Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 3 – 21 February 2018

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal 21 February

21 February 2018

Update on IB DP, traffic around the campus, College St entrance closure, E-Comms Group, Foundation Scholarship, 2017 Year 12 results

As we approach the end of Week 3 of the term, I am pleased to report that all sections of the College are in full swing, with many of the new staff and students stating that they have settled well and are already feeling very much at home. When I visited the Year 11 camp at Greenhills on Thursday, I was particularly pleased to see how well the new Year 11 students have settled into Radford's routines. The entire cohort appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the team-building activities and information sessions about life in the Senior School.

As I move about the School, I am really pleased to witness the positive manner in which the students are approaching their work and the inclusive way new students are being involved in the life of the College. At a Secondary School assembly today, I congratulated the students on making a great start to the year and encouraged them to continue this trend.

Last weekend was an unusually busy one as we not only enjoyed our usual full round of summer sporting fixtures, but we came together on Friday night for the annual P&F Welcome Barbeque and Movie Night, which this year enjoyed good attendances from a wide range of year levels. Sunday afternoon saw the staging of a wonderful Music Concert to conclude the Music Camp. I would like to thank all of the staff, students and parent volunteers who helped make both the P&F Barbeque and the Music Camp great successes.

As we look ahead, we wish our male rowers well as they prepare for the Schoolboys Head of the River this weekend. I am looking forward to heading up to Penrith to cheer them on. The Schoolgirls Head of the River will follow on a week later and, after the Senior Schoolgirls A Quad (Nicola Greenland, Annie Creer, Jacinta Buckman, Lily Smith-Saarinen, with coxswain Spencer Burns) won the NSW Championship last weekend, soundly beating the top Victorian school in the process, we are looking forward to more great results.

Our Year 7 students are making final preparations for their five-day camp, which begins next Monday. They will leave Radford bright and early on Monday morning and head up to the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) Camp Biloela, which is adjacent to the Belanglo Forest and about 20 minutes from Bowral. Over the next five days they will take part in a range of activities including raft-making, canoeing, mountain bike riding, abseiling, bushwalking, and a mini Olympics competition. The students stay in open cabins and tents, and they prepare all their food for the week. It is always a wonderful way for our Year 7s to start their year, making many new friendships and often testing their resilience and resolve.

An update on the implementation of the IB DP
The College is continuing to make preparations for a panel visit, scheduled to take place on 5 and 6 June, which will determine whether we will be authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP), from the start of next year.

Our IB DP Coordinator, Ms Lindy Braithwaite, has been working alongside an external IB-appointed consultant who has been providing advice and guidance about work to be done to ensure we gain the expected authorisation. At the end of last year, the consultant visited Radford for a couple of days and later prepared a report detailing our readiness to take on the IB DP. The report gave much positive feedback and indicated that we were ‘on track’ to gain authorisation after the panel visit.

At the end of last year, we internally appointed three other staff to leadership positions within the IB DP, to assist Ms Braithwaite in the coordination and implementation of the program. Ms Ailsa Mackerras has been appointed to the role of Creative, Action, Service (CAS) Coordinator, Ms Thea Aquilina to the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Coordinator’s role, and Ms Angelina Browning will take on the Extended Essay (EE) Coordinator position. These three teachers will now undertake training in each of their relevant areas, along with a handful of other teachers who still require Category 1 training for their subject area.

The application process requires the development of a draft timetable to iron out any potential issues. Also, a number of policies including admissions, languages and academic honesty are now in the final stage of redrafting, following on from our consultant’s feedback.

The Communications Department of the College is currently working on some resources to help students and parents decide which of the three programs of study (IB DP, BSSS T package or BSSS A package/ASBA) they will opt to study in the final two years of school. These resources will be uploaded onto both Radford Online and the website.

A parent and student IB DP information evening will be held tonight, starting at 6.00 pm in the TB Millar Hall, with sessions to include information from former Principal of Pembroke School, Mr Malcolm Lamb; IB Coordinator, Ms Lindy Braithwaite; student graduates; and guest presenter, Ms Briony Morath. The evening will conclude with a Q&A session.

Traffic issues around the campus

We are aware that a large number of Secondary School parents are dropping off their children inside the campus near the tennis courts and gymnasium. To help alleviate the congestion in this area of the campus, we ask that all Secondary School students use the 'Kiss and Drop' area in College Street. The 'Kiss and Drop' area is easily accessible during the mornings and this will significantly improve traffic congestion and, most importantly, safety on the campus. We ask parents using this 'Kiss and Drop' area to move as far forward as possible before allowing your children to exit the car.

Students have now been told that they are not to ride their bikes on campus and must demount from their bikes on entry to the College grounds. Riding on campus is dangerous for both pedestrians and cyclists.

There will be no parking at the Junior School and Learning Commons construction sites from today as hoarding will be installed around these areas.

College Street Entrance closure

From Monday 26 February, the College will be closing the College Street entrance between 10.30 am – 2 pm. This will provide safe access for Junior School students to cross to the ovals. All visitors to the College will need to enter the campus via Haydon Drive during these times.

Electronic Communications Group

The Senior Executive met for a two-day retreat at the College during the summer holiday period. It was an excellent opportunity to review our strategic plan, examine our school improvement plan, review our plans for ICT and examine the results of the most recent MMG survey.

Mr Tony Pfeiffer, Managing Director of MMG, guided us through the results of the survey, highlighting other schools against which we are benchmarked and areas where we scored well and areas we need to work towards improvements.

Again, last year, Communications, in particular Radford Online (ROL), did not fare well in the survey. In particular, the open-ended responses highlighted parent frustration at using ROL, despite the fact that we had attempted to make some improvement over the course of 2017.

As a result of this feedback, it has been decided that the College will now set up a review of electronic communications within the College. The electronic communications group (ECG) will be chaired by Simon Wallace and will include Junior School and Secondary School leaders, Tracey Markovic and Bill Weigall, as well as people whose portfolio is spread across the College, including Lisa Plenty, Carl Flanagan, Mick Bunworth and Susan Davenport.

The group's threefold charter is:

  • What is the most appropriate platform/s for electronic communication?
  • What information is provided where?
  • Who is responsible for making sure the information is up-to-date and easily navigable?

 I will inform the wider community as details of this group’s work comes to hand.

Radford Foundation Scholarship
The Radford Foundation opened applications for its inaugural student scholarship on Monday.

The first two-year scholarship will be offered to one new student commencing Year 11 in 2019.

The Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and whose financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

Further details are available here and I encourage Radford community members to spread the word about this initiative. Applications close at 4 pm on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Radford 35th Anniversary Ball
A reminder that tickets are on sale for the P&F 35th Anniversary Ball on 7 April 2018. It should be a wonderful community event and I hope to see many of you there on the night. Click for invitation and booking details.

2017 Year 12 results publication
In December, the College released a publication celebrating the Year 12 results for the Class of 2017.

That publication has been updated with further data that recently became available and you can read it here.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

How much faith is enough?

20 February 2018

A transformative model of faith in the face of the abyss


“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:3-5

 I recently had an encounter with a remarkable woman. I am not the same. She faced extreme hardship with an unworldly grace and dignity. The encounter was not momentary but over an extended period. On her lips were the simple words: ‘I am a believer’. Some, especially those involved in organised religion, often understand faith as a construction made of rivet and weld, something so solid and firm as to carry great loads and even passing trucks. What strikes me about these constructions is that they cease to become faith and are feats of personal piety that lead to pride, not trust. Remember, this is not what Jesus talks about. Jesus talks about tiny things, mustard seeds, pin-pricks of possibility that are enough to move mountains. Remember too, faith, by definition, is not certainty. That is why it is called faith. 

So in this encounter I found a woman hanging by an elegant wisp of a thread - no bigger than a single spider’s weave – and it was enough for her to say ‘amen’, it was enough for her to be anchored, enough even for her to surrender her entire weight. This elegant thread came without the language of church or artefact of religion. This faith simply trusted, plainly, un-anxiously. I found this compelling. In a wonderfully perplexing way, I encountered faith whose effectiveness was inversely proportional to its mass. It was like holding in your hand a seed but feeling the weight of the entire tree, fully grown. Faith was simple, fragile trust. It was a leaning one’s whole weight backwards, trusting the thread and finding it enough, even while hovering above the abyss of the unknown, darkness, even death, ready to engulf and swallow. 

I received a transformative lesson from this remarkable woman on so many levels, including what Jesus might have been pointing to when speaking of the poor in spirit, the suffering, the meek.  

This faith does not describe a pre-condition, a trigger that releases God’s love. It simply describes how the abyss is to be navigated. The abyss is not overcome by personal strength, or intelligence or capabilities. It is navigated with the assistance of another, the Other. The unconditional love of God is freely given and trustworthy. God’s love gently and surely honours the fragility of the tiniest, faintest threads. Herein lies the kingdom of heaven and the inheritance of the earth.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News - 21 Feb 18

21 February 2018

Camps, reading challenge, leave and parent liaison

Dates to Remember

Thursday 22 Feb

JS Reading Challenge outcome

Wednesday 6 March

Year 3-6 Swim Carnival

Friday 9 March

Grandfriends Day


Parents of students in Years 3 and 5 will be aware that this year is camp year for their children. Whilst costs are billed to your annual fees and therefore paid across the year to assist families, I simply wanted to remind our Year 3 and 5 families that Year 3 camp is Thursday 25 to Friday 26 October, and Year 5 Camp is Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 September, which the final week of Term 3.  As camp is a compulsory part of our program, please don’t plan early holidays during the term period.

Reading Challenge and Colour Run
I am looking forward to celebrating another challenge loss through a colour run, and sharing the run with staff and students. Towels and raincoats may be best practice for Thursday’s trip home, so that your cars are not coloured. I am worried that I can no longer run as fast as may be needed. In saying that, I thank you all for your support.

Before School
I thank everyone for your support to date in how we start our day. We have teachers on duty from 8.15 am (earlier than most schools) and a new Before School program also. Please remember to wait for our teachers to arrive at 8.15 am before leaving your children, as this is when our legal duty of care commences.

Parent Liaison
I write seeking interest for our class parent liaisons 2018.   

In the words of a former parent liaison the ROLE is:

  • to facilitate interaction between parents to develop and foster a sense of community around the class and school.
  • to support parent-teacher interactions through discussion about, and reminders of, future class activities and events.

The role is truly important in linking our families which each other and fostering a sense of community around the class. If you are up for ‘friend raising’, connections and positives about us, please indicate this to Beth Maggs (beth.maggs@radford.act.edu.au) by Tuesday 27 February. We will then meet to discuss the role together.

Each year our parent liaisons seek to build our community better through a number of year level or whole school events. For example, the idea of the 35th Anniversary Ball, to be held in April, grew from our liaison group.

Important: our parent liaisons will be given a list of email addresses for their class.  If you would prefer that we DO NOT release your email address to the Parent Liaison Representative, please email beth.maggs@radford.act.edu.au by Monday 26 February. 

Requesting Leave
A component of our Registration is that we must be able to show that students who are absent for more than two days for non-medical concerns have sought leave prior to the absence. A simple e-mail request to the Head of School is all that is required, and we will get back to you.

Great to see so many Junior School families at our P& F welcome evening last Friday. The kangaroos were a little quieter than our previous year. The Colour Run shapes as a tougher challenge for me.

Take care


George Huitker with (L) Dr David Mulford and (R) Mr Phillip Heath

H for History #3 – past Principals

20 February 2018

H visits past principals Dr Mulford and Mr Heath

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

[George Huiker is preparing an updated history of Radford, as it is fifteen years since the first Radford history, A Matter of Choice by Jenny Murphy, was written.]


Fancy being sent to the principal’s office twice in one week, and in both cases, leaving with a smile.

While researching for the school history, I was fortunate to spend time recently with two former principals - David Mulford and Phillip Heath - and find out what they are up to, as well as hear their recollections of time spent at the steering wheel of the good ship Radford. While I will keep most of these recollections for the book, I thought I’d share some reflections as a teaser for what is to come.

Since leaving Radford in 2008, Dr David Mulford has been the Headmaster of Newington College, an all-boys K-12 independent school in Sydney. At Newington, Dr Mulford has been characteristically building: leading organisational and developmental reform, overseeing new construction works, and furthering the implementation of new technology into boys’ education. Dr Mulford took me for a guided tour of his stately school, founded in 1863, specifically the impressive drama facilities; some of the more historic buildings, meeting rooms and galleries; and an eye-opening archive room. (I was fascinated by a door from a 1960s classroom from the, adorned with etchings and graffiti from nearly half a century ago.)

Dr David Mulford with Newington archives

Of his time at Radford, Dr Mulford acknowledged educator David Loader’s analogy of the principal as the “ringmaster”, his job being to “...promote the stars – the students and staff; organise so that things run smoothly; get out of the way of the main acts and orchestrate the applause. Appointment of great staff was a crucial role for me.” He was effusive about the pioneering spirit of the school, acknowledging many past staff and board members; he admired the careful balance between academic, pastoral, co-curricular and spiritual; and felt strongly that a "sense of community" has never left the college and remains one of its biggest assets. “The pastoral arm would wrap around anyone who was struggling.” When I pushed him for a lasting memory, he mentioned how students often would dance through the aisles at assembly. (I assured him this was a practice that had not been extinguished.) “Everyone was known. There was a genuine interest. You could be quirky. You could be different. You could still be part of a Radford feel. It was just a lovely school to be at."

Phillip Heath, still with a seemingly endless and generous supply of chocolate amphibians, has been the Head at Barker College since leaving Radford in 2013. Like Newington, Barker College was founded in the 19th century and was similarly a joy to visit and perambulate through its venerable environs. It would not be a surprise to hear that while overseeing a vast and thriving campus in Hornsby, Mr Heath has been  concurrently building relationships with Aboriginal communities “in a respectful spirit of mutual support and reconciliation”, both close to home (with the Darkinjung people at Yarramalong: http://darkinjungbarker.nsw.edu.au), and extending into the Northern Territory (through the formation of the Jedda Academy for the Education of Young Girls on the Utopia Homelands: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-27/barker-college-plans-for-aboriginal-girls-academy-in-utopia/8610654).

Like Dr Mulford, Mr Heath also celebrated the pioneering spirit of the college, particularly the enviable learning culture which he traces “all the way back to Molly Brownbill”, the college’s first Director of Studies (a role now known as Director of Teaching and Learning), and former Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School, John Leyshon. “Those pioneering people set that culture in place, notably in the Senior School. It was unbelievably resilient and robust.” He also had positive memories of the staff and student body: “the kids... have lashings of grit - they didn’t mind getting their hands dirty and didn’t object to the school expecting that they would contribute like that.” Some of his many and warm memories revolve around the performing arts.  Phillip directed West Side Story and The Pirates of Penzance in the Senior School, and Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat for the Junior School during his time at Radford, and his memory extends beyond the floorboards and the greasepaint: “Kids who had performed, and sometimes performed all night long, would get the costume off and would strike the set, stack the chairs away, and put themselves on the end of a broom, often with no adults shouting at them to make them do that. Where does that come from?” He warmly mentions Dirrum Dirrum’s emerging voice, the creative risks taken in the Year 12 Revue, wacky whole-school relays at The Big Splash, the continuing story of the Junior School and its expansion, and the growth of service learning as among many reasons why Radford College is “in such a strong place in the ACT”. 

A lot more was shared in these two interviews and will be detailed in the school history. Should you wish to bring my attention to events, memories, contributions and people salient to our college’s 35-year existence, please do not hesitate to contact me at George.Huitker@Radford.act.edu.au

Applications open for Foundation scholarship

Foundation Scholarship applications close tomorrow

14 March 2018

Applications period extended to 4pm Thursday 15 March 2018.


The Radford Foundation is delighted to announce that applications for its inaugural student scholarship are now open.

The first two-year scholarship will be offered to one new student commencing Year 11 in 2019.

The Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this two-page application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by  4 pm on Thursday 15 March 2018 (24-hour extension on previously publicised deadline).

    1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
    2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
    3. Passport-sized photo.

Short-listed applicants will then be required to complete a financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2019 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2018.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 6200.

Image for article: P&F Annual General Meeting

P&F Annual General Meeting

14 February 2018

New AGM date 8 March, committee nominations open now

Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 8 March - revised date
Time: 7.00 pm
Location: RA Young Hall

The business of the meeting is:

(I) confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
(II) presentation by the President of an Annual Report on the affairs of the Association and the Association’s activities for the last 12 months
(III) presentation by the Treasurer of the audited financial statements
(IV) election of the Management Committee for the ensuing year
(V) appointment of an auditor.

Ana Thomson


Nomination form

Participation in the P&F committee is an opportunity for parents to contribute to and engage with the Radford school community in a meaningful way. The P&F provides a forum to represent the interests of Radford parents and also mechanisms for social engagement by the community. Additionally, the P&F facilitates a number of fundraising activities to further contribute and extend the range of facilities available to our children.

In 2018 a number of positions are available for parents who are interested in joining the P&F and we welcome new members through the process of the AGM.

Nominations are open. Please email the completed 2018 nomination form to p&f@radford.act.edu.au or submit the form to Main Reception by 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018. Closing date for nominations is 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the P&F or obtain further information about what is involved in participation on the committee, please feel free to email the P&F President, Sarah Jennett or phone 0412 993 093.

Members of Golding and Bernard families in the Loire Valley

Hosting opens a world of possibilities

13 February 2018

Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

Express your interest in becoming a Radford host family

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

The Languages Department offers many opportunities for students to contexualise their language learning by interacting with native speakers. These include employing Language Assistants from China, France and Japan, several sister school relationships, and exchange programs. It is through the support of Radford families hosting visiting students and Language Assistants that we are able to provide these opportunities. 

Why should your family consider becoming a host family? The world opens up the minute you start conversing in other languages. Language learning is not just communication, it exposes you to new cultures and facilitates connecting with people. I know through my own language learning I have gained a greater appreciation of other cultures and forged life-long friendships. Other benefits include: 

  • Learning more about your own culture
  • Promoting mutual understanding between people and cultures
  • Understanding cultural traditions and a different way of life
  • Helping a student achieve their dream of learning about Australia
  • Expanding your family’s horizons
  • Creating lifelong memories and friendships. 

de Bortoli family and exchange students

The following paragraphs detail the hosting experience of two Radford families:

The impacts on our family from being involved in a foreign language exchange have been profound and far reaching. Hosting a French student from Le Mans in 2011 has resulted in wonderful opportunities in terms of culture exchange, travel, friendships and education. After hosting Cyril in 2011, his family hosted our eldest son later that year. His younger brother was also able to stay with us on exchange two years later. As families, we have visited and travelled together several times over the past seven years and also acted as a secure base for each other’s sons as they have studied or worked abroad for several months at a time. We had no idea of the extent to which hosting an exchange would transform our lives by enriching our cultural understanding, and by providing our sons with a view of the world and their futures unbound by nationality or distance. 

–   the Golding family 

Our family found hosting students from Japan and China to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

As both our children were hosted and treated with much kindness when they visited Japan and China, we were delighted to be able to show the same hospitality to the students that stayed with us.

We maintain contact with them and are looking forward to the possibility of hosting Matthew’s Japanese host student’s younger brother when he visits Radford in 2019. 

The LOTE teachers organise many events and excursions for the exchange students during school hours. Whilst able to maintain a normal weekly routine, we spent quality time with the students as well as having the opportunity on the weekend to show them Canberra sights.

We would highly recommend Radford families open their homes and hearts to exchange students as it is such a positive experience for both the host family and the visiting students.

–   the de Bortoli family

If you are interested in hosting, please complete the short expression of interest through the link following: http://bit.ly/2DX1Dbc


Mrs Godfrey welcomes visiting French students and teachers

Visitors from our French Sister School

20 February 2018

Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

We welcome students, teachers and the Principal of Lycée Notre Dame

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

On Monday we welcomed 12 students and two teachers from our sister school, Lycée Notre Dame in Le Mans, France. During their stay they will be hosted by Radford families of students in Years 10-12. This is the fifth reciprocal visit between our schools and we are looking forward to welcoming the Principal of Lycée Notre Dame, Monsieur Xavier Leroy, on 23 February.

My thanks go to Mesdames Bateman and Lefebvre for their efforts in organising the host families and a comprehensive program that allows the French students to experience school life and Australian culture.


These sister school reciprocal programs, and our wider languages exchange programs, provide our students an excellent opportunity to contexualise the learning undertaken in classes. If you are interested in becoming a host family for future short or long term exchanges, please express your interest via this link. It is with the kind support of Radford families that we are able to continue these programs.




Image for article: New uniform items

New uniform items

20 February 2018

Uniform Shop

New sports jerseys and other uniform items

Visit the Perm-A-Pleat new uniform shop page

Radford is pleased to announce the introduction of the new co-curricular sporting uniforms, to be worn from Term 2.  The College has removed the requirement of parents to purchase jerseys, as these will be loaned to players for Basketball, Rugby and Football for the season at no charge.  This will reduce the cost to parents of uniforms and expedite the process of providing numbered jerseys to the high number of players. New football/basketball shorts will be phased in, available for purchase at the Uniform Shop. Basketball players may continue to wear current basketball shorts, football players will need to wear football/basketball shorts, not their PE shorts. 

Players must return their jerseys laundered and in good condition at the end of the season.  Reimbursement will be required for lost jerseys.  Players in Firsts teams may retain their jersey, at no charge. 

Netball dresses can be purchased from the Uniform Shop, player bibs will be provided at no charge by the Sports Department.

New jerseys

New uniform items introduced from 2017 are a winter jacket, beanie, scarf and cap.  In response to parent/student feedback, a new short sock item has now also been introduced, and female-fit PE shorts are available. 







Image for article: Radfood Canteen Update

Radfood Canteen Update

20 February 2018

Radfood Canteen

Welcome to 2018 to new and existing Radford families.

Welcome to 2018 to new and existing Radford families. Radfood Canteen looks forward to providing students and staff with appealing, nutritious and fun food options throughout the year.

A reminder that all lunch orders need to be ordered through Flexischools Radford’s online lunch-ordering system (see below for using this system). Orders need to be completed by 10 am on the date of ordering. Recurring and advance orders can also be placed. If you wish to cancel an order after it has been placed (for example, if your child is ill), please phone Radfood Canteen on 6162 6255 before 10 am if possible.

Canteen prices have largely remained unchanged over the past few years, however, the increasing cost of food across all produce areas means that this is no longer sustainable and Radfood Canteen has reluctantly been forced to raise the price of some items. You can be assured that Radfood Canteen always strives to provide a high-quality product for students to enjoy at a reasonable price.

Canteen menus are available on the College website
Additional canteen items are available to order online from Flexischools.
Feedback on services provided by the canteen is welcomed to canteen@radford.act.edu.au

Secondary School:
8.00 am – 1.40 pm, Monday–Friday
Junior School: Over-the-counter sales, lunchtime, Tuesday–Friday. Lunch orders are available every day.

Order and pay for your child’s school lunch from home or on your mobile.

Step 1: Register
Go to flexischools.com.au from your computer or mobile device. Login or register for an account and add your students to get started.

Step 2: Top-up
Top-up your account using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or by direct deposit. We recommend topping up your account by $20. We'll email you a reminder when your account is running low.

To ensure that your student always has funds available, we recommend setting an automatic top-up from your credit card. You choose what the trigger amount will be and how much to add each time. For example: You can choose to set your account to automatically top up by $20 whenever the balance is below $10.

Step 3: Order and Pay
Order from the canteen menu available on the Flexischools website. Be sure that your child’s class is correct to ensure they receive their lunch in a timely manner and to avoid confusion. Credit card details are processed securely by Westpac Bank. Flexischools does not record or store any credit card details.

Step 4: Review or Edit
Your order is now shown on the first screen along with your students. You can view, change or cancel the orders later by logging in again. You can also create a repeat order out of an existing order.

Convenience: Order and pay for a range of school activities from home or your mobile device.
Safer than cash: Removes the need for your child to carry cash at school.
Peace of mind: Order online and enjoy the peace of mind that your order has been received complete, correct and fully paid.
Free registration: Registering for an account is easy and free.
Reliable and secure: Flexischools has processed over 24 million orders throughout Australia and NZ.  



Parent Paperwork is changing to EdSmart

Parent Paperwork has relaunched as EdSmart

21 February 2018

Excursion permissions: same process, different name

The College’s use of Parent Paperwork enables parents to provide electronic permission for their children to attend excursions. We thank you for your support in ensuring a smooth transition to this efficient system of paperless permissions.

Parent Paperwork has changed name and branding to EdSmart. The excursion tile on ROL reflects this change of name.  EdSnart

Please note:

  • The experience of using the electronic permissions system will remain the same, however, forms will now carry the EdSmart logo.  
  • Email notifications will be sent 'From EdSmart'.
  • Passwords and logins will remain the same.
  • Web traffic will be redirected to EdSmart.com
  • To ensure that you receive up-to-date email notifications of excursions, please confirm that Parent Paperwork / EdSmart notifications are not automatically archived in your email ‘junk’ or ‘clutter’ folders. 


Jennifer Kerr, CAS Hawker Scholarship winner

Jennifer Kerr (2017), CAS Hawker Scholarship winner

21 February 2018

Justine Molony, Communications Officer

The College congratulates Jennifer Kerr on this prestigious recognition of her achievements

As Radford’s 2017 graduates scatter across the country and the globe, good news often filters back. It’s gratifying when the news affirms students’ efforts during the grueling endurance event that is Year 12. Jennifer Kerr’s recent award of the prestigious 2018 CAS Hawker Scholarship confirms that a well-rounded approach to senior study is the key to post-secondary success. Jennifer balanced work and leisure, putting in and giving back, and her results reflect her commitment.

The CAS Hawker Scholarship was established to perpetuate the memory of the scholar, soldier, pastoralist and statesman Charles Allan Seymour Hawker. Each three-year residential scholarship is valued at up to $60,000. As one of the four recipients, Jennifer will spend the next three years living at Burgmann College and studying at the ANU. It is with great delight and pride that Radford celebrates Jennifer’s success. Below, Jennifer reflects on her Y12 journey and the future she will be working towards while at university.

How have you spent the summer?

After graduating Year 12, I spent most of the summer working selling school uniforms (the irony). I also spent time having fun and relaxing with my friends and family. We went to Lord Howe Island, enjoying snorkelling, bushwalking and cycling. I visited Sydney and Adelaide for a couple of days for the Scholarship interview. I completed my first aquathon, brushed up on my cooking skills and went on lots of picnics.

Have you always been drawn to the humanities as a field of study?

Yes, for most of high school I’ve had a keen interest in government policy, social issues and history. The humanities teach us to think critically and logically with subjective and imperfect information. While my main passions lie in this area of studies, I have also been interested in science. I really enjoyed learning STEM subjects at Radford, and I considered doing science at uni.

Do you have an ultimate career goal?

I would like to work either in politics directly or in the public service. Working in departments such as Foreign Affairs and Trade or Prime Minister and Cabinet would be amazing.

Do you believe that your involvement in different aspects of College life enhanced your experience and contributed to your success?

Definitely, it’s really important to maintain a balance of academics and co-curricular. Sport and service provided a much-needed break from studying throughout Year 12, both being great stress relievers. Many highlights of my time at Radford come from service and sport. Opportunities such as the l’Arche disco and OzHarvest are fantastic ways to get involved in the community and are really enjoyable. The G Trip was truly an eye-opening experience that has inspired me to, either directly or indirectly, come back and work with the communities we visited. The service activities I undertook at Radford influenced my desire to engage in policy reform as a future career.

In what way will the CAS Hawker Scholarship benefit your tertiary studies?

The scholarship will be of vast benefit in supporting my tertiary studies. It has inspired me to look for ways to participate and contribute to the local community and Australia following in the footsteps of Charles Hawker. The scholarship enables me to live on campus at ANU, allowing me to be more involved with the university and college community. My college also has many third-year and post-graduate students that can provide academic mentoring and support. More broadly the scholarship assists me with networking and working towards further opportunities in the future.

Jennifer Kerr, CAS Hawker Scholarship winner (3rd from left), is making travel plansIs travel a part of your plans during the next few years?

A big part of the next few years for me will be working and saving to go overseas. I hope to backpack across Western Europe, and I would also love to go to Sri Lanka.

What clubs and societies are you interested in joining at university?

I am planning on building on the co-curricular I did at Radford. However, I am hoping to broaden my horizons by trying new activities. I regret not trying more new sports at Radford and going out of my comfort zone. I’m going to use my opportunities at uni to do this. I now live at Burgmann College and will be participating in lots of the college sports teams, ideally, road running relay, basketball, AFL, Inward Bound and tennis. I am also hoping to really get involved with the wider ANU community with plans to join the snowsports, mountaineering, swimming, and tennis teams. Outside of sport I plan on also joining the International Relations Society, the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Society, and the Volunteering Society.

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Junior School Basketball

Sports Report, 21 February 2018

21 February 2018

Winter Sports Registrations, JS Sport, Cricket, Netball, School Sports ACT

NOTICE: Winter Sports Registrations close this week THURSDAY 22 February. Students need to be registered to be eligible for the winter season.

Junior School Sport

It was fantastic to see all of Kindergarten to Year 6 students enjoy their first Friday of organised Sport, spread across the Radford campus. Students were fortunate to experience a variety of new sports in their classes with highly qualified and experienced coaches, including Director of Rugby Steve Larkham who was on hand to teach the students new skills. The Junior School was certainly buzzing and it was exciting to see so many active students having fun.

Junior School Sports

Sports included: Dance, Soccer, Touch Football, Basketball and Tennis


Radford U13 Division 1 Cricket team into the finals

by Mark Slater

The Radford U13 Division 1 Cricket team will play in the T20 grand dinal and a semifinals of the 30-Over Competition, both against the strong Norths Blue team. The boys have played some tough, competitive cricket this season and a place in both finals is their reward for team cohesion, skill and effort. They have been exemplary representatives of Radford College.

T20 Competition

14 February: Radford 4/176 (Jonty 29 rtno, Darcy 27 rtno, Joey 27 rtno, Nikhil 23 rtno, Clancy 17 rtno, Patrick 16, 

Jake 11 rtno) defeated Ginninderra 60 (Gen 1/0, Curtis 1/9, Nikhil 1/10, Will 1/11, Joey 1/15)

3 February: Radford 2/97 (Jonty 19 rtno, Nikhil 19 rtno) defeated Marist Navy 51 ( Jake 3/3, James 2/11, Will 1/5, Nikhil 2/6)

30-Over Competition

17 February: Radford 6/148 (Jonty 28 rtno, Joey 21 no, Jake rtno 18, Gen 15 rtno, Nikhil 13 no, James rtno 11, Clancy 10) defeated CGS 139 (Jake 4/16, Gen 1//5, Joey 1/7, Nikhil 1/15, Clancy 1/25)

10 February; Radford 3/152 (Jonty 26 rtno, Clancy 26 rtno, Darcy 24 rtno, Joey 22 rtno, Gen 17 rtno, Curtis 12, Will 12) defeated Daramalan (Darcy 2/5, Jonty 2/10, Clancy 1/5, Nikhil 1/8, James 1/12, Joey 1/15)


Pre-Season training sessions are being held for players in Years 7–12. Come along to a session!

3.45–5.00 pm Monday 19 Feb – CADETS (Y10–12)
3.45–5.00 pm Monday 26 Feb – CADETS (Y10–12)

3.45–5.00 pm Wednesday 21 Feb – INTERS (Y7–9)
3.45–5.00 pm Wednesday 28 Feb – INTERS (Y7–9)

Additional Netball Trials – Intermediates

Due to the large numbers of players, a second round of trials for this age group will be held in Week 3.

3.45–5.00 pm 

Selections will be based on performances in the two trial sessions and, therefore, it is important to attend both trials. Please let the Sport Office know if you are unable to attend: sport@radford.act.edu.au

School Sports ACT

Registrations are open for various sports. For details of trials and to view the calendar, please go to: https://www.schoolsportact.asn.au/

NSW State Championships Regatta

Rowing Report, 21 February 2018

21 February 2018

Annie Creer, Captain of Boats

NSW State Championships Regatta

By Annie Creer, Captain of Boats

Last weekend some of Radford’s finest rowers were chosen to compete at Sydney’s prestigious three-day NSW State Championship Regatta. The event attracted a field of top-quality rowers from schools and clubs from all around Australia.

Notable stand outs from the weekend include:

The crew of Nicola Greenland, Annie Creer, Jacinta Buckman, Lily Smith-Saarinen, coxed by Spencer Burns lead their race from the first 500 metres to win gold in the NSW Championship Schoolgirl Quad.

The Senior Boys A quad (Daniel Majchrzak, Fin Sullivan, Noah Sampson and John Baker coxed by Patrick Morrison) fought to the line, clinching a bronze medal only 0.5 seconds off silver medallists Kinross Wolaroi. This same combination of rowers went on to compete in  the U19 coxless quad final in which they finished fifth. This was a good effort for a crew that has only recently begun rowing a coxless boat.

Ethan Toscan, Sam Roberts, Damien Schroder and Lissie Gregory flew the flag for Radford in the U16 and U17 single-scull events. Ethan and Sam rowed valiantly in their fourth race of the day to finish seventh and eighth in the final. Lissie competed in a heat, semifinal and final all within the space of a few hours and did incredibly well to finish fifth in the final. This was a tremendous effort on a typical hot, humid Penrith day. These were Lissie’s and Damien’s first races over a full 2000-metre course.

Nicola Greenland and Annie Creer competed in the red-hot U19 single-scull event, taking on competitors from Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT. Both girls made the finals and teamed together to finish sixth in the U19 double sculls. This was a great result in a field that had Australian Junior team representatives as well as club and university athletes.

On Sunday, some of the rowing program’s upcoming talent joined the older athletes at Sydney International Rowing Course. James Parkinson, Angus Abbott, Sam Roberts and Ethan Toscan with their cox, Liam Kenneally, competed in the U16 coxed quad, finishing a tight sixth in the final.

Radford’s athletes managed this weekend of tough racing in scorching temperatures with great endurance. It is certain that all crews will return to Canberra with more racing knowledge and a new focus for the next two weeks of Head of the River events. 

NSW State Championships Regatta

Thank you to the coaches for being alongside us throughout the weekend. Radford’s participation in the event would not have been possible without the tireless work of Technical Director Vicky Spencer and the incredible efforts of the FoRR in feeding the famished rowers.

Concert Band in rehearsal at Music Camp 2018

Music Camp 2018

21 February 2018

Kirsten Knight, Acting Head of Co-Curricular Music

A weekend of rehearsals and recreation

By Kirsten Knight, Acting Head of Co-Curricular Music

On the weekend of 16–18 February, the College's top three Co-curricular music groups attended Radford's annual Music Camp at Greenhills Conference Centre on the Cotter Road. The 75 or so members of the Bernstein Band, Corelli Chamber String Orchestra and Camerata Choir rehearsed tirelessly throughout the weekend to kickstart progress on their Term 1 repertoire.

Camerata and Corelli used most of their time to learn some of the beautiful pieces they will present at our 'Justice' themed Foundation Day Concert on Friday 6 April at the High Court of Australia. Chorale attended the camp throughout the day on Saturday to rehearse the items they will singing at this event. One of the pieces that will be featured in the Foundation Day Concert is a work that the Radford Music Department commissioned to be written by Radford Collegian, Sophie Van Dijk. The performance on 6 April will be the world premiere of this evocative work.

There was a lot of fun had outside of rehearsal times too. On Saturday evening the water-play activities on the oval descended into recreational chaos as everyone cooled off at the end of a long, hot day. Then the Music Captains delivered an evening of entertainment at the traditional trivia night. It was magical to witness the forming of friendships and bonds between students from Year 7 to Year 12.

Fun at Music Camp 2018

The camp concluded with a short concert with all three groups demonstrating some of the work they had done over the intensive weekend and finishing with a performance by all campers singing 'Festival Sanctus'. My thanks go to all the staff who assisted with supervision and rehearsals, as well as to Greenhills for offering us such a serene venue for our musicians to enjoy.

Soraya Sullivan has been recognised as a dancer of skill and artistry

A dancer of distinction

21 February 2018

The great ballet schools of Europe beckon Soraya Sullivan

In January, Soraya Sullivan (Y6) attended a Summer Intensive Training Program in Bondi, Sydney, with Russian Ballet International. During this program, students ranging in age from 8 to 18 were instructed by master ballet teachers from the Russian Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Students were assessed for their technical skill, artistry and overall potential, with those dancers that showed the greatest promise being offered a place at the Russian Ballet International summer training program in Italy. A select few of these outstanding young dancers were also offered a placement of up to five weeks at the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.

After a long week of hard (but fun) work, Soraya was delighted to receive an offer to attend both the Italian and Russian programs, and will travel to Florence and Urbino in Italy and Moscow in July this year to take up these remarkable opportunities. In addition, Soraya has accepted the offer of a short-term scholarship to the Dutch National Ballet Academy, and will be joining them during the Term 1 school holidays.

Congratulations to Soraya on this recognition of her remarkable skills as a dancer.



APFACTS - Newsletter 14 Feb 2018

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