Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 2, 2020 – 29 July 2020

Staff Insights

Dr Adrian Johnson - Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary School

Reflection by Dr Adrian Johnson: Press ‘reset’

28 July 2020

The value of a ‘reset’ or ‘restart’ - a moment to reflect

As a geographer, I have been intrigued by how COVID-19 has impacted my concept of scale.  With the spread of the virus, at times, the world has seemed very small.  Then during the lockdown, the world felt larger – and there was this palpable sense of personal isolation; but at other times, as we hunkered down, our world seemed smaller!  How vexing!

And then there’s been the need to reassess what is ‘essential’ - our health, the safety of family and friends, and the healthcare workers on the frontline.  Even our students ‘missed’ their teachers – so they (politely) tell us.  There was certainly this collective confirmation: we are social creatures and being kept away from one another wasn’t normal and couldn’t last too long.

Much has been written about people feeling a sense of unease at this time.  But is that all bad?  Is there not a silver lining?  With so many things these days, there is, surely, sometimes a need to ‘reset’ or ‘restart’, just to take a moment to reflect.

Teachers will often take a moment during a lesson to determine the success of the previous section of learning in a lesson – the technical term is ‘chunk’(!).  It is the moment offered to students to ask queries and offer feedback, and for the teacher to determine if their delivery has been effective and that everyone is ready for the next section of the lesson.  And it is so important for students to take advantage of this moment, to share their perspective and confirm their level of mastery of the concepts under review.

The world of music offers another case in point.  Concertos, for instance, are often broken into ‘movements’ – with the second slower than the first, and the third building to an uplifting ending.  That crucial second movement is the time when the listener has time to appreciate the nuances of the piece and absorb the contribution of the orchestra in supporting the soloist.  There’s time for everyone to ‘take stock’ before being propelled toward, what is often, a dramatic conclusion.

There’s the punctuation mark in a poem, the well-placed interval in a play - I could go on.  It is the change in tempo, and the opportunity to reflect, which impacts the pace and, I would argue, adds to the experience. 

I’m not alone in thinking schooling may never be the same post-COVID.  The collective professional learning, and resultant change in the practice of teachers, has been nothing short of phenomenal.  And I pay tribute here to my colleagues’ professionalism in this regard.  Our students have been flexible and resilient – and they have taught us so much in return.  Our parents and caregivers have been patient and understanding.  It may have been ‘trial by fire’, but I feel we have strengthened as a community as a result.

Whilst we trust it doesn’t happen, there is still, based on the experiences of communities elsewhere, the real possibility of individual school closures in the ACT.  We, at Radford, are well placed to do what we need and revert to online learning, should it be necessary.  Following the outbreaks in Victoria and NSW, we have refreshed our policies and procedures in readiness. 

To coin an oft’ used phrase: “it is what it is” … a day-to-day thing; and we thank you all for your ongoing support.  In the meantime, we note each day of relative normality at the College as a blessing. 


Mario Gomez delivering Radford-donated rice, oil and soap to his community on Atauro Is, Timor Leste

A generous-spirited learning community

28 July 2020

Recapping the "Radford Reaches Out" Fundraising Appeal

From: Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior ChaplainIn early Term 1, the Service-Learning Prefects, Luiza Luppi, Flynn Kelly, Georgia Waddell-Wood and Maxine Kerruish launched the Radford Reaches Out Fundraising Appeal for 2020. The appeal was launched with thoughtfulness and creativity. Then COVID-19 hit, and remote learning hindered some of our fundraising efforts. However, we want to thank those who donated and acknowledge what was achieved. 

  • Junior School students raised $941.65 by doing jobs at home and collecting money in their money boxes. These funds will be allocated by the Radford Tribal Council (RTC) in the Junior School to projects they would like to support throughout the year. We will keep you posted.

  • $743.50 was donated through TryBooking. Of this, $100 was donated to OzHarvest and $643.50 was donated to the Anglicare Winter Appeal. Both organisations have expressed their gratitude.

  • $30,664.65 was raised through the World’s Greatest Shave to empower families facing blood cancer and to accelerate blood cancer research by the Leukaemia Foundation.

In Term 2, 166 bags of groceries were collected at Radford for the Anglicare Pantry Appeal. Anglicare has been working tirelessly to support members of the community across the ACT and NSW with practical support and advocacy. While the need for food has increased, the collection of food has been made more difficult this year, due to COVID-19. Radford’s contribution has helped to stock the shelves! Click here to see the fabulous advertisement made by the Service-Learning Prefects for the Pantry Appeal. 

Y7 students with Junior School grocery donations

In addition to Radford Reaches Out, Radford College has facilitated the donation of $3,850 to Mario Gomez and Barry Hinton who are supporting the communities on Atauro Island, Timor Leste. Radford has had a longstanding partnership with communities on Atauro Island. The money was donated by staff and Radford students who were planning to go to Timor Leste this year as part of the school trip, but were unable to do so due to COVID-19. Mario has reported back that the rice, oil and soap which were purchased with these funds were greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks to all who contributed to Radford Reaches Out and in other ways this year. 

Donations via the websites of the following organisations are still welcome: 

  • OzHarvest
    Every $1 donated provides 2 meals to those dealing with food insecurity as a result of the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our economy. Help OzHarvest ensure that no one goes hungry and people can send kids to school with full belliesstudents have a meal so they can still pay rent, and  nutritious food is provided to the elderly who can’t get to the shops themselves. 

  • Anglicare
    Since the bushfires, Anglicare has provided financial and material aid to more than 7,000 households, but in the words of Frances, a grandmother from the South Coast who is a full-time carer for her 4 grandchildren, it’s the emotional support that has made the world of difference: “If I didn’t have the people at Anglicare to talk to, I’d probably bottle it all inside and that’s not good. Every time I come here, they listen, and I feel like a weight has been lifted.” 

    Further afield, Anglican Board of Mission is supporting partner organisations in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kenya, Zambia, Myanmar, Philippines and Gaza to respond urgently to COVID-19. 

  • Rotary Club of Canberra
    Once again hosting Circus Quirkus, to bring fun and respite into the lives of children in Canberra who have additional needs. This wonderful show provides a fantastic day out filled with joy and laughter. The show, normally held in July, will be held towards the end of the year, as soon as restrictions are lifted. Rotary is determined to keep this wonderful event going, as the children will need something to look forward to more than ever this year. Tickets are $60 each, however donations of any size are welcome. Radford College has supported this event for a number of years. If you would like to make a donation, please email me Rev. Katherine Rainger.

May we continue to find ways to care for ourselves and each other this week. As we are able, may we find ways to be generous and share what we have, and may the peace of God which passes all understanding be amongst us all. 

Rev. Katherine








Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 29 July 2020

29 July 2020

Reflecting on character strengths, and finding hope in bulbs and rainbows


Wed 29 July

Year 5 Excursion to Aust Electoral Commission

Parent Exhibition Meeting

Thurs 30 July

Year 1 Foootsteps Dance Lesson

Australian Maths Competition

Fri 31 July

Prek Footsteps Dance Lesson

Year 5 Excursion to Aust Electoral Commission

Instilling a sense of belonging, and an ongoing feeling of hope within everyone, is a continuing focus at Radford College. 

One part of our Junior School Wellbeing program is inquiring into Character Strengths. Character strengths are described as being the capacities all humans have for thinking, feeling and behaving.

As many of you may be aware, Junior School students have a fortnightly focus on the 24 Character Strengths (VIA Character Strengths). 

Junior School Celebrations are currently meeting in four smaller groups, adhering to physical distancing protocols. At our most recent Celebration, the character strength we acknowledged was Hope. A hopeful person expects the best for the future and works to achieve this. 

Reflecting on the character strength of hope

You might remember earlier this year we changed our regular plans for Radford Foundation Day due to the COVID-19 lockdown. To help sprinkle a healthy dose of hope and optimism within the school community, this week we revisited the events of Foundation Day 2020. 

View our ‘Expressions of Hope’ video.

Balloon rainbow at RadfordBulbs at the Junior School

Each year, on Foundation Day, our Junior School students plant bulbs. This year, together with the promise of a bulb offering a flower, we incorporated another sign of HOPE - the rainbow. 

Since this time, rainbows have popped up all over the world, spreading hope and positivity throughout communities. The vibrant and beautiful colours of a rainbow symbolising sunshine after rain.  

During the remote learning period, school-based students also undertook planting on behalf of those who were learning from home.  

Everyone in the Junior School also received a bulb to plant at home. We were hopeful, at the time, that we would all be back at school together and COVID-19 would be over, by the time the bulbs started to bloom.

Well, COVID-19 isn’t over, and it isn’t going away, but we are at school and the bulbs in our Junior School have started to bloom! And the gentle rain over the weekend is an added blessing. 

Many of our staff and students have commented about experiencing a sense of delight each time they walk past the bulbs on display at the heart of our Junior School.

The Character Strength spotlight for the next two weeks is Love of Learning.


Better together

Shout Outs – Term 3, Week 1 

All staff are encouraged to ‘Shout Out’ to a student who has demonstrated a Learner Profile Attribute, PYP Attitude or Character Strength throughout each fortnight.   


PKDM – Sai Sivabalan for being such a brilliant thinker, who came up with so many words that begin with the /s/ sound. 

PKNS – Meiha Elango – Being an inquirer who loves to share her curiosity and questions with the class. 

PKBD – Arabella Sheeran – Being a creative thinker, discovering so many words that start with the same sounds! 

PKMQ – Jayden Zhang – Sharing his thinking during whole class discussions. 

KKS - Millie for being knowledgeable by independently writing a detailed recount of her holiday at the coast. 

KSG – Toby Haig for being principled and showing kindness to others 

KLP – Michael Fu for displaying a commitment to all areas of his learning and doing so with a positive attitude. 

KAS –  Charlie Collingwood for being a risk taker and showing independence when writing a recount about her holiday experience. 

Year 1 

1MH – Emma Treloar for being open minded and curious when writing procedures.  

1RJ – Zara Davison for showing enthusiasm and creativity when creating a repeating pattern. 

1HT – Lucia Hiew for demonstrating her thinking skills by making connections with new learning 

1AJ – Lorenzo Troni for his principled approach towards learning and good judgment when making choices. 

Year 2 

2KH – Oscar Eyers for being a principled and reflective team member when completing a series of challenges this week. 

2SD – Amelie Black for being a thinker by choosing to use the split strategy to help her solve a word problem. 

2GS – Adoni Stellios for beging principled and showing creativity throughout our design provocation day. 

2LM – Luka Martinovic for demonstrating curiosity and a love of learning. 

Year 3 

3AT – Zoe O'Rourke for sharing her thinking in class discussions and displaying a fun sense of humour in her approach to learning.   

3JC – Josh Twigg for his deep thinking and thoughtful contributions, adding depth to our class discussions and  Poppy Breingan for her perseverance and commitment to her work, showing an open mind in our unit of inquiry. 

3RS – Samantha Niravong for always presenting her work exceptionally, with a high level of care and detail.  

3HO – Claire Chen for reflecting deeply when creating her hopes and dreams for Term 3.  

3RB – Georgia Brooks – for her positive involvement and demonstration of fairness and teamwork during this first week of Term 3. 

Year 4 

4TM – Aarush Swarup for sharing his incredible thinking, positive perspective and showing gratitude. 

4JC –  Abhiram Kaza for his insightful ideas and input to class inquiries. 

4KP - Xavier Baldwin for his intuitive thinking and contributions during whole group discussions. 

4BF – Joanna Yu for being a dedicated and hard working student who is committed to doing her best at all times. 

4DO – Victor Mazur Masters for being a risk taker in class in the first week back. Congratulations on your effort Victor! 

Year 5 

5TM – Sarah Alex for her complete engagement in every learning opportunity, demonstrating excellent growth. 

5DG – Estelle Livas – for her valuable and confident contributions to class discussions and commitment to completing all tasks with care and precision. 

5RK – Theodore Leigh – for outstanding engagement during our Year 5 excursion to the Museum of Australian Democracy. 

5BL – Thenuki Weerabaddana Dissanayake – for her continued dedication and commitment to service in her role as our RTC rep, particularly in organising our class for Waste Free Wednesdays. 

5SW –  Rupert Keeling for responding positively to feedback and pushing himself to extend his connections and deepen understandings, and Henry Hirst for outstanding contributions to class discussions, demonstrating he is a thoughtful and knowledgeable student, and a valuable new addition to 5SW. Welcome (back) to Radford! 

Year 6 

6TW – Chelsea Hately for demonstrating critical thinking skills and actively enriching class inquiry discussions. 

6JO –  Ned Harris for consistently showing a collaborative and cooperative attitude.

6HB – Alice Berger – for demonstrating deep thinking and considering diverse perspectives when engaging with literature. 

6TF – Ambrose Musgrove – for his critical view on how we use primary and secondary sources 



Library – Emily Fan (4KP) – for the enthusiasm and commitment to learning she displays every week during library lessons. (Mrs Hind) 

Library – Sean Gibbons (2LM) for making such a knowledgeable scientific connection with our library book. (Mrs Wilson) 

PE – 3AT – Ari Livas for his enthusiasm and positive involvement in PE this week. 

Wellbeing – 2KH Benjamin Jackson for his interest and involvement in all Wellbeing lessons. 



Alex Lu in 3AT – for his incredible thinking during maths and for being able to share this with others (Ms Markovic) 

Don't miss the Year 12 Revue - streaming options available

Y12 Revue: Radford Night Live

28 July 2020

Bookings now open, including online at home

From Nick Akhurst, Head of Co-curricular Drama


Due to COVID-19 control, there are three booking options available this year on the TryBooking site:

2) Heath Lecture Theatre - adult $14, concession $10 - STREAMED
3) At home - all tickets $7 - ONLINE 


It is that time of Year again, time for the Year 12 Revue: A celebration of what our Year 12 Students are capable of achieving when given an opportunity. This uniquely Radford show is in its third decade of shows. 

For those who have never seen a Y12 Revue, it is a wholly student devised and performed production - writing, directing, choregraphing, music arranging, performing, lighting, sound media, front of house and advertising. It is a huge undertaking for a number of students who have never worked on creating an original theatre production before, or of this scale. 

In Term 3 last year, they started to develop their script, with the aim of rehearsing and performing Week 1 of Term 3, 2020. Due to the challenges of this year, they had to rewrite their script to incorporate a new theme, and with the possibility of not having a live audience, to develop a more media friendly performance, one that could be streamed. They have worked diligently during the break to refine their script, rehearse the music and dances, and create a performance unique to this cohort. 

Thus, was born Radford Night Live:  the 2020 Year 12 Revue. 

Performances on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of August.

We hope you will join us at Radford or online, to celebrate a talented group of Year 12 students and see what they have created together.

Year 12 Revue 2020


Book now for Fri 14 Aug and Sat 15 Aug

Dirrum Festival 2020 : Tipping Points

28 July 2020

Book now for live and online options

Friday 14 August 4:30pm -7pm
Saturday 15 August 4:30pm-7pm 
Visit the Dirrum website

Dirrum Festival is on again in 2020! The Dirrum leadership team, made up of Year 12 students, has been working hard to bring together a compelling program on the theme of Tipping Points. 


Speakers at Dirrum 2020

Come along and hear some fabulous speakers including Brooke PrentisTom Calma, Anote TongBernard CollaeryCamille Wilson, Ahmed Kelly, (pictured above) and also David and Emma Pocock, Mark Whithear,  and Craig Foster

Anote Tong, the former President of the Republic of Kiribati, will be interviewed before the festival, and excerpts of the interview will be shown over the two sessions. 

Friday’s session will include the book launch of Richard Browning’s I Just Want to Make a Difference and Enacting a Public Theology (with chapters by Katherine Rainger and Dirrum speaker Brooke Prentis). 

We are following ACT Health guidelines. There will be the opportunity to be part of the in-person audience or to watch the live stream at home.  Book HERE

Book for Dirrum 2020

Find out more on the Dirrum website.

See you there!

More fantastic NPLY Football results, despite very difficult playing conditions

Sport Report, 29 July 2020

28 July 2020

Great results in NPLY Football and Netball

A fantastic start for Radford NPLY Football (National Premier Leagues Youth) since its resumption from COVID-19 shutdown with 6 wins from 8 games. 

The U13 team, coached by Radford parent Mr Evan Jeffrey, has returned in style with two comprehensive victories. A 3-1 win over Canberra Olympic FC in Week 1 with a standout and assured goalkeeping performance from Year 6 student Steven Maglasis, and rock-solid defence from Hamish Whithear, Amber Smith and Jeb Jeffrey who repelled many Olympic attacks.  This was exactly the start the team was looking for after the shutdown. The team then backed that up with a 5-0 victory over Tuggeranong FC in the pouring rain on Sunday, taking control of the game early and putting in a commanding performance. A great goal from Alex Couldrick sealing the win. 

The U14 team, coached by the newly appointed part-time Radford HPE teacher Mr Ian Worthington, has produced two commanding wins since the restart. A 7-0 win over Olympic was a great display of attacking football from all involved. This was followed up by a hard fought 3-0 win over Tuggeranong in horrendous conditions, with Year 9 student Leo Wilson showing his composure at fullback with a fantastic overall performance on the day. Those two results have pushed the team up the ladder to 3rd position after four rounds. 

The U16s also produced two great hard-fought victories over Olympic and Tuggeranong. A tense and exciting battle against Olympic went down to the wire, with an absolute cracker of a goal from Aaren Nikolovski sealing the win 2-1. Aaren hit the top corner in an unstoppable shot to give Radford the win and their first points of the season. Confidence from that win saw the team back up with a solid and comfortable 3-1 win over Tuggeranong. Two headed goals from Aubrey Ellis sealed the win, with a quality display of football in the second half. Tuggeranong hardly got out of their own goal area for the last 20 minutes, with Radford piling on the pressure, looking for more goals.  They were unlucky not to increase the winning margin. 

The next round of NPLY sees Radford take on football powerhouse Gungahlin at home this Saturday. It would be great to see some students come along and support the teams on the Radford P&F Oval from 10am all day. 

  • U13 – 10:00am Kick off
  • U16 – 11:35am Kick off
  • U14 – 1:10pm Kick off
  • U18 – 3:10pm Kick off

Another great weekend of Netball, with our 15 Radford teams playing Round 2 of the North Canberra Netball Competition (NCNC).  Well done to all players, coaches, and parents for working with the NCNC to help enforce the COVID-19 protocols.  It is great to see all the players back out on the courts. 

  • Radford Gold def Daramalan 28-19
  • Radford Silver def EGNC 40-15
  • Radford Maroon def Merici 28-11
  • Radford White def Merici 21-9
  • Radford Blue def INNC 19-11
  • Radford Purple def by GNC 11-18
  • Radford Yellow def GNC 10-8
  • Radford Navy def by Cougars 2-33
  • Radford Red def by SGRNC 7-26
  • Radford Green def by JPC 9-27
  • Radford Orange def by GNC 4-16
  • Radford Dolphins def INNC 13-2
  • Radford Magpies def GSNC 12-0
  • Radford Ravens def by EGNC 1-9

 Radford Maroon Netball - July 2020Radford Purple Netball - July 2020



Junior School students have fun testing their reading knowledge

Kids Lit Quiz 2020

28 July 2020

A different kind of Reading Challenge for Y5-Y8 students

From: Gemma Wilson and Rachael Hind, Junior School Teacher Librarians

With so many events being cancelled in 2020, it was wonderful to hear that the literary competition, Kids Lit Quiz, was still able to be held.  

On a rainy Monday, 12 students from Year 5 to Year 8 gathered to participate in a virtual event, with 32 teams from about 10 schools from the east coast of Australia. 

Questions are asked in sets of 10, based on different themes. This year’s themes included:






Middle Earth

These themes are not known prior to the event. The participants in the competition need to be well-read and open to many different genres of reading.

Test yourself on some of the questions:

  • What series do you find fairy characters with names like Fern, Saffron, Ruby and Amber?
  • Two teenagers fall in love. One is from the Montague family and the other is from the Capulet family. Who are these teenagers?
  • What bird rises from the ashes every 500 years?
  • In which Roald Dahl book did characters hide the fact that they had no toes by wearing pointy shoes?
  • From The Guardians of Ga’hoole, who or what were the legends of Ga’hoole?
  • What breed of dog is Scooby Do?
  • How many members made up the Fellowship of the Ring?

Kids Lit Quiz is known colloquially as The Sport of Reading and it is always great to see our keen readers engaging in fun competition about books and reading. Radford was represented by:               


Olivia, Nadia, Sandra and KerenOlivia Elliot                        Aayush Bhatia

Tilly Firth                           Pippa Humphries

Sanda Halpin                     Mia Kluth

Sophie Purvis                     Joshua Orr

Nadia Yao                          Charlie Rehfisch

Keren Zhang                      Pranav Vallurupalli


While we weren’t successful in placing in the competition, we all learnt how many books there are out there to read – and that we all need to read The Lord of the Rings series!

Radford quad in a time trial

Winter Rowing

27 July 2020

After a long break, competitors were keen to race!

Radford rowers, old and new, hit the water at the first opportunity of competition to take part in the Rowing ACT Winter Time Trial series last weekend. A mix of ages and experience powered down the course in big and small boats over the course of the weekend.

On Saturday, Collegian and Australian Rowing representative Luke Letcher set the fastest overall course time in the men’s single, and Year 9 rower Hannah Sampson courageously made her time trial debut on the same morning. The conditions were perfect, with more than one long-held course record falling.  Competitors were keen to get out and race, after missing the usual summer regatta bonanza of Australian Championships and World Championship and Olympic racing. 

The following day, James Dixon and Chris Bush represented Radford in the double scull, and senior rowers Damien Schroder, Will Gregory, Sam Roberts and Ethan Toscan set the overall fastest overall and fastest men’s quad time. 

We look forward to more rowers competing in the next event in mid-August.

Running Club - get serious about distance!

Radford Running Club - Years 7-12

24 July 2020

Run, don't walk

Radford Secondary School Running Club is designed to assist students to run 5km and prepare for the cross-country carnival. The Club is designed to allow students to run with their friends in a non-competitive training setting. Students can set personal goals to improve on and use both the moderate long runs and interval training to improve.

Running Club meets Monday mornings at 7am and Thursday afternoons from 3.45pm - 4.45pm. Students meet at the entrance to the G Wigg Sports Centre (gym).

For further information or to advise that you will be attending, please contact Rebecca Hunter Rebecca.hunter@radford.act.edu.au or Jeremy Hawkes, Jeremy.hawkes@radford.act.edu.au.

Space Club: Years 7-10

Radford Space Club - Years 7-10

24 July 2020

Explore space in your lunch break

Radford Space Club Years 7-10

Space travel, rocket launches and current missions to Mars have sparked the interest of students in Australia’s developing space industry. To support subject learning, we would like to offer a lunchtime group for students interested in space. The group will look at how rockets work and how we can design satellites. They will get hands on with the design process and have experts in the field from UNSW present.

If your child is interested, please complete the expression of interest form.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Hawkes via email:  Jeremy.hawkes@radford.act.edu.au

Free engineering workshop for young women - in Canberra January 2021

Engineering workshop for young women

21 July 2020

Find out where maths and science can take you!

Come and experience Engineering at UNSW Canberra!

Are you a female student in Years 9 – 12 in 2021? Ever wondered where studying maths and science at school can take you?

FREE three-day workshop - 13 to 15 January 2021

Come along to ACT YoWIE (Young Women in Engineering), a three-day workshop held in January specifically for Young Women.

  • Build and fly a rocket and gas turbine engine
  • Design, build and fly a satellite remotely
  • Disassemble and reassemble an engine
  • Solder and program a circuit
  • Command a robot to solve a series of tasks
  • Design, build and test a dam. 

Event Details
FREE three-day workshop for young women in Years 9 to 12 in 2021

UNSW Canberra (at ADFA Campus), in Campbell ACT


Applications Close
31 October 2020

YoWIE 2021


More Information
WATCH: https://youtu.be/ZdJLvCXQrwM

YoWIE has been running for four years at UNSW Canberra and is continuing to grow in popularity as more young women are joining us each year to experience what it’s like to be an engineer.

Our amazing hands-on workshops are designed to give our YoWIEs a flavour of university level engineering and exposure to the development of skills that engineers need all while having fun of course! They will discover space, aeronautical, civil, electrical, mechanical and software engineering with awesome, hands on activities.

YoWIEs will apply their high school maths and science skills to our cool activities and learn just how studying these subjects at school can help shape their future. Especially if they aspire to become an Engineer!

We are very excited to plan our next workshop, YoWIE 2021, sharing our passion for engineering. We encourage all female students going into years 9 to 12 in 2021 to apply for now our next round and discover their potential.

We promise three days of awesome activities with lots of fun. Our YoWIEs will meet other like-minded young women and form lifelong friendships and bonds. They will meet innovative and inspirational female engineering guest speakers, current engineering students, recent engineering graduates and the most passionate staff to introduce them to a whole new world of wonder and opportunity! A career in engineering starts at YoWIE!

Be part of this new P&F community event!

P&F RadVision - a community singing contest

22 June 2020

Tune up the vocal cords to be part of this great community event

The Radford College Parents & Friends Association presents… 
RadVision - A Radford community singing contest   
Saturday, 7 November 2020

Radford College is filled with amazing talent and huge community spirit, it has been decided that in lieu of this year's cancelled annual Radford College Twilight Fete, we would bring our community together in song!

RadfordVision is your opportunity to shine and share your talents with our community.  

This competition will be open to students (Junior and Secondary), individuals, groups and families.

We will share more details in the coming weeks on how you can submit your video or audio online for the preliminary round of the competition. In the meantime start tuning those vocal cords. 

Follow @RadfordCollegePF on Facebook or Instagram 
Facebook      Instagram


Book Week parade 16 October, 2020

Book Week - save the date!

27 July 2020

Character parade on 16 October

Save the Date - Book Week 2020, Parade Friday 16 October 2020 

The Junior Library team is excited to announce that Book Week will still occur in 2020! The Junior School will be celebrating with a Character Dress Up Parade on Friday 16 October (Week 1, Term 4). Celebrations will include the traditional parade with students from Pre Kinder right through to Year 6 gathering together. More details will follow later this term. 

Start thinking about your favourite book characters, get creative with ideas and read lots of books! We look forward to sharing this celebration of books with our students and families. 


Read about Life after Radford for John Pendall  and Miriam Rizvi

Collegian news: John Pendall, Miriam Rizvi

27 July 2020

John taught at Radford 1985-1991, Miriam was in the Class of 2007

Life after Radford with John Pendall (Teacher 1985 to 1991) 

John's educational philosophy is that education involves the “total individual”, encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects which are so important to the overall development of each individual student for later life. 

Read more about John Pendall 


Celebrating success with Miriam (Mim) Rizvi (Class of 2007) 

Miriam Rizvi is Mim Beanie from The Beanies, an Australian children's music group, formed in 2016. The group has drawn acclaim and garnered an Australian Podcast Award, and their second album was nominated for an ARIA Award. 

Read more about Miriam Rizvi


Visit the Collegians website for more stories of former teachers and students.



Transport Canberra

Bus changes July 2020

Changes from Term 3, details in this article. 

Crossing Supervisors

School Crossing Supervisors

Members of the Radford community are warmly invited to apply for a position as a School Crossing Supervisor. Term time Mon – Fri 8.00am-8.45am and 3.00pm-3.45pm. Click for further details about the role and duty statement.