Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 6 – 20 November 2019

Staff Insights

Bill Weigall, Assistant Principal - Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting

From the Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

20 November 2019

Bill Weigall, APCAR

Why the Secondary School Learner Traits, the IB Learner Profile and College Values are critically important.

 The College motto: truth, compassion, wisdom

Why the Secondary School Learner Traits, the IB Learner Profile and College Values are critically important.

Over the past months of reviewing the College’s curriculum offerings, and particularly as we accelerate towards the end of the academic year, I have been prompted to reflect on the ways in which the community regulates and protects itself in times of high demand.

The Good Schools Guide notes that academic excellence, whilst implicitly desirable, does not feature in the following list of traits that parents want for their child when choosing a school.


  • committed and effective teaching staff and a safe working environment — no bullying, drugs or harassment
  • individual attention given to students; parents want to feel confident that staff will notice and take action should any problems arise
  • an expectation that the democratic values of multicultural Australian society will be actively present at school
  • an expectation that schools will take positive steps to create a place in which staff and students treat each other with respect
  • an environment in which their child can develop social competencies — they want the young adult emerging from secondary school to be articulate, to be able to make and keep friends, and to know how to behave appropriately in different situations.

(https://www.goodschools.com.au/ Accessed 03 Nov 2019)

More enduring than an ATAR is the ability to make good choices, self-regulate and be resilient. Of course, these traits also promote and support academic success. It is interesting to see just how widely involved in College life our Duxes and School Leaders tend to be.

Radford has always been about wholistic education in an Anglican context, and there is an emerging body of evidence demonstrating the importance of that balance. A recent article in the Washington Post (Accessed 01 Nov, 2019) outlines research by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, amongst others, which pinpoints excessive academic pressures as damaging to mental health. In a competitive world, pressure is inevitable, and, in moderation, it is healthy. Our task then, is to provide an environment that fosters strong academic performance in balance with the other elements of life. 

Anyone who has experienced a L’Arche Disco, or indeed any of the myriad service activities offered at Radford, will attest to the affirming and centring effect of focussing on the needs of others.

L'Arche Genesaret banner

Similarly, the commitment to something bigger than your own challenges, such as a team sport or co-curricular activity, provides a welcome and effective circuit breaker. Of course, the musicians amongst you will be wondering why I have not yet mentioned the well-documented links between music and wellbeing. In case any of you are interested, the benefits are comprehensively described in a myriad of papers, such as this one, and readily found online. Our recently developed Giving Curriculum is another overt attempt to harness the benefits of living the College Values.

Radford has a challenging curriculum, impressive facilities and outstanding teachers. All of these factors are immensely valuable, but the role of the Learner Traits and College Values in equipping and supporting students in their quest for academic success should not be underestimated either.

Radford Secondary School Learner Traits

Reverend Katherine Rainger, Senior Chaplain

Chaplain's Reflection: What do you notice? What do you need?

19 November 2019

Rev. Katherine Rainger

Reflecting on the first few weeks at Radford

By Rev. Katherine Rainger

Prior to coming to Radford, I was Youth and Children’s Worker and Assistant Priest at Holy Covenant Anglican Church, Jamison. One of the Rectors who I worked with would often ask me two questions: ‘What do you notice?’ and ‘What do you need?’ 

Both these questions are helpful for taking stock of how things are going and being mindful in the present moment. Often my first response to these questions was the most truthful. By ‘notice’ I mean paying attention to things that we see or hear that cause us to pause and reflect. Radford College is a wonderful, vibrant place with so many different things happening and there is much to ‘notice.’ 

Recently, the Morison Centre was transformed by the Creative Arts Senior Exhibition and the Year 10 Arts and Technologies Showcase. While there were several themes that students explored and played with, one of the things that I noticed was that the question of climate, and our relationship and interconnection with our environment, permeated a number of the works in deeply creative and at times haunting ways. Engaging with the students’ work provoked me to question my own response to this and other concepts that they were exploring. 

My first few weeks at Radford have been greatly enriched by working in a team with Father Richard Browning. One of the ways that we are honouring his faithful ministry amongst us over many years is with a service of Morning Prayer and Release from Ministry. 

Date: Wednesday 4th December
Breakfast: 7am – 7:45am, hosted by Father Richard and the Browning family
Service: 7.45am – 8:15am, followed by refreshments in the Chapel forecourt
Venue: Radford Chapel
Presiding: Bishop Stephen Pickard 

All members of the Radford community are warmly invited.

Father Richard’s homily at the Year 12 final chapel service, titled Calling things by their right name, can be found here.







Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 20 Nov 2019

20 November 2019

Andy Gordon, Deputy Principal Head of Junior School

Our point of view is directly related to our viewing point

Dates to Remember 

Wed 27 Nov

PreK – Yr 1 Athletics Carnival

Thurs 28 Nov

Year 5 Kite Day

Mon 2 Dec

Kinder Nativity KAS and KLP

Wed 4 Dec

Father Richard Farewell

Thurs 5 Dec

Year 6 Chapel, Graduation, Dinner and Disco

Fri 6 Dec

Kinder Nativity KCH and KSG
Year 6 Lake Day

Keeping Perspective

Our College community is vibrant, exciting and inspiring. We have so many learning, sporting and cultural activities and celebrations that run alongside and into each other.

Paralleling the activities and celebrations are our learning experiences that come out of the inquiries and instructional teaching that happens each and every day in our classrooms. With all of this occurring, both for us as adults, and for our students, it is important to keep in perspective that our community is made up of many different people with many different needs.

I have a favourite saying or belief that goes, “Our point of view is directly related to our viewing point.” By this I mean, many of us will have differing points of view simply because we are looking at the same thing from a different viewing point. We have a beautiful school community, however there can be times where people don’t or can’t get along. This is as true for grown-ups as it is for our younger learners. I want to talk briefly about some steps for ‘conflict resolution’ that can be used at school and at home. Conflicts in any community are inevitable, purely because human beings are involved. A conflict doesn’t necessarily mean that one person is right and the other person is wrong, sometimes it is just that people have different viewing points. Keeping this in perspective and listening to other people’s points of view, should help us to understand where the other person is coming from. Empathy is one of our Learner Profile attributes and it is the beginning of an understanding and humble spirit. I think it is incredibly important that the grown-ups in our community live and model this well. 

  1. Talk to your Brain: Is this something that you can resolve internally by making a new decision? Ask yourself what is happening and then what is really happening. Ask if the feelings you are experiencing are temporary or long term.
  2. Kind Words: Use kind words to talk to the other person. Keep the modality low. Avoid using words like ‘disappointed’ and ask clarifying questions that would give you insight into the situation, rather than accusing or blame. “When you said _______, did you mean (this) or did you mean (that)?”
  3.  Firm Words: If the situation is critical and it is escalating, use firm words. “Stop hurting me now.” “When you say _____, it communicates that _______.”
  4. Walk away: Ultimately, we can’t control other people. I love the saying, “our boundary or the limit of our ability to control another person is our own skin.” We can’t control that which is outside of our skin. Sometimes we need to walk away. 
  5. In our classrooms and playgrounds we can Talk to a Teacher. What do we mean by this? We mean go to somebody who can actually do something about it. Don’t tell your friends, a known gossip, someone who you think you can stir up. We wouldn’t accept that from our children, so we should be even less accepting of it from grown-ups who have much more life experience. I tend to think if a person has a problem or is upset, and they don’t go to the person they are upset with to resolve it, then they really didn’t want the issue resolved. In that case there are usually other motives at work.

Conflict resolution is not easy. It takes maturity and humility. I have a little saying ‘anger and negativity rarely travel alone.’ By that I mean there is usually something else going on that may not be obvious yet, but usually, given time, it comes to the surface. I tend to give people room in their anger and negativity simply because these emotions and actions are usually just the vehicles to discovering what is beneath the frustration or disagreement.

It is important that we, as a community of children and grown-ups, have the skills, resources and character to resolve conflict appropriately. When moments of conflict arise with your little learners, it would be great if you could use similar strategies so that our students feel empowered to manage their emotions in a way that speaks positively and restoratively into their friendships, classrooms and ultimately, our whole community.


Shout outs 

KCH – William Titley for his commitment, curiosity and positive attitude towards his work.  

KSG - Cadoc Scalain for displaying self-regulation and improved focus.  

KLP - Ryker Chaloner for displaying a confident attitude and commitment towards his writing. 

KAS – Maya Phounpadith for always being principled and displaying perseverance in all her learning. 

Year 1 

1MH – Eva Guo for always being principled and committed to her learning.  

1RJ – Abby Chan for displaying self-regulation and consistent focus. 

1AT - Jocelyn Feng for displaying a love of learning and great focus in her research skills. 

1AJ- Isaac Kardaris for consistently displaying an enthusiastic approach to his learning. 

Year 2 

2KH – Sydney Leah for showing perseverance when solving problems. 

2SD - Anthony Zhang for being an inquirer and showing a love of learning. 

2DG – Connor Lunsford for working hard to focus on his learning and displaying self-regulation. 

2LM – Grace Wang for showing commitment to your learning and always striving to do your best 

Year 3 

3MK – Maja Zilinskas for taking action in our UOI Sharing the Planet. 

3JC - Rohan Stevens for his consistently positive attitude and desire to approach his learning with dedication. 

3RS – Harry Dawe for displaying commitment to his learning and always showing kindness and empathy towards others 

3HO – Amara Quade and Wenni Hao for always being principled and displaying perseverance in all learning areas. 

3RB – Zoe Gibbons for being kind and demonstrating generosity by helping others in need. 

        - Alex Campbell for enthusiasm and commitment shown when cooperating in small groups.  

Year 4 

4NK – Rishhi Elango, Andrew Coulton, Marcus Grima, Anthony Parkhurst, William Schulha, Ethan Zong for their teamwork and action during our HWOO unit of inquiry. 

4JC - Sari Travers for demonstrating positivity and perseverance towards her learning  

4KP – Oliver Zhang for being a committed and curious learner. 

4BF – Sathvik Muppavarapu for being a diligent and thoughtful learner. 

4TM - Charlie Vyver for showing commitment to his writing and producing quality writing responses.  

Year 5 

5TM – Grace Dixon for her perseverance in Maths and creativity in her poetry writing 

5RR – Aminda Weerasooriya for an enthusiastic approach to learning. 

5BL – Sebastian Cartwright for showing bravery and extending his comfort zones with a positive outlook on camp. 

5SW – Olivia Elliott for being a risk-taker when tackling challenges and demonstrating enthusiasm and zest at Year 5 Camp. 

Year 6 

6TW – Lucas Lin for showing himself to be knowledgeable and a thinker in his application to Mathematics. 

6DM – Zach Lloyd and Astrid Kenna for striving to maintain consistently high standards throughout the year and for being supportive and cooperative classmates. 

6HB – Bonnie Hardy – for demonstrating commitment to her learning and zest in her approach to our school community. 

6TF – Catie Checksfield for demonstrating perseverance and commitment to her learning in maths. 



Mrs Hind Library - Anthony Parkhurst (4NK) for being a risk-taker by reading outside of his comfort zone.

Mrs PW - Poppy Breingan (2LM) for being a risk taker and communicator as she shares stories she enjoys.

Mrs Suthers Music - Oscar Robinson (5TM) for displaying leadership and commitment during our Remembrance Day preparations.

Ms Crocker Art – Daniel Shen (1 AT) for his focused learning and perseverance with observational drawing. 

Mrs Phelps PE - Sofia Dal Bon (4KP) - for being a conscientious member of the class, always giving her best and being very principled during PE. 



Mrs Willett – Jayden French (1MH) for being committed to improving his reading skills 

Mrs Willett – James Lattimer (4BF) for showing perseverance when working on a difficult task 


Read Giorgia Dixon's story, "Finding Peace"

Radford ACT LitLinks Awards Winners

19 November 2019

Jason Golding, Head of English

Outstanding creative writing success

By Jason Golding, Head of English 

Radford College students were recognised in the ACT LitLinks Awards for Narrative Writing last week. Radford entered student work in the Year 11 & 12 section and the Year 7 & 8 section.

Poppy Volk-Loone (Year 11) and Giorgia Dixon (Year 7) were named the winners of their respective sections, and Amy Theakston (Year 12) received a Special Award for Speculative Fiction. Poppy’s story, The Killing Tree, and Amy’s story, Escape from Eternity, were published in a past issue of the Radford Bulletin and can be accessed here

Finding Peace, by Giorgia Dixon

“Death is a Dialogue between the Spirit and the Dust.”
Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

I know death. It swirls around me, mixing with the flies, at one with the dust. The people standing around me sense death too. Their bonnets and top hats tilt down as if to avoid its gaze - and I know they don’t see me. Even the horses know death is near. They shuffle nervously and stamp their hooves into this unforgiving earth.

Read on...

Image: Southwell Family Graves, Weetangera.
Sourced from Wikimedia, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Southwell_Family_Graves_Weetangera.jpg

RTC - helping, people, animals and the planet

RTC allocation of funds

19 November 2019

Melinda Hamilton, RTC Coordinator

Junior School students link learning and compassion

By Melinda Hamilton, JS Teacher and RTC Coordinator

The Radford Tribal Council (RTC) has an important function, which is to help classes to take action that arises from their Units of Inquiry. Junior School students raised money by doing jobs at home earlier in the year and the RTC has decided on 10 organisations, both local, national and international to allocate the money to. The organisations are as follows: 

We have continued to support our Compassion sponsor children https://www.compassion.com.au Jose, Antia and Althia. $1720 has helped them go to school, eat healthy food and see a doctor if they were sick.

Supporting children in Brazil

We donated $300 to the One Girl organization https://www.onegirl.org.au  which is enough to let a girl in a poor country access education for an entire year. This is something Astrid in Year 6 is passionate about. 

One Girl - Education program

Year 1 and Year 2 asked for support for sea turtles after learning about how pollution is killing them. We have given $300 to the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre in Cairns. http://www.cairnsturtlerehab.org.au 

Turtle Centre Cairns

We have adopted a koala called Crescent Head Jimmy at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital https://www.koalahospital.org.au/product-category/adoptions. Year 1 wanted to help koalas as their investigation into ‘Sharing the Planet’ led them to discover that koala habitats are being destroyed. 

Koala Hospital

With Australia experiencing an ongoing drought we have donated $450 to Buy a Bale https://www.buyabale.com.au/donate/ which provides a truck of water for a struggling farmer. Year 1 learnt about how we rely on farmers for all our food! 

Buy a Bale

Year 2 asked for help in protecting the Great Barrier reef after investigating its destruction due to global warming. We’re donating $200 to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. https://www.barrierreef.org/donate/make-a-donation/  

Barrier Reef assistance

Team Trees
https://teamtrees.org  is an organisation that aims to plant 20 million trees before January 2020.  Year 6 asked for help so we’re contributing enough to plant another 150 trees. 

Team Trees

Year 4 asked for help with the sustainable use of palm oil so we have decided to sponsor a pygmy elephant for $300 with the World Wildlife Fund. https://donate.wwf.org.au/adopt/elephant#gs.dyp3b5 

Pygmy Elephants Borneo

Year 3 asked for help with people who don’t have access to the same opportunities as us. They asked for a $250 donation to the Mercy Ship https://mercyships.org.au/donate/ which helps people access medical treatment. 

Mercy Ships program

We’ve chosen to donate $170 to Raw Potential Canberra https://rawpotential.com.au which helps vulnerable youth and homeless people.

Raw Potential - homelessness



Support our local community - give generously to The Giving Tree appeal

BCS Giving Tree Appeal

20 November 2019

Melinda Hamilton

Your gifts will support people in the Belconnen Community

Families are warmly reminded to consider bringing in an unwrapped, new gift for the Belconnen Community Service’s (BCS) Giving Appeal. These gifts will support people in the Belconnen Community.  

The BCS relies on Radford support with last year 70 of the 100 hampers distributed coming from our school community.

Please deliver your gift into the Junior School foyer before Tuesday 4th December.

Image for article: Friends of Rowing presents Kurt Fearnley

Friends of Rowing presents Kurt Fearnley

26 November 2019

Friends of Radford Rowing

Everyone welcome! An inspirational man, who celebrates possibility in everything he does

Date: Sunday 1 December 2019 2.00pm-4.00pm
Prices: Adult $30, Student/Child $20 (afternoon tea included)
Location: Radford College
Bookings: Book online - limited places. 

This is a Friends of Radford Rowing fundraising event, open to the whole community.  

Cover of Kurt's autobiographyJoin us for an afternoon of inspiration with one of Australia's all-time sporting legends, Kurt Fearnley. 

Kurt is a three-time Paralympic gold medallist and two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist. He has won over 30 marathons, including New York, Chicago and London in a career spanning more than 20 years.

In 2009 Kurt crawled the Kokoda Track, in Papua New Guinea, to raise awareness of men’s health.

Kurt is New South Wales Australian of the Year for 2019, and has won the coveted Don Award for the sportsperson who has most inspired the nation. Read more about Kurt.


‘There are only possibilities in Kurt’s world. If you say he can’t he will.’

(images, quote and biographical information from Kurt's website)




Emily Watson accepting the Largest School Team Trophy for Radford College at the Canberra Fun Run

Sports Report, 20 Nov 2019

20 November 2019

Sport Department

An action-packed week, and more special events ahead

The Radford First XI Cricket team defeated Daramalan on Monday 11 November to secure 2 wins from 2 games in their T20 competition. Radford batted first, scoring a disappointing 85, however Jake Smith Gibson’s impressive 6 wickets for 7 runs got the job done for Radford, with Daramalan all out for 82 on the last ball. It is worth highlighting that Jake is only in Year 8 and is playing against Year 12 students. 

The 14 years Boys Division 1 Radford Cricket team secured their first outright win - they bowled the opposition out twice for less than the Radford team made in their first innings. This is a very hard thing to do, especially given the team only have 50 overs to do it.   Game highlights included:

  • Shyam Bhatia finished with a career best of 5-7 off 5 overs and scored 76 runs not out
  • Josh McIntyre scored 34 runs
  • Jake Gibson-Smith scored 68 runs not out
  • Mia Phelps took 1-6 off 4 overs
  • Lachlan Gaden took 4-11 off 4 overs

The final score was Radford 9/259 (S Bhatia 79 not out, J Smith 68 not out, J McIntyre 34) defeated Ginninderra 107 & 38 (S Bhatia 5/7, L Gaden 4/11, J Walker 3/10) outright. 


Cricket - STAFF
Darryle Macdonald (Radford PE Teacher) played for the Comets Old Boys v SCG XI in yesterday’s Cricket ACT All Stars Mental Health Day at Phillip Oval, to raise money for Lifeline Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention. The Comets Old Boys lost (needing 6 runs off the final ball) but Darryle got a wicket off his first ball. 

14 years Girls Division 1 Team won their first game for the summer season.  They played the Flying Flamingos and defeated them 4-3. 

A few weeks ago, Radford Basketball entered a contest to host the UC Capitals for a skill session. We are pleased to announce that our entry was successful! 

The UC Capitals will be visiting Radford College Friday 22nd from 11:00 am- 12:00pm.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the school.  

In weekend results: 

  • U19/5 Boys Spartans v CGS Knicks (Year 10 boys) – the Spartans were undefeated going into the game and came away with another win (34-20).
  • U19/3 Girls Breakers v Ginninderra Rats (Year 10 & 11 girls) – the Breakers were also undefeated going into the game and came away with another win (39-23) and are now positioned 1st on the ladder. 


2019 Canberra Times Fun Run
The strong winds did not deter the Radford runners who took part in the annual Canberra Times Fun Run on Sunday 10th November. 

Radford had a very successful day, taking out the Largest School Team trophy – congratulations to everyone who participated. 

Joe Whithear, 7, won the kid-dominated two-kilometre race with a time of 7:38.4. He won the one-kilometre leg in last year's Times fun run.  When interviewed by the Canberra Times Joe was quoted: "I went my hardest and didn't leave anything behind me; I just gassed myself."

Joe Whithear at finish line Joe Whithear


2020 Indoor Cricket Representative Trial Nominations Now Open 

Ahead of the 2020 Indoor Cricket representative season, Cricket ACT is requesting nominations for the Opens, Masters & Juniors ACT Indoor Cricket sides.

The Indoor Cricket program has proven to be great asset to developing talent of all ages for cricket in the region. 

2020 Australian Masters Championships
Date: Saturday 23rd of May to Saturday 30th of May
Location: TBD 

2020 Australian Open Championships
Date: Saturday 27th of June to Saturday 4th of July
Location: TBD 

2020 Australian Junior Championships
Date: Saturday 4th of July to Saturday 11th of July
Location: TBD


Trial locations and times will be communicated once confirmed. 

All players interested in being eligible for selection must participate in the trial process, to register please complete the online form that can be found HERE. For more information please contact Cricket ACT +61 2 6183 3209  


Kung Fu Classes at Gibbons Pavilion, Radford 

Following their Year 8 workshop last year the Yut Hung Kung Fu Academy is now teaching classes at Radford College.  All classes are taught by Radford Collegian Dr Wilson Lo who started the academy 15 years ago with the emphasis on the tuition of practical self-defence and upholding the three virtues of Discipline, Respect and Compassion.  

The academy also runs Canberra Dragon Dance, so students have the option of performing in martial arts, dragon and lion dance in major festivals and events across Canberra. 

Classes are held at the Gibbons Pavilion on Monday and Thursdays 4:00 – 5:30pm.  For more information visit www.moonbearkungfu.com or call Dr Wilson Lo on 0419297347 or just pop into a class and say hello!  


ACT Orienteering - Focus on Girls 

A series of Orienteering instruction sessions for girls with an appetite for adventure! These sessions help girls to move beyond the school grounds and into forest running – wild running. 

Target Age

9-14 years


21st November - meet in the park behind the War Memorial

28th November - meet in the park behind the War Memorial

5th December - meet on Mt Ainslie drive at the base of Mt Ainslie

12th December - meet on Mt Ainslie drive at the base of Mt Ainslie


4pm – 5.15pm Thursday afternoons

What to Bring

Must bring a parent (parent must stay)


Drink bottle

A smile to share

What is Provided

Afternoon Tea

Maps and map madness

Registration and Cost

$10 – please register at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=36797 

Further Information

Contact Steve Doyle at Steve.Doyle@radford.act.edu.au

This instruction will prepare girls for bush orienteering.  

We will learn how to read and run at the same time, how to understand the landscape, how to fix things, when we feel like we are lost.

Girls Orienteering


Exchange to Trinity Anglican School Cairns

Y6 Exchange at Trinity Anglican School Cairns

18 November 2019

Anika, Year 6

Anika reflects on her exchange experience

Hi, my name is Anika and I’m a student in Year 6. I was privileged enough to go on the Cairns on the Round Square exchange program and here are a few highlights from my experience. 

On Saturday, my host family went to a fundraiser for breast cancer, and I went along with them. By the end of the day, they had raised around $7000 dollars. 

On Sunday, my host family joined with another host family and went to an island called Fitzroy Island, near Cairns. At Fitzroy Island there is a bit of the coral reef, so I went snorkelling and the coral was so pretty and intricate! Then we all had fun jumping on a trampoline that was floating on the water. 

Monday was my first day of attending Trinity Anglican School (Trinity AS). I met all my exchange student’s friends, and quickly I befriended them. My class teacher was really funny, and I quickly grew to like him. 

At Trinity AS, their learning system is different from Radford’s, as they don’t teach the PYP system. They have lots of assignments to be done and the learning there is more ‘traditional’.  It was fun finding out all the differences between Radford and Trinity AS. 

At Trinity AS, they learn Japanese. I attended one of the classes, and it was a lot like how Year 6 learn Spanish, and very interesting. 

I learnt a lot from this experience.  It was really thought-provoking seeing the differences between the schools. The people at Trinity AS were so nice, and it was easy to make friends with them. Overall, my experience was great, and I encourage other students to take part of this program.



Cross-country skier Seve de Campo visits the Junior School

Olympics Unleashed: Seve de Campo

19 November 2019

Snows Department

Junior School students meet Australia's #1 cross-country skier, Seve de Campo

Presented by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and Optus, current and aspiring Olympic athletes have the opportunity to visit schools to inspire and motivate students to be their personal best, whether that’s in the classroom, the playground, the sporting field or at home.

Olympics unleashed logo

On Wednesday 13th November, Year 4-6 Radford students had the opportunity to listen to and meet Seve de Campo. At only 21years old, Seve competes internationally for Australia and is ranked as Australia’s #1 Cross Country Skier.  He competes in 10 km individual, 15 km individual, 20km mass start, 30 km mass start, skiathlon, sprint and junior team relay, and is aiming to be selected for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

The Radford students listened to Seve’s journey of becoming a cross country skier, what it takes to be an elite athlete, and the importance of setting goals.   They then had the chance to ask him questions and watch him demonstrate roller skiing.

RDA Showcase, Saturday 16 November, bookings essential!

Review: Synergy, RDA showcase 2019

20 November 2019

Charlotte Taylor, Radford Reporter

272 dancers, 52 acts, 500 costumes - a truly unforgettable night!

By Charlotte Taylor, Radford Reporter and Dancer

Watch the highlights video 

On Saturday 16 November 2019, Radford Dance Academy (RDA) celebrated its 4th annual showcase, ‘Synergy’, with much glitter, sequins, tulle, glamour – oh, and a dose of grungy attitude from the hip-hop dancers!

The RDA has grown rapidly since it was established in 2016.  This year’s celebration saw 272 enthusiastic dancers take to the stage, from Pre-K to Year 12. There were 52 dance performances over 3 hours, involving 500 costumes, all taking turns on the huge stage at Llewellyn Hall at the ANU.

RDA Showcase 2019

The theme for this year’s showcase, ‘Synergy’, signifies the interaction of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than each element could produce on its own. This definition describes the 2019 RDA showcase and studio precisely.  Throughout 2019, every student has improved and become more confident under the careful guidance of their talented teachers. They have worked collaboratively with fellow students and have applied themselves to master steps and techniques. Special thanks go to Ms Danielle White, Director of the RDA, for sharing her creative vision, working long hours and scheduling extra rehearsals. Thanks also to the dance teachers; Mr Nick Akhurst; the technical team and front-of-house staff for ensuring a smooth and professional production. Thanks also to Ms Heidi for her expert costume design and oversight: everyone looked in character and amazing.

The showcase is always an exciting event that gets everyone involved. Thank you to everyone associated with the RDA for inspiring another generation of Radford students to become the best dancers they can be. Special thanks to the 13 teachers.  It was truly an unforgettable night.

We look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2020.

The tour group visited many of the iconic Paris landmarks

French Exchange 2019

18 November 2019

Students Matthew Jenkin, Angus Robertson and Anna Mai

C'était fantastique!

Written by Matthew Jenkin, Angus Robertson and Anna Mai

During the September holidays, 10 students, accompanied by Madame Lefebvre and Madame Richards, took part in Radford’s ‘voyage en France’. This three-week-long exchange tour involved a 10-day homestay with a French Family. We were able to experience the various cultural life living with the families and attending school at the Lycée Notre Dame in Le Mans.

L'Arc de TriompheFollowing a very long day of travelling, we had finally arrived in Paris. The three days we spent here were jam-packed with sightseeing. All the obvious places of interest were at the top of our list. These included the Eiffel tower, Musée du Louvre, l’Arc de Triomphe, les Champs Elysées, Sacré Coeur Basilica etc. One of the highlights from our trip was a lunch cruise on the river Seine. The beautiful view, along with the impeccable food, was a great break from our busy schedule. In Montmartre, we all decided to step out of comfort zone and try something new. Snails and frog legs! This was a moment we would never forget.

The excitement mounted as we boarded our coach to Le Mans. After all the emailing back and forth, we were finally able to meet our correspondents. This was the beginning of our 10-day homestay. We attended school with our exchanges, taking part in everything they did. On the weekends, our host families took us to see different points of interests. Some visited attractions such as Mont Saint Michel and Le Man’s 24-hour car race, whilst others went to amusement parks such as Puy du Fou and Futuroscope. C'était fantastique!

The group also took part in various activities around the town of Le Mans. This included a visit to the Mayor’s office, a boulangerie and a chocolaterie! The long school days with the very long train rides proved to be a challenge - not to mention the language barrier. Our brains were constantly working, trying to decipher what people were saying. The whole group was exhausted by the end. All too soon, we had to say goodbye to our exchanges, our host family and all the new friends we had made.

The final part of our trip involved visiting the Normandy beaches, Honfleur, Monet’s Garden and the Bayeux Tapestry. We were in awe of the beauty and history we had seen. A huge “thanks” to Madame Richards and Madame Lefebvre for being with us on a journey that we’ll never forget.

D-Day beaches at Normandy Chenonceau

Radford College Crest

Expressions of Interest - Radford College Board Committees

13 November 2019

Peter Gunning

Get involved with the College's governance

Dear Radford Community,

The Radford College Board is seeking expressions of interest to fill upcoming vacant positions on Board Committees. 

The College is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr Steven Baker, supported by the following three Committees:

  1. Finance Committee – Chaired by Ms Vicki Williams
  2. Education and Wellbeing Committee – Chaired By Mr Malcolm Lamb AM
  3. Building and Grounds Committee – Chaired by Ms Mariana Galinec

Expressions are sought from people who have relevant experience operating on Boards and/or Governing committees or sub–committees, with relevant skills appropriate to the roles and responsibilities of the Committees as set out in their respective Charters (linked above).

Expressions of Interest are to take the form of a brief half‑page outline of your relevant skills and experience and your reason for expressing interest.

Expressions should be provided to the Secretary via email to Chairman@radford.act.edu.au

Peter Gunning
Company Secretary
Radford College Limited

Image credits: National Capital website

Grading for 2020 NPLY Football

30 October 2019

Wednesday evenings 30 Oct to 27 Nov

2020 NPLY Football program
The Radford College NPLY Football program will be conducting an initial grading for the 2020 season from 5.00-6.00 pm on Wednesday evenings between Wednesday 30 October and Wednesday 27 November on the JA Mackinnon Oval. Fully accredited and experienced coaches will assess the player’s technical and physical ability, tactical knowledge and football mind-set.

U13 (2007 born)
U14 (2006 born)
U16 (2004 & 2005 born)
U18 (2002 & 2003 born)

To register for grading please email your child’s name, DOB & 2019 team played for to Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au.

The program will include:

  • An intensive football program over 40-42 weeks (depending on age group)
  • Training sessions and/ or games per week run by FFA/ AFC qualified coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning programs

Please note the Radford NPLY program does not enforce the Radford Sports Policy however all current and future Radford students are encouraged to attend grading and play for Radford. The Radford NPLY program is open to players outside of the school.

Final selections will be made Friday 30 November with the squad to train on Wednesday 4 & 11 December. Details for the 2020 season will also be passed on along with agreement and registration at these sessions.

If you have any questions please contact Radford Head of Sport:

Brent Larkham
6180 1090 or email brent.larkham@radford.act.edu.au

Tips to help parents give children a clear vision for a positive future

School TV: "Eco-anxiety"

18 November 2019

School TV

Tips to give children a clear vision for a positive future

From School TV
Radford contact: Claire Melloy - Assistant Principal, Student Development 

'Eco-anxiety' is anxiety related to ecological disasters or threats to the natural environment such as pollution and climate change. Almost every day, the media reports on extreme weather events such as record temperatures, forest fires or melting ice caps. Eco-anxiety is a psychological phenomenon afflicting an increasing number of individuals, and in recent times, even pre-schoolers as well as primary and secondary school students.

The media coverage of climate change leaves some children around the world feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issue. Although this is raising awareness, it is also instilling fear. Adults and care-givers have a responsibility to instill hope and give children a clear vision for a positive future. Discussing the known facts and engaging them in conversations about how they feel, can often diffuse their anxiety. It is important to reassure children and perhaps engage them in social activities, like community gardens and recycling programs, to demonstrate how they can help curb the effects of climate change.

As parents and care-givers, it is important to understand how best to diffuse a child’s anxiety relating to impending environmental disasters. Discussing the known facts and instilling hope will give children a clear vision for a positive future. Reassurance about what countries and individuals are doing, and what you can do as a family, will go towards helping curb the effects of eco-anxiety.

In this Special Report, parents and care givers will be provided with strategies on how to approach conversations on environmental issues that are age appropriate. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Read the report: https://radford.act.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/eco-anxiety

Details of the programs available in December and January

Sports Holiday Programs Dec/Jan

20 November 2019

Sports Department

Holiday sports and fun activities

Sports holiday programs will run in December and January.  See full details of dates, costs and activities in the programs below.

Enquiries to Sports Administrator Dianne Wilson


Celebration event details

JS & SS Celebration 2019

Details for both events: Junior School detailsSecondary School details

Supporting women affected by drought

Supporting women affected by drought

"Ladies of the Land" is seeking donations of "pamper" items for women affected by drought. For more details visit their Facebook page. Donations can be delivered to the Principal's building by Wed 27 November.