Radford Bulletin Term 2, Week 6 – 5 June 2019

Staff Insights

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting update

3 June 2019

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

IB DP score conversion to ATARs, Differentiation and assessment feedback in the Secondary School

IB DP score conversion to ATARs, Differentiation and Feedback in the Secondary School

As you may have seen, there have been some quite dramatic statements in the news last week about the calculation of ATARs from the IB DP scores. What has happened in the past is that the IB scores were rounded to whole numbers, and the University Admission Centre (UAC) then gave all students on that score the same ATAR. The change that was reported last week will result in more detailed scoring being provided, and so more-nuanced ATARs being provided. Having looked at last year’s data in preparing the new system, UAC has been able to provide a clear idea of what would have been the impact on students, had the new system been employed last year: 

  • 60% of students would have received exactly the same ATAR rank.
  • 25% would have received a higher rank because their IB score would not have been rounded down. 
  • 15% would have received a marginally lower rank.

Our Dean of Senior Studies, Mrs Lindy Braithwaite attended a briefing on the issue by UAC last week. She has returned convinced that this is a very positive outcome for all students, and the IB DP cohort in particular. Rather than being a reaction to media stories, this is the product of a considered and thorough review into the best way to increase the precision of the calculation, and ensuring the IB DP students are provided with the most accurate possible reflection of their performance. The change will be implemented from 2021 and so will not affect the current Radford IB DP Cohort. 

Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning, has previously written about the valuable work being done by our staff in their Communities of Practice. Our Heads of Department have been working as coaches or mentors to their staff but also working on specific projects. Amongst those projects are Differentiation, Feedback and Formative Assessment. Given my title, it will come as no surprise to you that I am taking a particular interest in these. 

By way of informing the discussion, the team looking at Differentiation has been considering models in which this can best be achieved. Predictably, the debate about streaming and its relationship to student learning has played a part in our deliberations. Over the past few weeks, I have again been reading widely about the various schools of thought. It was particularly striking to read a recent literature review coming out of the University of Melbourne, which suggested that the strong culture of streaming maths classes – amongst others – across Australia, exists despite research suggesting that it does not improve student learning. In our Differentiation discussions, we have been considering the possibilities afforded by the changing architectural landscape of the college and the consequent opportunities for team teaching of flexible student groups. Findings will be reported to the Academic Executive team later in the year for consideration. 

Lindy Braithwaite is leading the group focused on feedback and we have started discussions with Heads of Department about how they are managing formative assessment in their own domains. For the purpose of this article, formative assessment can simply be defined as assessment that does not directly contribute to the semester score or grade. In practice, it can be almost anything that happens in a classroom, other than the formal assessment tasks. A quiz in maths or science, a class discussion in English or the humanities, a warm-up game in HPE, or a first draft design in technology subjects can all serve to inform the teacher about where students are with their learning and, consequently, what needs to be done to move that learning on. Obviously, the teacher passes this information on to the student as feedback, in a wide variety of ways. 

Even formal or summative assessment – that does inform scores and grades – can be seen as primarily formative. When addressing the secondary school assembly in Term 1, I counselled our students to never see the assessment as the end in itself. Ultimately, the results of assessment, even those as prestigious as the ATAR, are transient; what remains is the knowledge and skills that contributed to it. That is why teachers strive to provide timely and informative feedback to students after assessment tasks. The focus is always on the next step. 

As we approach the end of this first semester of continuous or On-Line, In-Time reporting for Years 7-10, it would be very useful to hear some feedback from our parent body about how useful the regular updates through SEQTA have been. It would be interesting to know if conversations have been stimulated at home, either by teacher comments or student reflections on the feedback. 

It is timely, too, to remind you that there will be no retrospective subject comments on this semester’s Year 7-10 reports. The feedback on assessment tasks and student reflections on that will remain visible to you for the duration of enrolment at the college, as do school reports. Heads of Department are excited about the possibilities afforded by the diversion of time from formal reporting to more teaching and learning in the classrooms. It is our hope that students and parents will share their enthusiasm. 

As ever, your thoughts and feedback are very welcome. Please email them to me at bill.weigall@radford.act.edu.au



Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Chaplain's Reflection, 5 June 2019

3 June 2019

And God saw that it was good.

Very good

And God saw that it was good. 

This phrase comes from the first creation story, Genesis 1. The word ‘good’ does not just describe the thing itself – light and time, space and land and living things – it describes the way these things are held together. ‘Harmony’ may best describe this meaning. That is, the way things within creation interconnect and relate to all the others is fundamentally and wholly purposeful, harmonious: good. The language about earth is important. The earth is not a resource, a bank from which perpetual withdrawals can be made. There is a relationship of deep inherent harmony. This is reflected in the language of First Nations people that refer to earth as mother. St Francis of Assisi echoes this: brother sun, sister moon, mother earth. 

In the unique and transformative event of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the relationship between things is also restored. Jesus’ ascension to rule at God’s right hand is not a strategic exit, awaiting the safe arrival of a holy few humans ‘out of the world’ into ‘heaven’. It is much more dangerous, much more incarnate. The outpouring of the Spirit of the risen Christ into and throughout the world is for the renewal of the goodness of creation. The Spirit draws our lives into the body of Jesus as collaborators in God’s creative and redeeming work. Extraordinarily, in the life of the Spirit it is we who become the hands and feet of the risen Jesus on earth, for the good of the earth. The historical Pentecostal movement began as a movement of justice. 

Is this gobbledegook? Possibly, even at times to those within circles of faith! Maybe I can better point to this wonder and mystery by way of a letter to Hamish, only a few months old, baptised on Sunday morning in the Radford Chapel. 

Dear Hamish. What a fine pair of lungs you have!

Your parents and Godparents have taken promises on your behalf. It bears witness to a mystery: no one can do anything to warrant God’s love. It is a gift, Hamish, and this love is all yours! Their promises do not remove your freedom. It simply shapes their intention: to reflect God’s love and love you as big as they can. What you do with that is for you to work out, in time. It shapes theirs and our commitment to care for this earth and carry a ‘dominion’ that gives birth to liberation and justice* - that is, pass over what is good for your generation to inherit. 

Sitting in the water and pouring it over you three times in the name of Father Son and Spirit is pretty weird. (You did register your protest at this point!) The words were about being ‘buried in Jesus and rising with him’. This is confronting. But as you will discover soon enough, there are valleys of shadow and fear, there are evils and traps that break the goodness of things. And God’s answer is to love through death. This Eternal Love has now charged you (and me and mum and dad) to be a part of God’s own liberating presence in the world. God’s own Spirit is breathed in us to awaken our ability to heal and not hurt, to bless not curse, to bind up and not condemn. You and I are called into the goodness of creation, to be guardians of the earth and the interrelationship of things, to tend to the most vulnerable and express our wealth and power through service. 

Hamish, you are a child of the one Heavenly Father; you inherit the kingdom of God. Trust God, fear no evil, this world and life is good and very good – the Lord our Shepherd is with you. 


* a reference to ‘dominion’ from last week’s reflection.


Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News, 5 Jun 2019

5 June 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Art Show, Rostrum, uniform matters, "shout outs"

Dates for your diary

Thursday 6 June         Kindergarten Transport Excursion
Friday 7 June              Year 3/4 Building Official Opening
Monday 10 June          Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

P&F Art Show

The annual P&F Art Show was well attended over the weekend. The Junior School art program was represented with samples from each year level and beautifully illustrated the subtleties in student skillset, as they progress and evolve in their learning, appreciation and application of artistic expression. 

These occasions highlight the enormous merit and benefits of our arts programme and, more importantly, the dedication and unique qualities that our art teachers contribute our arts curriculum.

Rostrum speeches

It’s often said that the ability to speak clearly and with confidence, is an essential life skill for engaging in conversation and interaction. However, the ability to maintain clarity and sustain confidence when speking in front of an audience is an even greater skill that does not come naturally to many. 

Students from Years 4 - 6 prepared a Rostrum speech. After presenting to their class, each teacher took inspiration from Noah and chose two speakers to progress to their year level final. 

On Tuesday evening, these school finalists presented their speeches to an enthusiastic and attentive audience in the RA Young Hall. We are grateful to Ms Emily Begbie and Mr Mick Bunworth for their efforts in undertaking the challenging task of judging the speeches.   

Congratulations to Keren Zhang for winning us over with her outstanding speech and well done to Audrey Potter for being the reserve.

Winner, Keren (L), reserve, Audrey (R)

 We acknowledge the following students for their fantastic efforts and making it to our final:

  • Vihaan Vikramadithyan - View from the top
  • Keren Zhang - Earthquakes
  • Hannah Rankin - Earthquakes
  • Chloe Mailler - View from the top
  • Audrey Potter - I’m getting there
  • Ernie Hodgkinson - Pets as therapy
  • Thenuki Weerabaddana Dissanayake - Best Friends
  • Carys Hodgkinson - Don’t Try This

 2019 Rostrum speakers

Congratulations to each student who wrote and presented a Rostrum speech. It requires a risktaker to stand up, talk in front of people and give it their best effort. This is what happened. Everybody showed commitment. 

Many thanks to the Year 4, 5 and 6 teaching teams, in particular Mrs Perinovic and Mrs Whiley for their organisation of the finals.

Winter Uniform

With the onset of winter conditions, we have noticed a number of students wearing undergarments and skivvies beneath their Winter uniform, but still visible. Students are only permitted to wear singlets or thermal wear under their uniforms if these garments are not visible. 

Our buildings and classrooms are well heated. There is limited need to wear multiple layers in learning spaces. Students are encouraged to layer up when moving outside by wearing the Radford overcoat.

Radford uniform winter jacket 


Running shoes

Families are reminded that students in Years Prek-4 are expected to wear black sport style shoes, without logos or white soles.

Correct style of shoe PK-Year 4 uniform  Non-uniform shoe style PK-Year 4

Students in Year 5 and 6 are permitted to wear regular coloured runners on Sport days. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is adhering to the uniform policy.  


Shout outs from Week 5 Celebration

KCH - Tahlia Smith - being a risktaker. 

KSG - Joshua Peters - his perseverance and love of learning. 

KLP - Louis Lin - showing commitment and a balanced approach to his learning. 

KAS - Dylan Do - being a good communicator when sharing his home learning. 

Year 1 

1MH - Zachary Barrasch - displaying self-regulation and consistent focus. 

1RJ - Adoni Stellios - improvement of self-regulation and continued resilience. 

1AT- Annabelle McGibbon - displaying great enthusiasm and perseverance towards her learning 

1AJ- Archer Small - demonstrating perseverance and commitment to his learning. 

Year 2 

2KH - Lachlan Weenick - demonstrating self-regulation and creative thinking skills. 

2SD - Sophie Linton - displaying a love of learning by taking action. 

2DG - Imad Nasir – showing self-regulation when participating in group activities and actively listening

2LM - Eva Dixon - demonstrating a passion for learning and sharing enthusiasm in class discussions. 

Year 3 

3MK - Felix Akhurst - commitment to his writing and achieving his goal. 

3JC - Bryson Abraham - consistently showing resilience and a love of learning in all he attempts.  

3RS - Chloe Maglasis - being a role model to her peers by always demonstrating self-regulation.  

3HO - Kate Francis - demonstrating a passion for learning and enthusiastically sharing ideas in class discussions. 

3RB - Laila Te Moananui - demonstrating perseverance and enthusiasm in class and the courage to share new understandings. 

Year 4 

4NK - Theo Leigh - enthusiasm and love of learning 

4JC - Ethan Shen - enthusiasm for learning and always striving to achieve his best 

4KP - Lexi Stellios - perseverance in her learning and kindness and care towards others. 

4BF - Daniel Do – persevering with a problem until it was solved. 

4TM - Kate Kristenssen - love of learning and commitment to always doing her personal best.  

Year 5 

5TM - Lucy Mihaljevic - demonstrating a love of learning whilst being perceptive and reflective. 

5RR - Ambrose Musgrove - enthusiasm and curiosity in learning. 

5BL - Nadia Yao - displaying curiosity and a love of learning. 

5SW - Joshua Alex - consistently displaying enthusiasm for learning and being knowledgeable. 

Year 6 

6TW - Anvi Gupta - showing creativity, commitment and self-regulation by writing an intriguing narrative. 

6DM – Cynara Yates - consistently making valuable contributions to class discussion and striving to be a self-regulated learner. 

6HB - Daniel Flynn - demonstrating a love of learning and exceptional kindness. 

6TF - Lucy Wood - demonstrating a love of learning and perseverance when faced with challenge.  



Olivia Christian - consistently demonstrating kindness to all during library lessons.

Sonja Lubiejewski - commitment to her learning in music and ongoing kindness towards others.

Josiah Zhang - displaying a fantastic attitude during PE. Giving his best and persevering even when finds skills challenging. 

Lincoln Uren and Mia Ikeda being risk takers and for their hard work in Spanish.


A shout out to all the committed Zone Cross Country athletes who braved cold conditions at Mt Stromlo to represent Radford at the Zone Cross Country Carnival.  


Image for article: P&F Entertainment™ Membership - buy before 25 June!

P&F Entertainment™ Membership - buy before 25 June!

4 June 2019

P&F Association

Great savings available, print book or digital membership

P&F crest


For queries, contact: Bernadette 0404 061 201

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Have a look at the book before you buy

online: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/about/flickbook/canberra

print copy: 
available at the ELC, Junior, Year 5/6 and Senior Reception areas.

Collegian Bella Rogers, Class of 2015

Collegian News - Bella Rogers

3 June 2019

Claire Osborne, Collegians Communication Assistant

The 5th Collegian video features Bella Rogers, Class of 2015.

By Claire Osborne, Collegians’ Communications Assistant 

The fifth instalment of our video series features Bella Rogers.  

Bella graduated Radford College in 2015, and is now a 3rd year carpenter apprentice. One of her greatest memories from Radford is being part of the Year 12 Revue, where she was the costume designer.

Watch the video.





Image for article: Radford Rocks, 19 June

Radford Rocks, 19 June

5 June 2019

Clare Fitzgerald, Director of Ensembles

Not to be missed - all the Rock/Pop ensembles performing!

By Clare Fitzgerald, Director of Ensembles

Event: Radford Rocks - performance by all the Rock/Pop ensembles
Date: Wed 19 June
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: PAC Open Space


Following the triumphant success of the Rock/Pop ensembles’ performances at the recent College Cross Country, our yearly rock concert “Radford Rocks” is on again, Wednesday 19 June from 5.30pm in the Performing Arts Centre Open Space. The evening will feature all the ensembles in our Rock/Pop program, which includes students from Years 6-12. 

This is a not-to-be-missed event, as bands such as Kitty Hawk, The Janitors and Ethereal take on favourite rock covers, original songs (maybe even some world premieres) as well as local Canberra band covers.

Entry is free, and we look forward to seeing you there!





Some of the Radford students who competed successfully at the Festival

Canberra String Festival

3 June 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music, Director of Strings

Strong participation and excellent achievements from Radford string players

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music, Director of Strings 

The Canberra String Festival was held from 24 to 26 May at the Wesley Music Centre in Forrest. It was wonderful to see so many of our Radford students taking part in the festival. Eighteen students participated in non-competitive sections, and fifteen played in competitive sections.

The results for Radford students in the competitive sections are as follows:

  • Audrey Hu - 2nd Place, String Solo AMEB Grade 2
  • Henry Dong - 1st Place, String Solo AMEB Grade 4
  • Daniel Tran - 2nd Place, String Solo AMEB Grade 4
  • Matthew Song - Highly Commended, String Solo AMEB Grade 4
  • Nadia Yao - Highly Commended, String Solo AMEB Grade 4
  • Anneke van der Vyver - 2nd Place, AMEB Grade 5
  • Jake Smith - 3rd Place, String Solo AMEB Grade 6
  • Nadia Yao - 2nd Place, Junior Competitive Concerto
  • Kamae Rajen - Highly Commended, Junior Competitive Concerto
  • Daniel Tran - Highly Commended, Junior Competitive Concerto 

Congratulations to every student who was involved in this weekend celebration of the region’s string players.

Radford competitors at the 12&U Belconnen Regional Cross Country event

Sports Report 5 June 2019

3 June 2019

Sports Department

ASC and U12 Cross Country, Cricket and Rugby

12&U Belconnen Regional Cross Country

After the successful Junior School Cross Country Carnival, the top 5 students in each age group represented Radford at the Belconnen Zone Cross Country Carnival at Mt Stromolo on Thursday 30 May. Radford performed exceptionally well, with first place being awarded to Joe Whithear (11yrs), Isla Murphy (9yrs), and Amber Smith-Gibson placed 2nd in the 12 years girls.

Congratulations to the following students who also came Top 10 in their age groups and have progressed to the ACT Primary Cross Country Carnival to be held on Wednesday 12 June 2019. 

  • Rajeev Tamhane
  • Aminda Weerasooriya
  • Matty Maundrell
  • Kaiya Barsby
  • Otis Hibberd
  • Ambrose Musgrove
  • Madeleine Klegeris
  • Katherine Maundrell
  • Holly Denman (ran at ASC carnival)
  • Mia Kluth (ran at ASC carnival)
  • Mika Moor (ran at ASC carnival)
  • Owen Toyne
  • Hamish Whithear
  • Josh Orr (ran at ASC carnival)

ASC Senior Cross Country

Over 80 students represented Radford at the ASC Cross Country at Stromlo. 

Standout performances in the boys included Samuel Roberts (16 years) placing 2nd and Clancy Probyn (13 years) and Josh Orr (12 years) both placing 3rd in their age groups. 

In the girls events, Holly Denman (12 years) came 2nd and Sophia de Castella (14 years) placed 3rd.

Radford took home the ASC Girls Champion Shield, winning both the 15 girls and 13 girls divisions.

Congratulations to the following students who have also progressed to the ACT Secondary Cross Country Carnival, to be held on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

  • Lily Smith-Saarinen
  • Emily Gates
  • Grace Kuchlmayr
  • Olivia Castle
  • Molly Lilley
  • Phoebe Passioura
  • Jessica Fleming
  • Nicky Alenby
  • Aurelia Nguyen
  • Mia Senti
  • Justine Hobson
  • Claudia Kendall
  • Latisha Babic
  • Madison Gordon
  • Nikita Crabb
  • Eloise Flynn
  • Emily Watson
  • Chloe Miller
  • Eliza Lilley
  • Kaitlin Barsby
  • Georgia Donaldson
  • Katie Imhoff
  • Gianna Ghirardello
  • Matilda Sullings
  • Annette Lescinsky
  • Amira Hibberd
  • Caleb Mein
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Toby Lang
  • Jordi Canadell
  • Izaak Rankin
  • Jye Rajen
  • Alexander Gordon
  • James Dixon
  • Jacob Miller
  • Tayte Wildie
  • James Northcote
  • Baeddan Halling
  • Eden Dickson
  • James Wood
 ASC Cross Country

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the NSW Country Academy Cricket Squads for 2019.

Lachlan Reid  Jake Smith Gibson Amber Smith Gibson

Congratulations to the following students who have been named in the U12-U15 Meteor/Comets Regional Cricket Program for 2019.

  • Amber Smith Gibson (U13 Girls)
  • Sarah Quilty (U15 Girls)
  • Aminda Weerasorriya (U12 Boys)
  • Fergus Boorer (U12 Boys)
  • Josh Barnett (U12 Boys)
  • Matt Larkham (U12 Boys)
  • Vihan Vikramadithyan (U12 Boys)
  • Oscar Watt (U13 Boys)
  • Lukas Boorer (U13 Boys)
  • Krish Joshi (U13 Boys)
  • Arnav Jain (U13 Boys)
  • Jake Smith Gibson (U14 Boys)
  • Gen Casarotto (U14 Boys)
  • Josh McIntyre (U14 Boys)
  • Joey Slater (U15 Boys)

With three homes games on Saturday 1 June 2019, there was plenty of action.  Congratulations to the U9 Boys who once again came away with a win, against West Junior Lions 45 to 30.  The U18 Girls comprehensively defeated Canberra Grammar 81 to 0, with the U18 Boys unfortunately losing to Marist 7 to 40.

Rugby Rugby

Corelli Chamber String Orchestra with soloists Jess Ward and Sarah Zhu

National Bands & Orchestras Eisteddfod

3 June 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music, Director of Strings

Llewellyn Hall was the site of wonderful performances and some heady success!

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music and Director of Strings

This year’s National Bands and Orchestras Eisteddfod was held from 30 May until 4 June. Several of our bands and orchestras participated in sections throughout the event. Our Haydn String Orchestra and Vivaldi String Orchestra chose to participate non-competitively, and enjoyed the experience of playing on the lovely Llewellyn Hall stage, as well as receiving valuable feedback from the adjudicator.

Our groups participated in ten competitive section and the results were as follows:

  • Little Big Band - Silver Award, 16&U Jazz Bands Grade B
  • Big Band - Silver Award, 18&U Jazz Bands Grade B
  • Gershwin Concert Band - Silver Award, 16&U Concert Bands Grade C
  • Holst Concert Band - Bronze Award, 16&U Concert Bands Grade B
  • Bernstein Symphonic Wind Orchestra - Gold Award, 18&U Concert Bands Grade B
  • Elgar String Orchestra - Silver Award, Primary/High School Orchestras
  • Corelli Chamber String Orchestra - Gold Award, High School Orchestras
  • Corelli Chamber String Orchestra - 2nd Place, Open String Orchestras
  • Sousa Concert Band - Silver Award, Primary/High School Bands 
  • Precision Percussion Ensemble - 1st Place, Open Ensembles (photo below)

Jubilant members of Precision Percussion accept their Open Ensembles award

I was very proud of all of the groups that participated and the hard work they put in to preparing such high-quality performances. They not only played their best, but even the youngest of our groups displayed great maturity in the way they behaved as audience members, supporting each of the other performers in their section. 

I wish to thank all of our conductors for the expert musicianship and passion that they share with our students. Thanks also to our music managers who give their groups practical support so that rehearsals and performances can be truly focused on the music.

Special thanks also to Peter Hislop for his photography of the event.






Dancers from Year 2 to Year 10 competed with great success

Dance Academy News

3 June 2019

Danielle White, Director of Movement

Exciting results from the Rainbow Dance Competition

By Danielle White, Director of Movement

I am very pleased to report on some wonderful success with our Radford Dance Academy dancers at the Rainbow Competition held on the Reconciliation Day Long Weekend. All dancers received a higher level of award than last year, which is fantastic. Results are as follows and some pictures attached. 


Brooke Sutherland – Year 2, Jazz solo (first time) received a Platinum Award
Amelia Sutherland- Year 6, Hip Hop solo received a Platinum Award
Ellie Dawe – Year 6, Contemporary solo received a Platinum Award
Poppy Barlin – Year 7, Lyrical solo, received a Platinum Award
Amelia Sutherland/Poppy Barlin – Lyrical duo, received a Platinum Award, placed in the top 3 for their age group and received Most Outstanding Lyrical Performance.
Lara Parsons – Year 7, Ballet solo received a Platinum Award
Elodie Scott- Year 10, Lyrical solo received a Platinum Award

Performance Groups:
Junior Performance Group – High Gold for Lyrical and Judges’ Choice Award
Senior Performance Group – Platinum Award for Jazz and Judges Choice Award 

Very proud of all our performers.

Platinum Duo winners, Poppy and Amelia

Senior Performance Group

Ensemble success Junior Performance Group

L-R Evie Toyne, Anneke Van Der Vyver, Olivia Wang and Terry Yang.

Parliamentary Debating

3 June 2019

Nick Ewbank, Oratory Coordinator

Year 8 students hone their analytical and debating skills

By Nick Ewbank, Director of Oratory and Public Speaking 

On the Friday 24 May, four year 8 students (Evelyn Toyne, Anneke Van Der Vyver, Olivia Wang, Terry Yang) went to an all-day Parliamentary Debating Competition. It was held at the ACT Legislative Assembly, and was a competition designed to enhance debating skills, and teach about the unique style of parliamentary debating.

Each team was given their topic two weeks in advance and had to present a case on it. They then had to answer three questions that they had received in advance, and then respond to rapid-fire questions from other debaters about the stability of their case. At the conclusion of the questions, the rest of the house voted on whether they agreed with the statement.

Team reflection:
Our topic was whether the gender pay gap was a myth, and we had a great morning presenting our case. Unfortunately, we were met with a majority of ‘no’s’, which was a little disheartening, but we enjoyed the rest of the day of formulated questions for the other teams. We learnt all about the structure of parliamentary debating throughout the day, and even got to meet some of the MPs for Canberra at the end. 

Overall, it was a great day, and we learnt a lot about how our city is governed, and how hard the decisions are to make. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Legislative Assembly and encourage future students to seize this enlightening opportunity if given the chance. 

Radford Reporter Cameron Terry interviewing the Fix A Bike senior students

Giving Group - Fix A Bike

3 June 2019

A practical way to help the community

The Fix A Bike students at workBy Radford Reporter Cameron Terry, Year 7 

At Radford we participate in Giving Groups once a fortnight and the purpose is to give back to the community.

There is a Giving Group called Fix A Bike which is a group who are trying to give back to the community by fixing bikes.

They are fixing all sizes of bikes to give to charity or to sell at the Radford fete to raise money and buy better bikes to give to charity.

The group is located outside the G. Wigg Sports Centre where the seniors are mentoring the younger students to fix bikes.

They bought cheap basic tools that can get the bikes to a decent condition. They are trying to do one bike at a time to get as many bikes fixed by the end of the year to give as much as possible to charity.



Image for article: "Hats off " Cancer Council advice

"Hats off " Cancer Council advice

3 June 2019

Sophie Davis, College Nurse

Balancing skin care and Vitamin D in winter


By Sophie Davis, College Nurse

We are proudly Sun Smart in the Radford Junior School, which means we encourage our students to wear hats and sun protection through the warmer months. 

Many years ago, Cancer Council ACT coined the phrase - "End Of May is Hats Off Day" to assist Canberra primary schools and early childhood services with their hats on (and off) policy - incorporating a balanced approach to UV protection.  

During June and July the UV levels drop below and remain below 3 all day. This means that children can safely remove their hats during lunch and recess and soak up some Vitamin D. 

Sun protection may still be required if travelling North, spending time in Alpine regions or extended time outdoors during this period.  We will continue to encourage the children to wear hats on excursions and for sporting events when they will be outside for longer periods of time. 

Beginning of August is "Hats On" again for all of us. 


Cancer Council information about Vitamin D:



Image for article: Canteen Position Vacant

Canteen Position Vacant

31 May 2019

Catering Assistant position available in Canteen

Position Vacant: Casual one to three days a week (specific days to be negotiated)
Hours: 8:00am to 2:00pm with some flexibility
Contact: Karen Robinson on 61626255 or Karen.Robinson@radford.act.edu.au

Position is available now

A Catering Assistant position has become available in Radfood, the Radford College Secondary School canteen, run by Alliance Catering.

Duties include preparation of hot and cold menu items, working with Flexi-schools Online ordering system, cash handling and customer service with both students and staff.

An understanding of safe food handling practices would be an advantage but is not essential, as training will be provided.

The position is available from 8:00am to 2:00pm with days to be negotiated. 

Please contact Karen Robinson on 61626255 or Karen.Robinson@radford.act.edu.au if you are interested in discussing this opportunity.

Radford College crest

Education Forum: Wellbeing

21 May 2019

Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning P-12

Presentations on Wellbeing programs in both the Junior and Secondary Schools

Education Forum: Wellbeing

What: Education Forum Presentation: Wellbeing Programs in the Junior School & Senior School
Date:  Thursday 6 June 2019 
Time:  5.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Mackinnon Senior School Building, Heath Lecture Theatre
Event Organizer: Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning P-12
RSVP: to Kirsty Mack by Tuesday 4 June 2019, Kirsty.Mack@radford.act.edu.au 

This event will include presentations regarding Wellbeing Programs in the Junior School, Karen Mahar (Assistant Head of Junior School- PYP Wellbeing) and Senior School by and Claire Melloy (Assistant Principal Student Development). 

Junior School

In the Junior School, the Wellbeing Elements have been based on Dr Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model and have been adapted to reflect the Radford College Junior School context. 

Lifelong Learning: we seek to develop and nurture self-motivated students who respond, adapt and grow as learners. Lifelong learners strive to be active and compassionate citizens who make sense of the world and endeavour to make it a better place. 

Intentional Engagement: we encourage students to actively engage with the world around them. “Present moment” awareness serves to enrich our lives through appreciation, wonder and affirmation of priorities. 

Emotional Awareness: we promote a balanced sense of emotional awareness which recognises the role and impact of different emotional experiences. Through this we are better able to savour, cherish and grow both as individuals and as a community. 

Belonging:  we strive for all members of our community to feel connected through a sense of belonging. Instilling a sense of belonging, and an ongoing feeling of hope and value, directly influences how we feel about ourselves, others and the environment. 

Healthy Habits: we seek to promote healthy habits which support personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. This supports the development of pathways for living a good life and sustaining a balanced meaningful lifestyle. 

The Junior School has implemented both an explicit focus with Wellbeing lessons once a cycle, along with an implicit focus on our interactions each day, the relationships we maintain with students and staff. Character Strengths have provided a common language using a strengths-based approach.


Secondary School

Schools For Teen Brains - The link between empathy, cognitive control, emotional regulation and improved outcomes for students.  

Neuroscience has shown that empathy training  promotes cognitive function and vice versa. In addition, students need a strong sense of identity and a strong sense of purpose. 

As a result,  The Giving Program has replaced the designated Social and Emotional Learning ( SEL ) lesson in the Secondary School  because research shows that engaging in acts of generosity is one of the most effective ways to increase wellbeing and other personal and academic outcomes for students.  The Giving Group program aims to develop a generosity of spirit in all of our young people by providing opportunities for all students to participate in a service or giving activity of their choice. In doing this they not only do something for others, the focus is taken away from self and into community. The Giving groups put the heart and mind into action.  The opportunity to work with a small group of students across year levels of a variety of ages also strengthens the Radford Community by getting smaller as we get bigger.

Being actively involved in a service project, gives every student a sense of purpose and a sense of connection to something that is bigger themselves.  This becomes self-perpetuating and reinforces the pro-social role that they can play in their communities. Preliminary surveys have shown that students find being engaged in a giving activity of their choice is: relaxing, a distraction from other concerns, reduces stress levels and moodiness.

Examples of groups include: upcycling clothes and homewares, tiny gardens, Love for the Lonely, purposeful performance, street library, helping out in the Junior School and more.

Underlying everything is the notion is that every teacher at Radford is a teacher of wellbeing.  

The Forum will be held in the Heath Lecture Theatre from 5.30- 6.30 pm on Thursday 6 June. Please RSVP to Kirsty Mack by Tuesday 4 June 2019, Kirsty.Mack@radford.act.edu.au




Basketball is one of the holiday program activities

Sports Holiday Program

29 May 2019

Mon 1 to Friday 5 July - full and half days available

Years 3-8 

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Bookings & Enquiries: dianne.wilson@radford.act.edu.au

Sports holiday program

Details of the Early Years and Junior School Holiday Programs

OSHC Holiday Programs

29 May 2019

Heidi Norton, OSHC Director

Details of holiday programs for PK, K and Junior School children

By Heidi Norton, Director of OSHC

Holiday programs will operate  from Friday 28th June – Friday 12th July 2019.

Full details of the programs and conditions are linked below.



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P&F Trivia Night 2019

4 June 2019

P&F Association

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P&F Crest

Date: Friday 20 September 2019

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Music Recitals

Music recital schedule for Term 3

Chinese Exchange - host families needed

Host families needed 27 Jul-2 Aug

For Year 10 students from our Chinese sister school, in Canberra Sat 27 July-2 August. If you are able to host, please contact Ms Gu ming.gu@radford.act.edu.au