Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 1 – 24 July 2019

Staff Insights

Principal Fiona Godfrey

From The Principal

23 July 2019

Reminder re: student departures, subject selection process, special event - The Future of Education, feedback from reports, Year 12 Revue, relocation of Y5/Y6 Reception

A warm welcome back to the start of Term 3 for all Radford parents, students and staff, and I particularly want to welcome the handful of new or returning students, and staff who are new to the College. 

Although it seems incredibly early to do so, Term 3 is traditionally the term when we make plans for the following year, including subject selection for our senior students, development of a timetable, and finalisation of staffing requirements. For these reasons and others, it is important that the College is aware of any student movement in the upcoming year by the end of Term 3. If parents are considering a change in schooling for their child/ren for 2020, can I remind them that they need to notify the College prior to the end of Term 3. This also means families are compliant with the enrolment policy requirement of providing a full term’s notice when removing a child from the College.

Over the next week, I and other senior staff members, including Dr Adrian Johnson, Louise Wallace-Richards, Bill Weigall, Claire Melloy and Lindy Braithwaite, will be meeting individually with every student currently in Year 10 to discuss subject selections for their final two years of school. These meetings will also provide an opportunity for us to discuss with each student their academic progress to date, areas where further effort is required, subjects they have enjoyed or excelled in, career aspirations, and potential university courses or vocational pathways. I always find these meetings to be very worthwhile as they allow me to get to know the students a little better and better understand the things they need the school to provide for them. As a follow-up to these meetings, it would be beneficial for parents of students in Year 10 to continue the dialogue about subject selection, career aspirations and areas for improvement. 

The Future of Education
Over the past few years, it has become a tradition that the Radford Board conducts a Retreat at this time of the year. Generally this is in the form of two days of reflection, introspection and planning, involving not only the Board but members of the Senior Executive, Chairs of Board sub-committees and representatives from the Canberra and Goulburn Anglican Diocese.

Given that the College is about to embark on the development of a new Strategic Plan, due to be released in 2020, the Board has decided on a slightly different format this year. Instead of staging the Retreat off-campus for the two days, this year’s event will begin with a workshop at the College, open to all members of the Radford community, involving a presentation by Mark Pesce, followed by a panel discussion. Mark Pesce describes himself as an author, researcher, engineer, futurist and teacher.  He is an excellent presenter and thought-provoker. For further information about Mark, visit his website.

Mark will be presenting on The Future of Education Within an Australian Context and will then lead a panel discussion on ramifications for schools here in the ACT. The panel will include Meg Brighton, Director-General ACT Education Directorate, Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, University of Canberra, Dr Justin Garrick, Principal of CGS and me. The presentation and panel discussion will run for around two hours, in the Heath Lecture Theatre, starting at 3.30 pm on Friday 2 August. I strongly encourage parents to attend this event which promises to offer a real insight into the future of education. Please use this link to book a seat as places for this event are limited.

The Retreat will resume off-campus the following day and will start with presentations from the P&F, the Collegians and the Foundation. This will then be followed by presentations from the Senior Executive, concentrating on their specific area of expertise within the College. The day will conclude with an allocation of time for the Board to reflect on all that has been discussed and implications for their strategic priorities into the future.

Feedback from Reports
I hope the mid-year break gave all students an opportunity to reflect on their progress over the first half of the year and examine the feedback given by their teachers in reports throughout the semester or at its end. The advice given in the reports should give students avenues for improvement and this advice is particularly pertinent to our Year 12 students as they enter their final weeks of schooling. I strongly encourage them to make the most of all of the opportunities that will be presented to them over their final semester, enjoying the celebrations and events that traditionally take place, but also remaining focussed on the task at hand and making the most of teacher assistance as required. 

Year 12 Revue
One of Year 12's major events of the year takes place this week, with the Revue, Maroon is the New Black, being staged on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. After rehearsing a great deal over the holiday period, the Year 12s are ready to fulfil the tradition of staging a comical Revue, which this year promises to deliver plenty of laughs through cleverly scripted jokes and satirical situations. I encourage all students, parents and staff to support the work of the Year 12s by attending one of the three nights.


Relocation of Y5/Y6 Reception

Y5-Y6 relocation map

Please note that Y5/Y6 Reception has now relocated to the area marked on the map above, between the Library and the Years 5-6 precinct.  Please note that:

1)      Students must be signed in and out of Year 5/6 Reception if they arrive late or depart during the day.
2)      Parents must report to Year 5/6 Reception to collect students, they should not go directly to classrooms.
3)      Year 5/6 students needing First Aid should go to Year 5/6 Reception. 

There is now NO Reception area in the Principal’s building, as Main Reception is in the Morison Centre.

Atauro Island, Timor-Leste, a treasure for the Beloi community

Chaplain's Reflection - what is your treasure?

23 July 2019

Richard Browning, Chaplain

In our own community, is the treasure the people, the relationships?

Rikasaun (Treasure) 

Picture pristine radiant coral and one the most diverse collections of marine life on earth. Picture a towering mountain just behind the beach and cavernous ocean trenches just beyond it. Picture an extraordinary reef on the edge of a five-hundred-metre drop off. Here is the food source for the community of Beloi on Atauro Island, Timor-Leste. This reef is the source of food. If there are no fish, then people go hungry. There are hungry seasons on the island, and Timor-Leste is one of the hungriest countries of all. This reef is the ‘rikasaun’ of the people. Best translated as treasure, the ‘rikasaun’ is not a resource but a richness that protects and keeps the people safe. 

The reef is not the only ‘rikasaun’. Mountains can be, forests, culture, family, all can be a people’s rikasaun. The cultural practice is simple: look after the treasure and the treasure will look after you. 

This provokes a simple question: what is your treasure?

  • In your home: what is it that feeds you and holds you together?
  • Here at Radford, what is the source of our goodness that nourishes our wellbeing?
  • What have we a responsibility to care for and safeguard for others to come?
  • How might we do this?

Without rushing in to answer my own questions, is it true to suggest that in our own community, the treasure is the people, the relationships, the trust between us? Is it a way of being together as a learning community? Is it our values? If it is, it is not the truth and compassion and wisdom written large at the college gates so much as the truth compassion wisdom practised within and beyond those gates. As these three words are also names for God, could it be that the richness that holds us together flows from the generosity and grace of God? 

Jesus is the one who reveals this God. God has always been like Jesus and there in Jesus we see a wild extravagant love that stands fiercely with all, and especially the vulnerable, the down-trodden, the victim. 

The cultural practice of looking after the treasure that feeds us has many names. In Timor it is called ‘tara bandu’. We might call it Sabbath. Justice could be another. Culture or living traditions might be other ways of describing it. No matter, if we do not take care of or safeguard the treasure that feeds us, the time will come when we find ourselves to be hungry and there is nothing left to eat. 

Fr Richard



Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News, 24 July 2019

24 July 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Reminders about correct uniform, arrival at school and the Sports Policy

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Dates for your diary

Friday 26 July

Year 3 Science Incursion

Year 4 Excursion to Geoscience

Tuesday 13 August

Year 6 Exhibition Parent Evening

Welcome to Term 3

After three weeks of typically glorious Canberra Winter sunshine, we are excited to welcome everyone back to collaborate in our pursuit of both individual and common goals for Term 3. 

I wonder how many of us there are that often don’t appreciate how important it is to enjoy a break until we have one?! Whether it be travelling locally or internationally, sleeping in, snuggling up with Andy Griffith’s latest Treehouse book, or simply walking in sunshine or out of shoes, such activities can each serve to soothe your soul and revitalise your spirit. 

Embracing the character strength, “Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence”, I couldn’t help being impressed by a latest instalment of Disney’s family classic, The Lion King. Offering “lifelike” CGI imagery, you could be forgiven for believing that animals CAN talk and DO express emotions.

Relocation of Y5/Y6 Reception

Y5 Y6 reception relocation

Please note that Y5/Y6 Reception has now relocated to the area marked on the map above, between the Library and the Years 5-6 precinct.  Please note that:

1)      Students must be signed in and out of Year 5/6 Reception if they arrive late or depart during the day.
2)      Parents must report to Year 5/6 Reception to collect students, they should not go directly to classrooms.
3)      Year 5/6 students needing First Aid should go to Year 5/6 Reception.

There is now NO Reception area in the Principal’s building, as Main Reception is in the Morison Centre.

Arrival at school K-6

Respectfully, after continually high numbers of students signing in late for school towards the end of last term, this is a “not so gentle” reminder of the expectation that all students are to be at school on time.

  • Please note the first bell for K-6 students goes at 8.35am.
  • Please ensure all students are at their lines ready to begin the day by this time.

Winter Uniform

Winter overcoat

With Winter conditions now well and truly established, it is important to advise that we have noticed a number of students wearing visible undergarments and skivvies beneath their Winter uniform. Students are only permitted to wear singlets or thermal wear under their uniforms when they are not visible. 

Our buildings and classrooms are well heated. There is limited need to wear multiple layers in learning spaces. Students are encouraged to layer up when moving outside by wearing the Radford overcoat.

Running shoes

Families are reminded that students in Years 1-4 are expected to wear black sport style shoes, without logos or white soles.

Incorrect footwearCorrect footwear

Students in Year 5 and 6 are permitted to wear regular coloured runners on Sport days. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is adhering to the uniform policy. 

Compulsory activities and sport

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion in the community regarding the proposal for compulsory sport at Radford.  

To clarify, from 2020 it will be an expectation for every Radford student from Year 2 and above, to be involved in a physical activity or sport.  

The aim is for every student to be involved in a physical activity that contributes to their wellbeing. The College recognises the significant pastoral care benefits and positive influences on student wellbeing that stem from a commitment to sport and playing with peers, both for the individual student and for all who are involved in sport.   

This may include involvement in the numerous sports offered in our sport programs and cocurricular programs, as well as participation with outside clubs and organisations. If a student is involved in hockey or AFL, for example, which are not offered at Radford, families simply need to notify the school of this. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.  

Cocurricular options, including dance, swim club, bushwalking, and martial arts, and other non competitive options will all be acceptable.  

Students who have a medical condition which prevents them from being involved, will also be exempt.  

Click here to access the College Sport Policy.



A special Radford College presentation and panel

Special Event - The Future of Education

31 July 2019

Communications Department

Join us for this presentation and panel discussion

"The Future of Education Within an Australian Context"



Mark Pesce
Futurist, Inventor, Author and Educator


Meg Brighton                                 Dr Justin Garrick                         Professor Geoffrey Crisp                        Fiona Godfrey
Director-General                           Head of School                           Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic          Principal
ACT Education Directorate           Canberra Grammar School         University of Canberra                            Radford College


DATE     Friday 2 August, 2019
TIME     3.30 - 5.30 pm
Heath Lecture Theatre
             Mackinnon Senior School
             (use Haydon Drive entrance)

Radford v Canberra Grammar Tennis Event

Sports Report, 24 July 2019

23 July 2019

Sports Department

Tennis, Kanga Cup, Football refereeing, Netball, Tae Kwan Do

Radford v Canberra Grammar School (CGS) Tennis Event
During the last week of Term 3, a group of students from Years 2-6 participated in the first Radford versus CGS Tennis Event.  It was a wonderful afternoon of red, orange and green ball match play and learning about the game of tennis. Many thanks to the Radford and CGS Sports Departments for organising this great opportunity for the students. 

CGS Tennis CourtsC
CGS Tennis Courts


Football – Kanga Cup 

by Nicholas Isaacson 

The Radford U11 Rovers Football team entered a joint Radford/ Weston Molonglo FC (WMFC) team, nicknamed the Bulls in this year’s Kanga Cup. 

Preparation was short, but under the guidance of Radford master coach Phil Van Dissel, assisted by WMFC U10 Development Coach Nick Isaacson, the team gelled early and well. Thanks must go to the two WMFC U10 Div Red teams which provided sparring practice and helped knock the U11s into shape. 

The team went well in Pool D winning three and drawing one to finish top of the table, having conceded only one goal and scoring 15. The four games really saw the back line of Mateusz Mikolajczak (WMFC), Asher Broader (WMFC) and Byron Shaw (Radford) develop into a barrier that other teams could rarely get through. And when they did, GK Josh Barrett (Radford) was there to thwart their efforts. 

Alex Davids (WMFC and Captain), Oscar Field (Radford) and Matt Larkham (Radford) were the primary choices for the two centre mid positions. With their great ball skills and big hearts, they won heaps of challenges and got the ball forward purposely and effectively. Up front, the two wings were ably filled on rotation by Louis Taylor (WMFC), Harry Chadwick (WMFC) and Dylan Isaacson (WMFC) while the nippy Michael Harsdorf (WMFC) and Aminda Weerasooriya (Radford) often rotated into the central striker positions. Patrick McNamara (Radford) and Seb Pascoe-Simpson (Radford) were handy as utility players, giving others a break and changing things up. 

The Bulls first finals challenge was a very capable Gungahlin United pathways team. A rugged encounter saw the Bulls score midway through the first half, only to see the ball hit the back of the Bull’s net couple of minutes later. After the break with the score locked at 1-1 both teams came out firing and both had their chances. However, late in the second half Aminda was tripped in the box when on the ball and Matt fired the resulting penalty home. The players relished a great 2-1 win. 

The semi-final saw the Bulls up against an awesome Singapore based ActiveSG Football Academy which had finished top of table A with five from five wins and a goal difference of 26 (zero goals conceded). But the Bulls were not going to exit the ring without giving it a red hot go, and that they did. However, the excellent teamwork and fancy footwork of the Singapore team saw them get through the Bulls great defence once too often and they snuck home in the first half. Although the Bulls lifted to new heights in the second half and created several solid chances, there the score rested. So the Bulls went down 1-2 to a great team but what an excellent effort to make it to the final four of 23 teams. 

As Phil said after the game, “a great bunch of players and a phenomenal effort they put in”. The results spoke volumes about how much they had developed both as individuals and as a team and they should be proud of their achievement. For the players, Kanga was a great experience full of fantastic memories. A tough ask to top it next year, but who knows, they might give it a shot. Go Bulls!


Netball venue changes

Netball – Change of Playing Venues 
A reminder that all teams except the Green team have swapped playing venues.

If your team has been playing at Lyneham, they will now play at Charnwood and vice versa. The Green team will stay at Lyneham.

Game timings have remained the same. The draw can be found at the following link: http://ncnc.act.netball.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/draw.aspx. Please select the grade at the top of the page.  

Football refereeingFootball – Level 4 Referee Course, Radford Sun 28 July

Capital Football is running a Level 4 referee course on Sunday 28 July in the Radford Sports Centre. This course allows you to referee all age groups, earn up to $50 a game and develop life skills.

Those who commit to refereeing at Radford will also be reimbursed for the cost of the course and registration and half the uniform and equipment cost. 

Please see the following link for further information and to register: https://capitalfootball.com.au/referee/become-a-referee/.

Once you have completed a course, email Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au to be appointed to games. 

Tae Kwan Do GradingTae Kwon Do – Grading 
On Saturday 22 June 2019, Radford students who had been enrolled in at least two terms of TKD participated in the grading exam held at the Mitchell venue.  

Students were marked on their overall display of Taekwondo Skills, Discipline and Ability to follow instructions during the exam.

Congratulations to Laura Thai (Year 11 ) and Louis Thai (Year 5) on their grading.  

Giants - game in CanberraNetball – Meet the Giants

Come and meet the Giants Netball players at the Canberra Netball Association (Lyneham) on Saturday 3 August from 10:00-11:00am.

Players will be available for photos and signing, bring your netball and Giants orange gear!

Tickets are also available for the Giants v Firebirds at the AIS Arena on Sunday 4 August 

Book online for this imaginative production

Year 12 Revue 2019

11 June 2019

Amy Theakston

Don't miss this imaginative production!


By Amy Theakston 

Dates: Thurs 25, Fri 26, Sat 27 July
Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BDGOW, or at the door. 


Every year, Radford College Year 12 students collaborate, write and direct a year‑group play of their choosing. This year we are showcasing a play titled Maroon is the New Black, a story set in the confines of a prison where some of the incarcerated attempt to escape. It will be a play jam-packed with satirical allusions to the ins and outs of the Radford experience.

The Revue is a tremendous time for Year 12 students to cooperate and create a piece that compels everyone to come together. And it is not just aimed at Year 12 families, it is created for everyone in the Radford community. 

We hope you’ll come along in Week 1, Term 3 on Thursday 25 July, Friday 26 July  or Saturday 27 July. Tickets are available online  https://www.trybooking.com/BDGOW or at the door.

Come and support the Radford community!

Y12 Revue rehearsal

Image for article: Tristan Bancks talks about writing

Tristan Bancks talks about writing

24 July 2019

Gemma Wilson, Acting Head of Library and Information Services

Year 5 and Year 6 students get tips from an award-winning author

By Gemma Wilson, Acting Head of Library and Information Services

At the end of last term, students in Years 5 & 6 were treated to a visit by author Tristan Bancks. Tristan is an award-winning author of books such as The Fall, Two Wolves and the Tom Weekly series. His latest book Detention, available in book stores this month. 

Tristan is highly entertaining and quickly engaged the students with a quick game of Would you rather … which of course got everyone’s imaginations firing away. Tristan shared how he used real life experiences as a stimulus for his story, but how he always needed to add much more detail to the story. Tristan always begins his story right in the middle of an adventure, which is a true “sizzling start” to a story. 

Tristan considers himself a slow writer, as it can take 4-5 years for a book to develop. He always writes much more than what is needed and then edits it to make it more interesting and to take out huge chunks. Tristan isn’t a great typist. He shared how he gets his ideas into print, such as using voice to text recordings, ‘air dropping’ notes from his phone to his computer, and using storyboards to plan out the structure. 

Tristan talked about the importance of writing every day, even if it is just a few sentences or paragraphs. He loves writing down ideas and then working on them at a later date. He actually scribbled down some ideas that came from Radford students. Tristan’s top 5 hints for writing are: 

  • read a lot
  • write every day
  • be kind to yourself
  • find yourself in the story
  • rewrite and rewrite and …

Our Year 5 and 6 students came away very inspired about his writing and eager to begin reading his latest book Detention, which many students chose to pre-order.


Round Square visitors from Trinity Anglican School in Cairns

Year 6 Round Square Exchange

22 July 2019

Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator

We are delighted to be hosting students from Trinity Anglican School, Cairns

Pictured above, left to right:  Natalia Howe, Jessi Palframan, Amelia Sutherland, Roisin Liston, Aayush Bhatia, Max Britton, Matilda Hancock and Anika Chaturvedi.


By Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator


Year 6 Round Square Exchange – Trinity Anglican School Cairns

We are delighted to be hosting four Year 6 students from Trinity Anglican School in Cairns for the first week of Term 3. 

The students were collected by their Radford host families last Friday morning and have spent a wonderful weekend in Canberra exploring the city and getting to know their host families.

The four students will be in classes with their buddies this week and will also join in cocurricular experiences.  We are very excited to have them join the Radford community for the week and look forward to our students travelling to Cairns in Term 4 to complete their part of the exchange.

Image for article: Snowsports Report, 24 July 2019

Snowsports Report, 24 July 2019

24 July 2019

Jonathan Mandl, Technical Director, Snowsports

The Scots Race and Snowsports Camp 2019

By Jonathan Mandl, Technical Director, Snowsports


Snowsports athletes shine in the annual Scots Race

On Sunday 14 July, 35 Radford Snowsports athletes competed in the Scots Race, hosted by Scots College Sydney, which serves as an ideal preparatory event for the upcoming Interschools Championships.

Despite blizzard conditions and poor visibility, truly outstanding results included Jack Appaneal claiming 3rd in the Division 5 Snowboard Cross event, and Darcy Barlow 3rd in the Division 5 Giant Slalom. Lachlan Herring’s 4th in the Division 2 GS event was an exceptional performance, just missing the podium. All three athletes are to be congratulated for excellence under very testing conditions!

Special mentions to Tahlia Smith on debut, 15th in Div 6 GS, followed closely by Alba Murphy 17th, Amelie Smith 24th and Isla Murphy 32nd in Div 5 GS with Lincoln Lee 24th in the boys event, Amber Smith 6th with Emily Hinchcliffe 9th and Charlie Lee 10th in Div 4, with Oscar Bush 18th, Jude Barlin 26th, Bailey Purvis-Smith 29th and Connor Kruger 32nd in the boys event.

In the Div 3 event, Josie Truswell 21st was joined by our boys Jake Smith 17th, Mitchell Riepon 20th, Finlay Barlow 22nd and Miles Daly 31st. Danielle Ewer made the top 10 in Division 2 9th, with Evie Georgalis 13th and Katherine Hinchcliffe 15th. We welcome Louis Hearn to our team in 2019 whose strong Div 2 GS run placed 11th, followed by Tom Ewer 12th, Orlando Jeffrey 13th, Niki Georgalis 19th, Campbell Kruger 20th, Will Seddon 21st, Stuart Street 24th and Owen Street 25th.  Only two boys raced in the Division 1 GS event this year, Damien Schroder 7th and Andrew Kerr 8th.

In Snowboard Cross, teammates Brayden Purvis-Smith 6th and Josh Hogg 7th challenged in Div 2, and Kane Rowe claimed 8th in Div 1.



Snowsports Camp 2019 – fun times, bonding and learning

The annual Snowsports Camp from 14-21 July continued the tradition of a great social experience and skills development opportunity during the last week of the mid-year break. Led capably by Snowsports Captains Rosie Joshua and Darcy Brighton, this supervised residential camp of 28 students, at Sponars Chalet near Perisher, allows all-important team bonding amid alternating training and freeriding days on snow. Nothing beats returning to warm, comfortable accommodation and plunging into a 28C, 25-metre heated pool and sauna after a demanding day on Perisher’s best runs. Plenty of time before a delicious evening meal for snowplay and jump-building outside, a tradition repeated once again this year.

Supervising Snowsports CampAfter missing Boys’ Captain Darcy for a few days recovering from illness in Canberra, we welcomed him back before week’s end and along with Rosie, Mr Greer, Mr and Mrs MacDonald in supervision, the week of multiple blue-sky days and full resort access was overwhelmingly positive and thoroughly enjoyable for all.

Each day the Camp group was joined by equal number of Snowsports team athletes staying independently on-snow or in Jindabyne. The eight Instructors all reported excellent behaviour and coachability of our athletes at week’s end, and they are impressed by the conduct and progressive skill levels achieved by each and every one on their individual journeys.

Thank you to all student athletes in their representation of Radford College values throughout the week in a very public environment – you once again proved a credit to your families and our school community. We wish you enjoyment, speed and skill in your Interschools events this week.

Detail of image by Grace Kuchlmayr, Y11, charcoal on paper

Winter Concert

31 July 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

1 August - concert bands, choirs, ensembles and string orchestras will be performing

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

Date: Thursday 1 August
Time: 5:30 pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall

The evening will be a showcase of a selection of our concert bands, choirs, ensembles and string orchestras, involving students from both the Junior School and Secondary School. 

All of the groups involved have been working hard to prepare for this event and it promises to be an exciting celebration of music at Radford.

Entry is free and we welcome family and friends to attend.




Don't miss this premier Radford music event

Evening of Fine Music

22 July 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

10 August - a showcase of seven of our top Year 12 musicians

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

Date: Saturday 10 August
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall, Radford College
Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BDUIE


Our "Evening of Fine Music” showcases seven of our top Year 12 musicians performing in a range of styles and differing instrumentations. This year the evening will feature Joshua Daffern, piano and vocals, Lauren Nicholson, clarinet, Stephanie Coram, vocals, Olivia Young, flute, Jessica Ward, violin, Sophie Genn, piano, and David Lafferty on alto saxophone joined by the Radford College Big Band. With this diverse group of truly fine musicians performing it promises to be an enjoyable evening for all. 

Tickets for this exciting event will be available for purchase via this TryBooking link https://www.trybooking.com/BDUIE. Ticket prices are as follows; Adult $30, Student $15, Table of seven $120.

Each table will enjoy a platter of delicious cheeses and nibbles, and wine is included in the adult ticket price.


Image for article: Dirrum Festival 17.08.19

Dirrum Festival 17.08.19

24 July 2019

Nikita Chandekar

Kevin Hines, Melissa Breen and more - click to see the full Festival line-up

By Communications Prefect, Nikita Chandekar

Book your tickets now: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=508791&

Dirrum Dirrum is a way of seeing others and ourselves bound in respectful relationship, standing in a wide circle of compassionate engagement. It acknowledges a common ground and is an active choice for life beyond the smallness of self-interest.

This year’s festival brings folks from all over to celebrate those who are our ‘Faces of Change’. You can find out more via the link: https://www.dirrumdirrum.org/about.



Image for article: APFACTS presentation: Resilience

APFACTS presentation: Resilience

23 July 2019


Special screening of an award-winning documentary on resilience

Event detailsAPFACTS is proud to present a screening of the award-winning documentary “Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope”. 

Date: Thursday 8 August
Time: 7pm
Venue: Emmaus Christian School,  73 Davenport St Dickson. 

Reserve your ticket online 

Tickets are free however we will be raising funds for Mental Illness Education ACT on the night.


APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT, proudly built by parents for parents to have an active voice in education issues. 

P:  02 6287 3538   ǀ   M: 0409 72 6655
W:  www.apfacts.org.au  ǀ F: www.facebook.com/apfacts


Event sponsors




Year 8 students learn about Japanese food and culture

Students get a taste of Japan

23 July 2019

Y8 students Sammy Miller and Amelia Meyers

Year 8 Student excursion to Sushi Train

By Year 8 Students Sammy Miller and Amelia Meyers 



At the end of last term, the three 8 Japanese classes went to Sushi Bay, a sushi train in Westfield Belconnen. Before arriving, we researched food etiquette in Japan, what to do when you visit a Sushi train and the history of Sushi. 

When we arrived, we all entered the restaurant and took our seats around the conveyer belt. There was a delicious array of beautiful sushi making its way around the train. We were each given a budget of $20 to spend. To help determine prices each plate was colour coded per price and stacked at the end. The prices ranged from $3-$9. 

We tasted a range of foods from Japanese cuisine including mochi (a chewy rice flour treat), gyoza (a Japanese dumpling), karaage (fried chicken), edamame and a variety of ice creams flavours such as black sesame, green tea and mango. The real highlight was the sushi - there was a variety of nigiri such as octopus, egg, salmon and prawn there was also a variety of rolls with a wide assortment of filling such as tuna, salmon, vegetables, prawn, chicken, and our personal favourite fish roe. 

All in all, the excursion was a sensational experience that gave us a great insight into the many aspects of Japanese culture and cuisine. 

We are very thankful for Sensei Sharp and Sensei Fitzpatrick for accompanying us on the excursion, and to Sensei Sharp for organising this awesome experience. 



Enjoy fabulous band music while supporting an important cause!

Charity Concert - Motor Neurone Disease

23 July 2019

Kevin Knapp, Teacher

An afternoon of music for a great cause

Canberra Brass in association with the Band of the Royal Military College proudly present MOTOR ON - a charity concert for Motor Neurone Disease NSW/ACT.

DATE     Saturday 17 AugustMND Brass Band Concert
TIME      2.00 pm
VENUE   TB Millar Hall

Tickets are by donation and can be purchased at www.trybooking.com/BDQPU or at the door.

The recommended donation is $35 but any amount will be gratefully accepted. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

All proceeds of the event will go to Motor Neurone Disease NSW/ACT.

For more information, please contact Kevin Knapp at kevin.knapp@radford.act.edu.au

Book now for this fabulous P&F event

P&F Trivia Night 2019

4 June 2019

P&F Association

Book now for this great event!

P&F Crest

Date: Friday 20 September 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: TB Millar Hall

Tickets: $11 per person or $100 for table of 10.  

Booking online: https://www.trybooking.com/BBKBA

Please note that this event is for people over 18 only.

Collegian Freya Brent (Class of 2015)

Collegian News: Freya Brent Class of 2015

24 July 2019

University of Canberra News

On the world stage playing European Handball

Gifted sportswoman Freya Brent, Class of 2015, took up European Handball in Year 11 at Radford, as one of her many sporting activities.  She was involved in Football (Girls Captain), Rowing (Senior Girls Head of the River), ASC Athletics and Cross Country and Mountain Biking.  She was 2015 Sportswoman of the Year and also Orator of the Year, and an ACT Representative in European Handball.

Now studying at University of Canberra, Freya is a member of the Australian Women's European Handball Team, preparing for the World Championships in Japan in December.  Freya is a member of the UC Elite Athlete program.

Read more in the University of Canberra Uncover article  21 Jun 2019 "A whole new ball game?"

Radford students at the Belconnen Zone Primary Chess Championships.

Junior Chess

24 July 2019

ire Hepple, Co-Curricular Chess

An exciting day at the Belconnen Zone Primary Chess Championships


By Claire Hepple, Co-Curricular Chess 

On Monday 24 June, 11 students from Years 3 to 6 represented Radford Junior School at the Belconnen Zone Primary Chess Championships. They had an exciting day, competing against teams from a range of primary schools across Belconnen. 

Each team member played a total of 7 games, with their scores contributing to two overall team results. Our two teams placed third and sixth overall, with one team moving through to the ACT Championships later in the year and the other team waiting to find out if they will move through as well. 

Congratulations to Radford’s budding chess stars and good luck in the next round! 

Students involved were: 











 Zi You












 Primary Chess Comp Primary Chess Comp



Music Recitals

Music recital schedule for Term 3