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Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

Time for Review

11 November 2020

Finding positives in a Kafkaesque year

By Louise Wallace-Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

The year 2020 has been dubbed “unprecedented”, Kafkaesque and surreal. As a teacher of literature and lover of art, these latter two descriptions certainly ring true.

Franz Kafka image from The Atlantic Magazine, Jul/Aug 2013

It has been a nightmare for many of our fellow human beings, and all of us have been touched by the pandemic in some way.  Many members of our Radford community have been unable to see family members in need, and unable in person to show their respect for loved ones at funerals, or celebrate family events such as weddings, christenings and significant birthdays. I know of one member of our teaching staff who had to wait months to be able to see her new granddaughter in South Australia. We all know of many stories just like this, and are looking forward to the return to “normal”, whatever that might be. 

Luckier than most, those of us who live in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have been able to teach in our schools and assist students to have some normality in their education in 2020. At Radford, this was able to happen from Week 3 of Term 2. Amazingly, after the year of so much change, our Year 11 and 12 BSSS students will start their exams in a week, and our Year 12 IB DP students have been completing exams for the past couple of weeks. They have one more week to go. Our Year 7 – 10 students will have completed all assessment pieces in only a week or two also! 

Quality teaching and learningOur teachers have had the chance to continue to work with ACT educators to develop new senior BSSS courses in Semester 2, including Modern Languages, Global Studies and Food Science, completed online courses, or attended webinar-like professional learning experiences including those focusing on the IB DP courses of Chemistry, Physics, Music, Mathematics and Economics 

We have also maintained our schedule of seeking feedback from our students about our teaching practice in Terms 2 and 3, helping teachers to triangulate the data collected throughout the academic year about the quality of our teaching and learning practice. Community of Practice groups have continued to operate throughout this semester, with teachers observing each other’s practice in classrooms, and Heads of Departments have also worked with their teams to help them realise their 2020 appraisal goals. All of these “appraisal” experiences have provided data for Radford teachers when reflecting with their supervisors, or better-known as coaches and mentors, on this past year and the differences they have made in the lives of their students.

Time for ReviewExams, assessment tasks and final grades for students, and appraisal review conversations for staff in any organisation, can make us feel nervous and focus on what we could or should have done to achieve our goals [image source.] A few years ago, I discovered a TEDx Talk presented by Latvian economist, financier and teacher Andris Strazds entitled Don’t Bury the Annual Performance Review. In his presentation he delivered the idea that “negative [read “constructive” for us at Radford College] feedback should arrive throughout the year as an ambulance.” When the end of year “Review” day comes, report arrival time for students and appraisal meeting time for our Radford teachers, he argues that this should be: 

The one day of the year to make employees [and students] feel like celebrities…make them feel like they have a fan base…stick to the positive. 

Or as Americans songwriters Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, in their 1944 song at the time of a significant turning point in World War Two penned: 

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mr. In Between 

The song was nominated for the "Academy Award for Best Original Song" at the 18th Academy Awards in 1945.  Arlen had also composed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for the musical The Wizard of Oz in 1939. Clearly, he had a talent for writing songs that have hope at their heart and optimism. So, as the year wraps up for us all, and we look to family celebrations at Christmas, let’s think about what we have accomplished in the face of such change and upheaval. Accentuate your accomplishments and celebrate what you have achieved. Then plan goals for 2021, hopefully a better year for all.

A very special international exhibition of 34 works, on display in Canberra

Let your light shine

10 November 2020

Be the lamp that lights the room, for others, not itself

By Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain 

Andy Fleming, Associate ChaplainDuring an episode of Anh Do’s Brush with Fame, in response to Anh’s observation that when he talks about helping other people he lights up, Father Bob Maguire says, “Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.” Father Bob suggests our calling as human beings is to help one another. This idea of bringing ‘light’ to those who are in need is consistent with Jesus teaching about light. In John 8:12, Jesus says “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life”. Jesus talks about light and darkness to draw a distinction between good and evil. He tells us that those who are evil live in the darkness, for fear that moving into the light will expose their actions. Those who seek truth come to live in the light of God. 

It is not surprising the Father Bob uses the analogy of lighting a candle. In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus instructs people to let your light shine before others, as if it were a lamp that ‘gives light to the all in the house.’ Jesus tells those listening that they are the light of the world, referring to both who we are, and what we do. It establishes that as people of faith, we reflect the light of Jesus in our lives (that is who we are). What is required of us is to let our light shine in the same way as a lamp illuminates a room. When a light is turned on it does not draw attention to itself. No one looks at the light, but at what the light reveals in the room. So instead of our light making people focus in on us, they focus on what we do. For Christians, like Father Bob, it hopefully reveals their life in Jesus as they work for the good of others. 

A portrait of Jesus
Whilst the Bible provides us with a picture of Jesus’ person and character, there is no description of what he looks like. The exhibition, Jesus Laughing and Loving, beginning this week at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, is a series of pictures by 34 artists from around the world, portraying the many faces of Jesus, drawn from the Gospel writings about his teachings and interactions with his community. 

  • Exhibition: Jesus Laughing and Loving
  • Date:  12 Nov - 5 Dec 2020, Saturdays and Sundays, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Location: Chapel at the Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture
  • Address: Corner of Kings Avenue & Blackall St, Barton
  • Cost: Free. Donations welcome.

May God’s peace be with each of us
Chaplain Andy



The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

JS News, 11 Nov 20

11 November 2020

Learning together, celebrating our learners, Year 12 students visit ELC

Dates to Remember 

Thurs 12 Nov

Year 4 Todd Woodbridge Tennis Cup

Fri 13 Nov

Year 2GS & 2KH Excursion to NGA

Tues 17 Nov

RTC Breakfast

Emily Begbie - Assistant Principal, Innovation and ExcellenceLearning together
As the term gathers momentum, our Junior School community is fully immersed in the work of learning and growing together.  Pre-Kindergarten children are taking their first steps in experimenting with writing, while our Kinders are composing exquisite poetry.  Year 1 are researching animals and their habitats, while Year 2 explore stories as a window into other cultures.  In Year 3, students are exploring Indigenous art, while Year 4 delve into the intricacies of recycling.  Our Year 5 are supporting communities to take action aligned with the UN sustainable development goals, and of course Year 6 students are bringing their remarkable Exhibition experience to a close.  

Our teachers are also deeply engaged in learning, with many staff involved in a range of recent courses, workshops and conferences.  On Monday afternoon, classroom and student support teachers participated in a professional learning session with writing consultant Catherine Nash.  The workshop explored the writing process, the qualities of effective writing, structures to support writing instruction, and the power of conferencing with children about their writing. 

The aims of the workshop are captured in the words of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and educator Donald Murray: 

“Writing is a craft before it is an art; writing may appear magic, but it is our responsibility to take our students backstage to watch the pigeons being tucked up in the magician’s sleeve.” 

Waste-free lunches
An impressive number of Junior School students have been supporting Waste-Free Wednesday and more recently, Nude Food Tuesday.  The number of children participating continues to increase, and the amount of litter in the playground on these allocated days has reduced considerably.  

These significant steps towards reducing waste have led to some students talking about how they might work towards having a waste-free lunch every day.  The theme of sustainability was explored in depth by a number of groups in our recent Year 6 exhibition.  One group tackled the question of waste in schools and took action through the creation of a ‘Litter-Free Schools’ initiative.  

The group’s goal is to work towards packaging-free lunches and provide the school community with resources to make waste-free lunches simple.  Their research turned up some stark facts about the waste generated by school lunches: 

  • On average, a school-age child using a disposable lunch generates three pieces of litter per day, which equates to 30kg of waste per year.
  • This is 15 tonnes of waste produced by a school of 500 students each year from lunch boxes alone. 

They also highlighted the fact that many schools have waste-free lunches every day and have been able to remove all bins (and litter) from the playground.  Any litter brought to school is simply returned home inside the student’s lunch box.  

Definitely food for thought. 

Celebrating our learners
Preparations are well underway for our end-of-year celebration.  As mentioned in our Week 1 bulletin, we would like our celebration to acknowledge and affirm all our learners.  We made the decision to move away from the class PYP Learner Profile awards as, by nature, they praised a small number of students rather than celebrating the journey and growth of all.  We trust that this message will shine through the celebration.

Year 12 visit to the ELC
The return of some Year 12 students to the ELC for lunch last Friday was a huge success.  It provided many opportunities for both staff and students to rekindle and relive memories, and share significant stories of their time spent in the ELC and throughout the Junior School.  

The Year 12 students were delighted to hear Brenda Lander share the story of the design and construction of the ELC tepee, describing how each student contributed to the final work of art. They gazed with broad smiles of warmth and remembrance at the collection of images presented on the 2006 PowerPoint.  As the lunch ended, many of the Year 12 students walked throughout the Junior School, reflecting on their experiences and embracing opportunities to engage and connect with staff who had contributed to their journey.

Year 12 students look back at their time start at Radford in ELC 2006

Y12 visit ELC and remember their time there

Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025

College Strategic Plan released

11 November 2020

The Plan articulates the College's Purpose and our Vocation

The Plan features a diagram to easily visualise the community's intention, as it looks to the next five years.The Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025 has been released.

Copies of the Plan should be in families' homes and available to staff and students by the end of this week.

The Plan articulates the College's Purpose and our Vocation as an educational institution and sets out five Aims:

  • Growing with integrity and authenticity
  • Contributing to a community of wellbeing
  • Serving the common good  
  • Learning and teaching with purpose 
  • Strengthening contemporary and sustainable operations

"This Plan belongs to the Radford community. It speaks to who we are, what we want to do, and where we see ourselves in the next five years.

As you read it, we hope you are as excited about the future as we are."

Chairman Steve Baker and Principal Fiona Godfrey

The signed MoU will see the Boorer family donate $4 million for a Cricket Centre, as part of the new sports precinct

New sports precinct attracts $4 million donation

11 November 2020

State-of-the-art sporting and multi-function facilities

Sports precinct imageThe College has announced it will build new state-of-the-art sporting facilities over the next few years, as part of its Master Plan.

The sports precinct will include a new Multi-Function Hall with flexible interior between the College’s two ovals, six outdoor courts with lights and spectator seating, changerooms, toilets, storage space and relocated car parking.

An incredibly generous $4 million donation from the Boorer family to the Radford Foundation’s Building Fund will see the establishment of a world-class Cricket Centre with eight nets and administrative spaces. The centre will be designed to allow use by other sports and the wider school community.

At Monday’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, Greg Boorer said his family’s donation indicates its passion for sport and Radford.

“We want Radford Cricket to continue its pursuit of excellence and the Cricket Centre will support that aspiration. But we’re equally pleased that the many other students who will use this venue for a variety of other sports and physical activities will also benefit.”

Radford College Principal Fiona Godfrey said sport is a means to develop the whole child, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

“Sport assists students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience and promote mindfulness. This new precinct will encourage all our students to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the many benefits that sport and physical activity provide.”

Radford Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin said she was extremely grateful to the Boorer family.

“This major donation to the Foundation has allowed the College to expand and enhance its plans for the new sports precinct. We are committed to providing all students with a holistic and inspiring education that enables them to reach their full potential.”

Radford Board Chairman Steve Baker said the new sports precinct represented a major development of the College campus.

“The central location of the Multi-Function Hall will be equally accessible to all members of the College community. The hall features a sports mode and an assembly mode which will be large enough to accommodate all 2050 Junior School and Secondary School students for major gatherings.”

Oliver Golding, Dr Steve Shann, Kevin Knapp, Sally Stenning and Gretel Burgess at the IB DP Arts Symposium

IB DP Arts Symposium

10 November 2020

Panel shares insights on the importance of art

By Samantha Mein, Year 11 IB DP Student

On Tuesday 3 November, Radford’s Year 11 IB Diploma Program students attended an Arts Symposium for their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class.

Students were given the opportunity to ask a panel of professional artists their own TOK questions. The panel of artists gave engaging and insightful answers, allowing the students to more comprehensively understand the key components of art and the fascinating issues surrounding the Arts. The five artists on the panel were:

  • Dr Steve Shann, a psychotherapist, former UC Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, and author
  • Collegian Oliver Golding, a Melbourne- based visual artist with a Fine Arts degree completed in 2020
  • Radford College Counsellor Gretel Burgess, a mixed media artist and teacher at the Wellbeing dance programs at Belconnen Arts Centre, who has previously performed professionally and worked for numerous youth drama and dance companies
  • Kevin Knapp, an award-winning conductor, accomplished trumpet player, and a teacher in the Radford College Music Department
  • Sally Stenning, Head of Performing Arts at Radford College, with more than 20 years’ experience directing and teaching drama

The students were able to ask questions about TOK issues that interested them. Highlights included discussions about the intimate relationship between art and culture; the ethics of creating confronting art; the importance of the artist and viewers in the interpretation of art; the benefits and detriments of copyright laws; and the intersection of the Arts in subjects such as Mathematics, History, and Science.

The Symposium was valuable not only educationally, but also as a life experience. The artists made it clear that we can all be artists, and can all appreciate art, whether or not we are good at art or choose to pursue it professionally. Art is an important way of balancing our lives, broadening our horizons, and shaping our perception of the world. Without it, we would not be human.

Thank you to Mrs Rehfisch, the panel members, and all others who made this experience possible. We are grateful for the insight you have given us into this discipline.

The show is a wonderful collaboration between musicians and technicians

Music - spectacular!

10 November 2020

A wonderful collaboration of musicians and technical artists

By Kirsten Knight, Head of Co-Curricular Music

Following the enormous task of recording and editing performances by many of our music groups, we are very pleased to present our 2020 Music Spectacular! 

Orchestra and tech desk

Please use the link below to access the Sway presentation which contains the videos of the groups that were recorded for this project. You will need to use your student or parent Radford login to be able to view the Sway. Once you have logged in, you can scroll through the videos or click on the Contents button in the bottom right hand corner to access sections you wish to view. 

Link: https://sway.office.com/7z4scsTkgsLQnW0J?ref=Link 

Aside from the obvious student participation of our musicians, the filming and editing has also been carried out by students. I am extremely proud of all of the students involved both on screen and behind the cameras!

Intense concentration on the technical desk

Radford College

2021 Activity Captains Presentation

10 November 2020

Listing and video presentation link

Activity Captains for 2021 were announced at a recent online assembly.

You can watch the presentation ceremony here

Full list of Activity Captains for 2021

Photo (L-R) - Jonathan Mandl (Radford Snowsports Technical Director, Mia Rajak, Andrew Kerr and Ethan Kruger.

Sports Report, 11 Nov 20

11 November 2020

Snowsports, Rugby, Cricket, Oztag


In Term 4 Week 2, we announced that our fabulous Year 12 athletes, Mia Rajak, Ethan Kruger and Andrew Kerr, received a special acknowledgement from Snow Australia by being named on the inaugural Snow Australia Interschool Snowsports Honour Roll in 2020.  This achievement recognises their effort and commitment representing Radford College. 

This week, we are excited to provide you with Mia, Ethan and Andrew’s contribution to the Radford Snowsports Program and performance achievements. 

Andrew Kerr, Year 12

  • Interschools competitor since 2013
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 10 times – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010* (Competing for Aranda Primary in 2010 before transitioning to Radford College)
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2010
  • Andrew placed 1st in Div 5 Alpine in the inaugural event held on Mother-in-Law, Sept 2010
  • Andrew is Radford College’s longest-serving consecutive year competitor over the last decade, writing a new chapter in our proud history of representative Alpine GS and SkierX competition.
  • His combined record of consistently achieving podium recognition as both and individual and anchoring a Radford team plus length of service in Interschools participation is an exceptional achievement in the history of our Snowsports program
  • Andrew would have competed in his 11th Interschools championships in 2020 and was devastated to miss the opportunity of representing Radford College in his final year at Radford.  Andrew would have been aiming for the podium to prove a point to himself and supporters in 2020, finishing his Interschools ‘career’ on a high note


Ethan Kruger, Year 12

  • Interschools competitor since 2016
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 4 times – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2016
  • Ethan would have competed in his 5th Interschools championships in 2020 and would have traded anything to join teammate Andrew Kerr in this years’ Div 1 Alpine GS and SkierX events, aiming for the podium.
  • Ethan is a tough and talented competitor who leaves ‘nothing in reserve’ when racing and wanted nothing more than to finish his Interschools journey on the highest possible note of personal bests in his events


Mia Rajak, Year 12

  • Radford Snowsports Girls Team Captain in 2020
  • Interschools competitor since 2017
  • Qualified for Australian Interschools 3 times – 2019, 2018, 2017
  • ACT Schools Cup competitor since 2017
  • Mia would have competed in her 4th Interschools championships in 2020
  • Mia loves skiing and her skills homed in training and Interschools competition have taken her enjoyment of the sport and in friendships formed within the Radford Snowsports team to a new level.
  • As a Snowsports Team Captain in 2020, Mia would dearly have loved to finish her Interschools experience on a high note surrounded by her teammates.
  • Mia demonstrated exceptional leadership in her final year of senior school 

Photo (L-R) - Jonathan Mandl (Radford Snowsports Technical Director, wearing a course official vest one last time for the students), Mia Rajak, Andrew Kerr and Ethan Kruger. 

Inaugural Year 11 v Year 12 Rugby Match
Anticipation and excitement were at fever pitch with the inaugural Year 11 v Year 12 Rugby Match taking place in near-perfect conditions.  With coach Andy on the whistle, and Manager Tim on the sideline, both teams were playing for more than just a Grand Final, PRIDE was on the line. 

Play was hard, both sides tackled, side-stepped and ran like nothing Andy and Tim had seen before, they were out to win and clearly the season had brought the best out in all of them. The crowd were not disappointed, in the end the Year 12s took the win 4 – 1, the Year 11s will now have to wait until next year. 

Radford 15/1s played against CGS Navy, on Saturday 7 November, unfortunately Radford lost against CGS. 

Congratulations to the Aussie Taggers (Mixed U13) who won 8-3 against The Goats. 

The weekend saw Radford compete in the first regatta of the season - Radford / Daramalan Regatta. Results were solid from across Year 7-11, many crews making their racing debut and all in their new team combinations, first race of the term – solid start, looking forward to some interstate racing at ISRA regatta Sydney this weekend.  It was exciting to see a Senior Boys and Senior Girls 8 representing the school, the Boys put down an exceptional result beating Canberra Grammar. 

  • 10 Gold
  • 8 Silver
  • 11 Bronze

A special thank you goes out to all the Radford rowing parents who continually support our students.

International Sports Camps – January 2021
Check out the flyer for the International Sports Camps on offer during the January 2021 School Holidays.   Sports on offer include Basketball, Cricket, Netball and Soccer. 

Kindy artists learn about ephemeral art, up on Gossan Hill

Indigenous Learning in Kindergarten Arts

11 November 2020

investigating Indigenous culture: visual arts, dance, drama and music

Kindergarten Arts is currently exploring How We Express Ourselves through investigating Indigenous Culture: Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music. To deepen our learning experience, we have looked beyond our classroom. This has led us to:

-  explore Gossan Hill, to experience its significance as an Indigenous site: we acknowledge country, and spend time listening and looking deeply

-  create thoughtful ephemeral artwork on Gossan Hill in response to country and what we have learnt about Indigenous artwork such as Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming), Micky Jampijinpa Singleton, 2015, Yuendumu, Northern Territory

-  invite Ronnie Jordan, an Indigenous weaver who is a descendent of the Kalkadoon People of the Mt Isa region, to share her culture through teaching us how to weave Indigenous animals using straw and wool

making straw and wool creatures Straw creations

-  invite Larry Brandy, Wiradjuri Storyteller, to share culture through interactive stories about traditional hunting and gathering methods of the Wiradjuri people

-  hop onto a bus for an excursion to the National Gallery of Australia, where their expert educators facilitated small group tours exploring storytelling through the Indigenous collection.

Kindy at the NGA Kindy at the NGA

We are grateful to Ronnie, Larry and the Educators at the NGA for sharing with us and we look forward to integrating our learning and expressing our responses through the arts.

Image for article: JS Sport - Cricket Blast Cup

JS Sport - Cricket Blast Cup

11 November 2020

A wonderful few days for our young cricketers

By Tamara Phelps, Assistant Head of Sport 

Last week, our Junior School students had the opportunity to participate in the Belconnen Zone Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cup. It was a wonderful few days for our Boys and Girls Teams in Year 3,4 and 5. The boys had a successful competition winning all but one game. 

Our girls were also very competitive. Many of the girls were new to Cricket and still demonstrated success with both the bat and ball. 

Congratulations on displaying some wonderful cricket skills and sportsmanship.

Junior Cricket Junior Cricket

Please give generously to support our local community

The Giving Tree: helping our local community

11 November 2020

The RTC supports the Capital Regional Community Services this Christmas

For the past five years, the Radford Tribal Council has supported the Belconnen Community Service Christmas Appeal. Profits from the Term 3 disco have been used by the students to purchase gifts from Kmart to donate to this very worthy, local organisation. 

The organisation has now changed its name to Capital Regional Community Service, but it still provides support for people in our local Belconnen community. 

2020 has been a very difficult year for many people, with the bushfires and smoke in January, and then all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, so there will be more individuals and families than ever needing help this Christmas.

 Radford support has contributed to create half of the 100 hampers handed out in previous years, and with many more hampers needed this year, the RTC would love to encourage families to purchase gifts to help. 

All gifts need to be new and must not be wrapped. Please place these in the Magic Bathtub in the JS reception before the end of November. See poster for suggestions and details.

Watch a short video from the students for further explanation of the Giving Tree project.


PS: Message from Rev. Katherine:
As well as supporting the Giving Tree, Secondary School students are invited to bring donations of gifts and food items for Anglicare to the Christmas tree in the library.





Grand Prize winner "L-Swaze" with one of the Judges' choice winners,  "Blush"

RadVision - it's a wrap!

11 November 2020

A fabulous event from the P&F Association

Cam Sullings - RadVision MC 2020A huge ‘thank you’ to all of our wonderful performers, judges, technical and audio crew, volunteers, Radford College Staff, Radford P&F and last, but not least, the RadVision Organising Committee - Emma Holliday, Nicola Gibson, Rachael Harkin and  Kate Maguire. 

Cam Sullings was the Master of Ceremonies for the night and he did a wonderful job welcoming and talking to each of the performers during the show. Thank you, Cam. 


It was an amazing evening which showcased the depth of talent we have at Radford College.  

After a busy Saturday morning of dress rehearsals, our talented performers showcased their musical talents in the evening. The event was live streamed to the Radford Community, and enjoyed in person by the performers’ families and close friends in the TB Millar Hall. 

We were blown away by the courage and quality of each and every performer. 

The winners of RadVision 2020 were: 

  • RadVision 2020 Winner - L-Swaze
  • Junior Category Winner - Singing Rabbit
  • Senior Category Winner - UV-Vox
  • Community Winner - Just Enough Jazz
  • Judges Prizes - Shoeless Showman & Blush

Junior Winner - Singing Rabbit Senior Winner - UV Vox with Cam Sullings
Judges' prize - Shoeless Showman Community Prize - Just Enough Jazz

Our event was made possible thanks to our valued sponsor: SuperSmile Orthodontics. Their generous donation of $5,000 allowed us to present amazing cash prizes. 

We also thank Barton Grocer for organising the catering, Nick O’Leary Wines, and Alan Lee for photography.  

An event like RadVision can only be possible with the support of the entire community, and we thank everyone for their interest and involvement in RadVision 2020. 

We hope to be back in 2021!

RadVision Trophies

Support the P&F and grab a bargain at the Second Hand Uniform Shop

Second Hand Shop - holiday hours

11 November 2020

Hours of operation till Feb 2021


At present, it is necessary to have an appointment before visiting the Second-hand Uniform Shop. The shop is not open for walk-in/unscheduled visits. Please click Online Bookings to secure your appointment.

When making an appointment, please include:

  • Your contact details
  • Include items / sizes / male or female for the items you wish to purchase
  • Details of how many children you want to purchase uniforms for
  • Please remember to cancel or reschedule if you cannot attend your appointment

Hours for Nov and Dec 2020
Tuesday 12.30pm-5.30pm
Thursday 12.30pm-5.30pm (last day 10 Dec 2020) 


Monday 11th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Tuesday 12th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 13th Jan 8.30am-1.30pm
Thursday 14th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Friday 15th Jan - Closed

Monday 18th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Tuesday 19th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 20th Jan 8.30am-1.30pm
Thursday 21st Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Friday 22nd Jan - Closed

Monday 25th Jan – Closed
Tuesday 26th Jan – Closed
Wednesday 27th Jan 8.30am-1.30pm
Thursday 28th Jan 12.30pm-5.30pm
Friday 29thJan 8.30am-1.30pm

Monday 1st Feb 12.30pm-5.30pm
Tuesday 2nd Feb 12.30pm-5.30pm
Thursday 4th Feb 12.30pm-5.30pm

FROM 9 FEB 2021 - normal hours
Tuesday and Thursday 12.30pm-5.30pm

SchoolTV Report - The Alcohol Discussion

SchoolTV: The Alcohol Discussion

11 November 2020

Always an important discussion, though not always an easy one

SPECIAL REPORT: Having the Alcohol Discussion

With the impending festive season and end of school celebrations, some teenagers may be feeling ready to party, wanting to put the disruptions, frustrations and disappointments of this past year, behind them.

To ensure our young people stay safe during this time, parents and carers are encouraged to have the alcohol discussion - no matter how difficult or overwhelming it may be. It is important to outline the rules and boundaries around age-appropriate alcohol consumption and what the legal implications may be.

Young people are at greater risk of alcohol-related harm than adults because their brains continue to develop until their mid-twenties. The safest level of alcohol consumption for teenagers is no alcohol at all, but this may be difficult to enforce and may not prevent them from experimenting. Parents and carers can, however, influence sensible drinking habits and help minimise the risks.

In this Special Report, a series of discussion points are offered to help make the conversation about alcohol consumption a little easier.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the Wellbeing Team for further information, or seek medical or professional help.

Radford Collegians Association

Collegians Association Update

11 November 2020

Collegians Committee for 2021

On the 30 October, the Collegians held their Annual General Meeting. We would like to thank the current (and continuing) committee members:   

  • President - Tristan Maddigan (Class of 1999)
  • Vice President - Phil Trenbath (Class of 2004)
  • Treasurer - Mark Whitby (Class of 2000)
  • Public Officer/Secretary - Monique Glavonjic (Staff)
  • Committee Members - Claire Osborne (Class of 1999), Andrew Kominek (Class of 2003) 

We also welcome new committee members who joined us:

  • Andrew Jones (Class of 1990)
  • Sara Vassallo (Class of 2002)
  • Katie Taylor (Class of 2004)
  • Aleisha Payoe (Class of 2012)
  • Chloe Marks (Class of 2018)

The Radford Collegians’ Association is about building a community that provides ongoing support to its members on a social, educational and career level. Originally founded in 1989, the association has grown by about 160 members per year. With over 6,500 former students, the Association seeks to connect Collegians’ to each other and their school. The association is committed to three core pillars of focus including social & community awareness, business & career opportunities and giving back. The Association organises reunions, mentoring programs, supports college functions and funds select community outreach programs.

Three core pillars of focus are:

Community and Social
Staying connected and proactive is a priority for the Radford Collegians. There are numerous community initiatives taking place throughout the year including foundation days, reunions, social events and frequent news and updates.

Business and Career
Becoming a Radford Collegian provides individuals with greater opportunity, choice and flexibility in the working world. This is available through member and networking events, tutoring and mentoring, referral programs and access to scholarships in a range of professions.

Giving Back
Becoming a Radford Collegian is a great way to give back to the school and community. Opportunities lie in sponsorship, fundraising grants, award programs and student mentoring.

Bring on 2021!!!


Disability Parking - PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY

Disability Parking - important reminder

Disability parking spots are for permit holders only. They are not to be used for drop off/pick up purposes.