Air quality guidelines and plan

Radford College Crest

Radford College Crest

The College has implemented an approach to deal with issues relating to air quality, as guided by the ACT Education Directorate. This approach will be based on the ACT Health air quality index. There will be four categories of air quality impact as follows:

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The website home page will be updated by 8.30 am and again by 3.30 pm each weekday. The latest air quality impact will be displayed in the light grey information box on the right-hand side of the page (see image above).

On days when the air quality is moderate or high, the College will minimise prolonged outdoor exposure for the academic day and co-curricular program.

When the air quality reaches moderate, all coaches will be informed and they may modify training to reduce exertion and outdoor exposure. A common-sense approach will be taken. If parents are uncomfortable with their child/ren participating in some form of modified training, they should contact their child/ren's coach directly.

Should the air quality index reach "high," training will be indoor team discussion and tactics revision only.

In the event that training is cancelled at late notice, Junior School students will be supervised at an indoor location until the regular pick-up time and this will be communicated to parents. Secondary School Students will be dismissed and if parents are unable to collect them straight away, the library is open until 5 pm.

Due to the variability of air quality index readings throughout Canberra, the College has ordered its own air quality monitor. While we wait for this to be delivered, we will continue to rely on the ACT Health air quality index.

For more detail on the College's action plan for each of the air quality index categories, please refer to this guide. Please take the time to read this document and discuss the contents with your children.

Monitoring will continue throughout the school day and the mitigation measures adjusted accordingly. The advice regarding after-school sport will be given by 3 pm each day.

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