Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 10 – 10 April 2019

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

10 April 2019

End of term happenings, Consecration and Installation of our New Bishop

Paul Southwell has made a huge contribution to Radford over 12 yearsIt is with sadness that I write my final Bulletin article for Term One with the news that Mr Paul Southwell has tendered his resignation from Radford College.

Paul has been on extended leave since late last year. We were hoping that Paul would resume his role as Head of Junior School in the near future. Whilst we are disappointed he will not be returning, we respect his decision.

Paul has had an enormous impact on Radford College over the past 12 years. As the inaugural Head of Junior School, he was originally tasked with writing curriculum, developing policies and procedures, selecting staff, inducting students and overseeing the building works.

Over the ensuing years, Paul has worked with tireless energy to develop the Junior School into one of Canberra’s leading schools. He has always been very passionate about his students, showed great respect for his staff and has built wonderful relationships with parents.

As a member of the Senior Executive team, Paul has had a major impact on the strategic direction of the College. He has always had a great appetite for putting educational research into action and has thrived on implementing new ideas and theories into the Junior School.

We will miss Paul’s contributions greatly and he leaves with our very best wishes for the future. We are delighted Paul will still be a part of our Radford community as a parent.

A national campaign to recruit a new Head of Junior School will begin shortly. In the interim, Ms Karen Mahar will continue to act in the role. I would like to thank Karen and her leadership team for the steady and professional manner in which they have led the Junior School. They have done an amazing job and I know this will continue in to next term.


End of Term Happenings
The end of every term is busy, but this term feels even more frenetic than usual. Over the past two weeks we have had the Foundation Concert, two nights of Secondary School Parent Teacher Interviews, the Summer season Sports Awards, Years 11–12 Music Recital, the Radford College Ball, Easter services, and we will finish off the week with the launch of George Huitker’s book 35 Years of Radford College - Foundations, Traditions and Inspirations tonight and Foundation Day on Friday.

The Ball last Saturday evening was a great deal of fun and a lovely way to finish off the term. With nearly 300 people in attendance, the QT Hotel ballroom was certainly rocking with every spare inch of the dance floor taken up by revellers. I thought it was great to have a large number of staff mixing socially with parents and giving each other a different perspective to their normal interactions.

This year was the second year in a row we have managed to stage a Ball and we are very much hoping that this will become an annual event, with large numbers of parents committing at an early stage. A function such as this requires a huge amount of organisation and I would like to publicly thank the Ball Committee comprised of Mel Moss, Emily Moss, Loretta Hately, Sonia Georgalis and Fabian Muscat for the tireless work they put in to make the Ball come to fruition again this year. I'd encourage those who attended to fill out the P&F's feedback survey.

As detailed previously, tonight will also be a major social event as we stage the launch of George Huitker’s book, Foundations, Traditions and Inspirations to celebrate the College’s 35th anniversary. We are expecting 300 people to come along to the recently opened Morison Centre top floor including our new Bishop Mark Short, four current or past Chairs of the Board, two Principals and a large number of former staff and Collegians.

I strongly encourage all Radford families to purchase a copy of the book as it very readable, engaging and illuminating. It is not a longitudinal history of Radford but rather a collection of stories about the features of this great school. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of reading any of George’s books or stories, I can assure you he is a wonderful writer and has an inimitable skill of drawing you into the story he is telling.

Consecration and Installation of our New Bishop
Last Saturday morning, Father Richard, Rev Erin and I travelled up the highway to Goulburn, to be in the congregation for the official consecration and installation of our new Bishop, The Reverend Dr Mark Short. St Saviour’s Cathedral was at capacity with about 1200 people in the audience, including local politicians, a large number of clergy, various people attached to Anglican entities and local parishioners from across the Canberra and Goulburn Diocese.

The Metropolitan and Archbishop of Sydney, The Most Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, led the service, with a sermon by The Reverend Neville Naden, Indigenous Ministry Officer for Bush Church Aid (from which Bishop Mark was formally National Director) from Ezekiel Chapter 34. Those gathered were reminded of the promise that God himself will be the shepherd of his people: will care for his sheep, rescue them, provide for them, feed them good pasture and bind up their wounds.

Bishop Trevor Edwards, who has held the post of administrator of the Diocese over the past 12 months, inducted Bishop Mark and presented him with the Diocesan Bishop's staff. We are very grateful for the leadership that Bishop Trevor has provided to Radford over that period of time.

We are looking forward to welcoming Bishop Mark into the Diocese, and in particular at Radford. Having previously worked and lived in Canberra, Bishop Mark is already familiar with Radford and the other Anglican schools. We are looking forward to welcoming him tonight at our 35th Anniversary Book Launch.

Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's Reflection

10 April 2019

Rev Erin Tuineau

Reflecting on the nature of true sacrifice

Sacrifice. This is a word that we throw around a lot in the Church, particularly as we get closer to Easter. I share with you below a very perceptive article I read from the Good Weekend a few months ago. 

Story: The Martyr

This quaint little story holds within it a very important truth. As much as we like to think of ourselves as sacrificial, as it seems like the most noble thing to do, we do need to ask ourselves ‘Why am I sacrificing my time, my money, my very self in this way?’. Is it out of love? Or is it out of desire to be recognised and praised for being good? If our motive is the latter, then we need to consider whether our ‘sacrifices’ are really all that selfless after all. I know that there are things in my own life that I give energy to because I just love doing them, and then there are those other things that I think I am doing for others that leave me sighing with a puff of resentment. I am pretty sure that when we are encouraged to be sacrificial like Christ was, this is not meant to lead us towards growing a heart of stone. 

I find myself captivated by Jesus who was willing to die on the Cross to show us that God does not abandon us, whether we are the perpetrators or the victims of violence. God is right there in middle of our darkness, our sin, and knows our suffering at every level. He does not show any hate towards us, or expect us to just pick ourselves up and carry on. He ever so gently forgives us in our weakness and shows us how to forgive others and ourselves. What amazes me is that when he was resurrected and returned to the disciples, he did not say to them, ‘Do you see what I did for you on the Cross. I died for you. I suffered for you. You owe me everything’. No, Jesus did not return to his friends with a sigh of resentment, he simply said to them, ‘Peace be with you’. 

The story of Christ’s death and resurrection reveals to us that Jesus did not see his dying on the Cross as some mechanical act that he had to perform to satisfy God’s wrath. He was willing to die on the Cross because he desperately wanted us to know that we are loved, not so that we would love him, or so that God would love him. This is what sacrifice really looks like. It is when do something for another because we want to, not because we think we should. It is when we give all of who we are without wanting anything in return. This is impossible for humans to do in their own strength. True sacrifice can only happen when we allow God’s divine love to work through us. 

As we travel towards Holy Week, may we all realise that following in Christ’s footsteps is not simply about copying him, and his sacrificial love, but, rather, allowing him to come and live in us so that we can radiate this love to those around us. 

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Reminder re: On-Line In-Time Reporting

10 April 2019

Using the SEQTA Engage App

Having spoken with many parents during the recent parent-teacher-student interviews, it would seem that a number of you might appreciate the link to my Bulletin article written ahead of the interviews about On-Line, In-Time (or continuous) reporting for Years 7–10.

As the article stated, teachers will provide feedback on each assessment task and students are asked to complete online reflections on their performance and the feedback provided, ensuring that the feedback is processed and a plan for improvement crystallised. To access this data please open SEQTA – either via Radford Online or through the SEQTA ENGAGE App (instructions sent with a recent email) - and look for the notifications icon.

• On a computer desktop, the notifications icon appears as a golden bell in the top right-hand side of the page with the number of notifications superimposed on it.

• On the app, the number of notifications appears on the app icon as well as on the orange bell in the top right-hand side of the screen, once you open the app.

Alternatively, you can click on Assessments in the drop-down menu on the left and then choose a subject. You will see a list of upcoming assessments by date at the top of the screen with marked items appearing below that. Please read and follow the short instructions on the screen. For clarity the component parts of the assessment task will appear as separate bar graphs indicating relative strengths and weaknesses. Staff have been asked to provide one overarching comment which will appear below on of the bar graphs. Student reflections will be visible there too.

At the end of semester, the overview of performance will still be published but without the retrospective commentary by subject. As ever, we will review the efficacy of this model of reporting and welcome your feedback. You can reach me at bill.weigall@radford.act.edu.au


Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News 10 April 2019

10 April 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Reflecting on a busy term

Important dates

Wednesday 10 April                        Easter service                   

Friday 12 April                                Radford College Foundation Day

Monday 29 April                              Term 2 commences


It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of Term 1, until one considers the considerable achievements and progress made since starting the new year. 

The year started well with the hosting of our Open School Morning in February. Some highlights of Term 1 also included the handing over of the Year 3 and 4 Ridge building, utilising new learning spaces associated with our expanded school, the welcoming of more than 300 grandparents and grand friends of our students in March, a successful Swimming carnival and Year 2-6 Athletics Carnivals, Year 6 PE sessions at the Radford Rowing Shed, the completion of our summer sports program, preparations for our winter sports and activities, in addition to Friday sports sessions involving dance, cricket, soccer and basketball, all being conducted by experts in these fields. Topping things off, Term 1 saw many students participating in enriching cocurricular groups. 

Exciting start to the race House spirit at the Athletics carnival

The majority of the Junior School staff have completed the online Apple Teacher training: wow! 

A sincere message of thanks to all staff and students engaging in these and other teaching and learning opportunities. We continue to be grateful for these contributions to our school culture. 

Round Square Trip

Radford is fortunate to be involved with the Round Square organisation. Round Square is an internationally diverse network of 200 likeminded schools in 50 countries on six continents that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences, developing global competence, character and confidence in our students. 

These school holidays, eight Junior school students and two staff will be travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia, to participate in the International Conference. We wish them well and look forward to hearing about their experiences, challenges and successes. 

Foundation Day

Image created by JS studentsThis is a significant day each year at Radford College.  On this day, our community celebrates our College mission statement: Living in the Truth, Rising in Compassion and Walking in Wisdom.

To commence the day, students will attend “The Telling” at a whole College service. Junior School students will participate in team activities, service in the community and create a foundation box.

Foundation Day canteen arrangements
This Friday – Foundation Day, there will be no over the counter sales at the Canteen, lunch orders will be available.

Junior School Staffing update

Phoebe Wood will be leaving the College at the end of Term 1. We thank Phoebe for her contributions to the Year 2 team this year and wish her well for the future. 

We wish to advise that Year 3CD teacher, Craig Donaldson, has secured a highly coveted position working at an International school in Pattaya, Thailand. Craig will be leaving the College at the end of Term 1 to pursue this role.  Craig is an educator committed to cultivating strong relationships with students and their families, and he will be remembered fondly by staff and students. We extend our warmest wishes to him and his family as they embark on their adventures in Thailand. 

We are also pleased to advise that we have recruited a locally born teacher, Hayley Oldfield, most recently working internationally, to join our Junior School staff to join the Year 3 team. 

We also welcome a number of short-term contract staff, including Jared Cox, who returns for Term 2 to support the JS music team in Years K-3, Bruce Willett in Year 6 and Jenny Drake in the ELC Reception.

Happy end of term

I hope everyone is able to find some time to pause and relax after a busy start to the school year. Autumn holidays present an opportunity to enjoy cool evenings and warm sunny days.

Rest well and stay safe 😊.

Junior School Shout Outs


KCH - Walter Small for enthusiasm and zest. 

KSG - Chloe Black for being a creative learner and displaying a love of learning.  

KLP - Alexa Kardaris for showing independence when working at her desk and her excellent cooperative skills. 

KAS - Olivia Bettison for being a thinker and a leader when problem solving in a group task. 

Year 1

1MH - Karen Xie – Showing commitment to becoming a knowledgeable writer.  

1RJ - Anushka Pilla for being a risk taker and constantly displaying a love of learning. 

1AT - Micah Constable for showing commitment in his learning applications and displaying greater control of self-regulation 

1AJ - Ben Jackson for being a risk-taker and exhibiting bravery when faced with challenges 

Year 2 

2KH - Austin Saunderson for being an inquirer and sharing his research and knowledge with his Year 1 buddy. 

2SD - William Pennington for being principled and displaying a love of learning 

2PW - Ella Muirhead for being reflective and choosing to take action in our recent UOI project on significant places. 

2LM - Lachlan Embleton for displaying zest at the Athletics Carnival and sharing your positivity with everyone around you.  

Year 3 

3MK - Henry Dong for having great self-management skills and for being a thinker. 

3JC - Tanaz Hussain for her commitment to her work and the risk-taking attitude she has shown towards attempting new tasks. 

3RS - Abhiram Kaza for demonstrating respect and self-management skills during Chapel.  

3CD - Hugo Uren for the courage and dedication he demonstrates in his learning. 

3RB - Shanika Mamoon for enthusiasm and for being principled.

Year 4 

4NK - Tommy Charlton for being principled and an inquirer with his digital learning. 

4JC - Olivia Christian for her caring nature and consideration for classmates. 

4KP - Alexander Tailby for his commitment and open-minded approach to learning. 

4BF-Aariz Giri for being a caring and diligent friend. 

4TM - Sophie Bastow for her quiet yet enthusiastic commitment to learning.

Year 5 

5TM - Peta Macintosh for her creativity and being an inquirer with her digital skills. 

5RR - Zach Slattery for self-regulation and a renewed commitment to writing. 

5BL - Eva Tsiros for demonstrating curiosity and an open-minded approach in Mathematics. 

5SW - Abby Lenson for demonstrating integrity and independence with her learning  

Year 6

 6TW-Oliver Curll for using self-regulation and showing commitment to his learning. 

6DM - Edward (Ned) Minchin for striving to be a thinker and committed, self-regulated learner. 

6HB - Thomas Derix for showing exceptional kindness and demonstrating deep thinking.  

6TH - Ellie Dawe for showing commitment to her learning and perseverance when faced with challenge.  

Specialist Staff 

Library – Ella Muirhead for being a great communicator when she was reviewing and recommending books.

Library – Olivia Elliott, being an enthusiastic member of Beyond the Book Club.

Art – Alba Murphy, extending and taking initiative to further her learning and being an excellent, principled member of our art studio.

Spanish – Johnny Alex, being an excellent thinker.

Mrs Ross – James King for being a leader and showing kindness to others.

Radford College Crest

Head Lice

10 April 2019

Sophie Davis, College Nurse

Information sheet attached in this article

By Sophie Davis, College Nurse

Head lice have been reported on students across several year groups in Junior School. As a precaution, please check your child's hair this evening.

If you do find head lice, the child must be kept at home until the lice and eggs are treated. Should it be necessary, anti-lice shampoos are available at pharmacies and supermarkets. Treatment is simple and effective. Please continue to check the hair weekly and treat as indicated.

If you are having difficulty eradicating the outbreak with the over the counter products or conditioner please visit your GP.

Please refer to this fact sheet for more information: Head lice - Information for Parents and Carers

Junior School students participate in the Foundation Day Service 2018

Foundation Day 2019 - Junior School

10 April 2019

Karen Mahar

Essential information for JS students and families

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

This Friday, Radford College will come together to celebrate Foundation Day.

What is Foundation Day?
Foundation Day is the anniversary of the laying of the Foundation Stone of Radford College. Foundation Day is a celebration of the College’s identity, marking itself clearly by its core values of truth, compassion, wisdom.

What is ‘The Telling’?
The whole College opening service, called ‘The Telling’, is a liturgy that plays out the story of Yungbali. This story is the repository for the College’s ethos and values. It is thoroughly biblical with a context for this hill and this land.

The Telling concludes with the College Prayer and these words from the Principal:

‘The Vessel has been raised and lowered, and our story has once again been told.

Go now and live it. In the spirit of celebration and community, you are sent to go and

run and play, work together, laugh and enjoy, and commit yourselves to something

good, something big, something that brings life to more than yourself. 

Life is on offer, and you are invited to choose it.’

Students in the Junior School spend the rest of the day participating in group activities with the main intention being to gather together to celebrate the community that we are fortunate to belong to.

Foundation Day FAQs

What do students need to wear on Foundation Day?
Students need to wear their house shirts and sports’ gear if they are in Y5 & 6. If they are in PK –Y4 they need to wear their house shirts with their school shorts or skorts.

What time do we start on the day?
Rolls need to be marked promptly at 8.40am, all classes PK to Year 6 need to walk across to the gym to start The Telling. ELC families are asked to drop their child off by 8.30am on this day as official proceedings will begin at 9am sharp.

What happens if my child is late?
Students arriving after classes have left the Junior School will need to be dropped off at the Secondary School gymnasium by their parents to join their class at The Telling event.  Our Reception Staff will meet late families in the main foyer of the gymnasium to have names of latecomers marked off.

Does our child need to bring anything beforehand in preparation for this event?
Yes, it is vital that your child/ren bring in their items for The Storm as soon as possible. (Please refer to the email sent home last Monday regarding students ’Storm Requirements’.)

Will there be lunch orders available on this day?
Lunch orders will be available on the day however NO over the counter sales available. Students must have a packed recess and snacks from home on this day.

Does school finish early on this day?
No, normal finish times apply.

Can parents attend The Telling?
Our PK parents have been formally invited but, due to lack of space, we are unable to accommodate other parents. If your child has a formal part to play in proceedings you are, of course, welcome to join us and we will inform your child beforehand if they are to be formally involved.


RAS Charity Fundraiser
It is appropriate on Foundation Day that we launch the Radford Awareness and Service Learning (RAS) Charity Fundraiser. The RAS Charity Fundraiser is the one event of the year where we work as a whole College to raise funds to support community work. We have some remarkable relationships and we return to them each year. We also seek to respond to new needs that emerge in our community and wider.

In the Junior School, the RTC decides how we use the money. This year the Junior School’s main charity focus will be raising twelve months of sponsorship for our three Compassion Children as well as having a small reserve of funds to support in areas of need that come up through RTC.

How can we raise money?
As part of Foundation Day activities students will make a ‘Chore’ money box that they will bring home. We understand that parents are the major donators in the Junior School, but we would like to invite students to take some form of ownership where possible.  At school, students will discuss different ways they can raise money within their family. We encourage students to earn some money doing jobs outside those that they already do. Please feel free to negotiate prices in your family for jobs above your normal chores.

It is also possible to make donations online: https://www.trybooking.com/BBVMX. Click on ‘BOOK HERE’ and follow the onscreen instructions to make your donation.

Please return all RAS Charity Fundraiser money boxes to class teachers or front offices by Tuesday 21 May.

Banksia House students enjoy Foundation Day 2017

Foundation Day 2019 - Secondary School

10 April 2019

Daniela Gray

Essential information for students and families

What happens on Foundation Day in the Secondary School?

Foundation Day is a day for students and staff to celebrate the founding of Radford College. Students should make their way to school as usual.

After the Foundation Day Service, students will be involved in one of the activities held at the school and around Canberra. Students in Years 7 to 12 have already elected their sport or activity at House meetings. 

This is one of the most enjoyable and successful days on the Radford Calendar.

An outline of the program follows: 

Friday 12 April


8:35am      Tutor group (roll marking)

8:50am      Foundation Day Service (Gym)

10:00am    Buses depart

10:30am    Activities begin

2:15pm      Buses collect students to return to Radford (paintball will depart venue at 1.55pm)

2:40pm      Dance performances and presentation of the Bishop’s Cup (Gym)

3:15pm      Dismissal 



What activity is your child in? How do they sign up for an event?
All students should have signed up for an activity at House meetings. Students should check with the Sports office to ensure their name appears on the correct list.
If a student was away on the day of House meetings, they can sign up for an activity by contacting the Sports office. The lovely staff can advise which activities have spaces still available.

What do students wear?
Full SPORTING HOUSE uniform. Students will arrive at school on Foundation Day in FULL House Uniform. All students are requested to have the correct House Shirt. The College tracksuit and school jumper can be worn, and a raincoat if the day looks windy or damp. Students should wear a hat and sunscreen for all outdoor activities.

Should students bring their own lunch and drinks?
Yes. The school canteen will be closed to Senior School. This means no lunch orders and no counter sales. Many students will be at venues where there is no operating canteen and therefore it is essential that they take your own food. 

Uber eats and dial-a-pizza etc. will not be allowed.


What activities are included?

Activities held at the College:
• Chess
• European Handball
• Computer Games
• Dance
• Badminton
• Soccer
• Bubblesportz (Year 10-12 only)

Activities held off-campus (travel by Bus):
• Tennis (Canberra Tennis Centre, Lyneham)
• Netball (Lhotsky St, Charnwood)
• Beach Sports - swimmers & towel required (Canberra Olympic Pool)
• Lawn Bowls (Belconnen Bowling Club, Hawker)
• Rock Climbing (Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing Centre, Mitchell)
• Basketball (Belconnen Basketball Stadium)
• Touch Football (University of Canberra)
• Ultimate Frisbee (University of Canberra)
• Pitch & Putt Golf (Canberra International Golf Centre, Narrabundah)
• Paintball (Delta Force Paintball, Greenway) - Year 11 & 12 only - please note any student who participates in Paintball will be charged $40 to their student account. There is no cost for any of the other activities.

APFACTS invitation to Parents Forum

Parents Forum with Transport Canberra

10 April 2019

Have your say on the new bus network


APFACTS Parents Forum with Transport Canberra
Where:  Daramalan College
              21 Cowper Street

When:   Thursday 11 April at 7.00pm

The Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools Inc. (APFACTS) has successfully lobbied Transport Canberra to organise a Parents Forum in relation to the new bus network. APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT, proudly built by parents, for parents, to have an active voice in education issues.

The P&F strongly encourages Radford families to attend the forum to raise any concerns. This will be your opportunity to provide feedback on the new bus network directly to Transport Canberra representatives.

Image for article: Uniforms – School Holiday opening hours and call for donations

Uniforms – School Holiday opening hours and call for donations

20 March 2019

Uniform shops

School Holiday opening hours for both uniform shops

Uniform Shop opening hours

Trading hours for the Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear Uniform Shop will vary during School Holidays, as follows:

Monday 15 to Thursday 18 April

Regular Trading Hours

Friday 19 to Thursday 25 April


Friday 26 April

7.45am to 5.30pm

Saturday 27 April

9am to 12pm

Sunday 28 April


Second-hand Uniforms

The P&F Association is asking for urgent donations of Junior School winter uniforms. We especially need Junior School fleece jumpers, fleece pants and long‑sleeve polo shirts.

Opening hours through School Holidays and into Term 2 are as follows:

School Holidays – Week 1 (standard trading hours)

Tuesday 16 April

12.30pm to 4.30pm

Wednesday 17 April

7.30am to 9.30am

Thursday 18 April

2pm to 6pm


School Holidays – Week 2

Friday 19 to Thursday 25 April


Friday 26 April

7.30am to 10.30am

Saturday 27 April

9am to 12pm



Term 2, Week 1

Monday 29 April

7.30am to 9.30am



We will revert to standard trading hours from Tuesday 30 April.


Tuesday 30 April

12.30pm to 4.30pm

Wednesday 1 May                          

7.30am to 9.30am           

Thursday 2 May

2pm to 6pm


Please note that for Term 2, we will not open on Fridays.

Basketball is one of the holiday program activities

Sports Holiday Program

3 April 2019

Sports Department

Mon 15 - Thur 19 April, full and half day programs

Years 3-8 

Bring siblings or friends from another school! Flyer

Bookings & Enquiries: dianne.wilson@radford.act.edu.au

Monday 15 April

9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Basketball
    (with Mr. Orhan Memedovski)


  • Multi-Sport & PE Games
    (with Mr. Justin Wood)


12:00 – 1:00pm

Supervised Lunch



Ten Pin Bowling Belconnen

(with Mr. Justin Wood)

Tuesday 16 April

9:00am – 12:00pm

  •  Basketball
    (with Mr. Orhan Memedovski)


  • Multi-Sport & PE Games
    (with Mr. Justin Wood)


12:00 – 1:00pm

Supervised Lunch



Zone 3 & Goodberries

(with Mr. Justin Wood)

Wednesday 17 April

9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Basketball
    (with Mr. Orhan Memedovski)


  • Multi-Sport & PE Games
    (with Mr. Justin Wood)


12:00 – 1:00pm

Supervised Lunch




(with Mr. Justin Wood)

Thursday 18 April

9:00am – 12:00pm

  • Basketball
    (with Mr. Orhan Memedovski)


  • Multi-Sport & PE Games
    (with Mr. Justin Wood)


12:00 – 1:00pm

Supervised Lunch



Nerf Wars, Pizza & Movie

(with Mr. Justin Wood)


 *Program based in Radford G. Wigg Sports Centre. Fees charged to student accounts. Activities subject to change due to weather.

 Full days: $70/ day or $250/ week                               Half days: $50/ day or $175/ week

Radford Green Netball team

Sports Report: 10 April

10 April 2019

Daniela Gray

Athletics, swimming, Rugby 7s, Netball and Cricket news


Congratulations to Owen Toyne, who won a silver medal in the U14s 3km racewalk at the Australian Athletics Championships, with a time of 15:05m.


Alex CouldrickCongratulations to Alex Couldrick who had great success at the 2019 NSW Junior State Age Championships. Alex is now the 11-year-old 50m butterfly champion, with a time of 31:08s.

Congratulations also go to the following students who have made it through to the ACT School Sports Swimming Championships, to be held on 6 May 2019 at the AIS:

Bryson Abraham, Alex Couldrick, Sanda Halpin, Thurein Halpin, Madeleine Klegeris, Annica Losanno
Patrick Mai, Simon Mai, Will Mailler, Ciaran Milthorpe, Ava Muscat, Amber Smith-Gibson,
Emma Stewart, Ashley Ward.

Rugby 7s Tournament

Congratulations to both the U18 boys’ & girls’ teams who participated in the Rugby 7s Tournament held at Canberra Grammar School on Saturday 30 March 2019. 

The boys won all their pool games, progressing to the Cup Semi-Final.  Unfortunately, due to failing to seek permission for two additional players, the team was disqualified.


Round 1 saw some great results for Radford Netball. Our set teams enjoyed a great morning but this age is “non-competitive” so there are no official results available. Of the other 11 teams, Radford had 6 wins. Great weather; a great start to the season.


Congratulations to Thuhithai Mathu-Ragupathy and Sarah Quilty on their selection in the U14 and Grace Kuchlmayr in the U17 Girls ACT Indoor Cricket teams that will compete in Nationals in Victoria in July.

New co-curricular activities are available for Term 2

New co-curricular activities for Term 2

3 April 2019

Dylan Mordike, Head of Co-Curricular

Registrations now open for a range of exciting new co-curricular choices

By Dylan Mordike, Head of Co-Curricular

We are pleased to announce the launch of new Radford Co-Curricular Program activities commencing in Term 2, 2019 which are now open for registration. An outline of the new activities is below, together with links to Radford Online for further information.

Further information on activities, visit: Radford Online Co-curricular

Registrations – Register online



Art & Design (Years 7-12)
Students will explore a variety of techniques and media to create art, whilst developing their knowledge of art and design concepts.

Digital Illustration (Years 4-6)
Do you enjoy drawing? Would you like to develop your drawing skills? Would you like to learn more about using your iPad creatively? Digital Illustration will allow you to combine these interests and enjoy the company of other likeminded budding artists.

Empower Your Self (Years 8-10) – Making Friends with Yourself
Being a teenager can be tough. It is a time of profound changes in our bodies and brains. This 8-week program will teach teens to be more self-aware and face challenges with the courage and skills needed to practise self-compassion.

German Culture Club (Years 7-12)
German Culture Club will take the form of a “Stammtisch” (a regular gathering for a club or society for discussing their topics). We will find out more about German inventors, culture, lifestyles and traditions, with the occasional German word for good measure. Willkommen!

MineClub (Years 3-4)
Mineclub uses the Minecraft EDU platform. Minecraft EDU is a space where students can play Minecraft in worlds created by educators. Worlds have been created with the express purpose of exploring some aspect of the broader curriculum, and developing students’ “soft skills” such as creativity, communication and collaboration. Additionally, Minecraft EDU uses extensions.

Painting (Years 7-12)
A creative opportunity for students. Develop painting skills, techniques and create your own painted works.

Tai Chi (Years 7-12)
Taiji  (Tai Chi) is short for Taijiquan. It is considered as a type of martial art, however, it is practised by many people for health purposes nowadays, both physically and mentally. Physically it balances the body and helps with flexibility coordination. Mentally, it improves the people’s ability to focus, relaxes the mind and helps build resilience. Taiji is often accompanied with light, slow and relaxing Chinese classical music.

Yoga (Exercise Yoga) – (Years 1-6)
Yoga increases students’ fitness and flexibility, improves coordination and concentration. Yoga introduces students to concepts and skills about wellbeing and health, including an understanding that being healthy is not just about taking care of our bodies, but our minds as well. Yoga sessions will include creative teaching of traditional yoga postures (asanas) along with ‘yoga stories’ for the early years or themes, as well as yoga games. There will be opportunities for students to work in small groups or partner work. 

Other activities which now have spaces available for Term 2
Beyond The Book (Years 3-6)
Bushwalking (Years 1-6)
Oratory (Years 3-6)
Media Crew (Years 7-12)
Short Film Project (Years 7-12)
SUMIE (Years 7-12)
STEM Cell (7-12)
Robotics (Thursdays) (Years 5-12)
Tech Crew (Years 5-12) 

Further information on these activities: Radford Online Co-curricular
Register online

(L) Champion swimmer Alex Couldrick (R) University of Canberra education students working with Radford students

Junior School Term 1 Sports Review

10 April 2019

Tamara Phelps, Junior School Teacher

A wonderful term of sporting activity and achievement

By Tamara Phelps, Junior School Teacher

It has been a busy Term 1 in the Junior School for Sport. Students have participated in a number of carnivals including: Junior Swimming Carnival (3-6), Infant Swimming Carnival (1-2) and Athletics (2-6). The enthusiasm, sportsmanship and level of competition has been wonderful. Students have given their best and participated in numerous events to gain house points, and also to improve their personal success. It has been wonderful to see so many students with positive attitudes and encouraging their classmates. School spirit is certainly thriving in the Junior School. 

As Term 1 concludes, students have completed a 4-week intensive program during Friday Sport. A highlight has been the Year 6 involvement in our rowing program.  A big ‘shout out’ to Vicky Spencer (Technical Director of Rowing) for her support with this. We have also been fortunate to have ACT Cricket run clinics, Basketball delivered by our Technical Director Mr Memedovski, Dance support by Director of Movement Danielle White, and Tennis coached by Technical Director Annabel Parolo. 

Junior School students try out rowing

A few weeks ago, a number of our students were lucky to be involved in a pilot program with the University of Canberra. Students participated in a Fundamental Movement Program (FMS). The university students were studying Primary and High School Education and taught our students skills. It was wonderful to see how engaged both students and teachers were (see lead image).

Finally, a special mention to our Zone Swimmers, many of them participating for the first time in the Belconnen Zone Swimming Carnival. It was encouraging to see so many of the students achieve ‘personal bests’. School spirit was alive, as Radford students cheered and encouraged each other. Radford College was the overall winner of the Belconnen Zone Swimming carnival, winning by more than 200 points. 

A special ‘shout out’ to our very talented and humble swimmer Alex Couldrick (Year 6), who was named NSW Under 11 Years 50m Butterfly Champion. This was a huge achievement, coming 1st out of over 130 competitors. It should also be noted, that Alex blitzed the pool at the Belconnen Zone Swimming, dominating many of his events and winning by significant margins.


Revellers at the 2019 P&F Gala Ball

P&F Gala Ball – survey

10 April 2019

Complete the post-event feedback survey

Thank you to all of you who attended the P&F's Gala Ball at the QT last Saturday evening. It was a great night full of laughter and dancing. We will be sharing more pictures in the coming weeks but in the meantime, we would like to ask for your help.

We are always looking for ways to improve the experience of guests attending our events. If you attended the Radford College Gala Ball this year, we want to hear from you!

Please complete this short survey to provide us with your feedback (feedback is anonymous).  


Book now for the Musical, "Little Shop of Horrors"

"Little Shop of Horrors" - Musical 2019

1 May 2019

Nick Akhurst

Will the plant succeed in taking over the TB Millar Hall and then the world?

Audrey 2 is back, gracing the TB Millar Hall for the first time since 2001. 

We follow the adventures Seymour, a down-and-out floral assistant, as he finds an usual plant that has a craving for blood. This genie-like plant seems to grant all of his wishes as he gets closer to the love of his life, the beautiful Audrey. 

Will Seymour get the girl?
Will Audrey find somewhere that’s green to live?
Will the plant succeed in taking over the TB Millar Hall and then the world?

Come see this affectionate take on 1950s sci-fi, the longest running off-Broadway show, under the watchful eyes of the Ronnettes, as we dance through skid row and risk everything to get out. 

Venue: TB Millar Hall

Preview Wednesday 1st May 7pm - $10 tickets
Thursday 2nd May 7pm - $10 tickets
Friday 3rd May 11am - $10 tickets
Saturday 4th May 7pm - Students $15 Adults $20 

Online at https://www.trybooking.com/BBGZM 

Little Shop of Horrors poster



Year 7-12 Boorer Foundation Scholarship

Year 7-12 Boorer Foundation Scholarship

27 February 2019

A full six-year Radford scholarship is available

From Principal Fiona Godfrey

The Radford Foundation is delighted to announce the financial support of the Boorer Foundation to provide a full six-year scholarship to a student commencing Year 7 at Radford College in 2020.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees and up to 100% of compulsory College-related costs for six years (Years 7 through 12 inclusive).

The scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and community or sporting involvement, but whose personal circumstances prevent them from enrolling at Radford. The recipient will remain anonymous throughout their six years at Radford.

The Boorer Foundation’s Chair, Margaret Hemsley, who has four sons at the College, said she has seen first-hand the benefits of a Radford education and wanted to extend that opportunity to a student who was not yet a part of the community.

'From our own life experience, my husband and I understand the value of a good, and well-rounded, education and the lifetime of opportunity such an education can provide. We are appreciative of the experience our family is enjoying at Radford and believe that, over time, scholarships such as this will change a child’s life whilst strengthening the Radford community as a whole.'

Radford Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin said the directors were grateful for the Boorer Foundation’s support and they looked forward to awarding the scholarship to a student who would make the most of the opportunity presented to them.

Families and students wishing to apply are initially asked to complete and submit this two-page application form by the closing date of Friday, 31 May 2019.

Shortlisted applicants’ families will then be required to complete a financial statement and verify these statements, as well as provide referees. NB: Only applicants who are short-listed will be asked to complete this financial statement. 

The scholarship will be awarded in time for the new student to take their place in the 2020 Year 7 orientation and induction sessions during 2019.

Support the P&F - buy an Entertainment™ membership

P&F Entertainment™ Membership

3 April 2019

Support the P&F Entertainment™ fundraiser

Support P&F fundraising and save $$$s

P&F crestThe Entertainment™ Fundraiser is one of the P&F’s favourites. Memberships are $60 and we keep $12 for each one we sell, with all money raised used to support our school. 

The Entertainment™ membership gives you access to thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for Canberra’s best restaurants, cafés, attractions and theme parks. Plus, it offers the best in market prices for over 2,000 hotels and resorts that you can use whenever you like until 1 June 2020. And it’s not just the fun stuff… You can also get 5% off your groceries and petrol all year with WISH eVouchers sent directly to your phone, and 10% off at Supercheap Auto, Rebel Sport, Country Road and BCF! 

Having to date redeemed only 10 of the offers available with the 2018/19 membership, I have saved almost $340 on dining, takeaway, recreational activities and retail purchases. This is the fundraiser that pays for itself!!! 

The Entertainment™ memberships are available as a Book (with a gold card and vouchers) or as a Digital Membership, which puts all the offers in the Book on your smartphone to redeem at the touch of a button and which can be shared with other members of your household.

Have a look at the book before you buy

online: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/about/flickbook/canberra

print copy:
available at the ELC, Junior, Year 5/6 and Senior Reception areas,


complete the attached form by Fri 12 April to have a printed book sent home with your youngest child in Week 1, Term 2.


To buy now

 immediately and securely: order your Book or your Digital Membership online at: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/232c04 


Conditions for books sent home

National Youth Science Forum participants

National Youth Science Forum – applications close 31 May

20 March 2019

Bronwyn Stanbury, Head of Science

Year 11 students are invited to apply for the National Youth Science Forum Year 12 Program

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.

Students applying for NYSF 2020 are required to submit an application through the NYSF website. Rotary Clubs can also be contacted to support students with their applications.

Watch the NYSF Year 12 Program video to discover more.

National Youth Science Forum logo

Now available for purchase

"35 Years of Radford College"

3 April 2019

Communications Department

Order your copy now!

Book sales - online only

Preview the "look" of the book here.

Order your copy online   pre-paid books can be: 

  1. collected from Main Reception at the Morison Centre at Radford during school hours.  Please take your TryBooking confirmation with you when you collect, on your device is fine. 

  2. posted in Australia, if you choose a postage-paid copy.
Please note that books can only be purchased online, through TryBooking.


Music Recitals - save the dates

Music recital schedule for Term 3

Transport Canberra: new network

New network reminder

Information regarding the new network, operational from 29 April.