation measures adjusted accordingly. The advice regarding after-school sport will be given by 3 pm each day.

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 5 February 2020

5 February 2020

“Reach for the Sky” said Woody from Toy Story, and so will we!

Dates to Remember 

Thurs 6 Feb

Year 5 Excursion to Rowing Shed

Fri 7 Feb

Whole College Commencement Service

Mon 10 Feb

ELC Welcome Drinks

“Reach for the Sky” said Woody from Toy Story, and so will we!  

As part of the privilege of educating and inspiring learners comes the responsibility to support each child to achieve strong academic outcomes. Every child succeeding to their highest potential is beneficial to the whole community. We know that it is our duty to develop within every learner the skills, strategies and personal qualities to have access to the opportunities they desire for life after school.  

Our commitment is to empower teachers, support staff and learners to utilise highly effective and successful strategies to achieve the very best outcomes for our learners. Our teachers take personal and collective responsibility for improving student learning and have high levels of pedagogical knowledge to cater for all learning needs within the classroom. We place a strong emphasis on building the capacity of all staff through ongoing professional learning, and to reducing the disruption of quality class time.  

In the Junior School, learning through inquiry complements the rigorous approach we adopt to the development of students’ Literacy and Numeracy skills. This approach strengthens the purpose and application of the development of these foundational capabilities.  

Your child’s wellbeing is, and always will be, our priority and privilege. My holiday reading of a book called, “When the Adults Change, Everything Changes” (2017) by UK educator Paul Dix, reminded me of two pillars or the rails of the train track, for success in learning communities - Visible Consistency and Visible Kindness. Consistency in our learning and acting with Kindness in all that we do. We are Principled, Reflective, Caring, Knowledgeable, Communicators, Balanced, Open-minded, Thinkers, Risk-takers and Inquirers.   

Creating a culture of literacy, numeracy, science and inquiry at home will perfectly complement the culture of learning in the classroom. The reach is for deep learning. All opportunities for number facts to be remembered for quick and accurate recall, or for daily reading and mastery of texts, is important for fluency and comprehension. Research demonstrates that competent and confident learners, experiencing high levels of engagement during school, adjust to the world of further study and life beyond school with resilience, able to commit and contribute to their communities.  

I began with a pop-culture catchphrase of ‘reach for the sky’. We know this is much more than reaching for something unattainable. This is determining now that we will reach for high levels of academic achievement and succeed through quality learning experiences and highly effective approaches to teaching.  

We love learning alongside you, in partnership to create personalised learning for your children.  

Andy and the Junior School Team 



Ravi Weerasooriya giving Josh’s Christmas card and present to Dusan

Sports Report, 5 Feb 2020

5 February 2020

international friendships through Cricket, Basketball Tour 2021 information night, Rugby refereeing, Netball umpiring, Kung Fu classes

In April 2019, the Radford Cricket U13 Team toured Sri Lanka.  Many of the Radford players formed friendships with their Sri Lankan counterparts.  

Josh's card to Dusan

While playing in Galle against the Vidyaloka College, the teams decided to conduct a mock-up 10-over match after the scheduled match.  Players from both teams were mixed into 2 teams - Sriberra vs AusLanka. 

Despite the language barrier, the students loved playing with their overseas ‘opponents- come-team-mates’, and unsurprisingly, the batters especially played with more freedom and less concern about getting out!   

Josh McIntyre (Year 8) has continued a ‘mateship’ with one of the Sri Lankan boys, Dasun.  Josh showed a wonderful display of generosity and care when he decided to send a Christmas gift to Dusan – a cricket helmet.  Josh’s gesture was received with much gratitude and Dasun's father was so happy. 

Congratulations Josh – you have truly demonstrated the power of sport and cricket. 

A thank you also goes to Ravi Weerasooriya who kindly delivered the gift to Dusan and his father in Sri Lanka, while he was in the country coaching some young leg-spinners.

Radford Basketball will be holding an information session on Thursday 6 February, 5:30pm in the Heath Lecture Theatre for a proposed December 2020/ January 2021 Radford Basketball tour to the USA. The information session is targeted at Year 8-11 Radford male and female Basketballers. Expressions of interest will be recorded at the information session with $500 deposits due Monday 10 February. 

The Brumbies Development Office is looking for expressions of interest from any student ages 13+ (if your child is turning 13 this year than they can complete it as well) who are interested in learning to be a referee for kids rugby. 

The course will run through all the basic laws and skills including the SMART RUGBY component, to enable the participant to referee a game with confidence.  This program also falls under the skill component of the Duke of Edinburgh and can be used towards completion of their Bronze and Silver Awards. 

The course takes approximately 2.5 hours, and after the course the participants will need to complete a short exam (open book) on the laws of rugby, which will be held in the rugby learning centre. 

This course is great for increasing Rugby Knowledge for current players and aspiring referees. It is also good for clubs and schools to upskill a parent or manager who can fill in a game on the weekend, if the team does not have an appointed referee. 

Once this course is completed and the online exam is completed the participant will be given a referee whistle, card and uniform. 

If either you or your child is interested in this course, please forward an email to Sharon.siciliano@radford.act.edu.au with your details.

See the attached information on North Canberra Netball Competition umpiring courses.

Following their Year 8 workshop last year, the Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy is now teaching classes at Radford College.  All classes are taught by Radford Collegian Dr Wilson Lo who started the academy 15 years ago with the emphasis on the tuition of practical self defence and upholding the three virtues of Discipline, Respect and Compassion.  The academy also runs Canberra Dragon Dance so students have the option of performing in martial arts, dragon and lion dance in major festivals and events across Canberra. 

Classes are held at the Gibbons Pavilion on Monday and Thursdays 4:00 – 5:30pm.  For more information visit www.moonbearkungfu.com or call Dr Wilson Lo on 0419297347 or just pop into a class and say hello! 

Auditions Week 2 and Week 3 - sign up now!

Auditions: Y5/Y6 Drama

5 February 2020

Register for Week 2 and Week 3 auditions

Nick Akhurst, HoD Cocurricular Drama 

Auditions: Tuesday 11 Feb & Tuesday 18 Feb, 3:30 pm, RA Young Hall (please attend both workshops)
Sign up: online or outside the 5-6 Reception

The 2020 5-6 Drama Production, Wonder Fly, is a coming-of-age hero’s quest. The only problem is: no one’s sure who the hero is supposed to be. Set in Sydney-slash-Gotham City, the play leaps out of the world of a comic book. People are isolated, and evil preys on the spaces in between. There are bright lights and dark alleyways, just the way the Red Wasp intended.  

Armed with nothing more than a box, a costume, a mask, a torch, a few eclectic superpowers, and a map with a big ‘X’ on it, Wonder Fly asks the question: if we are all heroes, who does that make the villain? 

To audition please sign up online or outside the 5-6 Reception. You do not need to prepare anything but bring a drink and a snack as both sessions are workshops. If possible, please come to both workshops.  

We Look forward to seeing you at the auditions. If you have any questions, please email nick.akhurst@radford.act.edu.au




Radford Dance Academy

Radford Dance Academy update

4 February 2020

RDA enrolments are still open, with new classes on offer

Radford Dance Academy enrolments are still open 

Many new classes are now on offer, including junior and senior Break dance, mini, junior and senior tap and Broadway Jazz. Check Radford Online for full offerings. 

Trials for 2020 RDA Performance Groups will be held in weeks 2 and 3 of Term 1, during regular performance group classes. To register interest and a trial for either technical junior and senior performance groups or junior and senior hip hop crews, email Director of Movement Danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au



Scenic surrounds for Rowing Camp 2020

Rowing Camp 2020

5 February 2020

High temperatures, sandhill challenges, visiting possums and a lot of skills development

By Imogen Greig-Connor (Rowing Gap Coach) 

In the penultimate week of the holidays, 56 rowers in Years 10-12 set out in high spirits for their annual rowing camp, this year held at the Nepean River, Penrith NSW. Everyone had a great week, with every crew and rower making huge gains and progress. The athletes worked positively through long and hard sessions and took full advantage of the pool for rest and recovery in between rowing. The pool was especially useful considering the scorching temperatures that Penrith experienced that week! Each day rowers participated in three different sessions, each one with a different focus, to develop new skills and techniques. 

One of the highlights of the camp was a session with the ‘Sandhill Warrior’ at Palm Beach. The rowers were really put through their paces on the dunes, both mentally and physically, and we were proud to see the teamwork, grit and commitment as everyone gave it their all and pushed themselves to the limits. 

Possum tries out the cox positionThere was also a lot of excitement one morning when cox Ben Heatley realized he had a stowaway in the form of a possum, who had decided to take a nap at the feet of the cox’s seat. It was hard to tell who was more startled - the crew or the possum, but it took some time to coax the creature out from the hull of the boat so the boys could go for a row! (Watch the video of possum departure).

We were also very fortunate to be able to have a visit and education sessions from the coxswain of the Australian Women’s Eight, James Rook. James showed the coxes recordings from his racing at the World Champs and provided a great insight into just how important the coxes are and the massive difference they can make to race. Later in the week, the rowers and coxes were given a tour of the Women’s National Training Centre, located in Penrith. The centre was very impressive and the everyone enjoyed meeting some of the top Australian female rowers. Perhaps we may see a few of our current Radford rowers there in the future? 

On the Saturday of camp, temperatures in Penrith reached a very hot 46 degrees, so following an early morning row (avoiding the heat), we went on a group trip to the cinema. The cinema was thoroughly enjoyed by all, even if it was partly just from being in the air con. 

The camp culminated in a day of racing at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Many regattas are held here throughout the season, so it was a fantastic opportunity for crews to practise their race plans and experience the conditions at SIRC, in preparation for all the coming races. The times recorded in these races showed great promise for our Radford crews. 

The camp would not have been such a huge success without the help of our four younger rowers:  Oli Fox, Heath Shaw, Marcus Ward and Stuart Ward. All four of them stepped up with great enthusiasm to help cox for their older fellow teammates and they were a great asset to the camp. 

Looking to the season ahead, this camp has shown that Radford Rowing has great drive, strength and promise, and hopefully this passion will manifest into medals in the upcoming weeks. 

Rowing Camp 2020

Register for parent webinars available next week

eSafety Training Webinars for Parents

3 February 2020

Register for webinar events next week

By Lisa Plenty – Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

The eSafety Commissioner offers a range of very helpful resources for parents, providing practical suggestions for managing healthy and safe use of technology. 

February 11 is Safer Internet Day and to coincide with this event, free parent webinars will be offered. From the provided information, “these live webinars will explore the latest research and expert advice for using technology safely. They are a great way to learn how parents and carers can help their child develop the skills to be safer online”. 

  • Sessions for Secondary School parents - February 11 or 12.
  • Sessions for Junior School parents - February 12 or 14. 

More details: 
Flier for Secondary School parents
Flier for Junior School parents.

Register: Open the ‘Learn new skills’ information on this webpage to register for these events.

Start the chat

eSafety Commissioner address


Support Lifeline and grab a bargain this weekend!

Lifeline Bookfair @ EPIC this weekend

4 February 2020

Support the important work of Lifeline, and grab a bargain at EPIC

Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)
Coorong and Budawang Pavilions
Cnr Flemington Road & Northbourne Ave, Mitchell

Free Parking is available onsite and also at Exhibition Park’s Wells Station Road car park. See parking options on the attached EPIC Site plan.

Mobility access: Accessible parking options are available in front of both entry and exit. Parcel pickup service is also available outside the exit.

Light Rail services run to and from EPIC every 15 minutes on Saturdays & Sundays, with more regular services on weekdays. Customers can use the recently upgraded footpath on the southern side of Flemington Rd (opposite side on the road to EPIC) to walk up to the pedestrian lights to cross over for access to Gate 2 (the main gate with the bus & taxi drop off zone). For more information head to cmet.com.au or the Transport Canberra Journey Planner to plan your trip.

MyWay cards should be tapped on and off at the platforms, or paper tickets can be purchased using cash or payWave at every stop. If passengers are catching the bus, they can use their bus ticket on the Light Rail within the 90 minute transfer period (and same goes for Light Rail paper tickets being used on buses).

After selecting items to purchase, please proceed to the tally tables near the exit. The total cost of your purchase will be calculated here, before you move to the cash registers to pay for you purchase. Payment can be made by cash, credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or EFTPOS. If you need help to move heavy books, please approach one of our friendly volunteers.


  • Carry-bags are available for purchase for $3 each. We also encourage you to bring your own carry-bags.
  • Refreshments are available from the EPIC cafe in the Budawang Pavilion from 9am on Friday and Saturday and 10am on Sunday.
  • EPIC Café will also be opening its doors for patrons waiting outside from 7am on Friday, and 8am on Saturday – serving tea, coffee and breakfast options.

Book Donations are always welcome. Donations can be dropped off outside the main entrance of the Coorong Pavilion. Find out more about donating books.

If you would like to volunteer, register your interest here. For new Volunteers on the day come see us at the information desk during the Bookfair.


A special report on supporting students in discussions about changing schools

SchoolTV: Talking about Bushfires

3 February 2020

Key strategies to support young people

From: Claire Melloy, Assistant Principal – Student Development


SCHOOL TV SPECIAL REPORT: Talking About Bushfires

The recent bushfire season in Australia has been catastrophic. It left in its wake a tragic loss of human life, native animals, livestock as well as many homes. Many families have been either exposed or affected, directly or indirectly, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and devastated. During such a traumatic event, children and teenagers are the most vulnerable. It is important to understand that they may not fully comprehend what they have seen either first-hand or in the media coverage. It can make them feel sad, anxious and stressed.

Whilst most will recover and resume normal functioning, there will be some young people who will be deeply affected and require psychological support. The University of Melbourne’s ‘Beyond Bushfire Project’ found that mental health problems doubled in recovering communities up to 3 or 4 years after a bushfire.

In order to support our young people during this time, it is also important for adults to manage their own shock, grief, anxiety and anger, before talking to kids about this tragedy.

In this Special Report, parents and caregivers will be given some key strategies that can be implemented to support kids who feel scared or worried as a result of this traumatic event.

If you have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College wellbeing team, or seek medical or professional help.

Image for article: SchoolTV: Moving to a new school

SchoolTV: Moving to a new school

3 February 2020

Strategies to help ensure a smooth transition


From: Claire Melloy, Assistant Principal – Student Development


SPECIAL REPORT: Moving to a new school

Moving to a new school is a big deal. Your child is going to meet lots of new people and be thrown into new situations. That’s bound to make them feel lots of different emotions. They may feel worried and anxious, but also excited and happy – all at the same time.

It is considered to be one of the most important transition periods of a student’s life and can present some significant psychological challenges for both students and parents.

Making new friends, learning new routines, discovering new environments, accepting new cultures and adjusting to new learning practices are all part of the process. Some children will sail through this period of change, whilst others may need a bit more guidance. It is important to give your child the chance to feel comfortable in their new space. This may take a few months, but ensure you keep the lines of communication open and check in regularly with your child to see how they are settling in.

In this Special Report, parents and care givers will be presented with a number of strategies that can be deployed to help ensure a smooth transition. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College wellbeing team, or seek medical or professional help.


College Street pickup zone

Traffic: College St pick up zone

The College St slip road pickup zone was created to help avoid congestion on the campus roads. When using this zone, please drive as far forward (west) as possible, to prevent the queue extending back into College St towards the intersection with Haydon Drive.  

Transport Canberra information

Transport Canberra information

Information and links for Transport Canberra services