A Waste-Free Wednesday Update

A waste-free lunch box

A waste-free lunch box

By RTC representative Xander Barber

What is Waste Free Wednesday?
Waste Free Wednesday is an event in which pupils aim to not have any waste in their lunchbox. 

Why are we doing Waste Free Wednesday?
We are doing Waste Free Wednesday to help Radford look cleaner and be cleaner. But we are mainly doing it to help limit pollution. 

How is your Year level and class going with Waste Free Wednesday?
My year (4) is going well and getting numbers in the high teens. My class got a high score of 23 out of 25 and they show no signs of stopping! 

What improvements have you seen?
One of the biggest improvements I have seen is definitely with 4JC who have improved a whopping 11 points. My class 4BF has improved from 11 to 23 Waste Free lunches on a Wednesday! 

Further tips and encouragement for others
Here are some things you can do to be waste free:

  • For starters you can use chopped up fruit and veg.
  • You can also buy in bulk.
  • Instead of grabbing small packets, you can get a family pack and pour some when you want to.

Personally, I really like dried fruit! 

 Waste free Wednesday Waste free Wednesday

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