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Image for article: Reflection from the Head of Junior School

Reflection from the Head of Junior School

27 February 2018

We're excited about the year ahead!

As the proverb says: just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly.

With a wonderful new building and student facility, a new leadership team, new families, familiar families, new staff and our PYP evaluation year, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to grow and embed our culture and our climate. To embed our learning community with our learners through our teaching and learning approach.

Our Junior School has started well in 2018. We are seeing exciting changes within, whilst being aware of the opportunities that lie ahead. During our first days we have been discussing one set goal for us this year. One goal that may best describe how we will continue to grow as a safe, happy and challenging place for all our learners, no matter their age! To do this it does indeed take a “village approach”.

We are looking to “teams engaging and empowering the whole child within our PYP school”.
A worthy goal, but why, and how might this look?

As Phil Jackson, former American professional basketball player and coach said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”. In fact research indicates that extraordinary teams achieve extraordinary outcomes.

  • We are working to challenge our students and staff to build their teams from groups, to classes, to year levels, to Stage levels, to Whole School and College levels.
  • We are challenging current trends where teams seek to work as friendship groups only, instead we seek different perspectives, opinions, voices and personalities, professional learning teams.
  • Above all, we seek to retain and develop a community sense of belonging, of being known, within an age-appropriate approach.

We are working together, co-teaching, assessing, sharing, supporting, continuing to meet individual needs within a team.

Engaging and empowering
When we tell learners to complete an assignment or worksheet, we get compliance. In our setting, when we engage and empower our learners to investigate and follow up, we can impact upon tomorrow as we inspire thinkers and problem-solvers.

  • To enrich and personalise learning, we must engage today’s students, scaffold deep teaching and learning.
  • We build a sense of belonging when students are engaged and not just compliant.
    Our wonderful teaching staff must be challenged to catch those ”aha” moments, critical individual teaching moments.

With tremendous learning spaces we must continue to develop how we teach to develop within our spaces, and not simply focus on a factory approach.

Whole Child
Educator, author and musician Elizabeth Barkley states, “Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing”. We must continue to develop both soft and hard skills.

  • Our wellbeing program continues to grow, continues to support the whole child.
  • A focus upon individual development can build a sense of belonging.

Educator Lyn Sharratt in her book FACES reminds us that we are a community of individuals. We must always put faces to our data, make it real and personal.  We can never forget to celebrate intrinsic growth. We must hold to “Colour Runs” when Reading Challenges are met!

We have a talented teaching staff, as I strongly acknowledged in our 2017 Awards Afternoon. In 2018 we are moving to promote a stronger understanding of protocols to support our program and goal.

  • We have developed a “Learning Sequence” where teachers ignite curiosity and lesson intention, before moving to explore further in appropriate groupings and critical teaching moments, before coming together again to review and reflect a common understanding.
  • We have further protocols to support our behaviour, collaboration and class agreements to best allow a sense of belonging, of being heard and of challenging ourselves.
  • We will seek to observe and support the above from a student eye, rather than a teacher focus.

You can’t help but be excited about our year ahead.  Welcome to being a butterfly!


"The Baptism of the Christ", by Daniel Bonnell

Reflection: pathways to the spiritual life

26 February 2018

Living offers two journeys: from life to death and from death to life

By Father Richard Browning

Living offers two journeys, one is from life to death. This we did not choose and all of us take, like it or not. The other, from death to life, is a spiritual journey, a pathway not all are given to undergo.
(A paraphrase from Rev. Dr Wayne Brighton’s first sermon as Rector at Holy Covenant, Jamison 25 Feb 18.) 

The key to understanding this spiritual journey is easy to say. It’s not so easy to practise. It is easy to say ‘if you want to have, then let go’. Or as Jesus put it in Matthew 16:25, save your own life and you will lose it, ‘but lose your life for Christ’s sake and you shall find it’. Without any hint of smugness or pride, the key that unlocks the spiritual journey of death to life is pragmatic. Holding and keeping is the dance of the endless death throe. Loosening and letting go – at first an act of seeming self-harm – are the early steps of lightness that lead to life. 

The earliest proclamation was very simple: Jesus is the crucified Messiah. But more than a banner, the crucified one is the way. Following Jesus is a practice of letting go of the thrall of death and finding service, forgiveness, openness, hospitality, generosity, self-donation, sacrifice and giving to be the footfalls of the spiritual journey that draws our animal flesh towards soul-full abundance. Not in some heavenly afterlife, by the way, but in this visceral present reality. Jesus unlocks the eyes of our hearts to welcome and embrace this way. 

A reader questioned me after last week’s post. ‘You paint a picture of faith as a thread to hang on to in the last days of life. What is the point of the Christian life then, if you can just pop a parachute at the end and hang onto God’s grace?’ 

Hmm. Firstly, the spiritual life is not concerned with a reward at journey’s end. The spiritual life IS the reward, found here in the midst of embodied living. If there was any envy behind the question – ‘the blighter got the best of both worlds’ – then there is a false grasp of the life of faith. 

But I didn’t hear envy. The reader was asking about something deeper. Beyond a lived life of abundance ‘acquired’ by foregoing self (yes that still sounds bizarre), what is faith’s mission? This is my answer. The work of the followers in the Way (the learners of Jesus) is to be in the world for the rising and healing of the whole. Jesus paints this picture, it is like leaven in the dough that makes the loaf rise. So as yeast is in the dough, so the people of God are in the world. Our being in the world is for the rising of the whole. 

The Christian vocation is for the good of all and the raising of the whole. That God chooses to work with the small, the tiny, the vulnerable, those who have acquired ‘lightness’ in order to lift the whole dang lot is mystifying. But this is faith’s vocation. It is not because the whole dang lot is judged to be expendable. It is because the whole dang lot is loved and worthy of being made whole, and this is how the crucified One chooses to be in the world. 

I welcome more questions. 

Our prayers:

Dear God. Syria. Myanmar. Sudan. Refugees.
Dear God. Refugees and all who flee in search of sanctuary. 


Image credit: Daniel Bonnell, The Baptism of the Christ


ABC Journalist Kia Handley with George Huitker

H is for History #4 – Kia Handley

26 February 2018

H interviews ABC journalist, Collegian Kia Handley

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning and College Historian

I cast Kia Handley as the Cowardly Lion in a wacky version of The Wizard of Oz way back in 2005. “That was the coolest thing I did,” she now recalls, although it may not have been so cool in the costume we provided. “I lost a lot of weight in the lion-suit,” she added - and for which I deeply apologise.

2005 cast of Wizard of Oz, Kia Handley as lion

Wondering if my casting was serendipitous, Kia assured me that the symbol of the lion has been one that has remained with her through time and that her exciting, if not courageous, post-school career as a journalist with the ABC has allowed her to indeed roar on behalf of the quiet battlers of our nation. Kia is presently stationed in Port Macquarie as a producer and presenter on New South Wales Statewide Drive program. 

Kia at the podium for ABC initiative HeywireKia is the sort of journalist who seeks to “be in the areas of Australia where we are not good at telling stories” and she remembers fondly talking to “real people” she has met along "the coastal fringe and out of the city". Not that she hasn’t had many intriguing and possibly unforgettable brushes with people of fame. I asked about Oz rockers and she confirmed Bernard Fanning and James Reyne - it is just that the stories of people often found away from the spotlight have inspired her and her audiences more profoundly than most. Working around regional New South Wales has proven to be fertile ground for deeply moving interviews, such as covering the Wagga Wagga floods in 2012 or the bushfires around Coonabarabran and the Warrumbungles National Park a year later (an area Radford College frequently visits during the Gamilaraay trips). Talking intensely with people who have lost their homes, sometimes for the second time, has never left her memory. She is also committed to “young people in regional Australia who are making great change” and helping them promote their endeavours. It is hoped Kia will join us and cover a G-Trip in the future.

Kia Handley, remembering Elvis at ParkesKia’s personality also allows her time for the quirky and arcane, as she adores covering the Parkes Elvis Festival and sees herself as the unofficial ABC Correspondent to Eurovision. How she would have dearly loved to dress up and grace the TB Millar Hall for our school musical of 2017, Song Contest: The Almost Eurovision Experience

Other fond memories include being at the school at a time of “driven, focussed growth”; when fellow students apparently thought the caravan on the soccer oval was where her family lived (the Handley family were avid supporters of the fund-raising canteen); being Captain of Choir; being inspired by the “team of people” who taught her including “great English teachers... as obviously I’ve gone into that profession”, particularly acknowledging Dr Glenn Burns’ classes; and of course the perennial collegian favourite, Year 9 Camp, which "at the time didn’t feel like a positive, enduring memory… but is seriously the thing we (collegians) talk about most - despite me knowing I would never camp again." 

As for advice for current students, Kia impresses on them to remember amidst the intensity associated with everyday school life – whether at Radford or beyond - that “Life starts after Year 12… When you’re let free, it’s when you start living”. But she remains warm about the preparation she received for that life while still a student at Radford: “I think compared to other schools that I went to, what I’d say is unique is how well-rounded it is as an entire school. There’s good cocurricular and solid classrooms. It has a rare focus on everything!"

Could any former staff or collegians wishing to input to the new school history and/or claim a profile on the Collegians page, please contact me at: George.Huitker@Radford.act.edu.au 


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 28 Feb 18

26 February 2018

Parent liaisons needed, a successful colour run, Grandfriends Day coming up soon

Dates to Remember

Tuesday 6 March

Year 3- Year 6 Swimming Carnival

Friday 9 March

Grandfriends Day

While we are only 16 days into our new school year, I am truly impressed and a little humbled by some of the achievements of both our students and staff to date. Our goal is to work as teams that build a sense of belonging, to engage and empower us as learners.

Colour Run
Last week’s Colour Run set a high standard here. Whilst the challenge was to support our reading program, the response was pure teamwork. Our girls and boys took up the challenge, more engaged as our Library staff added a broader range of reading options. I had staff volunteering to work through the logistics of a colour run, how to celebrate for our new Pre K year level, how to set up, working hard as a team. Finally, we had our staff, our students and our Year 12 leaders really enjoying the final outcome, not as individuals but as a team, a happy and safe occasion for all.

Monday afternoon and evening for staff this week was spent in working with Apple educators linking with their current teaching and learning challenges. This is the benefit we gain by being an Apple Distinguished School, accessing quality educators who can better support us as a team.

Year 3 classes working togetherLast Friday I popped in to our Year 3 Centre, 13 days into our year, and I had all four classes working in distributed (across year level) groups who were in the middle of their lesson. Following some explicit teaching in classrooms they had broken out to explore further in groups from across the year level.  Teams engaging and empowering. A year level coming together as one. 

Parent Liaison
I write seeking interest for our class parent liaisons 2018.  To date we only have 7 of our 28 classes represented.

In the words of a former parent liaison the role is:

  • to facilitate interaction between parents so as to develop and foster a sense of community around the class and School.
  • to support parent- teacher interactions through discussion about and reminders of upcoming class activities and events.

The role is truly important in linking our families with each other and fostering a sense of community around the class.

If you are up for ‘friend raising’, connections and positives about us, and would like to be your child’s class parent liaison, please email beth.maggs@radford.act.edu.au  We will then meet to discuss the role together as a group. 

Grandfriends Day
Talking community, our upcoming Grandfriends Day is on Friday 9 March. This day has become one of our happiest community days as we welcome key family back to school!


We are able to share greater understandings of our school day, and the importance of the role of a Grandfriend today, and in particular in Canberra. We hold this day close to the Canberra Day weekend for this reason. I am looking forward to chatting with new and familiar faces on Grandfriends Day. 

Last Friday also provided us with the first K-6 Celebration/Assembly. The Undercroft is just beginning to come online and provided us the chance to share our first Celebration Assembly of the year together.

Banksia House was successful in holding the House Cup for the first time this year, with team points earned throughout the first weeks. Additionally, we heard from Sebastian Leigh in Year 6 who shared his journey at Radford to date.

We also celebrated year level “Shout Outs” from teachers to the following students: 

  • Hugo Huang – KCH
  • Luka Zilinskas - KNS
  • Xavier Baldwin and Zoe Curll – 2BF
  • Heidi Phan and Emilie Gautama – 3PC
  • Kate Christiansen – 3EC
  • Nicholas Brogan – 3DO
  • William Wang - 4CD
  • Evie Buttsworth -4KP
  • Josh Miller and Priyanka  Ramkumar - 5TEM
  • Ramon Luo and Kobe Sun - 6HB
  • Will Pak Poy – 6JF


Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies, Years 11–12

Senior study choices and IB Diploma update

28 February 2018

Lindy Braithwaite, Senior Studies Co-ordinator

Students are supported by an experienced team

By Lindy Braithwaite, Senior Studies Co-ordinator

IB Diploma preparations
Momentum is building as we reach the business end of the authorization process of the IB Diploma (IB DP). A range of documentation and planning will be submitted as part our application due in April, that will then be rigorously evaluated before our onsite assessment in June. We will have the opportunity to further enhance elements of the application before accreditation can be granted, but preparations have been thorough and far-reaching. 

In the past week, teachers across all the IB DP curriculum areas have completed drafts of their specific subject outlines that detail the concepts, sequencing, resources (e.g. text books) and more, for the two-year program. These are to be reviewed, with feedback for refining, by our external experienced IB consultant. It does not stop with the documentation though: over the last two years, we have also fostered excellent relationships with other schools and subject-specific teachers in the IB DP community. On Friday we hosted 25 coordinators from across the ACT and NSW.  As part of this community, we will have the opportunity to participate in a number of annual support and sharing workshop days run by experienced teachers (often chief examiners) with groupings in everything from Maths to CAS. As a result, with the long lead time, and a plethora of resources due to the international curriculum, our teachers will be well-prepared to hit the ground running in 2019 and have a network around them well beyond this date. 

External evaluation is a fabulous opportunity for self-reflection and renewal. It has been a pleasure to work with a range of our internal Communications and IT talent in the last few months to reimagine our handbooks, guides and other related publications. We are in the process of developing user-friendly and multi-modal information that will facilitate an understanding of what we have to offer, the policies we work within, and advice we can give from long experience. 

Choosing a study program in the Senior School
While mostly focusing on the IB Diploma as a new offering, last Wednesday night’s information session marked the beginning of the journey for Year 10 students, and their parents, as they contemplate what their Senior School program may look like and where that might lead after completion of their secondary education. Teaching a Year 10 Careers class for the first time for several years has reminded me of the excitement, trepidation and angst that can be felt at this time (not least by the parents). Students are currently completing their career genealogy and career testing which will ask them, perhaps for the first time, to reflect deeply on what they like, what skills and talents they have, and how this might relate to a life beyond school. The headline is that for most, there will be no epiphany and, if there is, it may well change, but please don’t be concerned by this.

In May we will host our Year 11 2019 information evening. On this night you will hear about each of the three study pathway options – BSSS Tertiary (ATAR), BSSS Accredited (often vocational) and the IB DP, and have the opportunity to ask questions and get a greater understanding of subject offerings. Following this, the students will have an individual interview to counsel them, focusing on their strengths and aspirations. With their tutors as additional support, they will then make their selections and our timetable will be constructed. Unlike many schools, we build our timetable around student interest, not with predetermined ‘lines’, so within practical constraints, we will do our best to accommodate student preferences. The IB DP offerings in the most part, will mirror what have historically been our more popular BSSS subjects and the curriculum is very similar, hence students at schools such as Narrabundah being able to simultaneously complete both IB DP and BSSS requirements successfully. It is likely that some classes will be composite, rather than restrict choices, just as they are now for BSSS Accredited and Tertiary subjects.

Tertiary admissions
The landscape of admissions to tertiary education is changing. Indeed, ANU will announce very shortly their new plans which will recognise co-curricular and service activities as part of holistic student activity in addition to academic requirements, from 2019. Direct entry and early offer schemes are on the increase across all tertiary institutions, and ensuring our students have the best access to this is a priority. Offering the IB DP as a new study pathway packages the achievements of the well-rounded student in a familiar language for tertiary institutions locally and across the world. At Radford, high participation in co-curricular and service is the norm, hence the IB DP is a good fit. But enhancing this for all students in the Senior School is also on our agenda. More details on what this will look like will be available later in the year. 

No matter which program students decide to choose, they will be valued and well-supported. The team of people from Year 10 to 11, expands from their very experienced Head of Year, Mrs Kath Notley and tutor, to include the Head of Student Pathways Suzanne Rentsch, and Senior Studies Co-ordinator (me, Lindy Braithwaite) and we are already working closely. As mentioned at the IB DP information session, there will be a parent workshop later in the year to assist you also to be better prepared to provide support. Similarly, we will have other specific sessions such as an Australian school-based apprenticeships (ASBA) breakfast.

For those who were able to attend last Wednesday’s information evening, I hope you found it useful, in particular the student ambassador sessions. These students volunteered their time for no payment and were just asked to share their story. For those unable to attend, the video is now available, as is the flyer of FAQs. Similarly, the presentation from last year on the IB DP is still available. Please look out for the release of the new handbook and guides and contact me, lindy.braithwaite@radford.act.edu.au if you have further questions. 

IB in the news
Please see a recent article including an interview with former Radford College Head of High School, Lisa Moloney, who is now Principal at MLC in Sydney.



Senior B Quad - Blake Reid, Sam Earle, Monte Newman, Josh Everett and Charlotte McCarthy (cox)

Medal wins at Schoolboy Head of the River

28 February 2018

Spirited and supportive squad cheer on podium finishes

By Blake Reid, Captain of Boats

This weekend saw the Radford College junior boys, intermediate boys and senior boys travel to Penrith once more for the Schoolboy Head of the River. The regatta proved the might of the Radford shed with our boys winning nine medals, a testament to their dedication throughout the season.

Some highlights from the weekend included Liam and James winning a Gold medal in the Year 8 Double Scull. They came from behind to win in the last few strokes. Alex Howitt won Silver in the Year 11 Single Scull against some very fast rowers that were twice his size, and the intermediate boys got a Personal Best in the Year 10 Quad Scull, even after Lucas’ oar fell apart in the first few strokes.

Other good results from the weekend were the Senior A Quad chasing down Silver in Division 1 of the Schooboy Quad. Daniel Majchrzak, Fin Sullivan, Noah Sampson, John Baker and cox Patrick Morrison almost upset the champions, Newcastle Grammar, who had to work hard to keep their bow out in front over the last 500 metres of the race.

The excitement kept building with the performance by the Senior B Quad of Blake Reid, Sam Earle, Monte Newman and Josh Everett (who only a few years back coxed the winning crew in the same event). This year it was cox Charlotte McCarthy guiding the crew to clinch Gold in Division 3.

Ethan Toscan and Sam Roberts both received Bronze in their respective Single races, despite a boat-stopping crab pushing Toscan from back into the pack at one point during his race.

Squad spirit was a real theme in this regatta, with all the boys saying the best part of the weekend was the cheering and support from fellow rowers and parents alike. Handshakes and hugs were passed around before and after races, and everyone was supportive of all other crews whether they were from Radford or not.

There was also a lot of talk and compliments about the food that was supplied and made by parents and Friends of Radford Rowing. Delicious rolls and biscuits kept all the boys happy with full bellies to keep them going through their races. The weekend was an absolute success with every squad receiving a good result.

As our Technical Director Vicky Spencer said: “Kinross can take our tent, but they will never take our medals!!!”

Book now for the Radford 35th Anniversary Ball

Radford 35th Anniversary Ball

28 February 2018

Ball Committee

Ticket sales close 20 March - book now!

Principal Fiona GodfreyBy Principal Fiona Godfrey

I warmly invite you to attend the Radford P & F Ball, to celebrate Radford’s 35th anniversary.

Date: Saturday, 7 April 2018
Time: From 6.30 pm 
Venue: Hotel Realm, Canberra
Dress: Formal
Buy tickets: Tickets online ($155 single, $1500 table of ten).  

** Ticket sales close 20 March.

The ticket price includes a three-course dinner and all drinks. The entertainment for the evening includes a photo booth and fabulous party band, The Baker Boys (watch video).

This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that Radford has achieved over the past 35 years and look forward together as a community. We have welcomed many new families to Radford this year and I encourage you to book in and contact the organisers who will try and place you on a table that will enable you to meet other new families who are also wanting to make connections. 

Individual tickets are $155. A table of 10 can be purchased for a discounted price of $1500. So, dust off the formal wear and get together a table of 10!  Feel free to also book a single ticket or a double ticket and send us an email letting us know your seating preferences (e.g. Collegian from 2000, current parent of Year 3 child, new Pre-K family) and we will try and place you on a table that will suit you. 

If you need any further information about this event, please contact:




Image for article: Junior & Secondary swimming carnivals

Junior & Secondary swimming carnivals

28 February 2018

Sports Department

Swimming carnivals next week!

Tuesday 6 March: Junior School Carnival (Y3-Y6) JS program
Wednesday 7 March: Secondary School Carnival SS program

Both carnivals will be held at Big Splash at Jamison. Please read the programs for more details.

Sports department contacts:
Junior School Carnival - Sharon Siciliano 
Secondary School Carnival - Dianne Wilson

JS Specialist Centre opens for business with a celebration

Junior School celebrates opening of undercroft

23 February 2018

Another milestone is reached in the development of the campus

The undercroft area, beneath the new JS Specialist centre, is now available for use. The Junior School gathered in the light-filled space last Friday for its weekly celebration and successfully tested the capacity of the area to hold the entire cohort. It was a pleasure to see the Junior School celebrating together in a single space that fits staff and students comfortably.

JS Specialist Centre opens for business with a celebrationAs a multipurpose area for learning and play, the undercroft will provide much-needed shelter for HPE and recess in rainy weather. It will also serve as a home for our OSHC and Holiday programs. It is sure to become one of the best utilised and functional spaces available to the youngest members of our community.

Dance Fest 2017 confirmed the event's popularity with Radford students

ACT Dance’s evolving institution

23 February 2018

Get ready for Dance Fest 2018

It's time to start planning for the Ausdance Act 2018 Youth Dance Festival and registrations are open to everyone in Years 7–12. This wonderful and inclusive student-driven performance event is held annually at the Canberra Theatre. In 2018, all groups will be choreographed by senior Radford dance students and mentored by professional RDA teachers.

Dance Fest is for dancers of all styles and ability ranges, including beginners. Begun as a project associated with the International Year of Youth in 1985 and running each year since, Dance Fest has given thousands of local performers the chance to participate in a professionally staged event.

Regular rehearsals will run once per week throughout Terms 2 and 3.

For more information and registrations (closing 7 May), go to ROL.

Contact Director of Dance Danielle White with any questions.

The clues you've always wanted to solve the mystery of covering books!

Can you cover?

23 February 2018

Learn to use Con-Tact® like a pro

The Junior School library needs help covering books in its collection. Any assistance would be appreciated. We will happily show you how to cover and provide you with all the materials. You are welcome to come and collect a bag and take the books home to cover.

Please pop into the Junior School Library and see Candy Potter, or email candy.potter@radford.act.edu.au


The Year 11 Retreat built cohesion and rapport

Retreat prepares students for senior study

26 February 2018

Cohort learns there is no "I" in team

By Head of Year 11 Nicholas Moss

On 15 and 16 February, the Year 11 students and pastoral team undertook a retreat to the Greenhills Centre, located on the Murrumbidgee River.  The event was highly successful and provided a unique opportunity for the students to build cohesion and rapport, both as a year group and in their tutor groups, and prepare themselves for the Senior School.Thumbs up after milk crate challenge

During the retreat, each tutor group completed a number of team-building activities (including Crate Climbing, Clash of Clans, High Ropes and a water sports activity), undertook a group affirmation session and were invited to contribute to a Year 11 student charter.  Additionally, the students heard from Principal Fiona Godfrey, undertook a service, leadership and spirituality workshop and chapel service run by Richard Browning, George Huitker and Dylan Mordike, and completed a time management and study skills workshop, delivered by Elevate Education.

I would like to thank the Year 11 pastoral tutors for their support and care of the students during the retreat.  Their willingness to lead their tutor groups through a variety of activities and prioritise getting to know their tutees was impressive.  I would also like to thank Richard, George and Dylan for delivering a powerful and challenging session and service, and acknowledge the words of encouragement from Fiona.  Finally, Claire Melloy and Phil O’Regan’s willingness to visit the students while on the retreat was greatly appreciated.

Applications open for Foundation scholarship

Foundation Scholarship applications close tomorrow

14 March 2018

Applications period extended to 4pm Thursday 15 March 2018.


The Radford Foundation is delighted to announce that applications for its inaugural student scholarship are now open.

The first two-year scholarship will be offered to one new student commencing Year 11 in 2019.

The Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this two-page application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by  4 pm on Thursday 15 March 2018 (24-hour extension on previously publicised deadline).

    1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
    2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
    3. Passport-sized photo.

Short-listed applicants will then be required to complete a financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2019 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2018.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 6200.

Student Lewis Martin captures the spirit of the rainforest at Australian Botanic Gardens

Y9 Visual Arts students connect to the rainforest

27 February 2018

Amanda Poland, Head of Visual Arts

Connecting with rainforest at the Australian National Botanic Gardens

By Amanda Poland, Head of Visual Arts and Year 9 students

Developing ideas through researching, drawing and photographing took Visual Art students to the rainforest at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. 

On 22 February, our Visual Art class went on an excursion to the to draw plants, after being inspired by a musical composition, 'Kondalilla', by Australian composer Stephen Leek about a particular place, a rainforest in Queensland.  Just behind the Sunshine Coast, in the scenic Blackall Range, Kondalilla National Park is a cool mountain retreat.  

Photo credit Amanda Poland Photo credit Lewis Martin Photo credit Lewis Martin

Extracts from the students’ written responses to the experience follow: 

  • As we walked down the stairs to explore the Botanic Gardens Rainforest we were greeted by mist, which created a mysterious and compelling atmosphere. I saw many exotic plants that I have never see in my everyday life. However, I was especially mesmerized by the beautiful ferns, which I decided to draw. 
  • The excursion to the Australian National Botanic Gardens was a simple way to experience the similar Australian flora and fauna to Kondalilla, in Queensland. 
  • I felt very connected to nature when we were in the rainforest. In some spots, we could only see less than a metre in front of us which disconnected us from the rest of the world. We started relying on hearing, smelling and touching to keep on the path and could only see the green around us.  

 The botanical gardens were magical. The gardens reminded me of the images we previewed of Kondalilla which was helpful to gain inspiration for my artwork. The mist that was spread around the lower levels of the rainforest and made the whole experience relaxing. I personally, really liked looking at the ferns and how the leaves are shaped. 

  • After this trip I was inspired to start a piece of artwork based on what you can see looking upwards, I thought the different perspective would be interesting. The plants I drew were same as the plants at Kondalilla 
  • The trip to the botanical rainforest was very insightful as we are investigating the environment and more specifically, Kondalilla, a rainforest in SE Queensland.   
  • While we were drawing, it really seemed like an actual rainforest. Overall, this excursion gave us the information we needed to research a rainforest, and have an idea of what Kondalilla feels and looks like.  
  • I drew lots of different types of plants so I could get an idea about what each one looked like. Afterwards, I coloured them with watercolours, and I tried to make them look like something out of the research on Kondalilla 
  • Greeted with the chorus of birds it truly felt like you were walking into a rain forest, somewhere magical you could say.   
  • I paid attention to the ferns of the rain forest not simply because there was so many, but because they were so beautiful. I focused on the life cycle, the growth the birth, the middle stage, and what happens when the leaves fall and die. 
  • I admired the thriving quality of the place, with wrens chirping and sitting on rocks, insects buzzing about, and most of all, the plants which a lively green. On our trip to the botanic gardens I felt really connected to nature. Overall, I had a really fun time drawing with my friends.  
  • I felt spiritually and emotionally connected to the gardens as the atmosphere was calming and refreshing. A welcome change from the chaotic rush of everyday life the cool colours of the gardens and the textures of the plants were very intriguing to paint and draw. I drew the wildlife while visiting the gardens and focused mainly on the textures of the foliage rather than the colours. 
  • I drew many different aspects of a variety of different plants (textures, patterns, shapes, light and dark etc.). I felt nostalgic as I used to visit the Botanical Gardens as a small child. We walked in places that I had walked in before, many years ago. I drew ferns and other plant life as accurately as possible, instead of the 'idea' of the rainforest. 
  • The Botanical Gardens has a scientific element to collecting and maintaining plants from all over Australia. Drawing accurately ties into how in science you have to be precise as well. Our unit on Nature relates to Kondalilla and the music piece by Stephen Leek who was influenced by the place, and is all about the atmosphere, history and nature of the rainforest.  
  • The rainforest was very misty and at some points mysterious and I suppose this would be similar to Kondalilla as both are centred around water and the movement of it. We all had some time to sit and reflect then further integrate those personal thoughts into our artwork. This combined both the peaceful nature of the rainforest and our art. I know our class greatly enjoyed this excursion and would love to go again!  
Images: Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO)

Enrichment Competitions - Maths, English and Science

28 February 2018

Kym Palfreman, Assistant Head of Mathematics

Students are encouraged to test their skills in a range of competitions

By Kym Palfreman, Assistant Head of Mathematics

Students are encouraged to test their skills in a range of competitions in Maths, English and Science.  
Form to enter competitions  (located in Radford Online ). Please only fill in the form once

Information and links about the various maths competitions can be found on the Maths Enrichment page.


More information is available from the following Assistant Heads of Departments:

Maths - kym.palfreman@radford.act.edu.au or phone 61626228

Science - Timothy.Robards@radford.act.edu.au or phone 61626462

English - Ailsa.Mackerras@radford.act.edu.au or phone 61626219





Members of Golding and Bernard families in the Loire Valley

Hosting opens a world of possibilities

13 February 2018

Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

Express your interest in becoming a Radford host family

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

The Languages Department offers many opportunities for students to contexualise their language learning by interacting with native speakers. These include employing Language Assistants from China, France and Japan, several sister school relationships, and exchange programs. It is through the support of Radford families hosting visiting students and Language Assistants that we are able to provide these opportunities. 

Why should your family consider becoming a host family? The world opens up the minute you start conversing in other languages. Language learning is not just communication, it exposes you to new cultures and facilitates connecting with people. I know through my own language learning I have gained a greater appreciation of other cultures and forged life-long friendships. Other benefits include: 

  • Learning more about your own culture
  • Promoting mutual understanding between people and cultures
  • Understanding cultural traditions and a different way of life
  • Helping a student achieve their dream of learning about Australia
  • Expanding your family’s horizons
  • Creating lifelong memories and friendships. 

de Bortoli family and exchange students

The following paragraphs detail the hosting experience of two Radford families:

The impacts on our family from being involved in a foreign language exchange have been profound and far reaching. Hosting a French student from Le Mans in 2011 has resulted in wonderful opportunities in terms of culture exchange, travel, friendships and education. After hosting Cyril in 2011, his family hosted our eldest son later that year. His younger brother was also able to stay with us on exchange two years later. As families, we have visited and travelled together several times over the past seven years and also acted as a secure base for each other’s sons as they have studied or worked abroad for several months at a time. We had no idea of the extent to which hosting an exchange would transform our lives by enriching our cultural understanding, and by providing our sons with a view of the world and their futures unbound by nationality or distance. 

–   the Golding family 

Our family found hosting students from Japan and China to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

As both our children were hosted and treated with much kindness when they visited Japan and China, we were delighted to be able to show the same hospitality to the students that stayed with us.

We maintain contact with them and are looking forward to the possibility of hosting Matthew’s Japanese host student’s younger brother when he visits Radford in 2019. 

The LOTE teachers organise many events and excursions for the exchange students during school hours. Whilst able to maintain a normal weekly routine, we spent quality time with the students as well as having the opportunity on the weekend to show them Canberra sights.

We would highly recommend Radford families open their homes and hearts to exchange students as it is such a positive experience for both the host family and the visiting students.

–   the de Bortoli family

If you are interested in hosting, please complete the short expression of interest through the link following: http://bit.ly/2DX1Dbc


Vincent Guo (Y10), winner UN Youth ACT Voice Competition

UN recognises student vision

28 February 2018

Vincent Guo’s proposal for accessible medicine wins public speaking competition

In late 2017, Vince Guo (Y10) competed against students from throughout the ACT in the UN Youth ACT Voice Competition. Vince's eloquence impressed the judges such that he won the competition and will head to the Nationals in Brisbane later this year.

In his speech, Vince proposed practical and ethical ways of addressing the problem of making medicine accessible in the Third World. With passion and conviction, he called for the international community to act on its responsibility to ensure that equitable global access to medical necessities.

This unique public speaking competition calls on students to think critically about current social, political and economic issues, and propose answers to the most pressing concerns of the 21st century. In their presentations, participants also answered questions from an experienced and enthusiastic panel of judges.

Read Vince's prize-winning speech here.

Paul Dillon at Radford last year

Paul Dillon presentations on alcohol and young people

23 February 2018

Paul Dillon presentations for parents and students

In the interests of informing parents and students about ways to keep our young people safe, Paul Dillon will be delivering age-appropriate presentations at Radford about the risks involving young people, alcohol and parties.

Why you must have the alcohol and parties' discussion with your child before it is too late
Thursday 8 March, 6–7.30 pm
Heath Lecture Theatre
For parents of students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Too often parents wait until it is too late before setting rules and boundaries around alcohol and parties. Put simply, if you haven't had a discussion with your child about this area by the beginning of Year 9, at the latest, you are almost certainly going to have problems in the future. This presentation focuses on alcohol and provides the latest data on Australian teen drinking behaviour and the growing evidence on the risks associated with this practice. There will also be a close examination of the positive influence that parents can have on their child's drinking behaviour, as well as the barriers that they may face during adolescence. It aims to empower parents with a positive message and assist them in having open and honest family discussions in this complex area.––Paul Dillon

Paul will present to students in Years 10 , 11 and 12 on Friday 9 March.


This month on School TV - Diet and Nutrition

SchoolTV: Diet & Nutrition

22 February 2018

Practical advice on healthy eating for kids

We all know that diet and nutrition is vital to your child’s development and growth, but are you aware of the effects it has on your child’s brain development and how it can impact their academic achievement?

SchoolTV: Diet and NutritionIn this era of convenience, it is easy to reach for pre-packaged and processed foods to cope with busy schedules. However, these foods are usually packed full of sugar and salt, which can have adverse health effects. Making a habit of reading food labels can help reduce the risks. It can also help to stabilise your child’s energy, improve their mood, maintain a healthy weight and improve their general wellbeing.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will discover practical advice for teaching your kids about the benefits of incorporating a healthy diet and good nutrition. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development or the school counsellor for further information.

University of Canberra research project on positive body image

University of Canberra research trial

22 February 2018

Invitation to participate in research on positive body image

In the week starting 5 March, a small cross-section of Radford Secondary School students will be invited to participate in an interview study on positive body image. The study forms part of a research project led by Anna Brichacek, a PhD candidate at the University of Canberra. The research is ethics approved and all interviews will be non-identifiable. Students who volunteer to participate will be asked to attend an individual interview to talk about helpful ways that young people manage body image concerns and reflect on their understanding of positive coping. The findings will be informative for programs designed to increase positive body image and promote resilience in young people. Students who volunteer will bring an information / parent permission form home next week. We encourage discussion with parents and caregivers. All participating students will receive a HOYTS movie voucher as a thank you for their time.

This week's Bulletin also contains SchoolTV's latest episode containing helpful advice on healthy diet and nutrition (and the relationship to academic performance).

On matters of technology use for children, adolescents and parents, psychologist Karen Young (Hey Sigmund) reports on recent research indicating that, when it comes to social media and technology, children want the same things from parents that parents want from them: 'The Technology/Social Media Rules Kids and Teens Wish Their Parents Would Follow’.

Image for article: P&F Annual General Meeting

P&F Annual General Meeting

14 February 2018

New AGM date 8 March, committee nominations open now

Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 8 March - revised date
Time: 7.00 pm
Location: RA Young Hall

The business of the meeting is:

(I) confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
(II) presentation by the President of an Annual Report on the affairs of the Association and the Association’s activities for the last 12 months
(III) presentation by the Treasurer of the audited financial statements
(IV) election of the Management Committee for the ensuing year
(V) appointment of an auditor.

Ana Thomson


Nomination form

Participation in the P&F committee is an opportunity for parents to contribute to and engage with the Radford school community in a meaningful way. The P&F provides a forum to represent the interests of Radford parents and also mechanisms for social engagement by the community. Additionally, the P&F facilitates a number of fundraising activities to further contribute and extend the range of facilities available to our children.

In 2018 a number of positions are available for parents who are interested in joining the P&F and we welcome new members through the process of the AGM.

Nominations are open. Please email the completed 2018 nomination form to p&f@radford.act.edu.au or submit the form to Main Reception by 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018. Closing date for nominations is 4 pm, Wednesday 7 March, 2018.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the P&F or obtain further information about what is involved in participation on the committee, please feel free to email the P&F President, Sarah Jennett or phone 0412 993 093.

Radford’s Under 16 Div 2 batsmen put in a strong performance in the final match of the season

Sports Report 28 February

27 February 2018

OzTag, futsal and cricket finals, representation wrap

OzTag semi-finals report by William Taylor (OzTag Captain)
The U12 girls’ team took to the field on Wednesday 21 February with enthusiasm and readiness. They played some excellent defence and showed outstanding teamwork, which was rewarded with two tries in the first half. The team showed some more incredible unselfish work throughout the second half but unfortunately fell to their opponents 6–2. All the girls said they had an amazing time and could not wait for next season.

The U13 girls' game against their opponents #KAOS was very close. The girls seemed to be caught on their own try line countless times and defended superbly with their opponents only scoring once in the first half. The U13s got the hang of the offence during the second half by scoring two tries. Unfortunately, as the girls became tired, so did their defence, and they were disappointed to lose in a nail biter, 3–2.  

With a full team line-up, the U16 mixed team took to the field with confidence. The team dominated in the first half by jumping to a huge lead and did not look back leading into the second. While only allowing three tries throughout the whole game, Radford put up 13. With thanks to their brilliant defense, impressive team work and amazing attitude, the U16's mixed team will now play in the Grand Final tonight. 

Futsal semi-finals report by Deakin Jewell (Futsal Captain)


Open U10/1 – Semi-final, Radford 4 defeated by CFC Juniors 5
Radford finished fourth on the table at the end of the season.

Radford had a challenging task as it faced the undefeated CFC Juniors in the G Wigg Sports Centre on Sunday morning. Radford was definitely up for the challenge and quickly took a 2–0 lead early in the first half. However, CFC were quick to draw level. Minutes before half time, Radford took the lead again with a stunning goal from halfway which flew over the keeper’s head into the goal. The half-time margin was 3–2 in Radford’s favour. The intensity and pace increased in the second half, with Radford looking like the much better team, but was unable to execute in front of goal, unlike CFC. With minutes to go, Radford trailed 3–5. While a last-minute goal reduced the gap, it was too late and CFC went through to the GF with a 4-5 win over Radford. 

Open U16/2 – Semi-final, Radford 6 def Zephyrs 4Futsal
Radford finished second on the table at the end of the season.

Radford faced Zephyrs in their semi-final match at Lyneham. Radford started slow with many passes and shots going astray. This led to a mistake playing out the back and Zephyrs punished them for it, by taking the lead. Radford finally got into gear and scored three consecutive goals to have a comfortable lead throughout the first half. Zephyrs managed to slide one past the keeper with the last kick of the half, to have the half-time score at 3–2 in Radford’s favour. As in the first half, Radford was slow to start in the second half and conceded two soft goals that saw them trailing before replying with two goals in 30 seconds to regain the lead. Radford scored again with some nice built up play and a good finish to take out the game 6–4.

We now see the first and only Radford College team to make it to the grand final, which will be played next week. Congratulations U16/2 team!

Open U15/2 – semi-final, Radford Maroon defeated by Strikers United
Radford finished second on the table


Under 16 Division 2 8/277 defeated by Tuggeranong 9/281 

by Ben Garrett, Cricket Captain


In the final two-day match of the season there were many great achievements with Radford coming together to play some solid cricket, posting a score of 277. Although it is disappointing not to have come away with a win, it is important to celebrate some outstanding personal achievements.  The highlight of the match was the team’s batting performance with Adrian and Mitchell scoring half centuries and Tom R (46) and Jonty (45) demonstrating some skillful shots, adding valuable runs to the total.  In the field, Hugo took two difficult catches and Mitchell made a leaping boundary classic catch. Radford was unlucky to not take the final wicket after some tight bowling.  It was pleasing to see how far the team has come and that player development has been fostered by our coach Felix.  

Under 13 Division 1 127 defeated by Norths Blue 4/190 

by Mark Slater

Radford bowed out of the 30-over competition with a 63-run loss to Norths Blue in the semi-final. The bowlers kept Norths to 1904 (Darcy 1/10, Joey 1/16, Jake 1/23, Curtis 1/21) on a fast, dry outfield and were above the required run-rate (Darcy 43 no, Jonty 16, James 16, Gen 11) chasing a win but the loss of regular wickets saw Radford come up short. Radford will now meet Norths Blue again in the T20 Grand Final and, if the boys can tidy up the fielding a little and show a bit more patience with the bat, they could well win the school's first cricket premiership in some time.


We would like to acknowledge and celebrate students’ successes in their chosen sports. Details of these students and the events will be profiled in future bulletins.

  • Lauren Robards – representing Australia in the Junior World Track Championships in Switzerland in August
  • Jay McDonald – representing Australia in the 16 and under schoolboys’ team to tour South Africa in June and July
  • Jess Cox –  representing Australia in archery on 19–23 April
  • Eliza Hollingsworth – representing Australia in the Sapphires basketball team and competed in the FIBA Under 16 Asia Championships in India, aiming to qualify for the 2018 FIBA Under 17 World Cup
  • Matt Drown – representing Australia in the (DOB 01-02) youth men’s volleyball team

School Sport ACT Excellence Awards nominations

  • Noah Poland 13&O Boys Achievement category
  • Jay McDonald 13&O Boys Leadership category
  • Matilda Sullings in the 12&U Girls Golf Ambrose Team. The team won the School Sport ACT Team Achievement Award for their efforts at last year’s Pacific School Games.
Parent Paperwork is changing to EdSmart

Parent Paperwork has relaunched as EdSmart

21 February 2018

Excursion permissions: same process, different name

The College’s use of Parent Paperwork enables parents to provide electronic permission for their children to attend excursions. We thank you for your support in ensuring a smooth transition to this efficient system of paperless permissions.

Parent Paperwork has changed name and branding to EdSmart. The excursion tile on ROL reflects this change of name.  EdSnart

Please note:

  • The experience of using the electronic permissions system will remain the same, however, forms will now carry the EdSmart logo.  
  • Email notifications will be sent 'From EdSmart'.
  • Passwords and logins will remain the same.
  • Web traffic will be redirected to EdSmart.com
  • To ensure that you receive up-to-date email notifications of excursions, please confirm that Parent Paperwork / EdSmart notifications are not automatically archived in your email ‘junk’ or ‘clutter’ folders. 



APFACTS seeking Executive Officer


Moderation Day - Tue 6 March

Moderation Day

Tue 6 March is a Y7-Y11 pupil-free day. Y12 students have an AST task on this day. Y3-Y6 students have Junior School Swimming Carnival.

P&F meetings 2018

P&F Meetings 2018

Venue: College Boardroom, time: 7pm. 22 March - Art Show meeting; other meetings April 12, June 14, July 26, August 30, October 18, November 15. All community members are welcome to attend.