Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 4, 2020 – 12 August 2020

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Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

The Parent/Carer, Student and Teacher Partnership

10 August 2020

Louise Wallace-Richards – Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

"Highly effective schools form partnerships to enhance student learning and wellbeing." (Geoff Masters)

The Parent/Carer, Student and Teacher Partnership

I have had the pleasure of working with a generation of Radford students and their parents/carers at Radford College over the past fifteen and a half years. During this time, I have worked with three Principals, seen different curriculums come and go, including the “Every Chance to Learn” ACT Government curriculum, and then the implementation of the Foundation–Year 10 (F-10) Australian Curriculum and the IB Diploma Programme in the senior years. The Browning Early Learning Centre was being built when I joined the College in 2005, and opened the next year, to join the existing Year 5 – Year 12 College. Then in 2008, a Junior School was added to our Middle, High and Senior schools with a final move to the structure of a Junior School and a Secondary School, in 2015.

Relationship diagram

No matter how the College has been organised, how big it has been, or what curriculum I have been required to teach, one aspect of working at Radford that has stayed the same has been the value our parents place on education and the opportunities Radford has to offer their children. In my opinion, it is one of the key things that makes Radford a great place to work and learn for teachers and students. 

One characteristic of highly effective schools is that they form partnerships to enhance student learning and wellbeing. This includes partnering with parents and families. (Geoff Masters, CEO Australian Council for Educational Research, 2015).

We have a culture at Radford that enables students to achieve their best in all their endeavours. We strive to ensure that the College is a safe place to learn, where individual achievement is celebrated by all. Though we have a positive learning culture at our school, student engagement in learning is not taken for granted. In the Secondary School, teachers are working with teenagers, people who are in a time of great change in their lives, with a growing need for autonomy, and a need to develop self-regulation, one of our key learner traits. As our Secondary School students’ desire for independence grows, the partnership of parents/carers, students and teachers needs to be maintained and strengthened. 

School effectiveness research has identified positive home-school relations as a characteristic of schools with high academic standards, regardless of student background variables. Highly effective schools regard parents as partners in education and promote home-school partnerships. (https://www.education.gov.au/family-school-partnerships-framework-1)

There are many ways Radford’s Secondary School promotes home school partnerships, including the obvious ones of parent/teacher/student conversations, information evenings, presentations by Radford staff and visiting speakers, Radford Online and this weekly publication, the Bulletin. Our Learning Management System (LMS) SEQTA, and our use of Microsoft’s OneNote, have really opened the window for parents to the learning of their students, and provided more opportunities for parents and carers to have real dialogue with their children about what they have been learning, how they have been going at school and how they can improve.

Picture a conversation between a parent or carer with their child at the end of a school day:

“How was your day?”
“What did you do today?”
“The usual”

And there the conversation ends. Sound familiar? I think we as parents or carers are meant to give up then and leave our children to their phones or reverie.

Picture a different conversation, enhanced by the parent or carer who has accessed SEQTA lessons or assessment feedback prior to the conversation with the child:

“I see that you were studying ….this week…..What did you find interesting about….”
Did you understand what your teacher said about how to improve in the next task on….?

The discussion about the learning of your child can still be about what they did at school and whether they liked the day or not. It can now also be about how they have been engaging with the learning, how they have been achieving and this opens up a dialogue about you may be able to assist your child with their learning. I have included a screenshot below of the sort of information you can glean from accessing SEQTA lessons. Some teachers provide more detailed information about lessons in Onenote, that parents can only see by their child giving them access.

Lesson material online

SEQTA also enables you and your child to review past feedback for tasks when they receive a new task with some similar criteria. You can have a helpful conversation with your child about how they can improve, what to focus on for revision or in the drafting process. Always with the emphasis being on the child analysing and evaluating. Our job as a parent/carer is to encourage and facilitate. 

Image credit: BaysideJournal.comI am not suggesting that you have to have such conversations all the time, and as usual, these conversations will need to be balanced with an eye on respecting your teenager’s desire for autonomy and independence. I am also not encouraging us all to be “helicopter parents”, a term coined in 1990 by American researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay to describe parents who may be over involved and always assessing risk, preventing their children from developing that skill. 

[Image source: https://www.zmescience.com/science/news-science/self-critical-parenting/, credit baysidejournal.com]

Our key role as parents and carers is always to provide a safe and secure stimulating home environment, where our children feel loved and supported, even if at times they challenge whether the decisions we make are in their interests! Radford Secondary School’s Learning Management System helps your children to know what they are learning, how they are going and how they can improve. SEQTA or Class OneNotes also make clear our approaches to learning in the classroom, with teachers providing details for students about learning intentions and success criteria.

The College is happy for parents to view lesson details and to ask their child to show them their class OneNote. Always remember, though, that notes and resources have been produced for students and that there are contexts from the classroom to these. They provide an opportunity for you to enhance your discussions with your child about their learning, and always with a respectful tone about the teaching in the classroom.

The Australian Government’s Family School Partnerships Framework sums up nicely what we are seeking to do at Radford through our parental engagement strategies:

The evidence suggests that parental engagement strategies have the greatest impact when they are focused on linking behaviours of families, teachers and students to learning outcomes, when there is a clear understanding of the roles of parents and teachers in learning, when family behaviours are conducive to learning, and when there are consistent, positive relations between the school and parents (Emerson, Fear, Fox & Sanders, 2012, p. 32). https://www.education.gov.au/family-school-partnerships-framework-1

I hope that my article has identified some of the ways we are making the day-to-day teaching and learning in our Secondary School visible for our students, and how you can use our Learning Management System SEQTA to enhance the conversations you have with your children about their learning. We are a partnership in helping Radford students realise their potential to become thinking, open-minded, resilient, self-regulated and independent young people.

Detail from mountain images by Katie Ceniza-Drake

Reflections on faith, boats, mountains and community

10 August 2020

The importance of faith communities, and Jesus as support in all our storms

Rev. Dr Katherine Rainger, Senior ChaplainOn Sunday morning I attended ‘virtual church’. Many local congregations have adapted their worship life in order to continue to meet together in ways that follow COVID-19 recommendations. 

A life of faith is designed to be lived with others and not solely as a solitary pursuit. Faith requires the gift of community in order to translate ancient wisdom into our contemporary lives. Faith needs to be lived and grown and nurtured. This happens when we meet with others in whatever way is possible. 

As well as regular chapel services for students, members of staff have the opportunity to pray together each week. This is part of the rhythm of Radford College as a learning community within a faith tradition. In terms of the broader community, Chaplain Andy and I can receive prayer requests any time and will honour confidentiality. 

Community at Radford is also formed and enhanced through interactions in the classroom and playground, sport, service-learning and wonderful creative opportunities such as the Year 12 Revue and Dirrum Festival. 

This year has highlighted our interdependence. Recent commentary has included the workloads of those in public life who are putting in huge hours to fulfil their roles at this time. Behind the scenes, many are also working hard in all the spheres of life to adapt and respond to the needs of those around them. 

In his ministry as a healer, teacher and prophet, Jesus was often followed by large crowds. He would offer healing, food and teaching to the crowds, as well as to individuals and his inner circle of friends. Jesus would then withdraw and spend time alone in prayer. This week’s Bible reading from Matthew 14:22-33 includes the detail that Jesus went up to a mountain to pray. This “re-charges his batteries” to once again be present to his friends in surprising ways. 

Image by Katie Ceniza-Drake While Jesus has been praying, the disciples embarked on a boat ride to their next destination. A storm came up, and their boat was being battered by the waves. Jesus walks on the water towards them and they do not recognise him. Jesus reveals himself, and Peter ventures onto the water towards Jesus. Peter then experiences doubt and loses his balance. He cries out to Jesus and Jesus immediately reaches out a hand to steady him as the waves die down. 

This Gospel passage reminds us that rest and restoration are vital as we care for ourselves and those around us, both near and far. It is also a reminder that God is with us, as a steady source of peace and calm within the storm. 

The image of the boat in a storm is a powerful one. I received an email from a friend in the Philippines this week who described some of the situations she and her family were dealing with at the moment. She works in the area of community development and has been supporting others. Her comment to me was that “we are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat.” In short, some boats are more robust than others. There are discrepancies in our ability to respond to the circumstances of life. 


Dirrum Festival 2020

Dirrum Festival aims to open our eyes and ears to the stories of others. Hope to “see” you all at Dirrum Festival this Friday and Saturday (either in person for a limited number or online). The Year 12 team have done a great job at adapting to whatever has come their way and a great program is on offer. 

Rev. Katherine 










Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 12 Aug 20

12 August 2020

Dates to remember, learning systems, Science Fair details, "Shout Outs"

Excursion/Incursion dates to remember

Wed 12 Aug

Year 5 SHFPACT Information Session

Thur 13 Aug

Year 6 Excursion to National Gallery of Australia

Fri 14 Aug

Year 5 SHFPACT Information Session
PreK Incursion Footsteps Dance
Kinder Incursion Footsteps Dance

Tues 18 Aug

ICAS Science
1MH & 1RJ Excursion to Tatum Farm

Wed 19 Aug

Year 6 Water Testing Excursion
1AJ &1HT Excursion to Tatum Farm

Satellite Selfie - see information below under "Science Week"

Library date

Sun 23 Aug

Close of Scholastic Book Club online orders

Dear Families 

Celebration and Systems
We celebrate each other’s achievements. It is always very special to celebrate our Shout Out recipients at our Celebrations. I mentioned to our learners in our Celebration that successful people become successful by observing and learning from successful people. A simple illustration is that if you want to get better at playing golf, spend time watching, listening to and learning from a successful golfer. Shout Outs are an opportunity to hear and see what other learners are acknowledged for. This is powerful and life-applying advice. It is a system that can be used, re-used and modelled for others. 

New Learning and Systems
I experienced learning this past weekend. I needed to do a course to have my motorbike licence acknowledged in the ACT. It was so refreshing to view learning through the eyes of a student. There were learning intentions, success criteria, structure to the lessons, explicit teaching, instructor modelling, multiple exposures to experience success, feedback and questioning. These are all strategies that effective and successful teachers use. The course instructor referred to each new learning experience as systems. The instructor quite dramatically referred to the systems as being the things which kept motorbike riders alive. He made reference to the name given to motorbike riders, ‘temporary Australians’. He spoke of the system for mounting the bike. The system for starting the bike. The system for moving off. The system for increasing speed. The system for stopping. The system for emergency stopping. The system for parking. I loved this concept of understanding the application of learning as systems. It also resonated with me for though we preference relational language rather than systems language, we do, however, have systems for all parts of our schooling experience. Systems for drop off and pick up. Systems for the start of the day. Systems for effective learning. Systems for assessment and reporting. Systems for supporting social and emotional learning. Systems for how we understand the behavioural expectations at school. These systems are supported by effective strategies that we know support our learners to experience both success and mastery. I am confident that you have systems in your home, your workplace and even in your hobbies. We are not temporary learnings. We learn for every conscious moment we have. 

As we celebrate each other’s learning and success, we know that our turn to have our learning celebrated will happen. Others will share in our success because that is a part of our culture.

Yours faithfully



National Science Week: 15 – 23 August

The theme for this year’s National Science Week is ‘The Deep Blue: Innovation for the Future of our Oceans’. As part of our Science Week focus, we would love families to engage in some activities at home. During Week 5 (17 – 21 August), a selection of Science Week related activities will be shared through each year level Sway. As you know, the Sway can be accessed on the Junior School page of Radford Online. Our hope is that families will choose an activity that becomes the focus of home learning for that week. Alternatively, you may choose to enter the SEAACT Science Fair and work on your experiment during home learning. Details regarding the Science Fair can be found below. We would love to receive photos and/or video of the home activities that we can compile into a presentation to celebrate the fun of Science Week. There will be an ‘upload link’ contained within each Sway to support the submission of photos and videos. 

The other exciting experience will involve the Junior School participating in a ‘Satellite Selfie’. We will create a large message on the oval, that will be big enough to be seen from space.  We will share this image with parents when it is ready to view. More information on the Satellite Selfie can be found here. This will take place between 10am and 11am on Wednesday 19 August on the JA Mackinnon Oval. 

SEAACT Science Fair 2020

Each year, the Science Educators’ Association of the Australian Capital Territory (SEAACT) holds a Science Fair for students in the ACT.  

We have previously communicated with families regarding the SEAACT Science Fair, however, we have now received important logistical information that we are pleased to share with families - please read the linked documents:

More information about the SEAACT Science Fair can be found on their website: https://seaact.act.edu.au/science-fair/, including, the 2019 Handbook that contains detailed guidelines for entries, as well as the assessment rubric that shows the breakdown of the marking criteria. Please note: the information on the website is for 2019 and has not yet been updated for 2020. 

If you have any questions about the SEAACT Science Fair, please email either: 

  • Mr Jon Craddock, Year 3 Teacher, OR
  • Mr Dean O’Brien, Year 4 Teacher.


Library News

Wishing everyone a warm welcome from the library. The Scholastic Book Club Issue 6 catalogue is available to view online at: https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Login.aspx. We ask that all orders be placed online via the parent loop by Sunday 23rd August please. Orders will be delivered to the class teacher and distributed to the students.  

Thank you for your patronage, as the Junior School Library receives a small commission from all orders which is used to purchase more resources for the Library. 


Rowing Information Night – Year 6

There will be a Rowing Information Presentation for students in Year 6-11 who are interested in trying rowing this summer. Rowing is a sport which can be successfully taken up at any time. It is never too late to get in a boat so if you are wanting to splash around in Year 6, learn to compete in Year 7 or 8, help us boat a Girls Eight in Year 9 or learn how to train and get fit and strong with the boys and girls in Year 9, 10 and 11, come along and find out more. 

When: Monday 17 August at 6pm 
Where: Wigg 2.1/2.2, G Wigg Sports Centre
Contact: Director of Rowing, Vicky Spencer: Vicky.spencer@radford.act.edu.au 


Shout outs 

PKDM – Alicia Karunathilake – for showing a love of learning and always being ready to learn. 

PKNS – James Bettison – for demonstrating a love of learning and showing that he is a risk taker at school.  

PKBD – Isaac Mailler- for being a thinker and asking great questions about the purpose of eyelashes! 

PKMQ – James Carter – for demonstrating a caring attitude towards his classmates. 

KKS - Catrina Powney for being a thinker when writing creative THRASS stories. 

KSG – Flora Lee for demonstrating a love of learning and being a risk taker with her writing. 

KLP – Amitoj for being a risk taker during our writing sessions and creating rich and interesting writing pieces. 

KAS – Stacey Zhu for demonstrating a love of learning and being a risk-taker during writing sessions 

1MH – Bailey Dunn for displaying a love of learning and being knowledgeable during literacy tasks.  

1RJ – Ryker Chaloner for consistently showing a love of loving and creative thinking during a group project. 

1HT – Evan Guo for improving his thinking skills by being in the right place at the right time ready to learn. 

1AJ – Amruth Arun for displaying perseverance and commitment to all areas of his learning.  

2KH – Maya Tamhane for showing a love of learning when designing and creating a building. 

2SD – Isabelle Kuang for showing a love of learning and taking action by researching to find out extra information about design. 

2GS – Serena Trinh for showing a love of learning and an increased effort when writing about design challenges.  

2LM – Emily Toms for showing a love of learning by striving to develop her writing pieces. 

3AT – Xavier McDonald for consistently displaying a positive attitude, kindness, and commitment to his learning. 

3JC – Mikayla Huang for demonstrating her love of learning, dedication and commitment to her work, which has been particularly evident in her rostrum speech. 

3RS – Sofia Koznjak for displaying a positive mindset, perseverance and increased effort towards her learning.  

3HO – Khushi Katamaneni for displaying a love of learning and using her knowledge to help others. 

3RB – Vennela Gudipelli- for demonstrating enthusiasm for taking care of our planet by consistently remembering to pack a wastefree lunch.  

4TM – James Todd for his creative perspective in his drawing for our novel Hatchet and for always displaying a love of learning. 

4JC – Eleanor Wardle for displaying curiosity and love of learning in our Unit of Inquiry. 

4KP – Ella Huang for displaying enthusiasm and commitment towards her learning 

4BF – Ciara O'Brien for showing fine organisational skills in setting up our class library methodically and systematically. 

4DO – Alex Zhang for his enthusiasm and positive mindset towards learning mathematics. 

5TM – Xavi Canadell for demonstrating perseverance and curiosity towards all learning experiences. 

5DG – Sam Witheford for his thoughtful questions and inquisitive approach to learning about our How We Organise Ourselves Unit. 

5RK – ‘The Honourable’ Tommy Charlton for designing an engaging and persuasive political advertisement which landed him the Prime Ministerial position in the 5RK Class Of Representatives.  

5BL – Oliver Zhang for displaying his love of learning in his engagement with our excursions and How We Organise Ourselves unit. 

5SW – Eloise Richardt for the motivated and committed way she tackles any learning activity. She demonstrates a true love of learning!  

6TW – Isobel Egan – for sharing a love of learning by putting in an outstanding effort in her summative task.

6JO – Austin Brown for showing perseverance and persistence when working on problem solving tasks in mathematics. 

6HB –Patrick MacNamara for his dedication and enthusiasm in promoting Waste Free Wednesday. 

6TF – Oscar Robinson- For displaying the confidence to present family artefacts while explain the history and significance of each artefact 


  • Olivia Treloar for sharing so much knowledge about mythical creatures in Beyond the Bookclub – Mrs Wilson 
  • Yongmin Yin (1AJ) for demonstrating a love of learning when sharing books in library - Mrs Hind 


  • Lucas Allen in 6TF for his focus, enthusiasm and positive mindset when sharing with the class in Music – Mrs Suthers 
  • James Bromley and Ethan Whittaker for showing focus and commitment to learning new skills in Music - Mrs Potter 



  • Ben Kopras for his caring attitude when helping others learn new skills.  - Mr Cox 



  • Alannah Bullock (1MH) for finding connections in her learning and her wonderful detailed drawing. Ms Crocker 
  • Ethan Zhong( 5BL) for his creativity and focus in art class. Ms Crocker  


Image for article: Dirrum Festival 2020 - FRI & SAT

Dirrum Festival 2020 - FRI & SAT

11 August 2020

Be part of this challenging and inspirational event


IN PERSON ATTENDANCE NOW SOLD OUT! View link below to join us online.


Tipping Points.
Everywhere tipping points. 
Some need arresting.
Others need starting, and some a push and tipping over: truth telling.

Be part of this challenging and inspirational event.

*Listen to 666 ABC Radio Canberra Drive program on Thursday at 4:45pm to hear two of the Dirrum organisers, Luiza Luppi and Damien Schroder, talking to Anna Vidot.

Visit the Dirrum Festival website for participation options and details.

Dirrum 2020 options


Speakers at Dirrum 2020

Be challenged and inspired by this year's outstanding speakers, including Brooke PrentisTom CalmaAnote TongBernard CollaeryCamille WilsonAhmed Kelly, (pictured above) and also David and Emma PocockMark Whithear,  and Craig Foster

Register now through Radford Online for Summer Sports!

Summer Sport Registrations NOW OPEN

11 August 2020

Registrations close Monday 17 August - register through Radford Online

Registrations for the 2020/21 Summer Sports season (Terms 4 2020 & 1 2021) are now open and will close on Monday 17 August. Registrations received after the closing date may not be accepted. 

Registration process
1. Sign in to Radford Online.

2. Select Co-Curricular from the maroon tabs along the top of the dashboard.

3. Select Registration Forms.

4. Scroll down through the coloured Co-Curricular Areas in the centre of the page to the last area which is Sport (aqua-coloured blocks).

5. Select the relevant registration form (located to the right of the heading) for further information about trials/team selections, training and playing times and fees for that sport.

6. Complete the registration form. You will receive a message saying “Congratulations, you have completed the form.” IMPORTANT: completing the form is not the end of the registration process, you need to submit it to ensure your registration is received - see points 7 and 8.

7. To complete the registration for your child or children you must ensure that you click the “Submit” button on the left, below the “congratulations” message.

8. You will receive an email confirming the registration.
If you do not receive this email by the following day, please re-submit or email CCSports@radford.act.edu.au


  • Athletics Training (Year 3-11)
  • Basketball (Kindergarten & Year 1 only) – due to the 2020 Winter U10-19 season being extended until the end of Term 4
  • Cricket (Year 2-11)
  • Summer Football Academy (Kindergarten – Year 6)
  • Futsal (Year 1-11): more training times/court space have been allocated to allow better training quality
  • Girls Make Your Move Fitness (Year 7-11)
  • Golf (Year 2-11)
  • Oztag (Year 2-11): please see the Oztag Radford Online page for further information regarding registrations
  • Rowing (Year 6-11): information session Monday 17 August, 6:00pm in the G Wigg Sports Centre classrooms
  • Taekwondo (Kindergarten – Year 11)
  • Tennis Full Year Program Term 4 2020 – Term 3 2021 (Kindergarten – Year 8)
    Registration for this program will be sent to parents who currently have children in the 2020 Winter Tennis Program, followed by those on the wait list. Please see the Tennis Radford Online page for further information
From the College's Wellbeing Team (image credit: Network of Wellbeing)

Is your child in danger using Roblox?

11 August 2020

The safety of our students online is a continuing challenge

From Karen Mahar - Assistant Principal, Deputy Head of Junior School


Online game ROBLOX image

The health and wellbeing of our students remains a priority for all in our community. One aspect that continues to be a challenge is the safety of our students online. 

Roblox's popularity has spiked since the COVID-19 restrictions and now sits at a staggering 146 million monthly active players worldwide.  

Roblox has become a very popular platform that many of our students are using, and may have some partially hidden dangers, along with some inappropriate content.  

In a recent article on the Cyber Safety and Education website www.informandempower.com parents are urged to consider some of the concerns around the popular Roblox. To access the article please click here.


Identified concerns 

  • There is a lot of horror content on Roblox

These games can be accessed and played by any user on Roblox who does not have the restricted mode setting in place. 

  • Adult content is easily accessible 
  • Weapons are used in many games 
  • Direct (private) messaging with any other player is very easy 
  • Most games want you to buy stuff

Roblox, like many online games, has its own currency called Robux. 

  • Players chat in another language!

We probably all know "lol" but when playing Roblox the chat stream is hectic with shorthand:



Strategies for minimising risk 

If you've read this far, you're now aware that Roblox is littered with content that you might not want your child being exposed to. 

There are parental controls within the settings that are able to minimise risk and remove access to much of this content. Minimising risk does not eliminate risk, therefore supervision and communication are still vital.


Other helpful links 





Image from https://www.fosi.org/good-digital-parenting/what-parents-need-know-about-roblox/

Radford College Crest

Moderation Day, Thurs 20 Aug

12 August 2020

Pupil-free day for most Secondary School students

Moderation Day, held twice a year, involves teachers from all ACT Secondary Colleges meeting to discuss and evaluate work samples for Year 11 and 12 students from the previous semester.


  • This is a pupil-free day for students in Years 7–11 plus Year 12 Accredited and IBDP students;
  • Year 12 Tertiary students are required to attend the College on Moderation Day (Thursday 20 August) for an AST Practice test. Students have been advised of arrangements for this day.
  • Unless otherwise notified, co-curricular activities will continue as usual on Moderation Day.


Classes will run as usual on Moderation Day for Junior School students; however, parents are asked to please note:

  • The Years 5–12 Library will remain open as usual for students in Years 5–6 during the day and after school.
  • The canteen will be available to students in Years 5-6 and in the Junior School.
  • Unless otherwise notified, co-curricular activities will continue as usual on Moderation Day.
Watch the video

What a Wonderful World

10 August 2020

Y3-Y6 choristers - staying apart, singing together (video)

By Dr Tracy Bourne, Director of Voice

In March and April this year, our Junior School choirs were unable to sing together at school, because students were learning online, off-campus, due to COVID-19 restrictions. During the time at home, some of the Year 3-6 singers spent their time learning and practising the song ‘What a Wonderful World’, made famous by Louis Armstrong. Several of these singers recorded themselves singing at home, in two-part harmony. We have created an online choir from their home recordings and included pictures of these singers in their favourite ‘at-home’ place.  

We hope you enjoy this heartfelt performance




Soloists in the 2020 Evening of Fine Music

An Evening of Fine Music, 5 Sept

11 August 2020

Email to receive an online viewing link

From: Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music


Our “Evening of Fine Music” is a showcase of some of our top Year 12 musicians. This year, we have eight featured soloists:

Sarah Zhu


Monahan Hazlehurst


Ethan Fisher


Elisabeth Gregory


Michael Troy

Vocals and piano

Liam Van Der Vyver


Finn Clarke


Douglas Toyne


These musicians will be supported by other Radford musicians and groups, including our Big Band, Bird Jazz Ensemble, Corelli Chamber String Orchestra, and a symphony orchestra formed specifically for this event. 

The event this year will be held on Saturday 5 September, at 6.30pm. As we are restricted to very limited audience numbers, we are unable to offer seats to view the concert live. However, we are delighted to share the event with the Radford community via live stream. 

The link to the live stream will be sent to families of students involved in the performance. If you do not have a child involved in the event but wish to view it, please email ccmusic@radford.act.edu.au.

There will be no charge for watching the event, and with the exceptional musicians we have involved, I can promise a fantastic evening of music!



Image for article: Year 5/6 Round Square Orienteering

Year 5/6 Round Square Orienteering

12 August 2020

Teamwork, map reading, leadership, athletic ability and perseverance

Year 5/6 Round Square Orienteering

By Year 6 students Disha Sharma and Keren Zhang

During Week 8 and 9 of Term 2, the 5/6 Round Square Group went orienteering on Gossan Hill. We did this as part of learning about the Round Square I.D.E.A.L.S (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership, and Service). We experienced different ways of discovering adventure. Everyone enjoyed the encounter and had so much fun!

Many of us learnt a lot during the orienteering course and developed some new skills. Some examples of this were teamwork, map reading, leadership, athletic ability and perseverance. This was an experience of a lifetime for all of us.

In conclusion, this exciting experience showed the Round Square team how to live the Round Square I.D.E.A.L.S – especially adventure. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we hope to be involved in more adventure activities in the near future.

Year 7 students launch their "robocopter" prototypes

Y7 learns about forces - the fun way

11 August 2020

Design and creation of a "robocopter"

From: Vicki Goss, Science Teacher 

As part of our unit studying forces, Year 7 students were issued a design challenge of creating the best “robocopter” – a spinning shape made from a single sheet of A4 paper or cardboard. 

In the video, you can see the efforts of 07Sci2, who made use of the balcony above the Canteen as a launch site. 

Students spent the lesson designing and testing a range of robocopters. The best designs of each group were dropped three times. The winners from this class, with the slowest falling robocopter, over the three tests, were Simon Mai and Max Forbutt. 

Will they be able to maintain this title in the next design challenge? We will see…

1st XV - winners 35-17 against St Edmund's

Sports Report, 12 Aug 20

11 August 2020

Rugby, football, and basketball news

The 1st XV recorded another big win, this week at St Edmunds.  Down 10-17 at half-time, they kept the opposition scoreless in the second half to win 35-17. 

A number of games were washed out due to leaking roofs, but for those that did get to play, standout performances included the U16 Division 1 Boys Hornets putting 100 points past Ginninderra Rats to win 100-72 with Spencer Musgrove scoring 41 and new student, Karim Wood-Amin scoring 22. The U19 Division 1 Boys defeated Marist 86-82 on Sunday evening.

With many games washed out, only Kinder and Year 1 were lucky enough to play over the weekend, moving indoors for a Futsal session. The program, run by Radford Technical Director, Tom Crossley, is very popular, with over 50 students. The future of Radford Football looks good! 

Kinder/Year 1 indoor football

Photograph kindly supplied by the Australian National University

Collegian News: Andrew Ray, Class of 2014

10 August 2020

Andrew continues to receive recognition for his achievements

From the Communications Department

Tom Fearon, from the ANU College of Law, contacted Radford with the news that Collegian Andrew Ray (Class of 2014) had been a finalist in the Law Student of the Year category in the recent Australian Law Awards.  

The citation for Andrew included the following statement:

Andrew Ray is a final-year Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Science student at ANU. Throughout his double degree, Andrew has excelled as a student, researcher and mooter, both in traditional and digital competitions. Andrew has made significant contributions as a researcher with Law Reform and Social Justice, GreenLaw and the National Judicial College of Australia, and as a student editor with the ANU College of Law journals Federal Law Review and the Journal of Law and Technology. 

Watch the ANU video on Andrew.  In this video, Andrew talks about his work and study at the ANU, his participation in international mooting competitions, his appointment for 2021 as an Associate of the Federal Court, and other future plans. 

As previously reported in the Bulletin, in 2019, Andrew won the top prize in the Law category at the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards. He was the only student from an Australian university among the 25 winners selected from more than 3,400 submissions worldwide.  His winning essay explored the use of machine learning for complex executive decision-making.

Since leaving Radford, Andrew has generously assisted the College Oratory program, coaching Debating and then Mock Trial, from 2015 until 2019.  He was coach of the Radford team which was successful in winning the fiercely contested NSW Mock Trial competition of 2017. Earlier this year, Andrew appeared with Sophie Elder-Harris (Class of 2017) in a Mock Trial demonstration video made by ANU for their virtual Open Week 2020.

Congratulations, Andrew, and our thanks to the ANU for keeping us in touch with with our former students now studying Law there.

Image for article: Aust Society for Medical Research: School Quiz

Aust Society for Medical Research: School Quiz

4 August 2020

Entries close 13 August - open to students Y7-Y12

  • Are you a student in year 7-12? 
  • Do you like science?
  • Do you like your knowledge being tested with quizzes? (you can look up the answers as you do the quiz!)
  • Do you like winning prizes? 

In that case, there's one thing left to do : take part in this quiz:


There are prizes for each state – ACT participants have a great chance of winning! This year we’ve included topical Coronavirus questions.  



Free online preparation available

Australian Science Olympiad Exams

5 August 2020

Olympiads can lead to special enrichment programs

Stephanie Comino, Assistant Head of Science

If you are a keen Science Student in Years 7-10, you can register yourself online for the Australian Science Olympiad Exams. 

Program registration form for students

All students must register directly with ASI via this online form.
Registrations will close on 14 August 2020.  



The Australian Science Olympiad Exams are challenging exams students sit in their school during August.  Students can access free support to prepare themselves for the exam, and their performance is recognised with certificates and special invitations to residential and enrichment programs.


The exams last two hours and are carried out online, under strict examination conditions at school. Prepare for the exams by practising at Olympiads Online and trying out past papers.


Each exam is held on a different day from the 21st - 28th of August.  Learn more here.


Each exam costs $15 plus GST and you will need to pay directly when you register. Students are welcome to sit more than one exam.

In 2020, the Junior Science Olympiad Exam is FREE!


Available exams

Years 7-10

Junior Science Olympiad Exam 21st of August


Years 10-11 

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Chemistry 25th August

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Earth and Environmental Science (26th August)

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Physics (27th August)

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Biology (28th August)





Images from ACT Government COVID-19 site

COVID-19 and winter illnesses

5 August 2020

Help keep our community safe - stay home if you are unwell

From Sophie Davis, College Nurse

Term 3 is traditionally a time when I see a significant increase in the numbers of students attending the Health Rooms with cold and flu symptoms. So far, we have done very well, and have many staff and students choosing to stay home rather than “toughing it out” and coming to school. I would like to thank all of those who have done this. However, despite this, we still have a small number of cases of cold and flu symptoms popping up at school.

We are continuing with encouraging hand hygiene across the whole campus and the cleaning of desks in secondary school. Extra cleaning staff are on duty, and they are doing an amazing job of making their way through the school during the day. Students who are presenting to the Health Rooms with symptoms will be sent home and advised to go for COVID-19 testing.

We have a small number of people in our school community who have very significant health conditions. If these people were to be exposed to COVID-19, they could suffer life-threatening complications from the virus. We also need to remember that members of our school community may have family members and friends who have significant risk factors, causing them to be more vulnerable to the virus (or indeed any cold or flu virus).

To protect more vulnerable members of the community, it is important to stay home if you are unwell, even if you have a COVID-19 test and it is negative. If we can stem the spread of even minor cold symptoms (remembering what might be minor for one person could turn into something major for the next person) then we are likely to have lower student and staff absenteeism.

Please remain vigilant, and follow the latest Government advice which can be found at: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/

Here’s to a healthy Term 3!

Co-curricular Music News

Years 5-6 Music Recital

5 August 2020

Performance 9 September, register by 26 August

From Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music 

While our normal music recital schedule has been disrupted by COVID-19, it is still important that our music students have the opportunity for individual performance. To provide this opportunity, the Year 5-6 music recital will proceed as a performance afternoon.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate an audience of parents, but the audience of students will create a valuable performance environment. The recital will also be live streamed to parents. 

All students choosing to perform will need to stay for the duration of the recital. Students can be collected from the carpark behind the Performing Arts Centre at the conclusion of the recital. 

Date: Wednesday 9 September
Place: LJ Willett Performing Arts Centre – Room 1.1 (open space)
Start time: 4.00 pm
End time: 5.00 pm
Registration due date: Wednesday 26 August

If your child would like to take part in this recital afternoon, and they learn within the Radford Individual Music Tuition program, please contact their Music Tutor who will register them for the recital. 

If your child learns outside of the Radford program, please email ccmusic@radford.act.edu and we will provide you with the registration link.


Radford Rowing

Rowing Information Session

5 August 2020

Monday 17 August, 6pm

Rowing Information Night

Monday 17 August at 6pm
Wigg 2.1/2.2, G Wigg Sports Centre
Contact: Vicky Spencer: Vicky.spencer@radford.act.edu.au

There will be a Rowing Information Presentation for students in Years 6-11 who are interested in trying rowing this summer.

Rowing is a sport which can be successfully taken up at any time. It is never too late to get in a boat so if you are wanting to splash around in Year 6, learn to compete in Year 7 or 8, help us boat a girls eight in Year 9 or learn how to train and get fit and strong with the boys and girls in Year 9, 10 and 11, come along and find out more.


Help reach our target of $10,000

Be part of Steptember

4 August 2020

Step out for a good cause - register now!


Register online (teams of four):  https://www.steptember.org.au/

Promo code: RADFORD2020
Cost: $10 registration fee per person (select U/18)  

Our fundraising target: $10,000!

Radford Steptember details

Just some of the cast and musicians from Year 12 Revue: Radford Night Live

Year 12 Revue: Radford Night Live

10 August 2020

Images from last week's show

Even the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions could not dampen the energy and enthusiasm on show in last week's Year 12 Revue: Radford Night Live.

Read next week's Bulletin for a review by Communications Prefect Claire Huang.






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