Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 7, 2020 – 25 November 2020

Staff Insights

Karen Mahar - Assistant Principal, Deputy Head of Junior School

The value of pausing

25 November 2020

Karen Mahar – Assistant Principal, Deputy Head of Junior School

Pausing allows reflection which can be an empowering process

Robert Fulghum quotation

As we approach the end of Term 4, and dance through the busyness that this time of year involves, it seems appropriate to consider the value of pausing. 

Pausing allows reflection. And reflection enables a greater appreciation of lessons learned and the potential for greater contentment from any achievements. 

Reflection can be an empowering process.  

Some reasons people are encouraged to pause and reflect include:

  • to help make sense of your day, week and/or year
  • to evaluate what has been accomplished and celebrate the learning journey
  • to celebrate success and revel in the delights offered by any achievements 
  • to learn from mistakes and provide learning opportunities
  • to plan for next steps.

This week, as our Year 12 students participate in significant milestone events associated with the culmination of their time as a Radford student, it seems an ideal opportunity for our community to reflect and highlight what we value. 

Recently, some Year 12 students were invited to our ELC, providing many opportunities for staff and students to rekindle memories and relive moments from their pasts and share significant stories of their time spent in both the ELC and throughout their time in the Junior School [see JS News, 11 Nov 20]. 

Sometimes when we take a step back (or are confronted by a global pandemic) we are able to appreciate how simple acts, such as washing our hands, can help combat even the most complicated problems. 

By Robert FulghumRegardless of the complication, or sophistication of any situation, Robert Fulghum’s reflection in “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” (Fulghum, 1988) suggests simple habits can raise the spirits and lift hearts, applying to everyone. Not only do these learned habits resonate with our youngest students, they can also apply to our older students, and to our Year 12 graduates, and are of value in enhancing wellbeing for our entire extended community.  

The suggestion is that we are wise to retain the time-proven lessons of Fulghum’s ‘kindergarten’ and consider them companions in our journey through life. 

Savouring requires us to slow down, stretch out the experience, and pay close attention to our surroundings, feelings and experiences. 

So, as the holiday break approaches, we are encouraged to take time to pause. Removing ourselves from the constant hustle and pace of everyday life can be rewarding and allow reflection and opportunity to recalibrate. 

Families are encouraged to take special note of moments of love, awe and any kindness encountered. Pause, enjoy and hold them close to your heart. 

In the saying often attributed to Aristotle: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” 

Useful links:


Fulghum, R (1988) All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thought on Common Things. New York: Villard Books




TeamSUPPORT members visiting Black Mountain School

The needs of our neighbours

25 November 2020

Love your neighbour as yourself

By Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain

Andy Fleming, Associate ChaplainLast Thursday, I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at Black Mountain School, watching the TeamSUPPORT boys in Year 10 whilst they provided a range of activities for the BMS students. It was impressive to see how the TeamSUPPORT boys so seamlessly entertained and helped those in their activities with great humility and inclusiveness. This was an afternoon when I gained more of an insight into what authentic grace and service looks like.

What stood out for me was the boys’ attitude and approach to running the activities. Through conducting simple activities, such as rolling tyres at a wall of cardboard boxes, target shooting with nerf guns, and sponge throwing, they were completely focussed on bringing joy to the BMS students. The care they showed some of the most vulnerable is an example for us. 

Not surprisingly, throughout the Bible, the instruction for us to care for the most vulnerable is very clear. Jesus’ command of “loving your neighbour as yourself” can be found in his Parables. In one of the better known parables, after being asked by a lawyer, “Who is my neighbour ?”, Jesus shares the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which describes the mercy and compassion of a stranger from a disliked group of people helping someone left destitute, hurt and now vulnerable. 

On another occasion, Jesus explains how people will be judged on their actions concerning their neighbours. Those who offer food, shelter and clothes to the hungry, the stranger and the “naked”, and who take care of the sick, will be blessed by God and take their rightful place in heaven. It is interesting to note that in this particular passage, Jesus talks about what you do to, or for, your neighbours, you are directly doing to him; “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” Essentially, Jesus will be revealed to us when we look to the needs of our neighbour and, especially, our most vulnerable neighbours. It is so encouraging that our students, just like the Year 10 boys at BMS last week, take the time to care for the most vulnerable. 

Junior School Giving Tree
In the Junior School, the Radford Tribal Council is supporting the Capital Region Community Services Christmas Appeal. Donations of presents can be left in the bathtub at Junior School reception. 

All gifts need to be new and must not be wrapped. Please place these in the Magic Bathtub in the JS reception before the end of November. See poster for suggestions and details. 

Anglicare Christmas Pantry Appeal
After the year many in our wider community have experienced, it is little wonder that there is a greater than normal demand on Anglicare. Radford Secondary school has been contacted by Anglicare to assist with stocking their shelves in time for Christmas. Anglicare volunteers have been unable to do their normal collections at supermarkets this year leaving the cupboards particularly bare. Everyday pantry items are needed, as well as Christmas foods to be put in hampers. Donations of food and other items, including unwrapped gifts for people of all ages, can be left at the Giving Tree in the Secondary School Library.

Please see below for details of what can be donated.

May each of us share in God’s peace,
Chaplain Andy

Anglicare wish list

Anglicare Shopping List


The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

JS News, 25 Nov 20

25 November 2020

What did you do at school today? AMAZING THINGS!

Dates to Remember

Mon 30 Nov

Kinder Swim Program

Year 5 Kite Day

Tues 1 Dec

JS Sneak Peek afternoon

Wed 2 Dec

Kinder Nativity 1

Thurs 3 Dec

Kinder Nativity 2

Year 6 End of Year Chapel/Rite of Passage/Disco

Fri 4 Dec

Year 6 Fun day

Tues 8 Dec

Last Day of Term 4

How often have you asked the question ‘What did you do at school today?’ to be met with a one word answer: ‘Nothing.’ If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. Schools are busy places with students continuously asking questions, learning about the world, building friendships and finding their way.  

Last week we asked the teachers what they did at school. Read below to find out all about ‘The week that was….’ 


We have been exploring change and discovering the ways that we have changed throughout the year. Our classes enjoyed a visit to the Kindergarten classrooms, where we had some great discussions about what is the same and different between Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. 


As part of our Writer’s Workshop process Kindergarten have been revising, editing and publishing our wonderful, playful poems. The students are thrilled to be presenting their poems at our Poetry Slam next week! 

Year 1

Year 1 is busily finding out about animals and their habitats. This week we have been learning all about arctic animals and the ways in which they adapt to their environments. We investigated the polar region and in particular polar bears.  We were fascinated to learn how clever polar bears are when they hunt for food and that they have black skin! We worked together and came up with ways we can help to reduce climate change as we realised the earth is getting hotter and the ice is shrinking for the polar bears. 

We have also been exploring time through the use of clocks, skip counting by 5s to help us with minutes, and even using our fractions knowledge for quarter past and quarter to. 

Year 2

Year 2 were very fortunate to have Jahzeel Campbell visit on Thursday to share his faith, stories, dances and poems. Jahzeel is a performance poet and dancer. He has taught dance in New York and originally came to Australia with the dance organisation KultureBreak. Students and staff were delighted to be in Jahzeel’s presence and to share this time with him. 

Year 3

Year 3 were busy at work this week. Our new unit of inquiry is well underway, investigating the traditions, celebrations and commemorations that are unique to our families and the community. We will continue to delve into the terminology and meaning of “identity and values”. Looking further into Radford College’s school crest and the meaning behind it. Although the year is coming to an end, the enthusiasm and commitment by the students should be commended. 

Year 4

Our unit is all about Sustainability and our Consumer choice. Students have been inquiring into changing their thinking towards how their actions can be more sustainable.  In mathematics, Year 4 have been refreshing their knowledge of fractions and challenging the students to use these fractions in real life situations. The students have been taking action by making Boomerang bags for use in at the Barton Grocer in Barton. We have textile helpers from Year 10 joining us to help make these Boomerang bags. Our action is to minimise plastic bag use when we shop, and the Boomerang bags have been an excellent alternative. 

Year 5

Year 5 were visited by two Year 12 students, Audrey McCormack and Enling Liao. These girls brought poetry to life by sharing poems they had written and won prizes for. Audrey prefers to write poems which can be performed, and participates regularly in Poetry Slams around Canberra. Enling’s poetry is written to be read. It was wonderful to see the different forms of poetry. Both Audrey and Enling shared that reading extensively had given them many ideas for poems, especially Roald Dahl’s work.  

Prior to the talk, Audrey had shared one of her poems with the Year 5 classes that they had analysed it in class. It was interesting for students to question Audrey on the meaning behind the poem and some specific techniques she used. Enling and Audrey bravely divided Year 5 into two groups, with each group quickly writing a poem to share.  

We are very grateful to Audrey and Enling for being such positive role models to the Year 5 students and motivating the students to write about their passions. 

Y12 students Audrey and Enling share their poetry with Y5

Year 6

This week Year 6 continued their inquiries into financial literacy by engaging in our simulation game ‘The Game of Life’ and connecting Monopoly to real financial situations. On Thursday students embraced National Play Monopoly Day by playing with their classmates. 


A glimpse into learning this week

  • Kindy Arts explored the Ngunnawal story The Swan as told by Ngunnawal elder Don Bell.
  • Year 1 – focussed on creating detailed observation drawings of fruit. 
  • Year 2 – added soft pastel colour to their collaborative rainbow serpents.
  • Year 5 – preparing for Kite Day by designing/painting kites
  • Year 6 – investigating and experimenting with clay. 


On Friday, Years 2-6 participated in mini-Athletics Carnival during their regular Sport time. The weather was glorious, the races showed great sportsmanship and the cheers were loud. We look forward to the PK-1 Athletics Carnival this week. 

From the Library

In the JS Library our Pre-K students have been delighting in picture books that highlight our fortnightly Character Strengths. Our Year 1 students are challenging themselves to apply the non-fiction features they have learnt about when researching animals and their habitats.  Year 3 are researching celebrations and commemorations from around the world and using non-fiction books to locate and transfer factual information to their scaffolds. Year 4 students have been discovering ‘classic books’ and have created persuasive book trailers with the expert help of Mr Jensen, which we can’t wait to share with everyone. 

From Spanish

Years 2 and 3 have been revising body parts in Spanish by creating fantastic monsters by rolling dice to find out which of 6 different arms, heads, legs and so on they needed to use.  They had so much fun.    

Year 4 are creating infographics of Christmas in a Spanish Speaking Country. They are finding out about traditions, foods and gifts in countries including Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

Kindergarten have been creating Peruvian nativity scenes and Year 1 continue their learning about the Amazon Rainforest animals. 

Learning Spanish - with Fantasy creatures  Spanish classes - Nativity

How can we get a more detailed response from our children about what they did at school?
Perhaps the answer to this lies in the question. Rather than asking broadly ‘What did you do today?’ narrow down the question and be more specific. 

  • What made you laugh today?
  • What do you know now that you didn’t know this morning?
  • Who did you help today?
  • What did you do in Maths / English today?
  • If you could change one thing about the day what would it be? 

See below for more ideas – image credit Tutor Doctor.

How was your day?  Tutor Doctor alternative questions

Radford College

End of year Celebration events go virtual

18 November 2020

Junior and Secondary School events will be filmed and shared online

Our end of year Celebration events will be pre-recorded and available for viewing online this year.

These events are the culmination of the school year and both the Junior School and Secondary School programs will showcase achievements and performances by students.

Students will watch their end of year Celebration on the last day of school, Tuesday 8 December 2020, and the link will be available for families to view securely via Radford Online that evening.

Any parents who do not wish their child to be filmed as part of these events should email:

Junior School Reception - jsreception@radford.act.edu.au or
Secondary School Executive Admin Team - ssexecutiveadmin@radford.act.edu.au



Molly Lilley (swim), Josh Kluth (cycle), Jacob Miller (run)

Triple Triathlon Achievement

25 November 2020

Three Y10 students conquer a triple triathlon event

By Molly Lilley, Year 10 

On 15 November, Jacob Miller, Josh Kluth and I were lucky enough to participate in the Sri Chinmoy triple triathlon. This consisted of 3 consecutive triathlons throughout Canberra: Swim 1.5km + Mountain bike 36km + Run 18km + Swim 3.5km + Mountain bike 36km + Run 11 km + Swim 1.2km + Mountain bike 23km + Run 13km = Triple-Triathlon.

I completed the swims, Josh the rides and Jacob completed the runs. We competed in the mixed T3 category and came 4th, completing the event in a time of 11:06:46, as the youngest competitors in the field.

Molly Lilley

Josh Kluth

Jacob Miller


Swim km

Bike km

Run km


















The event started at 5:50am at Lake Ginninderra, and took us all around Canberra, through all the lakes and up most hills as well. It was a hot day, which added to the challenge. The finish was located at the YMCA sailing club at Yarralumla Bay. We finished at 4:56pm in the afternoon, after a long day of exercise. 

This experience has motivated me to embark on new challenges that will test my comfort zone, but will ultimately be an awesome opportunity. I loved the team effort and the feeling as Jacob crossed the finish line, at the end of the final run. It felt very invigorating, and I would definitely try something like this again, hopefully sometime soon! 

Founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1977 as a service to the running community, and to promote self-transcendence through sports, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team stages fun-runs, swims, triathlons and multi-sport events, and has become the largest sponsor of ultra-distance running in the world.

In addition to triathlons and shorter races, the Team stages ultra-events, ranging up to 3100 miles (over 5000 km), as well as National 24 Hour Championships in Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada.

COVID-safe international travel - by ZOOM, to 15 Round Square destinations

Round Square - Zoom Around the World

25 November 2020

Radford JS Round Square hosted 15 schools in a Zoom Postcard event

By Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator

Last Wednesday, the Round Square Junior School students hosted the inaugural ‘Zoom Postcard’ for students at Round Square schools around the world in the 11 – 13 year age group. Our students brought together more than 100 participating students and teachers from 15 Round Square schools: 

  • Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada, China
  • Bishop Druitt College, Australia
  • Chittagong Grammar School, Bangladesh
  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School, India
  • Green Hills Academy, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Gut Warnberg Schule, Germany
  • Indian School al Ghubra, Oman
  • Lawrence School Sanawar, India
  • Park City Day School, USA
  • Scotch Oakburn College, Tasmania, Australia
  • St Andrew's School for Girls, South Africa 
  • Sunbeam School Lahartara, India
  • Vidya Devi Jindal School, India
  • Yadavindra Public School, India
  • Calgary French International School, Canada

The Radford hosts ran eight individual breakout rooms during the call, and encouraged the participants to speak about their own cultures, adventures and experiences during COVID-19.  There was so much excitement and enthusiasm shown by all participants, and they were certainly  eager to communicate with each other.  We had students dialling in from a varied range of time zones including  9:45pm on Tuesday in Salt Lake City, 6:45am on Wednesday in Kigali and Johannesburg and 12:45pm in Beijing. 

The quality of their conversations was amazing to witness, and our students certainly learnt a lot about what 2020 has been like for students around the world. 

I would like to extend my thanks to Tiia Wright and Damien Montesin for helping the students to run such a successful event.

One of the 8 rooms in the ZOOM postcard chat session

A wonderfully scenic venue for the recent Regatta on Lake Burley Griffin,  Radford crews in blue caps

Radford success at local regatta

24 November 2020

A very successful local regatta for rowers of all age groups

Vicky Spencer, Technical Director of Rowing 

Radford Rowing dominated the CGGS-Marist Regatta held at Lake Burley Griffin on 21 November. Returning from an intensive weekend of racing in Sydney, the boat shed took their newly found confidence and race form out on to the course, to see what further improvements they could make. The rowers raced across different events and boat classes to take home a total of 53 medals: 24 Gold, 22 silver and 7 Bronze.

Highlights of the Day
The Senior Boys (Year 10 & 11) and Year 9 boys took out first place across Divisions 1 and 2 in both the A/B Coxed Quad and Year 10 Coxed quad, starting the day with 4 straight wins in the male events. The Year 9 Girls crew followed, winning silver in the schoolgirl Year 10 event before combining with the Senior Girls squad to win Gold and Silver in Division 1 & 2 in the women’s C grade coxed quad.

The Senior Boys collected 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in the B grade single scull, whilst the girls took home a gold and 2 silver medals in the C grade single scull. The Year 9 boys had their debut race in the D/E grade men’s eight, winning Gold, with the senior girls following up in first place in the women’s event.

The Year 7 girls improved their racing form to take home silver in Division 1 and bronze in Division 2 of the schoolgirl Year 8 quad, whilst the Year 8s took to the water in small boats to win Gold in Divisions 1-3 of the Men’s E grade single scull, as well as silver and two bronze. Not to be left behind, the Year 8 girls won Gold in Division 1 & 2, and silver in Division 2 of the same event.

Last but not least, the Year 8s raced well in the school Year 9 quad races to take home Gold in Division 1 and Silver in Division 2 of the schoolgirl race, and Silver in Division 1 and Gold in Division 2 of the schoolboy race.

It was a hugely successful day. Thank you to the rowers, coxes, coaches and Friends of Radford Rowing who keep us fed, watered and supported at regattas.

Year 7 girls


FoRR Cherry fundraiser

If you would like to support the Friends of Radford Rowing fundraising efforts, please see details of their Cheery Cherry Fundraiser.

Year 7 and 8 Textiles students are helping the world, bag by bag

Year 7 and 8 Textiles Technology

24 November 2020

Saving the planet, one sewing machine at a time!

By Mrs Wild and Ms Hogan 

Saving the planet, one sewing machine at a time!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 24 children all learning to drive at the same time, if you’re honest, it has probably never crossed your mind, so let us tell you how it goes! 

Each trimester in Year 7 and 8 Textiles Technology, we assist budding designers get behind the pedal of their very own sewing machine, to learn the intricate art of sewing. With 24 sewing machines being tested at full throttle, sounding like race day at Bathurst, the fun times begin. With too many broken needles to count, endless tangled birds’ nests of thread, a carpet that resembled a cactus made of pins, the endless chant of, ‘it’s not working again’. Each potential Daniel Ricciardo will have finally mastered the many steps of the Design Process, to create a textile product that has some sort of purpose in life, a reusable, sustainably friendly shopping bag. 

Over the course of the year, we manufactured over 320 reusable shopping bags, displaying a message about sustainability. The aim was to stem the tide of the alarming number of single-use bags still being used in Australia. We have discovered that in Australia, we still use around 3.92 billion single-use plastic bags each year, and only a tiny 3% of them are recycled. That’s a staggering amount ending up in landfill and our oceans. It might seem like we are not making much of an impact, but at least we are doing something! 

PS: Just as a side note, we might have to reassess how much we pay the quality control officers (Mrs Wild and Ms Hogan), as there may be a few little flaws in production quality, or as we call them in the textiles business, ‘design features’ in some of the bags, oops! Also, note to self, don’t wear black, it attracts LOTS of threads and fluff...

Works from the Creative Arts Senior Exhibition 2020

Visual Arts self-guided tour

24 November 2020

Final works by senior students, on campus 13-20 November

By Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts 

Creative Arts Senior Exhibition 2020 (CASE 2020) Visual Arts Tour was a self-guided walk of the final self-directed art works completed in Semester 2, 2020. The BSSS unit undertaken was Contemporary Practice and IB students’ work was the result of a two-year investigation. 

While an exhibition in a dedicated art gallery space might be a typical conclusion of a Visual Art student’s journey, with the combination of COVID-19, the BSSS unit topic, and the desire for a cohesive event for two courses (IB and BSSS), a Visual Arts tour was the 2020 solution. Walking tours are based on traditions of sculpture walks, street art walking tours, guided-gallery tours and the use of non-traditional spaces for art viewing experiences. This self-guided Visual Arts tour was designed for the students and staff on campus. An online and hard copy publication of the work by Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts students is currently in production, and it will be shared for all to see and will act as a lasting document of final year students’ creative journey. The tour was promoted as beginning at the Morison Centre, then Mackinnon Senior School, through to the Library and Visual Arts rooms, and to the car park, to view a wide range of works. 

The exploration by students of the contemporary interdisciplinary and innovative approach to art making, using a wide range of traditional and non-traditional art making materials and techniques, was driven by relevant, meaningful and highly personal issues and experiences. The works enable viewers to look/see and think deeply about these contemporary perspectives by our Senior Visual Art students. Their research and analysis of the work of others, drawing from Teams interviews from a local emerging artist to those who are established global artists, informs students’ work and approach. This very special Senior Visual Arts cohort who have worked in challenging times and risen capably to the finale, knowing that life is short, art is long (Hippocrates).

I wish them all well in their ongoing engagement with the arts.

 "Aging" by Maxine Kerruish

Maxine Kerruish 
Aging, 2020
vinyl stickers
5.8 x 8.7 cm x 20 stickers  

"Whole Life" by Liam Wheatley

Liam Wheatley 
Whole Life, 2020
20 x 20cm x 8 
Ink on paper and foam core board 

 "Lotus" by Celina Fei

Celina Fei  
Year 12 2020
莲花 | LOTUS
Oil and collage on canvas





Undeterred by a very hot day, Junior School students enjoyed their mini-carnival

Y2-Y6 Modified Athletics Carnival

25 November 2020

Despite a very hot day, it was a wonderful event

By Tamara Phelps, Assistant Head of Sport 

Last Friday, our students from Year 2-6 had an opportunity to participate in a Modified Athletics Carnival, during our regular Friday Sport time. 

Students had a wonderful time competing in a 100m Sprint and a continuous 4 x 400 House Relay. The hot 32 degree day did not stop our students from getting involved and giving their best. 

Our students were supported by our wonderful Service Learning students from Year 9 and 10. Thank you for all involved for making a successful day for our students.

Students from Y2-Y6

Radford College

Sports Holiday Programs, Dec 2020 & Jan 2021

18 November 2020

Now including aquatic sports, tennis and other activities

Radford is offering a range of sports holiday programs, starting with Tennis on 9 December

Full details in the flyer attached (three pages).

Please note - Aquatic Sports have now been added since the Sports holiday program was first advertised, and there have been some changes to the mulit-sport page also.

Radford Sharks, U13 mixed Oztag

Sports Report, 25 Nov 20

25 November 2020

Oztag, Tennis and Cricket news


Radford Sharks are on fire with teamwork and sportsmanship shining through

Congratulations to the Radford Sharks U13 Mixed OzTag team with their 10-7 win in the Round 5 Monday night Nicholls competition. It was a hard-fought game with great team work. The win was all the more impressive, with great play by several players new to the sport.  Their ball-handling skills and footwork are really improving. Well done to Jeff (4), and one each for Mia, Lizzy, Sunny and Jesse for scoring tries, and to everyone for great teamwork and tagging. There were also a couple of attempted tries which were really exciting. 

Radford Raptors U12 Boys had a great game Round 4 Wednesday night Kaleen competition. Whilst they went down to Daramalan Black 6-10, they all worked hard showing fantastic sportsmanship.  What great representatives of Radford College! 


Radford students Ashley Ward Year 3 and Lexi Ruta Year 4 competed for the second week at the Super 10’s Invitational against the best 10 and under girls in the ACT and Region at Lyneham Tennis Centre.  

Saturday morning Tennis Training
Red Ball Tennis Training Group Nov 2020 Yellow Ball Tennis Training Group Nov 2020

LEFT: Red Ball group – (L-R) Suhaan Bhagria (2021 Radford Tennis Captain, Wesley R, Peilin L, Ryan, Scarlett L and Annabel Parolo (Radford Tennis TD)
RIGHT: Yellow Ball group practising their serves (L-R) Isaac W, Luke Sarris (coach), Sarah Z, Peter G, Tiffany C

Just a reminder, if you want to have a go, Radford is hosting the Radford Tennis Championships   from Wednesday 9 December through to Friday 11 December 2020 at the Radford Tennis Courts.  Please get in contact with Annabel on cctennis@radford.com.au



The 1st XI Cricket team narrowly went down to Canberra Grammar School in their first home one-day game of the season. Grammar were 5/289 after 50 overs, with bowler Jonty Probyn returning figures of 2/38 off 8 overs. Radford started the run chase well, producing what must be a record opening stand of 139 (with Dylan Fernando 67 alongside Darcy Macdonald 58 runs). Tom Phelps also scored a half century - 51 runs off only 50 balls! In the end, the boys just fell short finishing 8/265 off 50 overs.

1st XI Nov 2020


Please give generously to support our local community

The Giving Tree: helping our local community

11 November 2020

The RTC supports the Capital Regional Community Services this Christmas

For the past five years, the Radford Tribal Council has supported the Belconnen Community Service Christmas Appeal. Profits from the Term 3 disco have been used by the students to purchase gifts from Kmart to donate to this very worthy, local organisation. 

The organisation has now changed its name to Capital Regional Community Service, but it still provides support for people in our local Belconnen community. 

2020 has been a very difficult year for many people, with the bushfires and smoke in January, and then all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, so there will be more individuals and families than ever needing help this Christmas.

 Radford support has contributed to create half of the 100 hampers handed out in previous years, and with many more hampers needed this year, the RTC would love to encourage families to purchase gifts to help. 

All gifts need to be new and must not be wrapped. Please place these in the Magic Bathtub in the JS reception before the end of November. See poster for suggestions and details.

Watch a short video from the students for further explanation of the Giving Tree project.


PS: Message from Rev. Katherine:
As well as supporting the Giving Tree, Secondary School students are invited to bring donations of gifts and food items for Anglicare to the Christmas tree in the library.





Boys and girls aged 5-10: starting at Radford in February 2021 - sign up now!

New junior cricket program in 2021

25 November 2020

Woolworths Cricket Blast program for boys and girls 5-10 years

Contact: Tamara Phelps, Assistant Head of Sport - Junior School

Radford College is excited to introduce a new Junior Program in 2021. Woolworths Cricket Blast,  the Official Kids Program of Cricket Australia, is a fun and fast program for girls and boys of all abilities to learn the skills and play Australia’s favourite sport.

Buzzing with the energy of Big Bash cricket, Woolworths Cricket Blast teaches kids how to bat, bowl, field and catch over a 6 Week Program in Term 1 2021—all while making new friends. 

Come and join the fun at Radford College with Woolworths Cricket Blast sessions delivered Term 1, 2021, on Friday afternoons 3:30pm – 5:00 pm at the JA Mackinnon Oval (dates below). 

Parents are encouraged to get involved.

Junior Blasters
Ages 5-10 (GIRLS and BOYS)
Sessions run from 3.30pm – 5pm

This program is an introduction to cricket. Students will learn the fundamental skills of cricket in a non-competitive and fun environment.

• Learn new skills including catching, throwing and teamwork
• Wear the colours of your favourite Big Bash heroes in a personalised t-shirt 
• All equipment supplied.

Radford to supply accredited coaches
Join the Junior Blasters Squad with sessions at:

Radford College JA Mackinnon Oval (3.30pm – 5pm)

  • Friday 12th February
  • Friday 19th February
  • Friday 26th February
  • Friday 5th March
  • Friday 19th March
  • Friday 26th March

Sign up now to get your Blasters’ pack

What do I do next? Click on this link and follow the registration process to sign up for Term 1 2021, limited spots available.


Co-Curricular Registration 2021

Co-Curricular Registration 2021

See Co-Curricular at Radford Online for 2021 registrations now open

Outward Bound Free Event 5 Dec

Outward Bound Free Family Fun Day

Sat 12 Dec 2020, 9am - 5pm. See flyer.

Disability Parking - PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY

Disability Parking - important reminder

Disability parking spots are for permit holders only. They are not to be used for drop off/pick up purposes.