Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 3 – 30 October 2019

Staff Insights

Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

From the Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

30 October 2019

What is happiness?

I begin with some lyrics from one of my favourite musicals – You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. The song is ‘Happiness’[i]. It goes…

Happiness is, finding a pencil, pizza with sausage, telling the time.

Happiness is, learning to whistle, tying your shoe for the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band, happiness is walking hand in hand.

The song goes on as Snoopy, Linus, Schroeder, Sally and Charlie Brown interchange parts and happiness thoughts.

For me, it raises some questions. What is happiness? Is there a general answer or is it individual? What does it mean to be happy at home; at school; in our recreation? In our relationships? Is happiness the absence of negative emotions or feelings? How do we talk about happiness with our students?

It is hard to talk about happiness without talking about what we do with negative or uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Russ Harris, in his book, The Happiness Trap[ii], explores two questions which I want to look at this week.

Firstly he asks what I posed earlier. Is happiness the absence of negative feelings or emotions? Russ writes, “… although life experiences often bring feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, they also generally bring stress, fear and anxiety … It is pretty well impossible to create a better life if you’re not prepared to have some uncomfortable feelings.”

Secondly, he asks, should we be able to control what we think and feel? Russ goes on to answer, “… we have much less control over our thoughts and feelings than we would like. It’s not that we have no control … however, we do have a huge amount of control over our actions. And it’s through taking action that we create a rich, full and meaningful life.”

I would like to suggest as a premise, that when we speak with our children, we encourage them to become active in observing their thoughts. Thoughts are just that … they are thoughts.

  • Thoughts are merely sounds, words, stories or bits of language.
  • Thoughts may or may not be true; we don’t automatically believe them.
  • Thoughts may or may not be important; we pay attention only if they are helpful.
  • Thoughts are definitely not orders; we certainly don’t obey them.
  • Thoughts may or may not be wise; we don’t automatically follow their advice.

I like to use the language with our students of, ‘are our thoughts or actions helpful or unhelpful, either for ourselves or others?’ Russ Harris writes, “Whether a thought is truthful is not that important. Far more important is whether it’s helpful.”

Some questions that you can use with your children when they are struggling with thoughts that they have about their school work, their friendships or their family relationships, could involve:

  • Is this thought useful or helpful?
  • Is this an odd thought? Have I heard this one before? Do I gain anything useful from listening to it again?
  • Does this thought help me to take effective action to improve my life?
  • What do I get from believing this thought?
  • Does it help me to be the person I want to be?
  • Does it help me build the sort of relationships I’d like?
  • Does it help connect with what I truly value?
  • Does it help me to make the most of my life as it is in this moment?

I believe that by having a consistent process with our students, we can equip and empower them to have a healthy process for navigating their way through negative or unhelpful feelings and emotions. Where we identify thoughts that need action, we can do so with a clear and purposeful mind, that has had the heat of the emotions managed so that we are dealing with and responding to the facts and not reacting to the uncomfortableness of the feelings.

Why is this important? With all our life experience, we as adults can struggle to observe and identify our thoughts as a means to managing ourselves and our emotions, how much more important and crucial is it for us to equip our students, with far less life experience, to have tools and thinking patterns that they can rely on.

Charlie Brown finishes with, “For happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you.”



[i] Peanuts by Charles Shulz with theatrical adaptation by Clark Gesner

[ii] Harris, R. (2008). The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living. Boston, MA, US: Trumpeter Books.

Reverend Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Chaplain's Reflection: Halloween, past and present

28 October 2019

Rev'd Katherine Rainger

A precursor to All Saints' (All Hallows) Day

Halloween – past and present 

Even if we might grumble about the encroachment of American culture, the appropriateness of certain costumes, and what can seem like another excuse to make and consume more plastic ‘stuff’—Halloween (31st October) seems well and truly ensconced in the Australian collective consciousness—well at least for kids it is! 

For the most part, Halloween has become an excuse to dress up (special mention to families who adopt a theme—I have friends who are particularly good at this and I look forward to their Facebook post each year) and to have fun interactions with neighbours.

Less well-known is the Festival of All Saints Day in the Christian Calendar, 1st of November, an annual day of remembrance for all who have died, alluded to in the Bible as “a great cloud of witnesses” who surround and encourage us in our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2). 

There are multiple narratives concerning the origins of Halloween. Some argue that the roots of Halloween can be traced back 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts, who lived in what is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France celebrated the end of the harvest season, the start of the new year and the coming of winter on November 1. The night before the start of Winter—a perilous time for sickness and death—was thought to be a time when the boundary between the living and dead was blurred.

Others argue that ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ or ‘holy evening’ began as an independent Christian festival as part of the celebrations of All Saint’s Day.

The Anglican Church in Ainslie is called All Saints. On Sunday 3 November they will be celebrating All Saints Day at their 8.00 am and 9.30 am services plus a service designed especially for families at 4.00 pm, which will be “Messy Church”—craft, bible stories, singing and a simple meal. All would be very welcome. 

All Saints Church Ainslie

Rev’d Katherine Rainger


Year 6 demonstrated their depth of learning, innovation and creativity at Exhibition last week

JS News 30 Oct 2019

30 October 2019

2020 class placements, congratulations to all involved in Exhibition

By Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Weeks 3–4

Kinder and Year 2 Swimming

Monday 4 November

Year 5 Camp leaving

Thursday 7 November

Year 5 Camp returning

Mon 11 November

Remembrance Day Service

It is an exciting time as we look ahead to your child’s next step in their learning journey. Teaching teams, in consultation with other key staff, are putting significant time and consideration into the organisation of these classes. Our priority is to group students for success, making informed decisions based on the educational needs of the students. If you have concerns about the needs of your child which could impact on class placement, please email your current classroom teacher.

I often hear parents talking about ‘teacher requests’. Our practice is that parents do not make requests. If and when a parent may make a request, our normal process of class placement still applies.

We want you to be assured that it is our heartfelt purpose to be learner-centred. We want you to feel confident and comfortable that regardless of who your child’s teacher is, your child will be well cared for, nurtured, appropriately challenged and encouraged to grow during the year. We understand that this takes clear communication between school and home. Be assured that we are determined to ensure that our teachers are highly effective and appropriately learner-centred.

We are in the process of ensuring we are using the best tools possible to support and track the learning of our students. Year Two, Year Four and Year Six parents will receive some information shortly regarding the AAS Testing that those students were involved in this year. That, like NAPLAN is a point in time, under test conditions that aren't congruent with our normal teaching and learning assessment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We love that we get the opportunity to learn alongside you as we celebrate your child's growth as a learner.

We celebrate with our Year 6 Team, and all staff that work with Year 6, on the depth of learning, innovation and creativity that they demonstrated last week through Exhibition. We’re so incredibly proud to be a part of a learning community that believes, values and promotes learning that will build a better and more peaceful human experience.

Some examples of action that our Year Six students were engaged in included: 

•          One student joining their local Hackett community with creating a community garden, as well as writing to the local government for funds for a playground

•          One student organising a fire drill plan with his family following his research into the Canberra fires

•          A group organising 10c bottle bins to be distributed across Radford for recycling and sustainability

•          One student baking dog biscuits for the RSPCA

•          A group making lifestyle changes including always taking a reusable bag when shopping with their parents on the weekend and using reusable straws when they buy drinks from the canteen

•          One student using her research to ensure she and her peers use social media appropriately and safely

•          One group proposing a ‘Purple Day’ at Radford to the Radford Tribal Council to support gender equality

•          One group collecting canned food from peers and family friends to donate to Karinya House

•          One group attending the Secondary School food tech afternoon to cook food for OzHarvest

•          One student who researched the importance of spending quality time with family and, as a result, won’t be using screens on the weekend.


Some examples for student action in music during Exhibition were:

•          students teaching rhythm to others within their group

•          students showing initiative by collecting recycled materials to use as instruments

•          two of our Year 6 classes planning to assist in teaching our PK students the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and designing materials for their performance.

I once heard that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is quite simple. “Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge.” Action is the fruit of wisdom. It is the right application of knowledge.


Congratulations to Nicholas Brogan who was the winner of the Biological Sciences category (Years 3–6) in the SEACT Science Competition. In his experiment, Nicholas focused on the issue of children accidentally swallowing lithium (button) batteries. He investigated whether commonly available food or fluids could slow the burn caused by the lithium battery and allow time to transport children to medical care/surgery. Nicholas has been invited to enter his project in the national BHP Science Awards for students.


Don't miss this innovative showcase evening

Y10 Art & Technology Showcase: 15 Nov

29 October 2019

Courtney Jacopino , Year 10

Art, food, technology, music - something for everyone!

By Courtney Jacopino, Year 10

Year 10 Exhibition: movement
Date: 15 November, 5:30 pm – 7:00pm
Venue: Morison Centre

On 15 November, the Year 10 Art class is proud to present our exhibition titled ‘movement’, which will be held in the Morison Centre, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. This exhibition will be in collaboration with students from Food Technology, Music, Drama, Media, Textiles, Graphic Design and Woodwork classes. 

The students’ artworks will interpret the theme and title of ‘movement’, and the exhibition will explore broad ideas, ranging from politics to the everyday. The artworks themselves also differ greatly, through the use of different media, and presentation choices such as the incorporation of technology throughout our artwork, mixed media and wax. 

We encourage you to bring a picnic rug and be entertained by our Music and Drama students at a twilight picnic on the lawns, with nibbles and drinks available from the Food Technology class. 

Everyone is welcome to the event and we hope you will join us!

Details of stalls and performances for the Twilight Fete on Saturday

Fete Program 2019

30 October 2019

P&F Fete Convenor

Stalls and performances for the P&F Twilight Fete on Saturday

Check out the stalls and performances - details in the 2019 Fete Program.

Image for article: Fete Update #5

Fete Update #5

30 October 2019

P&F Fete Convenor

Important information about traffic Thurs/Fri, volunteering, and Fete Day fun!

Read Fete Update #5

Please note that only 45% of the volunteer slots have been filled, so please click here to access the SignUp Volunteers Form to choose a stall/activity.

View the full program here.

The Chapel carpark marked in red  on the map below (next to the Turning Circle) will be closed from 4pm on Thursday 31 October and all day on Friday 1 November to allow Fete rides to commence set up. 

As a result, vehicles entering from College Street MUST exit via College St, as they will not be able to access the back road.

Chapel carpark closure for Fete

In this week's Sports Report...

Sports Report, 30 Oct 2019

28 October 2019

Sports Department

Cricket news, sporting scholarships, and ACT Basketball Trials



Congratulations to former Radford student, Daniel Leerdam (Class of 2016) on his selection as 12th man for the Prime Minister’s XI T20 Cricket match that was played on Thursday 24 October against Sri Lanka.

Radford Technical Director of Cricket, Mr Darryle Macdonald also had the privilege of presenting Daniel with his first cap in the Futures League Comets game this week. 

Volleyroo Volleyball Experience Camp 

VolleyroosVolleyroo Experience Camp
Date/time: Sat 16 Nov and Sun 17 Nov, 9am - 4pm
Venue: AIS Volleyball Courts, Canberra, ACT
Registrations close: Tuesday 12 November
Registration fee: $155
Register here: 

Do you love volleyball? Are you aged between 12 and 20? Want to know what it takes to be a Volleyroo? Come and experience a day in the life of our Australian Women's Volleyroos team. 

This two-day camp is open to both boys and girls and can be a perfect lead into Good Neighbour, Schools Cup, or the upcoming summer of Beach Volleyball. Over the course of this camp, you will learn some of the skills required for elite volleyball, and also experience and receive video feedback on your performance. Included in the cost will also be lunch at the AIS dining hall and a Volleyroo Camp shirt. 

The camp is presented by Volleyball Australia in conjunction with Volleyball ACT, and is a fundraiser to support the Volleyball Team Australia Women's Volleyroos.

Enquiries to:
Marty Collins martin.collins@volleyball.org.au
Christine Gates competitions@volleyballact.com.au

2020 Lord’s Taverners Scholarships for Young Athletes with a Disability

Lord's TavernersThe Lord’s Taverners Australia, ACT Branch, Scholarship Scheme provides funding for young aspiring athletes with a disability who are residents of the ACT and its region and who are registered with an ACT sporting organisation.  It is designed to help them achieve their long-term sporting goals.  The Lord’s Taverners was formed in Australia in 1982 and in the Australian Capital Territory in April 1986.

Scholarships are awarded to local young athletes with a disability on an annual basis. Scholarship recipients are chosen by an exhaustive process which includes interviews. 

Applications close on 14th November 2019. 

For further information contact Gail Farr on 0417 430 376 or go to the Lord Taverners website www.lordstavernersact.org.au 



Basketball ACT

U16 Men

Venue: Canberra Grammar School
Date & Time: 

  • Day 1 – Sunday 10/11/19 from 9.30AM – 12PM
  • Day 2 – Sunday 17/11/19 from 9.30AM – 12PM

Age Group: Born 2005 & 2006
Cost: $16

Register at: http://www.basketballact.com.au/201920-act-representative-trials/

·         Please note that you must be registered in order to trial. 
·         Please remember to bring a basketball, water bottle and reversible singlet to the trial. 

For more information, please contact Barb Turner at barb.turner@basketballact.com.au


U16 Women

Venue: University of Canberra
Date & Time: 

  • Day 1 – Saturday 16/11/19 from 12PM – 2PM
  • Day 2 – Saturday 23/11/19 from 12PM – 2PM
  • Day 3 – Saturday 30/11/19 from 12PM – 2PM

Age Group: Born 2005 & 2006
Cost: $16

Register at: http://www.basketballact.com.au/201920-act-representative-trials/ to register

  • Please note that you must be registered in order to trial. 
  • Please remember to bring a basketball, water bottle and reversible singlet to the trial.  

For more information, please contact Barb Turner at barb.turner@basketballact.com.au 


U12 Boys

Venue: Harrison Primary School
Date & Time: 

  • Session 1 – Sunday 10, 17, 24 November from 8AM – 10AM
  • Session 2 – Sunday 1 December, dE17/11/19 from 8AM – 10AM

Age Group: Born 2009 & 2010
Cost: $16
Register at: http://www.basketballact.com.au/201920-act-representative-trials/

For more information, please contact Barb Turner at barb.turner@basketballact.com.au




Image credits: National Capital website

Grading for 2020 NPLY Football

30 October 2019

Wednesday evenings 30 Oct to 27 Nov

2020 NPLY Football program
The Radford College NPLY Football program will be conducting an initial grading for the 2020 season from 5.00-6.00 pm on Wednesday evenings between Wednesday 30 October and Wednesday 27 November on the JA Mackinnon Oval. Fully accredited and experienced coaches will assess the player’s technical and physical ability, tactical knowledge and football mind-set.

U13 (2007 born)
U14 (2006 born)
U16 (2004 & 2005 born)
U18 (2002 & 2003 born)

To register for grading please email your child’s name, DOB & 2019 team played for to Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au.

The program will include:

  • An intensive football program over 40-42 weeks (depending on age group)
  • Training sessions and/ or games per week run by FFA/ AFC qualified coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning programs

Please note the Radford NPLY program does not enforce the Radford Sports Policy however all current and future Radford students are encouraged to attend grading and play for Radford. The Radford NPLY program is open to players outside of the school.

Final selections will be made Friday 30 November with the squad to train on Wednesday 4 & 11 December. Details for the 2020 season will also be passed on along with agreement and registration at these sessions.

If you have any questions please contact Radford Head of Sport:

Brent Larkham
6180 1090 or email brent.larkham@radford.act.edu.au

Image credit: Amy Theakston, Year 12

Creative Writing, 30 Oct 2019

29 October 2019

Senior students

Creative responses from Year 11 and 12 English and Literature courses.

Escape from Eternity, by Amy Theakston Year 12

A mound of metallic mess collapsed on the outer edges of the garage. From car batteries, to fridges, to old pay phones. An old radio cassette player hummed in the metallic madness;
“Forever young, I want to be forever young.”

Read on...


Just Dessert, by Daniel Majchrzak Year 12

“Why so sombre? Come in. It’s warmer inside.” Carlson put a firm hand on Johnson’s shoulder, and Johnson felt it was as if Carlson was ignorant of the grief felt by their entire company today. The man’s tone was tactical, being just manipulative enough through his words to make him question whether the rival businessman was nothing more than a heartless machine.

Read on... 


The Chankiri Tree (Killing Tree), by Poppy Volk-Loone Year 11

Choeng Ek, Cambodia, 1976

Some say that if you were to have one view for your entire life, you would soon become bored of it no matter how beautiful. I disagree. From the moment I pushed through the soil, a sapling amidst the rice fields of southern Cambodia, I knew mine was the most beautiful view ever seen, enough to keep me content every day I grew towards the sky. 

Read on...

Mock Trial winners: Jack Coyle, Mandy Wang, Elise Northcote, Nick Fitzgerald, Nikita Chandekar, Dionne Marks, Poppy Volk-Loon

Oratory Report, Semester 2 2019

30 October 2019

Arguably our best Semester yet

Semester 2 has seen our students continue to use their speaking and arguing skills in the ACT Mock Trial Competition, the NSW Mock Trial Competition, ACT Legislative Assembly Debating and in the ACT Debating Union age competitions.

The Year 12 ACT Mock Triallers won their Competition Final on 24 October; the team of Nikita Chandekar, Nick Fitzgerald, Elise Northcote, Mandy Wang and Dionne Marks successfully defended their client on a charge of terrorism. The Year 11 teams involved in the ACT Mock Trial and in the NSW Mock Trial competitions competed well but didn’t make it as far. All students showed a development in their skills over the year, due not least to the efforts of the two coaches (both Collegians), Taylor Colvin and Andrew Ray.

Mock trial winners Radford 3 at Semi Final

We entered 11 teams in the Debating Competitions this semester, with exceptionally strong results in the Years 8-10 (Senior) division. Radford 1 and Radford 2 made the final eight, and Radford 3 was knocked out at the semifinal stage. We had six students recognised as being among the top speakers in their respective competitions, five in the Senior division (Brian Chen, Roshan Kewalram, Beth Armstrong, Stephen Pantazetzis and Hannah Vardy) and one in the Open section (Debating Captain, Lauren Nicholson). All students showed progress in organising and delivering their arguments, thanks to the work of coaches Maddy Renshaw and Louis Saunders.

For the first time in over half a decade, Radford students also made the ACT Debating team (which is open to all year groups); many congratulations to Hannah Vardy (Year 10) and Roshan Kewalaram (Year 9). Hannah has been debating since Year 7 but Roshan’s achievement is even more impressive as he only started competitive debating this year!

Thanks to all the staff involved in supporting the students over the year: Kylie Coll, Rebecca Hunter, Maria Whiting, Sara Vassallo, Angelina Browning, Tim van Halen, Michael Crawford and Naomi Brooks.

Tour students with a traditional 'Maiko'

Japan Tour 2019

28 October 2019

Brianna Harris, Year 10

Another fabulous visit to our Sister School in Japan

By Brianna Harris, Year 10, 2019

At 10:30pm on Tuesday, 24 September, our group of 10 girls, 4 boys and 2 teachers embarked on the journey of a lifetime

We landed at Changi airport in Singapore, and then flew to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. The next day we took an early morning domestic flight to Okayama. After a fancy traditional Japanese lunch, we arrived at Konko Gakuen High School, Radford’s sister school, for a welcome ceremony where we each made an introduction speech in Japanese. The students, host parents and teachers were all very welcoming, and it was wonderful to see familiar faces as students from Konko Gakuen had stayed with us on exchange in March.

On tour in JapanWe spent the week with our host families, attending classes and after school club activities with our exchanges such as basketball, track and field, and art class. When we weren’t following our host students around, we participated in various activities that the school had organised for us such as a tea ceremony, a Kendo class, and a cooking class - one of the highlights where we made onigiri (rice balls) and somen noodles. We also helped students from all age groups in their English classes. When we weren’t at school, we were on fun excursions with our hosts. We travelled to Hiroshima to see the Peace Memorial Park and Museum, the Kurashiki area in Okayama, where we visited a tatami factory and a beautiful village, and Miyajima – an island off Hiroshima.

After spending a wonderful week with our host families and making memories that will last a lifetime, we had become quite close, so saying goodbye was hard. There were a lot of tears as we headed to Kyoto on the bullet train! We stayed in the Kyoto tower hotel for 3 nights and visited many beautiful shrines, temples, castles. We enjoyed the tea ceremony with a Maiko (a Geisha in training) and our day in Canberra’s sister city, Nara, where we went to a deer park and saw the biggest wooden temple in the world - Todai-ji.

Our next stop was Takayama, a beautiful area in the countryside of Gifu prefecture. Here we stayed at a traditional Japanese Inn, hosted by a lovely elderly couple. We enjoyed activities such as visiting the local market, experiencing the onsen bath, making soba noodles and mochi, picking wild mushrooms, and catching fish by hand. We were also able to spend some time playing games and relaxing in the beautiful traditional tatami rooms.

For the final part of the trip, we spent three busy days in Tokyo - shopping in Harajuku and Akihabura, visiting the Ghibli Museum (a Japanese animation studio) and taking the lift to the 45th observation floor of the Metropolitan Government Building, with a view over Tokyo. A highlight for most of us was our day at Disneyland, where we arrived early to get a head start in the lines for fun rides, and we stayed late into the evening for the electrical parade and fireworks.

We would like to thank Ms Sharp for organising, and Ms Jackson for accompanying us for such an incredible trip. The memories of everything we experienced in Japan will last a lifetime, and the connection we made with our exchanges and host families at Konko Gakuen is something we will treasure forever.

Students participating in the ACT Ambulance Service's Restart a Heart program at Westfield Belconnen

Restart a Heart excursion

30 October 2019

Senior students took part in a CPR workshop

By Year 11 students Luiza Luppi and Hannah Hignett

On 16 October, a group of about 15 students accompanied by Mr Davis attended the "Restart a Heart" workshop. Held at Westfield Belconnen, the workshop was staffed by experienced and respected paramedics and volunteer SES members. The group was informed of the importance of being able to give CPR to someone, and just how quickly someone's chance of survival can drop if those around them don't have the ability to do CPR and use a defibrillator. In smaller groups, we were then shown what to do when someone collapses, how to effectively give CPR and if needed, how to use the defibrillator. After this we participated in a game that tested how efficient our CPR delivery was. The race proved a fun way to learn important skills.

CPR CPR group 

Leaving the day with "Stayin' Alive" stuck in our heads, and most importantly the ability to correctly give CPR and administer a defib., we all felt more capable in our ability to handle ourselves, should we ever have to use our newfound skills. 

Thank you to Mr Davis for putting together the day and we hope to encourage others to learn the same skills.

5 November, at Radford, as part of the Design Canberra Festival 2019

Creative Careers Event at Radford

30 October 2019

Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Tuesday 5 Nov, 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Mackinnon Senior School

Creative Careers event at Radford

Tues 5 Nov, 5.30 - 7.30pm
Mackinnon Senior School
Free event, but bookings are essential, please, Book now

Creative Careers https://designcanberrafestival.com.au/event/creative-careers-2019/

This it the fifth year of Creative Careers at Radford in partnership with Design Canberra.

Interested in a sustainable and successful creative career?  Join Alex Sloan in conversation and visit tertiary institutions booths and Photography competition winners announcements and display.

Join several leading creatives as they share tips and tricks for pursuing satisfying careers including 

  • Yena Young (architect and designer), 
  • Max Maxwell (architect and designer), 
  • Peita Blythe (illustrator, cartographer and graphic designer), 
  • Lisa Cahill (glass artist) and 
  • Chris Endrey (multi-disciplinary artist).

Free event, but bookings are essential, please
Book now

Sunday 27 October, at RA Young Hall

Australian Indoor Rowing Championships

22 October 2019

Vicky Spencer, Technical Director of Rowing

At Radford on Sunday 27 October - a great event for rowers and spectators!

On Sunday 27 October, Radford College is hosting the 2019 Australian Indoor Rowing Championships, in the RA Young Hall, at the Junior School, from 10am.

Events will include 2000 metres, 4 minutes, 1000 metres and 500 metres, and team relays. Participants can compete in Para categories, and age categories from U14 to 85+. 

Five dollars from every entry will be donated to the Cancer Council. There are medals available in every event, and results will count for Concept 2 National and World records. This is a fun event to participate in, and also to watch. 

In Canberra, we are lucky to have support and participation from current Invictus Games Gold Medallist and AIRC Ambassador Ben Faranazo.  Ben began indoor rowing and made an inspirational journey to the Invictus Games, using the sport to achieve new beginnings. We will also see guest appearances in the relay by the Australian Men’s rowing team.  They are sending four teams of the country’s top male athletes, to test the abilities of relay teams representing the Police and Fire Brigade. Many of our young Radford rowers will also be competing against young local talent, including teams from Canberra Grammar School. Relay events will be held after lunch.


Radford College crest

Education Forum: Modern Languages

16 October 2019

Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Learning and Teaching

Presentations from Michele Sharp (Head of Languages) and Rowena Stevens (JS Spanish teacher)

What: Education Forum Presentation: Modern Languages
Date:  Thursday 7 November 2019
Time:  5.30pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Morison Centre, Level 2 Commons
Event Organiser: Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning P-12
RSVP: Tuesday 5 November 2019, Kirsty.Mack@radford.act.edu.au

This event will include presentations from our Secondary School Head of Languages and Japanese teacher, Michele Sharp and our Junior School Spanish Language teacher, Rowena Stevens. 

Also, in attendance at the forum, will be a number of our Secondary School Language teachers: 

Chinese: Ming Gu
French: Di Lefebvre, Rhiannon Richards
Japanese: Di Fitzpatrick
Spanish: Brett Lamson and Michelle Guerrero
IBDP German: Rhiannon Richards   

Studies have shown that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind. Language students learn about languages and cultures, in turn becoming respectful global citizens. The learning journey challenges students to become interculturally aware, have a strong sense of self which builds confidence and resilience. Thus, students are adept communicators with an open-minded, are empathetic, and have an ethical view of the world. 

The Languages Department will be presenting a Forum outlining the content, pedagogy and learning at Radford. This session will also include information on the IBDP Languages Curriculum and a general overview of initiatives such as Language Study Tours and exchanges.

Image for article: Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

Foundation Fundraising Dinner, with The Hon Julie Bishop

25 September 2019

Tickets now available online for this wonderful fundraising event

Click here to buy tickets or a table online.

Interested in being a sponsor for this event? - Click here for details

To discuss other ways of supporting the dinner, please contact the Foundation

PH: 02 6162 6200

E: foundation@radford.act.edu.au


2019 Fete Program

2019 Fete Program

Click here for details of stalls and performances