Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 8, 2020 – 2 December 2020

Staff Insights

Claire Melloy - Assistant Principal, Students

Wellbeing initiatives and resources

2 December 2020

Wellbeing connections across the community

Introducing “Miri” our College Wellbeing Dog 

Miri, the Wellbeing Dog, with Georgia Y12Miri (Ngunnawal word for ‘dog’) was the clear winner of our Name our Puppy poll. She is still very little and is just getting used to her new space and the bells! 

We have some important rules to keep her safe including:

  • Always asking permission to touch her
  • Bending down to her level to stroke her
  • Offering the back of the hand for her to smell 

Many thanks to our Principal, Fiona Godfrey, for her support and commitment to this initiative. 

Gretel Burgess, has been a wonderful addition to the counselling team.  Her hands-on-approach, which includes making stress balls and pois during counselling sessions, has been very popular with a number of students. Gretel will also be running a session for staff and potentially parents early in 2021. 

Farewell, Year 12
Last week we celebrated our final formal Year 12 event and said goodbye to the Class of 2020 at their Graduation Ceremony at Llewellyn Hall. 

Year 12, 2020 - Formal at the Arboretum

Our 2021 Prefects participated in two sessions of Leadership Training including sessions on working as a team, creativity, communication, collaboration and relationship building. The energy in the group was infectious. 

Recently we have had some lovely cross-College moments.

• Year 9s did an outstanding job supporting our Year 1 and 2 students at CISAC water-awareness and swimming sessions.

• At the P-2 Athletics carnival, the Year 11 prefects led the House Chants and March Past – simply heart-warming to see the Year 11s proudly flag-bearing and marching with the excited Pre K – year 2 students, all with massive smiles and little legs trooping along.

• Year 10 students were incredibly helpful at the P-2 Athletics carnival – their positivity, energy and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated. Features of the day included around 200 parents were trackside cheering and enjoying being present on site, each student running a race with their class group, culminating in a few parents’ races, a Year 10 helpers race, teacher race (several did cartwheels half way along) - a terrific display of community; novelty events – tug of war, egg and spoon, chook throwing, pool noodle javelin. 

Relaxing in natureThe Wellbeing / culture focus for the whole Junior School includes Pre K – Year 6 gathering together, shaking it up on the oval to sing and dance “Twist and Shout” – celebrating belonging, connection and ensuring that our lasting memories of 2020 are joyful and fun. 

Lifeline Leadership Course
In the spirit of our focus on knowing our students, connection and belonging, we are aiming to continue and strengthen our culture of student mentoring in 2021. Our sixteen Year 12 mentors will participate in the Lifeline Leadership Course. They will then take what they have learnt into their Year 7 Tutor Groups. This course aims to give young people the skills to lead and inspire mental and emotional fitness in schools (not in crisis). The focus is largely on promoting a healthy, inspiring school culture. 

 The course includes: 

  • two leadership days for the student leaders 
  • ongoing momentum sessions – skill building, healthy communication, support and planning
  • sessions for staff in communication and skill building
  • ongoing telephone support for staff 
  • parent information sessions 
  • support for college wide wellbeing events
  • social media, press releases and newsletter templates
  • mentoring with Lifeline Ambassadors (mainly ex Olympians)
  • a session at Year 7 Camp with the student mentors and the Year7s. 

Senior student training sessions Senior student training sessions


The following resources may be helpful if you have any concerns about your young person over the Christmas break.


Keeping Healthy Over the Holidays – for friends and family
How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays – for young people
Small Steps Everyday – 7 tips for a healthy headspace 


Kids Helpline

Coping with Family Holiday Stress – parents
Coping with Family Holiday Stress – teens



Summer Survival Guide



eheadspace provides free online and telephone support and counselling to young people 12 - 25 and their families and friends.  

They run group chats for young people, and family and friends. Group chats are led by a headspace professional and explore a range of helpful topics. 

There is a single clinician-led chat this month for family and friends:

Managing Experiences of Parental Guilt (Family and Friends) - Thursday 3 December, 7-8pm AEDT 

 Every week they host the following chats for young people:

·         general coping: every Wednesday at 6–10pm AEDT

·         yarnspace: second Thursdays 6-10pm AEDT

·         supporting others: second Thursdays 6-10pm AEDT

·         navigating relationships: every Monday at 6–10pm AEDT

·         qheadspace: every Tuesday at 6–10pm AEDT

Locally, headspace Canberra will be running a Healthy headspace Skills Workshop targeted around coping during this holiday period. They will also be releasing their schedule for Healthy headspace Skills Workshops for 2021 in the near future. Please keep an eye out on their website or social media pages: https://headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/headspace-canberra/ 

Other helpful contact numbers:

  • Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 (telephone and online counselling for ages 5-25)
  • Lifeline 13 11 14
  • Parentline 02 6287 3833 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) (for counselling and support for parents and carers)
  • SANE Australia (people living with a mental illness and their carers) — call 1800 18 7263
  • ReachOut.com (youth mental health service) — visit the website for info or use the online forum

Wishing you and your family a safe and peaceful Christmas break.

A story of hope, faith, joy and peace - image credit Alan Lee

Getting ready for Christmas

2 December 2020

With the start of Advent, we look to the example of Mary and Joseph

Andy Fleming, Associate ChaplainFrom Andy Fleming, Associate Chaplain

Last Sunday marked the start of Advent. The season of Advent in the Christian calendar is a time when we prepare for Christmas - the celebration of Christ’s birth. It is a time when Christians recognise the promise of Jesus Christ’s birth, and the anticipation that Christ will come again. Among the many ways that Christians prepare is through the symbolic lighting of a candle in each of the four Sunday services leading up the Christmas Day. The four candles lit traditionally represent hope, faith, joy and peace. 

These four themes can be found in the Christmas story in the actions of Mary and Joseph, in the lead up to the birth of Jesus, and also afterwards. The faith and courage shown by them is extraordinary, in a time when Jewish custom would typically have had Mary stoned for falling pregnant to someone other than her betrothed, and then Joseph risked being ostracised from society, due to the compassion and kindness he showed to Mary, who he  was supposed to divorce. However, by following the plans God had set out for them, they helped to provide the hope, joy and peace that Christians celebrate during Christmas. 

Mary’s joy can be read in the Magnificat. A song of praise to God that Mary wrote during her pregnancy. It is powerful hymn that shares Mary’s joy in being chosen to be the mother of the son of God. Through the words lifted up the lowly and filling the hungry with good things, Mary is giving us insight into the future ministry of Jesus.

 For his part, Joseph humbly ensures the safety of Mary, the mother, and her child, Jesus. He trusted God’s instructions, firstly in taking Mary as his wife, and then ensuring Jesus’ safety when threatened by King Herod’s jealous quest to eliminate the baby he saw as a possible threat to his kingdom.   

As we come to the end of a most challenging year, the words and actions of Mary and Joseph in the Christmas story can provide us with an example of humility, hope and peace, and point to the need for us to look for opportunities to help others in need. 

A prayer for the end of the school year. 

God of wisdom,
We thank you for all the gifts you have given us throughout this school year.
We thank you, that throughout the challenges and difficulties of 2020, we have been safe.
As we come to the end of this school year, we are grateful for the good things you have done in us, and we praise you for all who have shared in the work of this school.
We ask you to bless them in your love and give them refreshment and peace.



May each of you have a restful and hope-filled Christmas,
Chaplain Andy



Thanks to everyone who supported the Junior Giving Tree appeal, which has now ended. There is still time to donate to the Anglicare Christmas Pantry appeal.

Anglicare Christmas Pantry Appeal
After the year many in our wider community have experienced, it is little wonder that there is a greater than normal demand on Anglicare. Radford Secondary school has been contacted by Anglicare to assist with stocking their shelves in time for Christmas. Anglicare volunteers have been unable to do their normal collections at supermarkets this year leaving the cupboards particularly bare. Everyday pantry items are needed, as well as Christmas foods to be put in hampers. Donations of food and other items, including unwrapped gifts for people of all ages, can be left at the Giving Tree in the Secondary School Library.

Please see below for details of what can be donated.

Anglicare wish list

Anglicare Shopping List




Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School

JS News, 2 Dec 20

2 December 2020

How do you measure growth, achievement and love?

Wed 2 Dec

Kinder Nativity 1

Thurs 3 Dec

Kinder Nativity 2

Year 6 End of Year Chapel/Rite of Passage/Disco

Fri 4 Dec

Year 6 Fun day

Mon 7 Dec

Christmas Chapel

Tues 8 Dec

Festival of Houses

Last Day of School


Andy Gordon - Deputy Principal, Head of Junior School 

How do you measure growth, achievement and love?
I wonder how it feels for you, to give the best of what you have, to grow personally and to contribute a richness to those around us? I wonder what feelings we experience as parents, as teachers and as learners? I wonder how we know we have grown? Is it from awards, or a report card, that we know we have achieved growth in our parenting? We enter into each new school year, excited and vulnerable, regardless of which of the above roles we have. 

How do we as adults measure achievement and get measured? I am often reminded of this song from the musical Rent.


 525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life? 

How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of love.

 (Rent, first staged 1993)

We have done our job effectively for this year if we have supported our learners to be able to identify how they have grown. That is achievement. Learning and demonstrating character needn’t be a competition against others. At best, it is a competition between you and you. Have I grown and embraced new learning in the presence of challenges?  Have we fostered and nurtured their love for learning, aroused their curiosity and protected their growing spirits? 

I want to honour the partnership between the home and school. On behalf of the school staff, teachers and support staff, thank you for your trust and commitment. We journey together and we learn alongside each other. 

The end of semester report that teachers prepare is an important tool that we use for our accountability to you. We want you to read into it, feeling the moments of love, of care, of compassion and of grace. Learning is a redemptive process, founded in respect that leads to the embodiment of Truth, Compassion and Wisdom. 

Staffing changes for 2021
We will introduce new staff in our correspondence before school returns. A change in the school year brings about a change in our staffing season. We wish to advise that Miss Alex Taylor will be taking up a position at another school in the Canberra district. Alex has been a much-loved teacher at Radford for 3 years. 

Mrs Lillian Halford is relocating to the Sunshine state. Lillian, who has worked at Radford for 6 years, has been a dedicated and committed staff member, undertaking a variety of different roles in her time at the College, we wish Lillian every success. 

Senora Rowena Stevens will continue teaching Spanish at Radford, but mostly in the Secondary School.  She will be missed at the Junior School. 

Ms Victoria Price will be leaving us at the end of term to commence her maternity leave.  Best wishes to Victoria and her partner for the safe arrival of their baby in the new year. 

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the following Junior School staff for their contributions:

  • Mr Bill Chapman finishes his contract. We are grateful for his bus driving and student support roles.
  • Mr Chris Martin will be taking Long Service Leave in Semester 1.

Mrs Mary Willett, our Student Support and Enrichment Coordinator has made the decision to continue with her academic studies and has requested a return to classroom teaching. We want to sincerely thank Mary for her care, love and commitment to providing rich, inclusive and safe environments, through her leadership, while she was in this position.  Ms Georgia Solomon, currently one of our Year Two teachers, is excited to be taking on this role, working and growing alongside our students, teachers and parents. She holds two Master of Education qualifications, one in Inclusive Education and the other in English as an Additional Language. 

At Christmas, we celebrate the miracle of love embracing humanity in a very real and tangible way. Christmas is a snapshot of hope. A belief that above and within the experiences we have in life, there is a higher purpose and a greater longing being recognised and fulfilled outside of our skin and time. I can’t help but liken the love of Christmas with the love of education. To teach is to reach for the higher purpose and greater longing of preparing our learners for a meaningful and purposeful life that flourishes. To genuinely flourish means to embrace positive emotions that lead to happiness, and to understand negative emotions and how they can help us. I love the higher calling of teaching as each day we experience the miracle of love in the eyes and responses of our learners.  

Maybe that helps us hold in tension how we measure learning, parenting, teaching, growth… 

Merry everything and happy always this holiday time. Please be safe and enjoy the family time that you spend together. 

We are looking forward to 2021. We have a great teaching and support team which is committed to seeing your children continue to grow and flourish.

With Peace and love at Christmas
Andy and the Junior School Team 

JS Nativity 2020


Music Theatre International. 2017. Rent. [online] Available at: <http://www.mtishows.com/rent> [Accessed 11 May 2017].



The Class of 2020 graduate at Llewellyn Hall

Year 12 Graduation - Class of 2020

2 December 2020

Read the article and watch the video (with Radford login)

By Olivia Wilson and Sam Roberts, College Captains, 2021

Last Friday, the 27th of November, the school executive and as much of the community as possible, considering restrictions, gathered at Llewellyn Hall to farewell the graduating class of 2020. It was a terrific night for the class and their parents to pause and reflect on finishing a major chapter in their lives and on what has been a crazy and unforgiving year. Finishing school is a major goal for many from an incredibly young age, and to see so many amazing people walking over the stage to collect their certificates was uplifting. 

Throughout the night, we were entertained with two musical pieces, both were pre-recorded, and performed by graduating students. First, we enjoyed Michael Troy’s arrangement of “Ave Verum Corpus”. Michael is a talented musician and composer, alongside having been the College Vice-Captain. This classical piece of music, sung by a choir of Year 12 students, sent shivers down our spines. 

After the presentation of the first four house groups, Acacia, Banksia, Boronia and Huon, the audience enjoyed a pre-recorded musical item from a group of Year 12 students. They performed “September” by Maurice White, Allee Willis and Al McKay, arranged by Liam Van Der Vyver. All age groups of the audience relished in the familiarity of the song while having a good chuckle at the facial expression of certain band members.

Each student was presented to the audience of parents and honourable guests. The students crossed the stage, while their tutor teacher spoke about their amazing attributes and plans for the future. It was reassuring to see how many students had plans for the coming year, especially as so many of our peers, having just finished Year 11, are still so unsure. The variety of plans truly inspired us, showing that whatever dreams we have, are possible, even in the times of a pandemic.

Elisabeth (Lissie) Gregory was named the Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. Lissie spoke about the idea of being extraordinary, after sharing with the audience a phrase her mother has told her every day before leaving for school: “Be extraordinary today!” Lissie continued to share that while she barely knew what extraordinary means, despite being told to be it for the last 13 years, she knew the year group in front of her was whatever the definition of it is. Lissie recalled fond memories of the love, care and resilience of her peers and they would all miss each other very much. It certainly made many students, parents and staff a little teary. Thank you, Lissie Gregory, for your truly inspirational speech.

We were both honoured to be invited to attend Year 12 graduation and be a part of the truly terrific night. The graduating Class of 2020 are extraordinary people and we can't wait to see what they do next. The night was touching for the students and staff but most significantly the parents. It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on their child's past 13 years of schooling. We look forward to our coming year as Year 12 students and our chance to reflect on our schooling in 12 months' time.

Collegian Matt Tomkins’s winning picture, Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve on a clear spring night

Collegian wins photography prize

2 December 2020

Pays tribute to Radford photography teacher, the late Jonquil Mackey

Congratulations to Matt Tomkins (Class of 2013), the overall winner of Icon Water’s spring photo competition.

In an interview with RiotACT, Matt paid tribute to the late Jonquil Mackey, much-cherished photography and media teacher at Radford from 2002–2018.

“I studied photography in high school and my teacher, Mrs Jonquil Mackey, saw the potential in me and helped in driving my passion for it,” he says. “Studying photography is one of the best decisions I have made in life.

Matt will be featured in an upcoming Collegians newsletter.

Read the full article in RiotACT.

Chairmen of the Board was one of the talented ensembles performing

Festival of Bands - video link

2 December 2020

Students performed, filmed, recorded and edited this major production

By Ben Marston, Director of Bands

In Term 3, all of our Jazz and Contemporary groups came together to video record the repertoire they have been working on. After a great deal of post-production editing of both the video and audio, we are finally ready to present The Festival of Bands

Please use the link below to access the Sway presentation which contains the videos of the groups that were recorded for this project. You will need to use your student or parent Radford login to be able to view the Sway. Once you have logged in, you can scroll through the videos or click on the “Contents” button in the bottom right-hand corner to access sections you wish to view. 

Link: https://sway.office.com/S9lsnCB6K3y4odqX?ref=Link 

Every step of this project, from performing to filming to recording and to editing, has been delivered by students. The quality of their work is simply outstanding, and every student involved is to be congratulated. We also thank you for your patience as the post-production for a project such as this is very time consuming and we know you have all been very keen to view the final product. 


Contemporary Music Ensembles A major technical undertaking

Sam Sharma - celebrating success in the final days of his schooling

National History Challenge achievements

2 December 2020

Awards to Sam Sharma, Freya Alblas and Terry Yang

Terry YangBy Nick Ewbank, Head of History, Philosophy and RaVE 

Sam Sharma, Class of 2020, was presented with winner’s medallion in the Year 12 division of the ACT section of the National History Challenge (NHC) on Thursday afternoon, 26 November, his second-last day at the College. 

The NHC is the premier History competition across the country, and Sam was presented with this Gold Award at the Australian War Memorial. 

Sam is the doyen of the HPR Faculty, having just completed majors in Ancient History, Modern History and Philosophy.  He entered the competition and wrote an excellent essay on the theme of ‘Contested Histories’.  Sam wrote about the Nazi organisation which  organised and regulated the Nazis’ rather strange occults beliefs and practices. 

In other categories, Freya Alblas and Terry Yang, both of Year 9, won Silver Awards for progressing to National Judging. 

Students should see Mr Ewbank next year for the 2021 competition.

Image for article: Exploring Self-Identities through Visual Arts

Exploring Self-Identities through Visual Arts

2 December 2020

Year 10 students examine and express who they are

By Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts 

Many artists use their work to express, explore, and question ideas about identity.  These student artists chose the theme “self-identities,” emphasizing that identity is fluid and shifts throughout one’s life. 

Students generated their own essential questions, developed from their collaboratively chosen theme, Self-Identities, and communicated the ideas visually in a range of media, scale and styles. 

The student-led inquiries sparked curiosity, provoked wonder, and completely engaged students in various forms of thinking i.e. creative thinking, critical thinking, deduction, conclusions, making connections and generalisations. 

Their questions included:

  • How does my culture and religion influence who I am?
  • How do I perceive myself and how do other perceive me?
  • Are we all we are?
  • How does our real-life image contrast to our online image?
  • How does being a female inform my identity?
  • How is anxiety part of my identity and how do I express anxiety?

Artists with their works

Eleanora Phillips and Jessica Schroeder worked together to produce a series on reduction lino prints that represented their perceptions of each other. “It centres around the idea of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us, following the exhibitions theme of identity. The purpose of the joint piece is to express how the world around has a perception of us that is different from what we see in our heads. In having the four works in the installation of prints, we can see the contrast and asymmetry of ourselves. The artworks are also trying to connect with the viewer to show that the way they see themselves is vastly different to how others see them, showing how their own insecurities do not define them”, Jessica says. “Our work explores the fluidity of identity and the different perceptions we have of each other. This piece overall represents how our identity is not solid and can change from person to person. Although we often perceive ourselves negatively or as less than others, it is mostly not the case.” 

Charly in her painting Steady Gaze” created a portrait that “expresses a clear sense of identity to the viewer at first glance. I used colour to represent the diversity of human identity and also to catch the eye of the viewer immediately. The figure I have created is a strong, powerful woman with full, voluminous hair. The use of bright yellow where there are highlights draws the eye to her steady gaze and assertive expression.” 

Molly, in her painting Reflection, explores “the difference in specific aspects of identity such as mental health and cyber personas”.  

Mia’s central golden image is “the Jewish Menorah (candles)... all the included objects represent “my upbringing and the memories made to create such a wonderfully rich identity.” 

Rose chose a more conceptual approach that can really be appreciated when you view inside the large cardboard box, into a delight of exquisitely drawn repetitive patterns.

The exhibition group shared their work with the other exhibition group in the class, and engaged in an impressive critical review session, as a concluding event. The students all deserve to feel very proud of their achievements, evident in their artwork and approach to creative expression.

Image for article: Exploring "The Unknown" through art

Exploring "The Unknown" through art

2 December 2020

Year 10 Visual Arts students devised and created this exhibition

By Sonja Brodersen, Year 10 Visual Art student and Communications Manager of the exhibition: The Unknown.

“Though each work embodies this theme, each artist has chosen to convey either individual imaginations or real-life concepts.” Beth Chua, Curator 

Exhibition poster design by MahimaExhibition poster design by Mahima

Our group exhibition, The Unknown, was a new experience for all who participated, having to cooperate in determining a theme, communicating our interpretations visually, and taking on a role to bring the exhibition together. We selected bright colours to create a cohesive and positive exhibition experience for the viewer. 

“Through the juxtaposed works, all are tied together in the colour. They shared bright colours to contrast against the dark theme.” Beth Chua, Curator  

Many of us experimented with different media - digital media, acrylic on canvas, montage, pencil on paper, pen on watercolour paper, mixed media, glazed ceramic sculptural work, wire sculpture. The two wire sculptural works made us consider the effort that goes into an artwork, which can be more than creating, but also working safely. We also managed logistical factors like location of the display, framing of printed works, and scheduling of the project.

In terms of capturing the theme itself, we explored and researched a broad spread of ideas and perceptions of The Unknown. A reoccurring was interest different viewpoints about death and after-death. Having a variety of perspectives and showcasing them together as an exhibition captured a snapshot of some of the many ideas Year 10 students have about the theme. We all expressed how broad and truly unknown the future can be. We hoped that by seeing our ideas, viewers would come up with their own speculations as to what the unknown will hold, as well as how we should face uncertainty and the unknown.  

The Curator posed the question “Should some things be left unknown?

My classmates have described the process as "freeing, but still encased within the theme" and "enjoyable by letting us understand how differently we interpreted the same concept". I think that we all learnt a lot from our roles in putting the exhibition together, and the focus required, and we had lots of fun along the way.

Sonja Brodersen 

An unfamiliar sense of grief, 2020
Digital print on paper
210 x 297mm x 3 

My intent is to explore my contemporary view on the cycle of loss stemming from the unknown. I've created a series of three works, all with red tones, that explore the varying stages and ways to deal with the unknown.

Art work by Sonia Brodersen

The lead image in this article is:


Latisha Babic 
The Unknown 2020 
Paper on board 

My intent for this work was to tie our past and unknown future together,

My influence of creating this concept is my intrigue for the future as well as my love for the 80s. I feel that the 80s was a time of great development where fashion style and video games shifted dramatically. At an early age I enjoyed spending time on different video game consoles and attending arcades and I still continue to do so. Thus, my enjoyment and love for video games has influenced my idea as I wanted to portray my perception of technological advancement in the future. 

Year 4 students watch on as Year 10 Textiles students sew the Boomerang Bags together

Boomerang Bags

2 December 2020

Strong returns from this global initiative

BOOMERANG BAGS with Year 4 and Year 10

Year 4’s current Unit of Inquiry is exploring the transdisciplinary theme of How We Organise Ourselves, with the Central Idea ‘Sustainability depends on consumer choices.’  We have looked into materials and their properties, packaging, recycling and so much more.

To encourage taking action and making ‘better’ choices as consumers, we have been making Boomerang Bags, working in partnership with a Year 10 textile class.

“Boomerang Bags is a global, grassroots movement, connecting and empowering local communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source.” https://boomerangbags.org/    

Over the past few weeks, the Year 4s and 10s have worked together to cut out the bag pattern from donated fabric. The Year 10s have then worked hard to sew the bags together for the Year 4s.  This week, the Year 4s have the challenge of hand-sewing the official Boomerang Bag patches onto their bags.

              Year 10 student helps Year 4 student with Boomerang bag Year 10 students help Year 4 students with Boomerang bag Year 10 students help Year 4 students with Boomerang bag

We will then be setting up a Boomerang Bag station at the Barton Grocer. The idea is to have a supply of Boomerang Bags for people to choose and take to use, instead of a plastic bag. Then, like a boomerang, they can get returned for the next person to choose to use instead of plastic.

This has proven to be a wonderful experience and partnership between the Junior and Secondary schools.  Year 4 is hoping to make this a yearlong inquiry in 2021 and continue making Boomerang Bags – doing what we can to help our environment!

The Year 4 teaching team would like to acknowledge and thank:

  • Mrs Michelle Wild and the Year 10 textile class for all of their patience, time and support with making the Boomerang Bags.
  • Kylie Costanzo and The Barton Grocer for their large donation of fabric and allowing us the opportunity to put this action into place in their store.
  • The Year 4 families who donated fabric for the students to use.

                         Barton Grocer                                            Boomerang Bags

Junior School students will receive their challenge bookmarks on Friday 4 Decl

Summer Reading Challenge 2021

2 December 2020

Can you meet the 20 book challenge?

From the  Junior School Library Team, Gemma Wilson, Rachael Hind and Candy Potter.  

Can you meet the challenge? 20 books! 


Summer holiday time means reading challenge time! Can you read 20 books over the holidays? 

This year, all Junior School students will be given a bookmark with a list of 20 challenges on the back. Can you read ….. 

  • A book published in the year you were born? 
  • A book with a blue cover? 
  • A book with a one-word title? 
  • A second-hand book? 

Bookmarks will be sent home next Friday, 4 December 2021. If you lose your bookmark, there will be a PDF version on the school website.   

Aim to read for a few minutes every day and don’t forget to check out bookshelves anywhere you visit. Ask grandparents, special friends and extended family members for recommendations and peruse their bookshelves. ACT Public Libraries are also a fantastic resource to find new and different book titles.  

For book recommendations and Christmas present ideas, we recommend the following sites:

Happy reading this summer! 


If you need to reprint your bookmark, click here.



The Parents and Friends Association is hosting this free event

P&F Welcome BBQ/Movie Night 2021

2 December 2020

Save the date - Fri 5 Feb 2021

Date: Friday 5th February 2021
Time: BBQ from 6pm, movie to commence by 8pm
Venue: JA Mackinnon Oval
Movie: to be confirmed

The Radford College Parents & Friends (P&F) Association is pleased to host the annual BBQ and Movie Night. 

Commencing from 6pm on JA Mackinnon Oval - all Radford families (new and existing) are welcome to join us for a fun-filled night that includes a FREE sausage sizzle and movie. 

Bring along your picnic rug, chairs and some blankets and settle in for a fun family movie (movie is TBC). 

Drinks and snacks will be available to purchase. The BBQ is provided to you by the Parents & Friends Association. 

Some members of the P&F Association will be available on the night to answer any questions you have about joining the committee in 2021! We are always looking for volunteers. 

This is our first event to kick off the New Year to Welcome the 2021 school year. We hope you can join us!

Radford's girls crews won five golds, seven silvers, and four bronzes at the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta in Sydney

Sports Report, 2 Dec 20

2 December 2020

Rowing, OzTag, Basketball, Cricket, Squash, Tennis

Loreto Normanhurst Regatta - Sydney

Straight after school Friday 27 November, 47 rowers and three coxswains headed up to Penrith for the Loreto Normanhurst Regatta, an event not usually attended by Radford, as it is exclusively a schoolgirl event. With girls from Years 7–11 invited to attend, the weekend threw extreme heat and wild winds at us, but with an early start to the regatta and efficient heat management policy, we came away with a total of five golds, seven silvers, and four bronzes. An impressive effort given the size of the other all girls schools and the fact we were newcomers to this regatta. In the afternoon, the team was fortunate enough to have a visit from an Australian Rowing Team’s coxswain. James Rook is the only male athlete in the Women’s National Training Centre and coxswain of the Australian Women’s Eight.  After having a Q&A session with the team, the coxswains got some valuable insight on how to improve their skills in the boat during training and racing. Unfortunately, the wild winds meant the Loreto Kirribilli regatta on Sunday was cancelled, but all the girls helped load the trailer in record time. The focus of the weekend was to be courageous, a “heart word, as Ms Spencer called it. Each crew was encouraged to dig deep and have a good crack in whatever division they were placed in. After the debrief, it is clear our rowers have displayed courage in their races and have all learnt something to take with us into racing season next term. Certainly, a team to be noticed. A big thank you to the coaches and especially the parent volunteers that kept us fed all weekend - we could not have done it without you!


Year 7 & Year 8
Came 2nd and 3rd in Division 1 and 2 Quads in their Age Groups.

Year 9
Came 3rd in their Quad.

2 x Firsts

2nd  and 4th in Quads and Div 1 and 2 of the double Sculls.

Mia Kluth won the Year 8 Single Scull A division.


U12/13 Mixed Aussie Taggers

Facing the undefeated top team (Coyotes), the Aussie Taggers dug deep to keep up a strong defence. Angelina B demonstrated impenetrable defence while Baxter S (pictured right) led the attack. Sam L ran in a fast try, followed by Zali G’s intercept running half a field to bring the scores level at half time. A try by Coco G moments before full-time brought the final score equal (5-5). Coached by Year 11 Aaron K, it was a great team effort against this undefeated team.


Congratulations to Grace Kent, Holly Denman, Jessi Palframan, Rena Cao and Zoe Phelps for being selected in the Basketball ACT U16 Women’s 2021 State Program. Emily Warren has also been selected as a train on player.

Fifteen of Radford’s U12-19 Basketball teams played semi-finals over the weekend. There were lots of nail-biting games with the U14 Boys Division 4 Pacers and U19 Boys Division 6 Sharks progressing to Grand Finals. The Pacers are playing the Ginninderra Rats, 4:15pm at the Belconnen Basketball Stadium on Saturday and the Sharks are playing the Belconnen Ramblers, 10:45am at the Belconnen Basketball Stadium on Sunday.

Sunday was also the final round of U10 Basketball with the U10 Girls Radford Fireflies playing the Radford Cheetahs (attached photo).


Congratulations to the First XI Cricket team who defeated Daramalan in their one day competition on Sunday. Radford scored 151 (Lachlan Reid 34, Tom Phelps 26) to Daramalan’s 133 (Jonty Probyn 3/21, Ben Matesic 4/32, Lachlan Ried 2/21). Congratulations to Year 8 students Jack Walker & Arnav Jain who made their First XI debut.


Lucy Keogh, Year 8, recently competed in the NSW Junior State Squash Championships. After some hard-fought matches, she was successful in taking Gold in the U 13 Girls. Lucy (pictured right) is also ranked Number 1 U13 girls in the ACT. Lucy will now compete in the Squash Nationals on 12 December 2020.


For the first time, Radford College entered a team into the ACT Tennis Junior Pennant competition. There were 10 teams in the draw, with the likes of CGS, Jerrabomberra, Campbell and O’Connor Tennis Clubs. It has been an outstanding season for the Radford players, with them being ranked 1st at the conclusion of all rounds.

The Radford team is set to play the Grand final at 8.30am on Sunday 6th December at the Lyneham Tennis Centre.

The team consists of – Suhaan Bhagria, Harry Sincock, Bhav Mathur, Ryan Duan, Gen Casarotto

Two other Radford teams will play finals in the Tennis Canberra Teams Competition this weekend.

Pre K, Kindy and Year 1 students had the chance to participate in a 50m sprint at the modified Athletics Carnival

JS water safety and modified athletics carnival

2 December 2020

Swimming confidently and novelty events fun

Over the past few weeks Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2 have had the opportunity to participate in a Swimming and Water Safety Day at CISAC. Students had the opportunity to participate in 10 different stations to help students gain confidence in a variety of fundamental aquatic activities. Students had a wonderful afternoon learning new skills with their classmates. Thank you to our Service Learning students for supporting our Junior students in the water.

Last week our Pre K, Kindy and Year 1 students participated in our modified Athletics Carnival. It was the first time since the beginning of the year we welcomed our parents on campus to cheer on our smallest athletes. The carnival started with our students proudly marching with our Senior House Captains, representing their houses. Next, students all had the opportunity to run in a 50m sprint. Even parents got into the spirit and raced in their own impromptu dash. Novelty events were the highlight and students tried their best in Tug of War, Throw the Chicken, Foam Javelin, Sack Races, Egg and Spoon, Three-Legged races and Fill the Bucket with water. Our fabulous Service Learning students once again showed wonderful leadership.




Radford College

Sports Holiday Programs, Dec 2020 & Jan 2021

18 November 2020

Now including aquatic sports, tennis and other activities

Radford is offering a range of sports holiday programs, starting with Tennis on 9 December

Full details in the flyer attached (three pages).

Please note - Aquatic Sports have now been added since the Sports holiday program was first advertised, and there have been some changes to the mulit-sport page also.

Boys and girls aged 5-10: starting at Radford in February 2021 - sign up now!

New junior cricket program in 2021

25 November 2020

Woolworths Cricket Blast program for boys and girls 5-10 years

Contact: Tamara Phelps, Assistant Head of Sport - Junior School

Radford College is excited to introduce a new Junior Program in 2021. Woolworths Cricket Blast,  the Official Kids Program of Cricket Australia, is a fun and fast program for girls and boys of all abilities to learn the skills and play Australia’s favourite sport.

Buzzing with the energy of Big Bash cricket, Woolworths Cricket Blast teaches kids how to bat, bowl, field and catch over a 6 Week Program in Term 1 2021—all while making new friends. 

Come and join the fun at Radford College with Woolworths Cricket Blast sessions delivered Term 1, 2021, on Friday afternoons 3:30pm – 5:00 pm at the JA Mackinnon Oval (dates below). 

Parents are encouraged to get involved.

Junior Blasters
Ages 5-10 (GIRLS and BOYS)
Sessions run from 3.30pm – 5pm

This program is an introduction to cricket. Students will learn the fundamental skills of cricket in a non-competitive and fun environment.

• Learn new skills including catching, throwing and teamwork
• Wear the colours of your favourite Big Bash heroes in a personalised t-shirt 
• All equipment supplied.

Radford to supply accredited coaches
Join the Junior Blasters Squad with sessions at:

Radford College JA Mackinnon Oval (3.30pm – 5pm)

  • Friday 12th February
  • Friday 19th February
  • Friday 26th February
  • Friday 5th March
  • Friday 19th March
  • Friday 26th March

Sign up now to get your Blasters’ pack

What do I do next? Click on this link and follow the registration process to sign up for Term 1 2021, limited spots available.

The Year 5 signs are a response to class discussion on the potential dangers of many online platforms.

Cybersafety Project and Holiday Screen Time

2 December 2020

Cybersafety Project designed around key values

By Lisa Plenty – Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

Digital technologies provide engaging opportunities for children to create and play, but along with many other wonderful things, there are associated risks and concerns.

Over this final term, teachers have had access to a relatively new program called the Cybersafety Project. Designed around key values of Responsibility, Integrity, Strength and Empathy, the project aligns well with our Learner Profile attributes, with a focus on healthy and safe digital decisions and considered self-regulatory behaviours. The Project features 16 age-appropriate lessons for each year level. These adaptable lessons provide teachers with structured learning resources from which they can choose elements that suit the needs of their children as well as complementing the Units of Inquiry, giving more context to the learning.  The examples on the right include our Kinder children’s beautifully hand drawn responses to Healthy Balance and Good Choices lessons. The Year 5 signs above are a response to class discussion on the potential dangers of many online platforms. We will continue implementing this project over the course of 2021 for all Junior School year levels.

In the lead up to the holidays, our Kinder children’s ideas for device-free alternatives to screen time are a great reminder to maintain a balanced approach to screen use. Where you decide screen time may be permitted, considering screen time where children code or create videos, artwork or music is far more valuable than viewing and gaming. We strongly recommend digital devices are only ever used in the open areas of your home to support parental supervision of device use. Early next year, Julie Smith and I will advertise an updated Parenting in the Digital Age presentation, where we will focus in more detail on some of the recommended ways to support childrens’ self regulation and healthy device use. Slides from our 2019 presentation can be found at this link on Radford Online.

Radford College

End of year Celebration events go virtual

18 November 2020

Junior and Secondary School events will be filmed and shared online

Our end of year Celebration events will be pre-recorded and available for viewing online this year.

These events are the culmination of the school year and both the Junior School and Secondary School programs will showcase achievements and performances by students.

Students will watch their end of year Celebration on the last day of school, Tuesday 8 December 2020, and the link will be available for families to view securely via Radford Online that evening.

Any parents who do not wish their child to be filmed as part of these events should email:

Junior School Reception - jsreception@radford.act.edu.au or
Secondary School Executive Admin Team - ssexecutiveadmin@radford.act.edu.au



Image for article: Jambon? Poulet? Avocat?

Jambon? Poulet? Avocat?

2 December 2020

The pleasures of the French baguette

By Rhiannon Richards, French Teacher

In Week 7, the Year 8 French classes were treated to some French baguettes. After a semester packed with different topics, students had earned a treat. They were able to practise their language skills and order from “jambon”, “poulet” and “avocat” (avocado, not a lawyer: a French joke that never gets old.) 

We are once again grateful to the wonderful team at Café Breizh at the Ainslie shops, for their superb organisation and delicious food.

 Baguettes  Baguettes


Year 8 student Owen Toyne won the Bush Capital 10km run

Radford Running success

2 December 2020

The life-changing art of running

By teacher and running enthusiast, Rebecca Hunter

During the course of the year, pre- and post-online learning, we trialled a new running training program to encourage people to either get fit, challenge themselves, experience running for the first time, or to improve their technique.

Running is challenging, but it changes you. You begin to realise, whether out on your own or with friends, that you are resilient and strong. It’s a time to decompress from the stress of the day. For me it’s about exploring the bushland and trails around Canberra with friends, watching the sun rise and feeling at peace for a moment amongst the chaos. 

Just on the weekend I had the great joy of watching one of our young Radford Runners, Owen Toyne (Year 8), win the Bush Capital 10km against a field of experienced trail runners. He smashed the Mount Ainslie trails behind the War Memorial in a blistering speed of 47:08! I must admit I watched his gait and determination as he passed by me on my half marathon course wishing to have longer, younger legs.

Owen Toyne in the Bush Capital 10km run

Meanwhile other students who joined us this year were proud of their improvement and increased fitness levels; for many, running the cross country course for the first time without stopping or breaking their course record by minutes gave them a great feeling of pride in their own achievement, regardless of whether a medal followed. 

So challenge yourself and consider joining Radford Running next year. It really is life changing.

Congratulations to our Junior Schools students, recognised by Actsmart Schools for Waste Free Wednesday

Recognition for Waste Free Wednesday

2 December 2020

Congratulations to our Junior School students

The Radford Tribal Council (RTC) Waste Free Wednesday project was nominated in the Actsmart Schools Sustainability Awards this year. These Awards recognise school initiatives to be more sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment.

On Friday 4 December, Actsmart Schools staff will be visiting schools to deliver certificates to all nominees. To celebrate Radford’s participation in the Actsmart Schools Awards, the RTC students will accept the certificate on behalf of the Radford Junior School.

A huge thanks to all families who have embraced Nude Food Tuesday and Waste Free Wednesday this year. Your support has made a significant difference in the amount of rubbish at school!

Image for article: Year 5/6 Drama Production - Beanstalk

Year 5/6 Drama Production - Beanstalk

2 December 2020

Auditions in February 2021

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Co-Curricular Drama, Dance and Oratory

We are excited to announce the Year 5/6 production for 2021 will be Beanstalk. This adaptation of the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk will be sure to entertain.

If you are interested you can fill in a paper form on the audition notice or the online form for auditions.

Auditions will take place in the RA Young Hall on Tuesday 9 February from 3.30–5.30pm and Tuesday 16 February from 3.30pm-5.30pm.  To best fit students to roles and allow for a fun drama workshop for all, we ask that students attend both dates for the full two hours.

There are several opportunities for students to take part in either acting or dancing. Students wishing to audition for a speaking role are asked to learn the following lines in no particular style or character. During the audition process applicants will be asked to repeat this line in various styles and character types:


Trust me, Jack, I know! Throw this seed away. I can give you a magic seed, it is a magic bean and will grow the most terrific beanstalk you have ever seen! 

All application forms are carefully read and the roles that are of most interest to your child will be considered first (please note we have parts for approx. 40 students). Productions always attract much interest from the students and it is not possible to include all who audition in the cast.  This is because our staging area is limited and the safety of the students is paramount. 

The form can be found under cocurricular Junior School Drama Production on ROL.

You can use the form at the bottom of the audition notice or sign up online.

Look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Image for article: Canteen workshop - parenting through illness

Canteen workshop - parenting through illness

3 December 2020

Communicate effectively with young people while parenting through a life-limiting or life-impacting illness.

About this Event

Canteen is offering a series of free online webinars on Parenting through Illness. 

The first workshop is Wednesday 9 December. Please see Canteen website for more details.

Key Points covered:

  • Common parental concerns and reactions from young people
  • Understanding the needs of young people
  • How to prepare for an open and honest conversation
  • Where to access further support

This event will be presented by Shae Chester (National Community Educator) and Claire Malengret (National Clinical Advisor), and there will be opportunities throughout to ask questions and interact with the presenters.


Date And Time

Wed, 9 December 2020

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEDT

Add to Calendar


Online Event


Student Photos 2021

Student Photos 2021

Term 1, Week 3.  Full details in the commencement letter emailed mid-January.

Outward Bound Event

Outward Bound Free Family Fun Day

Sat 12 Dec 2020, 9am - 5pm. See flyer.

Co-Curricular Registrations 2021

Co-Curricular Registration 2021

See Co-Curricular at Radford Online for 2021 registrations now open