Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 1, 2020 – 22 July 2020

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal, 22 July 20

21 July 2020

Fiona Godfrey – Principal

Enrolment policy, Y10 subject selection, COVID-19, reminders to students for Semester 2

A very warm welcome back to the beginning of another term, one which I am sure will be busy, but hopefully not as eventful as the first two terms of 2020. I would particularly like to welcome those families who have joined Radford for the first time this week or those who are returning, most of whom have been overseas on postings, cut short by the COVID-19 situation.

Enrolment Policy Requirements

Although it always seems incredibly early to do so, Term 3 is traditionally the term when we make plans for the following year, including subject selection for our senior students, development of a timetable, and finalisation of staffing requirements. For these reasons and others, it is important that the College is aware of any student movement in the coming year by the end of Term 3. If parents are considering a change in schooling for their child/ren for 2021, I remind them that they need to notify the College prior to the end of Term 3. This allows families to be compliant with the enrolment policy’s requirement of providing a full term’s notice when removing a child from the College.

Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews

Over the next week, I and other members of the Senior Executive (including Dr Johnson, Ms Wallace-Richards, Ms Melloy, Ms Braithwaite), and Ms Guerrero, will be meeting individually with every student currently in Year 10, to discuss subject selections for their final two years of school. These meetings will also provide an opportunity for us to discuss with each student their academic progress to date, areas where further effort is required, subjects they have enjoyed or excelled in, career aspirations, and potential university courses or vocational pathways. I always find these meetings to be very worthwhile and they allow me to get to know the students a little better and gain a more current understanding of the things they need the school to provide for them. As a follow-up to these meetings, it would be beneficial for parents of students in Year 10 to continue the dialogue about subject selection, career aspirations and areas for improvement.

COVID-19 Issues

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the only apparent certainty is that there is no certainty in what it can and will do in the future. Therefore, we continue to prepare to be as agile as possible, consistently providing information, and constantly reminding our students and staff about the importance of safeguarding themselves.

As a school, we rely on the information provided by ACT Health, NSW Health, and the Australian Government Health Department. We monitor their websites regularly, and when required, make direct contact to clarify questions or issues.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club over the weekend, we had a number of parents ringing the school on Monday morning seeking advice as to what they should do as a result of a recent trip to the coast. Our response was to give them the information that ACT Health had been disseminating. Those authorities will always be our source of truth and guidance. If any parent is concerned about places they or their children have visited, or any activities they have been involved in, we would strongly encourage them to contact the relevant authority as quickly as possible. 

Preparing for a Positive and Productive Semester

At this morning’s Secondary School assembly, I spoke to all students about how the beginning of a new term and a new semester is a great time to examine their approach to their schooling, and where possible, makes some positive changes.

I spoke about making sure they are on time for every class, and making sure they are at school in the morning with enough time to prepare themselves for the day. I also spoke about the need for full adherence to the uniform policy. In particular, I reminded them that all students (boys and girls) have to tie their hair back if it is long enough to be tied back, that ties should be worn correctly, shirts should be tucked in, skirts should be of an appropriate length, and jewellery should be in accordance with the Uniform Policy (details of these matters are in the student diary).

I reminded them about the importance of respect. Not only between themselves, but respecting their teachers and all the Radford staff who do so much for them. I also talked about respecting the building and grounds and making sure they picked up rubbish, left kitchens clean and used toilets only for the purpose for which they were designed.

And finally, I spoke about making the most of classroom time. I talked about the importance of fully utilising the time with their teachers, engaging with the learning process, and making sure they are not sidetracked by friends or technology.

Whilst I was directing my comments this morning to the secondary students of the College, much of what I was saying could also be applicable to our Junior School students. They, too, need to make sure they arrive at school on time (with time to prepare for the day), they too need to be properly attired at all times, they too need to make full use of their class time, and they too need to respect themselves, their peers and their teachers.

It would be most helpful if parents could routinely reiterate these messages and support their children to have a positive and productive second semester in 2020.


"Give back, be kind, stay connected." Image by Luiza

Chaplain's Reflection: overhearing heartache and hope

20 July 2020

Listening to stories from within our community

From Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Due to a moment in time last Friday afternoon, I ended up spending several hours at Calvary Hospital. I have been an infrequent visitor to hospitals, visiting people, and also being on-call at Calvary Hospital when I was a priest in a local parish. 

These visits, while always leaving an impression on me, were often brief. Last Friday, during the intensity of arrival, and in the hours which followed, I entered a world that is not one I usually inhabit, and yet has been very much in the news. I saw people working hard, showing care, looking and listening carefully, and making decisions based on their expertise. Overhearing the conversations around me was a reminder of the stories of people in our community. Stories of vulnerability and stories of resilience. Family members showed their care and concern. Patients interacted with staff and shared aspects of their lives in these unplanned meetings. 

To the health care workers who daily serve our community, especially at the moment. Thank you so much! 

Journalists, like healthcare professionals, are also charged with looking, listening, gathering information and assessing situations. They engage with and capture people’s stories. The ABC is one place which holds our stories. Two very poignant examples of the power of sharing stories have been recent Four Corners episodes. 

The episode Hard Winter (reported by Stephanie March and produced by Sashka Koloff) visits the town of Cobargo to show how the community is coping after the Black Summer bushfires. Members of the community share how their immediate needs have and have not been met. They also provide insights into what re-building in the longer term might look like. Revisiting some of the footage from the Prime Minister’s visit in January takes on new light as members of the community who were involved in that visit explain their actions and their place in the integrated fabric of the town of Cobargo. The heartbreak and hard work are very real and yet there is hope, due to the way that the members of the community have been able to support each other. 

The Four Corners episode I Can’t Breathe (reported by Stan Grant and produced by Sharon O’Neill) is Stan Grant’s response to the Black Lives Matter movements in Australia and the United States. As a Wiradjuri man and as an Australian, the personal and the political intersect in Stan’s life. He recounts his experiences of racism, and interviews others who have encountered racism in the justice system. This is a compelling, not-to-be missed episode that brings issues of injustice in Australia into the light. 

As well as being a teller of stories, Jesus also listened to the stories of those around him, bringing a word of healing and hope. In his name, may we also do likewise, beginning with listening to the stories around us, and paying attention to what others are saying about their lives and the changes that are needed. 

The upcoming Dirrum Festival, on the afternoon and evenings of the 14th and 15th August at Radford College, is a fabulous place to hear stories from a broad range of people. See next week’s Bulletin for details of speakers and registration for participation in person or online.

Wishing you every blessing for the term ahead. May it be full of listening, learning and responding.

Rev. Katherine




Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 22 July 2020

22 July 2020

Welcome back, K-Y4 site changes, Scholastic Book Club

Dates to Remember 

Thursday 23 July

Year 1 Footsteps Dance Lessons

Monday 20 July

Year 5 Excursion to the Australian Electoral Commission


Dear Families 

Welcome to Term Three! We are ready for an amazing semester of learning that takes our students on adventures leading to increased competence and confidence. This is our commitment to the incredible community that makes up Radford College. 

If you have any questions regarding your student and their learning last semester, take the time to contact your child’s teacher and organise a time to discuss. Having a shared and consistent understanding of improvements and areas for growth underpins the strength of our partnership. 

As we move through Semester Two, we are conscious that we need to create purposeful and meaningful connections with families and amongst families, as would normally be the experience that our community enjoys. We are looking at ways to invite parents, in a structured way, to continue to grow together, as well as to be part of our students’ learning journey. 

Our PYP Learner Profile concentrates on developing attributes and attitudes that promote a strong sense of wellbeing and self. As we prepare students who will make the world a better and more peaceful place, we know that this starts with a healthy, whole and emotionally resilient self. We will explore this further as the term continues. 

Playground enhancementsChanges at the K-4 site
There have been some modifications to the stairs between the Gold Quad and The Ridge Lawn.

Posts have been added to give the stairs an opportunity to be used for creative and imaginative fort play - inspired by the nature play space at Glebe Park.

Rope has been added to define the sides of the stairs, and to be held for safety.  

We are thankful for you and we commend to you an amazing and exciting semester of learning, filled with life, love and purpose.

Andy Gordon
Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School




Scholastic Book Club 

Wishing everyone a warm welcome back from the Library. The Scholastic Book Club catalogue has been given to all Junior School students. We ask that all orders be placed online, via the parent loop by Sunday 2nd August please. Orders will be delivered to the class teacher and distributed to the students.  

Thank you for your patronage, as the Junior School Library receives a small commission from all Scholastic Book Club orders, this is used to purchase more resources for the Library.

Save the Date: Book Week 2020 - Parade Friday 16 October 2020 
The Junior Library team is excited to announce that Book Week will still occur in 2020! The Junior School will be celebrating with a Character Dress Up Parade on Friday 16 October (Week 1, Term 4). Celebrations will include the traditional parade with students from Pre Kinder right through to Year 6 gathering together. More details will follow later this term. 

Start thinking about your favourite book characters, get creative with ideas and read lots of books! We look forward to sharing this celebration of books with our students and families. 


Book Week

Save the Date: Book Week 2020: Friday 16 October 2020 

The Junior Library team is excited to announce that Book Week will still occur in 2020! The Junior School will be celebrating with a Character Dress Up Parade on Friday 16 October (Week 1, Term 4). Celebrations will include the traditional parade with students from Pre Kinder right through to Year 6 gathering together. More details will follow later this term. 

Start thinking about your favourite book characters, get creative with ideas and read lots of books! We look forward to sharing this celebration of books with our students and families. 


Sophie Hope-White and Samantha Mein, founders of "Embrace the Journey" newsletter

Connecting the Community

21 July 2020

"Embrace the Journey" - student-founded community newsletter

By Ailsa Mackerras, IB DP CAS Coordinator 

A central component to the International Baccalaureate is the participation in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS). For a minimum of 18 months, IB students find opportunities to be creative, to be physically active and to participate in service activities. One of the requirements of CAS is sustained collaboration on a project which is aligned with one of three strands. 

For our 2020 Year 11 IB students, the challenge of sustained collaboration in the face of COVID-19 presented both obstacles and opportunities. Two students who have embraced these obstacles and opportunities are Sophie and Samantha, who have created a community newsletter, Embrace the Journey, “that aims to lighten the mood, give tips in relation to COVID-19, provide study tips for students, and suggest recipes, entertainment, science and art activities, and more!” Sophie Hope-White and Samantha Mein have produced three editions of the newsletter so far and are always looking for contributions of uplifting content that their readers can enjoy. 

The newsletter has been well-received so far. MLA Tara Cheyne even spoke of the newsletter in her nightly Facebook check-in, commending Sophie and Samantha for the quality of the newsletter, and encouraging her audience to read it. 

Read the third edition 

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter, please email


Embrace the Journey - community newsletter

Alan Chen, Valedictorian, Class of 2018

Life after Radford: Alan Chen, Class of 2018

22 July 2020

2018 Valedictorian and winner of the Philip Bamford Memorial Prize

Alan Chen was the Valedictorian of the Class of 2018, and winner of the Philip Bamford Memorial Prize. When the prize was established in 1990, the Bamford family asked that each recipient write to the Principal after their first post-Radford year, telling their own “Life after Radford” story.  

Here are some extracts from Alan’s letter, as he reflected on the 18 months since he left Radford, including the challenges of university study during COVID-19 restrictions. 

Despite my keen passion for chemistry and biology, I realised late 2018 that I did not want to abandon my other interests in analytical writing and creative arts. While science would be my main focus, I wanted to pursue an area of study that would allow me to exercise more of my strengths. In the end, the University of New South Wales was able to provide that opportunity through a double degree Bachelor of Advanced Science and Social Research & Policy, which perfectly fit my interests as a double-Science double-English senior school student. 

2019 would prove to be an extremely intense year for me as a first-year, interstate university student, living on my own for the first time. Academic stress remained an unyielding, perpetual constant for me in the first year. UNSW was unrolling its first year of a trimester system, and semester breaks no longer aligned for me and my Radford peers back in Canberra. I am privileged to be a member of the residential New College on campus, and I have made many new friends to endure the tough trimesters with. 

I was invited to participate in UNSW’s Talented Students Program (TSP) run by the Science faculty. Through TSP, I was given the opportunity to meet many like-minded students in STEM, and to join an academic research group. I was able to shadow Naresh Kumar’s organic chemistry group and obtain a strong sense of scientific research. Kumar’s research into synthesising novel molecules with antibiotic and anticancer properties helped me to fully realise a love for the diverse potential of organic synthesis, and at the end of 2019, I declared Chemistry as my Advanced Science major. 

Meanwhile, my study of Social Research and Social Policy – the other half of my double degree - continues to be of great interest, and sometimes, a welcome break from the calculative nature of Chemistry. After a year of both science and social science courses, I recognised that social and public policy plays an immense role in both the access, use and dissemination of scientific research to modern society. While I am still leaning towards academic research as a career goal, I believe a profession that could marry the science and policy aspects together would also be amazing! 

The first six months of 2020 have also proven to be very intense. The UNSW Kensington campus is unfortunately still in limited use, due to COVID-19 restrictions. This has meant that my Chemistry cohort has been significantly disadvantaged in learning the hands-on laboratory techniques required of second-year students. All our assessment has been moved online, which has been both mentally and emotionally taxing. I am quite worried about how my peers and I will fare in the future, particularly on lacking the laboratory skills required for more advanced Chemistry courses. However, this pandemic has only strengthened my resolve in pursuing a career where scientific advancements are needed now more than ever. 

On the plus side, being in isolation has allowed me more time to pursue my hobby in creative arts – for example, creating a digital photo study of Keanu Reeves. Right now, I am continuing to work hard in my studies while trying to maintain a good work-life balance. I remain excited and hopeful as my courses become specialised to the point where I can fully determine a niche where my expertise can be put to the best use.

Keanu Reeves - digital art by Alan Chen

Year 12 Revue 6/7/8 August 2020

Year 12 Revue: Radford Night Live

20 July 2020

Year 12, rising to the challenges

From Nick Akhurst, Head of Co-curricular Drama 

It is that time of Year again, time for the Year 12 Revue.: A celebration of what our Year 12 Students are capable of achieving when given an opportunity. This uniquely Radford show is in its third decade of shows. 

For those who have never seen a Y12 Revue, it is a wholly student devised and performed production - writing, directing, choregraphing, music arranging, performing, lighting, sound media, front of house and advertising. It is a huge undertaking for a number of students who have never worked on creating an original theatre production before, or of this scale. 

In Term 3 last year, they started to develop their script, with the aim of rehearsing and performing Week 1 of Term 3, 2020. Due to the challenges of this year, they had to rewrite their script to incorporate a new theme, and with the possibility of not having a live audience, to develop a more media friendly performance, one that could be streamed. They have worked diligently during the break to refine their script, rehearse the music and dances, and create a performance unique to this cohort. 

Thus, was born Radford Night Live:  the 2020 Year 12 Revue. 

Performances on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of August.Tickets will go on sale in Week 2 .

There will be limited seats in the TB Millar Hall, with the show being streamed to the lecture theatres and even to your own home. 

We hope you will join us in person, or online, to celebrate a talented group of Year 12 students and see what they have created together.

Year 12 Revue 2020


Free engineering workshop for young women - in Canberra January 2021

Engineering workshop for young women

21 July 2020

Find out where maths and science can take you!

Come and experience Engineering at UNSW Canberra!

Are you a female student in Years 9 – 12 in 2021? Ever wondered where studying maths and science at school can take you?

FREE three-day workshop - 13 to 15 January 2021

Come along to ACT YoWIE (Young Women in Engineering), a three-day workshop held in January specifically for Young Women.

  • Build and fly a rocket and gas turbine engine
  • Design, build and fly a satellite remotely
  • Disassemble and reassemble an engine
  • Solder and program a circuit
  • Command a robot to solve a series of tasks
  • Design, build and test a dam. 

Event Details
FREE three-day workshop for young women in Years 9 to 12 in 2021

UNSW Canberra (at ADFA Campus), in Campbell ACT


Applications Close
31 October 2020

YoWIE 2021


More Information
WATCH: https://youtu.be/ZdJLvCXQrwM

YoWIE has been running for four years at UNSW Canberra and is continuing to grow in popularity as more young women are joining us each year to experience what it’s like to be an engineer.

Our amazing hands-on workshops are designed to give our YoWIEs a flavour of university level engineering and exposure to the development of skills that engineers need all while having fun of course! They will discover space, aeronautical, civil, electrical, mechanical and software engineering with awesome, hands on activities.

YoWIEs will apply their high school maths and science skills to our cool activities and learn just how studying these subjects at school can help shape their future. Especially if they aspire to become an Engineer!

We are very excited to plan our next workshop, YoWIE 2021, sharing our passion for engineering. We encourage all female students going into years 9 to 12 in 2021 to apply for now our next round and discover their potential.

We promise three days of awesome activities with lots of fun. Our YoWIEs will meet other like-minded young women and form lifelong friendships and bonds. They will meet innovative and inspirational female engineering guest speakers, current engineering students, recent engineering graduates and the most passionate staff to introduce them to a whole new world of wonder and opportunity! A career in engineering starts at YoWIE!

Image for article: "The Commons" - landscape architecture award

"The Commons" - landscape architecture award

14 July 2020

Winner of a 2020 ACT Landscape Architecture Award

The landscaping around the Morison Centre, known as The Commons, has been awarded an ACT Landscape Architecture Small Project Award. Information and images from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) website.

Landscape Architecture Award logo

Project Overview
Enviro Links Design (ELD) in collaboration with Stewart Architecture and Cardno transformed a deep, degraded and overgrown storm water gully into a central green space within the Secondary School. The new space addresses drainage and flooding issues and allows students to gather and socialise, as well as be utilised for outdoor class activities. Retained existing remnant eucalypt trees provide shade and habitat to the space. The watercourse is a supplemented feature to the green space that highlights the educational value and importance of natural eco systems within the school.

Making big spaces work on small budgets is a challenge in the best circumstances. When the site conditions are as challenging as The Commons, it is a remarkable achievement. The Radford College secondary school project transforms a deep, degraded and overgrown storm water gully into a welcoming ‘Village Green’ for students and staff alike.

The project successfully integrates the remediation of a degraded site and makes it work hard to mitigate flood risk, capture additional stormwater runoff into underground tanks, all while creating much needed gathering spaces for events, recreational activities and socialising.

The jury commend the thinking behind the educational landscape opportunities identified and are encouraged by the uptake of the program by students and teachers. For enhancing the natural landscape character of the creek and celebrating natural ecosystems through pedagogical practices, the jury award Enviro Links Design the Landscape Architecture Award for Small Projects.

The Commons watercourse The Commons - lawn area

 Image credits Enviro Links Design

Online emotion coaching program for parents

Tuning in to Teens™ - online program for parents

15 July 2020

Emotional intelligence and emotion coaching

From the Radford Senior Counselling Team

The Radford Senior counselling team will be offering Tuning in to Teens™ Parenting program in Term 3, delivered online via Microsoft Teams.  

This program is offered to parents with a student in Year 7-12.  Tuning in to Teens™ is an evidence-based program using the principles of emotional intelligence and emotion coaching to enhance parenting skills.  (Emotion coaching information video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0vj9Z4kpEk

Participation in the program will be determined by a pre-program interview and places are limited.  Please contact counselling@radford.act.edu.au To secure your spot, if you would like to organise an interview or for more information.



Waste Free Wednesday - a Radford Tribal Council Junior School initiative

Waste Free Wednesday, news 22 July 20

15 July 2020

JS lunches - without packaging, every Wednesday!

By Melinda Hamilton, RTC Coordinator 

The Radford Tribal Council (RTC) relaunched Waste-Free Wednesday today! It was great to see so many students getting behind the initiative with Waste Free lunch boxes at school already. We look forward to seeing which classes will win the Waste Free trophies on Friday, and which individuals will be drawn out of the ticket draw and win a waste free prize - which might be a nude food container, water bottle, beeswax wrap or gardening kit.

 Year Levels have set goals for the term, and chosen a reward if they achieve it.


700 Waste Free Lunch boxes

A day at a playground/park


550 Waste Free Lunch boxes

Movie and popcorn

Year 1

700 Waste Free Lunch boxes


Year 2

18/24 Students to have a Waste Free Lunch box

Movie afternoon

Year 3

1000 Waste Free Lunch boxes

Movie and popcorn afternoon

Year 4

1000 Waste Free Lunch boxes

Games afternoon

Year 5

1000 Waste Free Lunch boxes


Year 6



This video has been made by RTC students to help explain WHY and HOW Waste Free Wednesday will operate this term.

So, remember to send your child’s lunch box without any packaging every Wednesday!



Image for article: Transport Canberra: changes from 18 July

Transport Canberra: changes from 18 July

23 June 2020

Bus timetable changes

From Kylie Smith, School and Community Liaison Manager, Transport Canberra

From Saturday 18 July 2020, Transport Canberra will be updating timetables for bus services. A detailed Radford-specific school pack is attached.

  • There will be no changes to services for school students in Term 2, 2020.
  • As a new timetable is being introduced, there will be minor changes for all students travelling to and from school on public transport across Canberra from the first day of Term 3, 2020 (Monday 20 July 2020)
  • In most cases, this will mean that students will catch the same service from the same stop, but the times that services arrive and leave may change.
  • While our advice remains that students should avoid using public transport if they can, we know that many students rely on buses and light rail to get to school.

Faster school bus from Gungahlin

  • From Term 3, 2020 school route 1056 will take a faster route to Radford College from Nicholls, Palmerston and Crace along William Slim Drive.
  • This will save about 20 minutes each way for the majority of students using this service, who live in Gungahlin.
  • However, this means that school route 1056 will no longer provide a service for students travelling to Radford College from Kaleen and Giralang.
  • The majority of these students will instead be able to use route 23 or route 30 services to travel to school, both of which stop on College St, outside Radford College.

All schools, parents and students can find out more about the specific changes by:


Be part of this new P&F community event!

P&F RadVision - a community singing contest

22 June 2020

Tune up the vocal cords to be part of this great community event

The Radford College Parents & Friends Association presents… 
RadVision - A Radford community singing contest   
Saturday, 7 November 2020

Radford College is filled with amazing talent and huge community spirit, it has been decided that in lieu of this year's cancelled annual Radford College Twilight Fete, we would bring our community together in song!

RadfordVision is your opportunity to shine and share your talents with our community.  

This competition will be open to students (Junior and Secondary), individuals, groups and families.

We will share more details in the coming weeks on how you can submit your video or audio online for the preliminary round of the competition. In the meantime start tuning those vocal cords. 

Follow @RadfordCollegePF on Facebook or Instagram 
Facebook      Instagram


Radford Rowing

Rowing Results

20 July 2020

Some final results from the 2019-2020 season.

From Vicky Spencer, Technical Director of Rowing 

Radford won the Rowing ACT overall point score and Men’s Point Score this season.  In addition, Radford won the Girls’ Point Score at the ISRA Championship Regatta, in November, and we were placed 3rd in the Boys Point Score. 

SPORT RETURNS: Under 9 Football

Sports Report, 22 July 20

21 July 2020

Football, Netball, Basketball and Cricket news

Sport Returns!

After four long months, Radford sports teams were finally back on the fields and courts over the weekend with Football, Netball and Rugby starting their seasons. 

Some of the many highlights over the weekend included 3 out of 4 wins in NPLY Football over Canberra Olympic FC. The U13s won 3-1, and the U16s won 2-1 in exciting games, and the U14s outclassed their opponents with a 7-0 win. 

The future of Radford Football looks exciting, with some great sportsmanship and skill displayed in the U9 Open Football Radford intra-club Wolves v Lions game on Saturday morning – well done to all players! 

Radford Silver had a great start to their campaign. With only 6 players available for Round 1, the team performed exceptionally well, winning their match against INNC White Tigers 47-6. This was an amazing effort and a great way to boost confidence for the remainder of the season. 

Radford Maroon
In Round 1 of the NCNC, Radford Maroon (Cadets Div 4) played Merici Lightning. After having only one training session with the full team we went into Saturday pretty raw. The team spent the first half working each other’s playing style and really started to gel in the second half, sticking with Merici for most of the game. In the final quarter, the team worked exceptionally hard to win a few great turn overs from Radford’s defensive end, changing the momentum to being up by 3 goals with 2 minutes remaining.  Radford Maroon held on to win by 1 goal. Final score was 25-24. Special mentions to Nea and Bianca for their great shooting, Ava for her calmness on court (and taking a few big hits), Ella for showing patience feeding the circle, Lily for her leadership on court, Aash, Yas and Jade for being so solid in the back line and getting plenty of turnovers. Looking forward to next week, well done! 

Over the weekend, Radford U12-19 Division 1-3 Basketballers trained with Paul Goriss, Head Coach of the current WNBL Champions the University of Canberra Capitals, and Assistant Coach of the Australian Opals. 

Paul also ran some coach education for Radford coaches on Sunday afternoon. 

Paul Gorris training  Paul Gorris - coach training

Over the holidays, Radford was crowned Cricket ACT Junior Cricket Champion Club for the 2019/20 season. The school won the award for our outstanding performance in all junior cricket competitions. The school received an impressive aggregate of 112 points, 13 points higher than the second-place. 

Radford Cricket has been thriving the past few seasons, thanks to the hard work of Technical Director - Darryle Macdonald, Head of Sport - Brent Larkham and a core group of parents.




WE NEED YOU: School Crossing Supervisors

School Crossing Supervisors

Members of the Radford community are warmly invited to apply for a position as a School Crossing Supervisor. Term time Mon – Fri 8.00am-8.45am and 3.00pm-3.45pm. Click for further details about the role and duty statement.