Australian Science Olympiad Exams

Free online preparation available

Free online preparation available

Stephanie Comino, Assistant Head of Science

If you are a keen Science Student in Years 7-10, you can register yourself online for the Australian Science Olympiad Exams. 

Program registration form for students

All students must register directly with ASI via this online form.
Registrations will close on 14 August 2020. 


The Australian Science Olympiad Exams are challenging exams students sit in their school during August.  Students can access free support to prepare themselves for the exam, and their performance is recognised with certificates and special invitations to residential and enrichment programs.


The exams last two hours and are carried out online, under strict examination conditions at school. Prepare for the exams by practising at Olympiads Online and trying out past papers.


Each exam is held on a different day from the 21st - 28th of August.  Learn more here.


Each exam costs $15 plus GST and you will need to pay directly when you register. Students are welcome to sit more than one exam.

In 2020, the Junior Science Olympiad Exam is FREE!


Available exams

Years 7-10

Junior Science Olympiad Exam 21st of August


Years 10-11 

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Chemistry 25th August

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Earth and Environmental Science (26th August)

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Physics (27th August)

Australian Science Olympiads Exam – Biology (28th August)





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