Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 7 – 21 March 2018

Staff Insights

Steve Baker, Chairman of Radford College Board

From the Chairman, Mr Steve Baker

21 March 2018

Board news, including Fiona Godfrey's appointment for a second term

From the Chairman

I am humbled to write to you for the first time as Chair of the Radford College Board with an exciting update to our community. Those at Awards Night last year may recall that one of my observations of having been a Radford parent of five children over the past decade was that I have experienced and witnessed this wonderful community walking alongside mine and many other families in truth, compassion and wisdom.

I also recognise that your investment in Radford goes far beyond the financial and is not limited to just the day-to-day operations, so I’ll be writing an update from the Board once a term, and I openly welcome your ongoing feedback on the strategic direction of the College.

It is in this context that I am delighted to announce that the Board recently reappointed Mrs Fiona Godfrey as Radford College Principal, for a further five-year term until 2023. The Board believes Fiona has done a fantastic job as our sixth College principal, since taking over the leadership of the College in 2014. Radford can be very proud of our academic results and median ATARs, which can be one metric of success for a Principal. Fiona and her team’s achievements, however, are far broader and more comprehensive than that, contributing to shaping and delivering the strategic direction of the College for the future.

These achievements include:

  • renewal of the College registration - reviewing and updating all policies and procedures, completing a School Improvement Plan
  • introducing an enhanced pastoral care program and age-appropriate pastoral care curriculum
  • consulting the community and helping prepare the College’s Strategic Plan: A Vision for the Future 2016–2020, and then delivering on the Plan’s goals and commitments
  • expanding student enrolments and navigating the College to an optimal size
  • consulting the community and working with architects, builders and other key stakeholders in preparing the College’s Master Plan, as well as commencing delivery of the first of several significant construction projects to a tight timeframe and budget      
  • reviewing program offerings and introducing new programs such as dance and outdoor education, while also expanding existing programs such as international exchanges and experiences
  • establishing the Radford College Development Foundation.

I’m also very happy to update you on our program of capital works under the Master Plan, which is well on track.

As you might be aware, the new Junior School specialist building and its huge undercroft gathering space is now in full use. It is hard to believe that the site was just a large hole in the ground one year ago. I am sure anyone who has seen this building at the Junior School was as impressed as I was with the size, quality and functionality it has given Mr Paul Southwell and his terrific team to educate our younger students.

Two more major construction projects have now also commenced, and on behalf of the Board I am equally excited to see the vision of the architect’s drawings be realised and be ready for operations for the beginning of school next year.

Years 3 and 4 Classrooms BuildingYears 3 and 4 Classrooms BuildingYears 3 and 4 Classrooms Building

The fantastic new Years 3 and 4 classrooms are being built at the back corner of the Junior School and work on the futuristic Secondary School commons building and outdoor gathering space has also commenced next to the Senior School. 

Secondary School commons building and outdoor gathering spaceSecondary School commons buildingSecondary School commons building

These are both significant additions to our campus  which will assist the delivery of outstanding education to all our students and allow Radford to expand student enrolments to a more optimum level as noted above.

There are always so many things happening here at Radford within our community and I look forward to updating you further in Term 2.



H visits Year 1 with photos from his early teaching days

H for History #7 - time travel for Year 1

19 March 2018

Year 1 students journey back in space and time with H

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning and College Historian

I do not remember very much about being in Year 1, but I do remember sitting down somewhere very, very close to where the current Year 1s have a classroom, close to thirty years ago in my early 20s. That evening, I spent hours pulling bindi-eyes from my socks. 

Y1 student reflection on the visitIt was a privilege to be invited by Melinda Hamilton, on behalf of the current Year 1 staff and students, to pop over with an old, dusty, leather-bound photo album and spend time telling yarns about the area directly underneath where the Junior School buildings currently sit. As Melinda explains, “I asked George to come and speak to us because our inquiry into ‘Where We Are in Place & Time’ had us looking at how custodianship over time affects places. So we were interested to see how Radford has changed as different students have attended it… Before George's visit we initially looked at photos from the archives to see what this area looked like before Radford was built and compared it to a picture from 2007 when the Junior School was being built. And then we drew what it looks like now. This helped us to understand how the school has changed! We even looked at the location of the new Year 3/4 building and considered how that area will also continue to change.” 

It was a trip down memory lane for me - well, up memory hill, to be exact. In those early years, I used to take my English classes “out bush” to write poetry. What was a few hundred metres’ walk from the Year 9 Block felt like a day’s hike amidst complaints about the distance we had to travel "to find our muse in nature”. I had to also negotiate a myriad of complaints about those pesky bindies, sneaky and scratchy branches, and the oppressive heat. But looking through the photos taken of those artistic jaunts, and flicking through the eventual finished products - in an annual collection containing one poem from each student (refined when back in civilisation) - I think the lesson plan’s objective had been satisfactorily achieved. 

I told my wide-eyed Year 1 new buddies some stories about the area where their classroom now exists: about how I met a humungous kangaroo on a reconnaissance of the area. We became a little side-tracked here for a minute or fifteen as my little friends were evidently all brimming with the delight of sharing a plethora of roo-facts, figures and anecdotes. Learning beyond the classroomThey also seemed curiously fascinated about how one of my students composed poetry more effectively while sitting in a tree (Doug B, if you are reading, this a shout out to you). As young Elsie stated, "I got to see a picture of dad reading in the grass and his really smart friend up a tree... maybe you can write better up a tree!” Indeed. Spurred on by this, I did ask the Year 1s if any of their parents had been students at the school “way back then”. Despite the statistical unlikelihood, I was bowled over to learn that not only did they all have parents who went to Radford, but they were all also in my Year 9 Creative Writing class. Simply miraculous. (Upon researching, at least a dozen parents of kids in this class are collegians from various time zones.) 

As I walked back across the zebra-crossing between the junior and senior campuses, across that road which - from my photographs - could barely be seen back then for the long grass and trees, I couldn’t help but smile at the wonder and imagination of those terrific Year 1s. And all the while recalling, despite the blurriness of those now-treasured photographs and pictures inside my own fading memory, a similarly wondrous series of lessons about “where we are in place and time” which now seem to live on emphatically in those modest poems written by equally fertile imaginations some three decades earlier. 

If you were in Mr H’s poetry class in the late 80s and early 90s, drop him a line. Could any former staff or collegians wishing to input to the new school history and/or claim their profile on the Collegians page, please contact him at: George.Huitker@Radford.act.edu.au or complete the form at https://radfordcollegians.com.au/help-h/. All past “H for History” articles are housed at: https://radfordcollegians.com.au/h-for-history.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Chaplain's reflection

21 March 2018

The weight of integrity

Dear students

Whatever you give your attention to, never let it be separate from your values and the fabric of your heart and soul. May your words be the notes of your soul, sung into life through your actions. Poetic I know, but simply, don’t speak, just let what you do sing your story.

Oh Lord may I be faithful to this simple vocation – and may my family, the students, my colleagues, my community, and Christ himself, in light of my flaws and brokenness, weigh my integrity. Fr R.

I am uneasy. The messages of so much of the news media and social media suggest we live in an age when integrity of character is not an essential ingredient for success.  Public figures in politics, business and entertainment rise in their chosen spheres, even when they have abandoned values that were once considered “not negotiable”. Our students are intelligent and perceptive and see these disturbing anomalies.

The practice of ‘integrity’ has this backdrop. Maybe it has forever been so - hypocrisy was one of Jesus frequent protests. The students can see it all for themselves and can smell hypocrisy at 100 paces. Does acknowledging this context safeguard students from, or add extra force to, the pull of self-interest, cynicism or apathy?

But the other side of values and behaviour exists, and can be clearly seen globally and locally:

  • U.S. students in their hundreds of thousands standing against gun violence protesting ‘enough’
  • the hunger of our Junior students to engage in service activities
  • Year 10 students working weekly on OzHarvest (the rescuing of food and redistribution to local agencies via the College food studies kitchen)
  • one hundred (yes, 100)  Y11 students who want to be on the L’Arche disco organising committee
  • staff and students who turn up Wednesday after Wednesday, year after year,  for RAID basketball with the YMCA
  • the number (and quality) of students working for Timor and Gamilaraay expeditions
  • the number of senior students lining up for Relay4Life this weekend
  • the students working on Dirrum Festival and the depth of their work.

It is truly impressive, it speaks of worlds where integrity is “alive and well”.

See here the urge is strong to lean into a greater and common good. As a learning community, our work is to support, challenge and develop the students’ character, increase their skills, their faith, their passion, and model the deeper reality: character matters.

Jesus is the perfect model for both being and doing. For Jesus they are the same. What Jesus does is a function of who he is.

  • The grain of wheat has to fall to the ground to become many grains, or it will remain singular and ‘unfulfilled’.
  • Jesus goes like a hen to the fox’s den. Not naively, but cunningly, strategically, courageously and exposes alpha-male posturing and its addiction to violence.
  • God’s preferred instrument of cosmic transformation is not an army or sword, but a lamb. The flesh of which is God’s very self. This self-giving death (and subsequent resurrection) is not a Plan B rescue operation. It is action arising directly from Christ’s character as the self-donating Wisdom, through whom all things are made at the foundation of all things[1]. This is who Jesus is - forever: person firmly grounded in Abba God. Integrity matters and character flows from what dwells within.

We human beings are different. We are flawed. We also can easily make compartments. It’s why what we do to the ‘unimportant’ (like refugees) is a test for how we might treat ANY person when we know no one is looking. But Christ, no matter under what cosmic shower or shadow or spotlight, is true to his own being. And so should we be!   

Christ hesitated, in Gethsemane and elsewhere, surely. But from the cross Christ called “Abba, forgive them. They do not know what they do.” That I call Jesus “Lord” describes the ground upon which I stand. And from here I shall not shrink from my counsel:

Dear students. Keep caring. About the world, about the vulnerable, about the earth and coral and living sustainably and the poor and the oppressed, about refugees and children in detention and children not yet born, and about people who are different and marginalised. Care about the flourishing of all, not just the few. May your actions in the world be woven from the fabric of your heart and soul. And may this heart and soul, whose roots are within God and is wholly and perfectly loved in Christ, be receptive to that love.

I humbly offer my own flawed but full-bodied witness and point to Christ, in whom all things hold together.

Sunday 18 March

Fr Richard


RAS Charity Fundraiser is on at the end of this term. As a community we give and then work .

Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees, 1 pm Gareema Place, this Sunday.

[1] Wisdom of Solomon 7.24, 27; Proverbs 3:19-20; Proverbs 8; Psalm 104.24


Y4 student self-portrait using Keynote on iPad

Digital Learning and Innovation

19 March 2018

Lisa Plenty, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

Innovation for students, teachers and learning spaces

By Lisa Plenty, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

It has been a busy few months for the Digital Learning and Innovation team here at Radford. I started in the role of Director of Digital Learning and Innovation following Matt Heinrich's resignation last year. I had previously worked with Matt as a Technology Coach, so I had the advantage of being immersed in the Radford context for some time before commencing the role. 

Y7 students Lego EV3 robot challengeWe have been very fortunate to find a new Technology Coach in Eric Jensen. Originally from Canberra, Eric has worked in Melbourne, teaching a range of curriculum areas and leading his previous school's IT. He has made an enthusiastic start in his role here and his wealth of knowledge, perseverance and gentle manner are perfect for supporting others in using technology. Eric is also teaching Year 7 Digital Technology. 

There have been a number of exciting events and projects over recent months, with more in the wings for development over the course of the year. At the end of 2017, we finalised our first iBook publication for the Junior School. Radford College Data Inquiry 2017 is a reflective account of our Junior School teachers' inquiry into their own practice. We also produced an updated version of the College ICT Handbook, available from ICT page on Radford Online. This document details the purpose and practice of ICT at Radford College and provides an insight into the day-to-day picture of technology-enriched learning at our College.

Over the summer break, classrooms across the Junior School and most Secondary School rooms had an upgrade with the introduction of new touch panel and wireless screens. A total of 29 screens were installed in Junior School classrooms, and an additional 11 screens were installed in the Secondary School, adding to the 25 installed on the secondary campus for the start of 2017. The features enable teachers and students to do more than simply project content.  Teachers can be more mobile in the room when using the screens, and can use the touch screen capacity in combination with a tool such as OneNote to develop annotated resources and digital 'whiteboards' accessible for students anywhere, anytime. 

We also commenced the year with Year 3 accessing College-provided 1-to-1 iPads. This, as a lead-in to the BYOD program, will give Year 3 students and teachers an excellent opportunity this year to explore the features of new iPads, including augmented reality, as well as new video and coding applications. Year 4 students have made a great start to their own BYOD program, with an introduction to digital media, a stunning sample of which is included with this article. 

Staff are learners as well as being teachersOur teachers are also learners, and we started the year with some great professional learning events. The Secondary School teachers explored a range of digital learning tools to support students' achievement and Junior School teachers worked with members from the Apple Education team to explore creative and enriching iPad tools. We also have two teams of teachers engaging in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero course, Thinking and Learning in the Maker-Centred Classroom. Through this training, our teacher teams will investigate the purpose of learning through inquiry, tinkering, and the creative process of making, seeking ways in which we might authentically build more creative, authentic, needs-focused learning experiences into our practice. Our Junior School teachers are also currently investigating their integration of the Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum, exploring the use of robots and software that will extend and enrich our junior students' view of technology in their lives. 

We look forward to lots more learning with technology and will celebrate our achievements through the Bulletin over the course of the year.

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News, 21 March 2018

21 March 2018

Adapting to change, in all areas

Dates to Remember

Friday 23 March

JS Bushwalking Co-curricular Camp

Tuesday 27 March

Kinder Reading Evening

Friday 30 March

Good Friday – Public Holiday

Monday 2 April

Easter Monday – Public Holiday

Another busy week for students and staff.

Our Year 1 and 2 students were able to experience our first 'Stage-Specific' Swimming Carnival this week with a series of races, challenges and swim safety events held at CISAC last Monday. Previously we have had Years 1 and 2 join the Junior School Swimming Carnival but only for a short period and only in novelty events. This move is directed at increasing student engagement in carnivals, competing and being challenged rather than novelty style events. We will revisit our program following this as we continue to 'keep the child at the centre' of all we seek.

Years 1 & 2 enjoyed a bespoke program at their swimming carnival

As I mentioned several times last year, for some time now we have been moving away from the traditional Professional Development model where staff attend a day of professional development and are then expected to return and deliver change. While this can help to ignite staff curiosity, it rarely elicits change. Instead we have moved to an ongoing professional learning approach where we seek to work as teams, learning and sharing together. We use 'critical friends' to work with talented teachers, to continue to challenge ourselves. This week we have been fortunate indeed as we have had renowned Mathematics presenter Catherine Attard working with several Year 6 classes and many of our teachers. A great initiative from Ms Jess Ford.

Week 7 Term 1. We still have warm days, mixed with the longer school days and the pace of Radford. I spent some time last weekend revisiting how we, as a collective, may continue to work smart. One of the reasons for us building our team approach was to better support the 'whole learner' (whether student or adult). In this thinking, we are looking at how we support learner wellbeing, the ability to make mistakes, to use and build character strengths, whilst simultaneously holding to the development of learning skills, the basics. I mention this only because in today’s world, we face many new basics. I know most people would say this is just IT. The new basics of today, however, include communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration as well as digital literacy.

Another reason to look at the IB Primary Years Programme’s 'Approaches to Learning' where we continue to build 21st century basics. One of the reasons I admire our teaching teams is that our profession has changed so much in such a short time. The skills I mention here are already prized by you in your workplaces, but for the teaching profession they are the new and additional basics we teach.

This was no better displayed than by our Year 5 cohort who spent a day exploring and investigating their Unit of Inquiry 'Passion and Perseverance have the power to motivate', at our Rowing Shed facility last week – mixing Maths and Spelling with collaboration and communication.

Radford Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin and Director Lee Scott draw the lucky winner

Foundation competition winner

21 March 2018

Grandfriends Day competition a great success

The Radford College Development Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of a recent competition for those who sign up to its contact list.

Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin and Director Lee Scott drew the winning entry. The prize of a two-hour photography session and A2 print from Canberra photographic studio iSO Images goes to Heather McKean.

The competition was run during the recent Junior School Grandfriends Day, which the Foundation also sponsored. 

Grandfriends spent the morning joining in classroom activities with the students before enjoying a morning tea in the RA Young Hall where they were welcomed by Karen Mahar, Assistant Head of Junior School (PYP Wellbeing).

Grandfriends DayGrandfriends DayGrandfriends Day


Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Year 7-12 Parent-Teacher Evenings

14 March 2018

Bookings now open

 By Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Interview dates and times

  • Tuesday 3 April 3.00–8.00 pm
  • Monday 9 April 3.00–8.00 pm

Bookings – new system this year

Bookings are now open and close at 10 pm the night before each interview day. We encourage you to make bookings early to avoid inconvenience or disappointment. The interview time with each teacher will be 5 minutes. 

Bookings for Secondary School Parent Teacher Interviews can be made through Radford Online. Your Radford Online user name and password are printed on the top of your child’s 2018 Commencement Letter.  

Please click on the tile on the Dashboard titled Secondary School Parent Teacher Interviews. This year the College is using a new system for booking Parent-Teacher interviews. Instructions are linked here and will also be emailed directly to parents of Secondary School students.

If you have any problems booking your interview, please contact Main Reception on 6162 6200 or reception@radford.act.edu.au.


All students in Years 7–12 will be dismissed from class at 2.35 pm on both Tuesday 3 April and Monday 9 April as interviews commence at 3.00 pm. 

  • students in Years 7–10 who are not travelling directly home at 2.35 pm will need to go to the Secondary School Library where supervision will be available
  • students in Years 11 and 12 are free to leave the college after they are dismissed at 2.35 pm
  • unless advised otherwise, co-curricular activities will operate as usual
  • school buses will run as per the normal schedule from 3.30 pm. 


Parking for parents is available behind the Performing Arts Centre, along the road towards the back (south) of the College and in the carparks by the G Wigg Sports Centre and Mackinnon Senior School. Please do not park in the ELC and Junior School parking areas until after 3.45 pm. 


Radford College teachers are looking forward to discussing the progress of your child this term. In preparing for the interviews, each of the teachers has been asked to consider your child’s engagement with learning, application in class, achievements to date, individual needs and ways for improvement.  

If you would like to discuss your child’s overall progress further after the interview, I would encourage you to speak to their Tutor or Head of Year. 

In addition to booked parent interviews with your child’s teachers, the Principal, Mrs Fiona Godfrey, and the Head of Secondary School, Mr Phillip O’Regan will be available for informal discussions with parents. No bookings are required to speak to Mrs Godfrey or Mr O’Regan at the Parent Teacher Evenings.

Ride2School 2018 Photo credit: Jackson Black

National Ride2School Day this Friday

21 March 2018

Radford rides again

By Jane Lilley, Teacher

Radford will once again participate in National Ride2School Day, to be held this year on 23 March. We welcome all Year 3–12 students to join staff to ride their bikes to school. Riders who have worked up an appetite can enjoy pancakes at the Pavilion, prepared by our RAS team. 

Meeting places and departure times will be confirmed in next week’s bulletin.

Please read the conditions and expectations below and go through them with your child/children before the day:

  • a fitted helmet and well-maintained bike with properly inflated tyres are essential
  • please arrive at departure point 10 mins before departure
  • it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child arrives punctually at the meeting place. If the group has departed before you arrive, it is your responsibility to ensure your child arrives safely at school
  • all students will be expected to stay with the group and follow the road rules and instructions provided by Radford staff
  • due to various co-curricular commitments, the return ride will not be accompanied by staff and it is the responsibility of each family to arrange their child’s ride home
  • in the case of wet weather, drizzle, rain or lightning, the ride will be cancelled and a notification will be added to the Announcements page of Radford Online.
  • children in PK–Y2 are welcome to ride accompanied by a parent/adult carer. The same applies for less confident Year 3-6 riders
  • asthmatics must carry their own puffer with them in their bag
  • Fluorescent reflective ankle straps and/or vests can make your child more visible to road traffic and you may choose to provide these for them to wear, should you wish to provide additional safety measures.

Please note that there are some changes to our departure locations and times:

  • ARANDA: Meet at the underpass on Bandjalong Street for a 7.50 am departure
  • HAWKER: Meet at the KFC carpark for a 7.30 am departure
  • FLOREY: Meet at the bicycle path at the end of Edman Close for a 7.40 am departure
  • GIRALANG: Meet on the bicycle path on Chuculba Crescent (parallel to Baldwin Drive) for a 7.40 am departure
  • O'CONNOR: Meet on the cycle path on Dryandra Street, at the bottom of O'Connor Ridge (near the driveway of Old Canberra Motor Inn) for a 7.45 am departure

For any further queries, please contact Jane Lilley

Radford's exciting April holiday programs have something for everyone

Holiday program bookings

21 March 2018

OSHC and the Sports Department have the April holidays sorted.

Holidays are here again ... nearly. Have you made any plans? Radford's Outside School Hours Care and the Sports Department have, and they're excited.

Outside School Hours Care April Holiday Programs
Places are available in Early Years (PK–Y1) and Junior School (Y2–6) programs and, as usual, they will fill fast.
Excursions include (take a deep breath): slot car racing (JS/EY), movies at Hoyts (JS/EY), cheernastics (yes, it's a thing) (JS/EY), playgrounds of Canberra (EY), Yerrabi Track bushwalk (JS), Questacon (JS/EY), bike ride around Lake Ginninderra (JS), Dr Graham Walker's 'Going Ballistics' show (incursion) (JS/EY), National Botanical Gardens (EY), Let's Play Indoor Playground (EY), super robotics workshop (incursion) (JS), bubble soccer AND Nerf war challenge (incursion) (JS), Mogo Zoo (JS/EY combined) LEGO bricks (incursion) (JS/EY).

Book now!
Early Years Booking Form
Junior School Booking Form

Years 3–8 April Sports Holiday Program

This program is open to all abilities and focuses on skill development and game play. Students from other schools are welcome to enrol. The program has three streams: Multi-sport (full day, weeks 1 and 2), Football (half day, week 1), Basketball (half day, weeks 1 and 2). Students have the option to join the Multi-sport program in the afternoons.

Book now!

Image credit: Bycroft children playing with hoop, tyre and wheel; the little boy was a neighbour of the Bycrofts - Taree, NSW, probably 1924 / photographer Joe T. Bycroft. Collection of State Library of New South Wales

Image for article: Round Square International Conference 2018

Round Square International Conference 2018

19 March 2018

Kath Notley, Round Square Co-ordinator

Last chance for students to register interest

By Kath Notley, Round Square Co-ordinator

This is the last chance for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to register their interest in attending the Round Square International Conference for 2018.

The Radford delegation of five students will depart in late September and attend a pre-conference in the United States, before heading to Appleby College in Canada for the International Conference.

The theme for the Conference is ‘Bring Your Difference’ and students will be invited to engage in a range of activities and events that will deepen their understanding of what makes each of us unique.

Further information can be found at rsic2018.org.

Please contact Ms Notley via email if interested.    

Further information and details will be provided to students who have expressed interest.


Japanese exchange student Oka Takizawa with her hosts, Tara Lyons (L) and Kat-E Yeow

Vegemite, kangaroos and Aussie beef

16 March 2018

International exchanges are an opportunity to share and learn

Hosting a student from Japan was a great experience. My host sister, Oka, stayed with me for a week. While this was a short time, Oka was a lively addition to my family. During her stay, she came with me to school and attended my classes and, on the weekend, I took her sightseeing around Canberra. We visited Parliament House and Questacon, went shopping for Australian souvenirs and went to the Enlighten Festival. At the festival, we tried many different and interesting foods. Oka loved trying Australian food, although she despised vegemite, and found the fact that you can eat kangaroo quite shocking.  

The hosting experience gave me a greater understanding of Japanese culture and allowed me to practice speaking Japanese, which will definitely help my Japanese studies.
by Tara Lyons, Year 12 Japanese student

Japanese exchange programJapanese exchange program

I had the privilege of hosting Oka for three weeks. I spent seven weeks at her school in Yonezawa, Japan, during our summer holidays. Oka was my buddy during that time, so I got to know her well. We share similar hobbies and got along well. She came to Australia about a week before the 2018 school year started, so we were able to take her to Telstra Tower, National Zoo and Aquarium, National Museum of Australia, Tidbinbilla and the NASA space station. Oka was surprised at how multicultural Australia is. We also took her to the multicultural festival where she tried a variety of foods from around the world. She made my family nikujaga—simmered meat (usually beef), potatoes and onions. It was a nice fusion of Japanese food with Aussie beef. Hosting a foreign exchange student is a great experience.

Kat-E Yeow, Year 12 Japanese student

Sports forum 23 March

Sporting forum - train hard, live well

19 March 2018

Tara Mitchell, PE Teacher

Maintain your life balance AND reach your athletic goals

Are you aspiring to join the National team or want to compete at the highest levels? Having a tough time juggling training and making it to a friends' party? You're not the first!

Join Andrew Leigh at a panel forum with top sporting experts to discuss the process, tips and tricks for reaching your athletic aspirations while maintaining your life balance.

Confirm your spot now, as numbers will be limited. 


Friday 23 March 2018, 4pm - 5pm


Ann Harding Centre, 24 University Drive S, University of Canberra 


Eleanor Robson · eleanor.robson@aph.gov.au


Rob de Castella: One of Australia's greatest marathon runners, 'Deeks' dominated marathons worldwide through the 1980s, was voted Australian of the Year in 1983, directed the Australian Institute of Sport for five years in the 1990s and currently directs the Indigenous Marathon Project.

Heather Garriock: Heather is a Matilda veteran and is the respected head coach of the Canberra United side. Heather played 130 matches for the Matildas, appearing at two Olympic football tournaments and three FIFA Women's World Cups.

Sue Read: As a former elite weightlifter, athlete and Matilda, Sue has a deep understanding of the pressures involved with elite sport. Sue has been practising as a clinical psychologist for 14 years at her business, Life Unlimited. Sue’s experiences in elite level sport have given her key insights into how to continually perform under peak pressure, and an understanding and appreciation of how to maintain peak physical and mental health whilst balancing an elite sporting career with family and work commitments. 

P&F Entertainment Books

P&F Entertainment Books fundraiser

28 March 2018

Buy your Entertainment Book now!

The Radford Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is delighted to announce a major fundraising initiative for 2018 in partnership with Entertainment Books. Digital memberships are available, as well as printed books.

SUPPORT US NOW. https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/232c04

P&F Entertainment Books fundraiser

The Entertainment Book has thousands of 50-per-cent-off and 2-for-1 offers for many Canberra restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotels, travel and shopping.

Book price is $60, and the P&F receives $12 for each book sold. All funds raised will be donated to projects that benefit students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

For further details, please email Entbook@radford.act.edu.au

P&F Entertainment Books fundraiser

Dr Prue Salter provides the tools for success with effective study skills

Study skills are the tools for success

14 March 2018

Session with Dr Prue Salter - advice on effective studying

Dr Prue Salter's parent and student study skills workshop is a not-to-be-missed interactive evening designed to give students and those who support them the best chance of working and studying effectively in high school. 

The session will cover:

  • managing homework and assignments effectively through efficient time management
  • learning to be more organised for school and at home
  • effective work and study

When: Tuesday 1 May 2018, 6–7.30 pm
Where: TB Millar Hall
Who: Parent/Guardian(s) and students should attend together to gain the most value from the session

View the event flyer for more details.

Image for article: Join the Art Show Committee!

Join the Art Show Committee!

14 March 2018

Be part of the Art Show team, or other P&F sub-committees

Following the election of the P&F Management Committee at the AGM last week, the formation of an Art Show Committee is at the top of the agenda.

The Radford Art Show will be held on 25-27 May, and a meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday 22 March in the Board Room to establish the Art Show Committee. 

The Art Show project involves a range of different tasks leading up to the event, and over the course of the Art Show weekend.  P&F Administrator Angie Walters will work closely with the team on liaison with artists, registration of works, and preparation of the catalogue.  Other important tasks include publicity, catering for the gala opening and co-ordinating the Art Show cafe over the weekend.  It is not necessary to be a member of the P&F Management Committee to be on the Art Show Committee, and you can choose what tasks you want to undertake. 

Just over two months till the Art Show, so now's the time to lend a hand.  If you can't make the meeting on Thursday 22 March, contact P&F Administrator Angie Walters if you are able to help.

Radford Institute Seminar on the new work order

Get Ready for the New Work Order

7 March 2018

Social entrepreneur Jan Owen to speak at Radford Institute, Wed 21 March

Date: Wednesday 21 March
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre
RSVP:   institute@radford.act.edu.au

The pace of change has never been so great nor as disruptive as it is today. Young people will need to innovate in business, communities, government and the global realm to solve emerging challenges and create a fairer society. To do all this they will need to be able to navigate the new work order - where whole career progressions are being altered, new professions are coming into existence and traditional jobs are being swallowed by automation. So how do we prepare our young people for this future?

Currently the CEO of Foundation for Young Australians, Jan Owen is a highly-regarded social entrepreneur, innovator, influencer and author who has spent the past 25 years growing Australia's youth, social enterprise and innovation sectors.

Radford College Crest

Notice regarding chickenpox

21 March 2018

Audrey Miller, College Nurse

Parents are requested to keep children diagnosed with chickenpox at home

By Audrey Miller, Nurse

Several Year 5 and 6 students have been diagnosed with chickenpox (Varicella), a highly contagious virus that is passed by person-to-person contact.

Please do not send your child to school if they have any of the symptoms of chickenpox. These may include mild headache, fever or feeling unwell with a rash. The initial spots look similar to mosquito bites and usually form on the body, arms, face and neck. The rash progresses to fluid-filled blisters that finally crust over and dry. The incubation period is usually 14–21 days with the students being contagious 1–2 days before the onset of the rash. Students must be excluded from school until ALL lesions are crusted over, usually 6–7 days.

Immunisation is recommended for healthy children, adolescents and adults who have not had a documented case of chickenpox or have not been previously vaccinated. While the vaccination is not 100-per-cent effective, vaccinated individuals who contract the disease experience it in milder form and for a shorter period.

For more information, access the ACT Health fact sheet here: http://www.health.act.gov.au/sites/default/files/ChickenpoxMay15.pdf

Technical Director Andrew Sullivan will hold Athletics coaching sessions this term

Secondary School Athletics

21 March 2018

Run Radford – run Radford – Run! Run! Run!

Athletics Technical Director Andrew Sullivan will be holding coaching sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3.45 and 5 pm on the ovals.

Try a variety of events including speed, endurance, throws, jumps, relays and races.

Bring your friends and train in a group! No experience necessary.

These sessions are free.

If your child is interested in participating, email Andrew.sullivan@radford.act.edu.au

Watch out for details of a weekend training camp, coming soon!


Book now for the Radford 35th Anniversary Ball

Anniversary Ball ticket sales close Friday

21 March 2018

Last days to book

The Radford P & F Ball will celebrate the College’s 35th anniversary.

Date: Saturday, 7 April 2018
Time: From 6.30 pm 
Venue: Hotel Realm, Canberra
Dress: Formal
Buy tickets: Tickets online ($155 single, $1500 table of ten). 
Flyer: <.pdf>

The ticket price includes a three-course dinner and all drinks. The entertainment for the evening includes a photo booth and fabulous party band, The Baker Boys (watch video).

This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that Radford has achieved over the past 35 years.

Individual tickets are $155. A table of 10 can be purchased for a discounted price of $1500. So, dust off the formal wear and get together a table of 10!  Feel free to also book a single ticket or a double ticket and send us an email letting us know your seating preferences (e.g. Collegian from 2000, current parent of Year 3 child, new Pre-K family) and we will try and place you on a table that will suit you. 

If you need any further information about this event, please contact:


Languages Hosting

Host families needed for May

Host families are still needed for 16-27 May, for students visiting from our Beijing sister school. Please email the Head of Languages Michele.sharp@radford.act.edu.au if you are able to help.

P&F meetings

P&F Meetings 2018

Venue: College Boardroom, time: 7pm. 22 March - Art Show meeting; other meetings April 12, June 14, July 26, August 30, October 18, November 15. All community members are welcome to attend.