Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 2 – 31 July 2019

Staff Insights

Dr Adrian Johnson - Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary School

The “trinity”: school, parents and students

31 July 2019

Dr Adrian Johnson, Deputy Principal

Some shining examples of this relationship in practice

School leaders often talk about the importance of what I call the “trinity”: the relationship between the school, parents and students, and how good things can happen when all three stakeholders are “on the same page”.  This concept, when discussed in theoretical terms, can sound a little hollow.  It is only when we witness the trinity in action, do we all appreciate, with a true sense of authenticity, what the school-parent-student alliance is really about.  And, in recent times, we have had some shining examples of these sorts of relationships at Radford. 

During the holidays, sixteen of my colleagues led tours within Australia and beyond.  We had the service learning trips to Gamilaraay Country, Timor-Leste and Cambodia, the SOSE Trip to the USA, and the Science Trip to Europe. 

G23 Gamilaaray Trip Europe Science Tour 2019

These sorts of experiences only happen because our staff are passionate about sharing their interests with the young people in their care.  It is impossible to quantify the life lessons experienced on these tours and, I’m sure, this is the very reason why so many parents support their children in taking part.  I wish to thank, in particular, those staff who took so much care in organising and leading these tours; such undertakings come with an element of complexity and, at times, unpredictability, which they all handled with a great deal of professionalism.

SOSE Tour 2019 Timor-Leste Tour 2019

And there are other elements of our programs which couldn’t operate without the enthusiastic support of our parents.  In the last week of the holidays, the Snowsports Camp was held at Perisher, led by our Technical Director and former parent, Jonathan Mandl.  Jonathan was ably supported by a number of current parents, who acted as officials and cheer squads(!), and two Radford teachers, Brad Greer and Darryle Macdonald.  By all accounts, everyone had a wonderful time on the slopes in preparation for the Interschools Competition held later that week [see the Snowsports report in this Bulletin]. We now await invitations to the Australian Interschools Championships to be held at Mt Buller from 4 - 8 September.

Interschools Team 2019 Mitchell and Darren Riepon

Radford has had several parent support groups which have been invaluable to the running of sport at the College. Friends of Radford Rowing (FORR) do a wonderful job supporting our crews through such things as fundraising events, as well as providing catering and other assistance to Technical Director Vicky Spencer and our team of coaches.  Their support is greatly appreciated and really creates a community atmosphere at the shed throughout the season. 

Radford Rowing community at the boat shed in 2017 Radford rowers on Lake Burley Griffin

We are also looking at revisiting Friends of Radford Football and Basketball, to help with these two very large programs as we strive to continue to improve our offerings for the students.  We are also seeking parental support in the upcoming Futsal and Oztag seasons; so do please contact Brent Larkham if you are interested in helping out.  Huge thanks to all those parents who are helping as coaches and managers throughout winter – your support is truly appreciated.

A number of my senior colleagues are meeting with all Year 10s over the first two weeks of this term to discuss their subject choices for 2020.  It is a real privilege to have these young people share with us their aspirations and dreams for the future, and, in some cases, the realisation the path ahead isn’t very clear at the moment!  No doubt there have been many conversations around dinner tables at home in preparation for these interviews. 

It is at times like this we have a real sense of our purpose as educators: to equip our students to make a worthwhile contribution to society.  And I am confident, with the support of both their families and teachers, these young people will go on to do just that.

The Earth, as seen from the Moon by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, on October 12, 2015.

Chaplain's Reflection: Dream

29 July 2019

Dare to dream - like those who put a man on the moon with less technology than your smartphone.

Image credit: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2017/04/portraits-of-the-earth-moon-system/524121/

Dear reader. I offer a window into the life of a chaplain who seeks to speak into the imagination of 1134 students sitting on the gymnasium floor for the first assembly back from holidays, July 24th. I share here with you what I said that day.

We acknowledge that Adam Goodes was a truly remarkable AFL player.
We acknowledge that he was booed, constantly right up until and after his final siren, which was the 2015 grand-final.
I acknowledge that I grew up racist.
In my defence, many of us did. It was the prevailing culture.
We acknowledge the wonderful relationship Radford has in Gamilaraay country.
We acknowledge that this is Ngunnawal country. To their elders past and present, to their enduring culture of over tens of thousands of years, to their wisdom which we have so much to learn from and grow: respect.
In the name of God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Pour out, I will pour out my spirit.
Earth shall be much more than it seems.
Both sons and daughters shall prophesy.
Young and old shall dream dreams. (Song from Joel 2.28) 

Two years ago, we hosted a young man, Joas, from Timor-Leste for three weeks. He came here to undertake a three-week football coaching course. But it was our waste-disposal systems that captured his imagination: the garbage trucks, the arms, the grabbing and the open-throated swallowing! He took this home and began the first system of rubbish collection in the whole of Timor, and other villages are now copying him. And now, get this, they have arrived at a moment when they are ready to collect the myriads of plastic waste that washes up from other people’s shores, mostly Indonesia, and turn it into saleable products or building materials. This is truly remarkable. It’s called Ekipa Tasi Mos and we are supporting it this year through the RAS programme. 

Pour out, I will pour out my spirit.
Earth shall be much more than it seems. 

Joas looked into the faces of this year’s Timor travellers and said:

“I went to Australia, learnt something and brought it home. What will you learn from us and take back and implement in your country?”

What a brilliant question. This is a fellow who had never seen an escalator, a dishwasher or a microwave and had never flown on a plane. Joas is a leader among his own community where hungry seasons mean that Timor is maybe the fourth hungriest country in the world. Joas knows his people have great riches to share. 

Pour out, I will pour out.
Young and old shall dream dreams. 

Go on and dream.

Fifty years ago, human beings put feet on the surface of the moon, with technology a hundred times less sophisticated than the phone in your pocket.

Go on and dream.

And dream past the lies we are fed:
Lies that there is not enough energy, or enough water, or enough time.

Push past the lies of scarcity:
You are not good enough.
You are not smart enough.
You are not attractive enough.
You don’t fit in enough.
(to the students) You are not old enough.
(to the staff) You are no longer young enough.



Start a band. Begin a new language. Build a team. 

Why not develop a system where we can recycle our own rubbish, here at Radford, and turn waste into saleable products and building materials? 

Or why not dream of hosting a festival with music and foods and amazing speakers from Ethiopia and Palestine and the US and from our own neighbourhood and create a movement for the common good. Wait. You are already doing that – it’s called the Dirrum Festival! Right.

Go on. Dream.

O God.

Pour out your spirit.
That this earth
would be much more than it seems.




Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News 31 July 2019

31 July 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Diary dates, including Rostrum tonight, AFL success, Term 3 learning.

By Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School 

Dates for your diary

It sometimes amazes me how quickly we get back into full swing after a new term commences. We encourage everyone to enter the following events and dates into their diary: 


Wednesday 31 July

Year 3/4 Boys Jamie Pearlman B/Ball Cup
Rostrum Semi Final

Thursday 1 August

AMT Maths Competition
Year 1 Footsteps Dance
Yr 5 Exc to Australian Electoral Commission

Monday 5 August

Yr 5/6 Girls Paul Kelly AFL

Friday 6 September

Save the date – Combined Father’s Day celebration and say hello to new Head of Junior School

ACT Primary School Rostrum

Keren Zhang, Rostrum semi-finalistRadford College will host one of the Rostrum Semi Finals this Wednesday evening (July 31st - tonight) in the RA Young Hall starting promptly from 6.30pm. Eight students will be selected from the four Semi Finals, to compete in the Grand Final on Monday 2nd September.  

Our best wishes and most positive thoughts go to our Year 5 student, Keren Zhang, as she participates this evening. While we wish Keren the best for her performance tonight, we are proud of her efforts to reach this point! May you enjoy the experience and revel in the moment, Keren.


Learning in Term 3

Our Junior School staff have all hit the ground running this term. Week 1 was full of stimulating learning opportunities and this week has seen further engaging learning experiences occurring across the Junior School. Such activities including: 

Pre K – How we express ourselves including regular dance sessions with Footsteps dance.
Kinder – Learning about how messages are communicated and understood differently.
Year 1 – Continuing to explore dances around the world through How we express Ourselves.
Year 2 – Looking at toys and the forces that are at play to make them move.
Year 3 – Tuning into Science after their Dr Graham Walker incursion, conducting their own scientific experiments investigating and using scientific method.
Year 4 – Investigating how our Earth is in a constant state of change.  Inquiring into how natural processes and human activity affect the Earth’s surface.
Year 5 – An inquiry into democracy involving learning experiences at the Electoral Commission and Parliament House.
Year 6 - Investigating how access to different opportunities has an impact on equity throughout the world.                                                               

Year 5 & 6 Girls AFL 

Heartfelt congratulations to our Year 5 & 6 girls who recently participated in the ACT Primary schools AFL competition and won the ACT final.

This extraordinary achievement has resulted in their team now being invited to compete in the 2019 Paul Kelly Cup State Finals in Sydney on Monday 5 August.  

The competition will take place at Giants Stadium on Monday, August 5th. While its location and school duties may likely rule out your ability to watch them play, we wish them the very best including quick hands and long accurate kicks!

Shout Outs

All Junior School staff are encouraged to ‘Shout Out’ to a student who has demonstrated a Learner Profile Attribute, PYP Attitude or Character Strength throughout each fortnight.  


Week 1

Shout outs 

KCH – Elena Le - demonstrating a balanced approach towards her learning 
KSG - Paige Kent - showing kindness to others 
KLP - Oliver Nicol - displaying curiosity during our new unit of inquiry 
KAS – Edwin Yuen - being a risk taker during the Kindergarten Health Checks 

Year 1 

1MH – Zahli Dankiw - being a risktaking communicator 
1RJ – Annabelle Miles - being a leader and showing kindness to others
1AT- Xavier Lam - displaying commitment and focus in his learning
1AJ- Charlie Crookes - displaying leadership skills when given extra responsibilities.  

Year 2 

2KH – Josh Brinkley - showing zest and an outstanding commitment to learning
2SD - Elena Rock - sharing her knowledge and showing bravery when faced with a challenge 
2DG – Connor Lunsford - showing a committed and positive attitude to his learning in the new term
2LM – William Holliday - showing leadership skills to his class mates 

Year 3 

3MK – Xavier Baldwin - his commitment and enthusiasm towards learning 
3JC - Razeena Qureshi - her commitment, curiosity and positive attitude towards her work  
3RS – Charlotte Pham - demonstrating curiosity, by asking interesting questions about how the world around us works 
3HO – Jasmine Snare - displaying leadership skills when given extra responsibilities and always carrying these out with a mature and determined attitude 
3RB – Victor Mazur-Masters - demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment to teamwork and personal effort 

Year 4 

4BF – Saffron Lilly Posch – for being a risk taker and taking on new challenges
4JC – Joshua Marriott – for enthusiasm and commitment to learning
4NK – Nicholas Brogan - for his caring and thoughtful actions 
4KP – Amelia Bush – for being an inquirer and taking action with her learning
4TM - William Huang - showing curiosity towards his learning and sharing his powerful insights and knowledge

Year 5 

5TM – Louis Thai - the care, respect and positivity he radiates every day
5RR - Fergus Boorer - showing initiative and commitment to Inquiry learning
5BL – Matthew Larkham - displaying social intelligence and teamwork. 

5SW – Annabelle Moloney - demonstrating a love of learning, creativity and persistence. 

Year 6 

6TW - Amber Grigg - showing perseverance and commitment and actively contributing to class discussions.
6DM – Miranda Hadlow - the perseverance she shows as a writer, carefully editing and thoughtfully recrafting her work.
6HB – Anika Chaturvedi - being a risk-taker and demonstrating a constant love of learning.
6TF – Alex Stockbridge - demonstrating curiosity by always asking questions and being engaged in his learning 



Library - Hamilton Ryan - demonstrating his love of learning through his mastery of Word Mania
PE – Anna Charlton - being mature and principled during PE, always ensuring the safety of herself and those around her
Spanish – Jeexin Lu - being a risk taker


A special Radford College presentation and panel

Special Event - The Future of Education

31 July 2019

Communications Department

Join us for this presentation and panel discussion

"The Future of Education Within an Australian Context"



Mark Pesce
Futurist, Inventor, Author and Educator


Meg Brighton                                 Dr Justin Garrick                         Professor Geoffrey Crisp                        Fiona Godfrey
Director-General                           Head of School                           Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic          Principal
ACT Education Directorate           Canberra Grammar School         University of Canberra                            Radford College


DATE     Friday 2 August, 2019
TIME     3.30 - 5.30 pm
Heath Lecture Theatre
             Mackinnon Senior School
             (use Haydon Drive entrance)

Register by 9 August for Summer Sports

Summer Sports Registrations close this Friday

7 August 2019

Sports Department

Register now for Summer Sports 2019/20 season (T4 2019 & T1 2020)

Sport registration for Radford 2019/20 season (Term 4 2019 & Term 1 2020) is now open.

Full instructions on how to register

Please note registrations close Friday 9 August.

Radford College Crest

Moderation Day, Thursday 8 August

7 August 2019

Dr Adrian Johnston, Deputy Principal

Arrangements for students

Moderation Day, held twice a year, involves teachers from all ACT Secondary Colleges meeting to discuss and evaluate work samples for Year 11 and 12 students from the previous semester.


  • Please note, as per the College calendar, this is a pupil-free day for students in
    Years 7–11;
  • Students in Year 12 are required to attend the College on Moderation Day (Thursday 8 August) for an AST Practice test. Students have been advised of arrangements for this day; and
  • Students in Y10 & Y11 are encouraged to attend the Careers Expo at Exhibition Park in Canberra on Wednesday between 5.00pm to 7.00pm or  between 9.15am to 2.30pm on Thursday.


Classes will run as usual on Moderation Day for Junior School students; however, parents are asked to please note:

  • Unless otherwise notified, co-curricular activities will continue as usual on Moderation Day. 
  • The Secondary School library will be closed all day so will not be available to students in Year 5-6 during the day or after school.
  • The canteen will be available to students in Years 5-6 and in the Junior School.
Staff and students from Chengdu, visiting Radford

Chengdu School Inaugural Visit

30 July 2019

Radford welcomes Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School

By: Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

In January, Mrs Godfrey and I travelled to China with the view to form a sister school relationship with Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School (CEFLS).  

We were very impressed by the excellent academic achievements of the school, diligence of the students and teachers, and the facilities at CEFLS. Consequently, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between our schools took place on 9 January 2019.  

The visitors presented Fiona Godfrey with a gift On Saturday evening, we welcomed a group of 12 students and 2 teachers from CEFLS. It is the first trip to Australia for the participants, and we hope to introduce them to the sights of Canberra, as well as give them a taste of school life at Radford. I would like to thank the Radford families who have kindly offered to host the students. 

Welcome staff and students from CEFLS!

Image below: formalising the Memorandum of Understanding

Signing memorandum of understanding

Private tuition pilot program available with these Technical Directors

New Y5-Y12 sports tuition programs

29 July 2019

Sports Department

Available in Cricket, Tennis, Basketball or Strength and Conditioning.

New Opportunities in Basketball, Cricket, Strength & Conditioning and Tennis 

Radford is introducing a new pilot program for students from Years 5 – 12 who are keen on tuition in Cricket, Tennis, Basketball or Strength and Conditioning. This program will commence Week 2, Term 3 and will be trialled for the remainder of 2019, when we will review its ongoing sustainability. 

Students can register for individual or shared coaching with our Technical Directors, once per week during school hours, on a user pays model of $60 per hour, or $30 each if shared by two. 

Years 5 & 6 students will only be allowed to replace PE or Friday Sport to take up this opportunity, while students in Years 7 – 12 can use either free periods or times negotiated with subject teachers (students must not continually miss the same class). 

The Radford Technical Directors (TD) have certain times available during school hours and can be contacted directly to find mutually agreeable timeslots. This arrangement is similar to what happens for Music, where students sign out of class to attend their individual tuition lesson with their teacher, then sign back in afterwards. 

The non-negotiable requirements of the program are:

1.            Students must ensure they remain on top of all their academic commitments and the behavioural expectations of Radford College. Any school work missed during sessions MUST be proactively caught up on. Radford Technical Directors will stay in close contact with subject teachers and tutors to ensure this is happening. 

2.            Students can sign up to 1 session per week. 

3.            Cost per student for participation in the program will be $60 per session or $30 each if shared. This will be invoiced to the student’s school account at the end of each term. 

4.            Students must communicate effectively and regularly with all teachers regarding missed classes and not continually miss the same class. 

5.            Some session times can also occur before and after school hours on certain days subject to the availability of the respective TD. 

This program will commence Week 2, Term 3 and will be trialled for the remainder of 2019 when we will review its ongoing sustainability. 

Please contact our Technical Directors directly on the email addresses if you are interested in taking up this opportunity: 

Basketball, Orhan Memedovski – Orhan.Memedovski@radford.act.edu.au 
Cricket, Darryle MacdonaldDarryle.Macdonald@radford.act.edu.au 
Strength & Conditioning, Josh Strahornjosh@dynamicathletic.com.au 
Tennis, Annabel Paroloannabelparolo@yahoo.com


Eight Year 6 students attended the Round Square Conference in Jakata

Journey to Java

29 July 2019

Students Cynara Yates and Sophie Freemantle

An amazing Round Square experience for eight Year 6 students

By students Cynara Yates and Sophie Freemantle 

Eight Year 6 delegates recently set off to participate in the Round Square Regional Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. After eight hours of flying, we arrived in the very humid capital of Indonesia. 

Following a day tour of the city, the conference began at British School, Jakarta. There were eight schools represented at the conference: five from Australia (Radford College, Scotch College, Scotch Oakburn College, The Armidale School, Woodleigh School and Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School) and three schools from other countries (Prem Thailand International School from Thailand, Keystone Academy from China and British School Jakarta). 

The first day of the conference gave delegates an opportunity to be immersed in Indonesian cultural activities. Students enjoyed making traditional puppets, playing badminton, learning some Bahasa Indonesia, cooking a meal, making kites and creating batiks. Throughout the day, a number of guest speakers shared presentations about their personal experiences and passions. 

The following day saw the delegates participate in a very humid and muddy two-kilometre hike through the hills of Java. By midday, they had reached a village, where they helped to plant rice, process coffee beans and visit a local school. 

On the third day of the conference, delegates travelled to the mountains of the Cipanas region to visit the YUM Organic Farm. Here they helped with sustainable and organic farming, delivered food packs to people in need and played games with local children. It was a challenge because the kids didn’t speak much English, but it was still very enjoyable. 

The last full day of the conference had delegates making their way to Taman Safari Park, where they had a behind-the-scenes tour. This entailed meeting baby elephants and orangutans. Continuing the theme of sustainability, they also made 100% recycled paper made from elephant poo. 

By the last day, the students could hardly keep their eyes open and were keen to board the plane back to Australia and back to their families. Thank you to Ms Markovic and Mr Montesin for accompanying the students to the Round Square Conference.

Jungles of Java



Detail of image by Grace Kuchlmayr, Y11, charcoal on paper

Winter Concert

31 July 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

1 August - concert bands, choirs, ensembles and string orchestras will be performing

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

Date: Thursday 1 August
Time: 5:30 pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall

The evening will be a showcase of a selection of our concert bands, choirs, ensembles and string orchestras, involving students from both the Junior School and Secondary School. 

All of the groups involved have been working hard to prepare for this event and it promises to be an exciting celebration of music at Radford.

Entry is free and we welcome family and friends to attend.




Radford Dance Academy

Dance Auditions for 2020 Groups

30 July 2019

Danielle White, Director of Movement

Auditions 5-6-7 August

By Danielle White, Director of Movement

Auditions for 2020 Performance Groups auditions and the 2020 Disneyland tour will be held next week, to allow new students to try out for the 2020 team and to reassess current performance group students.

All current RDA students are invited to audition by attending a regular performance group class held in week 3 for the following groups: 

Pre Junior Performance Group: Year 2-3 (in 2020) Audition Time: Wednesday 7 August 4.30-5.30pm Rm 1.4
Junior Performance Group: Year 4-6 (in 2020) Audition Time: Monday 5 August 5.30-6.30pm Rm 1.4
Senior Performance Group: Year 7-12 (in 2020) Audition Time: Monday 5 August 6.30-7.30pm Rm 1.4
Junior Hip Hop Crew: Year 4-6 (in 2020) Audition Time: Tuesday 6 August 5.30-6.30pm Rm 1.4
Senior Hip Hop Crew: Year 7-12 (in 2020) Audition Time: Tuesday 6 August 6.30-7.30pm Rm 1.4 

Please note: Students only need to attend the group of their current year level. For instance, a Year 6 student (who will be in year 7 in 2020), only needs to attend the Junior classes (performance group or crew) for the audition.




Book now to be inspired by the Dirrum Festival 2019

Dirrum Festival - full details

7 August 2019


Speakers, program, bookings and other festival details

By Tash Erb 

The Dirrum Festival is back and bigger than ever before, moving off our campus across the road and through a wee bit of foliage to the UC Boiler House Lecture theatre (just behind the bus stop).

Dirrum Festival is a chance to be inspired and challenged by an incredible group of diverse speakers, talking about corruption and its implications, climate changes looming shadow and a strategy taking place, here, in Canberra to fight against its omnipresent impacts. About gender equality and diversity, in and out of the workplace, the challenges to get support for science and education. We’ll hear about a girl and her experience in Palestine, in prison and the important role nonviolent protest has in today’s society. Lastly, Kevin Hines’s story, about trying to take his own life and his work with and understanding of mental health and wellbeing since.

These motivating speakers will be split into two sessions, with a festival of music, food and other stalls to enjoy in between. The festival will be filled with acts such as Lucy Sugarman performing, and local food and goods businesses like Global Sisters, who help women to create and grow sustainable businesses and La Baguette, a Café from the ANU that sells authentic French-cuisine baked goods.

On the next day, there will be a screening at the Heath Lecture Theatre, Radford, of Kevin Hines film 'Suicide: The Ripple Effect’. The film not only explores his own experiences but the ripple effects into the lives of the people left behind. This message is more important than even to remember that everyone around you is battling with something seemingly invisible, and that our resilience as a community is key to help not only the individuals but all of us, collectively to more forward and ‘be here tomorrow’.

Visit the Dirrum Festival website: https://www.dirrumfestival.org/cbr19
Information about speakers: https://www.dirrumfestival.org/cbr19-speakers
Buy tickets for the festival and the film

The Dirrum Festival is supported by the University of Canberra, and the Radford College Parents and Friends Association

Dirrum 2019 speakers

Dirrum 2019 program

ASIC/Radford partnership to help students prepare for successful money management

MoneySmart Program for Y11 students

30 July 2019

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Preparing students for independent money management

From Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Radford has partnered with ASIC’s MoneySmart educators to prepare students for independent money management.

Workshops on money tips and tools for every Year 11 student on Monday 12 August:


Preparing our students for their financial wellbeing

  1. 1.  See ya later, I’m outta here: Living independently
  • Loans, rent, bills, debt, moving costs, sharing with flatmates, budgeting, tracking your spending, saving.


  1. 2.  Uni days: Tertiary finances and Gap year
  • Associated costs – Uni & TAFE, course fees, HELP loan, living on residence, parking, budgeting. Travel, schoolies, saving.  


  1. 3.  Is that a Real Job? Tips and tools
  • Where does it go? Understanding payslips, tax, super, your rights, budgeting, saving.


  1. 4.   Fake news: Value for money & avoiding scams
  • Cars, Love, Money
  • Major purchases, maintenance, insurance, online scams, warranties, saving, car apps.


Parents and guardians may wish to discuss with their Year 11 student which workshop is most relevant.

Circus Giving Group is learning juggling, balancing, clowning and magic

Giving Groups: Circus

25 June 2019

Oliver Johnstone, Radford Reporter

The Circus Giving Group is looking forward to performing at the P&F Fete on 2 November

By Radford Reporter, Oliver Johnstone

Circus, a Giving Group led by Mrs Sally Stenning, is a group that aims to give back to the Radford Community in a variety of ways. The students are learning a range of circus activities, including juggling, balancing, clowning and magic. The group is working towards a performance at the Radford Fête – an annual event that takes place in early November – as a way of showcasing the impressive skills they are learning. When asked what the end goal of the group was, Mrs Stenning said: “To use their skills and talents to entertain the wider Radford community” and also “Learn to work collaboratively on a shared project”.

When students were asked what they enjoyed about the group they said: 

“I like the freedom of it. There’s the ability for people to do what they want, but in a controlled environment.”

“It’s free and self-directed, and it gives me the chance for me to do something I do outside of school at school.”

“I like the sense of community and the fact that it is a break to learning.”

Students were then asked a more thought-provoking question: What do you hope to get out of it as an individual? Here are some of their responses: 

“I would like to get a sense of compassion out of it, and the ability to give back to the school community.”

“I want the opportunity to work with other people and develop my creative skills.”

“I would like to get to know Radford better.”

In this Giving Group, there appears to be a resounding sense of enjoyment and freedom. Additionally, the students are clearly growing as individuals through their experiences in the Group, as they learn to work with others and build their creativity. The performance at the Fête, on Saturday 2 November, is undoubtedly an event to look forward to.

Learning card trick magic

Andrew Kerr in action in the GS

Snowsports Interschools Championships

30 July 2019

Jonathan Mandl, Technical Director

Fifty Radford team members competed in this event

By Jonathan Mandl, Snowsports Technical Director


Our Snowsports teams make their mark at Interschool Championships

More than a thousand eager students, representing 117 schools, gathered at Perisher from 24-26 July to contest the Subaru ACT-Southern NSW Interschool Snowsports Championships.

Radford Interschools Team

Radford Snowsports team’s 50 competitors relished the ideal weather conditions, with good visibility on all race courses, and confidence running high for personal-best performances, competing against the best athletes and teams from Canberra, Jindabyne, Cooma and NSW South Coast.

Well-supported by our parents volunteering in course official roles, and cheering on our teams course-side, all events ran smoothly with the exception of one of our rising stars injured after completing one of her runs on the first of three days. Like a true champion, Amber Smith was both brave and philosophical, but was sorely missed by the entire team throughout the remaining two days of competition. We have no doubt Amber will bounce back fast with a point to prove before Winter ends!

Results were exceptional across the board, from our youngest to eldest team members, many new personal bests were recorded, and there were many smiles after initial nerves settled and two good clean runs were recorded. Our athletes deserve praise for their model sportspersonship, displayed at all times, encouraging and supporting each other to perform at their best.

We were especially proud of our eight Junior School athletes in action in Divisions 5 & 6, making their mark in these championships as exciting young snowboarders and skiers with much promise for future success and even more fun together on snow.

With so much talent on display from schools that are only 25mins from resorts, there is heavy traffic in the very popular younger Divisions of 5 & 4, also in 3 & 2. Our dedicated girls’ ski teams in Divisions 3 & 2 ‘left nothing on the course’, performing very well, and should be pleased with their new PBs in Alpine GS and SX. Special mentions to Bailey Purvis-Smith and Jack Appaneal, looking very promising on snowboard in their two events, well done to Tahlia Smith in Div 6 on debut, chasing older sister Amelia in Div 5, and all our wonderful Division 5 & 4 girls and boys teams who are our bright future!

With due recognition for skill and excellence in snowboard and ski racing, Radford College athletes once again claimed many podium positions over the three days of Interschools, proving the team a force to be reckoned with, and continuing our proud tradition of ultra-competitiveness among the region’s best and fastest.

Hard-earned podium highlights included:

Individual excellence

Andrew and Oscar

  • Andrew Kerr – 3rd Div 1M Alpine GS (& 4th in Div 1M SkierX)
  • Will Brake – 3rd Div 2M Alpine GS (& 6th in Div 2M SkierX)

Team excellence

  • Maggie Potter and Emma Brennan – Team 3rd in Div 2F Snowboard GS and Team 4th in Div 2F SnowboardX. Both girls’ individual times placed them well inside the top ten in each event.
  • Oscar Gordon and Darcy Brighton – Team 3rd in Div 1M Moguls
  • Jake Smith, Finlay Barlow, Niki Georgalis and Mitchell Riepon – Team 2nd in Div3M Alpine GS
  • Will Brake, Lachlan Herring, Tom Ewer and Alex Schofield – Team 3rd in Div 2M Alpine GS
  • Will Brake, Lachlan Herring and Tom Ewer – Team 3rd in Div2M SkierX
  • Rosie Joshua, Mia Rajak and Katherine Hinchcliffe – Team 3rd in Div 1F Alpine GS
  • Andrew Kerr and Oscar Gordon – 3rd Div1M SkierX
  • Andrew Kerr, Oscar Gordon, Ethan Kruger and Darcy Brighton – 3rd Div 1M Alpine GS

Emma Brennan and Maggie Potter Mitchell, Jake, Niki and Finlay

Congratulations to all who competed over the three days representing Radford College.

The next step is awaiting invitations to Australian Interschools championships at Mt Buller, 4-8 September, where a showdown of the nation’s best student athletes will take place. These invitations will be published soon on the ACT Interschools website and notified via the FORSNOW TeamApp.

Ahead of that ultimate test, the team can look forward to challenging all other ACT-based schools at the ACT Schools Cup, 1 September (Father’s Day) at Perisher. With two junior and two high school cups to be won, the excitement keeps building with more snow due and training yet to come in August!

Will, Tom and Lachlan Oscar, Andrew, Darcy

Alex, Lachlan, Will and Tom





Nathan Kukathas' revolutionary G7 POD

Collegian Nathan Kukathas, Class of 2000

31 July 2019


An inspirational story of adventure and achievement

Nathan Kukathas (Class of 2000) has turned his dreams into reality.

Nathan on the summit of Mt ThorThe West Face of Mt Thor on Baffin Island, in the far arctic north of Canada, is the tallest continuously overhanging cliff in the world, at more than 1,500m sheer overhanging vertical drop. 

On a trip there, Nathan conceived the G7 POD, a 1.5 kg inflatable sleeping ledge, which replaces the 20kg traditional framed portaledge and completely transforms how people can climb the world’s most difficult big walls. 

His passion for rockclimbing began while he was at school, and in Year 11, he took the Fashion Design subject and began designing and making outdoor equipment, including a four-season tent.

The 4 seasons tent designed and made by Nathan

Read more about Nathan moving to Canada in pursuit of climbing big mountains, and his involvement in the development of climbing equipment, including his revolutionary G7 POD.

It is an inspirational story of adventure and achievement.

 Wastefree Wednesday update

Wastefree Wednesday - update

30 July 2019

Melinda Hamilton, Teacher

JS students taking up the cause

By Melinda Hamilton, Teacher 

This term the Junior School is encouraging everyone to participate in a Waste Free Wednesday each week this term. 

It is exciting to see so many students keenly participating in Waste Free Wednesday already. The RTC representatives helped to count how many class members had a lunchbox without any packaging. This information is being recorded each week, with winning classes and year levels being awarded the ‘Waste Free Winner’ trophy at Celebration. 

Congratulations this week to Year 2 for having 63 Waste Free lunches across the cohort and Year 3 for having x3 classes with 17 waste free lunches each. 

Tips for having a Waste Free lunchbox:

  • Choose a vegetable or fruit snack that is ‘wrapped’ in natural skin e.g. baby cucumbers, snow peas, bananas and mandarins
  • Bring a reusable fork from home
  • Buy snack food in bulk (e.g. yoghurt and crackers) to pack into reusable containers
  • Wrap your sandwich in washable beeswax wrap, fabric or a paper bag
  • Pack a reusable drink bottle and ice pack.
Waste warriors in the Junior School




U10 Radford Tigers Basketball Team

Sports Report, 31 July 2019

31 July 2019

Sports Department

Rugby, Golf, Basketball news


All three teams were, unfortunately, defeated this weekend.

  • U9 Boys defeated by Grammar 10 – 0
  • U18 Boys were defeated by Trinity in Goulburn 52 – 10
  • U18 Girls defeated by Wests 50 - 20. 

2019 ACT Brumbies Schoolgirls Team

Congratulations to Amy Thrum, Charlotte McCarthy, Lauryn Nguyen and April Downer on their selection on the 2019 ACT Brumbies Schoolgirls Team.  The team will go head-to-head with the NSW CHS schoolgirls side on Thursday 8 August in Sydney.


Radford College students recently competed at the 2019 SSACT Golf Championships held at Gold Creek Country Club. 

Congratulations to Matilda Sullings who has been selected in both the U15 and U18 Girls ACT School Sport Golf teams, and Aaron Liu in the U15 Boys Team. 


The U10 Radford Tigers Basketball Team are thoroughly enjoying their winter season basketball competition.  It is great to see them playing as a team and their skill development progressing each week.

Image for article: APFACTS presentation: Resilience

APFACTS presentation: Resilience

23 July 2019


Special screening of an award-winning documentary on resilience

Event detailsAPFACTS is proud to present a screening of the award-winning documentary “Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope”. 

Date: Thursday 8 August
Time: 7pm
Venue: Emmaus Christian School,  73 Davenport St Dickson. 

Reserve your ticket online 

Tickets are free however we will be raising funds for Mental Illness Education ACT on the night.


APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT, proudly built by parents for parents to have an active voice in education issues. 

P:  02 6287 3538   ǀ   M: 0409 72 6655
W:  www.apfacts.org.au  ǀ F: www.facebook.com/apfacts


Event sponsors




Don't miss this premier Radford music event

Evening of Fine Music

22 July 2019

Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

10 August - a showcase of seven of our top Year 12 musicians

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

Date: Saturday 10 August
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: TB Millar Hall, Radford College
Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BDUIE


Our "Evening of Fine Music” showcases seven of our top Year 12 musicians performing in a range of styles and differing instrumentations. This year the evening will feature Joshua Daffern, piano and vocals, Lauren Nicholson, clarinet, Stephanie Coram, vocals, Olivia Young, flute, Jessica Ward, violin, Sophie Genn, piano, and David Lafferty on alto saxophone joined by the Radford College Big Band. With this diverse group of truly fine musicians performing it promises to be an enjoyable evening for all. 

Tickets for this exciting event will be available for purchase via this TryBooking link https://www.trybooking.com/BDUIE. Ticket prices are as follows; Adult $30, Student $15, Table of seven $120.

Each table will enjoy a platter of delicious cheeses and nibbles, and wine is included in the adult ticket price.


Enjoy fabulous band music while supporting an important cause!

Charity Concert - Motor Neurone Disease

23 July 2019

Kevin Knapp, Teacher

An afternoon of music for a great cause

Canberra Brass in association with the Band of the Royal Military College proudly present MOTOR ON - a charity concert for Motor Neurone Disease NSW/ACT.

DATE     Saturday 17 AugustMND Brass Band Concert
TIME      2.00 pm
VENUE   TB Millar Hall

Tickets are by donation and can be purchased at www.trybooking.com/BDQPU or at the door.

The recommended donation is $35 but any amount will be gratefully accepted. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

All proceeds of the event will go to Motor Neurone Disease NSW/ACT.

For more information, please contact Kevin Knapp at kevin.knapp@radford.act.edu.au

Radford College Parents and Friends Association Inc

P&F News, July

31 July 2019


Catch up on all the P&F news re Trivia Night, Fete, uniform shop and more!


From the President

  • Twilight Fete
  • Trivia Night
  • Committee news
  • Future of Education special event 

Trivia Night 

Book now for this fun and fabulous event!

Twilight Fete
Please volunteer now

Secondhand Uniform Shop - hours and contacts

For the Calendar

P&F update


Music Recitals - Term 3

Music recital schedule for Term 3

Rowing Information Session

6 Aug 2019, Rowing

Tuesday 6 August, 6:00pm in the Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School.