African Drumming Performance

African Drumming Performance

By Emily Begbie - Assistant Head of JS, Innovation and Excellence

Last Friday, our Junior School students were treated to a superb performance by the African drumming ensemble Wassa Wassa.  The ensemble hails from Red Hill Primary School, another ACT PYP school, where music specialist teacher Dan Graetz teaches African drumming from Years 3 to 6.  

Friday’s performance group was made up of Year 6 students, who presented not only drumming, but also singing and dances from West Africa.  The complex rhythms, vibrant dancing and powerful singing reflected both passion and discipline.  The answer to many of our students’ questions was one simple word: practice. 

It was wonderful to connect with another PYP school and exciting to witness Wassa Wassa in action.

Wassa Wassa ensemble from Red Hill Primary - African drumming, dance and song



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