Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 2, 2020 – 21 October 2020

Staff Insights

Dr Adrian Johnson - Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary School

Myriad Paths

21 October 2020

Dr Johnson discusses the myriad pathways to a worthwhile life post schooling

Myriad Paths

I completed the Higher School Certificate in 1983 at a country high school, and gleefully embarked on my university studies in the ‘big smoke’ – Sydney – the following year.  What followed was an honours degree, a job and, 33 years and six workplaces later, I still work in the same industry.  Some of my classmates left school, accepting apprenticeships or took jobs.  ‘Gap Years’ weren’t invented then!  And those, pretty much, were our options.  How things have changed for the young people with whom we spend our days.  Some might argue: school leavers today are spoilt for choice?  And, I would contend, this trend is set to continue.

Education Council Report "Looking to the Future"What is making things tricky these days is that the boundary between school and work or university is becoming more and more blurred, and it is set to become increasingly so. 1 Our senior students can study university ‘H Courses’ at school; indeed, every state in the country now has a university senior college in which credits for first year tertiary subjects are gained before graduating secondary school.  Radford’s students studying an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship, or ASBA, are at school some days and engaged in workplaces on others. 

The competition between universities for the best Year 12 students in the land has seen application dates for university entry move earlier and earlier – now March for ANU for the following year.  This timing, of course, casts increasing doubt over the relevance of the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (or ATAR). 2 Early and unconditional offers by universities may be the death knell for this system?  And, given the links between the ATAR and adolescent anxiety levels, this may be no bad thing? 3

When I worked in the United Kingdom from 2003 – 2009, students would blend A-Levels with IB Diploma Subjects and satisfy entry requirements for university entry.  Not Oxbridge, admittedly, but with A2 Maths and Economics, and IBDP English and some Theory of Knowledge (for example), an institution would take aspirant school leavers.  So, no, you don’t have to study a full suite of six subjects, the Core (Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity Activity Service) and be awarded a Diploma to leave school or enter a tertiary institution.  In future, I foresee our students deciding between BSSS and IBDP courses on their merits – and receiving Certificates for the successful completion of stand-alone Diploma subjects.  Fingers crossed that more and more universities in Australia acknowledge these sorts of pathways.  So, the ‘ticket’ with which one gains admission to university is certainly changing.

Even the nature of work has changed for young people.  My personal example – of working in one industry for life – is destined for the history books as, increasingly, young people these days engage in a range of work portfolios across industries. 4 And, as avid readers of my articles will recall, it’s the key skills that people can apply to a range of settings which enable such an outcome.  Increasingly, young people need to be adaptable to constant change and to deal with competing demands. 5 

Foundation for Young Australians "The New Work Reality"I detail this situation not to alarm, but to acknowledge the reality: there are myriad pathways to a worthwhile life post schooling.  There was an interesting article on this very subject in a recent The Weekend Australian Magazine entitled Late Risers. 6  People interviewed in that article included: Shane Drumgold (left school in Year 9 – now ACT Director of Public Prosecutions), Bronwyn Carlson (left school at 15 – now Professor of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University), and Barry Kirby (failed Year 12 exams – now remote rural GP with obstetric skills saving women in PNG).  Yet making a worthwhile contribution to society isn’t, necessarily, about being one of the traditional ‘pillars’ of society, like these examples.  The key point here is: the end of Year 12, and resultant grades and ATAR, is NOT ‘make or break’. 

So, attention now turns to Year 12s and our planning for the end of year.  Of course, our very best wishes go to our ASBA, BSSS and IBDP Candidates – we very much hope you achieve grades exceeding your expectations.  However, if you do not achieve your targets, life will go on.  You will find another path to achieve your dreams – at some point down the track.  And it is you confidently finding your way through life that we, as educators, find most rewarding after you leave the ‘sheltered waters’ of Radford College.

Go well, Class of 2020. 



Education Council. Looking to the future: report of the review of senior secondary pathways into work, further education and training. June 2020. 


Singhal, P. ATAR 'a strait jacket around our kids': Mark Scott.
Sydney Morning Herald, 25 February 2019. 

Koziol, M. ATAR should be simplified or even abolished, says chief scientist Alan Finkel. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 April 2018. 


Bowden, T. Year 12 exams — are they worth the stress?
ABC News, 11 October 2017. 


Owen, J. An Education Worth Having. The Foundation for Young Australians,
accessed 20 October 2020. 


The Foundation for Young Australians. The New Work Reality 2018. 


Harari, F. Late risers: school dropouts who made it anyway.
The Weekend Australian Magazine, October 10 – 11, 2020.


Bert and Mary Poppins, also known as our Chaplains Andy Fleming and Rev. Katherine

Stories to Live By

19 October 2020

Book Week, 'The Three Questions", and Anglicare Sunday


We tell ourselves stories in order to live.
Joan Didion

Rev. Katherine as Mary PoppinsBook Week 2020 was a lot of fun. It was great to see so many students with their books and costumes celebrating the joy and insights that reading offers. Staff throughout the College also got into the spirit of celebrating this year’s theme, Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. 

Stories are vessels for truth and meaning about who we are and how we are to live. Jesus was known for his stories that both challenged and affirmed his listeners. Their response often depended on where they placed themselves in his stories which challenged the status quo. 

The great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was inspired by the words of Jesus. Tolstoy’s story The Three Questions is a parable which explores the question of how we are to live. 


In Tolstoy’s story, a King seeks the answers to three questions:

  • How can I do the right thing at the right time?
  • Who are the right people to listen to and who should be avoided; and above all
  • What is the most important thing to do? 

The King felt that if he could answer these questions he would never fail. 

At the risk of giving away that end of the story, which is worth reading in full, the King receives many answers to these three questions from the various people that he consults. In frustration at the unsatisfactory answers he had received from various sources, the King sought the wisdom of a hermit known for his wisdom. 

Through the twists and turns of the story it becomes clear that:

  • the most important time is the present
  • the most important person is the person whose company you are in, and
  • the most important thing is to “do that person good”

An adaption of this story, written for children by Jon J Muth called The Three Questions can be borrowed from the Junior School library or watched here. Students in Years 5 and 6 have been discussing this story as part of their learning in Religious and Values Education (RaVE). 

Anglicare Sunday
Sunday 18 October was Anglicare Sunday. Staff and volunteers at Anglicare are at the frontline of support for people who have been affected by the bushfires and job loss and other hardships due to COVID. This year’s theme for Anglicare Sunday is Love in Action.

Like the story above, Anglicare staff and volunteers listen to the people who they come into contact with, and support them with what they need. Chris and Lisa, who now live in Moruya, lost their home in the January bushfires. In this video they share how Anglicare has helped them to regain a sense of normality through tangible and dignified support. It is a story that is worth watching.

Donations to the valuable work of Anglicare can be made here.


A Prayer for Anglicare (and for us)

God grant us the compassion to care deeply for others;

the wisdom to discern how best to help;

the energy to transform emotion into action,

and the joy of wholehearted, loving service.

For Christ’s sake,



 Anglicare Sunday  Anglicare Sunday



The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

JS News, 21 Oct 20

21 October 2020

Teamwork, Cross Country and Book Week Parade

Dates for your diary

Thurs 22 Oct

Year 3 Camp

Fri 22 Oct

Year 3 Camp
Year 1 Visiting National Zoo and Aquarium
PreK Excursion to UC

Tues 27 Oct

RTC Trip to K-Mart

Wed 28 Oct

Kindergarten Incursion – Indigenous Storyteller

Karen Mahar, Deputy Head of Junior SchoolFrom Karen Mahar - Assistant Principal, Deputy Head of Junior School

Dear Families

Our learning environment came to life in many ways last week. This continues with our Year 3 and Year 5 learners embarking on their modified camps. We are looking forward to hearing stories of the challenges and successes as our students develop during these experiences.

Character Strength Spotlight

As many of you may be aware, Junior School students have a fortnightly focus on one of the 24 Character Strengths (VIA character Strengths). The character strength we recently acknowledged was teamwork. This attribute was particularly evident during the Cross Country event, conducted last Thursday.

Cross Country 

At a time when, many events have been postponed, cancelled, or modified, our staff and students relished the opportunity to gather for our annual Cross Country. A gorgeous Spring morning set the scene for much light-hearted and spirited competition. Oodles of physical and positive energy, displays of sustained teamwork and widespread camaraderie, proved ideal ingredients for this year’s event.

JS Cross Country 2020 JS Cross Country 2020

Watching our youngest students running down the straight towards the finish line, being cheered on by their Year 5 buddies, brought a wide smile to my face. 

Those little legs and fast arms all moving rapidly, each illustrating an eagerness for being involved in the “big race”.  After finishing, several Pre K students requested “Can we do it again?” 

Success in cross country, at Junior School level, is predominantly about participating with zest and enthusiasm. Our students do this magnificently and they do themselves proud.

The House Spirit chants were a definite highlight. Students joining together, engaging in synchronised foot stomping, heartfelt cheering and an emphatic performance of rhythmic songs for their team. It was, indeed, memorable fun!

Thank you to the PE Staff for their planning and preparation. We are grateful to everyone for their boundless energy and continued efforts throughout the day.

House chants - JS Cross Country 2020

Book Character Parade

What a fabulous Book Character Parade we enjoyed last Friday! We did miss parents being physically present, but we were appreciative for the live stream organised by our IT Team. 

The 2020 Book Character Parade will likely hold many happy and lasting memories for our students in the years to come. The creativity involved, coupled with the good humour shared and enjoyed, was a credit to our students and their families, and to our staff, as they embraced the Book Week goals, to celebrate books and reading.

We have a renewed sense of how important to us all gathering as a community and memorable events and milestones are.

Staff costumes - Book Week 2020 Cake - Where the Wild Things Are



Peter Quiggin QC PSM

Radford Board’s Peter Quiggin named Commonwealth QC

21 October 2020

Recognition for outstanding expertise and contribution to Commonwealth law

Longstanding Radford Board Member Peter Quiggin has been appointed Commonwealth Queen’s Counsel.

Attorney-General Christian Porter made the announcement in a media release last week, noting that an appointment as Commonwealth Queen’s Counsel recognises advocates and practitioners with significant experience at high levels, and outstanding skills and expertise, in a field of Commonwealth law.

Mr Quiggin QC PSM is First Parliamentary Counsel, Office of Parliamentary Counsel. He has served as Australia’s First Parliamentary Counsel since 2004. Mr Quiggin was awarded a Public Service Medal in the 2008 Australia Day Honours List for outstanding public service in delivering the government's legislative agenda at a time of significant legislative change and in a number of critical areas.

The Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) is responsible for drafting all principal legislation, all regulations and a range of legislative instruments for the Australian Government, including taxation legislation. OPC is also responsible for the publication of Commonwealth legislation through the Federal Register of Legislation.

Peter has been a drafter with the Office of Parliamentary Counsel for over 30 years and has drafted legislation covering a wide range of topics including taxation, native title and immigration.

First appointed to the Radford Board in May 2008, Peter has used his skills as a legislative drafter in rewriting, or assisting with the rewriting, of the Radford Ltd Constitution, the Radford P&F Constitution and the Radford Collegians Constitution.

His sons, Rodney and Geoffrey, both attended Radford and are now working for the Australian Public Service. Rodney is also a lawyer and Geoff is working in cyber-security.

Radford Board Chairman Steve Baker said: “Congratulations to Peter on this prestigious appointment. We are truly fortunate to have Peter serving our community as a Board member which he has done over many many years, long after his children have left the College. His skills, experience and professionalism are a true asset to the Radford College Board. “

In 2018, Radford Rowing named a coxed quad scull the “Peter Quiggin” in recognition of his many years of service to the Radford community.

Peter and his wife Helen served the College for many years on the P&F Management Committee, and in volunteer work for the Fete and Art Show. 

For hobbies Peter enjoys collecting cars (mainly red sports cars), Geocaching and collecting t-shirts from travels and from bands he has been to see. To provide some light entertainment during the recent COVID period, he posted a montage on Facebook each day for 100 days. Each montage featured a different t-shirt and photos related to the t-shirt.

Junior School Library staff rose to the costume challenge!

Review of Book Week 2020

21 October 2020

Book Week and Readers' Cup - so much excitement!

What a week we had! With Readers’ Cup last Thursday, and our annual Character Dress Up Parade last Friday, we had a wonderful Book Week.

Book Week was postponed nationally, from August until October. We were excited that after having so many events cancelled in 2020, our celebrations were able to continue.  Our celebrations included our Character Dress Up Parade last Friday. COVID-19 restrictions meant we were unable to gather as a Junior School community, and while we missed our parent involvement terribly, a live-screening eased that somewhat. We held four parades, with two year levels gathering each time. Over the four separate parades, we had over 300 parent views. We thank you for your support, and we hope you felt the positive vibe from your viewing position.

We saw a huge array of book characters, demonstrating the wide range of books that our Radford students love to read. From our traditional characters such as Alice in Wonderland; Three Blind Mice; Three Little Pigs, their mother and the wolf; and Little Red Riding Hood, to more complex such as Stanley in Holes, Molly from Brimstone and the Year 5 staff making the belt of the Deltora gemstones, we showed the diversity in our reading. Of course, we had many Where’s Wally friends, Harry Potters, Islas, Elsas and superheroes to make it a very fun event. We loved seeing the creativity and the passion that everyone put in. Thank you, families, for the effort and support you gave your little people.

Book Week 2020 Fiona Godfrey, as Glinda the Good Witch

Book Week 2020


As usual, our staff put in a huge effort, dressing up as Buckets full of Kindness, the characters from Wizard of Oz, Charlotte’s Web and Where the Wild Things Are, just to name a few. We love their ongoing support and are very grateful for the wonderful team environment that exists.

Readers’ Cup, held for the first time ever in the ACT, was held last Thursday. Falling on the same day as the Cross Country, it made for a busy few days.

Readers’ Cup is an inter-school competition, with teams of 4/5 students reading five set texts. This challenges the students to read beyond their comfort zone and to read texts prescribed for them. Teams then answer quiz questions about the five books. The questions are extremely detailed and require the students to have an excellent comprehension and understanding of the texts.

We are delighted to announce that Radford Team #1 came third, against 12 teams in the competition. The students who participated for Radford are listed below. Team #1 is pictured below, receiving their prizes.

Radford Team 1 - Readers' Cup

Radford Team #1

Radford Team #2

Radford Team #3
















Book Week is also about announcing the winners of the best Australian books for 2020. This honour is hotly contested and always a great source of discussion. Please find the link here. It makes a great starting point for Christmas book suggestions.

Thank you to everyone for their support and we look forward to gathering again in 2021 as a community.



Cricket training

Sports Report, 21 Oct 20

21 October 2020

Tennis and cricket reports, Basketball ACT Trial details

Throughout Term 4, Radford will be fielding two teams to compete in the ACT Junior Team Tennis Competition.  Players from Years 3-8 are taking part and on Saturday, our students participated in the grading day. 

The Radford Tennis Division 1 Pennant Team played in Round 4 of the ACT Spring ANZ Junior Yellow Ball League against Eastlake Tennis Club.  Harry Sincock won his singles 6-0, and Bhav Mathur fought hard to win his singles in a tie break 7-6 (9-7).  In the doubles, Bhav teamed up with Ryan Duan to win their match 6-0, and then Harry partnered with Ryan to win their match 6-0.  Radford won the round overall. 

A special mention and congratulations to Otis Hibberd, a Year 6 student, who recently participated in the Under 12’s Plate, taking three catches and three run outs in the Kookaburra Cup.  Otis was awarded the Fielding Award for the Tournament, an award given to a single player across a multi-age, multi-competition event which attracts interstate teams.  This is a very significant award for an outstanding player.  

Basketball ACT Trials - http://www.basketballact.com.au/2021-representative-trials/
More details 






Radford students' linguistic skills on show

Linguistic Competition

20 October 2020

Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad (OZCLO) 2020

By Rhiannon Richards, Languages Teacher 

Early this year, small groups of Radford students in Years 9 to 12 began to attend lunchtime practice sessions for OZCLO 2020 (the Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad). This international competition has been running for a number of years. We are fortunate, here in Canberra, to have the ACT entry coordinated by the ANU.

A few weeks into term, nearly sixty students headed off to the ANU, on a rainy afternoon, to pit their wits against many problems in mainly unknown languages, over two hours. This team-based activity tends to appeal to people who like cracking codes.  

After a couple of nail-biting weeks, we discovered that Radford had 5 teams which were placed in the Gold category. Of these, three were through to the next, national round. Two were senior teams from Years 11 and 12. The third team comprised four Year 9 students, who were competing for the first time. 

However, before we could arrange to sit this next round of the competition, we found ourselves learning from home. Fortunately, the organisers were able to offer us some flexibility. So, upon our return to school, these three teams stayed back after school to tackle even more demanding language puzzles. On this occasion, we did not make it to the international round, however, we learnt many new things along the way and had fun doing so.  

Congratulations to all the participants and the finalists (in alphabetical order):


Michael Anufriiev

Ted Birmingham

Michael Guthrie

Semele Haynes

Oliver Johnstone

Enling Liao


Zoe Macintosh

Kate Miller

Caleb Mein

Poppy Munro-Mobbs

Aurora Sookdeo

Sarah Zhang


A big “thank you” to the organisers and markers at the ANU. We look forward to some familiar and new faces from Years 9 to 12 participating in the 2021 OZCLO competition.

Education Forum

Education Forum: Self-Regulated Learning

21 October 2020

Presenters include Associate Professor Shyam Barr from the University of Canberra

What: Education Forum Presentation: Self-Regulated Learning
Date:  Thursday 5 November 2020 
Time:  5.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Morison Centre, 2.0 Commons
Event Organizer: Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching
RSVP: To Kirsty Mack by Tuesday 3 November 2020, Kirsty.Mack@radford.act.edu.au

This meeting will be an open forum and will include a presentation on self-regulation and its importance in assisting students with their learning by Associate Professor Shyam Barr from the University of Canberra, Louise Wallace-Richards (Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning) and Claire Melloy (Assistant Principal, Students). A Q&A will follow the presentation. 

Associate Professor, Shyam Barr, UCShyam Barr is an Australian educator helping people become self-regulated learners so that they can succeed now and in the future. His pursuit of maximised learning has seen him work in all kinds of teaching, leadership and consultancy roles in Australia, United Kingdom, the Cook Islands and Bolivia. 

In Australia, he has worked as an Education Consultant in Melbourne, working with senior educational leaders to rethink professional learning models, innovative teachers ready to shift practice, and individuals who are interested in elevating themselves and achieving new levels of success. He has also taught in the Master of Education program (Cognitive Psychology and Educational Practice) at Flinders University. 

Most recently, he is employed as an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra and has been working with a number of schools, including Radford College, teaching teachers and students about the link between self-regulation and being a successful learner. His current focus of research is in the motivational, cognitive and metacognitive factors that influence the learning mindset of an individual.

Will Pak Poy attends the virtual ACT iAwards event

Radford student named finalist in ACT iAwards

21 October 2020

Congratulations Will Pak Poy

Congratulations to Radford’s Will Pak Poy for being named as a finalist in the ACT iAwards.

The Year 8 student’s HappyMe application was selected for the Education & Student Solution of the Year category.

An initiative of the Australian Information Industry Association, the iAwards seek to unearth, recognise and reward excellence in Australian innovation.

For the first time, the ACT awards event was held virtually, due to COVID-19 restrictions, with finalists standing by on their computers for the announcement.

Will’s entry was runner-up to an app developed by a team of four ANU students.


HappyMe app


More about HappyMe:

HappyMe is designed to be an all-inclusive wellbeing platform for students in secondary school to help them manage their wellbeing in a variety of ways including reporting and managing bullying, scheduling and working with counsellors, behavioural management systems, and managing schoolwork, homework and assignments.

Scenes from Cross Country 2020

Cross Country Results

21 October 2020

Place-getters from Kindy to Year 12


1st  Archie Moss Milly Moss
2nd Mickey Constanzo Loretta Dal Bon
3rd Harry Carter Ellie Cui
YEAR 1    
1st  Fraser Treloar Tahlia Smith
2nd Daniel Zhang Olivia Bettison
3rd Shivin Gujjeti Bella Vortman
3rd Ryker Chaloner  
YEAR 2    
1st  Harry Wang Frankie Moss
2nd Zac Howarth Maya Tamhane
3rd Luka Martinvic Sophie Casson
YEAR 3    
1st  Patrick Maundrell Ashley Ward
2nd Elijah McKean Dinugi Manage
3rd Jimmy Eyers Ava Osbourne
YEAR 4    
1st  Alex Fillingham Gemma Vortman
2nd Rajeev Tamhane Ava Muscat
3rd Jacob Hately Sarah Vincent
YEAR 5    
1st  Sam McKean Poppy Smith
2nd Arav Kochhar Isla Murphy
3rd Matt Maundrell Claire Mazanov
YEAR 6    
1st  Jo Whithear Kya Barsby
2nd Aminda Weerasooriya Madi Schofield
3rd Byron Shaw Keren Zhang

JS Cross Country 2020 JS Cross Country 2020

YEAR 7    
1st  Owen Toyne Nina Williamson
2nd Alexander Lulic Katherine Maundrell
3rd Hamish Whithear Amber Smith
YEAR 8    
1st  Joshua Orr Emily Watson
2nd Jack Ryan Mia Kluth
3rd Vinny Do Holly Denman
YEAR 9    
1st  Hamish Roberts Sophia Pecestella
2nd Jake Rodgers Madison Gordon
3rd Gen Casarotto Elouise Flynn
YEAR 10    
1st  Jacob Miller Molly Lilley
2nd Matthew Young Ellen Mihaljevic
3rd Patrick Walker Maya Satsia
YEAR 11    
1st  Toby Lang Samantha Mein
2nd David Stocks Joanna Thorp
3rd Sam Roberts Cara Martin
YEAR 12    
1st  Andrew Kerr Jazzy Webb
2nd Damien Schroder Saffron Gibson-Bode
3rd Caleb Mein Elyssa Youill
Radford Collegians Association

Collegians AGM 30 Oct 20

21 October 2020

Notice of meeting and information about Committee meetings for 2021

 Collegians Association Notice of AGM

Original Radford Collegians Constitution 
Notes to explain Radford Collegians Constitution Changes 
Radford Collegians rules for special resolution approval 
Radford Collegians Nomination Form 
Radford Collegians Proxy Form 

The Radford Collegians Association is about building a community that seeks to connect Collegians' to each other and to the College. The Collegians are committed to delivering on the following three core pillars: 

Community & Social - Staying connected and proactive is a priority for the Radford Collegians. We host a number of community initiatives throughout the year that include Foundation Days, Reunions, Social Events and sharing news and updates about Collegians. 

Business & Career - Becoming a Radford Collegian provides individuals with greater opportunity, choice and flexibility in the working world. Through member networking events, tutoring and mentoring, referrals programs and access to scholarships in a range of professions. 

Giving Back - Opportunities to sponsor, fundraise and student mentoring options are available. 

Your commitment

Please refer to the nomination form to see available Collegian committee roles. We encourage you to be involved to assist the Collegians in delivering on our core pillars of focus and to improve the overall experiences for new and older collegians. 

In 2021 the Collegians will meet at 8:15am on the following days: 

Term 1 - Friday 19 February
Term 2 - Friday 14 May
Term 3 - Friday 6 August
Term 4 - Friday 29 October (AGM)

Depending on restrictions at the time, meetings can be held virtually or in person (in the Radford College Boardroom). 

The Collegians are supported by a full time Administration and Communications Officer who is also the Collegians Public Officer and Secretary. 

Why join? 

- Contribute to decisions that affect the Radford College community and Collegians Association.
- Build and strengthen the Collegian community. 
- Develop professional and personal skills and experience. 
- Make new friends or reconnect with old ones. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Officer, Monique Glavonjic on 02 6162 6293 or collegians@radford.act.edu.au 

Grand Final Saturday 7 November

RadVision - entries now open!

22 September 2020

Entries close Fri 23 Oct. Will YOU win the Grand Prize?

Competition entry closes Friday 23 October 2020.

To submit your video follow this link or go to the P&F page:


Don't miss out on your chance to win $3,500 in total cash prizes.

Full competition details can be found on the P&F webpage.

RadVision 2020....Will it be you? “

* Watch the VIDEO

To stay up to date regarding RadVision 2020, please follow @RadfordCollegePF on Facebook and Instagram! 



SuperSmiles - sponsor of RadVision

RadVision is a “EuroVision” style singing contest for the Radford community, in lieu of the Radford Twilight Fete. 

The Radford College Parents & Friends Association is delighted to announce the following prizes for RadVision: 

* RadVision Contest Winner $1000 
* Category Winners - $500 each in Junior, Secondary and Community 
* Two x Judges Awards - $ 500  

We thank our valued sponsor, SuperSmile for their continued support of the P&F, this year through sponsoring the prizes for RadVision. 

Who can enter?
To be eligible, performers must be a student, parent/caregiver, staff member or Radford community member. 

The categories are:

  • Junior School (students)
  • Senior School (students)
  • Community (can include both adults and children) 

Entries can be individuals or groups of no more than three people. 

How do I enter, and what are the rules?  
Entries open 21 Sept 2020. Details of where to enter the videos will be shared soon.

  • Each performer or group should have a ‘stage name’ rather than using their own name.

  • Performers must film and submit a video performance of no more than three minutes Contestants must not film themselves performing in bedrooms/bathrooms or anywhere else considered private, for their own protection.

  • Songs may be covers or originals. Backing music or live musical accompaniment is permitted, however, vocal performances must be distinguishable.

  • Costumes and set dressing are not necessary for Round One, however costumes and performance/stage presence will be a judging consideration in the live Grand Final.

Competition Rounds

  • Round One will see performers submit a video of themselves singing, and the Radford community will vote for their favourite performances. The performers with the most votes in three categories, Junior School, Secondary School, and Community (students, parents, staff) will become the GRAND FINALISTS! 
  • The RadVision GRAND FINAL will be held on Saturday 7 November 2020 in the TB Millar Hall.  Finalists will perform on stage in front of judges to compete for the title of RadVision STAR, 2020.

JS Foyer decoration for RadVision RadVision display Morison centre

Well done to the RadVision Committee for making the Junior School Foyer (L) and Morison Centre (R) pop with colours and sparkles!

Image for article: Uniform shops -  Term 4 trading

Uniform shops - Term 4 trading

13 October 2020

Appointments are still required for both uniform shops

IMPORTANT: Please note that appointments are required for both uniform shops.


Visit Perm-A-Pleat uniform shop website page for full details of bookings.

Monday               1pm to 6pm

Tuesday               1pm to 6pm

Wednesday          7:45am to 12:45pm

Thursday             1pm to 6pm

Friday                  7:45am to 12:45pm


Visit Secondhand Shop website page for full details of bookings.

Tuesday               12:30pm to 5:30pm

Thursday             12:30pm to 5:30pm




What’s done cannot be undone

Senior Drama: Blood Wedding

15 September 2020

A tale of love, betrayal and revenge

Blood Wedding, by Federico Garcia Lorca, is a Spanish tale of love, betrayal and revenge, that takes place in a small country town. 

Traditional ideals and youthful passion are unleashed against the backdrop of desires versus social and family responsibilities. We see the road before us, and what’s done cannot be undone. 

We promise you an entertaining night of high drama and action. 

Performances: 16-17 and 22–24 October 7pm, TB Millar Hall
Tickets on sale:  from Monday 21st September (live and online options)




Brent Larkham - then and now

Collegian News: Farewell, Brent Larkham

21 October 2020

Departing Head of Sport, Brent Larkham was one of the College's earliest students

Farewell and good luck, Brent Larkham, Head of Sport and Collegian, Class of 1989.

Read the article on the Collegians' website.

Watch the Brent Larkham video on You Tube.




Applications now open for 2022 Senior Scholarship

Foundation Senior Scholarship 2022 - open

9 September 2020

Applications now open

The Radford College Development Foundation is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the 2022 Senior Scholarship.  

The Radford College Development Foundation’s principal purpose is to support education at Radford College. In fulfilling this aim, the Foundation is offering a full two-year scholarship for one student commencing Year 11 in 2022. The scholarship will be offered to a student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and community involvement, but whose financial circumstances prevent them from attending the College. 

The selection criteria include a review of recent school reports and NAPLAN results, an evaluation of the applicant’s reasons for applying for the scholarship and a determination of whether the student meets the financial hardship test. The recipient will remain anonymous and the successful applicant will be someone who will contribute significantly to the life of the College - both in and outside the classroom.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of other College-related fees.

Application Process
Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this application form.

Please submit the application form and documents listed below by email to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE.

Applications close on Friday 12 February 2021 and must include:

  1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
  2. School reports for the previous two years (i.e. Years 9 and 10)
  3. NAPLAN reports for Years 7 and 9 (if available)
  4. Passport-sized photo.

Only shortlisted applicants will then be required to complete a detailed financial statement, provide referees and be interviewed by a panel.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2022 Year 11 orientation. 

Please note:
Radford College does not have the necessary registration to enrol international/overseas students. A child needs Australian citizenship or a permanent residency visa in order to attend Radford College.


DISABILITY PARKING - permit holders only

Disability Parking - important reminder

Disability parking spots are for permit holders only. They are not to be used for drop off/pick up purposes.


Traffic Safety

REMINDER: There is NO OVERTAKING permitted on any road on campus. Please observe this rule, even when there is traffic queueing at peak times.