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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

21 November 2018

Fiona Godfrey

Student Leaders, staff appointments, School Improvement Plan, STEM, Steptember

Student Leaders for 2019 announced

Last week’s Secondary School assembly was an important event, not only because it was the final assembly for our Year 11 and 12 students, who are undertaking their examinations this week, but also because we announced the coveted student leadership positions for 2019.

Nearly 100 students made application for a range of Prefect roles. After an exhaustive process: written application, voting by staff and peers and, in some cases, being interviewed by senior staff, we were delighted to announce the following students as student leaders for 2019.

College Captains

Ethan Nguyen
Katherine Kosa

College Vice-Captains

William Goodchild
Amy Theakston

Student Council Prefects

Nicholas Fitzgerald
Stephanie Ni
Ruby Soboslay Moore

Sport Prefects

Emily Shillington
Aaron Passioura

Spiritual Prefects

Ellen Wedgwood
Sophie Genn

Service Learning Prefects

Samuel Earle
Patrick Knight
Thomas Scott
Emilie MacCallum

Performing Arts Prefects

Stephanie Coram
Lucy Muller

Junior School Liaison Prefects

Oscar Wilson
Lachlan Baker
Jessica Ward

Communications Prefect

Nikita Chandekar

Acacia House Prefect

Jack Coyle

Banksia House Prefect

Patrick Leerdam

Boronia House Prefect

Phuong Do

Huon House Prefect

Eliza Malouf

Jarrah House Prefect

Kerry Wang

Karri House Prefect

Lauren Nicholson

Kurrajong House Prefect

Sean Dunne

Wandoo House Prefect

Patrick Morrison

I have every confidence that these students will make excellent Prefect leaders and I look forward to working closely with them next year.

2019 Captains and Vice-Captains2019 Prefects and Captains

Year 12s celebrate their final day
Last Thursday, with the usual mix of emotions, our current Year 12 students celebrated their final day of classes. As is the tradition at Radford, the day was tinged with sadness and tears, mixed with memories and laughs, and topped with optimism and excitement for what lies ahead.

The day started with the now-customary Year 12 Breakfast in TB Millar Hall. Fruit, yoghurt, and egg and bacon rolls were served by the recently announced Prefects for 2019. Ms Renae Woods, Head of Year 12, reflected on the cohort’s time at Radford, using some great photographs and detailing some very humorous occasions.

From the breakfast, the students moved to their Year Level meeting where, once again, there time was spent reminiscing and thanking Tutors, many of whom have been with the students for the past two years.

After recess, the Year 12s participated in their final Chapel Service where, in stark contrast with the preceding assembly, there was an opportunity for quiet reflection. Fr Richard and Rev. Erin delivered a beautiful service and the students clearly enjoyed singing some of their old favourite hymns. The day concluded with younger students forming a guard of honour through which the departing Year 12s processed from the Chapel.

For most of the Year 12s, their formal association with the College will conclude at their Graduation on Monday 26 November at Llewellyn Hall. Most will also attend their Formal at the Arboretum later that week, and some Year 12s will be involved in the Awards Night a fortnight later.

New appointments in the College
Some weeks ago, Ms Kath Notley, our current Head of Year 10, indicated that she wanted to resign from her Head of Year role at the end of this academic year. Ms Notley wants to be able to concentrate more fully on her Round Square Coordinator’s role. This has become increasingly demanding as the College’s involvement in the Round Square program escalates.

I am delighted to announce that Mr Brad Davis, current Health and Physical Education teacher, has been appointed to the role and will lead our Year 10s through their senior years. Mr Davis’ expertise in this role was apparent for nearly two terms last year, when he was Acting Head of Year in Mr Nick Moss’s absence.

It is well documented that schools now better understand the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) being taught in an interdisciplinary manner that exposes students to problem-solving across each of these areas. In recognising the importance of STEM, Radford has encouraged teachers from these faculties to work collaboratively to develop units of work. From next year, however, we will benefit from the appointment of Mr Jeremy Hawkes as a dedicated STEM coordinator, to manage projects involving STEM inside and outside of the classroom. Mr Hawkes, who has expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is excited to take on this leadership role and having the opportunity to initiate some wonderful projects for our students.

School Improvement Plan
Parents who have been associated with Radford for a number of years may recall that in 2015 the College developed a new five-year strategic plan. As part of the development of that plan, the College concurrently prepared a school improvement plan which has been in use over the past three years.

Using the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) National School Improvement Tool, the College was rated against nine domains that concentrated on the effectiveness of our teaching and learning program. The domains include:

  • an explicit improvement agenda
  • analysis and discussion of data
  • a culture that promotes learning
  • targeted use of school resources
  • an expert teaching team
  • systematic curriculum delivery
  • differentiated teaching and learning
  • effective pedagogical practices
  • school community partnerships

In consideration of the College’s ratings, the team from ACER helped us to put together a practical School Improvement Plan that details a number of goals, strategies to achieve the goals, timeframes and people responsible.

In recent weeks, the Senior Executive has worked with representatives from the Association of Independent Schools NSW (AIS NSW) in the development of a new School Improvement Plan. We will continue this work over the summer holiday period and will hope to release our new plan at the beginning of the 2019 academic year.

The development of a new School Improvement Plan will inform discussions for a new whole-of-school strategic plan, which will be developed over the course of 2020. As was the case last time, we will be seeking parent feedback and consultation in the construction of the new strategic plan.

Steptember success
In response to a proposal put forward to RAS by Millie Meyers in Year 7, supported by Year 7 RAS coordinator Susannah Morrison, 63 teams of Radford students and staff registered to participate in the Steptember fundraiser in support of children and adults with cerebral palsy. The Steptember challenge is to collect sponsorship for a commitment to take 10,000 steps per day for 28 days, starting on 4 September. Steptember is a fundraising challenge with a difference in that the rewards of participation extend to include the benefit of being active and increasing fitness.

Steptember cheque

This year’s total of $19,720.50 placed Radford in the wonderful position of being the highest fundraising school in Australia and ranked within the top 50 organisations in the ACT. Congratulations to Millie for her initiative in pursuing this activity, and to Year 12 Prefect Harrison Blake, Josh Robards (Year 7), and Georgia Waddell­-Wood and Grace Kuchlmayr (both Year 10), who were also instrumental in running the program.


See the full details of individual Radford achievements, as presented in assembly.

Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Exploring teenage spirituality

20 November 2018

Rev. Erin Tuineau

There are many different approaches to spirituality

By Rev. Erin Tuineau

There is an article I read a few months ago, in the Sydney Morning Herald, that identified six types of teenage spirituality in Australia. It became clear as I was reading the article that many Australian teenagers are in fact still interested in exploring their spiritual life, but they do so in very different ways from the generations that have gone before them. They do not necessarily classify themselves as religious or non-religious, or spiritual or non-spiritual. Young people today do not seem to be too concerned with ‘boxing’ themselves in too much when it comes to their spiritual life, they do, however, still have a relatively clear view of how they understand themselves on this level. Here are the six ways that teenagers understand their spiritual orientation: 

-          ‘This Worldly’:23% of young people do not believe in God, but at the same time they do not all completely identify with being atheists either. They believe the physical world is the only one that exists.


-          ‘Religiously Committed’: 17% of Australian teenagers consider religion (whether Christian or otherwise) to be a major part of their lives and attend regular worship services.


-          ‘Seekers’: 8% of teens identify as being spiritual and are open to being guided in life by horoscopes, psychics, and God, or a higher being.


-          ‘Spiritual but not religious’: 18% of young people are open to believing in life after death, reincarnation, and a higher power (but not God), but do not consider religion important to them.


-          ‘Indifferent’: 15% of Australian teenagers are undecided about religion, spirituality, and atheism.


-          ‘Nominally Religious’: Some young people identify with the religion of their parents or guardians and believe in God, but do consider faith or worship to be important in shaping their lives. Interestingly, they are not interested in other spiritual ideas such as reincarnation or horoscopes.


Obviously, as a priest, I find this information fascinating and very informative when it comes to exploring with teenagers the deepest part of who they are and the world around them. I am aware, however, that for many Australians, the spirituality of young people is an afterthought when it comes to caring for them and their wellbeing. In our Western society, we almost always prioritize our physical wellbeing, followed by our mental health, and then, maybe, our spiritual self. 

In my opinion, ignoring the spirituality of our young people is detrimental to their wellbeing. I say this on the basis that it is only when we develop an awareness of how deeply connected we are to each other, creation, and God, that we can not only live, but thrive.

And as I remember Steve Biddulph saying in his lecture here at Radford a few months ago, it is possibly this lack of connectedness that is the cause of so much loneliness on our society, a loneliness which can lead many young people to take their own lives. With youth suicide being an ever-increasing problem in Australia, and one that does not seem to be going away no matter how much we invest in mental health, perhaps it is worth considering that our spirituality has a much bigger impact on our lives than we might realize. And that prioritizing the spirituality of teenagers might actually go a long way towards saving their very lives.


Alan Lee and Jonquil Mackey - always at the centre of College life, capturing wonderful images which tell our story

H for History #35 - Jonquil Mackey and Alan Lee

21 November 2018

Telling Radford's story through their inspirational images

Editor's note - This is the last H for History article in the current series. It is fitting to pause the project at 35 articles, representing the same number of years since the Foundation Stone was laid. It is also fitting that this article celebrates the work of our talented colleagues Alan Lee and the late Jonquil Mackey, both of whom captured all aspects of College life through their countless beautiful photographs. We offer just a selection at the bottom of this article. Please keep scrolling to find them. 

George is now concentrating on finishing a book of stories "35 Years Of Radford College – Foundations, Traditions, Inspirations" which will be launched at the College during the 2019 Foundation Day Celebrations. Details of how to pre-order your copy will be publicised in coming months.

When Head of the Library Shirley Campbell (1983 – 1999) first saw some images taken by the new Science teacher Alan Lee in 1997 she was stopped in her tracks. They were from a Year 11 Biology field trip which had been studying ecosystems. She suggested to principal Graeme Wigg that Alan’s obvious skills for capturing a moment might be put to good use as the official College photographer. With an increasing number of College publications demanding accompanying photographic images, this would prove of immense benefit and enjoyment to readers across the wider community. As the Director of Co-curricular activities at the time, I came to the exact same conclusion myself, particularly when Alan caught my band in (literal) full flight during an impromptu performance for students one lunchtime later that year in the new Amphitheatre in the then-Year 9 Block.

In 2002, Jonquil Mackey joined the college as a Photography/Media teacher, arriving with a passion for the visual image, particularly if it told a story and made a point. As Alan described, ‘For Jonquil it was not just about pretty pictures. She was very fierce about it having to say something. And I am the same. I’m politically passionate. There’s no point in doing art if it’s not trying to reflect things the way they are - and make things better.’ (Jonquil’s idealistic approach became very apparent during the Gamilaraay 17 trip in mid-2017, where her striking photographs almost effortlessly captured the joy and naivete of both Radford and Gamilaraay youth. Her images highlighted the common humanity of this unique relationship, while also gently reminding the viewer of that gap that exists - and needs to be seen and addressed - in terms of opportunity, empowerment, freedom, overcoming trauma and the overall quality of life between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Australia.)

So it was that Jonquil was soon to join Alan as part of a two-person Radford team responsible for the photographing of significant events, sometimes staged and official in tone, but equally as often with an innate sense of capturing the subject/s candidly and seemingly at that precise and perfect moment. As the years progressed, the College was to be richly blessed with over two decades of highly professional, often glossy and deeply artistic photographs capturing everything from the day-to-day life of the college to the simply extraordinary. With the introduction of Communications and Publications teams at the College, ‘people were appreciating the photos that were coming through even more.’

Jonquil and Alan were central to telling the Radford Story‘Together we got the bravery to start to enter photographic competitions,’ continued Alan. ‘In 2012, 2013 and 2014 we had images chosen as semi-finalists or finalists in the Moran Contemporary Photography Prize and the Head On Photography Festivals.’ And as both Jonquil and Alan started receiving national recognition for their outstanding work, their self-commissioned Murrumbidgee River (26 Days) exhibition, which opened at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in September 2016, cemented their reputation. ‘That was the largest, most coherent work we did together,’ explained Alan. Both he and Jonquil spent 26 days, spread carefully over four years of camping trips, photographing the Murrumbidgee for this exhibition.

Communications Officer Celia Lindsay reported: ‘The inspiration for the project was the discovery that it takes a drop of water an average of twenty-six days to travel from the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee in the Snowy Mountains of NSW to where it joins the Murray River in Victoria. The pictures in this exhibition are a wonderful fusion of art and science, and some delightfully quirky humour also. The diversity of the images reflects the river and surrounding landscapes, as well as the artistic eye of each of the photographers.’

As Tim The Yowie Man also outlined in a review in The Canberra Times: ‘Despite observing the same vistas of the river and surrounds, remarkably Lee and Mackey returned home with completely different images. "Whilst we worked closely together on this project we took contrasting approaches," explains Mackey. "Alan leaned towards the documentary, and often strayed into the hinterlands while I was drawn to the abstractions where water and land meet… Alan is a science teacher after all," jokes Mackey. For visitors to the exhibition, Lee and Mackey have used their divergent approaches to photography into a game. "There are no labels on the prints hanging on the walls, as we want people to guess who took which photo," explains Mackey.’

To celebrate Jonquil and Alan’s unique partnership, I have curated a selection of a dozen diverse and extraordinary images. In keeping with the tradition above - except in a few cases where subjects have indicated who took the photos through their comments - I have left it to the viewer to determine whether it was Jonquil or Alan who took each photograph.

In conclusion, Alan reflected on the eve of concluding his time at the College in late 2018, that ‘the three strong threads’ across his two decades of work at Radford have been the photography; other curricular involvements such as the jazz band; and ‘the core academic work of teaching the discipline you are passionate about, having kids get turned on by it and then in some cases going on to doing great things in that discipline.’ If the selection of images below is anything to go by, the high number of students who have been inspired by them and left the college with a passion for photography – some pursuing a career in the field – certainly speak for themselves.

This article is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Jonquil Mackey (1957-2018). 

1. In Flight (1997)
Context: Staff and student band playing grunge in The Amphitheatre for students

Comment: ‘Radford was a huge part of my life and there were some standout moments during my 14 years at the college. This lunchtime gig is definitely right near the top of the list. At that time in our lives we were able to drop the serious teacher personas and become rock stars for an hour or so. The music of the 90s was such that we were listening to, and then performing, the soundtrack to the lives of our students... Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, the Oils and so on. Alan Lee has perfectly captured the moment of a flying George Huitker mid-screaming vocal, Chris Brown driving the bass line reliably as ever, little Jimmy Coe (Class of 1999) playing his heart out on the kit and yours truly just trying to remember whether he should be playing an E major or an E minor chord!’ (John Fraser: 1989 - 2002)

2. Who is Missing? (2008)
Context: Whole School Photograph 2008

Comment: ‘One abiding memory, and one for which I have no proof it ever happened (but it’s a great story) is that when the first proof came back, David Mulford was in the photo twice. Apparently, when the photo of the school was taken from the oval, David was standing at the window of his office. When the photo of the school was then superimposed in front – there he was, twice!! I think John Leyshon is thinking “I hope he is not going to wear that hat.”’ (Andrew Wrigley: 1992 – 2003)

3. Little Pirate (2012)
Context: During The Pirates of Penzance, Phillip Heath encouraged Junior School involvement and was willing to give the cabin boy a cutlass.

Comment: ‘I was lucky to be involved in the Secondary School production of The Pirates of Penzance and having the time of my life. I had never felt such adrenaline before. I was thinking about how amazing it is to perform in front so many people and express who I am. The image captures all of us pirates as one and it shows a lot of friendship between all of the actors.’ (Sterling Notley: Class of 2023)

4. Dancers (2013)
Context: Radford Performing Arts Night (RADPAN).

Comment: ‘Whenever people talk about “magic on stage”, this is the moment I always think back to. During this routine I was mega-excited, energised, and happy feeling that this is the place to be. The photo is an exciting part of the dance: the ‘”wow” moment. I am pleased to have been able to share this with the audience. (Jemima Mordike: Class of 2016)

5. Duncan Smith and Richard Browning (2013)
Context: The presenting of Duncan Smith’s artwork Dirrum Dirrum and the Scar Tree (see Chapter 27) on Foundation Day for the 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Comment: ‘I was in awe to be honest by Duncan’s work, his willingness to share so deeply from his culture… There is something else in that moment. It is something like, “I really hope people can come to love and cherish story and image and metaphor and symbol and let it take hold of you.” So there is also part trepidation; I felt quite vulnerable. Can the Radford community let the story and the painting speak?’ (Fr Richard Browning: 2004 – Present)

6. The Assembly (2013)
Context: Pre-K students during the 30th Anniversary Foundation Day ceremony outlined above.

Comments: ‘We were watching Aminda put his handprint on the painting for the chapel.’ / ‘Ms Mahar made sure we were sitting up straight and not leaning back on the benches. We were focused on Aminda’s hand as it had red ink and we were wishing we could do it too.’ / ‘I couldn’t see what was happening as the Year 12s were in front of us and I was curious as to what was going on. I really wanted to stand up but I couldn’t.’ / ‘It was a time in Pre-K where everything was new. Traditions like Foundation Day are now familiar as we are in Year 4 and we know what to expect. Back then our curiosity got the better of us!’ / ‘I was more focused on M. as she took my toy shovel at recess time.’ (Students in photo: 2013 - Present)

7. Graeme and Bronwyn Brown (2014)
Context: Bronwyn Brown wanted to have some updated photos to give family members.

Comment: ‘Graeme and I were very confident that Jonquil's and Alan's skills were what we needed and were absolutely delighted with the images they produced. It was not only our connection with them as work colleagues, but their own easy-going natures and way of working together which helped us relax.’ (Bronwyn Brown: 2006 – Present)

8. Goddard Models (2015)
Context: Part of Suzanne Goddard’s Masters in Cross Disciplinary Art and Design (for which she received a High Distinction).

Comment: ‘I was thinking about what was the best method of communicating a concept of visual, interactive design and I was confident that Jonquil and Alan would be able to capture this through their photography and Hannah and Caterina through their movements. This image captures not only the unique nature of the buttoning features of the garment that allow for different designs, but also if Hannah and Caterina took the garments off and dissembled them, they would both end up with a corset made from a non-slip bath mat and squares/rectangular pieces of silk inspired by Fibonacci Sequence. The image also captures friendships, teamwork and the beauty of cultural diversity.’ (Suzanne Goddard: 1989 – Present)

9. Parachute in Harmony (2015)
Context: Students playing with a parachute on Harmony Day.

Comment: ‘I love this photo, taken by Alan (it was always hard to tell whether Jonquil or Alan had taken a particular shot). It’s like the students have lifted the horizon to reveal a world of possibility and the colourful silk parachute is a shroud of support for all who walk under it. When you see a photo like this, you immediately think about how you might use it. At the time, we were working on the current Strategic Plan and casting around for a cover image. We saw this and immediately knew we had found it.’ (Mick Bunworth: 2015 – Present)

10. In Harmony in the Hall (2015)
Context: The college gathered in the TB Millar Hall for Harmony Day in mufti.

Comment: ‘I see myself sitting next to my best friends, looking very happy to be a part of a community; something that is bigger than myself. Looking at the faces around mine, I see people who share in that happiness. This is amplified by the colourful clothing of Harmony Day which is a specific celebration of diversity within a community and everyone belonging.’ (Hannah Nutt: Class of 2015)

11. Fairy Tree Reflection (2017)
Context: Students on the Gamilaraay 17 trip reading and reflecting on the Myall Creek Massacre in the nearby town of Bingara, New South Wales.

Comment: This image captures me hunched over, trying to catch my breath. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was just my (five feet tall and very unfit) body reacting to the effort required to climb up onto the roots but as it continued to worsen, I realised that it was my physical reaction to reading such traumatising events. As an avid history student, I was angry that the details around the massacre had been vague to me prior to reading the document. Angry at myself, first and foremost, for not being more educated about it, but also angry that my education had not included more on the Myall Creek Massacre and the colonial history surrounding the plight of Australian Indigenous at the hand of white colonisers… It is such feelings of injustice and anger that characterise my studies at university and I plan to let it continue to shape how I live and use my knowledge. (Viv Wang: Class of 2017)

12. Swimmers (2017)
Context: Swimming Carnival

Comment: A moment frozen with timely precision; the tension of the start of a race captured by a keen eye… I wonder if the identity of the photographer is as important as I initially thought. Jonquil and Alan were interchangeable in their role as school photographers and also worked collaboratively. They each took many, many photographs and stored them in one digital drop box. Their brief was the same and they were both skilful and creative. Unlike in their personal work their individual style in the College visual story is not as evident. Physical athleticism is highlighted by the morning light falling on the surface of the body. The inner strength and confidence of this student is recorded through this rehearsed pose and style, about to pierce the water’s reflective surface. Perhaps the photographer, either Jonquil or Alan, intended the theme of this shot to be about strong young women. It is also about effort and participation rather than ‘winning’ as this photograph recorded the beginning of the race, rather than the end. Do we need or want to know who will win this race? The image for me, in a reflective moment, is about how we can move forward, hand in hand. (Amanda Poland: 2014-Present)



The Mulford Junior School

JS News 21 November

21 November 2018

Dates to remember, the value of pausing and reflecting

By Acting Head of Junior School Karen Mahar

Dates to Remember

Tues 27 Nov

Year 5 and 6 Paella lunch

Mon 3 Dec     

Kinder Nativity

Tues 4 Dec

JS Sneak Peek today

Thurs 6 Dec

Year 6 Chapel, 6.30 pm (parents welcome) and Disco, 7.30-8.30 pm (students only)

Fri 7 Dec

Year 6 end of year activity (Radford Rowing Shed)

As we dance through the busy-ness of this time of year, approaching the end of Term 4, we are encouraged and reminded of the value to pause. It is a good time to reflect.

Reflection can be an empowering process.

Some reasons people are encouraged to pause and reflect:

  1. To help make sense of your day
  2. To evaluate what has been accomplished
  3. To celebrate success
  4. To learn from mistakes and provide learning opportunities
  5. To plan for next steps

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role in the Junior School involves meeting with prospective new families considering joining our community. This privilege allows me the opportunity to frequently articulate the many things that make Radford a vibrant and inclusive learning community.

Last Thursday, while I was walking with a family around the school grounds, visiting learning spaces and pointing out places of interest, I introduced them to members of the school community that we approached. We spoke with many students that afternoon. Each of them greeted our visitors and when asked, provided varied and authentic answers as to what the new student could look forward to when coming to Radford.

After a while, the family members chuckled and remarked “You couldn’t possibly have organised this, it seems so spontaneous!” This was a clear demonstration of the sense of belonging our school offers.

This type of response is not taught through a program or curriculum. It is delivered through genuine care for others, along with a sense of belonging and connection between family and our community. Well done Radford!

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Radford Dance Academy performance - Enlighten
  • Many staff and students being privileged to experience Eddie Woo
  • Pre K proudly sharing activities and expertly guiding new Pre K students and their families around the ELC
  • Year 1 students using QR codes to access instructions for making a paper plane, constructing it and then measuring and recording distances achieved in flight
  • Our older students embarking on transition - one group getting ready for Year 7 and another stepping up towards becoming Junior School leaders
  • Sphero coding workshops with Year 6 teachers and Technology coach
  • Specialists - a musical treat when the Year 3 students performed at the Year 3 Strings concert, Spanish Paella lunch, along with a myriad of cocurricular passions and sports. 

Our students are fortunate to have so many opportunities encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

Have a wonderful week ahead - it is my hope you take the time to pause!


Shout Outs

PKAM - Sophia Buttsworth


PKAM - Zara Davison


PKAM - Liam Shao


PKAM - Ethan Chen


PKMQ - Burke Porreca

Risk Taker

PKMQ - Bella Voortman


PKJH -  Kiana Huynh

Risk Taker

PKJH - Isabella Jiang


PKJH - Walter Small


PKDM - Daksh Sharma


PKDM - Alexa Kardaris

Open Minded

PKDM - Angus Chan


KAS - Lewis Larkham

Enthusiasm, Social Intelligence

KSG - Meiling Roberts

Cooperation, Kindness

KCH - Harry Wang

Principled, Balanced

KNS - Annabelle McGibbon

Respect, Kindness

1MH - Ellis McKenna

Prudence, Self-regulation.

1AT - Isaac O’Brien

Humility, Cooperative learner

2JG -  Jessica Buttsworth


2BF - Ella Huang

Great enthusiasm in all written work.

3DO- Jeevaa Palaniyappa


3PC - Yash Thrishul

Persistence, Kindness

3RB - Sonja Lubiejewski

Persistence, Knowledgeable

3EC - Amelia Bush

Thinker, Creativity

4JO - Byron Shaw

Bravery, Honesty

4KP - Natalie Tam

Commitment, Love of Learning

4CD - Joe Whithear

Enthusiasm, Responding to Challenges

4OM -  Aanya Te Moananui

Commitment, Caring

5TMi - Miranda Hadlow

Principled, Kindness

5JC - Isobel Higgins

Love of Learning, Confidence

5SD - Daniel Flynn

Inquirer, Curiosity

5TeM - Simon Mai

Curiosity, Enthusiasm

6TW - Charlie Sedden

Teamwork, Thinker

6HB - Sydney Nguyen-Cuu

Curiosity, Creativity

6JF - Jordan Scholfield

Commitment, Kindness

6TH -Abby Elvin

Commitment, Inquirer

Mrs Halford - Nicholas Brogan (3DO)

Commitment, Inquirer

Mrs Evans - Luca D’Ambrosio in 3RB

Commitment, Perseverance

Last Celebration, Year 1 was on excursion, so we would also like to acknowledge the Year 1 Shout Outs from Week 3. These students are: 

1MH - William Pennington

Zest, Enthusiasm for Learning

1AT - William Holliday

Balanced Attitude, Love of Learning

Art works by Oliver Golding, on display at CASE2018

CASE2018 - an amazing exhibition

20 November 2018

Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Almost 200 works were part of the senior students' exhibition

By Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Preparing for the exhibition Preparing for CASE2018

The Creative Arts Senior Exhibition 2018 (CASE2018) showcased a selection of almost 200 works, produced as part of the “making” component of the units of Visual Arts, Photography and Media, all subjects in the Arts BSSS Framework. 

Noses, by Claire GrahamThe Library venue attracted large audiences and students, staff and family and friends experienced the diversity of ideas explored by Years 11 and 12. From a walk-in sensory installation, by Campbell Miller, to an intimate and beautiful book, featuring numerous macro photographic images by Eadon Brown, to educational tutorials of film genre, (created in the style of the genre) by Media students, there was plenty to engage viewers. Speakers at the opening event on Wednesday night, 14th November, included Joel Cooper, Lily Smith-Saarinen and Milie McCallum, who each highlighted the value and enjoyment of their subjects:  Photography, Media and Visual Art.  

Mr Tim Minehan, Media teacher, and I were delighted to see so many visitors to the exhibition and the observe the level of conversation about the work.

Art by Oliver Golding Verge, by Nathan Luu

Technical details:
Claire Graham,  Year 12 Photography
Noses, Close, 4/5, Digital Photograph, 210 x 297 mm

Nathan Luu, Year 12 Photography
Verge, 2018 series of five, Digital print, 30 cm x 30 cm x 5

Anyone can practise mindfulness

SchoolTV: Mindfulness

20 November 2018

Learn more about the benefits and practice of mindfulness

From Claire Melloy: Assistant Principal, Student Development

This month on SchoolTV - Mindfulness

Over the last decade, mindfulness has been slowly rising in popularity with many individuals practising it on a regular basis. Evidence-based research has found that there are many benefits to mindfulness which has prompted schools across the nation to implement this practice into their daily routines.

Mindfulness can be described as attention-training for your brain, enabling you to focus on something without judgement and to stimulate curiosity. Mindfulness can be practised in various ways and is something that can be done by everyone - no matter your age! It has been practised by many cultures around the world, but it is not exclusively affiliated to any particular philosophy or religion.

Mindfulness helps improve memory, engagement and performance. Its positive effect on the brain can improve immunity, mental wellbeing, learning ability, emotional health and even, time-management. It is especially important in this era of information overload, as our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions making us more distracted.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents can learn the best way to introduce mindfulness to their children, implementing it in their daily lives to have an overall positive impact on family relationships. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to this month’s edition http://radford.act.schooltv.me/newsletter/mindfulness

Peru Tour mid-2020

Peru Tour mid-2020

13 November 2018

Expressions of interest now open!

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies 

Expressions of interest are now open for a tour to Peru in 2020, in the mid-year, June/July, holidays .

The tour will be open to students in Y11 and Y12 in 2020 (current Y9 and Y10 students).

Register your interest online at www.tinyurl.com/RadfordPeru

An information evening will be held in Term 1, 2019.

Contact: Lindy.Braithwaite@radford.act.edu.au





Forensic Science Camp 2019 at The Armidale School

Forensic Science Camp 2019

12 November 2018

Bronwyn Stanbury, HoD Science

Budding young sleuths have the opportunity to solve simulated crimes at TAS Forensic Science Camp.

From Bronwyn Stanbury, Head of Science

For almost two decades, budding young sleuths from across eastern Australia relish the opportunity to solve simulated crimes at The Armidale School Forensic Science Camp.

Such has been its success that each year it regularly attracts more than 80 bright Year 8–9 students from Brisbane to Ballarat, and many places in between. Year 8 students (in 2019) are divided into groups of four detectives and, over five days in the July holidays (9 July to 13 July) they solve fictitious felonies using a range of forensic techniques, including microscopy, chromatography, fingerprint analysis, cryptography and general science. They analyse the evidence, identify and interview the suspects, order medical and scientific tests and search criminal databases.

On the final day of the camp, a local magistrate conducts a ‘court case’ in which the teams have the chance to convict their suspect. The scenarios are developed by ‘Camp Controllers’, former participants who lead the camp. Scenarios use procedures including blood-typing, fibre testing and soil analyses to solve a range of crimes, from theft, to vandalism and murder. Participants develop skills in logic and organisation, using technology and forensic science – and it’s a whole lot of fun.

These could be the five most exciting, agonising, stimulating, frustrating and intellectually invigorating days of your life. Have you the courage to come? You won’t be disappointed.

Do you dare to stay away?

Link: http://www.as.edu.au/life-at-tas/academic/forensic-science-camp/ 

Image for article: All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

21 November 2018

Bronwyn Stanbury, Head of Science

Photo competition reveals the creative side of science

By Bronwyn Stanbury, Head of Science

Year 11 student Subject Captain for Earth and Biological Sciences Dominic Stirzaker had an idea to showcase the value of the natural world through its beauty, in the Canberra region and beyond. To do this, he single-handedly developed and ran the recent Radford College Life Science Photo Competition.

Ted's CamerasOpen to students from Years 7–12, the competition began on 31 October and was generously sponsored by Ted’s Cameras, Civic.

Students could enter images in the categories of Animal and/or Landscape photography. With about 80 wonderful entries Mr Alan Lee, Mr Tim Robards and I had a challenging task choosing the winners. Congratulations go to Alexander Sofoulis (Animal) and Mandy Wang (Landscape) for their superb winning entries. Well done also to runners-up Jacinta Buckman and Jemima Sayers for your beautiful photos. All award recipients will soon receive gift vouchers from Ted’s Cameras. Keep snapping everyone!

Animal category

Bearded Dragon, Alex Sofoulis (Year 11)

Winner: Bearded Dragon, Alex Sofoulis (Year 11)


Watch me, Jacinta Buckman (Year 11)

Runner up: Watch me, Jacinta Buckman (Year 11)

Landscape category

Cairns, QLD, Mandy Wang (Year 11)

Winner: Cairns, QLD, Mandy Wang (Year 11)


Wind-carved landscape, East Gippsland, Victoria, Jemima Sayers (Year 10)

Runner up: Wind-carved landscape, East Gippsland, Victoria, Jemima Sayers (Year 10)

Applications open for Foundation scholarship

2020 Foundation Scholarship Applications Open

14 November 2018

Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.

With the recipient of their inaugural scholarship commencing Year 11 when school returns in February, the Directors of the Radford Foundation welcome applications for the next scholarship.

The recipient will remain anonymous and receive a two-year scholarship to commence Year 11 in 2020. Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.  

The Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and community involvement but whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by 4 pm on Friday 15 February 2019.

  1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
  2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
  3. Passport-sized photo.

Only short-listed applicants will then be required to complete this financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2020 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2019.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 5388.

Every little bit helps - raising funds for the Foundation

50c Coin Foundation Fundraiser

20 November 2018

Cassie Roberts, Foundation Administrator

Radford Foundation celebrates the Class of 2018

 By Cassie Roberts, Foundation Administrator

The Radford College Foundation would like to thank the College Community for all the support shown in our inaugural 50 cent coin fundraiser.

We are happy to announce that we have raised $530 which will be directed to the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, supporting future students who demonstrate outstanding achievement and community involvement but whose personal financial circumstances otherwise prevent them from attending Radford.

We wish all our departing Year 12 students, the Class of 2018 the best of luck for their end of year events.

Donate to the foundation

Book now for the Summer School Holiday Program

School Holiday programs

28 November 2018

Book now for Summer School Holiday programs

When I get tired and I'm feeling blue
I think of all the things I can do
In summer
Billy Fury, ‘In Summer’

Thinking of enrolling in the Outside School Hours Care summer holiday program? Well, don’t delay, because OSHC is taking the endless out of summer and inserting awesome! Water, Steve Backshall, waterfalls, movies, waterslides, dinosaurs, waterplay, dogs, lakes and rivers and so, so much more. Bookings are open and we recommend you move fast, places are limited and will fill fast.

Places are available in Early Years (PK–Y1) and Junior School (Y2–6) programs, which will run from Friday 12 to Friday 21 December 2018 and Monday 14 January to Tuesday 5 February 2019. Please note, enrolments in the January program must be accompanied by a completed 2019 OSHC enrolment form, available here.

December excursions (and incursions) include: trip to the Zoo (EY/JS), Paintball (JS 8+), gymnastics (EY/JS), Questacon (EY), Battle Games (JS), trip to the Arboretum (JS/EY), water play day (EY/JS), dinosaur show (EY), The Grinch (JS), Christmas and Lego (EY/JS)  

January excursions (and incursions) include: Ralph Breaks the Internet (EY/JS), Flip Out (EY/JS), The Muttley Crew Dog Show (EY/JS), Let’s Play (EY), Powercarts Raceway and Mini-golf (JS), Deadly 60 with Steve Backshall (JS/EY), Mary Poppins Returns (JS/EY), trip to the Cotter (EY/JS), Build a Bear OR trip to Yankee Hat (EY/JS), Master Chef OR Illawarra Fly and waterfalls (EY/JS), games with Sean Murphy (EY/JS), water circus (JS/EY), CSIRO Insect Discovery Tour (EY), paddle-boarding (JS), trip to Cascades OR slow day (EY/JS), iPlay (EY/JS), water day (EY/JS)

Book now!

Early Years Booking Form_December
Early Years Booking Form_January

Junior School Booking Form_December
Junior School Booking Form_January


Places are available for Before and After school care in 2019

Outside School Hours Care 2019

21 November 2018

Enrolments open

Families requiring Before or After School Care in 2019 are encouraged to submit their enrolment form as soon as possible. Places are limited and will fill up fast. See links to Information for Families and the Enrolment Form below.

2019 Information for Families

2019 Enrolment Form

Image for article: P&F Second-hand Uniform Shop

P&F Second-hand Uniform Shop

21 November 2018

Holiday opening hours

The P&F is seeking donations of uniforms and supermarket plastic, paper or cloth bags. All donations can be dropped off to the Second-hand Uniform shop during opening hours or at Main Reception.

In response to parent feedback, opening hours for the Second-hand Uniform Shop have been amended for 2019 to include Tuesday afternoons instead of Friday mornings.

The Second-hand Uniform Shop will be open during normal trading hours until Friday 14 December 2018. While the shop is closed over the Christmas break, donations can be dropped off to Main Reception from 9–4 pm. 

From 15 January 2019, the Shop will be open as follows:

Tuesday 15 January 12.30­–4.30 pm
Wednesday 16 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 17 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 22 January 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 23 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 24 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 29 January 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 30 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 31 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 5 February 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 6 February 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 7 February 2–6 pm

It is not necessary to have an appointment before visiting the Second-hand Uniform Shop during school holidays.

NOTE: We will resume normal trading hours from 14 February 2019 and revised opening hours (additional hours on Tuesday afternoons, closed Friday mornings) will apply.

Information night and trials this month!

Capital Football National Premier League 2019

21 November 2018

Info night and trials this month!

INFORMATION SESSION – Premier League Football
Date: Thursday 15 November
Time: 6.00 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School (access from Hayden Drive).

We are excited to announce that Radford College has been accepted into the Capital Football National Premier League Youth Boys competition (U13, 14, 16 & 18) for the 2019 Winter Football season. Please note this competition is an additional competition to the Junior League (Division 1, 2 & 3). Trials for our Junior League teams will be held in Term 1 2019. 

All Football parents/players (including 2019 new students) in those relevant age groups are strongly encouraged to attend the information session on Thursday 15 November, 6.00 pm in the Heath Lecture Theatre (located off the Hayden Drive entrance).

Speakers at the session will be:

  • Brent Larkham – Head of Sport
  • Tom Crossley – Technical Director & Head Coach U16 & U18
  • Ali Riza Efe – Head Coach U13 & U14
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist.

The information session will be recorded and distributed upon request for those who cannot make it.

Trials will be held on the below dates & times. Trials take priority over Summer sport training. Students who cannot attend trials must email Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au.


U13 & 14 Boys
Thursday 29 & Friday 30 November 2018
4–5.30 pm
P&F Oval

U16 & 18 Boys
Thursday 22 & Friday 23 November 2018
4–5.30 pm
P&F Oval


Secondary School Canteen - Friday lunch orders by 9am

Flexischools - Friday lunch orders by 9am

All Flexischools lunch orders for Fridays must now be placed by 9am. (Canteen Manager Karen Robinson).

From the College Nurse - head lice alert


From the College Nurse: We have had several cases of head lice reported over the past week. These cases are spanning several year groups across both the Secondary School and the Junior School. For more details, please see attached Information and treatment sheet.