Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 5, 2021 – 3 March 2021

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal of Radford College

From the Principal, 3 Mar 21

3 March 2021

The value of out-of-school activities

Today marks almost exactly the halfway point for Term 1, and although it feels as if the new school year has only just begun, we have already managed to pack a large number of significant events into the first part of the 2021 school year. These events include the Whole of College Assembly, the Prefect Induction Assembly, the Year 11 Retreat, the Music Camp, the Junior School Swimming Carnival, the P&F Welcome to the New School Year Barbeque and Movie Night, the Year 7 – 10 Production, the Year 7 and 8 camps, plus an array of fabulous performances on the sporting field. As we look ahead, preparations are well underway for the Grandparents and Friends Day in the Junior School this Friday morning, followed by a much‑needed Canberra Day Long Weekend for all to enjoy. 

The value of out-of-school activities
Last week, I took some time out of the school to spend time at both the Year 7 and Year 8 camps. As usual, the Year 7 camp took place Biloela, one of the Outdoor Education Group’s base camps, adjacent to the Belanglo State Forest and about 20 minutes’ drive from Bowral. The Year 8 camp took place at a number of venues across Sydney, as part of the Urban Challenge program. These two camps are vastly different environmental experiences for the students, and they are deliberately so, as they are only 12 months apart. However, even though the students are being exposed to very different scenarios over the course of their respective camps, much of what we want them to learn is mirrored in both camps. 

At Radford College, we understand the value of out-of-school activities and appreciate that time spent away from school through the outdoor education program, interstate trips and overseas tours are all important elements in our curriculum. We know it is important for our students to face physical challenges, to work as team members, to be exposed to unfamiliar situations, and to experience first-hand places and events discussed and studied at school. The major component of our out-of-school activities is the outdoor education program which has been specifically designed to be sequential in nature, with activities becoming more challenging each year as students move through the College. Because of the explicit nature and challenges of this program, we use well-qualified providers (such as OEG and the Urban Challenge group), as well as the classroom teachers who can provide guidance and help to develop the skills of our students. 

Urban Challenge 2021 - Y8 students try surfing

Iconic Sydney views on Y8 Urban Challenge 2021 Sydney ferry on Y8 Urban Challenge 2021

Year 8 Urban Challenge image credits: Paul Colagiuri

In addition to the curriculum-related education that occurs on camps, an out-of-school activity can assist students in developing relationships with their peers and teachers. Students who have attended camps or trips with particular teachers often develop an affinity that is not replicated at school. A special relationship with a teacher can give students another adult from whom they can seek advice, guidance and support. Students are also able to observe their peers in a different way outside of the classroom. When in a foreign environment, students are able to demonstrate skills and expertise that may not be applicable in the classroom, and this allows their peers to see them in a different light. Strong friendship groups are formed at camps and on tours which can continue for the remaining years of school and beyond. 

In visiting the Year 7 camp last week, I was reminded of one of its great benefits and that is the fact that we assign four Year 12 leaders to every camp group over the duration of the Year 7 camp. Two Year 12s start off the camp with each group, and then mid-way through the week, another two students replace them. We do this so the Year 12s are not out of classes for too long. This placement of Year 12 leaders with the Year 7s at their camp is a relatively rare experience, but is one that Radford College has been doing for a number of years. 

Y7 Camp 2021 - abseiling Y7 Camp 2021- canoeing

Year 7 camp image credits: Tim Minehan

Over the two and half days that each of the Year 12s spend with ‘their group’, an amazing bond is created, with individual students and the group as whole. The Year 12 leaders are involved in all the activities, and along the way encourage, support, guide and of course mentor the younger students. It is hard to imagine that these connections would be able to be established so easily and as quickly in any other setting. These relationships are then continued on their return to school, as these same Year 12 leaders work with their Tutor Group on an ongoing basis in a formalised mentor role.   

In speaking with the Year 12 leaders at camp last week, almost all spoke in glowing terms about their own experiences on Year 7 camp. They vividly recalled how much they enjoyed the camp, how important it was as an induction to the Secondary School, and how crucial it was for them to have these Year 12 mentors working alongside them at the camp. They also spoke about how these inspirational Year 12s (that is, the ones who were their Year 12 leaders) were the sort of people they wanted to emulate as Radford College students. Clearly, each and everyone of them has been successful in this pursuit, as they are now remarkable young adults and are an absolute delight with whom to work! 

Logo design by Jesse Wright, Year 12

Radford Reaches Out

3 March 2021

Fundraising to support communities near and far

From Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Rev. Dr Katherine RaingerThe Season of Lent is a time for reflecting on how we live in relationship with God, with others, and with the world around us. 

Giving generously is a Lenten practice. We respond to God’s generosity towards us, and seek to share the blessings and resources that we have received. 

Radford Reaches Out is Radford College’s annual whole-college fundraiser for organisations that students have chosen to support. 


As the Radford community, we seek to be generous in spirit. This is a great opportunity to reach out and support organisations doing incredible work. 

Students are encouraged to find out about the organisations we are supporting, (Junior School click here and Secondary School click here),  to talk about them with family and friends, and then get creative about how they can fundraise. 

Junior School
The Radford Tribal Council in the Junior School will allocate funds raised to the following organisations: Compassion Australia (three sponsor children), Koala Hospital Port MacquarieMercy ShipsUNICEFWaterAidAustralian Marine Conservation SocietyRural Aid AustraliaWorld Wildlife Fund and Landcare Australia

Students and teachers will come up with a ‘goal’ their year level is aiming for. Fundraising goals and details will be available for families to view through Sway and Teams.  

Secondary School
House leaders in the Secondary School have chosen an organisation for their House to support. 

Click here to watch a Radford Reaches Out video made by the Secondary School House Captains.

How to donate

  • Junior School students can give cash donations to their class teacher.
  • Students can bring in cash or EFTPOS donations on Foundation Day (last day of Term 1, 1st April).
  • Donate online through TryBooking. LINK HERE. Click on BOOK NOW’ follow the onscreen instructions to make your donation. 

If you require a receipt, please email zanele.ramsaydaniel@radford.act.edu.au

After Foundation Day, all donations made to each organisation will be transferred in a single transaction. Due to this we cannot provide an individual tax receipt. We can, however, provide a receipt acknowledging that we have received your donation. In early Term 2 we will report back to the Radford community about all funds raised through Radford Reaches Out.

Looking forward to seeing what we can do when we all work together to support organisations which are making a positive difference in their communities. 

Let’s give generously!

Lenten blessings
Rev. Katherine



The magic of reading

JS News: beginning the reading journey

3 March 2021

The joy and power of learning to read

By Emily Begbie - Assistant Head of Junior School, Teaching & Learning


A reminder for Kindergarten parents and carers that tomorrow evening (Thursday 4 March) we are holding an information session on how to support your child’s reading at home.  Please refer to the email sent by your child’s teacher for details.

Thursday 4 March

Kindergarten parent/carer reading information session 

 Friday 5 March

Grandparents and Friends Day

Monday 8 March

Canberra Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 16 March

Presentation by Dr Judith Locke 6pm - more details including registration

Emily Begbie - Assistant Head of Junior School, Teaching and Learning

In the early weeks of the school year, our Junior School spaces have been abuzz with new class groups, new relationships and new learning.  For our Kindergarten students, there has been special excitement about embarking on the journey of becoming readers; developing phonemic awareness and concepts of print, understanding letter-sound relationships, and learning about ‘what good readers do’. 

Witnessing the eagerness of these emergent readers, and the exhilaration of their early successes, serves as a reminder of the profound joy that reading can and should give.  And it prompts us to ask: how can we ensure that the delight we see in our young learners evolves into a lifelong love of reading?  What do children need to thrive as readers? 

Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has been a global leader in literacy research and teacher professional development for over three decades.  The Project has distilled the following tenets from the vast field of research on reading acquisition[1]

  • Above all, good teachers matter.  Readers need teachers who demonstrate what it means to live richly literate lives and who wear a love of reading on their sleeves.
  • Readers need long stretches of time to read.
  • Readers need opportunities to read high-interest, accessible books of their own choosing.
  • Readers need explicit instruction in the skills of proficient reading.
  • Readers need opportunities to talk, and sometimes to write, in response to texts.
  • Readers need support reading non-fiction books and building a knowledge base and academic vocabulary through information reading.
  • Readers need assessment-based instruction, including feedback that is tailored specifically to them.
  • Readers need teachers to read aloud to them.

Role play - Mrs Wishy Washy Independent reading

The primary purposes of reading are the same for children as for adults: enjoyment and meaning-making.  The foundations of reading are laid as children acquire spoken language in all its complexity, and they bring vast reservoirs of linguistic knowledge to task of learning to read. 

"The foundations of learning to read are laid down from the moment a child hears:
The sounds of people talking
The lines of a song
And the rhythms and repetitions of rhymes and stories..."
  (Mem Fox) 

Children also bring knowledge about their world to the reading process, however young they are.  They relish stories from an early age and give their total attention to meaning.  Like adults, they expect their reading to make sense, and they extend their understandings of the world by connecting what they already know to what they encounter as readers.  

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as… those we spent with a favourite book.”  (Marcel Proust, Days of Reading

As we share the adventure and delight of learning to read with our children, keeping enjoyment and meaning-making at the centre of their reading experiences is paramount.  


[1] A Guide to the Reading Workshop, Primary Grades, Calkins, L. 2015

National Assessment Program


3 March 2021

Practice test 25 March, Years 3, 5, 7 & 9

From: Lindy Braithwaite, Assistant Principal – Curriculum, and
Tracey Markovic, Assistant Head of Junior School - Operations and Systems 

In Term 2, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 will participate in NAPLAN Online. NAPLAN is a point-in-time assessment that allows parents to see how their child is progressing in literacy and numeracy, against the national standard, and compared with their peers throughout Australia. At the classroom level, NAPLAN provides additional information to support teachers’ professional judgement about student progress. 

To prepare for NAPLAN testing, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 will be participating in an online Practice Test on 25 March. The purpose of the site is to familiarise students with the type of items they will see on NAPLAN Online and related functionalities. This level of familiarisation is worthwhile to help students understand and be comfortable with the format of the test.  

For further information regarding NAPLAN please click HERE 


Tracey Markovic – tracey.markovic@radford.act.edu.au 

Years 3 & 5 
These tests will be conducted in students’ own classrooms, under the direction of their teachers. This practice will allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the NAPLAN app, as well as some of the types of questions that will be asked. 

  • Students in Year 3 will use class iPads and class headphones.
  • Students in Year 5 will be required to have a fully charged iPad with them at school on the day, as well as a pair of headphones. 

The practice is scheduled to commence at 11.05am and run through until 12.00pm. 
If your child has an instrumental music lesson scheduled within this time, please contact your music tutor and reschedule. 

Contact: Lindy Braithwaite – lindy.braithwaite@radford.act.edu.au

Years 7 & 9
These tests will be conducted in the Morison Centre under the direction of their tutors. This practice will allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the NAPLAN app as well as some of the types of questions that will be asked. The ICT Help team will be working with students during tutor time in the weeks prior to this test, to ensure that their device is ready for the testing. 

  • Students in Year 7 & 9 will be required to have their usual fully charged 1-to-device with them at school on the day as well as a pair of headphones. 

The practice is scheduled to commence at 11.05am and run through until 12.40pm.
If your child has an instrumental music lesson scheduled within this time, please contact your music tutor and reschedule.

Radford College P&F Association Inc

Secondhand Shop: Winter uniforms available

3 March 2021

Book an appointment to grab a bargain

The P&F Secondhand Uniform Shop is now stocked for winter! 

We have a great range of junior school, high school, senior school, and PE winter uniforms. Book your appointment now to grab a BARGAIN!  


Book and appointment at the Secondhand Uniform Shop

Appointments required for all visits
Please remember that appointments are still required for all visits to the shop.
No walk-in/unscheduled visits permitted. 

Appointment hours
Tuesdays: 12.30-5.30pm
Fridays: 7.30am-12.30pm 

the shop will be closed on Public Holidays, including Good Friday

Donations - to Main Reception, Morison Centre
Please take donations to Main Reception (at the Morison Centre) between 8.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday. 

All uniform items except Zooties are accepted, and all proceeds from our sales go towards P&F fundraising, which supports grants to the College.  

Please email: secondhandshop@radford.act.edu.au

Radford College

Sports Report, 3 Mar 21

3 March 2021

Oztag success, Zone swimming information, ASC Cricket

The victorious Radford Wildcats, U14/15 Oztag

See also the Rowing report in this edition

Oztag – congratulations, Wildcats
The Radford Wildcats played in the U14/15 Girls division grand final on Wednesday 24 February.  The team played exceptionally well, taking the game 2-1 against the Tigers.  Congratulations to all students involved and a big ‘thank you’ to coach David Cox, and manager Alicia Sadleir.

Junior School Belconnen Zone Swimming Carnival
Information will be sent to parents of children who have qualified for Zone. Due to a clash with Year 5 camp, Y5 students will be unable to participate in the Belconnen Region (Zone) carnival scheduled for the 17 March. Parents of Y5 qualifiers have been emailed by Tamara Phelps about alternative arrangement options. 

Due to COVID restrictions, we have been informed by SSACT that students in 8 years and 9 years will not be eligible to participate in the Belconnen Region Swimming Carnival in 2021. 

ASC Cricket
Congratulations to Radford Cricket Captain, Lachlan Reid, on his selection as Vice-Captain in the ASC Cricket team that played the Independent Schools Association (ISA) at the Bradman Oval in Bowral on Sunday. Unfortunately, the ASC went down, but Lachlan top scored with 45 runs of 57 balls. Jake Smith Gibson was also selected as first reserve. 

Follow Radford Sports on social media
Follow @radfordsport on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest sports news, updates and events.


Easter holiday sports camps





Dr Judith Locke and Paul Dillon

Save the dates - Dr Judith Locke and Paul Dillon

17 February 2021

Presentations by Dr Judith Locke and Paul Dillon, at Radford in March

Radford College presents two guest speakers for parents and caregivers in March.

Founder of Confident and Capable, clinical psychologist, former school counsellor, teacher and workplace trainer. 

Topic: Essential actions to help your teen become confident and capable in 2021 
          (for Secondary School parents and caregivers)
Date: Monday 15 March
Time: 6 pm–7:30 pm
Location: TB Millar Hall
Register: Judith Locke - Secondary School session on Monday 15 March

Topic: Essential actions to help your child become confident and capable in 2021 
          (for Junior School parents and caregivers)
Date: Tuesday 16 March
Time: 6 pm–7:30 pm
Location: RA Young Hall
Register: Judith Locke - Junior School session on Tuesday 16 March


Director and founder of Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA).

Topic: Teens, alcohol and other drugs: What do parents in a post-COVID-19 world need to know?
           (60 minute talk, 30 minute Q&A for Secondary School parents and caregivers)
Date: Wednesday 24 March
Time: 6 pm–7:30 pm
Location: TB Millar Hall
Register: Paul Dillon - Secondary School session on Wednesday 24 March


Due to COVID precautions, registration is required for all events, and once on campus, attendees must sign in using the Check in CBR App.

JS Friday Sport includes Softball, Oz Tag, Cricket, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and AFL

JS Friday sport resumes

3 March 2021

Softball, Oztag, Cricket, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and AFL.

From Tamara Phelps - Assistant Head of Sport, Junior School 

It was wonderful to see Friday Sport resume last week. 

Our K-6 students will participate in a variety of Sports during Term 1, through clinics provided by a number of sporting organisations. 

These Fridays provide the opportunity for students to learn new sports, drills and skills in a fun, non-competitive environment, while being supported by their classroom teachers and Year 9/10 service learning students. 

Sports on offer this term include Softball, Oztag, Cricket, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and AFL.

JS Friday Sport includes Softball, Oz Tag, Cricket, Hockey, Gymnastics, Dance and AFL


Year 9 Schoolboy Quad – Head of the Lake Champions & ACT Junior Championship Under 16 Men’s Coxed Quad

Rowing Report, 3 Mar 21

3 March 2021

A wonderful weekend of local competition and success


Above: Finn Robinson, Hamish Gaden, Rohan White, Josh Orr (team coxed by Stuart Ward)

From Olivia Hombsch, Rowing Captain 

Last weekend, Radford competed locally at the ACT Head of the Lake hosted on Lake Burley Griffin. This rejuvenated event is growing in stature and popularity, with schools from Sydney and Kinross Wollaroi (Orange) joining us to compete in Year 8 and above on the water. 

Radford performed impressively throughout the day, winning 7 titles, along with several 2nd places and podium finishes in the B and C divisions. The growing strength of the Radford program was notable particularly in the Year 9 Girls teams, with the A and B Quads winning Gold and Bronze respectively in the A final of Year 9 Schoolgirl Quad. 

Sam and Hamish Roberts with the Fraser CupThis year Radford entered several eights into the regatta for the first time, and were successful in each age category, winning the Under 17 male and female eights, silver in the schoolgirl eight and winning the Fraser cup for the Schoolboy Eight for the first time ever in its 55-year history. This historic win was particularly special for College Captain and crew member Sam Roberts.  Sam lifted the same trophy that was won 34 years ago his Grandfather, who went on to win the trophy 4 times rowing for Telopea Park school! (Sam Roberts and Hamish Roberts, left)The presentation of trophies from the school principals concluded Head of the Lake, after which many rowers returned to the boatshed to begin the heats of the ACT Junior State Championship regatta. 

By the end of Saturday, Radford had qualified a large number of crews and Sunday was lined up to be a jam-packed day of racing. 

The busy boatshed schedule required students to pull together as a team with coxes and rowers jumping between boats, and senior shed rowers offering their experience to our younger cohort from the cox’s seat. 

By the conclusion of the ACT Junior Championships, Radford had earned an impressive 11 title wins, along with 7 silver and 7 bronze medals.  Notable performances include the Men’s and Women’s Year 9 A Quads, who won the U16 coxed quad titles (undefeated from Head of the Lake) and the Year 9 Girls B Quad, who again clinched bronze in the A Final. Hamish Gaden and Hannah Sampson won the U15 and U17 Single scull championship titles, and Radford took out both the Under 17 Men’s and Women’s Quads titles. 

Mia Kluth at a previous regattaThe outstanding performer of the weekend was without a doubt, Mia Kluth, who raced an impressive 8 times undefeated over the weekend. As well as the Head of the Lake Year 9 Schoolgirl Quad & Under 17 Women’s eight title, Mia won the ACT Junior Championship title in the U16 single scull, Under 16 Schoolgirl Quad and Under 17 Schoolgirl Quad.  This is a remarkable achievement for a promising young rower. 

The weekend of racing was fun, emotional and uplifting, as we remembered the disappointment of COVID-19 bringing an early end to racing on the eve of this regatta in 2020. The event also marks the last ACT regatta of the season, and for some of our Year 12s, the last time they will compete for Radford here in the ACT. 

As always, ‘thank you’ to all the supporters – especially the student leaders and staff who came out and cheered us across the line, the parent volunteers who did a shift on the sausage sizzle, or as a regatta volunteer, boat race official or marshal. And the coaches for keeping the rowers organized, on time and pumped for racing! 

Under 17 Schoolgirl Eight Champions   Schoolboy 8 Championship

Under 17 Schoolgirl Eight Champions:
Cox Stuart Ward, Nikita Crabb, Hannah Hardy, Josie Truswell, Hannah Sampson, Zoe Macintosh, Siobhan Hall, Mia Kluth & Eliza Lilley

Schoolboy Eight Champions:
Oli Bailey, Charlie Stuart, Harrison Lonsdale, Ethan Toscan, Sam Roberts, Chris Bush, Campbell Kruger, Angus Walker, cox Ben Heatley

Head of the Lake 2021



SBYR10 4x+

Jake Schemen-Rogers, Oliver Fox, Hamish Roberts, Hunter Jolly, Cox: Heath Shaw 

SB 8+

Campbell Kruger, Charlie Stuart, Oliver Bailey, Christopher Bush, Harrison Lonsdale, Angus Walker, Ethan Toscan, Sam Roberts, Cox: Ben Heatley


Joshua Orr, Finlay Robinson, Rohan White, Hamish Gaden, Cox: Stuart Ward


Eliza Lilley, Siobhan Hall, Sophie Conlon, Mia Kluth, Cox: Ava Warden

SB 4x+

Ethan Toscan, Angus Walker, Sam Roberts, William Gregory, Cox: Ben Heatley 

MU17 8+

Aidan Roberts, Jan Weber, Curtis Garrett, Connor Jacopino, Hamish Roberts, Jake Schemen-Rogers, Oliver Fox, Hunter Jolly, Cox: Heath Shaw 

WU17 8+

Eliza Lilley, Siobhan Hall, Mia Kluth, Zoe Macintosh, Hannah Sampson, Josephine Truswell, Hannah Hardy, Nikita Crabb, Cox: Stuart Ward 


 Schoolboy Coxed Quad Head of the Lake Champions & ACT Junior Champions Under 19 Men’s Coxed Quad

Above: Schoolboy Coxed Quad Head of the Lake Champions & ACT Junior Champions Under 19 Men’s Coxed Quad: Ben Heatley, Ethan Toscan, Angus Walker, Sam Roberts, Will Gregory

ACT Junior Champions 2021



WU16Ch 1X

Mia Kluth

MU16Ch 4X+

Joshua Orr, Finlay Robinson, Rohan White, Hamish Gaden, Cox: Olivia Hombsch

MU17Ch 2x

Hamish Roberts, Jake Schemen-Rogers

WU16Ch 2X

Eliza Lilley, Siobhan Hall

MU15Ch 1X

Hamish Gaden

MU17Ch 4X+

Hunter Jolly, Hamish Roberts, Jake Schemen-Rogers, Christopher Bush, Cox: Ben Heatley

WU16Ch 4X+

Eliza Lilley, Siobhan Hall, Sophie Conlon, Mia Kluth, Cox: Ava Warden

MU15Ch 2X

Lachlan Lloyd, Hamish Whithear

WU17Ch 4X+

Mia Kluth, Hannah Sampson, Hannah Hardy, Nikita Crabb, Cox: Stuart Ward

MU19Ch 4X+

Ethan Toscan, Angus Walker, Sam Roberts, William Gregory, Cox: Ben Heatley

 Below: Heath Shaw collecting the ACT Head of the Lake medal haul!

Heath Shaw collecting the ACT Head of the Lake medal haul!

Co-curricular Music News

Register for Co-curricular Music Recitals

24 February 2021

Recital dates and registration details

Registrations for Cocurricular Music Recitals (Years K-12) are now open.

Recitals provide a valuable opportunity for individual performance.  All students taking individual music lessons are welcome to perform at their relevant year group recital.  

Parent audiences will be subject to COVID-19 number and distancing restrictions. 
Parents will be sent an online form prior to the relevant recital to register as an audience member and will be required to sign in/use the Check in CBR App. 


  • If you are learning an instrument at Radford - please contact your music tutor to register
  • If you are learning an instrument outside of Radford - please email ccmusic@radford.act.edu.au for the recital registration link 


Years 11-12 – Tuesday 16 March
Years 9-10 – Tuesday 25 May
Years 7-8 – Tuesday 1 June
Years K-4 Piano – Tuesday 3 August
Years K-4 Instrumental/Vocal (excluding piano) – Tuesday 17 August
Years 5-6 – Tuesday 7 September


Creating planter boxes for the Cubby Village

Donations for Cubby Village gardens

17 February 2021

Help Y1 create planter boxes for the Cubby Village

By Melinda Hamilton, Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 is collecting Woolworths Discovery Gardens to plant in our Cubby Village planter boxes. This ties with our inquiry into Where We Are in Place & Time as students are exploring how custodianship has an effect on places. We want to have a positive effect on our play areas by growing beautiful and useful plants! 

If you have any Discovery Garden kits to donate, please drop them at the Junior School Reception.

Junior School cubby village


Free entry in 2021 - register online by 12 May!

Big Science Competition 2021

24 February 2021

Students can register online FREE for 2021 Big Science Competition

By Stephanie Comino, Assistant Head of Science 

The Big Science Competition is back for 2021 and this year, it’s 100% online and 100% free!

2021 marks the 35th year of Australia’s participation in the International Science Olympiads, and to celebrate, we’re excited to offer free entry into the Big Science Competition.

The Big Science Competition is a fifty-minute, multiple choice competition testing science knowledge, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills across Year 7 to 10. Challenge  yourself and see the applications of science outside the classroom! 

Participating in the Big Science Competition can lead to some BIG opportunities, like the Curious Minds program. Use it to prepare for the Junior Science Olympiad, and your students could travel overseas to represent Australia internationally.

This year, students can self-register  - registrations close Wednesday 12 May 2021. 

At some point between 17—28 May 2021, students who register will sit the competition as a cohort at school, under exam conditions, to maintain the competition integrity. 

Follow this link to find out more!



Term dates 2021

All dates.  Term 1 ends Thu 1 April.