Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 5 – 21 August 2019

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Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

The Power of Team Teaching to Enhance Student Learning

21 August 2019

Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Read about the exciting and innovative approaches to team teaching

'The most valuable resource that all educators have is each other.
Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.'

Robert John Meehan, American Poet and Educator 

Radford College teachers value collaborating with each other and our colleagues in other schools in the ACT. The recent Board of Senior Secondary Studies Moderation Day is just one of the examples of collaboration we are involved in with our peers in other schools, as are the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) network meetings attended each term by me and many of our Heads of Departments and teachers. At these meetings we share our pedagogical practices and learn from each other about innovative teaching, assessment and reporting approaches, as well as seeing innovative practices at work in the host schools. 

AIS Heads of Teaching and Learning came to Radford in Term 2 to view the Morison Centre, and hear a presentation by our Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, Lisa Plenty, on our involvement in University of Melbourne’s Plans to Pedagogy project.

This is a project that Radford is engaged with to explore the role spaces and furniture can play in enhancing student learning. 

At the Term 3 meeting held at Canberra Girls Grammar School, I learned about how their multi-purpose building, Yhurramulum, at Lake Burley Griffin, is being used to deliver interdisciplinary learning to Year 7 – 10 students. Radford staff are invited to see the interdisciplinary learning approach in action in the months ahead.  

A key area of collaborative learning that the Secondary School is currently exploring is team or co-teaching. Our teachers certainly use collaboration as a method of delivering learning, but the refurbishment of Radford College Secondary School classrooms, and the building of the Morison Centre, have provided our teachers with more opportunities to plan to team or co-teach. 

The Plans to Pedagogy group, led by Lisa Plenty, is currently researching team teaching and its effects on student learning. Tom Black and Jeremy Hawkes, teachers of two Year 8 Maths classes, and Jason Golding and Ailsa Mackerras, Head and Assistant Head of English respectively, and teachers of two Year 10 classes, have been planning lessons involving team teaching in various forms over the past two terms.

English classes in the new teaching spaces

In addition to this action research approach, one of the Academic Leadership Community of Practice (ACL CoP) groups, attended by me, Gemma Wilson, Acting Head of Library, Sally Stenning, Head of Performing Arts and Ailsa Mackerras, is currently researching models of team teaching, the benefits to student learning, and the logistics involved in implementing team teaching as a successful pedagogical practice in the Secondary School.  

A 360-degree view of team teaching in the Morison Centre

We have researched the many different forms team teaching can take when teachers are working together. In Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals, 7th Edition, by Friend and Cook, Pearson, Boston, 2013, they list the forms: 

  1. one teaches, one observes
  2. one teaches, one assists
  3. station teaching
  4. parallel teaching
  5. alternative teaching 
  6. team-teaching (co-teaching or tag-team).

We have also found through our research that team teaching must not be done just for the sake of doing it and to be successful, it must not be assumed that teachers will naturally know how to work collaboratively in the classroom together. Team teaching lessons need to be thoroughly planned, and professional relationships between team teachers carefully cultivated. The relationship needs to be equal, as researchers into team teaching Marilyn Friend, University of North Carolina and Lynne Cook, California State University, found in 2003: 

Interpersonal collaboration is a style of direct interaction between at least two co-equal parties voluntarily engaged in shared decision-making as they work toward a common goal. 

To ensure that any implementation of team teaching as a mainstream pedagogical approach in our Secondary School is successful, our Plans to Pedagogy team and ACL CoP group visited schools in Term 2 including Kildare College in Wagga Wagga and Central Coast Grammar (CCG). In particular, Damon Cooper, Director of Teaching and Learning at CCG, a former colleague of Ailsa's, was very generous with his time in showing us how team teaching is used in English and History classes at his school. 

In the months ahead, both the Plans to Pedagogy team and the ACL CoP, Team Teaching will be gathering data about the benefits of team teaching for Radford Secondary students. In particular, we will be testing the claims about team teaching that it leads to an increase in: 

  1. Student learning and achievement through exposure to a range of teacher expertise and perspectives, and increased opportunity for feedback;

  2. Student metacognition through observing teachers model effective learning behaviours such as academic discourse (and, at times, disagreement), collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning;

  3. Student engagement through responsive classroom management;

  4. Integration and support of students with diverse learning needs, through opportunities for targeted interventions;

  5. Teacher development through peer-to-peer professional learning and development of collaborative practice; and

  6. Teacher satisfaction through sharing experiences (including struggles and successes) and learning environments with other adults.

Read: Team Teaching brief summary



Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Chaplain's Reflection: Post Dirrum Festival

21 August 2019

On courage and a spirit of power

The sentence at the end of Monday morning prayer reads:
God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 

Simon Illingworth made some tough ethical choices. It put him and his family in the crosshairs of gangland violence, courtesy of corrupt police. This has had a profoundly sharpening effect on his analysis of what it takes to live an ethical, fulfilling life. In a challenging, even threatening situation, what path should be taken?
His proposition: the one that takes courage. 

Kevin Hines’ story is remarkable. This was communicated on Saturday evening, even though flight cancellations meant he could not do it in person. It is improper to reduce a life and a message to half a sentence, but what if we could actually be human with other humans? What if we could practise kindness in the most basic and rudimentary encounters? All the time? Everywhere? With everyone?

A simple prayer that inspired by Paul’s letter to Timothy: 

O God, rekindle the gifts you have stirred within us us, embolden our courage for the hard and narrow paths of fairness and justice, forge in us an unrelenting kindness whose love permeates all we do and all we say. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


Oliver Winter with Garang Bul, at Dirrum Festival

Photo: Oliver Winter with Garang Bul, building links across cultures, here, in our own backyard.


Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News, 21 Aug 19

21 August 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Year 6 Exhibition, Book Week, Radford "Apple Distinguished School" Book


Dates for your diary

Wed 21 August            K-4 Instrumental/Vocal Recital

Thurs 22 August          Year 5 Learning Journey

Friday 23 August         JS Character Parade

Wed 28 August            6TW and 6DM Exc to Questacon

                                    Year 3 Learning Journey

Thurs 29 August          Year 4 Learning Journey



In the final year of the PYP, Year 6 students are expected to carry out a collaborative project known as the PYP Exhibition. Our Year 6 team are currently making final preparations and plans to commence the 2019 Year 6 Exhibition.  

This year, our students are encouraged to work collaboratively to conduct an inquiry into real life issues and problems, and the students will use “Pushing the Limits” as a provocation.  

The learning intention of this project is that students collectively synthesise all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the entire school community.

This unit of inquiry provides teachers with a powerful and authentic process for assessing student understanding. It also enables schools and their students a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the transition of learners to the next phase of their education. Last Wednesday evening, Year 6 parents participated in a workshop that gave insight into the exhibition process.

Parents at the PYP workshop 

For learners who pass through the Junior School, we expect one of those fond moments which they will reminisce upon in the years to come will likely be their educational journey taken and their participation in the PYP Exhibition.



On the weekend, it was encouraging to witness some of our Year 11 and 12 students building on this idea and taking the exhibition process to another level, as they participated in the Dirrum Dirrum Festival. The aim was to achieve engagement. Young leaders spoke alongside inspirational guest speakers from around the world. It was uplifting to see our senior students speak so articulately and intelligently about their commitment and desire to make a difference in the world. 

At events such as Dirrum Dirrum, we are reminded that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Everyone in attendance demonstrated the value of being human alongside each other, inviting possibilities, rather than proposing solutions. I am so proud and grateful that we are each part of the Radford Village.


2019 Book Week

Books by Nicole GodwinWe welcomed Canberra author, Nicole Godwin to the Junior School on Monday as she spoke with students in PreK – Year 4, as part of Book Week celebrations. 

Our students were captivated as Nicole spoke passionately about conservation issues. She shared some of her experiences and described the process of writing a book.   

Nicole’s next book, due for release early in 2020, is a picture book titled “Jelly-boy” about a jellyfish who falls in love with a plastic bag. 

We look forward with great anticipation to the annual Junior School Book Week Parade on Friday.

Apple Distinguished School Book

Radford "Apple" BookFollowing on from our successful reapplication as an Apple Distinguished School we would like to share with our community our most recent book, available on the Apple book store; please click here to access. We are very proud of the efforts of our teaching staff, capably coached by Ms Lisa Plenty and Mr Eric Jensen. We encourage you to take a look at the book!

You are encouraged to take a look at the Radford College Junior School book click here.




Student voice

It is no secret that kids say the funniest things. While inquiring into How We Express Ourselves, one of our Kindergarten teachers said to the group: “I am wondering what landscape artwork is…?” 

Student response: “It is when the land escapes from the picture.”

Radford's specialist hockey players were joined by Netball and Soccer players to make up a full team

Sports Report, 21 Aug 2019

21 August 2019

Sports Department

ASC Hockey, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket trials, Netball specialist coaching


ASC Girls Hockey 

On Friday 16 August, 18 Radford girls from Years 10-12 competed in the Year 11-12 ASC Girls Hockey Competition.  The girls were exceptional examples of competitiveness mixed with sportsmanship.  They finished the day with 1 win, 2 draws, 2 defeats and placed 3rd overall.  A huge thank you to Ms Clark Wellington for coaching the girls. 

Radford players the field at ASC Hockey


The weekend basketball matches saw the Radford U10 Butterflies take on the Radford Dolphins.  It was a fast-paced game with some wonderful teamwork, defence and offence moves being demonstrated.  All the girls are certainly enjoying their winter season of basketball.  

U10 Basketball players - Butterflies and Dolphins


U9 Boys - Unfortunately the U9 boys went down to the Queanbeyan Whites 20 – 30.
U18 Girls - A low-scoring game for the Radford U18 Girls, with a win against Royals 7 - 0
U18 Boys - An outstanding game of rugby by the boys.  Going into half time 21-7 down, the team dominated the second half and came back to 21-all with 10 min to play.  The final score was 21-21. 

SSACT 12&U Girls and Boys Cricket Trials 

Students who are turning 10-12 years old in 2019 and those who are turning 13 years old between the 1 July – 31 Dec 2019 are invited to trial.    Students who are selected in the SSACT Girls and Boys Teams will compete at the School Sport Australia Cricket Championships in Adelaide from the 17-24 November 2019. 




Trial Dates and Time

Trial 1 – 2nd Sept 2019, 4.00-5.30pm

Trial 2 – 16th Sept 2019, 4.00-5.30pm


Trial 1 –26th August, 4.00-5.30pm

Trial 2 –2nd September, 4.00-5.30pm

Trial 3 –4th September, 4.00-5.30pm


Watson Oval, 104 Cricket Synthetic Nets

Marist College, 27 Marr St, Pearce


All players must attend with personal cricket equipment i.e. pads, bats, gloves, helmets, box, etc. As this is a school sport event, hats are required to be worn. Players are to provide their own filled water bottles.


As this is an ACT representative team, students should have played at a regional level and/or have previous cricket competition experience.



$10 online registration fee via SSACT portal


All students are to register to trial via the SSACT portal at https://www.schoolsportact.asn.au/SportDetail/Index/4


Further Information

Amelia Cheney (Coach) Amelia.Cheney@ed.act.edu.au

Robert King (Manager) Robert.King@ed.act.edu.au.

Sanjay Sharma (Manager) Sanjay.Sharma@ed.act.edu.au

Brad Falkenberg (Coach)



Netball specialist training

To end the Winter Season strongly, Radford Netball will be running some targeted, specialist netball sessions that will focus on skills and tactical content.

The sessions are open to all players from the Junior to Cadet teams and will run on the following dates:                       

Friday August 23

Purple, Yellow

Friday August 30

Green, Red, Navy

Friday September 6

Gold, Silver, White, Maroon

All sessions will be held at the Radford Indoor Courts (G Wigg Sports Centre) 
from 4.00-5.30pm. The sessions are free of charge.

Sharyn Hill (Radford Netball Director) will be leading all sessions.

If you would like your child to participate in this opportunity, please click HERE and follow the registration process.  Registrations for each session will close at 2pm on the day of the session.

Please feel free to contact the Radford Sports Department if you have any questions.

Coming Up 

  • Radford will be represented by 3 teams (Year 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12) at the ASC Boys Basketball Competition on Monday 26th August. 

  • Congratulations to the following Radford Primary School Basketball Teams who have made it through to the 2019 Sue Geh (Girls) and Jaimie Pearlman (Boys) Basketball Championship Finals to be held on Wednesday 4th September: 

Year 3/4 Girls and Boys Maroon Teams
Year 3/4 Girls Blue Team
Year 5/6 Girls and Boys Maroon Teams 

  • On Thursday 5th September the Year 7/8, 9/10 and Year 11/12 Girls Basketball Teams will compete in the ASC Basketball competition.


Distinguished illustrator, Peter Marsack, with Y11 Visual Arts students

Artists Flock Together

21 August 2019

By Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Y11 and Y12 Visual Arts students “workshop” with visiting illustrator, Peter Marsack

By Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts 

The Senior Painting unit in Visual Arts exposes IB and BSSS students to the role and function of painting and its place in a contemporary world. Students work in a range of traditional and non-traditional media, including oil paint, gouache, water colour, acrylic with mediums, encaustic, digital and experimental mixed media to communicate ideas that are meaningful and relevant to their lives. Researching historical artists, and exposure to a variety of practising artists, informs students’ own practice. 

One of Peter Marsack's major projectsY11 students with Peter Marsack

Peter Marsack originally trained as a zoologist but has also worked extensively as a freelance natural history artist and illustrator. He visited the Senior Visual Arts classes to demonstrate his work, and discuss his career as an illustrator. He generously shared his series of sketch books, as well as his finished major works and illustrations by others. Students were so impressed with the detail, quality, precision and sheer quantity of work Peter presented. He was truly inspiring. 

Peter has been based in Canberra since 1994. He was a senior artist for the multi-volume Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds (HANZAB), and one of three artists providing illustrations for the Australian Bird Guide, published by CSIRO in 2016, which was a nine-year project.  Peter said each bird image took two weeks to complete. 

Peter’s many achievements include being a prize-winner in the inaugural Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in 2002, and providing the artwork for the highly successful Pocket Guide to the Birds of Canberra.

Students watched Peter demonstrate his technique and were carefully guided in their attempt to accurately render the details of birds, reinforcing his precise approach of working with gouache paint on heavy 300-600 hot-pressed watercolour paper.

 Visiting illustrator, Peter Marsack




Artwork by Bob Graham (c) 2019 The Children's Book Council of Australia

Book Week 2019

7 August 2019

By Gemma Wilson, Acting Head of Library and Information Services

Celebrate Book Week with the Character Dress Up parade, Fri 23 August


By Gemma Wilson, Acting Head of Library and Information Services

Character Dress Up Parade

Friday 23 August 2019
Time: 9:15 am
Where: G. Wigg Sports Centre (Gymnasium)

 Parents are very welcome to join the celebrations.

Start thinking about your favourite book character now!

  • Come to school dressed in your costumes.
  • Bring your character’s book if possible. 
  • Costumes should be appropriate for the weather.
  • Keep it simple! Scholastic Books have a site with some simple dress up ideas to inspire you!


Book Week website: https://www.cbca.org.au/cbca-book-week

Library display Library display

Radford Round Square continues its exchange program with King's College, Jordan

Round Square Exchange Reflection

21 August 2019

Round Square

Layla Habayeb, from King’s Academy in Jordan, reflects on her visit

From: Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator

We were delighted to welcome Layla Habayeb, a student from King’s Academy in Jordan, from the start of Semester 2.  Layla has been hosted by Year 10 student Eri Niisato, and Eri and her family have provided Layla with a range of wonderful experiences whilst on exchange.  It has been fantastic to have Layla be part of the community at Radford, and I know that students and staff have benefited from learning about her culture and educational journey. 

Layla returned to Jordan on the weekend, and will spend a few days with her family in Palestine before commencing the new academic year at King’s Academy.  She is so grateful to Eri’s family for this opportunity and provided the following reflection of her time in Australia. 

I had a great time at Radford and everyone has been so welcoming. It has been interesting to experience a new way of classroom learning as the teaching style is very different.  In particular,  I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Mr Crawford’s International Commerce class.  It has truly been fascinating to see how differently schools do operate across the world. 

Layla Habayeb with Eri Niisato Layla Habayeb at Palestinian Embassy

My host family were very friendly and were so interested to learn about where I come from and what life is like in Jordan and Palestine. They even arranged the opportunity for me to visit the Palestinian Embassy! I had the opportunity to spend time in Sydney and down at the Coast, and I so grateful to Eri’s family for everything they have done for me. 

Layla Habayeb 

Radford has successfully undertaken exchanges with students from King’s Academy for the past two years.  Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to experience a reciprocal exchange, or boarding placement when available. 

King’s Academy produces a range of entertaining videos that demonstrate what life at King’s is like, including this one.




Year 11 and 12 students enjoyed cooking at Le Tres Bon restaurant in Bungendore

New French language enrichment opportunities

21 August 2019

Michele Sharp et al

Excursions allow a glimpse into the food culture of France

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages, Year 11 student Kate Miller and Year 8 students Izzy Rankin and Lara Clements

The Languages Department has recently introduced two excursions which allow students a taste of traditional French cuisine. Last semester, Year 8 students visited Breizh Café in Ainslie, which specialises in French crêpes. The excursion was the culmination of a study of local cuisine from the Brittany region of France and the development of language proficiency to successfully order in a restaurant. I was lucky enough to visit with one of the groups who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Last week it was the turn of our senior French classes who undertook a cooking and gastronomy class at Le Très Bon restaurant in Bungendore. This excursion will lead into an assessment task and from the pictures, it seems our students produced some excellent dishes. Below are some student reflections on these opportunities to put French into practice. I would like to thank Mesdames Lefebvre and Richards for all their work in developing and organising the excursions.


By Year 8 students Izzy Rankin and Lara Clements

On our excursion to Breizh Café in Ainslie, we were lucky enough to eat two types of crêpe, one savoury and one sweet; in French these are called crêpe salée crêpe sucrée. We had many options for the crêpe toppings such as hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, lemon and sugar. These delicious topping were for the sweet crepes. The toppings we had to choose from for our savoury crepes included ham, cheese, spinach, mushroom and tomato; the savoury was definitely delicious but the sweet was a crowd favourite. As well as crêpe eating, this excursion included many other eventful things such as ordering in French and reading the menu written in full French. This excursion gave the Year 8 French class an opportunity to put all their hard work into use in the real world.


Student enjoying savoury crepes at Breizh  Student enjoying savoury crepes at Breizh sweet crepes

By Kate Miller, Year 11

On Friday 9 August, Year 11 and 12 French students had the opportunity to take part in a French cooking and gastronomy class at Le Très Bon restaurant in Bungendore. After a warm welcome by our hosts, Chefs Christophe and Josephine, and a delicious morning tea of hot chocolate and croissants, we then watched cooking demonstrations in French for chicken chasseur and crème caramel before recreating the recipes ourselves. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from the chef’s expertise, the deep connection the French have with the foods local to their region and even just to walk away with some new recipes under our belts; hopefully friends and family of French students will be enjoying some of these in the future! We would like to thank Madame Richards, Juliette and everyone from Le Très Bon for what was an interesting, relaxing and of course delicious experience.

Vendredi 9 août, les étudiants français des classes 11 et 12 ont eu l'opportunité d’aller à un cours de cuisine et de gastronomie française au restaurant Le Très Bon à Bungendore. Après un accueil très chaleureux de nos hôtes, les chefs Christophe et Joséphine, et un délicieux goûter composé de chocolat chaud et de croissants, nous avons regardé des démonstrations de cuisine en français pour ‘poulet chasseur’ et crème caramel. Ensuite, nous avons recréé les recettes. C'était une occasion fantastique d'apprendre de l'expertise des chefs, de la connexion des Français avec leur terroir (lié à la nourriture locale de leur région) et même de repartir avec de nouvelles recettes que, les familles et amis des étudiants français vont peut-être manger dans l’avenir ! Merci à Madame Richards, Juliette et à toutes les personnes du Très Bon pour cette expérience intéressante, relaxante et bien sûr délicieuse.

Chef Christophe teaches students at Le Tres BonStudent cooking creme caramelChef with truffle

Don't miss this energetic production of a classic story

Y7-9 Drama: Around the World in 80 Days

14 August 2019

Nick Akhurst

Join us for this energetic production of an enduring classic

Welcome to the 2019 Year 7-9 Drama Production of Around The World in 80 Days, by Jules Verne, adapted by Laura Eason. 

The fabulously wealthy Victorian gentleman Phileas Fogg wagers his life's fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days. Along with his hapless valet Passepartout, he sets out on a dazzling escapade that takes him from the misty alleys of London to the exotic subcontinent and on to the Wild West as they race against the clock on a dizzying succession of trains, steamers, a wind-propelled sledge and an elephant. 

Director Pip Buining has reimagined this tale with a slight steampunk edge with a focus on the frantic movement of this tale as it travels across the world. The company will also be performing part of the show to Year 6 as part of Book Week celebrations. 

The door will open at 6pm with food from some of the cities Phileas visits, and wines from local winemaker Nick O’Leary, on sale. We hope you can join us for the energetic performance of an enduring classic. 

Dates: Thurs 22-Sat 24 August
Time: 6pm foyer opens for refreshments, with 7pm show start.
Tickets: Adults $15.00, students $10.00, at the door or at https://www.trybooking.com/BEROX


Image for article: Jazz Café 2019

Jazz Café 2019

21 August 2019

Ben Marston

Radford jazz ensembles, plus special guest jazz violinist Elle Osborne

By Ben Marston, Director of Bands

When:   Friday 30 August, 7pm
Where:  Radford College Performing Arts Centre
Tickets: $20/individual, $120/table of 7*

*Bookings essential, no tickets available at the door

BYO food and drink


The Jazz Café on Friday 30 August will feature our Radford jazz ensembles performing music in both the swing and latin style with various instrumentalists to be featured improvising soloists. Jazz Café is a Radford event that has been well established for over a decade and this year we felt it time to examine an instrument less associated with jazz, the violin. Whilst artists like Stephane Grappelli and Regena Carter have brought jazz violin an element of notoriety it is still often overlooked in the jazz context. Here in Canberra we are lucky enough to have one of Australia’s best exponents of jazz violin so this year we have the pleasure to welcome Llewellyn Osborne as the guest artist to the Jazz Café. 

"Elle Osborne has been involved with the school of music programme since 1986, and was classically trained. Curious about the art of improvisation, Elle completed the ANU jazz programme with honours in 2014, and has been a part of the Canberra jazz scene for a number of years. She is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree at the ANU, exploring ways of improving transitionary steps between classical violin and improvisation. This work concentrates on extracting strongly melodic material (motifs) in popular classical works, and employing them over non-notated chord-changes.”

Year 12 musicians (David Lafferty, Stephanie Coram, Lauren Nicholson and Jessica Ward) at the Evening of Fine Music

Fine music and a team effort

21 August 2019

Kirsten Knight

Brilliant performances from our top musicians

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-curricular Music

On Saturday 10 August seven of our Year 12 musicians performed in our “Evening of Fine Music”. TB Millar Hall was transformed in to an intimate concert venue with candles on the tables, the audience enjoying wine and cheese as they listened to the musical offerings of the night. Nick Moss, as Head of Year 12, was the evening’s Master of Ceremonies.

The concert began with Joshua Daffern accompanying himself on piano as he sang “My Funny Valentine”. The audience was captivated by his beautifully controlled and emotional performance. Joshua segued in to “Armando’s Rhumba” by Chick Corea, ably accompanied by Finnian Clarke on Guitar and Liam Van Der Vyver on Drums.

Year 12 students at EOFM 2019 Lauren Nicholson and strings

Lauren Nicholson then took to the stage featuring in three entertaining quintets. The first was the 1st Movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A. Lauren and string players Jessica Ward, Monahan Hazlehurst, Sarah Zhu and Anneke Van Der Vyver did a fine job with this extremely difficult work. The mood was then changed dramatically with the comedic “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” and classic “The Merry Farmer Returning from Work” both with associate clarinettists Jack Coyle, Stephanie Ni, Eliza Malouf, Max Lemon, and Lauren’s dedicated clarinet teacher Penny Stuart-Smith.

Next on the musical menu was vocalist Stephanie Coram accompanied by Mrs Bronwyn Brown. Her rendition of “Solveig’s Song” from Peer Gynt was angelic and beautifully delivered. Olivia Young then presented a spirited and enjoyable “Goldfinch” Flute Concerto by Vivaldi accompanied by her father Mr Peter Young on Harpsichord.

Jessica Ward gave a polished and musically mature performance of the 4th Movement of Lalo’s “Symphonie Espagnole” for Violin, accompanied by Mrs Bronwyn Brown. She was followed by Sophie Genn on Piano. Sophie began with a beautiful Andante from Beethoven’s Sonata No. 15 Op. 28, finishing with an energising performance of Schubert’s “Impromptu No. 4”.

EOFM musiciansThe last performer of the evening was Alto Saxophonist David Lafferty. His performance of “Ausencias” by Piazzola, accompanied by Mrs Emily Leong, was wistful and reflective. David was then joined by our Big Band, led by Mr Ben Marston. Their performance of “On Green Dolphin Street” with solos by David had the audience buzzing at the end of the night.

It was a fantastic evening and I thank everyone involved, particularly the Year 12 featured musicians and their associate artists, Mr Nick Moss for capably guiding the audience throughout the concert, Mr Ben Marston, Mr Tim Minehan and the incredibly hard working and creative Media Crew, Mr Nick Akhurst and the Technical Crew for lighting the event, the Prefects who assisted with set up and managed the front of house, Mr Alan Lee for the photography, our brilliant Facilities team, and our Performing Arts Administration team for their help in organising the night.

Radford College is an IB Diploma Programme Authorised School

IB DP Parent Workshop

21 August 2019

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Parents are warmly invited to register now for this event on 3 September

From: Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Parents of IB Diploma students, (current Year 10 and Year 11) are warmly invited to attend a workshop.

Date: Tuesday 3 September 2019
Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Morison Centre, Radford College. 
Use Haydon Drive entrance, enter Morison Centre via Main Reception.
RSVP:  By Friday 23 August 2019, register online Here

A light afternoon tea will be provided.


Meggan Morimoto shoes, photo credit @documentphotography Sarah Kukathas, Class of 2008

Collegian News: Meggan Morimoto (Class of 2004)

21 August 2019


Meggan learned about the craft of shoe-making from mentors in Italy

Meggan with her son, RaphiArticle courtesy of Radford Collegians' Association

Collegian Meggan Morimoto (nee Smith, Class of 2004), is the creative designer and founder of Meggan Morimoto shoes.

Read more  on the Collegians website about her exciting journey, working with high-level Italian mentors to learn about the art and craft of shoe-making.




Have your say on the School Bus Service Policy

School Bus Policy Review – have your say

14 August 2019


Lobbying continues for a review of the School Bus Network Policy


At the recent School Transport Liaison Committee Meeting, APFACTS had support from the Education Directorate and P&C Council in calling for a review of the current School Bus Network Policy. As a result, it will be an agenda item at the next meeting in three weeks’ time. 

We have been asked to provide any feedback from our schools and families on the service hierarchy.
Please take a few moments to complete the survey, to help provide impetus for a review of the policy.
This survey link is specific to Radford College.

Image for article: Junior Space School Tour USA 2020

Junior Space School Tour USA 2020

7 August 2019

Information session 2 Sept - for students in Years 7, 8 & 9 in 2020

By Stephanie Comino


For parents and students in Years 7, 8 and 9 in 2020

Date: Mon 2 September
Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre
RSVP: Click here to RSVP.

Radford College is pleased to announce that we are offering students in Years 7, 8 & 9 in 2020 the opportunity to join the California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) Space School International Study Program in the USA in 2020. 

CASE Space School is an amazing opportunity for students seeking to pursue success in a STEM career. Students will be immersed in enriched and exclusive space science activities to explore the multi-facets of STEM. Students will also learn and engage in an inspiring personal and leadership development program to truly empower them for changing times.

Junior Space School is training for young explorers and is an engaging, hands-on adventure. Students learn about space travel, the development of space-related technologies and are led through several simulated missions. This program is focused on providing relevance to, and inspiring passion for STEM through exposure to space and broader ‘earth’ science exploration. Every step of the way they are guided to build skills in goal setting, project planning, critical-thinking and problem-solving.

Students are meticulously cared for by dedicated Group Managers who are trained and certified by the California Association for STEAM Education. All Group Managers are Working with Children and Australian Federal Police checked, and hold current CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis certification.

Students return with big dreams and lasting confidence, inspired by the ultimate STEM experience at NASA in the USA. 

An information evening will be held at the school on Monday 2 September in the Heath Lecture Theatre, Radford College where students and parents can learn more about the program. Click here to RSVP.

Dr Brendan Nelson AO, with Collegian Jennifer Kerr, previous Hawker Scholarship winner, and Principal Fiona Godfrey

CAS Hawker Scholarship

7 August 2019

The prestigious Hawker Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000.00 over three years

About the Scholarship

Applications for the 2020 Charles Hawker Scholarships open on Monday December 9th and close on January 8th 2020. An application form and further information about C.A.S. Hawker and the scholarship are available from www.hawkerscholarship.org or by contacting the secretary to the Trustees in Adelaide on 08 8127 1654.

Hawker Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000.00 over three years and are amongst the most generous, privately funded, residential scholarships available to Australian undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

There are a number of scholarships awarded each year. The Trustees offer them to capable students of principle and character who have demonstrated a commitment to the wider community. Selection is based on personal qualities as well as academic ability.

Collegian former winner, Jennifer Kerr (Class of 2017)
Jennifer Kerr (Class of 2017) is a previous recipient of a prestigious residential Charles Hawker Scholarship. Currently studying a combined Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics/Bachelor of Arts, Jennifer hopes to one day become ‘a leader in developing government policy’. 

She said ‘the scholarship will be of vast benefit in supporting my tertiary studies. It has inspired me to look for ways to participate and contribute to the local community and Australia following in the footsteps of Charles Hawker. The scholarship enables me to live on campus at ANU, allowing me to be more involved with the university and college community. My college also has many third-year and post-graduate students that can provide academic mentoring and support. More broadly the scholarship assists me with networking and working towards further opportunities in the future’.

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P&F Trivia Night 2019

4 June 2019

P&F Association

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P&F Crest

Date: Friday 20 September 2019

Time: 6:30pm

Venue: TB Millar Hall

Tickets: $11 per person or $100 for table of 10.  

Booking online: https://www.trybooking.com/BBKBA

Please note that this event is for people over 18 only.

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Fete update #1

21 August 2019

P&F Association

Save the date for the Fete, 2 Nov 2019!

Come along on Saturday 2 November for our fabulous community event, the P&F Twilight Fete.

Check out the activities and events planned, and join the team of vounteers to make your contribution. 

P&F Fete News #1


Musical recital schedule - Term 3

Music recital schedule for Term 3