Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 1 – 16 October 2019

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From The Principal

14 October 2019

Term 4 events and staffing news

A very warm welcome back to school for the start of Term 4. I hope all Radford families had an opportunity to have some relaxing time over the holidays and are now ready to face what is arguably the busiest term of the year.

Over the next eight weeks an enormous amount of activity will happen both inside and outside of the classroom. As is customary, the year will culminate with the Year 12 Graduation on Monday 25 November and the Junior and Secondary School Celebrations, formerly known as Awards Afternoon and Evening, on Monday 9 December. The change in name from Awards to Celebration signals a shift in emphasis from a predominantly academic focus to one celebrating all the activities in which our students are involved. This year’s events will, for the first time in many years, be held in the AIS Arena, rather than the Canberra Convention Centre. We are hoping all events will be very entertaining and informative.

For this year only, the Junior School and Secondary School Celebrations will be held on the last Monday afternoon / evening (i.e. Monday 9 December). This change of day came about as the AIS Arena had already been booked by another school on the Tuesday. Whilst we are hoping to rectify this situation for next year, it does mean that all students (Pre K – Year 9) will still be required back at school on Tuesday, the day after the Celebrations.

Between now and the last of the major functions for the year, there will be a great deal of pressure on staff and students to complete all the required curriculum and assessments. Over the coming days, I will be reminding students, particularly our senior students, to make sure they are fully prepared and know what is required of them in their final days.

The end of year functions give us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all that has been achieved over the course of an academic year. It is important that all students and their families can take part in these activities and I ask that the following dates are recorded and prioritised: 

Year 12 Graduation                                    


Monday November 25

Year 12 Formal                                           


Monday December 2

Year 6 Graduation                          


Thursday December 5

Year 10 End of Year Celebration


Friday December 6

Junior School and Secondary School Celebrations     


Monday December 9

The first of the major co-curricular events for Term 4, the Senior Drama Production, takes place at the end of this week. The choice of play this year is Oscar Wilde’s comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest. I have no doubt that our very talented senior drama students will ensure that the play, directed as usual by Mr Jason Golding (Head of English), will once again be of a very high standard. Tickets are on sale for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night’s shows via this link.

Holiday Events, Tours and Camps
I am pleased to report that all the international tours that were conducted over the holiday period have safely returned home. Our language tours to France and Japan were, from all accounts, fabulous learning experiences, with all students reporting a much greater understanding of the language they are studying and a greater appreciation of the culture, particularly through their home stay experience.

The Round Square International Conference Tour to India, led by our Round Square Coordinator, Ms Kath Notley was also highly successful. The students developed some firm friendships with students from other Round Square schools from around the world, which hopefully will endure over time. The students were also exposed to a range of activities around Round Square’s ideals of internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership and service.

Closer to home, approximately 30 of our rowers attended a Rowing Camp at the Berry Sport and Recreation Centre in the first week of the holidays. Led by Director of Rowing, Ms Vicky Spencer, the students enjoyed utilising the facilities at the Centre and made a great start for the upcoming rowing season.

And finally, 12 of our Year 12 students completed their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Qualifying Expedition in the Kosciuszko National Park, led by Ms Sue Hassall and assisted by Ms Tracey Craze. On their return to Canberra Ms Hassall wrote the following:

“It was a challenging walk involving steep hills, heavy packs, bull-ants, difficult navigation, intimidating kangaroos and thick scrub requiring ‘bush-bashing’. It is the most challenging expedition these students have completed, and they were amazing! (and I just managed to keep up with them). I was humbled by their skills, grit and spirit – they are a credit to their families and their school.”

Staffing Announcements
The College was very saddened to learn at the end of last term that our recently appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr Andrew Wood, was forced to retire due to personal health issues. In the short period of time that Andrew was at Radford, he made an enormous contribution to the corporate services area of the College and was instrumental in bringing about some very positive changes to our operational processes and finalising the work on the Morison Centre.

While we have again started a national search for a new COO, we have been fortunate to be able to appoint Mr Peter Gunning as an Interim COO. Peter, who has been retired for the past 12 months, was previously the Chief Financial Officer at AFP and comes to Radford highly recommended by a number of people in Canberra.

Long-serving staff member and Dean of Administration, Mr Glenn Demery will also retire at the end of 2019. Last term we advertised both internally and externally to find someone to replace Glenn and I am delighted to announce that Mr Andrew Barber, our former Head of Mathematics, has been appointed to the role from the start of Term 4.

Current Assistant Head of Mathematics, Ms Kym Palfreman, will now be Acting Head of Mathematics and Ms Alyssa Maier, will be the Acting Assistant Head of Mathematics for Term 4.

In other staffing news, two senior staff members officially began at Radford this week. Our new Head of Junior School, Mr Andy Gordon, started his tenure this week and Reverend Katherine Rainger joins Father Richard as a Senior Chaplain, as he prepares to move to Brisbane at the end of the year. It is very exciting to have two staff with such great experience, credentials and expertise join our staff.

Click to RSVP for the Chaplain's Commissioning Service 

Commissioning of the New Chaplain

Reverend Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

From the Chaplain

15 October 2019

Rev. Katherine Rainger

A reflection from Radford's new Senior Chaplain

‘Get Up and Go on Your Way’ 

This is my first reflection as chaplain at Radford College, and I would like to begin by saying thank you to all who have welcomed me. I am looking forward to getting to know the many individuals and groups that make up the Radford community. 

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to enjoy several overseas trips. On each trip, I would try to abide by my personal motto: “Never make assumptions.” This became my motto after various “learning experiences” during my travels. The most vivid of these occurred in India, when I discovered that just because the most recent Lonely Planet featured a restaurant that I wanted to try, that didn’t actually mean that that restaurant had not in fact been bulldozed and no longer existed! I walked around the neighbourhood in question quite a few times before accepting the reality that was in front of me. 

A recent trip to Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park and Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary (both in South Australia) reminded me that I also needed to apply my motto in Australia. When the Tourist Information person said there was a dirt road, it would have been helpful (and perhaps saved a tyre!) if I had asked how long the dirt road went for, and what condition it was in. 

Back in Adelaide, I had an encounter that also challenged my assumptions. I was purchasing a copy of The Big Issue magazine from a vendor in Rundle Street Mall. As I paid my money and turned to leave, the vendor said, “Can I just ask you for one more thing?” I said yes, thinking that he was going to ask me for money or food, and was planning my response. After a pause, he said, “Can you make sure that you look after yourself?” My assumption could not have been more wrong. I was moved by this encounter and the blessing that I had received. I told him that I would do my best. 

The Gospel of Luke (Luke 17:11-19) records an encounter between Jesus and ten people who are suffering from leprosy — a disease that makes them “unclean” and keeps them away from others. The ten keep their distance from Jesus, while calling to him for mercy. Jesus sees them and heals them, thereby restoring them to the wider community. One of the ten returns to thank Jesus and Jesus says to him, “Get up and go on your way; your faith has made you well.” Jesus does not allow the stigma and assumption of isolation and exile to stick. Rather, Jesus draws them (and us) back into community. 

Reverend Katherine Rainger


NOTE: As mentioned in the Principal's article, Radord College community members are warmly invited to attend Rev. Katherine's commissioning, on 12 Nov. Click to RSVP for the Chaplain's Commissioning Service.



Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 16 October 2019

16 October 2019

Andy Gordon, Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Our new Head of Junior School reflects on the importance of zest!

Dates to Remember 

Wed 16 Oct

Yr 4 2020 iPad Information Evening

Tues 22 Oct

Year 6 Exhibition Parent Show

Thurs 24 Oct

Yr 3 Camp departs

Fri 25 Oct

Yr 6 Orientation

Yr 1 Exc to National Zoo

Yr 3 Camp returns

Welcome to Term Four! 

We all share at least this one thing in common: we get this opportunity to be a part of the Radford College Junior School community. I want to acknowledge the leadership and love of those who have gone before, walk alongside in the present, and those emerging. Junior School should be exciting as our learners grow in confidence and character. Junior schooling isn’t an apprenticeship for Secondary School, just as secondary schooling isn’t just an apprenticeship for University. Education is in essence, an apprenticeship for life. It is preparation for learning, living and growing in love. 

I reflected recently on the Scripture reading 2 Corinthians 8:7
“But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in truly wanting to help and in the love you learned from us —see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” 

Excel! As we enter a time of the academic year when we bring together academic achievement and celebrate growth in learning, I encourage our learners to achieve – and excel – in everything. We have the character strength of ‘zest’ in the spotlight. Zest can be defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. Approaching life as an adventure; such that one has "motivation in challenging situations or tasks". We encourage students to excel in knowing, in action and in growing their loving kindness to others; to excel in ‘zest’, taking the creativity and innovation inside you, to give to others, with excitement, anticipation and expectation. 

With ‘zest’ we are engaging in preparation with our Year 6 Exhibition, challenging our learners to be “Pushing the limits!” I encourage us all to honour the learning and innovation that our Year 6 students have reached as they have used high level thinking to transform knowledge into action. 

Year 6 Exhibition 2019

Thank you for your support, patience and foresight in honouring each other with the smooth flow of traffic during drop-off and pick-up times. We also thank our OSHC team for running an exciting and purposeful Holiday Program. In doing this, we welcome the new Director of OSHC, Nang Aung, and wish Ms Nang well as she sets the tone, establishes expectations and leads the learning and pastoral care of both the team and the children. 

There will be opportunities shortly when I would love to meet with parents in small groups to learn more about the families of Radford College, your hopes, dreams and expectations. 

With zest
Andy Gordon

Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Image for article: Collegian Andrew Ray wins international award

Collegian Andrew Ray wins international award

15 October 2019

Australian National University - News & Events

Andrew won the Law category award in the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards

Andrew Ray, Class of 2014This article about Andrew Ray, Class of 2014, is reproduced from the News and Events page of the ANU website, with kind permission of the University.

Andrew Ray, a fifth-year Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Science student at The Australian National University (ANU), was recently honoured for his award-winning essay in the Law category of the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards.

Andrew, the only student from an Australian university among the 25 winners selected worldwide, explored the use of machine learning for complex executive decision-making in his essay.

The competition attracted more than 3,400 submissions, which were judged by over 400 academics from a broad range of disciplines. Andrew will join other winners and highly commended entrants presenting at the 2019 Global Undergraduate Awards conference in November in Dublin, Ireland.

In this Q&A, Andrew shares what the award means to him and how his ANU studies have nurtured his interest in legal technology.

What does winning this award mean to you?
I have really enjoyed researching the intersection between law and technology and hope to continue this interest following my graduation. I believe that this award and being able to present my research in Dublin will allow me to continue to work in this space and connect me with other like-minded individuals from around the world.

What inspired you to explore implications of the future use of machine learning for complex executive decision-making for your essay?
Growing up in the “technology generation”, I witnessed firsthand the rapid expansion of technological capability and use. Combining this interest with my law studies I became interested in how technological advancement impacts the legal system, and what reforms are needed to keep pace with the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

I was able to pursue this interest in Legislative Drafting and Technology (LAWS4251), where I focussed on the use of AI in executive decision-making – a logical focus given the University’s location near government and the strong public law interest I developed through studying Australian Public Law (LAWS1205),Administrative Law (LAWS2201) and Commonwealth Constitutional Law (LAWS2202).

How has your interest in this field been enriched through your ANU Law studies?
My Legislative Drafting and Technology lecturer, Sarah Paloni, was extremely supportive of my choice of topic and worked with me as I prepared the essay for submission to the competition. My interest in the intersection between law and technology has been developed more broadly through my Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Science degree, particularly through the electives offered by the ANU College of Law.

I was able to further my interest in law and technology through studying Information Technology Law (LAWS4245), Intellectual Property (LAWS2222), and Legislative Drafting and Technology, as well as through extracurricular pursuits including the 2019 #InnovateLaw Hackathon.

What will be some of the key themes you hope to explore in your presentation?
My presentation will focus on the potential benefits of machine learning for executive decision-making – namely, the speed and consistency in automated decision-making – before assessing the potential harms if laws regulating this type of decision-making do not keep up with developing technology. It will conclude by making recommendations for future law reform, especially to the Freedom of Information Act and the judicial review process more broadly.

These changes would ensure that individuals are aware when a decision that affects them has been made by a computer program and would prevent a decision from being sent back to the same program if a successful judicial review action is brought.

Radford students in the Todd Woodbridge Tennis Cup

Sports Report, 16 Oct 2019

16 October 2019

Sports Department

Plenty of Sports news: tennis, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, oztag

2019 Todd Woodbridge Tennis Cup 
On the final day of Term 3, 18 Radford students from Years 2-4 competed against 10 other schools from the Belconnen Region in the Todd Woodbridge ‘red ball’ Tennis Cup.  It was busy day with 7 rounds of tennis being played.  Students were paired in doubles and mixed double matches.  It was pleasing to see the excellent sportsmanship carried out by all Radford students. 

At the end of the day, Radford Team 1 placed 5th and Radford Team 2 placed 3rd.  It was an excellent day to finish the term.  Thank you to Belinda Schulha for helping manage Team 1. 

Radford Team 1


Radford Team 2

Peter Gordiev

Darcy Ellis

Spencer Ellis

Sathvik Muppavarapu

Ashley Ward

Lexi Ruta

Sahana Krishnakumar

Estelle Livas

Molly Jones


Isaac Waldren

William Schulha

James King

Aarush Swarup

Naina Yalamanchilli

Sophie Schulha

Ella Huang

Zoe Curll

Kate Francis

Radford Tennis Competition
On Saturday 12th October 25 students played in the Radford Tennis Competition.  The day commenced with the orange ball competition, followed by green and yellow ball games.  It was a great day of tennis with some great rallies being had.


Orange Ball Singles

Green Ball Singles

Yellow Ball

1st – Lexi Ruta

2nd – Ethan Whittaker

3rd – Sophie Schulha


Orange Ball Doubles

1st – William Wild & Imad Nassir

2nd – Sophie Schulha & Lexi Ruta

3rd – Ethan Whittaker & Ella Huang

1st – Diego Ruta

2nd – Aarav Kochar

3rd – Arthur Hadlow


Green Ball Doubles

1st – Ashley Ward & Will Fritsch

2nd – William Schulha & Aaraz Kochar

1st – Aaron Lui

2nd – Ryan Duan



Yellow Ball Doubles

1st - Gen Casarotto & Aaron Lui

2nd – Ryan Duan & Zoe Fritsch

Congratulations to Radford’s Junior League Division 1 teams who earned the 2019 Capital Football Junior League Division 1 Fair Play Award. Radford fielded Junior League Division 1 teams in the U10 & 12 Open and U14, 16 & 18 Girls age groups.

Football awards

The 2019-20 Basketball Summer Season training sessions have commenced this week, with all Round 1 games starting on the 18/19/20 October.  Please make sure you check the Basketball ACT website www.basketballact.com.au for game times and locations.

The Summer Cricket season commenced on the 12/13 October.  Radford Division I teams, along with the 13 years and 14 years Division II teams played games.  All Division I teams won their matches. 

McDonalds U15 Women’s Country Championships
Congratulations to Mia Phelps and Amber Smith-Gibson who represented the ACT Southern Districts Team which won the McDonalds U15 Women’s Country Championships on the 8/9 October. 

Sultana Bran Hockey One League
The Sultana Bran Hockey One League is Australia’s new national hockey competition.  It is a 49-day season with 21 double header home and away event days plus finals. The league will feature Australia’s best hockey players competing in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane, and Sydney. 

Radford student Jay Macdonald is member of the Canberra Chill men’s team.  He travelled to Perth on the 11/12/13 October and will play a double header against Melbourne and Tasmania on the 19/20 October.  

The 2019-20 Summer Oztag training sessions have commenced this week with competitions starting in Week 1 and Week 2 of Term 4.  Please make sure you check ACT Oztag www.act.oztag.com.au for game times. 

The 2019-20 Summer Futsal training sessions have commenced this week with competitions starting on the 18th and 20th October.  Please make sure you check North Canberra Futsal www.northcanberrafutsal.com.au for game times.

Celebrate the wonderful world of Design and Technology, 14-20 October, 2019

Design and Technology Week: 14-20 Oct

15 October 2019

Cathleen Jackson, Head of Design and Technology

Join students in celebrating how design and technology help to shape our world

Cathleen Jackson, Head of Design and Technology

Design and Technology Week is a national initiative engaging schools throughout Australia to promote this area of learning, and to showcase the creative, innovative and challenging work our students are engaged in. To celebrate Design and Technology Week at Radford College, a selection of students’ work will be on display in the Library and a number of lunchtime activities will be run, which are designed to test students’ logic and creativity.  Further details will be advertised through the Daily Announcements on Radford Online.

At the heart of all good design, whether we’re designing a chair, a menu, an infographic, a prosthetic leg, or a computer program, is an understanding of the purpose of the product and, more importantly, a deep understanding of the human beings who will using the product in the end. People from outside the education system are sometimes surprised at the grouping of subjects within the Design and Technology area, but it is this necessary understanding of humanity, and the human uses of the products that we are designing, which binds all these subjects together. 

The study of Design and Technology subjects provides students with complex learning challenges in which they use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce solutions for identified needs and opportunities. Students manage projects independently and collaboratively, from conception to realization, using both traditional and emerging technologies.  

Students apply design processes to investigate ideas, generate and refine ideas, plan, produce and evaluate designed solutions. They develop a sense of pride, satisfaction and enjoyment from their ability to develop innovative designed products, services and environments.  Students experiment with tools, materials and technologies to manage and produce prototypes, products and solutions to identified needs and problems. 

Students have the opportunity to study Design and Technology through one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Digital Technology (Year 7 – 12)
  • Engineering Studies (Year 11-12)
  • Food Technology (Year 7-12)
  • Graphics and Design (Year 7 – 12)
  • Textiles Technology (Year 7 – 12)
  • Wood Technology (Year 7-12) 

Textiles Technology offers a unique way of thinking creatively and critically.  The discipline covers an array of design contexts, from interiors to clothing. Design in textiles drives innovation, and engages students in the process of planning, designing and developing solutions, with each year group focusing on different themes that set design parameters. 

Food Technology is the conduit for connecting science, technology and engineering to create, design and produce food products in a range of contexts. It provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their creativity, ingenuity and practical prowess.  Design principles are utilised to develop nutritionally balanced menus and food presentation techniques, which enhance the aesthetics of quality food products. 

In Digital Technology, we often seem focused on the technical components, however, the end result of this is the ability to control computers in a way that solves human problems. The design process is at the heart of creating digital solutions. Digital Technologies aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to design, create, manage and evaluate digital solutions. We look to build confidence with computational thinking and coding skills, so that each student has the ability to use digital systems to automate processes and to create digital content.  All of these digital production processes are firmly embedded in the context of the design process where experimentation and problem-solving are rewarded. 

Graphics and Design at Radford College encourages students to use a balance of creative skill and new technology to produce a range of design solutions to challenging problems. Students acquire the skills and other processes needed to meet these challenges via the scaffolded learning of fundamental principles of design, new software platforms and project-based assessment. 

Wood Technology provides learning options that cannot be readily supplied outside the safe school environment, using specialised machinery and technology, such as the laser cutter and CNC router.   Students can explore new ideas and techniques to construct their own projects, using a range of products to address a specific design brief. The practical application of these skills allows students to demonstrate and refine high quality carpentry skills in a creative manner, preparing students for future job opportunities or leisure activities. 

Just as when we are sitting on a well-designed chair, we should be so comfortable that we’re not thinking about how well it has been designed, when we are using a well-designed computer program, the last thing we should be noticing is its design. It should be so intuitive that it just seems natural to be using it. The ability to be able to create products rests on that dual understanding of the tools we are working with, and the people at the end of the process. When we develop these understandings, we are able to design and create amazing things.

Image for article: Secondary School Swimming Carnival

Secondary School Swimming Carnival

16 October 2019

Sports Department

Program and instructions for the Carnival

Developing skills, building friendships, and having fun!

Small-Boat Rowing Camp

16 October 2019

Olivia Hombsch, Senior Rower Year 11

Radford rowers enjoyed developing skills, building friendships, and having fun

By Olivia Hombsch, Senior Rower Year 11

On the first day of holidays, a group of students travelled to Berry, NSW for the inaugural Radford Small-Boat camp (single sculls). Students in the group were from Y8 through to Y11, and the diversity of talent was disparate when it came to carpool karaoke on the bus ride there, but the enthusiasm of the group was plentiful!

Upon arriving at Berry, we were met by our dedicated team of coaches who had already unloaded and rigged 20 single sculls ready for us to launch off one tiny pontoon. As a team, we became very creative in finding new, exciting, and often soaking ways to launch multiple boats in a short time span.

Over the five days spent at camp, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and nature as we rowed and ran past green fields with the cows mooing at us. The group enjoyed the benefit of coaching in small groups and regular video feedback on land. We all improved our skills and pushed the boundaries with new exercises in the boat, including standing up, turning round, switching oars over, and needless to say, a few capsize drills. The coaches rewarded our hard work and enthusiasm with a trip to Berry or the beach on the penultimate day of the camp, which was a welcome distraction.

Balancing exercises at Berry Rowing Camp

On the last morning of camp, we did an alternative race, which involved a 3km time trial with various skill tests to be completed along the route. These included doing a 360° turn of the boat in the quickest time possible, turning around on the spot while standing, and climbing along the boat to reach the bow ball. At this point many of the rowers fell in - some a little purposefully!

We all had a great time, and it was a welcome change from the sub-0C° mornings that many of us experienced out on Lake Burley Griffin over winter rowing. I developed many skills as a rower, along with a great start to a zootie tan-line. I also made new friends to enjoy rowing with over the next couple of years at Radford. We owe much of the camp’s success to the coaches, who were patient, creative and knowledgeable. I can confidently say that Berry Rowing camp was a success, and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend to go for it!

Image for article: Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

25 September 2019

Tickets now available online for this wonderful fundraising event

Click here to buy tickets or a table online.

Interested in being a sponsor for this event? - Click here for details

To discuss other ways of supporting the dinner, please contact the Foundation

PH: 02 6162 6200

E: foundation@radford.act.edu.au

 Y12 students Halery Xia, Matthew De Bortoli and Bobbi Sayers, ACT Plan Your Own Enterprise finalists

Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

15 October 2019

Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

Year 12 Business students excel at enterprise planning

From Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

Congratulations to Year 12 Business students Bobbi Sayers, Matthew De Bortoli and Halery Xia who represented the College as ACT finalists in the 2019 Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition.

The students each submitted a 3000 word business plan on their own unique business concept. Their ideas ranged from drivewaybhb to a cat café to a taekwondo/k-pop inspired dance studio. As finalists, they had to present their plan to a panel of industry experts, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the real world of business.

Bobbi was announced the winner of the ACT and will represent the ACT at the national finals this month. We wish her all the best.

Image for article: Senior Drama: "The Importance of Being Earnest"

Senior Drama: "The Importance of Being Earnest"

25 September 2019

Nick Akhurst, Head of Cocurricular Drama

A trivial play for serious people

Senior Drama: The Importance of Being Earnest
Dates: 17, 18, 19 October
TB Millar Hall
Refreshments in the foyer from 6pm, show starts at 7pm
Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/BFDDT


A trivial play for serious people. This is considered Oscar Wilde’s greatest dramatic achievement, with its clever satire aimed directly at Victorian social hypocrisy. 

Join us for a hilarious night of comedy as Year 11 and 12 Students tackle this witty look at high society. 

The show begins at 7pm on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October in the TB Millar Hall.

Join us from 6pm for scones and (for those over 18) a glass of Nick O’Leary’s Canberra District wine available for purchase in the foyer before the show. 

Booking at https://www.trybooking.com/BFDDT or tickets on sale at the door.



Mark your diaries for Radford's annual P&F Twilight Fete

P&F Fete Update #3

25 September 2019

Monique Glavonjic

Latest news on rides, stalls, and volunteer sign-up details!


Read the latest Fete Update (#3)

Come along on Saturday 2 November for our fabulous community event, the P&F Twilight Fete.

Check out the activities and events planned, and join the team of vounteers to make your contribution. 

Back To

Year 1 students enjoyed a visit from Enviro Mentors

Enviro Mentors

15 October 2019

Melinda Hamilton, Teacher

Year 1 students enjoyed a sustainability workshop with Enviro Mentors

Melinda Hamilton, Teacher 

Year 1 enjoys an Enviro Mentors session. 

On Monday, Year 1 classes all enjoyed a session with Enviro Mentors, who provide sustainability workshops. Students were taught about what items go into landfill and what can be recycled. Students were also given ideas about how to pack a waste free lunch. 

Some reflections from the students were: 

It was so much fun to learn about rubbish and recycling! I loved playing the sorting game the most. Evan  

I learnt that you have to flatten boxes in your recycling bin otherwise things can get inside them and it wastes space. Siobhan  

Worms don’t have teeth so you can’t put paper and newspaper in the compost unless you wet it. Don’t put onions or lemons in compost. Zach  

If you break a drinking glass or have an old light bulb, they can’t be recycled as that glass doesn’t melt quickly. Zoe  

Milk cartons have a pointy top and can be recycled. They’re made with cardboard & plastic. Juice poppers can be recycled and they’re made of cardboard, plastic and foil. Will  

Did you know there are bags that are made from corn? These are good for the environment as they break down. There are reusable bags too. Marcus uses these for his fruit break! Ryan


Some of the many former students in attendance at the reunion event

Collegians Reunion

15 October 2019

Collegians Association

A happy celebration for the Classes of 1989, 1999 and 2009.

Collegians reunion event

On Saturday 21st September, the Radford Collegians’ Association and Radford College hosted the annual Welcome Back function. Classes from 1989, 1999 and 2009 were in attendance to celebrate 10, 20 and 30 years since leaving Radford. The Collegians’ Association ambassadors organised “after parties” for each cohort.

This event has attracted more and more collegians each year, and present and former staff  are also attending in increasing numbers. This year, there were even some parents of collegians present.

The Association hopes this event continues to grow as a celebrate of the wider Radford community.

Read a full report of this event on the Collegians website, and enjoy the many photos:


Collegians reunion 2019, Morison Centre Collegians reunion 2019, Morison Centre


Fete Donations 2019

Fete Donations 2019

Where: carpark at rear of Chapel
When: Saturday 19 October and Sunday 20 October between 1pm and 5pm. Saturday 26 October and Sunday 27 October between 1pm and 5pm.
What: Please respect the requirements for donations -  no broken or stained items, no electrical items, no mattresses, no children’s car seats, no computer monitors/hardware.

Read Fete Update 4.