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Claire Melloy - Assistant Principal, Student Development

From the Assistant Principal, Student Development

4 December 2018

Claire Melloy, Assistant Principal, Student Development

Keeping busy and staying connected during the holidays

Most of us are ready for the summer holidays.

For some, holidays can be lonely, isolating and, for others, boring. Here are some ideas to keep everyone busy, entertained, occupied and feeling connected and supported over the summer break.

In addition to Radford's excellent Outside School Hours Care holiday program, and the Sports Department's two sports programs, the following activities are just some of what's available in Canberra over the summer break:

1.      School holidays at the Australian Institute of Sport. Teach them coordination, sportsmanship and team work by enrolling them into sport at the Australian Institute of Sport. It hosts children's programs every school break. 2 January – 1 February 2019.  

2.     Deadly 60 Down Under. Animal lovers can meet the man behind the show Steve Backshall as he brings his shows – and his animals – to the Canberra stage. 18 January 2019.  
3.      The 91-Storey Treehouse. Little ones a fan of the hilarious book series? Now they can see it come to life at the Canberra Theatre Centre these school holidays. Be prepared to laugh your lungs out. 1–2 February 2019.
4.      Canberra United vs Brisbane Roar. Take the kids out for a day at the footy to cheer their players on. 27 December 2018. 
5.      Summer At The Mint. There's a whole slew of children's activities going on throughout the school holidays at The Mint. From Christmas origami to making your own treasure chest. 5 to 9-year-olds. 17 December 2018 – 23 January 2019.
6.      Questacon Holiday ProgramsApp Design (and others) 22-24 January 2019
7.      National Museum of Australia  When In Rome Summer School. 711 and 1418 January 2019. 

REACHOUT also offers the following advice:

What to do if you’re bored:
If the summer break seems like it’s going on forever, here are some ways to banish boredom and get the most out of your summer, without forking out heaps of cash:

  • Make something. Bake a cake or create a playlist of your favourite music to share with a friend. Making, building or creating things are great ways to avoid feeling bored and help you feel that you’ve accomplished something.
  • Start that book you’ve been meaning to read all year.
  • Learn something new – like how to tune your bike. (YouTube has tutorials on just about any topic you can think of.) You could even just brush up on your general knowledge with HowStuffWorks.
  • Challenge yourself to a social media-detox, whether it’s for a day, a week or even a month (eeek!). See what life is like only IRL, off the grid.
  • Break out of your everyday bubble. Visit a new beach or café, or invite a friend to spend a day or a weekend exploring a national park you’ve never been to before. Get in the car, go out on foot, pack a lunch, trust your feet and don’t turn back … unless you get lost. Then you should probably turn back.
  • Plan a surprise for someone. It could be a treat, an activity, a concert, or anything else you think they’d enjoy. It’s fun for you and fun for them – everybody wins.

What to read:

Recommending books can be tricky, hopefully you find something in the links below!

goodreads Summer Reading

goodreads Australian Fiction

NY Times Best Sellers

Dymocks Top 101

Children's Book Review

What to do if you need someone to talk to:

Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports. Changes to routine can cause some young people to feel stressed, isolated and alone. Being supportive is especially important when it comes to a time of change in a young person’s routine or life structure.

There are signs that may suggest things are not quite right with your young person and that you might need to talk to someone about what's going on. These include:

  • Not enjoying or not wanting to be involved in things they would normally enjoy
  • Unusual sleeping or eating habits
  • Being easily irritable or angry with friends or family for no reason
  • Being involved in risky behaviour they would normally avoid
  • Feeling tense, restless, stressed or worried
  • Crying for no apparent reason, feeling sad or down for long periods of time
  • Having lots of negative thoughts.

HEADSPACE is a terrific resource and a contact if anyone needs support or someone to talk to over the holidays. 

Kids helpline 1800 55 1800

Wishing you all a peaceful, safe and restful break.

Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's Reflection

4 December 2018

Sharing our knowledge of God with others

One of my biggest challenges as a School Chaplain has been trying to be inclusive of all students, regardless of their faith background, and, yet, still standing firm in my own faith in Christ. When talking to someone the other day about this challenge I discussed with them how I did not want to be a ‘bible basher’ or a priest who ‘shoved Christianity down someone’s throat’, however, I do want people to know about the deep love of God that exists in the person of Jesus Christ. I want people to know this more than anything else. The problem arises when I become aware that people do not always want to know about God, and then I find myself a little on edge and very unsure about how to share what I know and experience of Christ in a way that is respectful of those who are not interested in religion in any shape or form.

The thing is, is that I completely understand why many individuals do not want to hear someone preaching about a God who has been used as an excuse to treat many people throughout history in horrible ways (e.g., the Crusades). The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse has also brought to light the extreme hypocrisy of many Christians, particularly Christian leaders. With these things in mind, I find myself ashamed of my Christian heritage and inevitably this leads to a sense of shame in simply being a Christian. What I forget is that I am not ashamed of Christ, just how we as his followers have failed to spread the message of his love.

I know I am not the only person of the Christian faith that carries this shame with them. I believe what has happened as a result of this collective shame is that we become ‘wishy-washy’, for thought of a better word, in how we share the story of Christ with others. We can find ourselves talking around the edges of who Christ is, rather than actually about him. We do this with the best of intentions, thinking that we are making God more acceptable and accessible to the masses, more appealing in some way, but in reality, all we are doing is hiding the very truth of who God is, and trying to protect our own damaged ego. God has expressed to us ‘I am who I am’ in the Scriptures (Exodus 3:14), and Jesus certainly never held back in being who he was when it was clear that people did not like him or what he had to say.

So what can we take from all of the above? Well, something needs to change. Should we revert back to ‘bible bashing’? Certainly not!!! What we need to do is turn to Christ with our shame, and say sorry, and actually receive the forgiveness we know and believe is foundation of our faith. And then we will discover the mysterious presence of God beginning to grow ever so gently within and around us and reminding us that we do indeed have something very worthwhile to share. Something life-changing: The person of Christ. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. We will learn that there are ways of speaking directly about who Jesus is that are neither forceful nor vague, but, rather, are full of truth and grace as it comes out of love for others, not a fear of them rejecting us. This will all take time, and we will still have our ‘wishy-washy’ moments, and, yet, we will grow in the integrity of Christ.

Many of you would know the gospel passage where Jesus sends off his disciples to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God and before they go he says to them, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that place, as a testimony against them (Mark 6:11)”. I think this is an important story to remember as it reminds us that not everyone is going to accept straight away what we have to share about the love of God, and that Jesus does not expect us to convince everyone that God is near. Or even that God exists. That is not our job as Christians. God is quite capable of making His/Her presence known to people, most probably in ways that we are not even aware of. I believe our mission as followers of Christ is to share who we know God to be in Scripture and in our lives, so that others might have an opportunity to recognize that that mysterious loving presence that they experience in their own life is indeed God with them.


The Mulford Junior School at Radford College

JS News, 5 Dec 2018

5 December 2018

Acting Head of Junior School Karen Mahar

Dates to remember, notices and shout-outs

By Acting Head of Junior School Karen Mahar

Dates to remember

Thurs 6 Dec

Awards Afternoon Rehearsal

Fri 7 Dec

Year 6 End of Year Activity

Tues 11 Dec

Kinder Picnic


Last Day of Term (2.00 pm)


Awards Afternoon (3.50 pm)

There is much to acknowledge and celebrate this week including:

  • Australian Schools’ (Chess) Teams Championships (ASTC) – four Junior School students travelled to Adelaide on the weekend to compete.
  • Kite day – Year 5 students designed, created and enjoyed flying their kites.
  • Kindergarten nativity service – a glorious and memorable time for our Kindergarten students to explore the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.
  • Time Up – an opportunity for students to chat with teachers in the year level into which they will transition in 2019.

Chess Championships
On the weekend, Radford JS Chess Team, Ramon Luo and Arnav Jain (Year 6), and Keren Zhang and Eshaan Extross (Year 4) represented ACT at the 2018 Australian Schools’ (Chess) Teams Championships (ASTC) held at Prince Alfred College in Adelaide. They won six points against top teams from all Australia states, which was a great achievement. Points are awarded for a match win and each team member scored at least one point. Radford JS team thanks Mawson Medical Centre, Chinese Treatment Centre in Turner and Bridge IT for their generous sponsorship of this Adelaide trip.

Radford JS Chess team

Reading Challenge
The JS Reading Challenge encourages students and their families to read daily and connect over books during the Summer break. In the process, students continue to enjoy reading while maintaining and improving their reading confidence. More details will be provided in the coming week.

Radford teachers love to read, wherever they are! 

Staffing updates for 2019
We wish Jo and Dean O’Brien every success and many fun times whilst on a teacher exchange to Woodstock, Canada. We offer a warm welcome to Meg and Nathan King and their family, who are exchanging with the O’Briens to join us at Radford.

We wish to advise that Mrs Pauline Carr and Ms Emily Campbell will be taking up positions at other schools in the Canberra district.

Mrs Anna Mason will be joining her husband in Auckland who has moved there for work.

Ms Julianne Hay has taken up an offer to teach in an IB PYP School in Singapore.

Mr Orhan Memodovski will be moving from the classroom into the specialist role of teaching PE, as a complement to his role as Director of Basketball.

Mrs Jessica Ford is relocating to Sydney to take up a leadership role at Trinity Grammar, in Strathfield.

Semester 2 Reports will be accessible through Radford Online from Monday 17 December.

Semester grades can be removed from reports, or be supplied on a separate sheet of paper. Parents wishing to request this are asked to email Ms Tracey Markovic tracey.markovic@radford.act.edu.au by Friday 7 December.

Awards Afternoon
This is a much-anticipated opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the 2018 school year. A reminder to all families of the College’s expectation that all students in Years K–6 attend the Awards Ceremony.

Giving Tree
Non-wrapped gifts and donations for all ages are welcome to be left at JS Reception until the end of term. The gifts will be delivered to Belconnen Community Service, and the grocery items will go to St John’s Care Pantry Appeal (Anglicare).

Classes placements for 2019
In preparing 2019 class compositions, teachers go to great lengths to ensure that the learning needs and wellbeing of students, as individuals and as part of a group, are reflected in the final class make-up. Care is taken to ensure that your child is placed in the best situation to enhance their learning and social development.

Thank you!
We are grateful for the many helpers and volunteers who have contributed at sporting carnivals, special days, excursions, in classrooms and cocurricular activities. Your efforts, both large and small, have been invaluable and are greatly appreciated.

The Kindergarten Nativity service reminds us that Christmas is about love.

The Kindergarten Nativity service reminds us that Christmas is about love.

Love is born. Love is always born.
And God’s love is born within our midst, here, now, right where we are.
We are asked to welcome this love, give this love, share this love.

Shout-outs from Celebrations


Sophia Buttsworth


Zara Davison


Liam Shao


Ethan Chen




Burke Porreca


Bella Voortman



Kiana Huynh


Isabella Jiang


Walter Small



Daksh Sharma


Alexa Kardaris


Angus Chan



KAS – Ethan Yang

Confidence and bravery

KSG – Cole Judd

Integrity and bravery

KCH – Hailey Campbell

Commitment and perseverance

KNS – Siobhan Tan

Co-operation and teamwork

1MH – Grace Wang

Commitment and a love of learning

1AT – Dhriya Garg

Commitment and judgment

2JG – James Todd

Love of learning and persistence

3DO – Lexi Stellios

Leadership and thinking

3PC – Olivia Christian


3RB – Audrey Hu

Love of learning and commitment

3EC – Saffron-Lilly Posch

Creativity and kindness

4KP – Mennah Hassan

Zest and enthusiasm

4CD – Austin Brown

Creativity, courage and love of learning

4OM – Matthew Larkham

Commitment and principles

5TMi – Edward Bromley

Humour and open-minded

5JC – Bonnie Hardy

Leadership, fairness and knowledge

5SD – Cadell Foster

Risk-taker and perseverance

5TeM – Lydia Wallace-Richards

Self-regulation and commitment

6TW – Finlay Robinson

Enthusiasm and love of learning

6HB – Max Johnson

Curiosity and kindness

6TH – Ryan Pham

Commitment and thinker

Special shout-out from Y2 teachers and students to Genevieve Nguyen in 6JF

Knowledgeable and great communicator during her Power Rangers speech and Q&A session.

Señora Stevens - Alexander Tailby, 3RB


Mrs Halford - Luca D’Ambrosio, 3RB

Balanced attitude and love of learning

Mrs Evans - Nakia Zhao, Wombats

Kindness and caring

Mrs Wilson – Thomas Georgalis, 3RB

Thinker and independent in his research.


 Cultural dance and songs lasted long into the night

Dinka Gathering At Radford

4 December 2018

Cultural Celebration For South Sudanese Community

By Zsuzsi Soboslay

On November 17, Radford College was host to the Dinka Culture Hub. Staff and students from Radford College, members of the wider Canberra community, and more than 300 of the Dinka [South Sudanese] community gathered from near and afar. The event began in the afternoon with soccer, basketball and games; followed by speeches from community leaders and special guests, and then became a celebration of cultural dance and songs lasting long into the night.   A new drum, recently bought from the Sudan, was a highlight.

Special visitors included Michelle Bamford [and her husband Mark] from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Charles Wood [and his wife Therese] representing the project’s Auspice body, Anglicare, and representatives from the Dinka community in Sydney [Nul and Deng] who drove down especially for the event.

Dinka cultural practices are an important part of their cultural identity. We are grateful to Mrs Fiona Godfrey for accepting our proposal for the Dinka to Gather at Radford.

Our gratitude to Oz Harvest for providing so much fruit; Canberra Magic Kitchen for their ‘loaves and fishes’ act--catering to the multitudes; Tiny’s Green Shed for sundry items; and to Louise Curham and Roger Hacker for taking photographs. Thanks also to Radford groundsman Dave, and staff members Tamara, Alison, Ailsa and their children who gave so generously of their time and enthusiasm; as well as senior students Harry Blake, Michael Shillington, Lachlan Sampson, Patrick Knight and Nikki Rossendell, who always come for the basketball and stay for the ride. Each Gathering, Radford students share such generosity of spirit; but as you can see from the photographs, the giving goes both ways.  Special thanks to Father Richard Browning for being such a tireless and ecumenical enabler.

The Gatherings will continue, with soccer, games, a playgroup, and dancing open to anyone who would like to attend. The Culture Hub has potential to evolve into a mentoring and cultural exchange programme, open to families and participants of any age.

In the words of Rev Peter Kuot, Dinka community leader:

“We are no longer feel being isolated from now on as you have seen the face of joyful. I have much deep appreciation to all of you. Because you have joined hands without doubt. Many blessings. Peter Kuot “

As initiator of this exchange, it is heart-warming to witness such good will from so many, and the joy that comes from enabling a sharing of strengths and understandings between communities.

Anyone who would like to contribute their help, expertise or indeed sponsorship of the ongoing project, within and beyond Radford’s auspices, is welcome to contact me.


Zsuzsi Soboslay

0402 283 615




Mark Whitby is handing over the Collegians Presidency after four years

Collegians President Says Goodbye

5 December 2018

Mark Whitby reflects on his time as President of the Radford Collegians' Association

Mark Whitby from 2000 RadfordianMark Whitby (Class of 2000) is stepping down as President of Radford Collegians after four years. Mark’s dedication and contribution to both the Association and the College was recently noted at an event hosted by Board Chairman Steve Baker and Principal Fiona Godfrey to thank the College’s community organisations – Collegians, P&F and Foundation.

Here Mark talks with Mick Bunworth about his time leading the Collegians and his hopes for the future.

  1. Why did you decide to join the RCA committee? 

I joined the Executive Committee because I wanted to have a seat at the table and to make a meaningful contribution to the Radford community. Plus, I had a really fantastic experience as a student at Radford, so it was really great to be able to give something back. 

  1. What positions have you held and for how long?

I have been President of the RCA for four years. Before that, I was Vice-President for two years. I was also the RCA Nominee to the Radford College Board over a four-year period. Following that term, I was reappointed to the College Board as a Bishop-In-Council appointment for a further three years.

  1. What was your strategy when you accepted the President’s role?

I was keen to see the Collegians grow and evolve as an association and I really wanted to be someone who would drive change and create a strategic agenda. Ultimately, there are thousands of collegians who have graduated from Radford who are now doing varied, interesting and meaningful things with their lives. I wanted the Association to be able help shares these stories – this was a huge driver behind the creation of our fantastic website. I also wanted the Collegians to give more back to the College, through mentoring and speaking opportunities as well as the obvious social events such as the annual reunions.

  1. Do you feel the strategy worked? Anything you’d do differently?

We didn’t really have a formalised strategy when I started, and we relied almost entirely on volunteers. One of the first things we did was review the whole association, thinking about what we did well and what we could be doing better. One of the best things that came from this was the appointment of Claire Osborne to the role of RCA Communications Officer. Claire has been able to contribute a lot to the Association and has done an incredible job to build the Radford community beyond what we started with. She has been instrumental in removing the time pressures placed on volunteers, which is obviously something that many not-for-profit organisations struggle with. We also simplified our membership process and made it more inclusive as well. It now ensures that everyone who attends Radford from now on will automatically become a Collegian member. 

  1. Collegians only celebrated their first 30-year reunion this year. Have there been unique challenges in running an organisation for former students of a relatively young school?

It has been a bit of learning curve. Most of our collegians are busy, working hard, studying, raising young families, travelling etc. So, the greatest challenge was finding people who could be involved and give a little bit of their time to help out. I’m a big believer in sharing the workload wherever possible, and the team we have is fantastic at doing this.   

  1. What’s been your favourite moment with Collegians?

I have two favourite moments. Firstly, seeing our new website and e-Newsletter get launched and all the amazing stories and connections that they are enabling, including how it is assisting George Huitker with his new book on Radford.

Secondly, attending the Life Beyond Radford panel events that we put on for Year 12 students. It is really encouraging to see so many students asking questions to a panel of collegians about what life after Radford looks like. We worked hard to show the students that there is no defined path to success or happiness and that everyone experiences ups and downs and sideways steps along the way. Some of the most interesting Collegians have worked very creatively to get into roles that they are passionate about and it is incredible seeing these stories starting to inspire the next generation. 

  1. What’s your aspiration for Radford as a College, and the Collegians as an organisation?

My aspiration for the College would be that it continues to educate and inspire students to live their lives to the fullest, so they are comfortable to follow their passions and able to embrace the changes in life that will inevitably occur.

For the Collegians Association I’ve always thought of the organisation a bit like a proud parent, celebrating the successes and stories of what collegians achieve after leaving Radford. My aspiration would therefore be for collegians to live their lives to the fullest and follow what they are passionate about. It makes our job sharing these stories in the Radford community very easy.  

  1. Why are you leaving and what will you be doing?

I have an exciting time ahead – I’ll be moving to Newcastle for 12 months to be near my wife’s family while we have our third child. While I’ll be back in Canberra regularly throughout the year, I thought it was time to pass the baton on to someone else* who would be able to expand on the momentum the RCA has generated thus far, and will be able to look at things with a fresh perspective and new ideas.

*Tristan Madigan (Class of 1999) has been voted in as RCA President.

Coaching and practice bring top-quality results

Big Basketball News

5 December 2018

Orhan Memedovski, Technical Director of Basketball

Basketball's summer season starts with success

By Orhan Memedovski, Technical Director of Basketball

Firstly, I want to congratulate all our Radford basketball players on a great first half of the summer season. It has been wonderful to see new students and first-time basketball players join our Radford basketball community! Thank you to our coaches, parents and managers for your ongoing support.

It is with great joy that I announce many of our Radford basketball players have made the ACT team. These students will be wearing the ACT jerseys and represent Radford at state level next year. Congratulations on your efforts and commitment. We wish you the very best next year! Please see list of students below.

I am pleased to announce that next year I will have the opportunity to pursue the role of Technical Director of Basketball in a larger capacity. Our vision and goals will continue to be focused on coach and player development with increased participation in basketball opportunities for our students. I look forward to our 2019 Basketball information evening early next year to further discuss our basketball program and initiatives.

I wholeheartedly wish you and your loved ones a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Please note that training commences on the first day of Term 1, Wednesday 6 February 2019.

ACT team selection 

U12 Girls
Madison Scholfield, Hannah Rankin, Heidi Rankin, Poppy Smith, Kaiya Barsby

U12 Boys
TBC (please check BACT website)

U14 Girls
Grace Kent, Chrysanthe Karkazis, Rena Cao, Sacha Zerger, Emily Warren, Cleo Tsiros, Jessi Palframan

U14 Boys
Chris Kalogeropoulos, Callan Dunne, Jack Dimond, Stirling Musgrove, Max Forbutt

U16 Girls
Alys Robertson, Emily Nguyen, Emily Sampson

U16 Boys
TBC (please check BACT website)

U18 Women
Stella Martin

Bungee Barbie jumps for STEM

Barbie and Ken Bungee

5 December 2018

By Jeremy Hawkes, STEM coordinator

STEM projects stretch the boundaries

By Jeremy Hawkes, STEM coordinator

Have you ever wondered how many rubber bands would be needed to stop a Barbie or a Ken doll from hitting the ground whilst getting as close as possible? You could calculate the mass of the doll, select different types of rubber bands, or measure the height from which they’ll fall. Without this information the problem has more than one solution that is dependent on many variables. The Barbie and Ken Bungee STEM activity requires students to work collaboratively to come up with a solution to the problem through design, experimentation and testing and relying on their stock of knowledge gained throughout the year in technology, science and mathematics. The students of Year 7 will be given this question to work on during the last two days of the term.

As the new STEM Coordinator, I will be working with the Heads of Departments and teaching staff to implement these types of activities into the Year 7–10 curriculum. The activities will scaffold the transfer of knowledge between subject areas, develop the Design Thinking process, and promote creative and critical thinking. In addition to activities taking place within the classroom, interested students can refine and extend their skills and passions with a variety of STEM competitions and activities. Please keep an eye on the notices or contact me for more information.

Year 7's visit to the National Gallery of Australia stimulated an appetite for art

Art and about with Year 7

5 December 2018

Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts, Visual Arts & Photography Teacher

Year 7 Visual Art students view Australian art at the National Gallery of Australia

by Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts, Visual Arts & Photography Teacher

Who has been to the National Gallery of Australia?
This question, which I ask students in preparation for our termly visit to the NGA, generally reveals that some Year 7 Radford students have not been to the gallery before.

Fun fact: National research suggests that, outside of school hours, 31 per cent of children aged 12–14 years attend art galleries. Children in the ACT are more likely to visit a gallery than children in NSW.

John Falk, Sea Grant Professor of Free-Choice Learning at Oregon State University, asks: 'Any (art) museum can get somebody to come once, but can you get them to come ten times? What would it take to create a 21st century museum where visitors came 50 times in a year?'

Year 7 visit to the National Gallery of Australia

With the enthusiasm and eagerness demonstrated by students viewing the diversity of works on our recent excursion, I guess that many will want to go again ... soon.

Comments about the experience include:

• I got to see the painting that I have been doing as a collaborative (appropriated) painting at school and many other amazing artworks.
• We got to see the real size of the paintings and the little details we might have otherwise missed. We learnt all sorts of things including that John Glover's painting has a cool frame (large, historic, carved, gold and detailed) and that in John Olsen's large, colourful, abstract painting there is a self-portrait.
• We saw 'our' painting up close in the Gallery and it was really small, compared to what I thought it would be ... a grand landscape.
• We saw a lot of artworks and they were all interesting yet different. My favourite historical Australian painting included two women and we discussed fashion of that time.
• I found the stories behind the artworks interesting and how the artists saw the world and how different it is today.
• I enjoyed looking at all the Australian paintings of landscapes, particularly the ones of the outback.
• We hadn't noticed before the visit that our painting of Mt Kosciusko by Eugene Von Guerard, had little people in it.

Why not consider visiting a gallery with your child over the summer break?

Year 7 visit to the National Gallery of Australia

Applications open for Foundation scholarship

2020 Foundation Scholarship Applications Open

14 November 2018

Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.

With the recipient of their inaugural scholarship commencing Year 11 when school returns in February, the Directors of the Radford Foundation welcome applications for the next scholarship.

The recipient will remain anonymous and receive a two-year scholarship to commence Year 11 in 2020. Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.  

The Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and community involvement but whoe personal circumstances prevent them from enrolling at Radford. 

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by 4 pm on Friday 15 February 2019.

  1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
  2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
  3. Passport-sized photo.

Only short-listed applicants will then be required to complete this financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2020 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2019.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 5388.

Royal Theatre, National Convention Centre Canberra

December 11 Awards - Details

5 December 2018

Attendance compulsory for all students

Our awards events are the culmination of the academic year and a celebration of all students’ achievements. The program includes speakers, dance and music. Attendance by students is compulsory (further details below). Parents and friends of the College are warmly invited to attend.

Junior School Awards Afternoon

Secondary School Awards Night

Tuesday 11 December

Tuesday 11 December

Royal Theatre, National Convention Centre Canberra

Royal Theatre, National Convention Centre Canberra

Attendance compulsory for Kindergarten to Year 6 students.

Attendance compulsory for Year 7–11 students.

Please note: All award winners and performers for the evening have already been notified by letter or by their tutor. Winners will find out which award (s) they are receiving on Awards Night.

Kindergarten to Year 6 students will be dismissed at 2 pm.

Students in Years 7–9 will be dismissed at 2.35 pm.

Year 6 students to arrive at Royal Theatre no later than 2.30 pm for rehearsal.

All other students to arrive by 3.30 pm so teachers can take the attendance roll.

Start time is 3.50 pm sharp and event concludes at 5 pm

As per instruction sheet, award winners to arrive at Royal Theatre before 6.20 pm. Floor Manager will take attendance.

All other students to arrive by 6.40 pm. Tutors mark attendance roll and students sit in their year groups.

Start time is 7.00 pm sharp and evening concludes by 9.00 pm.

Year 6 students must wear FULL winter uniform. All other years to wear summer uniform. 

All students must wear FULL winter uniform.

The Oztag competition has drawn enthusiastic players to the Wednesday night games

Sports Report, 5 Dec 2018

5 December 2018

Oztag, Basketball scoretable course


Oztag teams have found their groove at the Kaleen ovals on Wednesday evenings. Training for Oztag is on Monday nights and on Wednesday night there is high-level tag action from 5.55 pm through to the last game, which begins at 8.15 pm. There are two rounds to go in the pre-Christmas break half of the season. Radford has 12 teams in the competition from U12/13 years to U16/17 years.

Some of the highlights from last week include Radford Storm defeating the Kickin Chickens and the Radford Cowboys having a convincing win over the North Owls 12–2. A huge score for the Radford Dragons saw them annihilate the team Chasing Tags Not Dreams 18–4.

Keep up the great work!


REMINDER: Basketball ACT Scoretable Course

Sunday 9 December, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm at Belconnen Basketball Stadium. Please see the following link for further information: www.basketballact.com.au/beginner-scoretable-course/

Plenty of options for holiday sports program fun!

Sports holiday programs

28 November 2018

Plenty of great activities to choose from

Sports Department has organised some great activities for the December holiday period.

See flyers for all the details:

Book now for the Summer School Holiday Program

School Holiday programs

28 November 2018

Book now for Summer School Holiday programs

When I get tired and I'm feeling blue
I think of all the things I can do
In summer
Billy Fury, ‘In Summer’

Thinking of enrolling in the Outside School Hours Care summer holiday program? Well, don’t delay, because OSHC is taking the endless out of summer and inserting awesome! Water, Steve Backshall, waterfalls, movies, waterslides, dinosaurs, waterplay, dogs, lakes and rivers and so, so much more. Bookings are open and we recommend you move fast, places are limited and will fill fast.

Places are available in Early Years (PK–Y1) and Junior School (Y2–6) programs, which will run from Friday 12 to Friday 21 December 2018 and Monday 14 January to Tuesday 5 February 2019. Please note, enrolments in the January program must be accompanied by a completed 2019 OSHC enrolment form, available here.

December excursions (and incursions) include: trip to the Zoo (EY/JS), Paintball (JS 8+), gymnastics (EY/JS), Questacon (EY), Battle Games (JS), trip to the Arboretum (JS/EY), water play day (EY/JS), dinosaur show (EY), The Grinch (JS), Christmas and Lego (EY/JS)  

January excursions (and incursions) include: Ralph Breaks the Internet (EY/JS), Flip Out (EY/JS), The Muttley Crew Dog Show (EY/JS), Let’s Play (EY), Powercarts Raceway and Mini-golf (JS), Deadly 60 with Steve Backshall (JS/EY), Mary Poppins Returns (JS/EY), trip to the Cotter (EY/JS), Build a Bear OR trip to Yankee Hat (EY/JS), Master Chef OR Illawarra Fly and waterfalls (EY/JS), games with Sean Murphy (EY/JS), water circus (JS/EY), CSIRO Insect Discovery Tour (EY), paddle-boarding (JS), trip to Cascades OR slow day (EY/JS), iPlay (EY/JS), water day (EY/JS)

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Early Years Booking Form_December
Early Years Booking Form_January

Junior School Booking Form_December
Junior School Booking Form_January


Places are available for Before and After school care in 2019

Outside School Hours Care 2019

14 December 2018

Enrolments open

Families requiring Before or After School Care in 2019 are encouraged to submit their enrolment form as soon as possible. Places are limited and will fill up fast. See links to Information for Families and the Enrolment Form below.

2019 Information for Families

2019 Enrolment Form

Image for article: P&F Second-hand Uniform Shop

P&F Second-hand Uniform Shop

21 November 2018

Holiday opening hours

The P&F is seeking donations of uniforms and supermarket plastic, paper or cloth bags. All donations can be dropped off to the Second-hand Uniform shop during opening hours or at Main Reception.

In response to parent feedback, opening hours for the Second-hand Uniform Shop have been amended for 2019 to include Tuesday afternoons instead of Friday mornings.

The Second-hand Uniform Shop will be open during normal trading hours until Friday 14 December 2018. While the shop is closed over the Christmas break, donations can be dropped off to Main Reception from 9–4 pm. 

From 15 January 2019, the Shop will be open as follows:

Tuesday 15 January 12.30­–4.30 pm
Wednesday 16 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 17 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 22 January 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 23 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 24 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 29 January 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 30 January 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 31 January 2–6 pm

Tuesday 5 February 12.30–4.30 pm
Wednesday 6 February 7.30–9.30 am
Thursday 7 February 2–6 pm

It is not necessary to have an appointment before visiting the Second-hand Uniform Shop during school holidays.

NOTE: We will resume normal trading hours from 14 February 2019 and revised opening hours (additional hours on Tuesday afternoons, closed Friday mornings) will apply.

The National Roman Museum is one of the proposed stops on the tour

Ancient history tour of Europe Jan 2020

26 September 2018

Expressions of interest sought

Radford history teacher Brad Greer is planning an Ancient History Tour of Turkey, Greece and Rome in January 2020.

The proposed itinerary is available here.

Please email Brad to register your interest in going on this tour, which is open to all staff, families and students.

Brad's email is Bradley.Greer@radford.act.edu.au


Flexischools ordering

Flexischools - Friday lunch orders by 9am

All Flexischools lunch orders for Fridays must now be placed by 9am. (Canteen Manager Karen Robinson).