Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 2 – 14 February 2018

Staff Insights

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

From the Head of Secondary School

9 February 2018

“don’t count the days … make the days count”

Our key message to the students at the outset of this year is community. Experiences, cultures and norms are particular to communities. The Radford community is no different. We have sought to remind students that they are the fabric that binds this community. Their choices, words and actions are the threads that shape Radford’s unique culture. With each new year, the key tenets of the underlying culture of the College remain constant: Radford is a respectful and caring community of learners seeking to serve the common good; we are a school that nurtures the spirit and minds of young men and women, preparing them to be ready and able to make a positive difference in their world now and into the future. Key messages from Principal Fiona Godfrey, the student leadership group and Junior School representatives have sought to remind us all of the role we play in ensuring that each student at the College feels a part of this wonderful community.

2018 Commencement Assembly

As staff we are blessed to see this daily across the College. The most illuminating example I saw last week was in the actions of the Year 12 students. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and our student leaders made such a positive impression on the incoming Year 7 students. The Seniors spent considerable time listening, speaking, playing and engaging with the students during Tutor sessions and break times. The Seniors continue to be present, supporting our Year 7 students as they navigate the transition to secondary school.

As the students prepare for the upcoming school year so, too, can you! Radford is a subscriber to the online Study Skills Handbook, hosted by Dr Prue Salter’s Enhanced Learning Educational Services. The site offers an array of resources for students and parents, addressing areas such as working more effectively at home and school, improving study habits, understanding your brain, Apps for learning and preparing for the transition between year groups. To access the Study Skills Handbook:

Username: radfordcollege

Password: 95success

Dr Salter will present a workshop to Year 7 and 8 students and their parents on the evening of 1 May and, the following morning, will present to Years 10 and 11 students. Further details will be provided before the event.

2018 Commencement Assembly

And, finally, an acknowledgement of the wisdom imparted by our College Captains in their opening speech to the Secondary School. Sharing advice for each year level, the most salient point (and the one I know has resonated with students and staff) was directed to Year 7: ‘You have 466,200 minutes remaining of school, there is so much ahead of you to enjoy and look forward to, so “don’t count the days … make the days count”’. With all that the College has to offer, those minutes will pass ever so quickly. This message was confirmed by Alyce Lonsdale, Vice Captain and Dux of the College in 2017, who spoke to the students at the Commencement Assembly and emphasised that a diversity of experience in and out of the classroom ensures the Radford experience is a remarkable one.

On Monday, my decision to accept the position of Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School at Knox Grammar School was announced. It has been humbling to receive so many good wishes from the students and parents of the Radford community. Working at Radford has been a gift for which I will be forever grateful. The spirit, care, joy and kindness I see students show to one another each and every day is unique to Radford and a hallmark of my experience at the College. I think of the words used by our fabulous Service Learning team, who describe the experience of service as walking with others, of having the opportunity to serve “with” and not “for”, and being grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in the company of others.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Chaplain's Reflection: towards Lent

14 February 2018

Lent: a time for critical examination of the heart and mind

Greetings for 2018. 

I find this difficult to say out loud: this is my fifteenth year at Radford! Crikey! I am one of the richest men in the world to be a storyteller and minister of the Gospel, to work among young people and be a part of a wonderful network of relationships. 

You will be reading this on or after Ash Wednesday. This is the day where the church transitions from the season of Epiphany (making sense of the manifestation of the Light in Christmas) and turns intentionally towards Easter. Called Lent, this fifty-day period is a time to get ready, to examine heart and mind, to address one’s own spirit and wonder, where might deeper peace come from? What of my living could benefit from some ‘pruning’? What could I fast from? What should I take up? 

It is a time for critical examination - in the sense of surgical rather than negative. Like a good pruning, its purpose is for increased growth and fruitfulness. The church itself must model this, not simply layer pious expectations upon people of faith. Some examples: the church must look closely at our idolatrous relationship with consumerist culture and the cult of individualism. We must examine closely how it was possible for the church to contribute to institutional slavery and abominable relationships with First Nation peoples, and thus where the church still might contribute to entrenched racism. Of all the Old Testament texts Jesus uses to announce his ministry, he turns to Isaiah 61 (see Luke 4). The mind and heart of God is made plain in the person of Jesus who declares God’s foundational bias for the poor. His work is to release captives, bring sight to the blind and freedom for the oppressed. To follow Christ opens one’s heart to overwhelming grace and leads us as servants towards need rather than towards ‘empire’ as slaves. 

I give a very painful, real example of how the church can model this examination. A service of lament and repentance was held in St Saviour’s Cathedral Goulburn last Sunday. Not so much as a response to the Royal Commission into institutionalised child abuse, but a response to the victims themselves. As Bishop Stuart said himself, ‘more than anything else, they are wanting us to say:

  • it happened
  • we are responsible
  • we care deeply
  • we’ll do all within our power to ensure it never happens again. 

Bishop Stuart’s short homily is raw, honest, real. In this diocese, he is the one more than any other who has stood before the trauma and evil face to face. I attach the whole service, while taking from it one fragment: 

The Bishop: We turn to God in sorrow and humility, confessing our sins against God and God’s children, asking for mercy and forgiveness. For the crimes and sins of sexual and physical abuse perpetrated by clergy and servants of the Church against children and young people; for the failure to love, respect, nurture and cherish young people – especially the most vulnerable. We ask your forgiveness. 

The purpose of all penitence is not personal justification, but restored presence in the world, with God and others. The grace that follows penitence removes the barriers that inhibit this kind of relating.

In the love of Christ, every blessing to you and your family.
Father Richard

If you would like to talk to someone about issues related to the subject of Bishop Stuart’s homily, you can contact the Diocesan Safe Ministries team

Resources for Lent


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 14 February

14 February 2018

Important dates, buildings and programs, Reading Challenge, Swim Carnivals, reminder about morning drop offs

Dates to Remember

Fri 16 Feb

P&F Welcome BBQ

Wed 21 Feb

JS Photo Day

Thu 22 Feb

Reading Challenge Outcome

Following the first week of our 2018 year, I can comfortably send you all a warm welcome, and welcome back!

I particularly want to thank our staff and builders who have been working hard in preparation for the start of this year. New school buildings are always a challenge, but we have been fortunate to have a supportive group to work with. Our staff have also been involved in moving 16 classrooms, four staff rooms, upgrading two other staff areas, awaiting new furniture, and preparing a new playground, in addition to ensuring we were ready for our teaching and learning on Day One.

I want to thank them for the manner in which this has occurred. I also must thank our families for your wonderful support as we opened for the year.
We have welcomed a significant number of new students into our Junior School, or into new sections of our Junior School. The response from our students, families and staff has shown us what a team we all are. 

Now that we have started, I can update you further.

Buildings and programs

  • Year 4 are enjoying both wonderful new classrooms and inquiry spaces and also magnificent views and classroom design and space
  • The Undercroft area below Year 4 should be accessible around 19 February. This area will allow us approximately 360 square metres of indoor play space at recess and lunchtime, PE teaching areas, a place for us to hold whole Junior School Assemblies for the first time, as well as Outside School Hours Care
  • Our hardcourt area outside the Undercroft will allow a significant area for play and PE classes. Shade, and ball game markings, are being organised now that we can access and use the area
  • Our Kindergarten classrooms and furnishings reflect a strong sense of PYP Inquiry
  • Our Early Years playground near the Kindergarten Red Rooms is taking shape. Tinkering areas mix with climbing and clambering as well as our new “Bathurst” style tricycle track. A mist garden is on the horizon to supplement our massive sand pit
  • As I mentioned 16 classrooms have moved, allowing us to add new furniture to our Inquiry Spaces in particular, increasing our development of how we teach in such areas. Additionally, supporting a tinkering, maker space as well. Places for student talk and group and team growth
  • Our ELC is truly a Centre for the first time
  • Our Year 5 and 6 staff are located closer to our 5 and 6 play area

With all this happening, the thing that struck me most during our first week was how well we focused upon retaining and building our combined sense of belonging.

In the weeks leading up to our start, our staff have been working and focusing upon team, upon faces( putting faces on data, making it personal), upon community and belonging.

In particular this year we are challenging ourselves to work as teams to better engage the whole child. We are seeking to sequence our learning by firstly igniting curiosity and establishing intentions and criteria for success, then supporting student exploration, grouping, conferring and coaching individuals, before final sharing, reflecting and looking to next steps. This allows us to better expose our students to sharp explicit sessions, flowing to individual exploration and development before reflecting for understanding.

I am excited by how we can bring our teaching to best meet our learning spaces and student capacity.

Reading Challenge

I have been overwhelmed by the involvement across the Junior School, but particularly from our younger years. It’s not too late to send photos to our Padlet if you wish to be included in the book we will produce this year.

Families should have received news from me earlier this week surrounding arrangements for our Colour Run on 22 February. Not looking forward to that!

Swim Carnivals and Beach and Boardies

To better support a more personalised Swim day we have split our sessions as follows.

  • Beach and Boardies will be held at School for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students on Tuesday 6 March
  • Years 1 and 2 students will be enjoying a swim and water challenge day on Monday 19 March
  • Years 3–6 (plus age appropriate Year 2s) will be involved in our formal Swimming Carnival, including competition for Regional places, on Tuesday 6 March.

Further reminder about morning drop off

Junior School staff do not commence yard duty until 8.15 am, so a friendly reminder that no students should be dropped off and left unsupervised by their parents before 8.15 am.

Parents arriving with their child before 8.15 am must wait under cover outside the Junior School Library until the duty teacher takes responsibility.

If our staff see unsupervised children around the Junior School before 8.15 am, they will take them to our Before School Care (BSC) program and the charge will be added to the student's account.

To make a BSC booking, complete the 2018 enrolment form and email it to afters@radford.act.edu.au 

There are two different session fees (detailed below), both of which can be made as permanent bookings (via email), or as casual drop-ins as needed.

BSC Early – Drop off between 7.15–8 am, includes breakfast, $15 fee
BSC Late – Drop off after 8 am, no breakfast, $11 fee

BSC caters for Junior School children from Pre-K to Year 6. Breakfast is served from 7.15 am until 8 am and include a range of cereals, yoghurt, toast and fruit.

BSC for all children is located in the ELC Piazza and playground. Sign in will be at the front bench on the right, as you walk into the ELC. Age appropriate activities will be available to all children and those in Years K – 6 will be taken to the Junior School in plenty of time to get settled before morning lessons.

Image for article: P&F Annual General Meeting

P&F Annual General Meeting

14 February 2018

New AGM date 8 March, committee nominations open now

Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 8 March - revised date
Time: 7.00 pm
Location: RA Young Hall

The business of the meeting is:

(I) confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
(II) presentation by the President of an Annual Report on the affairs of the Association and the Association’s activities for the last 12 months
(III) presentation by the Treasurer of the audited financial statements
(IV) election of the Management Committee for the ensuing year
(V) appointment of an auditor.

Ana Thomson


Nomination form

Participation in the P&F committee is an opportunity for parents to contribute to and engage with the Radford school community in a meaningful way. The P&F provides a forum to represent the interests of Radford parents and also mechanisms for social engagement by the community. Additionally, the P&F facilitates a number of fundraising activities to further contribute and extend the range of facilities available to our children.

In 2018 a number of positions are available for parents who are interested in joining the P&F and we welcome new members through the process of the AGM.

Nominations are open. Please email the completed 2018 nomination form to p&f@radford.act.edu.au or submit the form to Main Reception by 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018. Closing date for nominations is 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the P&F or obtain further information about what is involved in participation on the committee, please feel free to email the P&F President, Sarah Jennett or phone 0412 993 093.

Radford's team argues it case during the Law Society of New South Wales' 2017 Mock Trial competition.

Unprecedented win in Mock Trial Grand Final

14 February 2018

Radford is the first ACT school in 20 years to make it past elimination rounds in prestigious competition

By Chloe Marks – Legal Oratory Captain

Towards the end of last year, a team of Radford Year 11 students (now Year 12s) competed  in the Grand Final of the Law Society of New South Wales' Mock Trial competition.

The Grand Final took at the University of Sydney Law School and our opponents were St John Paul College from Coffs Harbour.

To make it to the much anticipated Grand Final, we had to win 15 other rounds including criminal cases about graffiti, sports fixing, shoplifting  and an assault at a concert, as well as civil cases about the negligence of a ski resort and the actions of a postman.

After arguing our way through these and other cases, the Radford team remained undefeated and made it to the Grand Final. It was the first time in 20 years that a team from the ACT had made it past the elimination rounds. The pressure in the lead up to the Grand Final was huge, especially considering the opposing team had made the finals five years straight.

The team spent many hours preparing for the Grand Final team under the watchful eye of  coach Andrew Ray, a law student at ANU, who had helped prepare us thoughout the competition. The team made the journey to Sydney with Andrew, Mrs Hunter, Mr Ewbank and many parents travelling to support us. The Grand Final case was heard by three magistrates, one of whom is a Magistrate of the NSW Children’s Court. The trial defendant was charged with driving under the influence and was represented by the Radford team which posed alternate theories to those of the prosecution. After multiple objections and witness statements it was decision time. The verdict was in … Radford was successful in taking home the title of Law Society of New South Wales Mock Trial Champions of 2017, making our participation in this competition a clean sweep!

Watch this video of the Mock Trial

Representing Radford at the Grand Final were:

Barristers: Chloe Marks and Jacinta Quee

Soliciter: Hannah Lilley

Witnesses: Claudine Page-Allen and Annie Creer

Court Officer: Angus Gibson

Other members of the team: Taylor Colvin and Bella Zardo

Special mention to Jacinta Quee who won the Sydney University’s Best Advocate Prize and $250.

The winning Mock Trial team

Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

SchoolTV special report on cyberbullying

9 February 2018

Raising awareness of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide, SchoolTV is ‘doing it for Dolly’

From Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

SchoolTV is an online resource packed with information for parents and schools to assist in raising happy, well and resilient youth. Go to Radford’s SchoolTV site to access the full archive of monthly editions and special reports on topics including suicide and self-harm, depression and anxiety, internet a0000ddiction, and drug and alcohol use.

In the first Special Report of 2018, SchoolTV addresses the tragic circumstances in which Amy 'Dolly’ Everett lost her life earlier this year as a result of cyberbullying. Dolly, as she was affectionately known, has since become the face of a campaign to raise awareness of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide. A legacy that Dolly’s bereaved family fully support with the intent of sparing other families from the same grief.

SchoolTV: CyberbullyingIn this Special Report, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg highlights the dangers associated with social media and outlines how parents can help reduce the risk of cyberbully. Preventing such a tragedy from recurring needs to have the support of parents, schools and the wider community. All of which must work together towards reducing the risks associated with bullying. Parents, especially, need to be aware of the dangers and be proactive in not accepting bullying behaviour of any sort.  

Let’s do it for Dolly.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

This Special Report can be viewed here

Audition for your place under the lights!

Drama auditions Y7/Y8 production

13 February 2018

Auditions today 14 Feb!

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Drama

The 2018 Y7/Y8 drama production will be Stories in the Dark by Debra Oswald. 

A terrified teenage boy finds himself separated from his family in the unfamiliar streets of a war-torn city. He takes refuge in a bombed-out house and in the total blackness his bravado crumbles.

Into his life steps Anna – an older street-smart teenager. As a way of calming the boy, she starts to tell him a story that she vaguely remembers from her own childhood. And so begins a journey into the shifting, shimmering world of ogres, princes, singing bones, foolish lads and wolf-mothers.

Stories in the Dark explores the power of storytelling, mingling the magic, humour and wisdom of folk tales with the timely story of civil war, displaced persons, societal breakdown and the struggle to survive. 

Stories in the Dark will be performed as an ensemble, all performers will play multiple roles and be on stage throughout the entire performance. 

Wednesday 14th February 4pm-5.30 pm
Where: Drama Room 61
Sign up: outside Room 61 in the PAC
Rehearsals: Mondays 4.30pm-6pm, Wednesdays 4pm-6pm 

The auditions will be conducted as a group, providing you with the opportunity to get to know each other through some fun drama games and demonstrate your capacity to work as an ensemble. During the group audition you will also be given a short scene to work on and perform to the group. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


RDA Performance Group

RDA Performance Group auditions - Friday 16 Feb

8 February 2018

Danielle White, Director of Movement

Find your place in a Dance Academy Group

By Danielle White, Director of Movement

Experience the excitement of performing. Dance in a fun, inclusive and encouraging environment. Achieve your best as a member of Radford Dance Academy's Performance Groups.

RDA Performance Groups experience the thrill of live performing

All students are invited to attend auditions on Friday 16 February for performance groups in technical styles (Jazz/Lyrical) and Hip Hop. No preparation is necessary. Sign up for auditions outside the studio or email danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au for more information.

Junior Performance Group (Years 4–6) in technical styles (Jazz / Lyrical)
3.30–3.50 pm

Junior Hip Hop Crew (Years 4–6)
3.50–4.10 pm

Senior Performance Group (Years 7–12) in technical styles (Jazz / Lyrical)
4.10–4.30 pm

Senior Hip Hop Crew (Years 7–12)
4.30–4.50 pm

Image for article: Radford Rowers in training

Radford Rowers in training

9 February 2018

Charlotte Cross, Rowing GAP Student

Radford Rowing takes to the water in Jindabyne and Penrith

By Charlotte Cross, Rowing Gap Student

On Sunday 28 January, 48 rowers and eight coaches travelled to the Sports and Recreation Centre in Jindabyne. After spending hours loading two boat trailers, four speed boats and what seemed endless mountain bikes, the athletes and coaches began their journey to what would be a challenging five-day training camp.

With the days starting at 5.45 am and finishing sometimes at 8 pm, the athletes (and coaches!) really had their work cut out for them. The fantastic facilities at the Centre allowed all crews to fully recover and prepare for the next session. Crew stamina was built up with a long morning row followed by short, sharp speed sessions in the evenings.Dawn training at rowing camp Despite a few cold mornings and a couple of windy afternoons, all squads managed to complete their workload and obvious improvements were made. Congratulations to the Senior Squad for conquering Mount Kosciuszko on their fourth day of the camp!

Training up to four times a day on alpine waters and mountains was a great experience for all. The Intermediate squads used their time effectively to improve their technique and approached the intense training with a mature outlook. Noticeable improvements have been made as they continue to prepare for the fast-approaching Head of the River in only a few weeks' time.

Rowing camp selfiesNot only did the crews make the most of the water sessions, they also improved their fitness during the cross-training sessions. They completed a 26-kilometre mountain bike ride around Lake Jindabyne and walks in the Snowy Mountains. The morale was high and the all groups should be proud of their performance over the week.

Congratulations to Damien Schroder and Lissie Gregory, who have been selected to compete at the NSW State Championships next weekend amongst the Senior A Crews. This is a huge achievement for two young athletes.

One of Radford's medal-winning crewsBoth the Senior Boys and Senior Girls followed this tough training week with success at the King's PLC Regatta at the Olympic Penrith Course in Sydney. Radford had a came away with gold medals in the Schoolgirl A Quad, Under Boys Quad and Schoolgirl Double Scull. A silver medal was clinched in the Schoolboy Quad and a bronze was awarded to the girls quad in the under 19 division. A couple of close 4th places were achieved by the Boys B and Girls C quads.

All the early mornings and tough sessions are clearly paying off for these athletes – keep up the good work! There is still time to do some last-minute speed work before NSW State Championship and Head of the River – good luck to all!


Radford rowing will host a come and try day for students in Years 6–11 on Saturday 7 April. 9–11 am. No experience necessary. Come down and visit the Radford College Rowing Shed (Lot 17 John Cardiff Cl, Acton) and have a go in a boat, on a paddle board or in a kayak. There is no cost for this event. To allow us to arrange adequate supervision, please send expressions of interest to Maddy Staubitz maddy.staubitz@radford.act.edu.au

Important dates for the term:

  • Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 February: NSW State Championships. Senior Boy & Senior Girls A Quads with some small-boat competitors from the Intermediate squad
  • Saturday 24 February: RACT Regatta #5. Girls and some Y7 boys
  • Sunday 25 February: NSW Schoolboy Head of the River Regatta, Sydney International Regatta Centre (depart 11 am, Saturday 24 February, return 9.30 pm, Sunday 25 February). Years 7–12 boys
  • Saturday 3 March: NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River Regatta, Sydney International Regatta Centre (depart 11 am, Friday 2 March, return 9.30 pm, Sunday 3 March). Years 7–12 girls
  • Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 March: ACT State Championships, Lake Burley Griffin. Selected boys’ crews
  • Monday 5 March: FoRR committee meeting, 7 pm in Room 71
  • Saturday 10 March: ACT Schools Head of the Lake. All rowers are required to attend
  • Saturday 17 March: CLRC Short Course Regatta. All squads
  • Saturday 17 March: End of Season Rowing Dinner & Awards night – all rowers & parents
  • 19–25 March: Australian Rowing Championships, Sydney. Selected crews
Image for article: Basketball news

Basketball news

13 February 2018

Skills program sharpens skills and some important updates

By Orhan Memedovski, Technical Director - Basketball

Over the holidays, we had a great turn out for our basketball skills camp. The camp included different sessions such as: basketball boot camp, dribbling clinic, shooting star, elite one-on-one skills and ball above all. The students participated in drills by AIS basketball players and coaches which were shared on the big screen in the G.Wigg Sports Centre. Students gained motivation and improved their skills.

The South East Queensland high performance basketball team held their four-day training camp at Radford College during the school holidays. The camp was an opportunity forSouth East Queensland high performance basketball team at Radford players to witness first-hand the road to playing semi-professional basketball in hopes of securing a professional contract here in Australia or overseas. The players had multiple training sessions each day, including gym sessions. It was wonderful to have three of our U19 Div 1 players - Matthew Overton-Clarke, Zachary Seymour and Rahul Arsakulasuriya - join the sessions.

Radford Basketball 2018 will see a wide range of opportunities for players and coaches. We are currently finalising plans for:

  • a Friends of Radford Basketball committee
  • a basketball tour for our student athletes
  • professional development for our basketball coaches
  • basketball camps from elite coaches.

Important updates:

  • Registration is now open for the winter season on ROL
  • Trials for the winter season will take place in Weeks 3 and 4. Please note that trials will replace regular allocated afternoon training sessions. Division 1 morning training will still occur
  • I will be running a skills session/ shoot around on Friday mornings during Weeks 3 and 4. This session is open to all players in any division who are keen to attend from
    7.00–8.00 am (23February and 3 March)
  • All U19 players who wish to play basketball in the winter season are required to attend trials
  • U10 students do not have trials in Weeks 3 and 4. Training continues for them on Mondays at 3.30–4.30 pm

See you on the courts.

Radford SSACT Cricket Reps

Sports Report, 14 February 2018

14 February 2018

Football refereeing, Mountain Biking, Cricket, Swimming, student achievements, winter sport registration

Earn money refereeing football?
Soccer refereeing at RadfordIf you're aged 13 and older and can see yourself blasting the referee's whistle, why not complete a Game Leader or Level 4 Referee course through Capital Football? Course dates and further information is available on the Capital Football website. Course graduates can express their interest in refereeing games held at Radford during the Winter season by emailing Dianne Wilson, Administration Assistant.

Mountain Biking Co-curricular 2018
by Peter Haynes, MIC

MTB returns to Radford in 2018 with a dual focus:
In Term 1, we will explore local trails, and focus on fitness and skill development. Rides will take place from Radford on Bruce Ridge each Thursday between 3.45 and 5.15 pm. There will be a daytrip to Thredbo to ride the Flow Trails on Saturday 7 April.

Term 3 will focus on racing with the ACT Schools MTB Championships being our major goal. Rides will be on Bruce Ridge or Black Mountain and there will be a weekend trip to Tathra.

Note that students need their own bike and sufficient skill and fitness to ride for up to one hour on a single track. Further details are available on the Mountain Biking page on ROL.

Completed registration forms can be emailed to Peter Haynes.

ACT Mountain Biking Orienteering Training Weekend, Canberra, 17–18 February 2018
Please see the attached flyer for further information.

Radford U12 Division 2 5/66 defeated by Weston Creek 4/85
by Seraman Mayooran, Cricket Captain
Friday afternoon, warm summer evening ... are there better conditions for a game of cricket? This was the experience of the Radford U12 Division 2 side in their battle against Weston Creek. The evening began with Radford winning the toss and electing to field first. Openers Nick and Josh initiated play with a fiery spell and, early into his second over, Josh rattled the Creek opener with a short ball to the body, which was popped up into the air. Some valiant work by the young gloveman, Jack, saw a spectacular diving catch to remove said opener. As the Weston Creek batsmen began to settle against the Radford bowlers, it was decided that Max should be given the ball. This was a rather clever tactic as a deadly accurate ball at the stumps saw a Weston Creek batsman take the long walk back to the pavilion. As the innings came to an end, two wickets were observed in quick succession. The first being a brutal ball sending the bails flying whilst, the second, was the result of vigilant work in the field to run the batsman out. This was shortly followed by the innings break during which the Radford side rejuvenated by devouring a few pizzas. The side looked proud to have restricted Weston Creek to 4/85 off their 20 overs.

Shortly after their break, Radford openers Jack and Ollie strode out to the middle in the hope of kick-starting the run chase. Both batsman survived the relentless onslaught of the Weston Creek openers and eventually retired. Despite retiring, both batsmen were given the opportunity to bat again later in the innings. Although each player fought perilously, going to the extent of exerting every last bit of energy into this run chase, the team could only manage 5/66 off their 20 overs. However, every member of this team deserves to be thoroughly commended on their efforts both in the field and with the bat. Furthermore, Jordan and Jack are to be further acknowledged as they both top scored for Radford with 11 apiece, with Jack carrying his bat (opener who finished not out). Unfazed by this loss, the Radford side will go into their next game against Marist with both the same enthusiasm and hunger for a win.

Radford Cricketers success at national championships
by Mark Slater & Narelle Smith
Four Radford students – Jake Smith-Gibson, Joey Slater, Maddie Wheeldon and Amber Smith-Gibson – represented the Australian Capital Territory at the School Sport Australia 12 and Under Cricket National Championships in Cobram Barooga from 5–12 January this year. Often playing in 43-degree heat, the kids showed remarkable resilience and mental strength to play well and give 100 per cent.

The boys' team nearly matched the outstanding effort of last year's team, which contested the grand final, and ran a close second to Queensland in a semifinal before finishing fourth overall, ahead of traditional powerhouses New South Wales and Victoria. Jake (vice-captain: four wickets, two catches and some solid wicketkeeping) and Joey (five wickets, three catches) were among the ACT's leaders in the field, bowling accurately and reliably whenever called to the crease and showing the benefit of their experience at the representative level.

The girls' team had a fun tournament with the majority of the young team experiencing their first School Sport Australia Cricket tournament. Both Maddie and Amber contributed to the team's batting and bowling efforts, with Maddie exhibiting enthusiasm in the field and Amber taking 4/24 in their final match, resulting in a comprehensive defeat of the WA team. The majority of the team will be eligible to play in the 2018 tournament, to be held in Bunbury, Western Australia in December later this year. There's no doubt that their experience in Cobram Barooga will stand them in good stead for future competitions.

Radford Swimmers Success at the Pacific School Games
by Mark O'Neill, Swimming Captain
School Sport ACT sent a group of swimmers – including four Radford students: Alex Couldrick, Zara Imhoff, Sebastian Phommaseisy and myself – to Adelaide to compete in the 10th Pacific School Games from 3–9 December 2017.

The experience included some intense competition and opportunities to enjoy exploring Adelaide throughout the week.

On a day off, the team visited the University of Adelaide to meet Emma Checker, the captain of the Adelaide United Women's football team. She spoke to us about her journey, and how she dealt with balancing her schoolwork, sport and social life. Afterward we heard a lecture on building strength and the chemical processes that take place within the body.

The pool, which would soon become familiar to all swimmers, was of a high standard and arguably one of the fastest in Australia. This made it an ideal location to swim fast times, which all of the Radford swimmers did!

Alex Couldrick, the youngest of the four Radford swimmers, had a fantastic week in the pool. Not only did he achieve personal bests in all his events, but he also made the finals of five events. From those final appearances, he placed first in both the 10-years boys 50-metre and 100-metre butterfly and broke the Pacific School Games record for 50-metre butterfly.

Zara Imhoff, competed in four individual events as well as two relays, and performed well in each race. As she was a more senior member of the team, it was good to watch her leadership throughout the week in assisting the younger swimmers.

Sebastian Phommaseisy also had a terrific week in the pool. He made the finals for four individual events (50- and 100-metre butterfly and freestyle). He raced well throughout the whole week, and was in medal contention for many of his events.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was the the Fiji team's dance performance during the closing ceremony. They looked like they were having a great time and interacted with the crowd. I also admired the way they had supported each other as team throughout the week.

To any current or future Radford student who has the opportunity to attend the games, I strongly suggest you do so. This experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet people from all around Australia, as well as from several international teams, who share a passion for your sport.

Student achievements
Congratulations to Callan Dunne, Chris Kalogeropoulos, Joseph Slater, Sebastian Phommaseisy, Spencer Musgrove, Tomas Genero and Vikaash Munnavan on being selected in the 2018 ACT U14 Boys Basketball Squad.

Congratulations to Jay MacDonald on being selected in the Australian Schoolboys Hockey Squad to tour South Africa in June.

Congratulations to James Northcote and David Reitstatter who were a part of the bronze medallion winning U12 Football team at the Pacific School Games in December.


Links to information on sports, trials and training times are in the Co-curricular section of Radford Online (ROL)

Radford College Sports Policy
All parents and caregivers are asked to read the updated version of this policy carefully. Students’ participation in any sport is subject to this policy. The sport policy describes the College’s expectations of students who participate in sport while at Radford. Those expectations include playing for the College in those sports that are offered and making a commitment to attend matches and training sessions for the entire season. Details regarding the expectations can be found in the Sports Policy.

Consistent with the Sports Policy, students must register to play rugby for Radford. Exemptions will only be granted if Radford is unable to field a team in a particular age group.

Information session:
Tuesday 6 March, 6.00–6.45 pm, Room 71, G Wigg Sports Centre

Winter Rowing
Details will be available on ROL at a later date.

Trials are scheduled for Weeks 3 and 4. Please see ROL for details of specific times.

Tennis will be conducted on a term-by-term basis. Information regarding Term 2 bookings will be available on ROL in coming weeks.

Please email Technical Director Andrew Sullivan for information about how to register.

When do I need to register my child?

For winter sports starting in Term 2, 2018, please register your child as soon as possible and no later than Thursday 22 February 2018.

How do I register my child in a sport?

Registration for Co-curricular sports is by online form only and registration is confirmed via email. The sport’s administrator/coordinator can be contacted by replying to the confirmation email.

Is it necessary to attend trials?
Yes. Information regarding current trials has already been distributed and can be found online. Attendance at trials does not act as registration in the sport. Please ensure that you register online.

Costs involved
The financial cost of each sport is detailed in the Co-curricular Activities Handbook as well as on the registration forms.

I’ve submitted a registration form, but my child might change their mind
Once registration has been confirmed, the College expects students to fulfil their commitment to the sport for the duration of the season. Please choose carefully before registering.

How do I find out what else is on?
The Co-curricular Activities Handbook on ROL lists all co-curricular offerings according to student year level. The ROL Dashboard has a link to the Co-curricular Homepage, which displays a tile for each year level in which your children are enrolled. These pages display the relevant Co-curricular schedule with links to the Co-curricular Activities Handbook and Co-curricular Registrations pages.

Where is the Co-curricular Activities Handbook?
The Co-curricular Activities Handbook can be found on the Co-curricular Homepage on ROL. Each year level has a timetable of weekly co-curricular activities. Links to information regarding each sport are listed below the timetable.

I’ve read the Co-curricular Activities Handbook, but still have questions
Please contact the relevant sport coordinator/administrator directly. Replying to your child’s registration confirmation email will go directly to the right person.

My child wants to do two sports that are held on the same day
Every effort has been made to minimise schedule conflicts between sports. However, a conflict does not necessarily exclude participation in both sports. Please make contact with the coordinators/administrators of both sports to discuss facilitating your child’s engagement in both.

Does registration guarantee my child’s participation in that sport?
We try our best to accommodate all students’ choices. Please be aware that some sports have limited places, as indicated on the registration form. If a sport is full, your child’s name will go on a waiting list. Insufficient numbers to make a team viable means the sport will not go ahead. The sport’s coordinator/administrator will contact you prior to the scheduled starting date to confirm your child’s participation.

I can’t log on to Radford Online
Your ROL family login and password is printed on your child’s 2018 commencement letter. If you cannot locate this information, please email Reception. To report any other issues with the Co-curricular pages on ROL, please email the IT Helpdesk 

Advice from Asthma Australia

Asthma Action Checklist

13 February 2018

Audrey Miller, College Nurse

Please update your child's Asthma Action Plan

By Asthma Australia and Audrey Miller, College Nurse

See a doctor for a signed Asthma Action Plan or Care Plan. Radford requires an up-to-date plan for each student with asthma at the start of the new school year.

Evidence tells us that using an Asthma Action Plan can help to reduce hospitalisations, improve lung function and reduce the number of days off school.

While with the doctor, why not combine this with a check-up for your child’s asthma, including a check on their device technique?


Please complete a medication permission form for your child for all medication, including asthma medication.

Parents/ caregivers should ensure that they provide the college nurse with in date medication in the original container in which it was dispensed, clearly labelled with the child's name; the drug's name; the dosage and frequency to be given; the reason the medication is being administered and the prescribing doctor's name and expiry date.

Out of date medications will not be administered. The parents will be informed and requested to replace the medication as soon as possible.

Students are permitted to self-medicate at school in the case of asthma reliever medication.

Make time to talk with the class teacher and the school nurse about your child’s asthma, their Asthma Plan and their usual triggers, symptoms and medication.

Also talk to your child’s sport coaches and supervisors of other school activities. Don’t forget to keep staff up-to-date with any change to your child’s asthma management.

• Go over your child’s Asthma Plan
• Discuss the signs of asthma for your child
• Show them your child’s asthma medication and demonstrate how to use it
• Talk about the extent to which your child can self-manage their asthma
• Provide details of how to contact you when your child has asthma symptoms/uses a reliever medication at school.

Members of Golding and Bernard families in the Loire Valley

Hosting opens a world of possibilities

13 February 2018

Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

Express your interest in becoming a Radford host family

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

The Languages Department offers many opportunities for students to contexualise their language learning by interacting with native speakers. These include employing Language Assistants from China, France and Japan, several sister school relationships, and exchange programs. It is through the support of Radford families hosting visiting students and Language Assistants that we are able to provide these opportunities. 

Why should your family consider becoming a host family? The world opens up the minute you start conversing in other languages. Language learning is not just communication, it exposes you to new cultures and facilitates connecting with people. I know through my own language learning I have gained a greater appreciation of other cultures and forged life-long friendships. Other benefits include: 

  • Learning more about your own culture
  • Promoting mutual understanding between people and cultures
  • Understanding cultural traditions and a different way of life
  • Helping a student achieve their dream of learning about Australia
  • Expanding your family’s horizons
  • Creating lifelong memories and friendships. 

de Bortoli family and exchange students

The following paragraphs detail the hosting experience of two Radford families:

The impacts on our family from being involved in a foreign language exchange have been profound and far reaching. Hosting a French student from Le Mans in 2011 has resulted in wonderful opportunities in terms of culture exchange, travel, friendships and education. After hosting Cyril in 2011, his family hosted our eldest son later that year. His younger brother was also able to stay with us on exchange two years later. As families, we have visited and travelled together several times over the past seven years and also acted as a secure base for each other’s sons as they have studied or worked abroad for several months at a time. We had no idea of the extent to which hosting an exchange would transform our lives by enriching our cultural understanding, and by providing our sons with a view of the world and their futures unbound by nationality or distance. 

–   the Golding family 

Our family found hosting students from Japan and China to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

As both our children were hosted and treated with much kindness when they visited Japan and China, we were delighted to be able to show the same hospitality to the students that stayed with us.

We maintain contact with them and are looking forward to the possibility of hosting Matthew’s Japanese host student’s younger brother when he visits Radford in 2019. 

The LOTE teachers organise many events and excursions for the exchange students during school hours. Whilst able to maintain a normal weekly routine, we spent quality time with the students as well as having the opportunity on the weekend to show them Canberra sights.

We would highly recommend Radford families open their homes and hearts to exchange students as it is such a positive experience for both the host family and the visiting students.

–   the de Bortoli family

If you are interested in hosting, please complete the short expression of interest through the link following: http://bit.ly/2DX1Dbc


A new parents buddy program is starting in 2018

Buddies sought for new parents

12 February 2018

Seeking volunteers to support new families

By the Director of Student Development, Claire Melloy

As our College grows, we want to stay connected and make new families feel welcome.

I am seeking to form a group of parents that would be willing to act as buddies and be a point of contact for new families.

You would need to approve your contact details being shared with new families, attend morning or afternoon teas and be able to answer questions new families might have.

Please email me if you are interested in being a new parent buddy.

Foundation staff member Jenny Murphy, author of the early College history

H for History #2 – Jenny Murphy

13 February 2018

Foundation staff member and College historian, Jenny Murphy, revisits Radford

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

On the first day of school in 1984, 235 students and 15 teaching staff and 5 administrative and ancillary staff began their first year as members of the Radford College community.

These words, taken from page 45 of Radford College’s history, A Matter of Choice, were written by Jenny Murphy. She was certainly qualified to be the author of that work because as a foundation staff member, she was one of those 15 intrepid and pioneering teaching staff ready to put chalk to blackboard (present students may need to google this) without a laptop in sight, as they had not been invented yet. 

In the recent January school holidays, it was my honour to take Jenny Murphy for a guided tour around the campus and for a meeting with Principal Fiona Godfrey.

George Huitker, Jenny Murphy and Fiona Godfrey, discussing the College history

It was daunting to try and recall which classrooms, offices and buildings had actually been replaced over time and where they actually once stood. We spent some time specifically reminiscing about 1988, the year when she had an exuberant and somewhat green student-teacher in her charge (GH) who would remain at Radford for the next three decades, still quite exuberant but perhaps slightly less naive. 

Jenny will be well-known by early collegians as she was the first in so many roles about the college: she was the first English teacher to be appointed and consequently became the inaugural Head of English; when a portion of our foundation students transitioned into Year 11 in 1987 she became the first Senior School Coordinator; and she was instrumental in introducing debating and public speaking as a cocurricular activity. She was inspirational in all that she undertook, and I am sure her English classes from 1984 through to her retirement in 1998 (after which she continued to assist with tutoring and pay periodic visits at special occasions) will not forget her love of literature, lasting influence and demystifying of George Orwell's Animal Farm!  

Radford in the early days

As I am about to serendipitously receive the baton for scribing the school history from my teaching mentor, it was a distinct honour to welcome Jenny Murphy back to Radford after all these years and acknowledge her influence on my own career. In my research for the school history, I will certainly look forward to similarly sharing stories with other foundation staff and ‘mature’ collegians who may possibly remember when chalk was still in use. 

George Huitker 

Could any former staff or collegians wishing to have input to the new school history or claim a profile on the Collegians website, please contact me at: George.Huitker@Radford.act.edu.auCollegians website is  https://radfordcollegians.com.au/ 

L to R: Magnus Larsen, Julia Leister (exchange students) and Isabella Lo Re

Round Square exchange students

13 February 2018

Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator

We welcome Julia Leister and Magnus Larsen to Radford

By Kath Notley, Round Square Co-ordinator 

We are excited to welcome  Round Square exchange students Julia Leister and Magnus Larsen to Radford.  

Julia has joined us from Markham College in Peru, and is being hosted by Isabella Lo Re.  Isabella will head over to Peru later this year.  

Magnus is from Herlufsholm Skole in Denmark.  He is being hosted by Michael Shillington who went on exchange to Denmark last year.   

Both students are enjoying the warmth in Canberra and are looking forward to making the most of their time in Australia.  

As part of the Round Square organization, Radford students have the opportunity to undertake exchanges and participate in Conferences hosted by other Round Square schools. 

See the Round Square page on Radford Online for further information.

ACT Government health checks for kindergarten students

ACT Govt health checks for Kindergarten

14 February 2018

ACT Health

Free ACT Government health checks are available for Kindergarten students

College Nurse: Audrey Miller

ACT Government  health checks for Kindergarten students

Online orders are open ahead of Advanced Life taking 2018 student photos next week.

Student photos next week

14 February 2018

Tuesday 20 February – Secondary School Photos, Wednesday 21 February – Junior School Photos. Order online now.

Tuesday 20 February – Secondary School Photos, including sibling photos where both students are in the Secondary School.

Wednesday 21 February – Junior School Photos, including sibling photos where at least one student is in the Junior School.

NB: Online orders for sibling photos will be cut off at midnight on Monday 19 February to allow lists to be compiled. Siblings will only have their photo taken if a sibling photo order has been placed on time. Please ensure your child knows whether they are to have their sibling photo taken or not on the day.

How to order and pay for your photos online
1. Visit www.advancedlife.com.au
2. Enter the nine-digit code E6J 5AX J61 to be taken to the Radford College portal
3. Click on the Order Now button to order individual, sibling and class or tutor group photos.


Action Bus Route Changes

Action Bus Route Changes

Road closures associated with this weekend's Multicultural Festival will mean diversions within the city centre. See the Transport Canberra website for more detail. 


APFACTS - Newsletter 14 Feb 2018

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at apfacts.org.au or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Apfacts.  Read the latest newsletter.