Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 9 – 18 September 2019

Staff Insights

Steve Baker, Chairman of Radford College Board

From the Chairman

17 September 2019

Steve Baker, Board Chairman

An overview of the Board Committees, and opportunities to become a committee member

From the Chairman, Steve Baker

As we close in on the end of Term 3, I am pleased to provide to our community a further update on the operations of the Radford College Board.  While many of you would be aware of who the members of the Board are, perhaps less well known is the important work being done by all of our committee members.

In addition to the full composition of the Board, there are also three Committees that provide it with targeted advice and recommendations on specific areas of governance and strategic direction.

1. The Finance Committee advises on financial sustainability and alignment of resources against the College’s goals and objectives.  This Committee provides the Board with independent advice on matters of corporate governance, financial performance, statutory reporting, risk management and ICT capability.

2. The Building & Grounds Committee provides the Board with advice to fulfil the Board’s overall responsibilities in relation to the College’s physical property, health and safety, and in relation to the prioritisation and stewardship of major facilities investments.

3. The Education & Wellbeing Committee advises on strategic direction for educational and structural planning for the core business of the College: the education of our students.  This Committee also invites presentations from, and discussions with, thought-leaders in the education sector, promoting wider engagement within the Radford Community through these events.

As you may note from above, neither the Board nor its Committees are involved in the daily operation or management of the College.

Voluntary service on the Radford College Board Committees is a rewarding way to be involved in our community and to contribute to the success of our College.  It is important we regularly assess the skills mix to ensure we have the best composition possible. The Board is currently formalising this process by updating its skills matrix to identify potential gaps, for people within our community whose skillset might be able to address these gaps to self-nominate.

As an early announcement, next term we will be looking for several additional committee members for a Term 1 - 2020 commencement, so in Term 4,  please keep an eye on this weekly bulletin from the College, as well as various modes of communication from our colleagues at the P&F and the Collegians for details.

The experiences and skills we may seek include:

• strategic corporate governance
• financial acumen
• major projects oversight
• education and pedagogy
• health and safety
• construction and facilities management
• risk management
• ICT systems acquisition and service delivery, and
• strategic planning for professional workforces. 

The ability to apply these skills and expertise at a strategic level in the College’s environment is essential.  Importantly, service on these Committees also provides a pathway for those who aspire to be considered for a future possible appointment to the Board itself.

Our Board and its associated Committees already include many passionate and skilled parents and friends (both current, former and future), as well as Collegians and Diocese members, all contributing greatly to the College in a volunteer capacity. I will take this opportunity to thank them all for their terrific voluntary contribution to Radford College, and we look forward to adding to our Committees in the new year.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and relaxing spring holidays, and I look forward to seeing you at our very fast-approaching end-of-year events and celebrations.


Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

From the Chaplain: Caring enough to act

17 September 2019

Father Richard Browning

May we care enough about the future to act with courage in the present.

By Father Richard Browning

Remembering is a sacred act. In religious terms, it is about securing the future more than it is about treasuring the past. “There is no Jew or Christian without memory”. This phrase is more a statement about what is to come than what has been.

The book by George Huitker recording thirty-five years of our stories is not just wonderful. It is an account of where Radford has been. It traces of our origins through accounts of foundational people who best embody where we have come from, so we can see where we are going, and crucially, why we must go there.

In our culture, time has a particular orientation in relation to our bodies – the past is behind us and the future is ahead. Try flipping it. That is, put the past in front and the future behind (rowers do this naturally – they sit backwards to go forwards). This is a remarkably humble, realistic, courageous and hopeful practice. It is also very Judeo-Christian. We can see where we have been – it is in front of us. And the future, although able to be sketched, is visible only with the eye of the imagination – so why not ‘picture it’ behind us!

This can give a very helpful picture for hope:

in light of what we see (history)
we cast a future worth caring about
and act on it now with purpose and courage.

Remembering is essential to hope.

When this community remembers, whether we like it or not, it turns us towards truth and compassion. This is both helpful and uncomfortable. It is helpful because of the inherent identity. It is uncomfortable because it is demanding, and we have to act. This memory also places these values squarely within the heart of God, whose demands are as simple as they are complete: love God. Love truth, love compassion – both names for God.

And how we treat our neighbour is the test.

When we remember, we will see, the biggest test of this community’s apparent success will not be how many past students might be studying medicine, but how well our community acts with purpose and courage for the health of our neighbour.

Barbara Taylor*, prolific author and Episcopal priest writes:

The only clear line I draw these days is this: when my religion tries to come between me and my neighbour, I will choose my neighbour…Jesus never commanded me to love my religion.

No ‘love’, not even ‘religious love’ whatever that is, is to get between us and our neighbour. Indeed, draw lines between us and ‘them’, and the uncomfortable truth is Jesus is likely to be on the other side.

The earth is our oldest and nearest neighbour, and Sabbath binds us to creation.
Jesus has been sent into the world to find the lost, and we are all one in him.

May our community increase the character of its members,
that seeing clearly the past, we care enough about the future
to act with courage in the present. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

* Quotation from : An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith, by Barbara Brown Taylor, (2009), published by HarperOne.



Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

JS News, 18 Sept 2019

18 September 2019

Karen Mahar, Acting Head of Junior School

Events and seasonal changes


Dates for your diary

Thurs 19 Sept

Year 7 Orientation
Year 4 Exc to Recycling Discovery Hub
JS Disco

Fri 20 Sept

JS RTC Talent Quest

Mon 23 Sept

Year 1 Environmentors

Tues 24 Sept

Year 6 Exhibition Open Classroom

 Those mischievous scarecrows in the Junior School courtyard have kept a watchful eye over the daffodils and perhaps our “dingle dangle” friends have waited in wonder as Spring has snuck upon us all?! 

Scarecrows in the Spring garden

Blue skies, picture perfect warm weather over the weekend, along with the opening of Floriade, all announce the arrival of Spring. 

Spring is a time of both subtle and significant change. In addition to the obvious changes to the landscape, as flowers bloom and trees come to life, as buds turn into blossoms, we shed our winter woollies and replace them with bright coloured shirts and shorts and casual clothes of all sizes and sorts. 

Learning Journey 2019End-of-season team games are won and lost with equal levels of elation or disappointment, and football fields turn into cricket grounds. 

Just as flowers bloom and are at their best, we too can seek to be the best versions of ourselves, as we prepare for Term 4 and enter the “home stretch” for completing another school year.  

I don’t know if it’s just me - but everyone seems happier when it’s warm and sunny?! 

One thing that seems credible is the thought that if we didn’t have a winter, spring might not seem such a treat and quite possibly may not be so enjoyable as it currently is?! 

Most year levels have conducted their learning journeys which present an opportunity for parents to witness and experience the learning achievements of their children. A parent advised me it was his favourite day of the school year!

PreK Learning journeys will be in in Weeks 9 & 10.  

SEAACT Science and Engineering Fair

Last weekend, Radford played host to the Science Educators’ Association of the ACT, attracting more than 400 entries.  

Participation in the SEAACT Science & Engineering Fair was optional, and provided opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of science inquiry processes, as outlined in the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum.  

The entries from both Junior and Secondary students were many and varied and came under the following categories: 

  • Earth and Space sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Engineering. 

Proving to be a great opportunity for creative and critical thinking in scientific communication, the real learning journey is not seeking to understand what is, but to also ask and understand “I wonder why?” and to also ask “What if?”

Winter Uniform transition

School protocol requires students to wear the winter uniform during Terms 2 and 3. With the changing weather patterns, however, students are permitted to wear either winter or summer uniform during a changeover period, which is the last two weeks of Term 3 and the first two weeks of Term 4.

Traffic matters

Thank you to everyone for your continued support for our “drop off” and “pick up” arrangements. Your cooperation is appreciated in ensuring drivers do not park, or leave, their vehicle in the ‘Drop and go/collect zone’ in front of the Junior School before 8.45am. Please do not block the roundabout when queuing.   

Displaying family collection signs each afternoon is also very helpful for arranging children. 

Junior School Disco

We all look forward to the Junior School disco for Years 1–6 on Thursday 19 September.  A reminder that students can only attend using their pre-purchased ticket. 

  • Yr 1-3 Disco is 6:00 - 7:15pm
  • Yr 4-6 Disco is 7:15 - 8:30pm 

A reminder of the Drop off and pick up arrangements for the evening:

Yr 1-3 Disco

  • Drop students at the ‘turning circle’ area where staff will escort them inside the TB Millar Hall.
  • Collect from the ‘Junior School pick and go’ area.

Yr 4-6 Disco

  • Drop students at the ‘turning circle’ area where staff will escort them inside the TB Millar Hall.  
  • If families are also collecting a Yr1-3 child, they can be dropped at the JS pick and go area and walk over, as staff will be along the route
  • Collect from the turning circle area.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to a fantastic night of music, dancing and games.

Many thanks to the RTC and Melinda Hamilton and Daniel Madden for their planning and preparation.

Current Character Strength Spotlight – Forgiveness 

“An eye for an eye and the whole world may one day be blind”
Mahatma Gandhi 

Surely one of the most challenging character strengths to embrace is forgiveness? When we are wronged, it is so easy to seek and pursue revenge. However, as Mahatma Gandhi also said “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is for the strong.” 

A thought for your consideration:

“In a world where you can be anything - BE KIND.”
Jennifer Dukes Lee

Image for article: Snowsports Team rises to ultimate challenge

Snowsports Team rises to ultimate challenge

18 September 2019

Report from the Australian Interschools – Mt Buller 4-8 September 2019

By Jonathan Mandl, Technical Director Snowsports

Twenty of our best snowboard and ski athletes from Years 4–12 earned the right to challenge Australia’s best on some of the steepest and longest courses over four hectic days of competition at picturesque Mt Buller in Victoria last week.

After travelling more than 600km south and climbing 1800m to the resort, we quickly found ourselves a part of a student army of 3640 entries from a record 334 Schools across Australia.

Radford Snowsports’ excited team of 20 were all fired up and sped down the most technically challenging courses in the country with skill and grace. They were also excellent ambassadors for the College, exhibiting good sporting behaviour at all times.

The days were long for all, with the group at the team base of Coonamar Lodge making an early start from 6:00am for events. A hearty meal in the evenings preceded a mixture of equipment tuning, preparation and relaxing in the games room.

Outstanding performances included:

  • Our youngest Snowboard competitor, Jack Appaneal in Year 4, charging the course in the Division 4 SBGS
  • Darcy Barlow rampaging for Radford in the Division 5 SkierX
  • Audrey Potter lighting up the hill, finishing 21st in a field of 48 in Division 4 Moguls
  • Our Division 3 Alpine GS team of Fin Barlow, Niki Georgalis and Mitch Riepon (13th)
  • Our Division 2 Snowboard GS team of Maggie Potter and Emma Brennan (9th) and backing up same day on Division 2 Snowboard Cross (12th)
  • Our Division 2 SkierX team of William Brake, Lachlan Herring and Tom Ewer (10th)
  • Our Division 2 Alpine GS teams of William Brake, Lachlan Herring, Louis Hearn and Tom Ewer (8th) and Alex Schofield, Campbell Kruger and Will Seddon (11th)
  • Our Division 1 girls SkierX team of Rosie Joshua, Mia Rajak and Katherine Hinchcliffe (6th)
  • Our Division 1 boys SkierX team of Oscar Gordon and Ethan Kruger (13th)
  • Oscar Gordon leaving nothing in reserve on the Division 1 boys Alpine GS course.

On the Champion Schools table, Radford College recorded a very respectable 10th from a strong field of 26 Co-Ed schools and the top performing ACT school in both competitor enrolment and points scored.

Many thanks go to our tireless parents and family supporters who got us there and back safely! The ‘Mt Buller mission’ every two years is not for the faint-hearted. I’m reliably told all students will do extra work around the house over Summer and keep their bedrooms clean to show their appreciation of your efforts on the highway and course-side. Special thanks to Mr Alan Ewer for a very entertaining stint volunteering as Start Marshall on Sunday’s Div 2 GS course, a job well done and our thanks to you as one of the 315 parent course official volunteers rostered on over the four days of the championships.

Special thanks to Mr Bradley Greer for his dedication and commitment to supervise the team all season long and enjoying spectating events at Mt Buller. Also, Mrs Lisa Stocks for her tireless and accurate work behind the scenes to plan and coordinate our event entries, accommodation and transport.

As this is our last event report for 2019, the team would like to thank Mr Larkham and Mrs Godfrey for their unhesitating endorsement of the Snowsports Program in its 26th year and all the approvals for our many activities throughout Winter.

Lastly, a reminder to find your favourite star in our talented team by searching their event photos at this link: https://photoshopmtbuller.com.au

Gen Casarotto was the winner of the Year 8 "background speaker" section

Japanese Speech Contest

16 September 2019

By Oliver Johnstone (Year 10)

A challenging contest which tested written and oral Japanese language skills

By Oliver Johnstone (Year 10)


On Saturday 31 August, several Radford students from Years 7–10 had the opportunity to participate in the ACT High School Division Japanese Speech Contest. 

Open to many schools around the city, the contest saw the students competing to have the most complex and interesting speech – in Japanese. Students were given just over a month to write and memorise their speech. They had to do this with little to no assistance from teachers or others, to demonstrate their own proficiency rather than an adept speaker’s. 

The topic for the speech was completely open, which allowed the students to speak at their level skill about something that interested them. This fact was made especially apparent during the competition, in which a diverse range of topics could be seen, ranging from a description of a homestay to the discussion of environmental issues – and even a unicyclist who spoke his entire speech whilst riding his unicycle. 

Contestants were separated into year groups, which meant that they were competing against others of similar skill levels to themselves. There was also an open division, which was intended for native and background speakers of the language. 

The entire experience proved to be valuable and enjoyable, and it allowed all the participants to significantly develop their Japanese speaking, writing, and listening skills. 

Students who participated from Radford College were: Richmon Holt (Yr 8), Gen Casarotto (Yr 8) and Oliver Johnstone (Yr 10), with Gen Casarotto winning the Year 8 background speaker section.  Thanks to Mrs Fitzpatrick for providing this opportunity.




Collegians share their stories with Year 12 students

Collegians present "Life after Radford"

18 September 2019

Nikita Chandekar and Olivia Young, Collegians Captains

Five Collegians shared their stories with the Y12 cohort

By Nikita Chandekar and Olivia Young, Year 12 Collegians Captains 

As we head into the final leg of our schooling journey, many of us are excited to see what the future holds. However, at this time, when university applications and gap year planning are consuming our everyday thoughts, the prospect of leaving this safe-haven of Radford has become somewhat nerve-wracking. That’s why, when our year group got the opportunity to hear from a panel of people who have been through it all before, we were excited! 

The Year 12 cohort had the incredible opportunity of hearing from a panel of Radford Collegians at the Life After Radford event. The five panellists, graduates of the classes of 1999 to 2015, were Lauren Rowell, Tom Hertel, Sally Bradford-Jones, Will Green and Bella Rogers. Throughout the session, students engaged in conversation with the Collegians, asking them a range of questions from what House they were in, to what life advice they have for us now. It was thoroughly enjoyable to learn about what life is like outside of Radford. It was also reassuring to know that, actually, there is a plethora of pathways available to us in the future.  For example, one of speakers mentioned that she had planned a one-year gap year, which ended up being a two-year gap year. She then tried a few degrees and careers before finding one that she loves. 

The prospect of uncovering what we love in the future is exciting, and we are thankful to have had these conversations with these great Collegians. On behalf of the Year 12s, we would like to thank our five panellists for giving up their time to share their journey post-Radford. We would also like to thank Mrs Claire Osborne, Mr Mick Bunworth, Mrs Lindy Braithwaite, and Mrs Nerida Dyne for organising this event.

Life After Radford 2019 presentation


Read this month's SchoolTV edition on the topic of blended families

SchoolTV - Blended Families

17 September 2019


The blended family is now the fastest growing family dynamic

From: Claire Melloy, Assistant Principal Student Development

This month on SchoolTV


Blended, or stepfamilies, come in all shapes and sizes. Today, the term “blended family” is more commonly used as opposed to “stepfamily”. Although their original meanings differ slightly, today both terms are used interchangeably. This is mostly due to some of the negative connotations associated with fairytale characters such as the evil stepmother or stepsister.

The blended family is the fastest growing family dynamic in the world, with one in five families now being a ‘step’ or ‘blended’ family. However, when families “blend,” however, it rarely progresses smoothly. Some children resist change, and parents become frustrated when the new family doesn’t function in the same way as the previous one.

For many step-parents, the greatest challenge lies in determining what their role is within the family. The process can be both rewarding and challenging. Children affected by the union of a new couple may not be excited at the prospect of becoming part of a new family.

Although blending families requires adjustment and patience from everyone involved, in this edition of SchoolTV, parents will be given some guidelines of real expectations that can help their new family work through the growing pains. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College Wellbeing Team, or seek medical or professional help.

Image for article: Senior Drama: "The Importance of Being Earnest"

Senior Drama: "The Importance of Being Earnest"

25 September 2019

Nick Akhurst, Head of Cocurricular Drama

A trivial play for serious people

Senior Drama: The Importance of Being Earnest
Dates: 17, 18, 19 October
TB Millar Hall
Refreshments in the foyer from 6pm, show starts at 7pm
Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/BFDDT


A trivial play for serious people. This is considered Oscar Wilde’s greatest dramatic achievement, with its clever satire aimed directly at Victorian social hypocrisy. 

Join us for a hilarious night of comedy as Year 11 and 12 Students tackle this witty look at high society. 

The show begins at 7pm on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October in the TB Millar Hall.

Join us from 6pm for scones and (for those over 18) a glass of Nick O’Leary’s Canberra District wine available for purchase in the foyer before the show. 

Booking at https://www.trybooking.com/BFDDT or tickets on sale at the door.



ACT U12 Track and Field competitors: Oliver Luppi, Hamish Whithear, Joshua Miller, Owen Toyne

Sports Report, 18 Sept 2019

18 September 2019

Sports Department

Results, selections, trials, refereeing and tennis competition!

ACT 12U Track and Field Championships
Fifteen Radford students from Years 4-7 competed in the ACT 12U Track and Field Championships on Tuesday 10th September, at the AIS.  It was a wonderful spring day with some outstanding performances which included Joe Whithear breaking the 11 years boys 1500m ACT record. 

Full Results

Isla Murphy

10th 9Y G 70m

15th 9Y G 100m

5th 8-10Y G LJ

Poppy  Smith

18th 10Y G 100m

11th 10Y G 200m

4th 8-10Y G SP

Chelsea Hately

10th 11Y G 100m

6th 11Y G LJ


Maddie Klergeris

12th 11Y G 800m



Amber Smith-Gibson

11th 12Y G 800m

6th 12Y 1500m


Hayze Shepherd

2nd 11Y B 100m

2nd 11Y B 200m


Oliver Luppi

15th 12Y B 100m

17th 12Y B 200m


Hamish Whithear

18th 12Y B 200m

9th 12Y B 800m


Joe Whithear

1st 11Y B 800m

1st 11Y B 1500m


Owen Toyne

7th 12Y B 800m

5th 12Y B 1500m

5th 12Y B LJ

Otis Hibberd

9th 11Y B 1500m



Joshua Orr

10th 12Y B 1500m



Josh Miller

20th 12Y B LJ



Christopher Kent

16th 11Y B SP



Lachlan Lloyd

10th 12Y B SP

12th 12Y B Discus


Congratulations to Joe Whithear who has been selected in the SSACT 12&U Track and Field team to compete at the 2019 School Sport Australia Championships in Darwin from the 18-23 September.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the ACT Southern Districts Female Country Championships teams. The girls will play in Newcastle during the October School Holidays.

• Mia Phelps (U15s)
• Amber Smith Gibson (U15s)
• Grace Kuchlmayar (U18s)


Over the weekend we saw several Radford teams compete in the preliminary finals for Winter Netball. The Radford Maroon team, competing in the Cadets Division 4, played outstandingly but unfortunately went down 26-30.

Congratulations to the Radford Silver team (Cadets Division 3) and Radford Green (Inters Division 5) for progressing through to the Grand finals.

A big weekend coming up for Radford basketball, with 8 teams making Grand finals. The teams are:

• U14 Suns - Div 1 Girls
• U14 Rave - Div 3 Girls
• U14 Grizzlies - Div 3 Boys
• U16 Falcons - Div 2 Boys
• U19 Wizards - Div 2 Boys
• U19 Fire - Div 3 Girls
• U19 Giants v Rockets - Div 3 Boys

Listen out for the time and day of the U18 Boys Div 3 Football Grand final!
Both the Radford Victory and Radford Glory won their semi-finals 2-1 and now play each other for the championship.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Secondary Track and Field State Representation
The 2019 Australian All Schools Track and Field Championship is the representative pathway event for Secondary students, and it is conducted by Athletics Australia not School Sport Australia. Therefore, SSACT does not select nor organise the team to compete at the Championships from the 6 – 8 December in Perth.

The 13&O ACT Championships that is conducted by SSACT, is part of the selection process for Athletics ACT as well as two of their High Noon events for the events not within the SSACT Program; Sprint Hurdles, 3km run, Steeplechase, Pole Vault, hammer throw, 1500m walk, 3km walk, and long hurdles.

Students wishing to be considered for selection in the events listed above need to enter one or both of the 2 High Noon events on the 1 and 22 September – please refer to the SSACT website Track and Field page www.schoolsportact.asn.au for High Noon event and (free) entry details as well as the AACT Selection Policy. 

If parents/guardians have any questions, please contact Athletics ACT directly on 02 6247 1276.


Futsal Referee Course - Capital Football
Capital Football is running Futsal referee courses at Radford on the dates & times below. Current Football referees can attend for a half-price discount of $55.

  • Saturday 21 September, 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • Sunday 13 October, 9:00am – 3:00pm

After completing a course, you will be able to referee for North Canberra Futsal over the Summer.

Futsal refereeing is a great way to earn cash and develop life skills, as well as a good continuation or introduction to Football refereeing.

For further information and to register please see the following link:

Radford Tennis Competition - 12 October
Contacts: Megan.Fritsch@radford.act.edu.au or annabelparolo@yahoo.com

Tennis comp poster

Basketball ACT Trials

Basketball ACT Trials

Help Year 1 students with their "Paddock to Plate" program

Year 1 is collecting Woolworths Discovery Gardens

16 September 2019

Melinda Hamilton

Help Y1 gardeners explore the "paddock to plate" process

By Melinda Hamilton, Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 would love to accept any donations of the Woolworths Discovery Garden collectables to support their inquiry into ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. 

 As part of our investigations, students are exploring the Paddock to Plate process and have been carefully tending a vegetable garden at the Cubby Village all year. As the growing season has ended, we’d love to plant and grow more vegetables! 

Please drop off any spare Discovery Garden collectables at the JS Reception. Thanks for your support 😊.

Image for article: Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

25 September 2019

Tickets now available online for this wonderful fundraising event

Click here to buy tickets or a table online.

Interested in being a sponsor for this event? - Click here for details

To discuss other ways of supporting the dinner, please contact the Foundation

PH: 02 6162 6200

E: foundation@radford.act.edu.au

The Year 1 visit to Barton Grocer is always a popular outing

Year 1 visits Barton Grocer

16 September 2019

Melinda Hamilton

Part of Year 1’s exploration into ‘How We Organise Ourselves’

by Melinda Hamilton 

Year 1 students are enjoying visits to the Barton Grocer, owned by the Costanzo family. These visits are to support Year 1’s exploration into ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. 

Students were given a tour of the store, made pasta, shopped for upcoming cooking experiences and purchased morning tea from the café. 

A huge “thank you” to the Barton Grocer for allowing us to visit!

Barton Grocer excursion


Student reflections: 

We made this pasta!

At the Barton Grocer I liked eating my large chocolate iced donut. I had to spend money to get my morning tea. I sat at the table to eat my food. It was yummy! Sophie C 

At the Barton Grocer I got to see the security cameras! I liked it so much because it made me think of the FBI and Shield Agents from Marvel. Joey 

At the Barton Grocer I liked when we got to fill the shelves. All the boxes were lined up where they needed to be put on the shelf. I helped to fill the shelves with crackers. Marcus 

At the Barton Grocer I liked making pasta. To make it a big machine shaped the pasta and it came out. We put it into bags and tasted it! Siobhan 

At the Barton Grocer I loved eating the pasta that I made. I loved it so much I shared it with my parents when I got home. Samantha 

At the Barton Grocer we were very lucky to have a tour of the whole shop with Dom the owner. Isabelle 

Dom let me take the money and put it in the cash register when 1MH bought food to make pizza and soup! Evan 

At the Barton Grocer we got to see the truck unloading stock in the back dock. In the boxes was food that will be sold in the Grocers. Zoe

  Healthy food choices at Barton Grocer


APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT

APFACTS Presentation: Andrew Oberthur

17 September 2019


Learn how to strengthen the culture of trust and collaboration

APFACTS is bringing Andrew Oberthur to Canberra to talk to parents and teachers about the three questions they need to ask of each other. Andrew is an experienced educator with over 17 years as a primary school principal. He holds a Masters’ degree in Educational Studies (Special Ed) and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Negotiation.  

Andrew delivers an interactive presentation where participants (teachers and parents) will learn how to strengthen the culture of trust and collaboration, through asking the right questions in the right context. 

“There are only three questions that teachers need to ask parents,
and only three questions parents ever need to ask teachers,” says Andrew.

Date: Tuesday, 24th September 2019
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Canberra Girls Grammar School, Senior School Hall, Melbourne Avenue, Deakin
Tickets: $25.50 per person, www.trybooking.com/BDBCX



APFACTS is the peak non-government school parent voice for the ACT, proudly built by parents for parents to have an active voice in education issues. 

W:  www.apfacts.org.au  ǀ F: www.facebook.com/apfacts





Mark your diaries for Radford's annual P&F Twilight Fete

P&F Fete Update #2

11 September 2019

P&F Association

Latest news on rides, stalls, and volunteer sign-up details!

Come along on Saturday 2 November for our fabulous community event, the P&F Twilight Fete.

Check out the activities and events planned, and join the team of vounteers to make your contribution. 

P&F Fete News #1

Image for article: Whooping Cough/Pertussis Notification

Whooping Cough/Pertussis Notification

11 September 2019

A case of Whooping Cough has been reported in a Year 6 student

The College has had one reported case of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in a Year 6 student.

Please be aware that this is a notifiable disease, and children with the disease should be kept away from school. A fact sheet is attached below, but please contact your doctor or ACT Health on 6205 2155 for more information or advice.

Pertussis/Whooping Cough
ACT Health: 
Pertussis/Whooping cough fact sheet

  • You can still get whooping cough even if you are fully vaccinated as protection from the vaccine wears off over time. For this reason a booster dose of whooping cough vaccine is offered in Year 7 at high school.
  • If your child has been vaccinated, the cough may be mild, particularly at the start of the infection. Even if the cough is mild your child is still able to pass the infection to others.
  • Please see your doctor as soon as possible if your child has a cough. A swab test is most accurate in the first 4 weeks of coughing. There is no need to have your child tested if they do not have a cough.
  • If your child is suspected of having whooping cough and the doctor has ordered a swab test, please keep your child at home until the results are available as they may be infectious.
  • If your child is diagnosed with whooping cough, they must be excluded from school until they are no longer infectious, which is usually after taking an appropriate antibiotic for 5 days.
  • Whooping cough is most serious for babies under 6 months of age.

This fact sheet is provided for more information.

  • Please contact ACT Health on 5124 9213 if you require any further information about whooping cough.


Bookings now open for Radford's holiday programs

Radford Holiday Programs, Spring 2019

25 September 2019

Details for the three programs on offer

Three holiday programs are on offer during the upcoming September-October school break.

Details are available by clicking on your preferred program below.

Early Years

Junior School



Music Events Terrm 3

Music recital schedule for Term 3

JS & SS Celebration events - 9 December, save the date!

JS & SS Celebrations - 9 December 2019

Celebrations 9 Dec at AIS Arena. Last day of Term for Pre-K-Y9 is Tues 10 Dec.