2020 Round Square Conference Korea

By Kath Notley, Round Square Coordinator

Radford College will be sending a delegation of 14 -15 year old students to the 2020 Round Square Regional Conference being hosted by CheongShim International Academy in Seoul, South Korea.  

Website: rskorea2020.com 

During the Conference, delegates will be immersed in Korean culture – both the old and the new. From experiencing the splendour of Seoul’s ancient palaces, to submerging themselves in the popular culture phenomenon of K-Pop, delegates will be able to reflect on rapid social changes, and how such changes apply and are manifested in their own countries. Delegates will also be able to experience the realities of being in the world’s only divided country, up close and personal. 

Delegates will travel to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) – the border dividing the two Koreas – and will have the opportunity to gaze into the world’s most secretive state: North Korea. This experience will set the stage for delegates’ participation in our famous Model United Nations, in which they will each represent a state and try their hands at diplomacy and the exercise of democracy. The Conference organisers have selected the theme of ‘Reverence for the Past’ and ‘Aspirations for the Future’ and are confident that they will provide the delegates with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Expressions of Interest for this conference are now open and further information can be found here. 

 Round Square Conference 2020


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