Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 6 – 28 August 2019

Staff Insights

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

Curriculum Renewal

27 August 2019

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

An update on Radford engagement with the constant process of curriculum review

Having revelled in a modicum of stability since the introduction of the Australian Curriculum, schools are again facing a period of uncertainty about curriculum. This time though, it is not the subject matter that is the primary issue; it is the manner in which it is to be delivered and the generic skill development that is under scrutiny. It is now eleven years since the widely lauded Melbourne Declaration catalysed the development of the Australian Curriculum and enhanced collaboration between jurisdictions. In the last few weeks, the Federal Minister for Education, Dan Tehan, has been meeting educators to seek input into a review of the Melbourne Declaration. 

At the same time, we are hearing of dramatic changes in the “work order” from the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and universities. Jan Owen, the CEO of FYA was one of the Radford Institute speakers early last year, and her explanation of the Foundations’ New Work Order research, and consequent series of reports about the expectation of employers, was highly engaging, without really being surprising. We heard that employers are looking for critical and creative thinkers, and that they value bilingualism. Of course, Radford has been actively striving to develop these traits in our students anyway, both alone, and in concert with the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS).

One of the ways in which we have adjusted our practice to enhance critical and creative thinking is through philosophical methodology. Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning, has strongly promoted our association with the Society for Philosophy for the Young, known as SOPHY. They have run regular workshops for our staff about community of inquiry methodology, otherwise known as circles of inquiry. One of the outcomes of this engagement has been the reintroduction of Philosophy as an elective subject from Year 9 onwards. Perhaps more powerfully though, this engagement has reinvigorated the philosophical approach to teaching in our Primary school, which was one of the first and most comprehensive adopters of this methodology some years ago. 

Our staff have been very generous with their time in the cause of enhancing the efficacy of ACT courses too, volunteering to participate in the writing of frameworks and courses for the BSSS. As a jurisdiction, there has been considerable innovation and regeneration. Perhaps one of the most striking examples has been the new Technology Framework, incorporating courses in Data Science and Robotics and Mechatronics, to name just a few. Radford staff are excited about the possibilities that these new courses will afford our students. 

While we believe that the suite of courses on offer at Radford will equip our students well for the future, we also believe that the manner in which they are delivered, and how students participate, are critically important. Underpinning all our teaching is the intent to develop the learner traits that the school has endorsed. While they vary slightly from the Primary to the Secondary School, they share a common purpose: to develop skills and values that will serve students and collegians well, as they make their way through Radford and into the world of study and work beyond.

Junior School Learner TraitsSecondary School Learner Traits

Curriculum review is a constant process and over the next year, a Head of Department Community of Practice group will be working with me to rigorously review our curriculum offerings. We intend to be able to inform the 2021 timetable construction with our findings. 

I would be delighted to hear from any members of the Radford community who have an interest in contributing to that process (email: bill.weigall@radford.act.edu.au). 

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Chaplain's Reflection: On Law

26 August 2019

So, healing a woman on the Sabbath contradicts the law?

Jesus healed a woman.
On the Sabbath.
And was accused of breaking a fundamental Law. (Luke 13:10-17)  

Rules are not good in and of themselves but are good in as much as they capture what is right and true. 

And law: that thing which, by its proper governance, creates the necessary environment of trust sufficient for society to be civil, safe, prosperous, for the good of all, lifting creatures from beastliness into humane and orderly common life. 

The Sabbath is written out of the land and into the week – the law of rest is not an idea, it is a reality born of the earth, coded into one day in seven. That is, there is no infinite harvest, no perpetual growth without fallow, without season, and rest, and waiting. 

Valerie Browning at Dirrum Festival 2019A delegate at the recent Dirrum Festival summarized Valerie Browning’s provocative talk like this: ‘from economy to humanity’. The speaker and the hearer are describing Sabbath: something that is real. And until we replace the economy as our ultimate god, we cannot expect anytime soon a home for Indigenous peoples, an end to fires in the Amazon, a rest from coral bleaching, or relief from systemic loneliness and neglect in our aged care systems. 

So, healing a woman on the Sabbath contradicts the law? 


Jesus continually and systematically turns things upside down. He exposes the dominant culture of hypocrisy, and makes the purposes of law plain: healing, liberation, compassion, is the purpose of Sabbath and the fulfillment of the law. 

What is the point of power if the crippled, lame and blind are excluded? What honour could there be if riches are not shared with the poor? (Luke 14:7-14

Jesus’ authentic voice is profoundly unsettling. Listening out for it will turn us towards the earth, the weak and enfeebled, with humility and generosity, making our liberation a force for the liberation of others, and our blessing complete when we are a blessing for others. 

Dear Jesus. Let this be so among us, even as we pray. Amen.







Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News, 28 August 2019

28 August 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Book Week reviewed, pre-Floriade creativity and Radford Tribal Council initiatives

Dates for your Diary:

Thursday 29 August

Year 4 Learning Journey

Friday 30 August

PreK Exc to Mt Ainslie
ACT Primary Chess Competition

Monday 2 September

Year 2 Learning Journey

Tuesday 3 September

Year 3 2020 Orientation Day
Kinder Learning Journey

Wednesday 4 September

PJ Day raising funds for Kids in Need

Friday 6 September

Father’s Day breakfast 7.45am

Thursday 19 September

Junior School Discos

Yr1-3 disco is 6:00-7:15pm
Yr4-6 disco is 7:15-8:30pm

Friday 20 September

RTC Talent Quest Yr1-6

Book week Parade

Fond memories created PreK - Year 6 - authentic, creative costumes

A cast of characters at Book Week 2019

What a fabulous Book Week Parade we enjoyed

The 2019 Book Week Parade will likely hold many lasting and happy memories for our students and their families in the years to come. The creativity involved and good humour, shared and enjoyed, was a credit to our students, their families and our staff, as they embraced the Book Week goals, to celebrate books and reading. 

Being in space is tiring The Paper Bag Princess


With Spring almost upon us, some Year 6 students were involved in a workshop with local street artist, Geoff Filmer, in preparation for Floriade.

The students have used old car tyres, stacked and sprayed with paint with the intention of being displayed this year throughout Floriade. The theme for Floriade is “World in Bloom”. 

Geoff discussed some of his large-scale street art, linking his recent work (the big reservoir near Mugga Way/Hindmarsh) to illustrate how artists Push the Limits – theme of Year 6 PYP Exhibition. 

Thanks to Ms Croker for facilitating these inspiring insights and opportunity for students to witness, first hand, the possibilities of street art.

Floriade preparations Artist Geoff Filmer talks about his street art

RTC initiatives

The Radford Tribal Council (RTC) consists of a representative from each Year 1-6 class who meet weekly to explore ideas and suggestions from the Junior School student body. Some events they are busily preparing for the rest of this term include: 

Pyjama Day - Wednesday 4 September
This day is the consequence of action taken by our Year 6 in their inquiry Sharing the Planet. Students from Pre K – Year 6 are encouraged to wear their PJ's to school on this day and contribute a gold coin donation towards this cause. For details on where the proceeds of this donation will go, please visit https://www.nationalpyjamaday.com.

Junior School Disco - Thursday 19September
Here is a fun opportunity for our Year 1-6 students to strut their stuff, dance, laugh and dress with an 80s disco theme. 

Disco theme - I love the 80s


(Our Pre K and Kindergarten students have their own disco to look forward to at the end of the term.)

RTC Talent Quest - Friday 20 September
The annual RTC Talent Quest provides students a secure opportunity to be creative, imaginative risk takers.


Week  5

Shout outs 

KCH – Emma Treloar - being a kind and caring member of Kindergarten.
KSG – Alannah Bullock - showing a growth mindset and commitment to her learning.
KLP - Georgia Kristiansen - always being a fair and kind class member.
KAS - Prisha Cherukupally - being a good communicator by sharing positive contributions during class discussion

Year 1 

1MH – Zoe Brown - Treating others with fairness and kindness
1RJ – Mia Deakes - showing fairness to her peers and being a balanced learner.
1AT-  Sophie King - showing self regulation and commitment in her learning.
1AJ- Tianchen Wei - always demonstrating social intelligence towards her peers. 

Year 2 

2KH –Nathan Phengsiaroun - sharing his ideas and thoughts with others.
2SD - Lucia Cornish - being a risk taker and sharing her knowledge with her peers.
2DG – Wareesha Mahtab – - showing fairness to her peers  by being considerate and kind.
2LM – Louis DalBon - consistently applying thinking skills across all learning areas 

Year 3 

3MK -  Felix Akhurst - commitment to improving his writing and his love of learning in our How The World Works Unit of Inquiry.
3JC – Amelie Egan - always displaying respect and for her commitment to her work.
3RS – Jake Espinosa - demonstrating commitment in order to improve the presentation of his written work. 
3HO – Junyou Wang - demonstrating social intelligence towards his peers and treating others with fairness and kindness.
3RB – Charlie Black - consistently being polite and accepting constructive feedback with a positive and proactive attitude. 

Year 4 

4NK – Ollie Aulich - actively engaging in his learning.
4JC - Jack Appaneal - creativity and independence.
4KP - Sam McKean - demonstrating initiative and perseverance with his learning.
4BF – Laura Baker - taking action in an independent way
4TM – Aarav Kochhar - independently extending his understanding on geology both at home and at school.  

Year 5 

5TM – Ellie Chapman - a balanced and positive approach to school.
5RR -  Juliet Hall - increased confidence and commitment to learning.   
5BL – Constance Clough - demonstrating persistence and commitment throughout our How We Organise Ourselves unit and Learning Journey.
5SW - Chelsea Hately - demonstrating commitment and independence with our How We Organise Ourselves Summative Task 

Year 6 

6TW – Anvi Gupta - demonstrating outstanding thinking skills
6DM – Mia Gibbons - open-minded willingness to learn new things and contagious enthusiasm during Exhibition.
6HB – Ana Woods - Kindness and Curiosity.
6TF -  William Squires for demonstrating commitment and being knowledgeable.



Library – Ashleigh Hobden - demonstrating care and creativity during our Book Week art activities (Mrs Hind) Music – Flynn McKinney - demonstrating creativity, confidence and amazing thinking skills during our National Anthem unit (Mrs. Suthers)
Art- Nadia Yao - being consistently principled and extending her skills as a visual communicator. ( Ms Crocker)  PE – Benny Holliday - always giving his best in PE, being a great team player and displaying perseverance when learning new skills.
Mrs. Ross – Anthony Parkhurst (4NK) for showing kindness and empathy towards others. 



Radford College crest

Parent-Teacher-Student Conversations

28 August 2019

Nerida Dyne

Important information about bookings and other arrangements

Y7-12 Parent-Teacher-Student Conversations Bookings open Wednesday 4 September at 7.00 am
Click for full details. 

The 2019 Semester 2 Secondary School Parent-Teacher-Student Conversations will be held in the Morison Centre and Mackinnon Building classrooms on:

  • Tuesday 17 September, 3.00 pm–8.00 pm, and 
  • Monday 23 September, 3.00 pm–8.00 pm. 

We expect students to attend with their parents or caregivers.

Booking Information
Bookings are made through Radford Online. Your Radford Online user name and password are printed on the top of your child’s 2019 Commencement Letter. A Radford Online user guide is available on our website.

Bookings open on Wednesday 4 September at 7.00 am and close midnight the night before each interview day.

We encourage you to make bookings early to avoid disappointment. The conversation time with each teacher will be five minutes.

Image for article: Jazz Café 2019

Jazz Café 2019

21 August 2019

Ben Marston

Radford jazz ensembles, plus special guest jazz violinist Elle Osborne

By Ben Marston, Director of Bands

When:   Friday 30 August, 7pm
Where:  Radford College Performing Arts Centre
Tickets: $20/individual, $120/table of 7*

*Bookings essential, no tickets available at the door

BYO food and drink


The Jazz Café on Friday 30 August will feature our Radford jazz ensembles performing music in both the swing and latin style with various instrumentalists to be featured improvising soloists. Jazz Café is a Radford event that has been well established for over a decade and this year we felt it time to examine an instrument less associated with jazz, the violin. Whilst artists like Stephane Grappelli and Regena Carter have brought jazz violin an element of notoriety it is still often overlooked in the jazz context. Here in Canberra we are lucky enough to have one of Australia’s best exponents of jazz violin so this year we have the pleasure to welcome Llewellyn Osborne as the guest artist to the Jazz Café. 

"Elle Osborne has been involved with the school of music programme since 1986, and was classically trained. Curious about the art of improvisation, Elle completed the ANU jazz programme with honours in 2014, and has been a part of the Canberra jazz scene for a number of years. She is currently enrolled in a Masters Degree at the ANU, exploring ways of improving transitionary steps between classical violin and improvisation. This work concentrates on extracting strongly melodic material (motifs) in popular classical works, and employing them over non-notated chord-changes.”

Radford IB 2020 students in the quadrangle at Sydney University

IB DP “Critical thinking workshop” at USyd

27 August 2019

Flynn Kelly, Y11

The 2020 cohort engages with serious philosophers, in workshops with other IB students

By Flynn Kelly, Y11

On Friday 16 August, twelve of the thirteen 2020 IB Diploma candidates, with Mrs Rehfisch and Mrs Braithwaite, voyaged to Sydney for an IB Critical Thinking workshop, hosted by Dr Hannah Tierney, Professor Mark Colyvan, Dr David Glick and Dr Brian Hedden, all Lecturers of Philosophy at the University of Sydney with impressive backgrounds. 

The day trip began with a not-so-bright and very early start of 4:30am at the Murrays bus station, to be on the first bus to Sydney. We arrived at Uni of Sydney at about 9am and were introduced to the concept of critical thinking.

We then broke up into groups with Diploma students from other IB schools in Sydney and had workshops on different aspects of critical thinking with Uni of Sydney philosophy lecturers.

The day was made up of two workshops. The first was centred on game theory and reasoning, where we applied many different scenarios to the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’. The second workshop included the different aspects and definitions of fake news and other dis-information. 

Workshop groups discussed fake news and game theory

Upon conclusion of the workshops, the group had a quick look around the very picturesque campus, before returning through Sydney traffic to Canberra. It was a very insightful day. 

A big “thank you” to Mrs Rehfisch, our Theory of Knowledge teacher, and to Mrs Braithwaite who organised the day, for sacrificing a large part of their Friday.


The "Minecraft Radford"

Radford's Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts

26 August 2019

Jeremy Hawkes and Janine Crookes join Eric Jensen and Lisa Plenty in holding this certification

Photo caption: With Janine Crookes, Year 3 and 4 students have used measurement and ratios to collaboratively design Radford Junior School in Minecraft.

By Lisa Plenty, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program is an annual application-based certification, issued globally to a small number of educators who use Microsoft tools to foster depth in student learning. Membership of this community is highly coveted and allows those certified to have insight, as well as input, into the future needs and capacity of digital learning tools and spaces to engage students, develop productivity and promote collaborative learning. 

This year, we celebrate achievement of two of our teaching staff, Jeremy Hawkes (STEM Coordinator and Secondary teacher) and Janine Crookes (Year 4 teacher), as newly awarded Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.  Both have demonstrated extensive and creative use of Microsoft tools to enhance learning at Radford. Jeremy and Janine join Eric Jensen and Lisa Plenty, both reappointed in the program, in holding this certification. 

Jeremy Hawkes with students



Halery Xia and Mackenzie Hazlehurst, with their certificates

Outstanding Achievements in Mandarin

28 August 2019

Recognition by the Australia China Friendship Society

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

On Sunday 11 August, I had the pleasure of attending an award ceremony at the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy, to recognise two of our learners of Mandarin. The Australia China Friendship Society recognises students annually for their dedication to Chinese study, and this year the awardees from Radford were: 

  • The Best Mandarin Student Award: Halery Xia
  • The Most Improved Mandarin Student Award: Mackenzie Hazlehurst 

It is fantastic to see the hard work of our students recognised outside of the College. I have asked both Halery and Mackenzie to reflect on their Language learning experience and the award ceremony below. 

Halery Xia
Chinese, the language itself, is a challenging one to master. But after accepting the challenge and choosing to study Continuing Chinese at Radford in Year 11, I found myself enjoying the content being taught. My favourite topic to date was learning the names and cooking techniques of Chinese Cuisine during my second semester here. Though learning Chinese is still a challenge for me, now that I am in my last semester at Radford, I have found that, in comparison to when I first started, there have been improvements in my ability to use the language. As the popular Chinese saying goes: "good good study, day day up" meaning that as long as you persevere and continue to study, you will improve. For me, I am honoured this time, to receive the China Friendship Association Chinese award for the Best Mandarin Student. I would also like to thank my teachers for all their help in my Chinese learning journey.

Mackenzie Hazlehurst
In the early 1950s, the Australia China Friendship Society was established and has since aimed to promote friendship and encourage a relationship between the peoples of Australia and China. The society advocates for the awareness of China and Chinese culture within schools and has introduced two awards for secondary schools and colleges to commend students on their achievements in studying Mandarin. I was honoured to have been awarded the 2019 Achievement Award, alongside Halery Xia, who received the Best Student of Mandarin at Radford College Award. 

In receiving our awards, we were invited to the Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, along with other student recipients, parents and teachers. The awards were presented by Mr Yang Zhi, the Minister Counsellor for Culture. We received our certificates and were treated to traditional poems, Chinese opera singing and various interesting delegate speeches. A delicious Chinese lunch subsequently followed, where we were able to indulge in some yummy Chinese cuisine. 

I would like to thank Ms Sharp for accompanying us to the ceremony, as well as our Chinese teacher, Ms Gu, for all her amazing teaching.


Junior School Pyjama Day, Wednesday 4 September

JS Pyjama Day for Kids in Need

27 August 2019

Radford Tribal Council

Wednesday 4 September, gold coin donation

The Radford Tribal Council is taking action to raise awareness about equality and equity, following the recent Year 6 inquiry into Sharing the Planet

On Wednesday 4 September junior school students are asked to wear their pyjamas to school and bring a gold coin donation, which will be given to the National Pyjama Day organisation (https://www.nationalpyjamaday.com). This group supports kids in need and helps to give them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.  

Please note that students must wear proper enclosed shoes, not slippers or ugg boots, so they can play safely and still participate in PE lessons on the day.


Radford College crest

Whooping Cough/Pertussis Notication

26 August 2019

Sophie Davis, College Nurse

A case of Whooping Cough has been reported in a Y10 student

By College Nurse, Sophie Davis

The College has had one reported case of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in a Year 10 student.

Please be aware that this is a notifiable disease, and children with the disease should be kept away from school. A fact sheet is attached below, but please contact your doctor or ACT Health on 6205 2155 for more information or advice.

Pertussis/Whooping Cough
ACT Health: 
Pertussis/Whooping cough fact sheet

  • Children (or Adults) with coughing symptoms should be reviewed by their GP. The GP should be informed that a person with whooping cough/pertussis has been diagnosed at the College and request a nose swab test. This is most accurate in the first 4 weeks of coughing. There is no need to have your child tested if they do not have a cough.
  • If your Doctor diagnoses Whooping cough, please inform the College and keep your child at home until they have taken 5 days of antibiotics. Keep coughing children away from babies.
  • Whooping cough vaccines give good protection against infection but immunity fades. Parents and grandparents can be given a booster dose of dTpa to help protect young babies.


Radford College is an IB Diploma Programme Authorised School

IB DP Parent Workshop

21 August 2019

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Parents are warmly invited to register now for this event on 3 September

From: Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Parents of IB Diploma students, (current Year 10 and Year 11) are warmly invited to attend a workshop.

Date: Tuesday 3 September 2019
Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Morison Centre, Radford College. 
Use Haydon Drive entrance, enter Morison Centre via Main Reception.
RSVP:  By Friday 23 August 2019, register online Here

A light afternoon tea will be provided.


Image for article: Anglicare Giving Group

Anglicare Giving Group

28 August 2019

Giving Groups

Students learn about the wonderful work done by St John's Care Reid

Written by Thuhi (Y8) & Nina (Y7) 

Our Anglicare Giving group went on excursion to St John's Care in Reid last Wednesday. Jason from St John's Care gave us a tour of the premises showing us through the food pantry (which includes a small collection of donated clothes), the warehouse, hall and church. We met volunteers who were sorting the non-perishable foods, and they talked to us about the different donations they received and what was most helpful.

Volunteer, Merrie, with Radford Giving Group membersMerrie (who is in the photo), has been volunteering for 15 years. The food pantry supports from 350 to 400 families every month. They help homeless, disadvantaged and refugee families obtain food for their families to last three or four days.  They rely on donations and volunteers. St John’s care also host a lunch once per month where people can come along and receive a free warm meal, and have their clothes washed by the Orange Sky laundry.  We were all surprised when we were told that the large hall would be packed full of people when this event happened. 

Finally, Jason shared with us how we all could contribute to this really good cause by volunteering to sort food in the holidays, or collecting non-perishable items for St John's Care Pantry Appeal. There are lots of families in Canberra who are in need. 

All in all, this experience has changed us for the better, showing us that taking even a simple jar of peanut butter or a packet of kids snacks to the Anglicare/St John's Care pantry will give that struggling person or family a little joy in their difficult lives. All of us have learnt that no matter how little or big the help that is given, people need it and we all have to walk together as a community to make a lasting impact on this valuable cause. 

The Anglicare Giving group will be running a pantry appeal at Radford College this term. Please support the less fortunate in our community by bringing an item into school. Collection period and drop off points will be advised on ROL notices. The Pantry Appeal wish list includes non-perishable recess snacks (e.g. fruit tubs), biscuits, peanut butter, lunch and dinner options (that don’t require much preparation or cooking) and toiletries.


The Y5/6 handball competition was a very popular event

Y5/6 Handball Competition

28 August 2019

Students Peta M and Dione K

Students raise money and awareness, and have fun too!

By Peta M and Dione K 

We organised a handball competition for Years 5/6 students and teachers.  We started the handball competition by talking to the RTC and Mr Martin.  They thought that it was a good idea and supported us. 

The handball competition was held in Week 4, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Peta had the idea of running the handball competition and Dione helped along the way. You needed to pay a gold coin donation to play, this all is going to the foundation Equality Now.  We raised $101. The idea of the gender equality action came from Peta, and Miss Mitchell came up with the idea to connect the ideas together to form a mixed handball competition.  We will also be creating a gender equality display, in the 5/6 play area, to promote this at Radford. 

The handball competition was such a hit, it lasted for two days! 

Sportsmanship Trophy table

Congratulations the top three players:

  • 1st Hayze from 5TM
  • 2nd Mr Martin
  • 3rd Henry O from 6TF.


Talking Basketball tactics

Sports Report, 28 August 2019

28 August 2019

Sports Department

Support our winter sports finalists this weekend

We have our first Winter Sport Finals this weekend on Saturday:

  • U9 Boys Rugby (Year 2 & 3 boys) Semi Final v Queanbeyan – 9:00am at Southwell Park Lyneham
  • U18 Girls Rugby (Year 10-12 girls) Semi Final v Wests – 1:15pm at Weetangera Oval

If you have the time, the students would appreciate your support! 

2019 Belconnen Region Track and Field Carnival
Last week 48 students from Years 2-6 competed at the Belconnen Region Track and Field Carnival. They were: 

Eva Dixon

Sarah Vincent

Isaac Waldren

Bhav Mathur

James Eyers

Thomas Charlton

Kaiya Barsby

Bianca Nguyen

Arnan Ezaz

Aariz Giri

Evie Buttsworth

Madison Scholfield

Syd Leah

Joshua Marriott

Max Dimond

Byron Shaw

Ashley Ward

Samuel McKean

Chelsea Hately

Hayze Shepherd

Alexander Fillingham

Isla Murphy

Otis Hibberd

Lara Southwell

Magnus Gould

William Schulha

Christopher Kent

Aminda Weerasooriya

Jacob Hately

Poppy Smith

Peta Macintosh

Alex Wheeldon

Anya Arora

Emily Hinchcliffe

Lachlan Lloyd

Katherine Maundrell

Isobel Higgins

Madeleine Klegeris

Josh Miller

Fiona Nguyen

Henry Oliver

Jessi Palframan

Makayla Paton

Amber Smith Gibson

Amelia Sutherland

Owen Toyne

Hamish Whithear


Despite the wintery conditions, all participants performed exceptionally well.  Radford also topped the points tally across all schools.  Several students achieved 1st to 3rd ribbons and will be progressing to the ACT Carnival on 10September. The ACT Carnival qualifiers are: 

Christopher Kent

Poppy Smith

Isla Murphy

Maddie Klergeris

Amber Smith-Gibson

Joshua Orr

Lachlan Lloyd

Own Toyne

Hayze Shepherd

Oliver Luppi

Hamish Whithear

Joe Whithear

Josh Miller

Chelsea Hately


The final rounds before semi-finals saw some great rugby being played across all age groups. 

The U9 boys had a draw against Wests 40-40, with the U18 girls having a fantastic win against Wests 58-36, and the U18 boys going down to Canberra Grammar 14-28.

Semi-finals commence next weekend with our U9 boys playing against Queanbeyan at Southwell Park commencing 9.00am Field B.

With only a few rounds remaining before the finals, there was some outstanding basketball being played across the weekend.  The U16 Radford Hawks boys’ team (Div 3) played a hard and tough game against the Tuggeranong Vikings finishing with a 41-41 draw.

Radford Netball Specialist Sessions
Don’t forget that Radford Netball is running some targeted, specialist netball sessions that will focus on skills and tactical content. 

Already the Junior Dolphins, Magpies and the Purple and Yellow inters have taken up the opportunity.  The next 2 weeks the sessions are open to: 

Friday August 30

INTERS - Green, Red, Navy

Friday September 6

CADETS - Gold, Silver, White, Maroon

All sessions are held at the Radford Indoor Courts (G Wigg Sports Centre) from 4.00-5.30pm. The sessions are free of charge.

Sharyn Hill (Radford Netball Director) will be leading all sessions. If you would like your child to participate in this opportunity, please click HERE and follow the registration process.

Please feel free to contact Megan.Fritsch@radford.act.edu.au (Radford Sports Department) if you have any questions.



Save the date for the Senior Drama production

Senior Drama, save the dates Oct 17-19

27 August 2019


Don't miss this fabulous comedy classic!

The 2019 Senior Drama production will be Oscar Wilde's celebrated comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest. 

Thursday 17th October
Friday Night 18th October
Saturday 19th October. 

Doors open at 6pm with food and drinks served before the show.

Show starts at 7pm.




Radford P&F Association

Secondhand Uniform Shop - summer stock!

28 August 2019

P&F Secondhand Uniform shop

Pop in to the P&F Secondhand Shop for summer stock bargains


The P&F second-hand uniform shop is now stocked for summer!

We have a great range of junior school, high school and senior summer uniforms, and a lot of hats! So get in quick, and grab yourself a BARGAIN.


For more information, please visit the Radford College website, or send us an email at: secondhandshop@radford.act.edu.au

Wanting to do some spring cleaning?
Drop off any uniforms that you no longer need, either to the P&F second-hand shop or the Main Reception (Morison Centre) during opening hours! All uniform items except Zooties are accepted, and all the proceeds from our sales go towards P&F fundraising, which supports grants to the College.

Standard hours of operation are:
-       Tuesday 12.30–4.30 pm
-       Wednesday 7.30–9.30 am
-       Thursday 2–6 pm




Have your say on the School Bus Service Policy

School Bus Policy Review – have your say

14 August 2019


Lobbying continues for a review of the School Bus Network Policy


At the recent School Transport Liaison Committee Meeting, APFACTS had support from the Education Directorate and P&C Council in calling for a review of the current School Bus Network Policy. As a result, it will be an agenda item at the next meeting in three weeks’ time. 

We have been asked to provide any feedback from our schools and families on the service hierarchy.
Please take a few moments to complete the survey, to help provide impetus for a review of the policy.
This survey link is specific to Radford College.

Image for article: Junior Space School Tour USA 2020

Junior Space School Tour USA 2020

7 August 2019

Information session 2 Sept - for students in Years 7, 8 & 9 in 2020

By Stephanie Comino


For parents and students in Years 7, 8 and 9 in 2020

Date: Mon 2 September
Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre
RSVP: Click here to RSVP.

Radford College is pleased to announce that we are offering students in Years 7, 8 & 9 in 2020 the opportunity to join the California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) Space School International Study Program in the USA in 2020. 

CASE Space School is an amazing opportunity for students seeking to pursue success in a STEM career. Students will be immersed in enriched and exclusive space science activities to explore the multi-facets of STEM. Students will also learn and engage in an inspiring personal and leadership development program to truly empower them for changing times.

Junior Space School is training for young explorers and is an engaging, hands-on adventure. Students learn about space travel, the development of space-related technologies and are led through several simulated missions. This program is focused on providing relevance to, and inspiring passion for STEM through exposure to space and broader ‘earth’ science exploration. Every step of the way they are guided to build skills in goal setting, project planning, critical-thinking and problem-solving.

Students are meticulously cared for by dedicated Group Managers who are trained and certified by the California Association for STEAM Education. All Group Managers are Working with Children and Australian Federal Police checked, and hold current CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis certification.

Students return with big dreams and lasting confidence, inspired by the ultimate STEM experience at NASA in the USA. 

An information evening will be held at the school on Monday 2 September in the Heath Lecture Theatre, Radford College where students and parents can learn more about the program. Click here to RSVP.


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